Monday, May 17, 1886

Bradford Daily Era

Location: Bradford, Pennsylvania

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Text Content of Page 1 of Bradford Daily Era on Monday, May 17, 1886

Daily Era, The (Newspaper) - May 17, 1886, Bradford, Pennsylvania lx TJEEJ5RA. PUBLISHED EVERY MORNING. THB ERA PA. The Recognized Authority on aU Per- tne Fields of the giving In each Issue a complete record of all Operations in Sfcw Territory in a Correct and Concise Menncr. Delivered in the City of Bradford and Surround- ing Towns for Twenty-five Cents a week. Ma'l postage Ten Dollars a five Dollars for Six Two Dollars nd a half for Three or One Dollar e Month. Advertising Rates made known at the Count- orreflpon deuce Containing Important lei ted from any Part of the Country. If Uted will be paid for. All Communication a for the Editor should be to and Business Letters to F. JORDAN PROPRIETOB8. MCKXAN PA. OFFICIAL PAPKR OF THIS CTTT. EXIT JJOOULKUS. The aldermen are coming to judgment in New York. Alderman Jnehne was convicted on Saturday of bribes for Iiiw vote the Broadway Surface Railway. Nearly all the aldermen with Jathne at the time the Broadway Surface Railway Company ob- tained ita franchise by fraud and corruption have been indicted by the grand jury. The trial of Jaehne has been looked npon as a although this evidence against him wan not regarded aH etrony a.s the Dis- trict Attorney possesses against some of his co-conapiratora. Great care was taken by the prosecution to fielect a jury of superior intelligence. The verdict shows it was composed of the highest order of manhood. Ita memncrn were beyond tho reach of tho jury whose wits wcro exhausted in a desperate effort to bring about u disagree- ment. Even tho defiant jury fixi-rs long ngo despaired of securing twelve invn who would dare acquit the Their only hope was for voxa- tioiiH delayn and eventual loss of interest on the part of the prosecution. But their lanfc and only hope is dispelled by tho ver- dict. Judge Barrett proven unlike Car- Bedford and the corrupt jurists fell from grace and went down iu the crash that consigned Garvey and otherTnmmany Hall thieves to political oblivion. It was tho condensed wrath of public opinion directed with cyclonic foico that destroyed the Tweed King and its corrupted and corruptible judges a decade and a half years ngo. Tho good work of reform inaugurated by outraged public opinion in tbono days was but imperfectly performed. Many Uneven equalJy aft guilty t'Heaped ontiroly. ISos.s Tweed bore the blunt of pmiinhmenl. that should have been meted to others with almost heroic- fortitude. Lack of justice at that time served as au encouragement rather than destroyed tho desire to commit fraud. The Tweed Ring merely abated tho thieving propeuaitiey of politicians to rob and plunder the peopln of their money and their franchises. The escape of tho uncon- victcd members the Tweed served 119 an example and to simi- lar rings and combinations throughout the laud. Few cities and 'towns or villages have existed sinco the verdict against the Tweed King thieves without their minia- ture rings and piratical combinations. the downfall of the Tweed gnug mny ho accepted as Iho dawn of an era of municipal fraud and corruption in America that bus grown with alarming pnco to the present day. Wo Iwve lind them in Brad- but in a mild form when compared to the aggressive actions of rings in other cities. Onr water works ami other frauds were pigmies alongside of the aklenmiuic frauds in the gus trust nnd street car frauds in tho Quaker City or the street paving frauds of Baltimore fttid Chicago. We Imvo outlived them and their exposure will likely serve as awholsesomo lesson in municipal nffnirs. Judge Barrett and the twelve intelligent jurymen aided by fearless and honest prosecuting attorney with a corps of able assistants nnd detectives have culled a halt fraud in Gotham. The people of that wronged city have excellent reasons for hoping Hint tho Court of if it should be called will sustain the ver- dict of the court below. The present and rising generations of Gotham and tho whole of America can be greatly benefited and he COmingly pnrificd by consign tog tho to Sing Sing and Au- burn. They nro fit companions for Ward and awimllers of all kinds. The times are ripe for just such punishment ns tho people expect to see visited upon tho Give them the full penalty of the law. fl p ft1 t ff'J m X ATLANTIC RAMAY. Time Table in effect May TRAINS WKSTWARD. STATIONS. Keutou Preston Lima 1 f 3 Chic Pae. Ex. Ex. I a.m. 8 SOilO 35 9 ISUl 22 9 45 10 13J12 IS .10 6 H Enterprise............. jll 7 Chic Ac. p.m. 4 ft 15 7 30 8 32 40 83 Way Dcealur Kinplaacl. 