Tuesday, January 12, 1886

Bradford Era

Location: Bradford, Pennsylvania

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Era, The (Newspaper) - January 12, 1886, Bradford, Pennsylvania L11 AND COTTON. YORK. li-l I jEltl S-t Uj OIL 31 MAIN STUKKT. IS __ ESTATE COHPABY H. 'l fi'Uo Oil Lands tuid i oi.Urtds ntut a Oen- i THE TUESDAY MOBNINGj JAmTARY 1866. i HTATKMKNT Miule by the Nuiiomil Transit Cnmnnnyjfhuwliur thuir fomlitlon at the of De- cember Barrels. ami mlier liabilities'....... ft inttil surplus fmm nil sources u uumlli l .ID iilmvo rucuipls from dii wwrcL'S wore mad by runs from wells us 1.U74.419.4S Uoi-civud in Iron tanks........................ Totl11............................................. 1.674..U9-18 Hulow will SHIPMENTS. ill In- found n .suiumeni of thu sliiit- -jiiYerk's from uncli lino iti ihu ni November iiiul November. December. Imrk'y Kim IMpv........ TiiU-wtitfr Co.......... I Similar Him Pirn-..... showing a cucrcfutu of a half million was small ami al- together locnl and of a sluggish mUuro. Prices kept within H range of bm closed nt the out- aide Coru dul i with only a scant lluctusilon if t y a sci fffht- m lieccipts were und tho highest estimate for to-morrow wan tm-utv-eight cars. Speculative ofiVringa were small and shorts wore the principal buyers. Sellers were backward about oflurlng and the market held _. stencljv Snippers pnyehased modThe Erately of low aiul paid I'rovisinus were stronger to re- tho advance in but the volume of business transacted was only moder- ate as holders ofthfc product were not anxious to realize. At the close the feeling was firm ami we note an advance oflQc. on mess pork and on bird and short rits. HY WIKH. McPormfd brokers ia gniin and provis- wtre to i-. K. Puller lato this oven- inn 'in follnws ruled rather stmimer of the two. it u the close two prominent scalpers vv little but is stronger nwliiR extreme cold in vvUucr wheat districts and prrm- pective decrefti-e in snpply. Foreign re- ports arc in UHUS with deuiandlor ll THE BIG CHESTNUT BRADFORD. None but lh05G known or supposed by the man- agement lo be acceptable to a majority of be admitted or furnished with skates. All arc admitted subject to regulations aud requirements. The management in behall of patrons refierre the ripht to refuse admission or of skates by refunding the money paid. Music Saturday after- noon and ovenintf. vV. TKOKHTTOHt 15-tf Proprietor. JARECKI MANUFACTURING Co t otal E STATEMBXT. Tlio js a comparative slatt'incm of the shipments during month of the lust ttmr MONTH. l-t February..... .M n ri April............... 1SS3. lour roportu'l rtnd ver Curn steady airl dull. on liubt rrfciuts ciT hogs anil will probably wuukoh when they bnt i he is strung ami think should be bought on wettk friends hero or elsewhere and li take something iKU'ummon to mak shorts coV'T CLOSING IlKOKKK. purlin gsSIOSi i ERIN rKTUOLTEUM. ulv September....... Gi'tnbt'r I XT' S7 aud carried rt interest. Corrwpoim- flt PA._ i'KTRDLKUM AND IlKAL JjECOMPAS'Yt L M Main OTOr crockery store. lease Alw do a gen- in city and W.M'CABTY LITTLK. PRYOH- EAVKKKS SA- K 52 New Vor5c. coasoldaitd and Pctroleira and sold STOCKS 'KL'XS. The lollowlim exhibits hi'M by fswh of Plpu Line compKiues at I-JKC of LOLjuthur with tliL'ir runs from the wells during thu Stocks. Kcci'ipta. Charley Una Tiik'WiLter Pipe Vo...........l.SW.W.Ki Kninkllu ro................... ii.W7.yy IMtliilimtf Pipe Mm-......... 