Saturday, November 8, 1947

Bradford Era

Location: Bradford, Pennsylvania

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Bradford Era (Newspaper) - November 8, 1947, Bradford, Pennsylvania Th# Weather: Cloud*. Windy and Colder Today (The tora For th* Beal hi Radio Entertainment Linton to WISB. Bradford** Own A at ion. 14<»6 on the DtaL NO S. (ESTABLISHED 1B77) BRADFORD. PA.. SATURDAY MORNING, NOVEMRFR 8. 1947. (FULL, ASSOCIATED PRESS SERVICES) PRICE FIVE CENTS. Poultrvless Thursday Program Suspended \ir General Denies Requesting Hughes Loan iii Wartime Cat* ti* >lnrr« Kc|H>rtft ll tig lien Offered Him I urmtive I'nMwnr JgIi ii* l^t I svttl Admit* Rrquuhtin^ IMatirniaker for h»an 11*Arar \% avhmgton*t AP) A fast-talking retired Air Force genera. vigorously disputed yesterday testimony that he tried dur ng the war to borrow $50 OOO from plane maker Howard Hughe v H< d.d say he tried to borrow this amount from him Woman Named l o Midi Post Iii Romania firs/    War    Gnmnt'tO’lie    in I    .S. earner this year. The server ai Bennett F Mevera, r d a Senate War Im antifat-rat Bu iv* nm in ote# that while hr a or an rf ** n#iw< non of m H uthi® Ca if rn.a plant In 1644. II g.hca ottered ham a postwar job lr. wtHfb h# * could writ# my own Ut ir*' ’ aa ic- aa la ry. Man* Jot* Off* r» Made ffered r b« ta me all Me* em aa id. "They I a thin*: to me. I was Pe-op.e I tv* t tun* cc ’ mf* or..T :r.*ere* ed in. winning the war.’* I •; % •« a leo Ie*'Hied—and y * pe* re wife ba« bed him up- that IMI re Mevera slipped an e-*e pe c4H»tamlllfl *90® into the prtt net of Johnny Meyer. IV un bra j- * ne re g'tora man. In repayment a* ’ravel and h^’el expense* But y # ver tank the witness wand b* ef'* and flatly contradicted them Both je^dae • dave: prevents earn# IF. ie® and fate arith H^nhf■ In toam ff«'y ie re# .me hit testimony. | p*-op#hie ne*’ week lr the »nve*ti-y*--ry~ mf h a wartime eontrae*a Hot he* f Atrtrad Opposed Befret fwtrjr to the job# loam expense I eel I mony, Meyera teatl* fred th*’ I Be opposed th* granting of a ■ IV find DOP eor.'raet to High©* In, ;IM ie build ptvrdo planaa but had twee. overruled be den B B A mold and afer that arent alone Aire a good a -die#. 3    7%# late Barre L Hopkins adv ae* lr President Roosevelt, j cared him to th# Whits House and tin# told him ft waa "’ar. nu*rate” ; that the Arter had no modern photo planes Be aa id Hopkins "wanted to grv'W arber# the Air Fore# ha* been all these rears and ad*r a didnt set arts# to hee lf,” \ Mwees «a:d it HK obvious that Hopkins had beer, listening to F oft Hob anre P then in cha rye of photo rev onna i**ta ne e in Flu rope t Muches had rome "very powerful friend* * exert run pressure in ber.a!? of His effort* to ye* war roe/raeta Prom confidential mom-J arar da he idet fled then# as the* lite Presider- Roosevelt Jesse B J-'ne# former Rec one* ruction Pin anre Corpcrs’loti chief and ochers lyre* c's boa* re* I red sftet lh * es hi ti the Anne, dealt at one time during the recent sir arith aircraft r*rocutenient He a*as dep lit! a«••*.♦* * r* chief of ’he Air ft* aff \mi>li I armer Gets S.-».(MHi in Damages r tv «***ier o. - t* - a common pleas court “Off Friday awarded a 33->etr-o.d Arr >h farmer IS OOO in carnages af*#r he cm mended four ch .rrh attic als had imposed an An:ish ’mite ne boycott against h.m and thai he had been aerially. as*rar.aec ’he past five years lr. add." oi Judge Walter J Mo-to grar'ed an injunction re-*:ra.r. a.* ’he four churr nmen from jrpm:r.i any tiov cotta against Ancre# J Yoder uh.rh would deny the right of re..gious liberty or cut h.m. off from any aor tai or bual-pens r* »* ems with h.s fellow church mem dc t> Yooer tee* .fled the boycott aaa im posed after he transferred hi* mr-mbrrstup from the HeJnuth dia-) the more liberal et rut < oiig reg at ion Bur hare*! - A* - Anna Pauker, seasoned woman Communist leader and one of the arehi’ecta of the new international CV mm un lit In-| formation Rut eau. bec ame Romanian foreign minister Friday in a cabinet reorganisation which considerably tightened leftist control of the government • Mite la believed to Ie the first aoman ever to head a foreign ministry». Mme Pauker succeed* Oheorghe Tatareeeu. who resigned Thursday with three other non-Communist National liberal