Saturday, March 19, 1966

Clearfield Progress

Location: Clearfield, Pennsylvania

Page: 1

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Clearfield Progress (Newspaper) - March 19, 1966, Clearfield, Pennsylvania wreckage.'^t �:ao-a., m'.'todiyf --^ thei'aJrV&rtfli tv^d ^ Paitchinville,' Westover thought ,he'heand (a ithud. r, v, , R. D., warkilled Marchi 11- riill ^Ground partieal seai-chedlithe''I)a .^angff''? uneral service*^, ^iU tie held' aVa^ili,A� soeni/s-^itbecaine^daV.. ^Mo^d0. at'2*pr- m.t'frbA'the. / riij fe-^ and the! fdUowin'g btothers and h '?>!sistirs:': Marine Ptc. Mh^th' . !h * Camps Pendeltdn^j Galif.;^ Milk ' jDonna, ^MirWa *s Calif.; Armj? 'Sgtil:i.cXcii�for&, �*itli^ Siillial k-A Ta?F>otC^^uneral Home of ^^BOLTON Burniide is m charge of funeral _ p.-. arrangements 11 rled outside |amifi|!tiras^ fO UolUdOY 4^iadd� I, t Ji Mr.. 2\� boml North the A> Inomoso fc ecial\ I ^whi anr Ihj $CO([ Fprcet^camp, a$f.,wot|c,^a military^spokl i>for ilher .....-------"Intell? &eoml nitss'a> ^airnkjorlty/uj nihilition,'{fi^ ,'-llfie dommu. the/north^s'perit____,____,....., days buQdingiin^w ^ortificationTl wUchuhfyt?,b|S|!n^ljla|t^e4,8Vve5ai: tiipesiby^mjirica? sjr 8t;iJ^es,-' I no.e\taUi Needy, school'chfldf en ('It Seems�,W'Me"^on Pagrf/C^-' ' iCla1wHlfld^Adys0� .femiihfmMB^v��. 'dmaiids'^for .social and political -.efJms^^W^^ ' The informants ^said the ruling:; generals ma'de noi?formal deci< sion at the^vmeeting'-IFriday on Wheth aasslflfid Ads ftil8';Fn�m''%elAl < Tli|eFS'Fr�m^Arouiid World^M;^ Heiltf'%dt'id -V^^oi ' *^ WASHH ficalottrff'ii ign, Rolalti test'"'"^--** htt� (^Vonit.?�|^ii. B' ^W^#: as ousted tis'co'mt hroadlyi otps' .____J:while'lii� supporters' denounced the Saigon go\ern<^ ment But in hH speech to some S,A OOO'Versons^in a imall doMntown? parkjhe proclaimed undimm^ ish|dv^fnendship for Premier| '01.7.1 Jrn li Pa^ esiii nqi�f c^Kciu',- -formers Rfep.; va4rjudd'prM^ia/sVta;:..' Ore./jth(e teading Senate critic, ' 4:!TwMWnk'eV'l>in%^gd o^to ha? Veen aMigf^j^WrdV y, Ohio, I fromj^,;J^ly ,30 ,to �V t It \ ma v-'-r-ui. ,i^,j:wi.. J P^c. Melvjn, L. iBrown Army J^I.r'fA'f.u'l**"?!""'.r** ' Reserve Center at' Golden Rod epolec tonight with scattered:,light showers or snow flurries. Sunday fair and little change in tempera-ture. ' Sunrjs^.g^z 1^6-Sunset 6:24 �nfridax 7*V, m. - ,4.85 feet (stationary). Todays7>o,'m. --4.85 feet (stationory). . f  ' ' * AWOL Soldier Found ^ III Tunnel m Honie ^ : WILKeWARRE, Pa. (APJ - FBI agents say they found, a young man who Ijfs been �>sent without leave'fi^m the. Army: since last "June ll/liiding'in/a' tunnel he Had 'dug in'the cellar of his motheV's'hpm'e. ' -'\ Agents apprehended james Richmond, 20, Friday n'the roikr Th?*^Vun9*eT 4m wjd�;' 12.feet "lopg'-'ana" a^feet: deep. .'I' ^ -i^'i! 1^ 5 '\l'yf 1<f' i f � 'Fl'-^<',� " 'sh*jd!l .ills'* � wBERiaN,;C^fers: -rkr, dib stationiin \ye8tiB�rlini8ay8^it has learned tljat,. the.,,Soviet Communist , party secretly spread charges;4hati,|le n RIAS-Radio in the American Sector -. made .>the claim'in a broadcast, Thursday. .It said Ui.e; secret Letter sent to Cominunist parties.; abroad also accused Peking qt fostering a long war in Viet'Nam in an ef-.foi:t,tqJ^uch'Olf..a clash between, m%�{UHit^1;l':Staei8 and the Soviet The si;ati6n,sa!d the letter was: i^senVla'sti Eebjruary by the Gen-j'ltal Cojmmit\eeiL; Qf the .Soviet. �/Commuriist/Apa^ty to ifocelgn Comnffunist'parties, including the By HC AP CAPE~ bac }BI nautsi^ launt&'g base sud to? Neil lArmstrong ,and D a V I'd Scott were in >,good,'Ji spirits, asi they.landcfd'her#. after affjet,-flight from .Hawaii.,i They bounced, (down ,the,. Bl^ne^jtepji and waved at a crowptof i^bout'. a�,p(Brsons.. , ,'4-.'.v>#�!4 had^a magnificent^fl^ht; f 41 hns |iBd:ctfe5H|P,C!|V '�ntee^thatjthgJfo| gotiationp^ *di'�mM�!^ furtb�r� im Hepiilnj^ei ex|hangft;:-igr?!cminty\ ' ^pi*paf^i;to;-'sigii^i>vhcne>^ wh^tfeVerjit ^^vmutvally-'.copcnrK �^ A-time and^jplac|8uwas not.i|�rt nouiiced immediately^ The.chiief, Soviet negotiator, S. K. vRoiwa^;;' novsky, already has left ef or; j 'homej- ' The proposed agreement fcalls� Please Turn:to Page 10, (Jolif'^^ A ft"? Please >Turnv^/Page 10;<, Gol. t fotd^itlotM* CAIRO (XP) - a *SoViet-buUti United:;Arab Airlines plan<)iih^9d; trouble with two aftimeteri be* fore it crashed and burned in a desert sand storm Friday night, Egyptian otflciils'saiii today. .The. crash kiUed,|U 25. passenV gers and jans EgypUaW'pfi five. One bt.the pass,enger9.;w^if .identified as an Alm^riqan-jr-K^n? neth' Gilbert, listed' eni^'; pldye di the U."S;,' Embassy ,rin Cyprus. , kffte Groove III One 00/ - Advertiser found .some' sweet music when' he' sold an electric gui^tar ^through : an inexpensive Progress Classified Ad. Flrst?rday calls resulted;bi^;t)ie;;saie and putiour 5oustomerj;:ln , the �� gro(j|^^^.ll,tlv::soihfe|?- V tra ca�)h.f*'^or.....a: tsyept Stfaound,"call oUr Want Ad ^fwails'today. ' ?EiBC?rRIC GIJriTAR: and.  ^jAaiplifier;:; da4^<c pickup $ ! vijbratf^. WiU^sicrUice. no i ; rii^awnable offer-: i;^4|�Ld.; ^J#ne-C;iearf<*�f:T(�i%| 'to�iyvSt�'t^i�| tPh<!^i^aeaMleia'^:^7�-l�9^| driYdor Nfafeit