1M.OK Mucksburg Pipe Line................... j STOCKS HY LIXES. The tulile i-xhibiis ilie stocks ht-ld h nil jiipt1 lines at thu closi' of uiicli inoiuli tin1 Itisl live yutirs tnr for Feb- for May. 45 for for for Slu for May. for Sti 20 for So 'J3 for Sti for Muy. SH-HIT Si for 1J5 for 55 40 fur May. Itusi ami Arccptrtbln Christinas Gifts We huvc nil kinds of Picture Frames. ALL THE ROGERS' GROUPS. Nominal at 16. CiH'M Stead at 81 bid. -ft 'f. MONTH. Februar-- v t'iven in petroleum. BriUlfotJ.oil City and Ij IIKKKN 17 Boanl III. IN AND of ihu niwj lby I.. K.H Ortii -o Oil May JunV iK HA1LY uxhiMls llii1 daily tlu1 inontbs l.ve MONTH 5 f I Kvbrunry March.... Mi.y........ Jmu1....... SNftiU Jrliihfl1 evory ftwiillty tor the pur- of Railway ii'l Bonds on Margins. SOLICITED. in all other Exchanges. 9-2 10 LEU M MARKETS. ill 'ulldWHiL' ta'j'.f fxhil'its the of oil I.itifs liy ii.'- and otlici1 VMiidu-rs nt tin- month ll M lour t-ar- Jan. Ui.KiVUASCKS AT wHiS Uf H7 t KutiM unlay HIM I .Sunday f July A '-U rK-i't. Nnv. IM-. M Hi '-i .inn. 11. Steady at 81 as bp.fiis for bnirhpd goods. Doctors. Everybody knows that the life of the avThe Erage physician is a hard one- Me is pftcn compelled to ride great distances pi rough mud and rain for a merely nom- inal fee. It is not lit nor prefer for condemn any physician for his but we do assert that his practice can bo inatlo and he can effect more by the proper and judicious use of PKKUNA. If he will only add this great remedy to his list of he will find that his usefulness will be greatly increased. Full direction for its use will be found in the 11 Ills and he should at once pro- cure this valuable book. N. J. Business Agent Evening u DR. HART- can not but feel it my duty to express to you my thanks for the great benefit I received from the use of your PERUSA and MANALIN. Ore bottle of each placed me square on my after a sickness of four which confined me to my and then left me lame and Three days from the commencement of the use of your remedies the cane was dispensed and in a week I was perfectly Mrg. Ellen Potter u CX The small ulcers are all and the two large ones are more than half as large as they were. I am feeling quite well. The people say your PERUXA and MANALixare doing a I do not take nearly so much opium as 1 did Joseph East PaM a I have used your PKRUNA anJ MAXALIN with good results. In the year of iStto I was so bad that I could scarcely walk. I used and and nm now as healthy as I have ever I have also recommended it to sevThe Eral and they have been much benefited bv it.1' Mr. C. H. New Our little girl was paralyzed at thirteen months and we resorted to everything could hear of for but she appeared to get hut little Hearing of FEUUNA we concluded to try and will say it done her a great deal of good the first bottle apparently giving aid and relief. We have it for nervousness in other cases on other sons and foumi it a success. For genThe Eral and in fact for any we don't think anything else can at nil com- pare with it. We have forty or lif'iy and our house is never without Our little girl KS now eight years and can run any was for four years PKIIUNA cured her.'1 JAS.S. NO. cnifrT.vuT PIIILA. HAN1C1NG HOUSED MAIN OFFICE AND PA. II MAKXTFACTTTBEKS OP m A Full Line of Brass MallcaWe M eroj Iron Fittiifs fir Steam Water and Oil. -----ESPECIALLY ADAPTED----- p To tlie Oil Region Together with a Full Line of GenThe Eral Oil Well Supplies. U J ARECKI SCREW PLATE AND PIPE CUTTER. WK CAN KUKSI3H KXTUA DIES FOR ALL SIXKS'lJNK PIPE AND CASING. Cuts Off aud J. No. No. No. No. No. B R AN O PENNA. TUBE WOKKS CASINO AND PIPE. STORES IIST AJLL PROMINENT IN THE RIGHBURG AND WARREN OIL FIELDS. 