Friday, January 22, 1886

Bradford Era

Location: Bradford, Pennsylvania

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Era, The (Newspaper) - January 22, 1886, Bradford, Pennsylvania THE FRIDAY JANUARY THE_ERA. PUBLISHED EVERY MORNING. CM DAY 13 HDll 15 PA. The Recoiralzcd Au'.horuv on all Matters Per- mminy to the- OH Flcldh of Uic pivlug In complete record oT nil OpThe Erations In Now Territory in a Correct and Concise Manner. In the City of Bradford and Surround- Towns for Twenty-five Cants a wbek. ila'l TWiiAge Ten Dollars a Klra Dollars Two DoUam and n ualf for Thrct or Cio Dollar a M-jntli. Advertising P-alci tnown -Jao Count- ro-m. Correspondence Important from any Part of ihc Uoantry. If Hscd will be paid for. All f.'ominnniciUItm for Uio Editor should bo fcl'HfS'-ort n-nd Buslniyka LULU.TS to W. K. JO KUAN Jf PROMUKTOU3. GIRLS IN How Soclely Belled Out Bendy Wln- ter'HKounil of Gnyety. are mo5t nf in in Iminiog for tbe said a well-known OVPi-H.AI. I'APEK OK THK CITY. SOME of the- livuvkM hmd-owntrb in HOiiihem notably Cap- will kintw whet-ber their pcja-ses- aiona tire worth u million dollars. A DUI.I. stock will influence ii heavy crude oil market. If Lbc railroad warcon- Linuts the lor higher priced oil will be ILH bnuhL as eiillinsinstic holders MRSFUS. DAVIS AND DEGOLIKR arc the only opposing property holders lo the Btreet paving scheme. They nre entitled to a but they aro not strong to check opinion that is practically n nniloD Ihin mucb'necded relbrm. NKW YORK merchctuLs are nFter Seuutor livarLS on the silver question vrif.h a very 'ntmrp HLick. They fear the old man's ftileoco. They .should not the young Senator with an autiquftled political head is only biding hia time. Hig Now York Wall street in par- can the old boy will straddle ol tbo silver fence loug bbloie a vote is taken on pending reaolntions. to India ami Jura of more tlmn of rclined oil for 1335 over do not con- stitute fi bearish showing. Let it not hu forgotten that Lhe consumption ol' Ameri- can crude find ruQnod oil by the inhabitants ol' tbe globe in constantly nnd irrcsistnbly on the increase. Let it also be remem- bered that the production of American nnd tliu accumulated stocks above ground are ad surely declining and UH'lting TIIK Senate ia wisely acting on President Clovelnncl'g appointments with customary baale. Some of tho Republicans mny attempt Lo ridicule certain nominations for bat in a very largo major- ity ol tbey will be confirmed. Eclninudd nud EuuMlB are piimeil for some displays on Lhe par- tisan hut they will only cnt loose fot sport. like Uave n very keen uiidersLauding of ihe adnye which HctmHfcs Lhe fiiirnffS in war nud politico. CIIAIKMtix HKNBKL notlia-o mnch trouble Dotting a re-tleetion rid clmirmiiuof tho Democratic Statu Committee. Ho says he i.n not parLiculaily anxiom nor pleaded willi Uiohnnur. Kc intimates lie may icaiyn be Core the btrUc couvcntioua are and inlimalcs that he will ere bo out of politico Tho lion naturally would holJiafi o good under ihu presum Admtmatr.Uion niuan Lhit Mr. IfcDsul v.'ould out of politics V The Dcworruliu puily HIISUL'UI u heavy losi if Iknstl re- He id one of its most effective ami Active mutineers. belle the olher day. one baa any idea of the strain upon one's constitution when 50 much late houra and af- ternoon receptions and teas make up oce's life for Gveor six aho continued. all the girls I know areprcparing for their first ball. They go to bed siy at 9 or 10 and sleep until 7. Then they ore civen a bowl of beef tea be- fore arising anG niter they ure dressed they mum lake a ridd or drive in the open air. Coarse oat forms their chief dish for breakfast nod afttir that Lhty c'in go to I In bbnp or hut lunch at exactly tbe suruc hour every day and wear a veil to prottc-t lueir complfixionn from cootnct with the cold rur. low-neck drt-ss is wora for u while every continiiEtl tbe with a ''to nc'castom artna and ucck he-cause you know a person wearing a decollete bodice for tho first time in n ball room i-i apt to her death of cold and tLeu arms genThe Erally get iu- aie.ul ot while. trials coniii nltoi .1 diuncr of bread imd butler nud beef. Our inaidg spc-nd two hones or so polishing our arms and upcks with glycer- ine ro-e water nnd another linnr briT-h- nur ''And Mien wu really onr b ills nnd parties all our enjoyment. 