Part* minsters after parliament had voted no confidence in Tatareeeu This development wa* a direct result of testimony at the tree on trial of Peasant Parly leader Juliu Marsh! and I* et ham lo the effect that some of the defendants obtained secret documents from Tat-aresew • ministry and allegedly passed them aion* to American officials The trial, which started Ort 39 recsseed until Monday Mme Pauker was sworn Into office with three other new ministers and four tinderserretane# In the presence of King Mlhsl I cuber minister* inducted are Vaslle Luca, a Communist, minister of Finance Theodor Iorda-cheacu SoeiaUat. Public Works and Rtanru Htosan Ploughman’s Front, minister of Chilte <Religion*. The new undersecretarie* ere fleorge Vssili< hi. Communist Ns-tlonal EelucsHon Ion Popescu labor and Social Pan*. Insurance: Vssile Mndorsn. National Pc* * a n * Party Finance and Mlhsl Ms* sites-eu Rocislist. rooperst?*cs I . S. UU I \ Scat> Fur Six Goiinlries ARKIX IM. st I af.uarchf Airport. New York l ily. Wilhelm Mueller of Frankfort. Germany, I greeted by his fiancee, Thelma Hunterian of I.«union. Milt. I Hey IHM met In lUitlnn before World War ll They met again in Part* In IMS when Miss llomerian was a I*, 8. Army nurse and Mueller a prisoner of war. Mueller’a wife and children were killed in the air bombing of Leipng.    «International I I Ake aurCOMI -<g». Demands by the United R*atea plus small and medium powers for a ct nu salon of Italy. Austria. Ireland. Porttigal, Finland and Tianajotdan to mem-J berthip in th# United Nation* Friday revived the U N squabble over the veto privilege of the Big Five. Adlai Stevenaon, United State* alternate delegate, and Dr Jose Arc#, cd Argentina, struck repeatedly at the Russian vetoes whlrl\ have barred the admission of the six nation* Ten of Russia a 22 vetoes in the Security Council have been in-*ogcd against applicants for membership Dr. Oscar Ions# of Poland, who generally votes in the Security Council with the Soviet Union, spoke against admitting the six countries and suggested that the Big Five get • •ope! her on what nations could pas# the Security Council tm*. B- He Reg-.*! HUI - made the transfer 'eel to buy an auto- n port hi* im slid medic a1 treat men! I ne H'.muih church :p or opera!tem o! 1*0% crnniciil I lcfcatcil Iii Plan i** Jail I \*N\ \* I iurlot«n XX X a - T* - The gov-] r '3jnrn* PU day .oat a round in it* I tempt to I,*. v r !*m WAC Cap! : ah - ce 11 Hash Durant sent back » a    five! * * ar    sentrtu e lot, ,1 *    of ’ ii*    ll Ms Msg)    H* ‘■ie 11 own j ut. -    !    r«>m Kl on berg Castle j I *    'Him, »’    /,,* B* n    Moore o*cr -1 ..*    a rr. i*.on to ie* pen he hear-* or; a habeas corpus writ with h I, he r* .♦ ated Mr*. Durant Be pi. r>e F»*r1eral R* formatory * Alde r Min. W. Va American Olkbi*r\«*r Says C .liin«‘wt’ RiuU \ ictoriou* shanghai *<T* A* liar cmcluaive nktrmisheik were repmted yesterday in Manc huria, an Anlet-can obiwr-xer newly returned fr«*m that wintry war front expressed the opinion that the Chinese Communists ' have lost the campaign but ha\e gamed the victory.” Tile offenai** of the pnsi six week*, the Communist** sixth ainee the Japanese surrender, apparently cost them mote losses than government force* suffered, he explained, but further damaged the shaky economy, t re Nips dettiorsiired defending Fire Sweep* (»Hr«|:e, ( ail*e« £.“WUMM> I >.tillage Phi ladeUphia - 4*- Fire last night swept a tire recappinic plant arid a garage hire. causing damage estimated at OOO (.oast (auartI Races th Aid Of Freighter Muskegon. I Irh. -MT- Thi 300-foot freighter Jupiter with 2k men aboard was reported crippled arid fighting high waves In wind-a hipped Lake Mulligan seven mile* offshore last night Two co*.