Saturday, January 9, 1886

Bradford Era

Location: Bradford, Pennsylvania

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Era, The (Newspaper) - January 9, 1886, Bradford, Pennsylvania 1 it T- HE XVjCTL M'KEAN SATURDAY JANUARY 1886. NO TO COV. HILL. j ASSEMBLAGE OF BUS- PKOMIXKNT MEN. L National Supi'wvl lltisinert- Men 1'jrl.v-VVImt the Clmiigo to l-io 8. Tbe business mens' '1' to Oov. Hill at Delruon- was one of the most j elaborate allairs of rhe kind given in this city for some p banquet hall was tastc- bunting of every and with the addition of an of ferns and- flowers thnt wlacail upon the v ffhote had almost been an immense tropical Jta. The was of an unique to look like a 1 plush bearing on the the Governor with the while on the back was of Jackson with tho underneath. the chairman escorted the Governor in tlie Hoffman House to ball shortly after 7 i accorded a hearty reception oembersof the different commit- s. Covers were set for 190 every seat was he distinguished persons present Jient.-C'overr.or E. T. Hon. Won. Koswell P. nathan Hon. Alton 15. Par- i Jobn R. I Ton. Alfred C. Eogtse 1'. P. John Hon. D. C. Henry Hil- 0. Capt. J. De B. Saoiutl D. isrard Cooper and Elliott Sanford. coffee the Theodore the asscmbkme to order and the lirst seniiment of the coogrstnlatcd the upon I'jwbich made such a toast a pos- nre he idable imt in success mtatthe results achieved by the -pride by our voices and cnir e hau- Hoisted in raising to the seat rin onr State one who honors us by pancy. The distance from Albany lingtoa is measured not by miles and when called upon the f'the meat Empiie State will he Q the I in no nncer- ie closy of Mr. Meyers' n marks of read from S. J. Daniel A. II. flC. William F. A F. William U. S. Governor of ex-'Seuator Francis of Xew Senator of Charles S- Ftiir- W.E. B. F.. VT. Pin- Charles A. Genrafl A. fiwt toist of thu evening eat of Ihv united which runk standing. second toast uOur Called by the voice of his fcllnw- to the cilice in the State. I not disappoint their hopes.3' Gov- Ilili in bis rcr-p'jnse u. Cu.MUM AS ANi' Cmv.EXs or TeccplAon you expulsion of the Democratic members and the-seating of the Republicans. The aiormiest time over known in the history of the Ohio Legislature and when the question on the adoption of the report was put it was lost by two Dr. of and Mr. John- son of Huron voting with the Democrats. The Republicans carried a motion to reconsider and then to recommit the bill to the which leaveaitaa it was before the report. The Republicans lacked one member aud when he comes they hope to achieve their end. THE VJREACHEU ACTOTl Heroically KenlHts uii Attachment of the Compuny'H Baggage. Jan. C. the clergy ma a-uctor of played in in Nealon's opThe Era here last night. After the perform- ance Manager of O'Hearne's opThe Era appeared at Mr. Milu's hotel and demanded for alleged violation of a contract to play at his the- atre. Mr. Miln. was and upon inquiry learned that a teleyrum that his had sent from a Southern directed to the of the OpThe Era went into the hands of Manager while a letter from the agent went to Manager Nealon. The did noi know there were two opThe Era houses in the and he intended the company should play tit Keulon's. Mr. Miln informed O'Hearne that he could do nothing for him. O'Hearne said he would attach the company's baggage. Miln thereupon went to the opThe Era house and hud the baggage loaded upon n directing the driver to take it to the- O'Hearne and suvThe Eral of his friends appeared aud Miln mounted the dray intending lo see the basigagc safe- ly to the depot. ILe immediately struck on the head with the butt end of ft sustaining a severe wound from which the blood flowed freely. He wrested the whip from hia assailant aud drove him off as well as sevThe Eral others who hnd taken a baud iii tho light. Thau he rcmonated the wagon and drove to the depot. A con- stable met him there and levied ou t-hu baggage. At I o'clock this morning the justice who issued t-he attachment was routed out of hod and a SThe Erauton hotel keeper signed Miln's bond of was a large and excited crowd pres- ent about equally divided in their sympa- thies. Mr. Milu employed lawyers intake legal steps ia matter and It ft lor X. this afternoon. AN AILING PRINCESS. GREAT ANXIETY VJELT FOB ALBERT KOW i HU'S CONSORT. 1UM1KHIAN in Wayne Karinors by Ihe Same Ohl WooSTEUj O Jan.- 8. One would unturaLly suppose after the pross tbroiigbunt tbe country hud so ibnrougbly exposed tho i'raud iu the Buheiniao cats tbe inlelligaut ffirmcw of Wayne county would not But sucb is by no menus tbe case. Wuyne county has betin thoroujzhly worked by these opThe Erators since lust the extent of their snc- iy just to the pub- lic. Iu Wayue township ivloue two lanners victims Isaac Siecle fur iinrl John Kite for A largo number of others have purchase tl from ten to fii'ty ol oats ut bushel. 3u each the puichast-r yiveu a prom- i30to tor the full amount payable in wr. Tfat-se notey were iu onu e Oludstone Trying to Push tbe Laud tloii to tlie Tone ot KxpnrU ence of an Anierlcuu Jan. illoess of the Princess of Wales coutinuea aad causey great auxiety for Alexandra is really be- loved by the people who expect ere long to call her their Queen coosoit. Tho feeling of apprehension is increased by the that it 13 impossible to obtain any state- ment from Sandrtogham as to the exact nature of the Princess' illness or as to whether she is improving or Cuntrftry co the course usually pursued in casea of illness in the royal no offi- cial bulletins of the snfieror's condition are issued for the information of the public though such news wonld be more accepta- ble iu the present instance than in almost auy that baa preceded it. It is understood that the Prince of feelings have been consulted ia this respect and that the omission of in iu accord hin wishes. Tho