12.75 10.OO 18.00 28.OO 40.00 4SO.OO POINTS BRADFORD RIDDELL HOUSE BLOCK. 4 PBK1-TA. jr. Presiiieut. P. T. Vicu President. 'J'. H. C. A. O. P. T. W. U. H. K. R. J.Bimigbt. TRANSACT 6KNKRA.I. BA.NKIKW BOaiNKSa Make collcctionsisoll drafts on buy aud Bfitl Uniltcd Stales bpiuls. Riven to all business trusted to us 8'. lowest mien of charges. NI.THO-G-LYOJSTRIN'153 3O Cents per Pound. Sept. TORPEDOES 35 Cents per Pound. IMPORT A.NT TO OIL FlWil NATIONAL BANK PA. 9. BAYNK T. W. Vice-President Provident Life Trust 0. M. Farrar. of Farrar A L. F. Cashier tirel Krttio-.Mil F. W. C. C. J. M. S. G. W.lfr. Bbll. Until further notice Torpedoes of 3O Quarts and over will be furnished in the Northern Oil Field at following reduced where the well owner takes all the responsibility TERMS O A.SHC I SIZE OF SHOTS. 30 40 60 8O 100 Following Schedule of Prices Will be Charged VALUE. 46.66 70.00 116.66 ATTORNEYS AT LAW. 1HA3. AND SELOR AT LAW. room No. 4 Hroduccre ra. Noiary Public m the Torpedoes from 16 to 30 quarts will be sold at Fifty cents per at well owners' risk. W. B. ROBERTS OH. ATTORXEY-AT-LAW AND Aldi-nnan of tho First ward._________5-27 r-. ir.nYi.Efe. SWEESKY ATTORNKYS- Koom TAMEri G. j v Solicitor or Pfiumts and AUOrncy in patent Koom over Oil Well Supply corner Main aud Webster strcctSt Brad- Pa. _ The Cony City Iron Works' Boiler and Ajax Engine Have distanced all competitors in tae Thorn ButAer county for SteaiuLiie Economy in Speed and Durability thoy have proved themselves HU equaled. We sold 5b Boilers and 1O3 Enjrines in that Field. Erie Western OK Tjrs DAILY EVKKIXG. Jan. 11. j was nothing of interest in the to-day. The trading was all done tbenarrow confines of tho ex- AeicgJiScand opouiug alter which a lew trades Thu iQitrkct then broke tluctunlcd between tho clo.so. Values were very sluhlwrn ut ST'.c und con- lyiuu look plfice at that xitbhcrtiand in New York. In the Parker bought over n hun- h no to sustain the st. At tht sales were made nt BtofferiuKS were uiiasunlly free bare. in the Western exchanges ih and i-s ottnet only by the buying in Xcw The thai thu Dyer wrll SLI y rorc-sfhiuiow.s a proliiic r ouly bearish leature w a fit eiu-y riitu.s nt closed MCKdy ratuM for rtenia ent bonds C'lONtM firm. Cfst B. 11. nur cent. i raits iur sixty C A. ATTQRNKY-AT- Koora 10. Oil Main Pa. Notary Public. 5-9-tf rHYSICTANS. SWKET. OFFICE NO. SO MAIN nvor Siegfrietrs ilrug second dour. Connected with 43 South Mechanic street. fro-tf l INK. FKANK H. MliRDOUH.-OKFIOE OVER ri'.oinr.sun M Woods' dnifi paico t aud call market thta C. tbcrt informs iw that calls fruilputant aru iu very light ad. Ktj'iug ratcH Ui-ilay wero Jn were in Oil and in Oil Ciu tlm iimrkot clOHcd at bid ISiSlblrt couposi bid i'tieifie railroad HS Cuion firsts to Union Iain1. irrnntP 10SUI Union funds OentnUK in 111. Stwtii Lnnds L'nion 0V at Tla- stock JnnrniiiK vronk fttulliwur and the first hour on a vigor- ous hammering by the ht'uns wunfgrtLclu- ally soutc of the INt sharp do- clineK Tho depression vvisiu L1.. Ilt ICrie preferred. Lnko York Cen- St. J.Diii.svilIe Nash vl'.lo. and C'en- TiK- ikTiihiMii the lowest pfihit nuixeil fi'nai topper rent Tho rts-l of the declined lYiK'liniisLliy in syinpalhy. In from II tlnj clt-C'lint-s nearly all rccnvrrud except In thoettsjcf which continued tn the lowest point. At prices in u mwjority of in- -Uuins wen1 but