*' * guard cutters were racing to ald th# disabled freighter, which wa* said to have broken a steam line The roast guard aa id she was unable to keep stearage way. The Jupiter’s position, between Muskegon and Ludington, was in the area known to Oreat tokes seamen a* the '‘graveyard of ship* ’* First rejiort* fr<*m the Coast Guard did not state whether the freighter, lader, with a cargo of rock salt, was making any headway Lake Mu higan ma* being whipped by a strong wind that sometimes reached a 60-mile-an-hour velocity. The temperature wa* 40 degrees and falling Rain was falling off and on and the beacon light at the lighthouse of the port of Grand Haven had failed through a break In a power line. The Coast Guard reported the euttrr Mackinaw ft* rn Cliehovgan and the Sundew from Milwaukee W’erc fighting to get to the side of the Jupiter. The Guard at Muskegon made available a beach cart with line throwing equipment for removal of crewmen from the Jupiter lf It were necessary. The Jupiter took en* a cargo of rock salt at Mammee Her destination was not learned immediately. 2 Feared Drowned W lien Boat I psets Linesville. Pa -CAA- Donald Kin-aell. M-year-oid Wast Middlesex man. drifted to shore in a light boat Friday in a state of near exhaustion and said that he feared his two < om pa rn on* had drowned in st or rn-tossed Pymatuning lake. Km*.* ll Identified the men as Kenneth M iff. MI, of West Middlesex, and John Abcr. 45. of Bhat pan tile, Pa He said their boat overturned curing a wind squall while the trio wa* duck hunting. Kmsell said he kept hanging to the bout and drifted to an island where he righted the craft. Btu A III |SII t•*«* I Vl’M’llll’ll Artifirial Ia*«! l»y Nrl* Philadelphia •< iv- Hilly TiHiiktii-*M*t, who la IO years old today, got the present he wanted most yesterday Bill was presented an artificial left irg by World War II amputees who said they womrt provide Billy daily lessons until he la able to walk without help. Hill lost th*- lower part of the, limb in a traffic accident Sept. I. New Atelic*v r J For Foreign Aid Proposed XX a thin* to* -*4’>- A ape* tai t'ommiitee lecoinmended Friday that a new government corpora lion he aet up to handle all foreign aid The prof*wed corporation would screen all request* for assistance direr» the purchase of food and other commodities for dtstributurn abroad and exerrivc whatever control* are deemed nereasarv to protect the economy of the United States The committee headed by Rep Metter -ll Ma \ alan specif ired that the ctuporaticMi alw hi id make sure ’ that the aid real he* those for whom it la intended” Member* of the corporation would he appointed by the President, subject th conf it ma turn by th# Renats TTie committee recently returned from a European inspection trip. where member* studied aid problems at first hand It will report later on probable costs of emergency during the next few months, as well as the commitments which would be ngreaaitated by s longes nee ald program The special committee does not propose legislation in Its own name, but la ant horned to (ireaent rer«im-mendations to standing committee* of the House Herter said all IS member* present at Friday a session approved the recommendation*. Former Senator Maxis Haw Rewllrwft Mav Washington Hi*- Jame* J. Davis, former senator from Pennsylvania and onetime Secretary of Labor, had a "restless day" Friday hts physician reported GOP to Dday Tax Gut Action Tnt ii January mf Bill, NX lien IVf’M’iiti’il, Will I 'nil fur Slawhen Krtrnartix«» to Jan. I XX Ashine tim • 4* * ’Hie Rep thin an high command sidetracked the $4.OOT*.000.000 tax slashing hill temporarily Friday but it will get a high ball signal on the legislative mainline In January. Chairman KnutNon <R-Minn» of the House Wavs sud Means Committee. author and ardent advocate of the bill. told reporter* after a conference with Speaker Martin «R-Ma*si, *T rat her expec t the bill will go over Ut January " Hr em;»tiasi*rd. however, that when he doe* introduce the bill it grill stipulate that the tax slash for 4ft 500,000 individual taxpayers be effective January I. 1946—the ! same date In the measure he had hoped to pre*a through at the apec-la* session of Congress beginning Nov 17. Knutson, who hsd been plugging I for the tax action ahead of foreign I aid legislation, called on Martin I foil wing these developments' I. Martin told rct»orters it was his *‘|»erM»iial inclination’* to pi*M-! (ante the tax hill until the regular session ’Hie speaker said he believed Congress would not have time to take up the tax Kane at the session called bv PrcMdent Trim an to deal with foreign ald and Inflation control legislation Taxes should be ; The first order of business in Jan- j 'flan. he added, 3 House Republican leader Mal- j lek of Indiana, backed up Martin* with a atatemen’ saving "there appears to he no slackening in Republican detcrm: nation to bring I about tax relief However their I appears to he no demand that it come up in the special session ’* 3. Mr Truman told his new* con-i ference that his message to the session beginning November 17 would embody no tax recommendations 4 Representative Douchtnn D-NC.» who managed tax leg isis .on until Republicans took control of Congrev* lavt January ald that a tax-slashing hill at the special session was virtual!’ certain to crash and shatter before another presidential veto Gunman Slavs 2. Kidnaps \\ nman Rockford. HI -•?•- a gunman wildly firing a pistol broke into a home here last night while a family wa* preparing to eat supper. *ho» and killed two men and then abducted a young mother of three children, wife and daughter of the slain men Dead were Vernon Anderson. 2*. of Rural Route One. Rockford, and hi* father-in-law, Grant Miihrlein, 53. of North|M»t(, Mich Chief of Plaice Polk# Heug'tot* said the relative* told him that tpey recognized the intruder ax Glen Marsh. 28. a neighbor of the Anderson#. Bengston sad the relatives told him that Marsh had been paying attention to Vernon* wife recently. He added that the Anderson* planned to move soon from the Rockford area. The police chief said road blocks have been aet up throughout northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin Committeeman Huge Grain Savings Expected lo Result From New Svsleni Liirkman anti Anderson Stale Farm Fruiip» Anil Poultry Industry Pledge Reduetionw Iii i chicken* Ftirkey and Ihirk Production Washington-<AP)-The Citizens Food Committee announced Friday that a “moratorium’’ on Poultrvless Thursday will become effective immediately. The action followed a “Hens for Harry ’ campaign started by angry chicken raisers, who sent crates of birds here, explaining that they couldn t sell them and couldn t afford to feed them. A Joint announcement by Char!#* Luckman. chairman of th# President s Food Committee, and Secr#- T. S. REPRESENTATIVE on the newly created I niter! Nations Balkan committee is Adm. Alan (•. Kirk, American ambassador to Belgium.    •    International) Non-Fmplove Pickets Told Law \ inlaid! Harrisburg J* -The Iv anis State Labor Relation.* Board invoked a new state law Friday to halt picketing of a Chester hotel by n«»it-empk>ves rf* %pite an AFL union claim the law mas "an invasion of the right »f freedom of speech * Tile Labor Board, in a two-to-one «ie« mum. ordered the Chester and Dc .amate Countv Bartenders, Hotel and Restaurant Einploves Union. Dual 677. to remove all pickets and pie get tng sign* from the Imperial Hotel and bar and give evidence within 20 da s of compliance. Signed bv Chairman D XX’ Smiley and mrmlier Vt B Prtrik;n, the order betonies filial in IO diva tulle x except tor vs are filed bv the union In a strong dissent. Board memner leo Aitertatliv. Labor representative and foimrr Pitt burgh AFL union official, said he agreed that the evidence sustained ”a violation” of the states new picketing law hut tint! he did not believe that the Legislature ever intended that 'nine maintenance of a lawful and peaceful pp ket line would coviAii-tu* x x an unfair labor practice." Abernathy also contended that the 1«*deral Constitution protected “the right of pit ket lug. a* long as H ta (kine In a lawful and peaceful manner’* and that state laws should br Interpreted "In such a manner a- in consistent” with the const it ut ion live Hoard order, however, found the hotel wits picketed bv mcmhets of the bar'enders union from June 13 to Sept 32. although none of them w as a hotel employ e. U. S. Attacked In Caricatures In Red Parade Moscow (ary of Agriculture Anderson, said it la estimated that 56.000.000 bush. els of grain will be saved by a new grain saving program for tbs poultry industry which has been approved by President Truman. Large Saving Seen '’This is by far the largest saving from any single part of the current IN- Russia * traditional | conservation drive thus far pledo- niilitarv-civiiian parade thundered through a sleet-beaten Red Square on the 30! h anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution Friday before a distinguished audience of Soviet leaders aud foreigners, hut spit uously