erniuent Su1 Oscar is m attendance at Sjndringham. John Morley's speech last night tends to confirm the impression tabled the day be- fore thnt Mr. through his con- fidants is endeavoring to push the land question to the front and make it a more important element- iu tho Irish discussion than home rule. Ivirl Cowper's letter to thu Times was tho first indication uf policy. Hu his belief that thb mass of the Irish people eared mory for ou rents than for homo rule honors. Mr. Alorley's speech farther and hiats ut even greater things from the LibThe Erals iu the. coming session of Parlia- ment in the way of laud reforms than were accomplished when they weie last in power. Morley id now regarded as a sort of mutual frieud between BIr. Gladstone aad the Radical Cbambarlaiu and his speech is believed to indicate unity of pur- pose among the Whigs and Radicals in making the laud question tbe real basis of the appeal of the LibThe Erals for Irish support. Advices from Madrid tu-night report a greatly improved in Spanish politics sincis the issuance of the manifesto nf the Catholic bishops. Ths divorce of ruligiun from polities at this juncture of n flairs refognizeci M being in the interest of pub- lic order. Tbe opportunity heretofore af- forded to appeal popular religious preju- dices ia now removed from political con- spirators. The mauifefo was at first re- as u direct blow at Don but a hotter understanding of ils removes this impression. H ia now be- lieved to be simply following oat of tbe policy which Leo XIII seems to be earn- estly bent upon not only but io Ireland and all other coun- the complete withdrawal of us parti- Cjpt. an formerly on tbe siafi1 of GenThe Eral has had queer experience of Ixmdon law. Helms been liv- ing tor sometime with his family in a fash- ionable boarding house in Gordon Square. Itemized lulls for load ami service were regularly presented and promptly paid unlil recently when the Captain be- gan to scrutinize the items. He found that he was beiug train from Fottaville was just opposite the dam whoa it broke. The back waters struck the cars and run into tho heuters under causing a vast of steam to arise envelop the train. The passengers were much alannedf Imt the which escaped the pulled the train snlely out of the water. The tracks eih the Philadelphia lieadiop railroad were badly washed out and completely in- delaying all trains. The break was caused by the bursting of an old tun- nel in the abandoned T.HE EDMUNDS UTAH BILL PASSES THE SENATE BY AN OVKK- WHELMIK'G Hoar Oti.lects to the Tliu Great Hush in the Kic. AX A Good Story In Which Two Statesmen IMayn WASHINGTON. Lew of waa upon the floor of the before tho session busily among Democratic mem- bars of the Indiana delegation in au effort to get their iu addition to those of his Ohio to his applica- tion tor the place of Division Superinten- dent of the Railway Mail A ijoQcl story Is told of a little episode of Low's career which occurred night. Ex-State .Senator George of Hutler who ia here trying to get the appointment as postmaster at called upon Lew at the laUer's of as f-etv is us much opposed to Potomac water M he ia to the aquioua fluids that flow down the valley of the he pressed tiiu call-button for u bell boy. Iu due course of time the messenger appeared with n libThe Eral supply of nud two Well-filled clicked aa the thereof were about to drink to each other's nuecesa. Two pairs of lips glued themselves tn the tumblers in a und in unison the contents to disappear dow.n two yawning A uouil-sizpd swallow had in each case the way of a uiauy others in many mouths when suddenly there was u hall. Not n word hnd been but the two man withdrew the tumblers from their lips if by and were glaring at each other in a vain to release themselves from the uitrhtmare that had overtaken them. There was a rush for the water and never was Totoiuiic or any other nf water more eagerly gnlpsddowu. Iu that moment while rush- ing tor the water pitcher the whole history of the last GenThe Eral Assembly of tbe State of Oliio way recalled. The bar-keeper hud ily ftent them Hie bottle contnin- ilvful tho porter to polish up tli3 fnriuturc of the bar-room. It was coal oil. Ih toy ttralrful iiavinK huuxht a imvft fcxnfusfteil com identic m my ml-I In UIR jrinciplf'S of Ujm.-icracy will mout the Uave cxpiiissea commence m my i slrntion. If ii'llH-rence U ttm t uf my lelliJw who honored me with their I endeavor they shall be fully lied. If there are those who expect Ijiindonmnut on my part of the prin- ts on which I was they will inly disappointed. 1 was a Denio- helWe the election am a Demo- still. My dut.y is Hret to tlio State to my party. The party thnt fur thy administration of State or uatioti should have tho power officials iu sympathy with ils This inle should applied positions involving the exercise of ad- listrative or discretionary tlie bnn a u a- ot'whic'hinijilit influence polit- qnciitiniitt. Jt in not necessary thnt boultl be applied to the pertbrnmico i in more suhoidinate places in- cwly the of clerical or er txpert qunVU'icatinna that can prop- F be tested -by examinations. Those oexpectmeto antagonize theXattotml ainistraiioM will also he disappointed. U adfniuiHtr.iucm needs no deieuac ut r bands. It is administering the and to tlio of the people. Of President con rage and true thero can bn no question. I d the honor of being iwFr.cialed with him i the State government lor two years and IT relations' were and have ever since beuu t the most pleasant and cordial character. respect UH sincerity of his Wing integrity and party lenity. Instead of the results piedic'.ed by our cotiniry i.s enjoying a season prosperity and contentment which il experienced for some and 1 nothing in thnt the un- initiou tilt-- confidence of men th run sellout the party. taw that it has made some starlit It has