Clearfield Progress, September 3, 1966 : Front Page

Publication: Clearfield Progress September 3, 1966

Progress, The (Newspaper) - September 3, 1966, Clearfield, Pennsylvania Shapp Examines "sues. Problems Courf Case Mr, eva cylinders !_ aa CJusive "uru> Wfle f yn ;outh. reduceTallw ?y in of Saigon ef once more ground i y Nfah wishes. to raS-S6S Of the latest an -t to 3.57 yj lwo Th city. 115 "X- fa for Johnson State Event vthor Of Business Mirror Column Named the W... 'Orao the Published Ac th business fh monies the suc. Sa Cunniff of the daily noon newspaper, after- tjred. who has re- fo'Kindergarten Wews for pun'i Tuesday. foon, the stu. dent, the brick Its ob- jective is to tell about com- eco understood d He Mrinit- "itor m .u been A 'rouble Asso- has any ciation nas been selected PUblic J" tour, which "n'" climax to Permc i mes as SePt High buses C'earfield ties. u and Centre coun- for "on tour of offcrs a ninS al! stage, to what to of having attend the 'Oniahf me f as i" sioM 1. 41J. CSSL'WjSVSS faret Wamer of AM Mar- ft., Clearfiew hJ L Cherry fa short, jJih l'vr- ,from Cur- and MM SL LM a r' world. 'broughout the to SSefiSi Pri- The aUSSC-igf 1 ynu K- Tiier on Exchange ew York Stock SSS-fsa poimof h The "curity For a market had M. er' w AII. Spwia II 7 0 D.CWw Wpmm ConfMt pfi Srcond twt day of th. the hot to !f- or ffi ftfst Wta. in C0n" wS fhat To Begin Visits In four Sections In order n, get inff) at the tentative., 'his cornin 1CC be. make regSS 7 Tucsday ft, to fflo county sections of ;

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Publication: Clearfield Progress

Location: Clearfield, Pennsylvania

Issue Date: September 3, 1966