absent were the rd,” the Luc kman-Anderson rn ailment said. # Consumers will still be asked lo forego the use of eggs on Thursday, Hie committee aaid. but K eo«^ eon-1 United: Am-| "Ail restrictions on the ronsump- bassador and representatives of the I Hon of all types of poultry are aus-aTined force* of the United States, pended while the new program ie Reviewed bv Defense Minister I given a chance to show that \t can Marshal Nicolai Rulganln. who de- bring about the subs*armary dared in a speech that "warmnn-gers” of the Capitalistic svstem were ‘ making plans for a new imperialistic war’* against the Soviet Union the parade was characterized by a complete absence of any foreign-made guns, tanks, trucks or other equipment Outstanding were the earl* attires dire« ted against the United States and England that were carried by shouting, marching groups of students and workers These pictured the United States as rigging votes in the United Nations aud holding the British lion on a leash Another showed Secretary of State Marshall and John Foster Dulles, a U. 8. representative to the U. N as * sawing down * the United Nations V. 8 Ambassador Gen. Walter Resell Smith said it was "too cold and wet and there ut no significance to my not being there ” He received no tnvitanon savings which ar# creased grain planned ** Fledges Made h\ Farmer# Under the new ly-negot lated pre* gram, the statement aaid the poultry producer* and four major farm groups have pledged themselves I. To reduce the number od broiler chicks bv 33S per rent below norma! seasonal level* op January 31. 1946 3 To make a redu* Mon of 7 pep cent in the production of ba bp chicks for all purposes between February I. 1948 and June Id. ' It is estimated that these ©cm* blued factors will produce a aavugf of 3! non OOO bu>hel* of grain,’* th* statement said 3 To make a red, Hop of I) per cent in turkey poult* aa compared with 1947 levels. Savings of grain expected frr>m had ! this are estima’ed at 4.700 0o9 I bu- he la 4 To nuke a 15 per rant reduction in the produc'aon of ducks, as compared with 1947 level* It t* estimated this will save 350 ooh bushels of grain. ft To reduce the poul’rr popi* la finn of the Unred S’ates through a careful culling of flecks, bp 136.000.000 chickens by January Im. This would reduce the total number of Thickens on American farm* to 400 000 000, the statement #a'.d, and ft is estimated it will mean a saving of 30.000 OOO bushels of grain. The sta ement said the new program. climaxing three weeks of almost continuous negotiations ta “broader than anything previous!# proposed and const it Ute* the largest Woman Silent IO Nears Siii^s r Second Day in Hospital ( lass Baltimore- 4*~Doctors described Friday how a middle-aged woman who hadn t spoken In ten year* atirtdenlv joined In singing ’ rnrk- •-byp-ba by** her second dav In a dancing cia** at the Spring Grove State Mental Hospital. Her Illness had been diagnosed aa catotomc schizophrenia, long-regarded as incurable in its chronic stage* The victim* suffer a disintegration of personality marked bv im nhr terne and long pertoda of at upor Dr John J. Francis, specialist in the rehabilitation of chronically ill women, said the patient had been a “aliter** in a dancing class where tike simple melodies and rhythm! of nursery tune* are being used to kindle interest in mental patients "This woman.” Dr. Franeia said. “wa* onlv one of many who have rome out of their 'regression* under stimuli usually assot lated with es rh’ childhood ”1 have seen patients who were •vegetables* two months ago stirred to the extent they have wanted to make rugs for their bedsides, go to the movies, and attend our regular dance* ** “Manv patient* need to In- taken step-bv *tep to a place in adult society through the same stages offered to normal young children ” Dr Francis explained that Spring Grove s te« hntque of songs and dames emphasize* the link between the demure to participate in social event* and the desire lo be useful The conventional type of nertipa-ttonal theraphv in which patients are encouraged to produce some thing useful has born altered rather than dl*« aided They now ate given more freedom mav work on anything which catches their fancy. Th# hn-pital use* finger painting. he said. because tt “appeal* to the childish desire to be messy.