had the audacity to insist ifcst contractors shall tlack ST. u sw ho mat nc was _ oi ieuMVilly ovorcaarfierl and he accusud the of the at twenl-y-Uve lo say airly pi-r c-jnt. the Wayne j lie 3truck certain items from tho bill uiul tendered paymeot for tlie balance. The lumllndy to make any abatement and begun suit lor the whole amount ia the city of London petty coiut. The trial has just reunited in a verdict ngaiost the Captain for the whole amount of the bill with A cable news correspondent called upon Captain Barton yesterday. He wns dowu bat li.irtoii was at home. ex- ulaincd with much indignation that the landlady had practiced continual extor- The Captain genThe Erally thebHln without examining them until he acci- dentally noticed that he was charged lor threu persons1 use within one the price of tweuty-three quarts of lour bushels of potatoes and ten other articles in proportion Another charge was UQ per month for condiments and the uae of the cruets. Mis. liartou vrfts very indiguauL over tho result of the D ihe rueu against Uti notus WL-re heUK The-e agents upon receiving notw gave to each a bond that they would one year hence buy back twice the amount of bought at the samo price twelve and one-half per The opThe Era- tors who have worked this county and who now said lo be in Stark are tour ia num- who represent themselves as for ii certain IVthemian outs aad with p. capitai of THIS AKT. THK CLASSKS. What Urumi Workman Powderly Thinks nf Their Coutlitiniu Pi VfM W Tan __T V Pnivilorl v o. i Grand Miwtrr of the Knights of in an interview to-day regarding the condition of the inhering classes are a little hard just at but I am giad to say that- a bettor feeling is coming about batwefen laborer and em- ployer every I believe in the next twelve months there will be a belter understanding between laborers and manu- facturers Each side will feel more tike making concessions and there will be less lind men who arc obstinate cmd unreasonable both on the side of the employer aod employe arc men who seldom read men who do not read the daily papers aud are not ueqiuunitul wilh the drill of public sonli- uru tlio ba they ctnplujcra or who will not come together and talk over and be willing to concede a point or two. Thn pnwcr of the press is of in particular. If every laborer and every mnnufitcturor ivmihl read daily a ixond newspaper and keep posted on the of the times I feel cer- tain there would be Vrlvatu Advo- laid before the Senate a resolution of ihe New York Produce IZschuuge favoring libThe Eral provision tor the signal service. Referred. Mr. Eustis oftered u concuircnt resolu- tion wilh a preamble which recites that the act of 1378 declared tbe silver dollar full legal by the aefc of 1809 tbe iVith of the United Stated was solemnly pledged to Ihe payiuenL of its obliyjittiotifi not hearing in noiu or its equiva- that by the rufundiny act of 1870j the principle and interest were .made payable iu coin of the then atnudarii and since those laws were enacted the Sec- retary ot tbe Treasury had paid the bonds anj interest in and that tho Secretary of the Treasury had called ten million dol- lar bonds payable Fob t nary tSStk that in the opinion of Congress said bonds of ten million payable Febniary should be paid iu silver such payment in strict compliance with existing law aud in aid of ihe financial policy established by thu legislation of Mr. Eustis asked its reference to the Committee on Finance and hoped for an early report to determine whether the practice of paying bonds in gold coin was approved or disapproved of by The resolution was so referred. Voorhecs1 resolution of enquiry relating to the pension office was laid ewer until Monday next i a order that a resolu- tion of like import maybe drafted which would be acceptable to both Mr. Voorhees and Mr. The .Senate then proceeded to thu Mr. Ho'ph criticised tho number of pri- bills aud thought some steps were necessary to reduce the number of such bills and said that iu the first fifty yearn of the government the total number of such bills introduced in the House was while were introduced in that House the last Congress alone. Without concluding the at 2 ou motion of the Utah bill was taken up and its considThe Era- tion proceeded with. Edmunds cre- ated some merriment on rising to speak on one of the amendments oileroil yesterday. Looking about him aud finding com lively few .Republicans in their he uAs hardly any of the 'friends of human liberty1 are in the I will formerly '2 sti'tet. Pint- watchus and jewelry. 77 I HIS IIONOK A riOH the Hiirlcit'ft Attempt to Knock Out H Amateur. MoM Jtiu. the hiyh ami Edward a of the vetThe Eran Tom of this n four round QueensUury at the Theatre terms were that Burke was to ICell in the tveut of his failure to ywd strictly perform con- WthfoII even though Ihpy may have the Navy Thero u DO precedent for euch a positiou years. The PostoQice De- PWmaitt bag not coutiuued n but ia lioneslly performinij service to the satisfaction of the Not a whisper was dnr- tbe rtr.t-nt cainpniuu of Democratic upon oniceholders. r there nny interference by the admintRtmtioa to influence our While xhe adiniuistrr.tloD was desirous of Democratic success 0 im thorc- was DO attempt to wield ft official or undue inilueneo'in the cnn- A urtniinbtratisn of political action ami IB z tho difleience bc- private political opinion and tho of official power to control elec- I0n- It approves ths one but not tho J embrace my first to business men of New York Jbr .slop the latter iu four rounds. Burke wont in to win in the first round and it looked if ho do so as ho knocked Kelly down three times iu the firs-a imlf of hut with tho vetThe Eran Tom Allen uutl his father as seconds Kelly userl such excellent judgment and took the punishment so manfully that after the round he was able 10 not only keep lllhe