Irtle from thofeu SutiiMlay. Thu sa'.i-s UT-- in noon 1SV UiUu shorn. Si. rani he c the inn.m at nt'tlic list. themarkt-t. innk aimihci down- u-ardturn. Tne of rules by thu 11 mid uf heiivy iri the it urgiu'il would Curtail the of ilitMvcsiei'ii road by the in bid. Sew Yoik tho uinrknl dwell tho market closed tbia day laiit year Barrels. rj SHIPMENTS AKU table cxhlMis the chnrtcrs Mitl for SatunUv nut Jaiu in siu nil lots prices u'ont wriuhinMy lower to the close ut wJiicli linio or the stocks were nenr thu inures ofihe Hay. Tlit1 IEIC nuijicifl fro iu to 2 percent. a notable l per cent. month tn mat i 131 Total The only sparhujly ilcalt in ami clOHnl bnt littlu emu The sales aggregated li TiiC closing bids were as WUTcl.Co............ Lake Shore............ Adams iLakeKricA W........ J..XM American 0 S ExnrekP............... jMorriSifeKssox........131 WelUr Fargo Ex......... I Northwest............... _L itl.n .rt..i Ontario a West........ N Y U NJ Central............ I Illinois Mail Ohio Central....... Michigan Central North. Coutral Union Missouri Pacific......ll.-i Texas PflGiflc..........12 MY Elevated... Mel Elevated... The only line running si buffet sleeping und bullet smnkinir Rullil u.-in in both directions between New York and Cti Double steel rails. Westing- hnv.sc air cara lighted I'latform and and modern ap- Three New York nud the IJullman via and the YM P. H. II. and the Chtoigo i Atlautic Erie Chicago line vln the M. and the Fort Wayne i Chicago the Falls via Buffalo and the Grand Tnmk railway system. Limited Express between New York and Cincinnati and Tiouis. with NO EXTRA CHAKCiK FOR FAST TIME. The only running Pullman coaches between New York and Falls. Best equipment and train sen'ice. Finest Ratus as low as the lowest. Take the Eric. Ju effott July St. Lonis and Clove laud limited. trains for points runs daily. A. Kxpress lor I'jiiladciphln all points except Monday. Tho a. is also the for Bultalo Ijinikirji. Ituns clrti'iy. At bt. Louis and all points A IPO for Cleveland and way stations. daily. I'. last train for BuHUlOt with- out change. Also fur TItusvllle and Oil City. Making cloKe connections at Cflrrolltoa for New Haiti Harris- biirgt Uoston and all KasU ARRIVALS. A. New York and all points East- New York all points 1 to 7-S and 7 to p. in. Telephone 14 7. A. M CORNER PUBLIC uvur liaznar. lelepliouc No-'-. M. mifiru at No. -1-1 Mechanic Pa. Office 10 lo '2 to -1 mid to 9. i-3 77' D. Jli. Otiico remuvml fmm No. 17 Chuuiaun.ua IMrcc to OVLT I'liioii Sriiiaru al Main stri-el. Telephone lu No. 19-1. TS MAIN tja. Telephone HO. 5-14-tt K.C. K CHAUTAUQUA Pit. OFFICE HOURS J to 11 a. aud 4 to C and 7 to 9 m.rt f i i R A n PHYSICIAN AND SUR- GEON. MaiiiJiL. up li-14-jtm SOUTHWEST COR- NHHMctlnuiUiaiKl Ooiydon Bireets. Office no 3 n. -L to ti p. 7 to p. m. Kast. Also from TluiKvIKe and Oil City. From all roiutF WosU U. Cr. OFFICE QVKRSTEWARTS' jewelry N. W. corner Mam nedy street Jfintrauc'e on Keniieuy ot DENTISTRY. Wilson Black's New Patent Steal Sucker Shannon Wilson's -Sucker and Climax Rig Irons are the best in the world and we always have them on hand. Also Rig Connecting Rods. Call and sea Geo. Allen's Pumping Rig Model. stock always on hand at Edenburg and Bolivar. Lock Box 49. JAMBS M. GenThe Eral Pa. The vetThe Eran machinery CHA.8. U. will attend to all inquiries at No. 59 Main Brad Pa. SON V opora Also from i Dunkirk ana way stations. train stations and points i. Hi III prefd..... 