11 ad- miration. 'n perfectly with nil rtniwbncks.11 sheanid. ilj.- tlie tho lovely a -ill the uurapliraenta are perfectly dolight- _ __ _ FISH IN PUISON. Thu Litliur Whlnlnu' mul Con- .KliLiitly. The conduct of James D. Ti ah nnd Fer- dinand Ward ia prisoa is said by a prison ofllcial wboHO duUes have taken him to Auburn and to.Sing Sing to show a marked tliilernQce. ''Wheu J-'ish outori'd the Auburn Slate said tliis looked the situation squarely in tho declared hia to accept hn to up Lo tbo rules like a man and do everything that WAS required of him. He bad uo favors to ask. Ward's course was nenrly tbe oppo- site. To bo he talked wilHngnesa to accept the situation and make the moat of but soon an Lhu reporters left him he hegnn to ploy the baby ucS. Fish took big brown bread and black coffee like a man. Wnrd complained of hia he must his stomach could aosslnuil SHORT STOHIES Relnteil by Ablft iintlTruthful Gentlemen of the Ti-e.sB. A Washington telegram Repre- sentative Campbell ia becoming the subject of many paragraphs in and the composure with which he hears the yarns related at bis expense perhnpgooly natural to a who has worn the er- mine of a distiict court. Tbe latest THE Climax EngjJ IS on the lodge is that he wa priaon he whimpered. So he was al- lowed to write lo his wife to send him del- nnd he has kept writing in lliat Hue ever since. Tt seems as there were aome truth in tlm report Hint he was have room Qtted up in the but he'll hardly tlmt. appears to bo to appear in the rule of nn invalid who must livo in DrUon on n downy bed of All tin's simply shows the marked contrast in the character of the two men. Ward ha-s boen whimpering ever since the pi hem doora closed upon Tlio Cost ol Two DrliikH. There is a statistician aboat the Palmer I who desires to impress everybody with economic facU. be you sec that man over he'.s a furnier down near Elgin. There he Koea with a they're to pet a drink The farmer w.H pny for it. ine ace. Thai umu will sweat two mor- tal hours next spring to plow enough ground to raise one bushel of corn. That bushel of corn ho will pell for 30 cents. He N in there now to spend the HO cenla lor two drinks. the fanner aud Ihc corn have parted. let mo tell you what becoine-j of Ihe corn. A of corn ni.ikea seventeen of whisky gallons. The dis- its cents asked hovr he carae to leave tho Arlington Hoiel to board upon street fact ho an- was too ur.ich excitement at the hotel for a quiet so I IKWR me quarters at it private house I am btnr boarder and sit Ihe ll.uikruiit. is against said u diipniriuif Wall street man to his wife. have bor- rowed money from every lo keep my but without avnil. I have nut only lost nil that I but every ceut that I could from everything swept nVru-tl hi'' wife. i.irtj Inuoi. That- alone V'or the feakH of von join mo in ft of it's nmj.Hi my time o' old I dun'i. iuiu-1 iliink- u vei'y suiull one fnr the sake ol you kno-v.'' wi- to Ottenhuii lio.stlli Ihe sclioonur in tlv city.'' Pound Out. infbfanl ol 1 ulinl hns piiL psii where1 I hud old prriLy this a-i lie innlpit oiTice'deak. he in milder lit hauled the writing uteusild fiom out bj- hiad bib eur Must tbe next time yon to you musl TQB a temporary ban for said Mrs. yesterday morning. temporury RnorLed in the name of sense ia a temporary don't but I see that all the dogs in Xew York arc being under a temporary and I suppose it's the style of dog for Ihe you I'UI'aUlliil. Postmnster-GenThe Eral Yilas ia suffering from a severe attack of rheumatism. N. P. Banks will celebratti his seventieth bivthdnv annivThe Eraftrv on Jnn. oOth. L. Moody has commenced this week a sories oi1 revival