lad'' from stopping but was able to show very clever work con- sidering the disparity in ilia size of the two Kelly weighing but 140. It vras C_ claimed to be u wonderfully gond stand made against tbe tcirihle He timjiht wickedly and WMS much chagrined at hid failure to stop the who is a perfect never having been in the THK Tu'o 3Ion LOMO Their Livos in u UK ut Jan. huge building occupied by Trahue Baliaforth CoM and IL P. Forwood all cotton lectors aud burned nt 5 to-night. The fire wad CM used by the falling of the front of the crushing down the offices udd overturning thn J. JJul in forth and 51. M. two prominent buninesH were in the oflice aud wero cut off by the fiie and debris and perished in the flames. Tho fire midnight was still and the bodies cannot bo recovered until it is S-oss on bnilcliiip and con- tents inBuraoce eotrfial eupperl in the receut such men as .yon engage in there uo tlanuer oi' their becom- NO honorable dealings at HKNT-KIX'S. IAX MARKS Baos. A POt'ttI.E Connnotloro Klynn Kills Wife tuul Then Tries to Kill Ilinmnlf. Juu. horrible tragedy was enacted in the suburbs of this cityalalfue hour night. Com- modore Flyuu and his wife have been living unhappily together for somo tiiue nud have had frequent aud violent quar- rels. On Monday they agreed to separate and divide the personal property and Flynn say i us he would return at some time tor hia clothing. He was away until Tuesdny vrhen he by giving another succeeded in yarning au entrance to the house. HH he to effect a but tho womao aoou to and she ordered him from tho house. Flynn claims that his wife attempted to draw a whereupon he drew his and fired at the ball strikiug tho woman near tho right and np- xvard. at his at once turned the piatol to hia own head and sending a ball upward through the right side of his Uu then lay down on the floor by the side of the dravriug a common pocket with two cuts completed his murderous and almost severed her bead from her body. He again devoted attention to makiug a cut in his how- missed the large stand- ing in front nf the he shot him- self in the forehead. This also proved a glancing shot. The woman died immedi- Flynu is alive and with stiong chances ol recovery. No one witnessed the deed but a little five-year-old daughter. Flynn made a sworn statement before the coroner that ho deplored the but claimed that he ctinso for it. Tho Muyor oi Toi-l City Attorney. FOKTH Jan. S. Iu the city council chamber evening there was an For it been rumored that City Assessor and Collector Illnckinan was Miort- in accoutit and a committee of exports had been appointed to examine the books. Thoy found that Blank mnu owed the city Blackman at once check for the he and it was rumored that he was Tho resignation liccepttfi and it was resolved to pro- ceed against his In tlio rMiimtioa assed between Hinith aud City Attorney At this point tlie The mayor thun 'vent up nod Hiruck in the fare. struck but Hcoit his arm and slopped the blow. Friends inU-rvened to prevent further hostilities. CoU Smith lias a Slate reputation us and more trouble is expected. low prices. MAUKB Iluos. to A. Brilliant Wedding. W. Jan. John R. business raEinaixer of tlio Louis- ville and Miss Isadora Pol- daughter of a wealthy resident oi Ibis Or I invoke support to my administralioa. together for the success of the which are the corner-stone political er toast3 Business P ew responded to by Hon. sli WerS cru AswodeQcy OG tbe by Frederick to by Alton responded to were married hero last evoniug. Rev. Dr. Leftwicb. of ofllciated. .The wedding was the most TsrilHant seen for many years. GOLDKS KUSSET the purest and at Option House. Eudoreed by epi- 311 overcoN9 BROS. County it May Concern. We have appointee V. G. McBride sole agent for McKeun county for Cu.r cele- lamted ale. Parties desiring any of oar brands may obtain the same prices from him fta furnished lit- onr N. Y. GRKENKWAY Bsaswiso N. YM July 1886. Jan. tN House of i to-Gay the Committee ou to -whom was duty of investigating tlie ia Hamilton county by twata QE ten members are find recommended the TJIK anouai meeting of the stocUhoUUra National Bank of Bradford. for the election of directors far tho ensuing year will be ijeia at tbe oQicc of said Jan. between the hernia of 1 o'clock p. m. nowju MurUer uiul Suicide. .Inn. A special the Newrf from Jiattle Dr. with his wile aud two were fuiuid in their house in thai- city this afternoon with thr-ir throats from car to ear. Their have not seen any of the family around lately it H thought they iiavc bscn dead Hitice last Sunday. There are evidences of a ter- rible struggle between husband and and the supposition is that. Dr. White be- came violently killed his wife and children aad then committed suicide. address myself to the 'reform After some de-bate Mr. Brown's amend- ment offered which was to strike out the words that would compel the law- ful husband or wife of the accused to tea was yeas nays and the compulsory provision was therefore rii- taiued in tbe bill. Mr. Maxey supported the bill. He held that Murmuuissu was n mere cover lor licentiousness. lie thought the Judiciary Committee had discriminated with great skill between religious liberty aud secular license. Mr. Call said wo owed our liberties to freedom of speech and worship. We were departing from tbat ground when we passed such a bill as that uuder cimfridThe Era- tiou. TueMomiuu hmla-5 mucuninii. claim his faith as dUtinirniilieil who denies.the divinity of Christ.'1 The rea- son why Mormonism hud become so sue- V wag because of its great activity as a secular oryauixation. It hnd goue abroad over the earth and drawn peo- ple froiu. misery and nud brought them to tt laud of plenty. It was no won- der that under such circumstances it had become successful. Hut these peoplecoul-.l now be bronuht under the iutiuenco of the Christian