21 21 Rock Island...........12S SatiFrAnclBCn......... Omaha Past express trains between Bradford and through without DEPART a. m Arrive alo a.m. p. rrii BaFFALO. a. m Arrive Bradford ft. m. p. ED p. m. IX U. GRADDATK BALTI- Jli. MORE Collcfic or Dental Surgery. and chloroform given In oxiracllng. Gold fillings a specialty. 75 Main over Scott'E. Offlcehonrefromya.m. un'-nyp.tn. MIKING mapping- Ofiicc corner Scliool ami I'carl strcuts. Bradford. Pa. l- Time Table in cttect Northward. JA.M. I'. M. 7 1 101 8 40 ar....Bafiaio...av. 800 '2 -10 5 30 4 02'IQ 6 5 051 J_IC' 45 6 65'........ 215 800 P. M. A. M. M.F. r. H.'.A. jlv. 1 101 M. 7 05-12 50 M. In coiiticcUon with the _____ v a.. BRADFORD BRAJSICE. To Sradrord and Manhat Elevated... Alton AT H 1st Paul proFrt Nash Chat........... W.......... Wabash.................. i4 prefd.......... Delaware Canada Pftcific...... Ui i Hud _ f a am Irving........... i...... Limestone...... 57 Babcock......... 02 Ktndall......... jG 05 08 Bradford.....LTT3Q 7 CusterCitv..... 7 Howard J u.....7 45 Lewis Run..... 48 ahinmonts and lor Mitunitiy ami Simdav. Jan. 'J 10 met for tho J 1 Bradford............... outstdo Bradford. Erie...... Han A St Hau yt Joe prefd. Kansas 41 prqfd West N PRODUCE MAKKETri- YOBK. Jan. 11. Dull and prices in the buyer's line S2 superfine S3 extra ait 25S5 round hoop Ohio at K Southern Hour commuii to choice extra at were active aud irregular aud sed steady at ki io Spot lots closed l. Jan. i fc- i Vrt o rpd dull and nnehaiiyiHl. Spot sales suite at ungradwl vvlnler reel at and No. '2 red winter at No. 2 tcr Fobraory r.t Oo March At April t CoRS-OpUons were only liglnly traded in. The tone of was Big Crawford J'n.. 10 Alton............. S 15 a in 9 a a m a m i 00 710 715 722 n m p m HU4-5 -t5U W 5 53 1015'.......iii'MG 07 a 30 10351 'b 111 81.0 S7 M9 -to a in 9 20 a m G 20 p m 8 t IP 9 40 10 10 042 G SG '7 04 I I...4 KiuzuaBrldge Mt.Jcwctt Freeman Midmoiit 82U a m i 9SS I Clariou J'n 031 1- 35 ia ffi GALLAGHER TORPEDO CO. K. Y. Patent Exploding Weight J. Patentee. Additional traiu leavefi Bradford arrive at Mt Prom Bradford and I ipm i ClaricnJ'n f'5 Freeman do-'ebniary at a 1.15S- a 3 S5 4 12t 442 B A RL PORK LATCD JG are fr. ARliKY but mess at SlO to. and fairly SW for -Iti for S6 47 for and State at fair to eood rofimug at Stale al WcBtcru flat SUte at Western ailflH CHICAGO. Jan. H. Wheat was firmer and ft shade higher under the MicnX of cold lighL rpcelp s aud thu prospect of the visible supply statement tills Kidervllle Buttsvllle. Alton............. Crawford Big Shanty..... Rnn..... Howard J'n... Glister DC Golia's.... Bmdford...... t rt 11 t 8-ib Si W 12 IS 2o '50-37 30 15 12 so isssMf 32512-11 477 56 9 128' 12 59 9351250 02 9-10'. a 605.305 20.S 12 Biadford Lv 5 p m S 5o Babcock....... 5 SJBiIOOQ- 5 10 15 22 am 3 59E...... a 1 H I I 1 ipm Addition a l train leaves Jewctt arrive at Bradford p. m. dally. daily cicept Sunday. Through tlctets to aU the verylowttt rates for sale at the company's 132 Main and at tho Union dejgl N_ Passenger 8 00' li 10 00' P. M. I f jlv. 430. ......i.....New 40 830 9-25 A. M.j New York Late Erie Western R. ar. NorUiward. RoohoEtox- DlvlHioa. p. M.IA.M.IA. sc.jar M 'v. H C 40J11 25' 9 Hochcstor i 7 I 6 30 Iv..... .......IT... 800 2001 C 45------ Clean 30 sr-iP. 9 r. Narrow Gauge Trainu Icavo liraaford for Clean 7 25 a. 2 4 1ft p. m. Leave Brad- ford for Eldred 7 10. 