Wednesday, March 25, 1936

Bradford Era

Location: Bradford, Pennsylvania

Page: 14

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Text Content of Page 14 of Bradford Era on Wednesday, March 25, 1936

Bradford Era (Newspaper) - March 25, 1936, Bradford, Pennsylvania I PAGE FOURTEEN. THE ERA, BRADFORD, PA., WEDNESDAY, MARCH 25, 1936. ^5\?UJflLDS If You Leave It to the Sharpest Pencils in Town... WE'LL BE SEEING YOU. We refer to the young men who have style eyes in the back of their heads but who unfortunately, do not have rich uncles. And to the married chaps who like to look up and doing but but who have to look up a butcher and grocer the first of every month. You can make your income go farther by going no farther than here this Spring . . . we're telling you here . . . and i thousands of other men will tell you if you'll ask them. EASTER SUITS AND TOPCOATS $18.00 to $30.00 Two Bradford Executives Picked on National Roster HIRE 60,000 WPA WORKERS Harrisburg, Pa., Mar. 24 (JF).- WPA officials announced more than 60,000 men have been assigned to clearing away flood wreckage in the state. FRED A. MILLER New York, Mar. 24 (Special)- Henry Neil Mallon, president, and Fred A. Miller, chairman of the board, of the S. R. Dresser Manufacturing company of Bradford, have been selected among outstanding leaders of American industry, it was announced here by the Institute for Research in Biography, in making public a regional analysis of the final roster by its advisory board. With the endorsement of Secre- H. SEIL MALLON tary of Commerce Daniel C. Roper and under the supervision of business "brain trusters" and other well-known authorities, 6,516 names, representative of every part of the United States and Canada, were chosen for an exhaustive and authentic biographical reference of the nation's leader-chiefs. Included in the roll are such names as those of Owen D. Young, John D. Rockefeller, sr., the duPonts and J. P. Morgan. FALLS, STRAINS Injure the Spine, Cause HI* Chiropractic Restores Health C. C. SALISBURY LICENSED CHIROPRACTOR 315 I.O.O.F. BIdg. Dial 8881 Fe rtig Repair Service master RADIO [ LfCTD'(i. S E P V C r ^ F s D i C L 7 ' : y B. G A. VICTOR RADIOS (Incorporated) U7 Main St Dial sns NAZI LEADER REJECTS PLAN OF WAR ALLIES (Continued from Page One) Der Fuehrer's voice was slightly hoarse and he coughed frequently. When he went to the huge hall he was cheered by half a million people who had been released early from offices and shops. The route of more than five miles was cluttered with streamers and swastikas. Receive* Ovation The audience cheered for six full minutes when Hitler appeared in the auditorium to be introduced by Paul Joseph Goebbels, his min-i ister of propaganda. "You," said Go�bbels, "have not broken treaties-you have had the courage to draw the logical consequences from treaties already broken." Goebbels said it was the people's will that the occupation of the' Rhineland must "remain unaltered." Hitler opened with his usual reference to his 14-year-long struggle toward power. Now that that power has been achieved, he said proudly, "I do not hide myself from people-they can follow my every move." Claims Great Progress "It grieves me that I have had to hurt many in carrying out my program in the past three years, but if I had not done it we doubtless would have 12,000,000 unemployed by now," he continued. "No one can deny that there have been historic achievements in these three years-one hundred years of history in three. For little minds, perhaps, such a tempo is too swift for understanding." In post war years, said Der Fuehrer, the world became accustomed to a Germany weak, divided and obsessed with an inferiority complex. "It finally came to regard the German weakness as a constant factor in international equations. This we have changed. We want peace, but the world must not confuse our will for peace with a lack of the character of our predecessors." EARLE GETS WPA AID IN FLOOD WORK (Continued from Page One) tral Pennsylvania area to be 44. Liquor Ban Lifted The ban on liquor sales, imposed in 18 counties by Governor Earle for the duration of the flood emergency, was lifted in 13 towns. The Liquor board said only the application of municipal authorities was needed to end restrictions in other cities. The board said the "emergency