religion. The ministralious of that religion wero sufficient to conquer Mormonism and do so more completely and happily than tho bill before the Seiuito could. As the bill was about to be brought to vote Morgan said iu friends seemed determined to press it without giving its a chance to study it. i to again inquired as to tho sal dries which the com- missioners were to have. Ue did not want tn send fourteen mcu out to Utah to the Monuuu church. Jlehtul an- nounced his determination to wipe this church out-and leave nothiug nf it but an unholy name and au unholy but Jmd been met by a proposition in this bill to perpetuate the ehurcb. While the bill was on fi'ial Mr. Van Wyck endeavored to fix Lho duties of the proposed fourteen trustees upon the members of the present Utah bnt was ratcil out of order. He asked Mr. Edmunds whether IIR Imd auy objection to sueli to which that Senator answered thiit ho had. The bill having been brought to vote uays lilan- Mitohell of Plat Wilson of and Wilson of organized. The committees on Naval Affairs- aud oh Commerce were this only important ones that organized and fixed their t days ol meeting. In view of the additional importance of the work of the Committee on Naval Afl'aira growing out of the assignment of the navy appropriation bill it be sub-divided probably iuto a half dozen auh-coinniittcos. Tbere is con- sidThe Erable speculation about the character of the Coinage of which Mr. is chairman. Some silver meo iusist it is made up against them aud in tbe interest of the administration. Tbe radicals on both sides of the question are about equally divided on tbe committee and thero nre sevThe Eral members whose posi- tion is not but who are thought to oppose the present coinage law. Mr. of South -who sides with the administration ou the silver ques- says the committee will consider pro- posed legislation on tbe subject dispassion- ately and will agreu upon some wise measure for correcting present evils. The fallowing are among the measures introduced in the Senate By Senator increase the peii- sions of persons who have lost au eye to per month. By Senator prohibit the letting oi' government contracts to persons who employ convict labor. By Senator establish a postal telegraph system. It is identical with the bill reported by Senator from the Committee oa Postoflicea and during tuo last A BAD CATHOLIC P1UKST. llev. Fullier of the Hero in it Disreputable AlVuir. Jan. the past few days a sensation has been devel- oped in Fayclte throwing tho Catholics of that vicinity into a suito of ferment. Rev. Father Dig- uam. pastor of the .Uniontowu is stated on reliable authority to have been tho ncro of an the disreputable nature of which will probably cost him1 bis cassook. Father it ia a boarder at tlio McClelland House. Dur- ing Christmas holidays he drank a great deal and evinced in his cups a spirit of gal- lantry towards the lady boarders of the hotel. In a lew days bis spree reached a climax. Preoccnppied with a desire for he forgot oven to don his aud leaving his apartment tered that occupied by Miss a tel- egraph opThe Erator. Miss Korrey being em- ployed at was fortunately aud the only damage done was the disar- rangement of her clVects and breaking of furniture. While in this room the rever- end father attempting to raise a window fell out of alighting ou a stairway fifteen feet then rolling to the ground was severely injured. Friends of the priest have removed him to ConneUsville. He is said to he very unpopular in Uniontown. Bishop of this is investi- gating his actions. THE SMITH DWINDLING. THAT TUB GORDON'S TtKCOHD IS NOT BEATON. The Well Flowing Steadily Imt no Wlvoi-Klty of Kune Not ScuttevliiK Flelik LSpocial to TUP. Jan. noon to-day the counectious with the tank at the Smith well were secured aud the fluid directed into the creek. The GOO- barrel tank had been connected with the 250-barrel for twenty-two hut at the noon hour neither of them was fall. The smaller was perhaps half full ami the larger held about seven feet of tho fluid. This indicates that the production has measurably dwindled since tho well made her professed record of fllKug a COO-barrel tank in thirty-three hours. At 2 o'clock this atternoon connections were made with the tank and the oil was allowed to flow into bnt at the hour of this reporting the vigilance of the guards had prevented a gauge being taken. Judg- ing from appearances to-day the gusher has not outrivaled the record of the Gordon No. in her palmiest days last September when she made 125 'barrels daily. The rapid decrease in production aeoms to give color to the belief that the strike was made in the fifty-foot vein or boulder sand. The well la flowing very steady but nothing can be de- termiued until the tank is gauged. Ooe- third of the pipe line baa been laid. This well is situated on the A. Smith farm three and a miles northeasterly and ou a line from the Gordon No. 2 aud two miles northwesterly on a line from the celebrated old which was the first producing well in OpThe Erators have scoured the country all day in quest of leases. both in rendering his lines and bite of were artistic and effective. Mr. George T. Kobinson looked the part of Squire Vernon aud acted it with judgment and skill aud making ranch of an in- different part. Mies Florence in the unsympathetic role of Lady Ruth Bur- neyt waa especially her por- trayal of the wicked woman who. at last repents her evil being marked by good judgment aad decided ability. She looked very pretty. baa caught the taste of the habitues of NiWo's beyond Y. Nciea. IlECLANU'S CAUSE. A Spirited Appeal for Sympathy at u Crli I- Period In Her HUtory. EDITOR it not strange that tho impetuous nature of the Irishmen in Bradford is not more stirred V There wo have a few brave aud invincible men banding themselves together iu a foreign Parliament and