services at bis old Tabernacle in Chicngo. The friends of .Toacjui-j ICiller aa.y bi.H daughter ia the wife of Sluele who ia unaljlc to support her. J f you n mij tiiai nn 11 i'. ilifl Oil Well Supply MuiafactniThe Era Hole Amenta tur everything to put down and furnish complete an Oil or Well. VTe fnriush a Wood Kig compluto bnJl and band aand framed and ready to put with n arale drawing of the BO that any competent mechanic can do the work. John L. Sail baa a penchant for ex- tremely expensive and bis col- lection irf huge nnd varied. Mr. Stuart Robson'9 eighty years of made the journey from Annnpolis to Baltimore to see him act Dromio. The Chicago luler-Ocean that a billy-goat should be the best matennl for oleomargarine. He is the best butter among quadrupeds. Congressman of dresses in block cut indifferently aa to and o tlouob hat. He lived likes faoe.ely ami talks with every one. Ex- Governor CurtiU's advice to young men is. while always to keep yonr backbone and when you lose your good looks rncuiiLaiu a cheer- ful disposition.1' TVilKnm A. now piivaie secre- tary ot the of N. waa James of tho lrcUed Stntca. Thu II. W. It-icc'iev Immo'ously in bis pulpit thu olln.-r Hint Kig Boilem ond Drilling Drilling Drive Oil or Gna Tanks or Pipe of all Steam Pumps for or Brosa and Iron Fittings and small Toolfl of erery kind. Ia fact everything required. CampeLwii meu fumliilied by it the yell. Lube and finish H aud uo all th go LO aiiy country- 01 clime to erect the drill be ana tmifin u auu uu an ma work in tiie best manner. r a circular giving names find prices for everything required about a with all neces- sary usirucUoae and InforniiiUoii. LOCATION OF MANUFACTORIES. we uiunalactare aatk-rod ALLEN'S Patent Oil Well Pumping Rig. Patented March September October J. J_ J. J_L.J.-1 J.1 Drive Sbofiii aud nil kinda of wrought iron goofr uaed in tte Sand Bull and Band and all kinds of wood work. PENN Tools of all Filing Tools. VAN Eoda. own timber eaw ironing and have tbe best Sucker-rod timber in the world. Cole Bnrnlmm 'Where fire raanufacturod all kinds giey and malleable brass goodfa ot every Pipe at one time the privnte secretary James Bnchnuau while bo Piesident 80LB AGENTS FOE THE Boilers and Engines made by the Oil City Boiler Works. and Drive acd Line Pipe laadi- by the Beading Works. These goods lire manufactured under tho charge and inspection of on employe of this Company. The utmost care aiid piiina are takBQ them. RIG- IRONS-SENNETT'S MAKE. DRILLING ROPES-PHILADELPHIA MAKE Steam Pumps for Wattr and Make. pjid beet maVro knotvu. And ninny other gooda. There you for that bnabc-l I the is the latent evoluiion of wind of com. Now the novcrnment. comts and for that thr- 1 church the appropriate placa lor it. Tlie I'rench iulerfciPiife in China said lo hare seriously aftec-ted the tr.rle iu huiuau Ont of a former importa- tion O.O'JQ kilogrammes an anally into Franco fully one-lmlf iviis .suppl erl by tho Chinese. MANY yeara ayo Tmc 13 u A advocated the enactment of inler-Slnto commerce laws for the better protection of the travel- ing public imd tbe gonenil carrying trade of the country. It had its say at a time whtn Lho of tho country wore trying lo bulldoze the various Legislatures and the producers of our own acctioiib wore clumoriiiK for laws upon tho anbjoct from the IVuDsylvnnia Legislature. Sincu then tbe utter worthlessuetw many grander lawn has been domonatratod. In they have been stricken Irom tho while in others they remain a dend letter. In Pennsylvania wo have an nnti-disuritninnlion bill which ia us unre- liable-and unsatisfactory as it could possi- bly IKJ made. There m no .justice in it for a corporation trying to enforce or re- for to the snfferer applying foi relief under HA treacherous provisions. In the last cerLniu aud henchmen of minor corporations at- tempted lo cuncl an Itiw that would have amounted lo a little less than proscriptiou to our lending cor- poiatiouu. Their game was detected iu time to kill tho