had passed and the necessity for restricting the sale of spiritous liquors is not so great." The reopened stores are in Shick-shinny, Curwensville, Donora, Kit-tanning, Carlisle, Barnegboro, Sugar Notch, Charleroi, Hughes-ville, Swoyersville, Ashley, Trafford and Muncy. ' Guard Units Withdrawn National Guardsmen were demobilized at Lewisburg, and several units were withdrawn from service at Harrisburg. The capital faced a serious situation in a dwindling water supply. Officials worked desperately to restore the flooded filter plant and pumping station while restaurants used paper cups and plates, industries shut down, and the use of water by individuals was strictly regulated. Nearby towns pumped in auxiliary supplies but the reservoir levels continued to drop, and there was no prediction when the machinery which assured pure water would again be in working order the legislative council meets next Thursday to take up with the members the question of whether we can come within the social security board's requirements without a state constitutional amendment, xxx June Is Deadline 'We can obtain the benefits for the current quarter by enacting legislation before the end June. But if a constitutional amendment is necessary, it will be impossible to submit the amendment to a vote before the next general election in November." Governor Landon indicated the special session might be summoned before the Republican national convention, June 9, if it is decided a constitutional change is not necessary. /here is only one Seamprufe Slip and it's exclusive with Johnston's in Bradford. 31 Main Street There is only one Seamprufe Slia and it's exclusive wft^ Johnstotf, 'a Bradford. V TEY THE ERA'S CLASSIFIED COLUMNS To the public... A short while ago we sold a large number of used cars. Since that time the sale of new cars has been exceptionally large. The result is, that our used stock is growing fast. Already we have 25 late models. Come in today and look them over, we have an entirely new line of used cars-at prices that can't be beat. ITALIAN STOCK MART PLUNGES (Continued from Page One) Costanzo Ciano, president of the chamber, in a speech, repeated his declaration of two years ago that when II Duce set the date and terms for a necessary change, "this chamber, knowing it is carving a new date in the story of revolution, will be ready in assuring the regime of a new constitutional orde.-." Today, addressing Mussolini, who was in the hall, Ciano said: "I confirm to you this declaration, with the same spirit of yesterday." Prolonged acclamation followed and Mussolini responded by giving the Roman salute. The chamber also cheered a government statement that Italy's air force is in a i position to sweep the Mediter- j ranean. 1 Details of the accord reached over the weekend by Italy, Austria and Hungary showed they had pitched a common tent in the European political and economic field, closely harmonizing their action in general European as well as Danubian problems. SPENCER M. DEG0LIER FUNERAL INCOMPLETE (Continued from Page One) DeGolier ran once unsuccessfully, receiving but 18 votes. He achieved the office in 1911 by a good-sized plurality. He was defeated by Mr. Schwab in the 1931 election and by Mr. Thompson in 1933. For many years Mr. DeGolier was honorary president of the National Association Opposed to the Blue Laws. President for a time of the Rationalist society, he was a contributor to the official society magazine, published in London, England. He was an advocate of municipally owned utilities and wrote on this and other subjects of public I interest, contributing often to the local newspapers' "public . forum" j columns. Mr. DeGolier's staunch! stand on various issues won for him many close friends and enemies as well. Mayor Issues Statement Mayor Hugh J. Ryan yesterday issued the following statement: "Spencer DeGolier was a man who was sincerely honest in his convictions. I prized bis friendship very highly. He was a good mayor and had a large following of personal friends. I bespeak the sympathy of the entire community to his wife in her sad bereavement" John B. Callahan, councilman for years under Mr. DeGolier also expressed sorrow at his death. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Ada DeGolier; a son, Albert DeGolier of Kanesholm; three sisters, Mrs. DeGolier Smart of Philadelphia, Mrs. Lillian Lamphrell of Calumet, 111., and Mrs. Eleanor Davis of Bradford, and a number of nieces and nephews. We Are Featuring The New Spring Collection of Our Famous "Seamprufe" Slips That Sleekly Fit for Any Occasion $198 LANDON SEEKS GOP HARMONY (Continued from Page One) fornia secretary of state & Landon ticket for the May 5 California primary. A second slate by the California group in sympathy with former President Hoover's advocacy of uninstructed delegations is due to be filed before the deadline tomorrow. Senator Borah also is considering bidding for California's 44 votes. May Call Special Session Refreshed and smiling after a 10-day rest, the governor said he probably would call a special session of the legislature to enact measures to bring Kansas within the requirements of the federal social security program. He said: "I will have an opportunity when II STAR GARAGE CO, 8-24 Barbour St. DIAL 3121 "After my long experience in the drug business, I know no remedy that compares with San-Cura Ointment for the purpose intended. In some cases its effect was wonderful. I would not be without it myself," writes Frank T. Wray of Chicago. Antiseptic San-Cura Ointment is unequalled for cuts, burns, bruises, piles, eczma and skin irritations. 35c at Thompson & Wood and all drug stores. HITLER SPURNS LEAGUE COURT (Continued from Page One) delay in answering the Locarno proposals. Although the Locarno demands were emphatically rejected, the Reich said that on March 31-two days after the German Reichstag election-it would "place at the disposal of the royal British government a compreh-nsive statement of its position, together with its positive proposals." (Tbe council will reconvene in Geneva some time after the German and French elections. Eden Faces New Difficulties. Anthony Eden, British foreign secretary was left with new difficulties in conciliating Franco-German differences but League circles seemed agreed that the immediate danger of European hostilities had been avoided. A spokesman for the German delegation said that the British government's white paper outlining the Locarno proposals is "absolutely dead." The House of Lords was told by Viscount Hailsham, lord chancellor, that Britain was "no secret understanding of any kind" with France] or Belgium aside from those outlined in the white paper issued last week on the Rhineland crisis. No British AlUance. The disclosure was made in reply to a direct question from the Marquess of Lothian, who asked: "Have we or have we not entered into what Flandin and Van Zeeland (diplomatic representatives of France and Belgium) regard as a military alliance?" The marquess said Germany Is now "immeasureably weaker than before the war" and asked why Britain should add weight to her support against Germany by a military alliance on the side of Russia, Belgium, Poland, Czechoslovakia, France and Italy. Will Register Today In Piano Instruction Adult piano instruction in connection with activities of the Works Progress administration in Bradford ] will be held at the Y.M.C.A., .begin-1 ning soon. Registration will be held today from 10 a.m. to noon and from 2 to 5 p.m. at the Y.M.C.A. Lloyd Knight of this city will give individual instruction to the class. Anyone beyond school age is eligible to enroll. The class is being sponsored by the county adult education council, which at present is operating classes in English and arithmetic at the Fifth Ward school. 35 MECHANIC TWO MISSING GIRLS ARE RETURNED HERE Two Bradford girls, Sally Parker, 15, and Rachel Collins, 15, who were reported missing since last Wednesday to local police, were j returned to Bradford early today, ' They were arrested at 8:30 p.m. McCOY HARDWARE DIAL 8913 115 MAIN ST. ESTATE ELECTRIC RANGES --with1 - Balanced Oven Heat NORGE REFRIGERATORS -with- ROLLATOR COMPRESSOR NORGE WASHING MACHINES -with- AUTOBUILT TRANSMISSION SAMSON MATCHED APPLIANCES  Toasters  Percolators  Waffle Irons ROYAL ROCHESTER ARISTOCRAT IRONS ELECTRIC APPLIANCE SHOW St. Bernard's Auditorium Wednesday to Saturday KB3LINED TF you are to judge beer �*� -you'll have to taste it. And we urge you to ask for Pabst TAPaCan - and taste a deliriousness in brewery flavor never before equalled. 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