paralyzing that body. This is a day of great rejoicing in Ireland. Over That England is practically withoub a and this is dae entitely to the taken by Parnell and bis noble followers. Irishmen mast by large meetings show their appreciation of the benefits bestowed ou their native laud by the Irish members of Parliament. They have disorganized and demoralized the English Ministry aud to-day the country is without a govern- and. when the two great parties of England ily at each othcw throata it is a proud day for Ireland. The Irish pcoplo present an unbroken solid is marching steadily on toward Irish liberty. it is gladdening that the despoiler of human and who has practiced every wrong aud and who has outraged every civil aud conatitutioaal right has been forced to the wall. Were it not for the powerlcssnesa and imbecility of that .poor old woman Obittmry. At a regular meeting of Cyclone Assem- bly No. KnighUof held Jan. the following preamble aud res- olutions were unanimously Ithns pleaded the CJrciu ArcbLiecL of Lhf Universe 10 rciuove from our midst our late Svlvostur H is but thnt n Li'.ui of IKS many virtues should lie there- fore it By As-embly tluiL wo bow witli humble iiio will of the do licit the moiirii brother who has been lYnm in the Hro. Sttrn.sntL'S iho Wiufii in-oilier Mvhn ever ivady tn prolfor the hiiiKl of slid rtiiiMhu voice nf symjialliy tti thcnuciJy 'if the a worthy mom- of this sncioLy M-htisc endeavors wcru exerted tur Us welfare and u friend and companion who dear to a citizen whose life mrf kimliy oiliees a standard of eiiinlaiinu to his fellows. Thai the liyaril'oU of this Assembly be extended to his family In their in inn. That these resolutions be spiead upon of the Assembly and a copy thereof the ivRo trnnsmiitcd Hie fani'.y of deoeaaed to the newspapers of Bradford. 0. E. C. 0. P. Committee ALWAYS WOM-'K Shornmti Keturns Thanks. Jon. 8. At the opening of the Legislature this morning the folio wing telegram was received by the presiding office- .Inn. S. Tlciiso convey in Unpublican of the Gencrul Assumji'.y iny pnifouni1. r.iul tluink.-i icrtl.c iioininiition for Scnutor. Jons SHERMAN. Churches To-Mnrrow. When and where religious services will bo CHKItCH OK THK HoV. S. U. rertur. jronUiiK prayer nud Iiuly Conimuuion 11 n. evening T fc' in. E. nt 11 a. m. p. i BHUTHKEX SiTVlces ut K. nK niul p. kuiuhiy-school at Praise and prayer service at 7 p. in. muss ftt second lOtfO. at 3 p. m. Vespers and benediction at p. in. A. North Mechanic street. Servico.sat 11 IK UK and Sab- bath o UK H. M. pits- tor. FIRST llArrtsT Congress and Cory ilon streets. P. Tliouist pus i 11 a.m. ami p.m. Suudny-schonl at p. UK YiuiiiR nicoiing at RiBO p. in. Kthvard liiislor. Preudnnjf morning iiud evening by the pastor. at p. m. Chinese Silbslon nt 4 p. Young peo- ples1 prayer meeting at fiMS p. in. SL Services as usual. Evening ser.'Ieosul 7 p. UK Sunday School at p. M. Gillmor and Red services cvcrv Sabbath nt 11 in. and p. imemately Derrick and Red Rock n. JIK PnbbaLh school nfltT aiul at lied Rock at M. E. nitiTKCii. J. R. pastor. Mornintr service at 11 iichcwl nt p.UK Kvcning service at S followed by chiss mcctiug. WO Tho People's Light and HcaL Company I attack luit among the mass of to-duy located two one on the Par- Fiona's subjects dissensions are arisinp leyJarm aud the other on the Matthew and poials to the advance of our cause. The Irigh people are upriglil when honor is true when in- tegrity is they stand by Uc doomed and the accused when to pity is to and they arc loyal to liberty when to name her is almost to die. Flattery will never seduce tyranny cannot intimidate and to-day behold the grand spectacle of onr bleeding and suffering country alter 700 years ot1 cruelty and oppression still adhering to the principle of Irish sternly re- fusing to acknowledge the sway of the invader and proudly demanding the restoration of her long dcuied riglite. Then the green banner rearing. flash every sword to the hilt. On our side is virtue aud on their's is the Saxon and I hope and trust ihe day is not far distant wbcu the sinewy right arm of Irish liberty will hurl aside the bayonets of England's opposing mercenaries and haul down that hated and accused that clouds our country's sunshine and hoist to its places the til-colored emblem of free and united Ireland- The laud of ours will soon be free and that Irishmen will proudly BEG the light Qf our new republic. Irishmen strutfaled for the cause ol American liberty in in and in 1SG1 we find them in tho and in glancing over the illus- trious names of those who fought for the Union how often see the names of the the Nolaua aud a host of others. The Ameri- can heart swells with .1 feeling of gratitude for the and if we make no show of appreciation for those bravo men who are so grandly aiding us irom whom cau we expect sympathy Keioditary knovr you not would you ba free you must atrike your own Then the America will give you her sympathy and support. The sentiment is there dormant- It is waitingtobe aroused- Let the Irish then come together in great n ambers and then the feeling will come to the surface. Water may cease to ran or grass no longer but all true Irish- men will never forget the names of the men who died and those who are now struggling for Irish liberty. May God speed that day and we spare 110 effort to hasten it. Therefore all Irish Americans and lovers of liberty arc once more appealed to for assist- ance at this critical time. Let this appeal meet with a ready and generous response. Other cities arc alive to the and let it not be said that Bradford will be backward ia the good work. J. MUBIMIY. Jan. Taylor lease. They are both near the Smith property. The first gauge of the well will be taken iu the morning about 8 which will be of great interest to the as it will determine the capacity of the but the