*' '’Bom# of their work Is very chaw* to what I* railed 'modern arf ' It has a ignition im e only lo them-•eire# I .S.. Britain Blan Brit h I iii f it al inn I on.J.*n -*4’- Authoritative government quarter* aaid Friday that Britain and the United State* have tentatively agreed to unite Western Germany politically aa well aa ec- j onomirally early next year lf the Four-Powf” Foreign Minister* 1 Council falls to settle the peace terms These informants said ll was "mr-J tually certain” that the French zone would be brought into the already econom.cally-mcrged British and American zone* and that a “provisional parliament” would be a pivot it i rd bv' orrupatton officials if HtiNMa continues to balk at an agreement. NI l{B <.«*N I Giiiphiint I mlur I lift ILirlU x I .ax* I*.tut.... th - 4* . The Pl rat National I a Ivor Relation* Boaid <’om-plaint in We.stern Pennsylvania under the new Taft-Hartley Labor I .aw set up wa* issued yesterday. Henry Shore, regional director of Hie Hoard, sn .I the (’leatfield Machine Co at Clearfield was charged wi»h refusal to bargain with the International Association of Mi-chin 1st* which last May won a NLRB pre-hearing election for 92 production workers A hearing la scheduled for Nov. 3(1. Eating out tv fun . . . visit th# Emery riming room or coffee ahop    •    j No Invitation.* were re. rived to the annual parade, however, by Ma J. Gen Robert Macon. U. S. military attache, Rear Adm. Leslie Steven*. U. S Naval attache, and Brig Gen. Warren Carter, newly, arrived U 8 attache for air They watched the parade from the window* of the U 8 Embassy across the square from the Kremlin. (Jicsl Drive Short OI Goal hv SI2.000 • Tike Community Chest 1946 Campaign last night was reported aal single Item In the entire gram cootie mg $12.096 69 short of the goal of serration campaign” so far $86 000. according to Byron Wolfe,! Signed pledges of support wr chairman of the Chest drive. Re- received from representative* of ports are still being tabulated, he jibe National Poultry Producer* said. and he urged all workers with Federation the American Farm cards outstanding to return them a* Bureau Federation, the Na*:onal soon aa possible    Grange the National Council of The school division, under the dl- Farmers Cooperatives, ani th# reef ion of Flovd C Fretz and the Na Mona I Farmers Union. Lur kman Rev. Father Frederick Reilly, has; said. pained Ha goal of 91.350 by 56 cents    — ----------------------------— h '" por, '2- I    Highway Deaths Snowstorm, \\ iud Snarl Nlinnea|M»li* Traffic Minneapolis -tipi- Minnesota V first ta-ste of 1947-48 winter weather came Friday in a large helping of blinding snow- and high wind which slowed traffic, closed some schools, and disrupted communications. Wind* running up to 45 miles an hour drove the storm in a northeasterly direction across the eastern] half of the state. Snow ranged in depth from four to six inches Drift*! mg was reported at numerous point* In Minneapolis and St Paul the storm ar* increased in fury that within an hour visibility was redded to 150 yards. $300,000 S|m*ut Nearly Ox llrnrx Ford** W iilnw IMr.m -«4*>- Mr* Henry Ford widow of the auto manufacturer, told a probat# court Friday that It coats her $300,000 a year to live and maintain her estate. SIM* was granted that amount by Probate Judge James lf Sexton, win* signed a routine *«k»* a petition nu Mea Ford’s behalf Decrease in State Harrisburg - -T - Motor accident fatalities on rural highway* <5*cr#aa-ed 1253 per cent in the first IO months in Pennsylvania when ASB persons were killed on the roada against 798 for the corresponding period of 1946, The Pennsylvania State Ponca reported Friday that fatal.lies on rural roads were off every mon!a except in May. June. July and October with declines as great as 3* TS per cent in February. On the other hand. 75 p#r*<»oa died in motor mishaps in ttrtober contrasted wirh 88 in th# corresponding month of last year, w?- • highway deaths were up 56 62 per cent in June over June of 1946. Kin^ Suffering From l*;!r;tty|»hoir! Lever Vthens -#£*- K’ng Paul I wa* reported Friday by officials of th# Greek court lo b# auf fen o# fc-an paratyphoid fever. The King has be*wt In bed few several da vs be* **mw of a