Duriug tbe yeara in which so many failures to cope with tbe inter-Stnlo commerce problem havo taken place public opinion has been systemati- cally educating itself toward aa intelligent solution. It has been n very iuterostiog observer of stock jobbers cutting rates and priced under the broad excuse ol n freight or a passenger war. It has seen good dividend paying slocks give way to the temporary pressure brought upon it by reduced rcveuuca. Countless inno- cent holders 1m vc been overwhelmed nnd gone down in Iho sea oi wreckleas winch is constantly lashed to a foam by the raiders and unscrupulous manipulators. It is a matter of little con- sequence in tho considThe Eration of the cnse whether Ihe rate of fare between Chicago rtnd New York or Public opiuiou understands that tho dear peuple ill be called upou to pay tho difference the fighting corporations in the cud. Public opinion already kuous that Iho consumer of breadstnlTs is not directly concerned in the charge on n pounds or n ton between the West aud E.w. It ia the tho Ibo stock gamblers that are and have been working the barm. It is such terrible experience that has finally forced the problem into Congress. Few persons will deny that it has been a long time cum in p. Now that public opinion bus directed the conrso the will bo received with open arms and proper considThe Eration by statesmen who patiently awaited its coming. Their attention ii assured. The friends of inter- state commerce regain Li on ainy not get all they want during the Forty-math Con- but they can command a hearing and thnt ia something they uever hnd before to any appreciable extent. Congress baa the only power in America that can stop cut- ting rates aud stock jobbing at the ex- pense of innocent investers nnd the genThe Eral public. It cau frame lawa that will be as jnat to corporations as they cache made satisfactory ond beneacial to the niassea whose c tea lets they are. 00 couts a added iho mnkca That brings the product of the bimhul of corn down to tlie jobber and Ihc wholesaler by sevThe Eral to tho retailer. ISy Lhe time it reaches lLo InLtor Hit biibhe1 of torn or its pioduct of four and a quai Ler IKL-S been reduced which means ciy'.it aud a half gallons. Thi-ie- are sixty drinks to the is the nod a half gallons 270 at 15 ccnls we have ad I lie roasutner'd piiLC for a biidbel ol'coin which the farmer raises ami uclls for 30 cents. thero is not intlustry in this the I'urruer we saw juaLnow -pent hia whole b'ishel of corn in the price of two aud the people who do not till the soil got nway with Cfiu-ayit Jfci'tt'il. Tlu- I.iitn .iris- ''Was Bh6 Wiien you are oldor nnd know an much as nn old woman like mo you will understand that question ia of Lho least possible consequence. No- body who ever saw her J'orgut and 1 never saw nny one she cured lo interest es- cape her bizarre and brilliaut charm. She shocked that largo part of which exhausts iLg energies and LIs intel- lect trying to recollect which corner of n card to turn down. She would any 'timber' in the nud she cleared familiar convonaucea with Q .social seat secure and a hand so steady that there uevur WON a though fiieuds like myseli held tlieir breath sometimes. all Ihc side turned to the world there lay nn sincere nature which put her wonderfully kecu head lo solid work by her father's side. Poor Katie find she Imd to the very brim tiiat life can a woman in ihe very front of tbo whirl ol public and socml Sim Dal Nut Sponk Tho other iiiyht I overheard tlie follow- ing conversation between two society a young yon been with a sigh. mamma won't let us says she's so go. I remember when appeared inPnris. Itlidn'Lknow but three words of French at that and I wtw taken Lo sei- it by JudRti and Mrs.S------. I watched the play very care- fully and asked S------ a host of iincstioiis. JIs only answered me find dida'tsecni to lie communicative. At whon I saw Plir.chard in Amelie's I do be aud tell me why '.licit young man la in her The Judge tnroud round very solemnly to me nud 'Because tba husband is not there.' I shut up completely after Fmiicinco fnglcsulc.