scouts to-night are of the opinion that if they get the they will have to steal it. Mr. W. PL H. a valued cor- respondent of THK wires us from Washington the following and aa it comes irenn a levelheaded gentleman and one who is well it will be Dyer Co. well on the A. Smith farm wag turned into the tank at 2 o'clock this afternoon and the best estimates are ihat it made 150 barrels m twenty-four and is ou tbe The have a different opinion of the calibre of their well. Mr. Roth wires E. H. Jennings that in the first two hours the well made four inches in the tank. This gauge was taken about 4 and as the tank had not been measured they could not say how mnuy barrels it but thought about barrels. UATTAUAUGU3. Two test wells are to be drilled north of the Erie depot afc Olean. One is situ- ated ou the Bascom for which the rig is being nud the other is located on the lilakcslee farm. The drill was started Wednesday- At tlie last named small quantities of oil have bcou found in tlmi and it in expected that these wells will fully isat the territory. ICAXK. Now that the Tennent Howe well is a settled liiilure it must be pleasaub for those who not-iced tho statement in THK ERA of opThe Erators who desire to lease land to go a little slow until something more reliable could be learned but who plunged in and gobbled up all _the laud they could get and paid a handsome price for the same. Now they are kicking themselves aud beating out their brains by the wayside. But the Kane pool is not.altogether dead yet and there is undoubtedly a comforta- bly rich field to opThe Erate but just how the money that has been sunk into it can ever be recovered is what is puxzUng those who are holding louses ia the viciuity of the Craig Cappeau well. Give Kane fjjOOO acres oil territory aad it will take at least six months before a production of barrels can be reached. It is safe to sny that for every barrel that Kaue has produced there has been a falling off of live barrels throughout the little territory and yet we have ninety cent oil- Now Washington 1ms got the same craze and property holders are baitiug their hooks preparatory to catching suckers in the same manuer ns Griffith drew them on siuce the Dyer well was struck. OpThe Erations in the Allegany aud middle fields arc to show a falling ofV ami on the first of February there will be a greater decrease in field work than on the of December. Anchor No. 7 is Hearing the suurt and will probably be in bat this well is condemned ami ia almost Knre to follow in the footsteps of the Anchor No. and Burusdall welLs. Tlie ColU a. m. weather The cold wave mentioned now-extends from the northern portion of the upper Mississippi valley siud thencs southeast- ward to the Atlantic covering the Gulf States and Tennessee. Jt has been unusually in the Southern States. It is advancing toward tlwr Middle Atlan- tic States and will be genThe Erally felt dur- ing the tho night and Sunday. Kill- ing frosts will oycur in Florida as far south as Tampa COMPLETE stock late MARKS 47 Main. it Umpire Tlmrmftu'fl Decision. S.-Judge Thur- man to-day rendered his decision as um- pire in the arbiration between the opThe Era- tors and miners of coal iu Ho fixes the base at sixty cents a which is the amount asked by the raiaers. The opThe Era- tors only wanted to pay fifty cents. FINEST line of children's snits ia the city at WOLFE 05 Main street. A Passenger Train in a PaM dam across theVvabash creek afc near this i burst this turning. A passenger Tho Singuv Ulunufucturins Company have removed their ofiice to the corner of Main and Kennedy streets. Cull and see the I. F. and IE. A. Sewing entirely new. New Singer Machines aa low as oil and nee- dles for all makes of cheaper than sold elsewhere. The Singer Manu- facturing corner Main and Ken- nedy next door to Stewart's jew- elry Pa. .__. WrKTKR blooming and callas at green 10 Foreman street. 12-27-tf ATTEND the great auction sale of cloth gents' furnishing at No. -IS Main street. Thefinest and best selected stock in tbe city to be closed out. regardless of cost. Call and set goods at ynur own prices. M. 4G Main St. H. H. Auctioneer. 5-Lf formerly 2 Congress street. Fine matches and jewelry. Roberts No. 77 Main Pa. XoTSvmiSTAXDixa our exceptionally large holiday trade onr sizes ami lines are again complete. WOLFE e- Main street-. Morgan ami Hoar exphiiucd his votti against the bill only hecunso the section dis- franchising bus even with tlmt section in ho would have voted for the bill hnd hia vote beuu ncccrf-ary to passagti. The Senate p. inM on molinu of Mr. Kdmumls adjourned till ATonduy next. NUTKS. Gatliurutl From iho Guiiitol jujd DoiHirtniuiit -Tan. is believed that the President soon an end to the present irregulnr condition of afluirs iu the Judge Advocate Genoral'a depart- ment of the army. Gen. Swsiinv was sus- pended for twelve years by court from the oRlcu of Judgo Advocate GenThe Eral and before hia term of suspension expires ho will be placed on the retired As matters stand now there cnu be no Jiulcjo Advocate the otllco being HI led by Leibcr as acting Jute Advocate Gen- The Eral. The Secretary of War in hid annual report recomineuded thut a Judge Advocate GenThe Eral be appointed or that Congress leg- islaLe in tho matter. It is said that the President will make a nomination and let the Senate and courts decide upon tbe effect of sucb a course- Two or three prominent army ofiicThe Era are applicants for the office of Judge Advocate buL the President is not restricted to the crmy in making a The President baa recoanixed Ulpiano Obando aa consul of the United States of Colombia at San Cula. j John consul of Turkey at and-Charles consul of Turkey at EaHioiore- The Secretary of the Navy has approved the findings of the court martial in the case of Paymaster Smit-h of tbe aud the papers go to tiie President for final