1 4 W p. m. Leave Brad- ford for Kinzua 7 no. 9 15 a. i 20 TH. Sun- day Uatuslca-ve Brndford for Olcan 9 15 a. m. slop only on signal. Trai us are run on ERstc m ti mo. Pullman Sleeping Cars Ein.ppr hunf Philadelphia and on Icavinp Buffalo al 2 40 p. At Buffalo 7 principal sola aud bagyage chocked to all WARREN AKDTHELOWEll OIL i TWO FAST EXPRESS TRAJK3 EAOH WA.Y BXCEPT SUNDAY. Condensed Schodulo of Through EASTWARD. Nov. 1S85. WEST WARD. Br'd Line- Eastern Time. Fast i Pitta Llue Ex. Bx. 8 1011 451 9 DO a.m. 80011 25 6 9 Vf 9 05 C 50 1 3fi PATENTED APRIL 21sx. 1835. This weight leaves no iron or lino iu the bole acts as n double esplodliig weight. Should it hit the firing head it explodes the torpedo. Should it miss the bend the explosion or the fl 30 3 15 203 12 IS 12 22 12 16T2 9 8 45.LV 4 Bradforci........... 3 4 20 Kinxua............AiM.1 6 10 ....Warren............ 11 50j C 40 ....OilCilv-............ 2 OS1 DOS ..Franklin.......... 3 50 2 45 .....Foiburg........... 5 06 4 02 ...Farter............ 5 14. 4 12 8 25 7 40 p.m..a.m. GEO. S. GATCHELL. Gcu'l A. Gen'i Pass'r i Ticket Ajrt. 41 Exchange N. Y. a I E. Sm Forms the great through route to the West. No change of curs to Cincin- nati or Si. Louis. 3 THKOUGKH TKAINS B With Pullman palace Bleeping PwlU man Hoiol Pullman Buffet Sleeping Parlor Cam and Elegant Day Coaches The BnfToL Sleeping Coaches are a now depart- ure. They are models of possessing all Lhc conveniences of a Palace Sleeping in addition arc furnished with a Riip- nlicd with refreshments of all which can be ordered at the pleasure of the passcnjjor by touching an electric belL which Ia couuoctea with every seat. The great through route for Colonists and Land Close connections at Chicago and 3L Louis for all points iu Da- Tcsaa. and all pofutB West and Rates Always as Low as tie Before purchasing call on or address F. H. Traveling 122 Main Pa. Or any Local Agent ou the aud any luibr mation desired wi'.l be cheerfully giveu. C. Gen'l Supt. Gen'l Pass'r Ag't. CLEVELAND. OHIO. Through Car Arrangement. No.I. I'ullinan Palace Sleeping Hor- uellsvillc to No. Ptlaco Sleeping Coaches and regular day New York to Chicago via and Chicago Atlantic SEPT. 1885. HE TORPEDO COMPANY OP DELAWARE. SPBNOB Sole Agents in the Bradford and Allegany Fields. f n m Shou._ cartridges will explode the torpedo. Practical and czperiouced and flrst- class Orders for any tind of torpedoeE prcEiptly filled In any part of the oil field. All parties infringing on the above named patent will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. as low as any torpedo at well risk. Main N. Y. lock Ewacli. N. Y. TORPEDO tXXp H. Y. For Harrisburgt aud Le New York and the the 5-20 a. ia. and on week days. Pullman sleeping car on the p. from. Emporium to Philadelphia and from Williamsport Wach- for Erie and intermediate a. week days. For Kane and intermediate m CSAS. E. Qen'l FfUH. Agont nn ond flfipr Nnv SUi 1855. trf.ins will leave i chauge'for any class of Also Pull- ESSoiiumaf follows- t h tmponuinasiouows.... lorCar via Sprlngtield and 5. Pullman Buffet Sleeping Aew Yort to St. via in connection with Ohio Mississippi also Pullman Buffet Sleeping New York to Cleveland. Solid New York to consisting of Pull- man sleeping and hotel via Marion aud Chicago Atlantic railway. A. E. GenThe Eral Passenger and Ticket O. CHAS. GenThe Eral Clevc- We will furnish producers of the Bradford and Allegany Oil Fields with Torpedoes at prices which defy competition. Prices and terms made known at the office. MAIN 57 Main St.. Pa. LOOK BOX TBLBPHONH NO. 914. B. H. C. W. DXMMItk touch Jtmki N. T. ft' If jE5 if IP b Ms I I -j