________________ Items oT lntercht. has had Uvenly-two murders in 1S35. Han has fitly flowing arte- sinns wella. The first well waa put down n Utlle over a year nyo. A petiLion with signatures in favor of optional crThe Eraaliou has presented to tho German The oflicial records of San Bernardino do not show a sictfle biith or death in the couuty duriug Cublo lines arc nil the rngc in Kansas City. Tbo Council hiw seven applications for franchises under considThe Eration. A lady who was introduced to the IIrand Dako Alexis at a ball in nas been crazy ever imagining herself theDuke'a wife. A lunatic who escaped from hospital for the insane at Buil'alo two yenrs ago and has since beeu wandering over France and Great returned to his home in this State the other day perfuctly cured. The debt of France is over the largest national debt io the being or more than the debt of Great Britain and about three times tbt nmount of interest bearing debt of the United States. John Iho was the futher of a natural u who IH about tweHe yenrs of o-id licnra n striking reaernblaucp Co liim. Shortly after her birth ho inured iife fur for her banefi- and tbe pol.i'y WHS paid up in frill in 1870. She is now m Chicago attend- ing school. LL'fl Ilirt Wid.i Jluhiiul. Sunday last a well-known farmer of Up- per Lcacock township bad a somewbnib'n- j-alar lie was with his wife from a in West Lnmpetcr township and was ridmg in a his wife sitting behind him. The man bad his ears closely mu.lled and was af- ter ilnnns aome Lo lueefc a who asked him who-Imd become ofhmvife. Luoki-jg behind him tbe mnn snw his wife was Dot in the sleigh and he drove back the road until he found her iu a snow bank. The lady had been spilled out of Iho sleigh and called her but he having his ears so closely mniUed was unable Lo lienr her and drove ou without fiaimtnrr. Eighteen hundred und twenty persona havo committed suicide at Monte Carlo within LIIQ past eight years. They wore all victims of gambling. THE WAVERLEY HOUSE N. Y. This Hold IB now open to Iho thoroughly renovated a-.d fnrnlnhccl new tlironghouL. Located Ihc comer of STATE STREET AND CENTHA.L AVENUE. In the business street cars pass Lho hoa electric lights aid all modern conveniences. Terms Per Day. Varnoy Great Bargain I For sale or exchange- for valuable property an elegant Residence at New Jersey. Fourteen 125 trains commutation ten cents. Most beauUrul suburb or New York city. Hn.i9e modern French sixteen IftHjo Uireo all broad piazzas on two laree bow window extending to roof oc one bay window on opposite eolld waiunt door and stair French Elass Binglo light wbidowe throughout flrnl and Reconcl floors. WaBhstRndn In marble alcoves Lhroughont second floor. Hot and cold new largest etc. Five minutes from North KlUftbcih depot. Taxes low. Terms cosy. Addresa WILL F. McKtian nnnnty. Pemi Main OnVo-s acd nt Bradiovd and Oil Pa. JOHN lja. E. T. Fa. ii. on Fa. The t'c iLirnhnm 6ii Jonn nl New who ate our Hpouial tittTjat'un givea aud low ol ireigbtoblained orders to be shipped to a difltaQCtj. huve sbippcil oil well goods to Cuba and various portions of the United Htatca. of liic machinery. This rig ran bo bui'.t for Icfie lhau onc-lmlf the rot of Lhoce now in use E.ud will Have at Iceil twcuty-flvc pcrccul. in for pamphlet coiniiliiHig fall dufacriplion. For tunjicr jiartlcu lare PA. 10-14-3m THE CHAMPION OF Still Maintains Proud fiecord so and Patiently R. B. TOWNSEND i Agent3 for the Machinery was never so but our Engine is as honestly and carefully put up and tested as when price was Wo will not ootcpeto in prices referred j Neither win I we cheapen tho finish and workmanship of our Incomparable machinery if we never fill another WELLS PA. JAMES INNIS i PHILADELPHIA CORDAGE WORKS. i. MD-BIYETED NATIONAL TUBE WORKS Tubing Casing 3STOTIOS I Uivlug Lotrued tbbt h uuiuboi of Baud Llnti uid Cables mitio ht oLbor