action. The court will be recon- vened. Secretary Laraar returned toTrYa-mioglan to-day from his home in where he has been spending the holidays. There were but lew Representatives at tbe Capitol to-day aud but few committees rrrn polo caps MAKKS 47 Main. r A The holidas have come and St. Bernard's fair leaving many depleted pocketbooks aud many au aching void in waistcoat pockets. Appreciating this fact the undersigned offers all his water color and oil as well as pearl pictures on at one-half and every pur- chaser receives on each worth purchased a chance ou tho large pearl of th3 You receive double value for your money sure and a chance on n picture. Be sure and see them iu Thompson Wood's window. j .L prices way that's lowest. MARKS -17 Vashiotmhlc Because a Murray Hill woman fipollod with a capital another fashionable woman refused to accept her dinner invitation. fastidiousness might do for but not for Now and yet it was once awfully you to capitalize every other and tbe Germans do RO even now. Perhaps the TTillite knew -what she was after and was not so illitThe Erate OB some people thought she was. present indications are that Nile id soon to develop an oil field to any iu the Allegany territory. Twenty derricks are BOW to be on the snrrouodiug aud most ot the wells are fuir producers. Seven or eight new Notice to tho Public. I hereby uotil'y the public aud trade in genThe Eral that I am the solo owner of trade mark for cigars bcnriag a represeulatioii of an oil well and ami that the use by any other person or firm of such devices iu any combination or form will be deemed au infringement of ray rigb.ts and will be dealt with according to law. H. FRANK. canvass teal rod-head pheasants. Option House. United Hoso Saturday Jan. is our regu- lar meeting night and all members of the company arc requested to attend. 'The business on hand is of importance. M. Prcst. Sec'y. A Oimrterly Meeting be held at the U. B. corner Kennedy aod Boylston next Satur- day and Sunday. Presiding Elder formerly pastor at will officiate. Services begin at Saturday. T-ct everybody coine. PEUSONAJL. W. P. Book is in town. J. P. Hoffman is back after a sojourn of sevThe Eral months at Buffalo. Hin collection of pictures in ThompMn attracts much wells will soon be completed which will decide to a great extent the future of the 11 r j. t I A uovel Parisian boii-lwn worthy of mention m a sunflower of chocolate with loose petals. Thia sweet trille is inclosed ia a with ihe words on the and it ia needless to say the invitation very speedily complied with. Tbe latest fashionable craze iu New York among the women is a mildly litThe Erary form of tlie old-faahioned sowing society. fluid. It opThe Erators that Uiab present opThe Erations are on its edge. The former supposition that this territory was continuous with the Iltchburg field soeuis hardly since the wells nearest Richhurg ore good for nothing but ifo real giiahers have as yet been hut the oil ia of a good quality aud the wells are holding out quite beyond those iu other fields. needle.wok or wWto I vu w the opmion rt cxpeneuced b rcad ithj kUH .hat a bolt is near and f the-r Jistenerfl QQ gpot thfl mjml STIFF a new MARKS 47 Main. a new shape. CANNOT WOLFE ono price 65 Main street.. Miss Rose Coghlan carried by slorai the hearts of the largo audience assembled Inat evening at Nihlo'a Garden to see the Wai- lack theatre There is so much that is heroic and womanly in the character that it appeals to humanity's better self and when portrayed with such faithful adherence to nature and with some ofaoulfulness and force as it was last night it is not surprising that enthusiasm rose to a great height. The scene of the last tbe where Joan in the life-boat rescues her derelict husband from the wrecked not knowing that it was raised a delirium' of excitement and the cnrtainfoll amid a terrific storm of applause. Tbe revolving light in this a new is very effective. Mise Cogblan was grand and well deserved the honors heaped upon her. Mr. a Boston proved n deci- ded his good acting and flue pres- ence at once winning favor. His Arthur Meredith was an exceedingly artistic piece of work. Mr. B. R. Graham was all that the role of Captain Brandon cool and all of whicli he gracefully was. Mr. C. A. Mc- Mannus played Martin Trevenna splendid- ly. In make aa the old light-house he was immense and the littje from the effects of tmrd labor nt ths work- basket by giving extracts from standard authors. Dolls that show their teeth and camels well modeled and covered with large enough for a child to nre tbe chief novelties in the British nursery this Curislmm. __ NEW YOHK Bohemian export beer in bottles for family use per doxen. Option House. _ Important Notice. A number of my customers have nnflL-l- tled accounts on my which I cannot afford to carry. I com- pelled to insist thut these accounts must be settled on or before the first of Febru- ary. All bills unpaid by that time will be placed in the hands of my attorney for collection. I will liave to adopt this course iu all and delinquents will thero to re save costs if they will call and see me be- fore that time. J. G. 8-Gt Merchant Tailor. STRICTLY und only one price at GOOD- WOLFE 65 Main St. BUSINESS place for sale at Pa. A three-story brick building 2fix60 situ- ated in the village of KaA. First floor store with counters and shelves com- second story office and and third floor hall. This ia one of the beat locations in towu and is particularly fitted for dry goods and notions. Any person wishing to bay present stock with build- ing can have possession at otherwise possession will be given 1886. Call on or address me at Pa. JOSHUA DAVIS. Wnntcil. Boarding in a private family Tor gentle- wife and small where the comforts of a home may be had. Address immediately C. A. EBA. oJHcc. It i I i v raff tafcft it- 51