raotortcfl ftra being told M we QI VE NOTICE TO ATT. DEALERS DRILLERS Thai each and UADLE aud FUMP LINE made b7 HE couulnq Picture of Out which has been Patented as Our Trade Mark. OTHEBS A11E OEjrUIlT K35WIN H. FITLER P1 PHILADELPHIA STILL TO THE LINE PIPE DRIVE PIPE Now for cheroots. bare the dandies at 03 Main opposite Opern Honae 13 1-2 Congress Street. The the Safest ani tie Best Livery ani Sales Stable Old and eipcnoucsd groomsmoD who have and do now make the a No partiality etown. Everybody alike. Mafcca DO difference Lo me whether a patron Bulnt of the oil market is or provided he pays up promptly every month. First-Glass Aud the finest elngle lumonti la the tily. WJU bo let at all boon to my reepectible perry of any Crcert. or color. GAS AND WATER PIPE BOILER Etc. BRANCH OFFICE AT N. Y. BRANCH OFFICE AT PA. HOUSE BLOCK PAi The Rock Glycerine Co. Are atill in the race nud will hereafter furnish Torpedoes ng low aa nny responsible firm iu the field. rnish good stock and full measure OT no No. 46 Main THOMPSON next door to Beecher J. MOBfel- N. and M. Duke Pa. M. A. C 4511 5 0V 9 4 a L ..........________ i is1 61 3 S 1 3 321 7 3 22' 7 4 p3 KochoMcr 2 Eoo. Mall Ei. r. M. r. M. 10 00 205 Ar..........'_ 9 00 1 02.................L 8 051206 7 S-'i 11 4.0.............ChLrar-vllle 6 27 10 28...............ilachlu. C 03 10 Oi............. .'jJifori S 52. 9 55............EUlcminBe 5 K 9 35.............Ealunuo 501 ............Cc.r 1 8 4 37 8 37...............K_______ 1 35' 8 35 Lv___.....Bratord JTii r. K. 4.K.I iFbiKg DlrUloi 13 I Pl'.iE P. M. P. K. m P. CONNECTIONS and HochesLcr. with New ItiTcrB. Bud ai Sa i O. U. for aud the 6i PbilaflcipJiia Erie E. fnr Fhlltaelphla tad FaUs Creek Wesinnd Souili. Tlioufatid-miia Hotels eolil tl mile. I. Gen. Puc. 7AS. T. GARDNER. Gen. Enpt- Shortest and ciiictcst route bcmcli Allegany p.nd Ba-.lcr Oil fle'.Ji. r each waj via Ihe New U'eelern and the Shenango Tabes effect NoveaibaB NORTH X.Y. bTATIOKS. El. Ex. El. I p.m. p m. 5 JO 3 S 5 1 'il a 551 01 I'.ll BJTI _...Mcroer_. 4 Ml 1 19 6 151 ..GroveCvi. 4 1 Oil 7 4 30 12 40 4 21 12 7 UO 4 1612 HI 7 ..Brauohaa. 4 01 11 EH C 57' 11 25 p.iW.Jnoc. 3 30 11 20 25 a.m. 36 34 3J Atfn Ac'n Ex. p.m. p m. ft.m. 4 12 05 7 Is'ArBrancbtonlT 3 SO 11 35' 6 52' ill 3 10 U 10 6 IS r.v...HllIianl.- Through coach Greenville lo 1 trains 1 and 5. Through coach Allcgbcuy to C trains 2 uud 6. Tralnt are run by Standard t I. D.8T1NSOK. Gcu'l Pas. GSKEKVILLRW- Bordeli I Bradford. Eldied b i b 1. i p.nj.p. ni.fl.m. 5 ii 12 35 0 05 4 40 12 10 S 20 Klniua Junct'B i 4 SO 11 20 S 4 01 7 3 36 10 00 4 01' 8 f g 1 4 O'-Ill I 4 Oil 11 34S11 13...............Eldml....... El 3 26'10 ES.........BulllE 3II1X. J JJW 3 JlllO 41................Ceres....... J HJ. 2 57ilO 23.........LIUlcGcnesS- 2 48.10 20 ........Lv. i Ar.. Bolivar 2 23 9 62............Allcnlon 1240 5 4S 5 I2i.. ........I 4 36 3 53 .'600.. Warcrly.-- Simdnj- train leaves Ivar at S Cores B'. 6 Coutrc 9 12 RlxCorJ 9 Urfidforu at 11 AddllioniVi trp.ln leaves at 5 25 p arrivics 5 4S Rnd Bolivar ai 615 p m. Additional train leaves Ik. at 10 30 a m. arrivlns M a m and Brad ford flt J 45 P dally. dolly ciccpt OHIO MISSISSIPPI pj The Shortest end Qulclnt1 West I diiily trains lo SL Unl TELEPHONE NO. 27. TERMS REASONABLE. STARTLING ANNOUNCEMENT C. E TUCKER -TOLL FURNISH- PRODUCERS -WITH----- Of tbe BEST at the lowest priced anrt on the beat terms or Any napoiwible individual cr FIRM IN THE FIELD. Before ordering nhota elsewhere call at 6O MAIN STREET And learn how well yon can do. Ky nitre-glycerine ia nnFnrpaeeed by any md the quality ol the work ia N. will PAY to order their torjwdcm of resixjnsible only or the quality and quantity of nitre-glycerine aged cars TEB 'TWO' dally trains to than any otlicr TWO daily trains of cars from ClncinpalL TWELVE HOURS dUlCto --gl WITUOUT CHANOK. a Thuoulyliuc cars tarn eitra fare Iu addition u' For call on L a on ciciB IN CINCINNATI rtrecti Grand

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