11 44 1 Sl p.m. 12 -'2 02 Ar12 '2 35 41. S 4 10 9 G oo Jp.m.U. iii. 'a. in HuntlnKtor............Lv I -i i 5 o- Xow Madi-.-iu....... i i j t W tV Bolivar.................. l .i 0 4i Marsh l 1 t mf- -1 S 07 I '2 IB i 4 9 03 4 j 4 6 00'........f 9 i 2u HttjMiuoad............. i 5 17- 17 t ..............Ar ft 7 S41 6 '25 15 7 p.m. .io.m TRAINS Oh I 10 S I 12 i SO 31.' Way.VTay i Sis. Ex. i Xs F'g. i K'g ___ ______f ___________I ___ i m. u oUj o oU j S 9 00 Q 4 S 4 35 4 271 9 6 3C' t r L-----1 DRAWING OF .i DEILLTSTG Supply and Agents for everything required t-o put down and furnish complete an Oil or 1 V-'J- We furaiah a Wood Hig complete ball and band eand framed and ready to pat with a scale dra-wiiig of the so that any mechanic can do tlift work. Kig Boilers and Drilling Drilling Drive Oil or Gaa Tanks or Pipe of all Steam Pumps for water or Brass and' Iron Fifctnnga and smaTi Tools of every kmd. In fact everything required. Competent mon furnished by the company to gt- to uny country or clime this drill tbo woll. tubo and finish U and do all the wort iu the best manner. Surid for a circular giving names aud prices lor fiverytb ing required about a well. wu all uecfi and information. LOCATION OF OIL mauufactnre Suck-vod Drive Shoee and all kinds of wrought iron goodx in tiia bm-inewi. 3and BuU aixd Basd and all kinds of wood work. PENNA.-BrilliQg Tools of all liMflhiag Tools. VAN Bods. We own timber saw ironing and have the Sucker-rod tunbor ia world. Cole A are manufactured all kinds of grey and malleable iron brass of every Pipe Ac. SOLE AGENTS FOS THE Boilers and Engines made by the Oil City Boiler Works. and Drive and Line Pipe made by the Iron Works. Those goods are manufactured under the charge and inspection of an employe of The utmost care and pains are taken thens. RIG- IKONS-BENNETT'S iVIAKEL DRILJLINQ ROFES-PmLAIXELFMIA MAKK Steam Pumps for Water and Make. The simplest and beat make known. Aud many other Iain Offices and Stores at Bradford and Oil JOHN Pa. T. Pa. K. Oil 8uccee8ora of The Cola Burnham 68 John New who are our Eastern Special attention given nnd low rates of freight obtained orders to be shipped to a distance. We have shipped oil well goods to Italy. Cabs aad various portions of the United States. UTTP'Q WfiP IT MiLmio rAiiirfi Ul VT LL P01P n 10. Patented March September October aud Oecamber tolo iho w.nlc This ri- is or.tlrclv new he wishes to will of a ri ft nil and nil tho principal niv'iully hy patents us and iinv miuir.iuctunii-or Llils stylo of p'tnu-in- rig wuhcmt iiuihoriiv Croiu tho pnt- will be or OnmiLios lor any infriu-i-meiu Iho b'ond for Piiinph'k-t fjll ilcscnpti'.n. All ort'.L'rs wiU receiveproniLi atiuiition. JO-l-Mv a v FflANKl.IN. PA.. Agent for y V S 71 A. A .'I Crawnpolut.......... '10 .-v- ill 2R i 50i 9 41 ........1JO 45 Kiugslaud. 10 55 p.m. rp.m iia a 6 i2jii 4V 'M in 2 12'OS 3 001...... 1 425J........ Nor Mnilisou......... 1 4 Huntiogloc............Ar 205 750 1 10j fi 00i....... j m. Huiitlugtou...........Lvi 2 S 1 6 '2 8 4SJ o 3 S KJ 2 ISi S 50'a.m. 4 45J10 lOi 4 'AS solid ti.un- in tvx York P. way st Fast ex Bpencervillc........... frestou................. llentou.................. S 12 5 OG 10 S 1 G 67 U S5i ti 00 5 -JO........ G osio 52 7 00jll SO 27 6 15 2 42 S 00 4 10 9 IS so. n oo Trains 011 central slaudarC stop only ou sieual. All arrive at ft ml depart 'rom tilt1 Dearboru Train 8 has Pullman hovel sleopor running throneh to New York daily. Train 12 has Pullman buffet sleeping coaches to Boston and New York daily. Train 3 has Pullman buflct fileeping coach from Boston to Chicago and Pullman .ind sk-op ing coaches from New York to Chicago ctfiily. Trains 8 nnd 12 run daily. All elber trains dfi.ily Sunday. rasscusei's going oast or west will Cr-.l io til el r interest to consult Iho agents of thv I'-MII- wlio will Kivc them all iu rc- sard to rates nun couneclionK. F.'1 Manaper. Time Tablo in oflecl __ _ M. P. K.IA. JA. P.'M'.IP. H. 7 00 l S S 00 a -SC ac 441 5 Rr.jlO a 10 .....12 4o 0 a.'i r. 2 7 25 V. M. A. M. A.. M. n s m ira AJ 6 ys DoGolia's....... 7 o'i Ouster Oiiv..... .7 us Howard Jriu. 7 Ixjwi-.- Run..... Shinty n n m -ij.............. 7 s s C SS 1.4 ct 5 -f n I'M9 in. lirAHfo From i JohiiEonbu'K 1-v Citiric n.l'n..... B r Ml. 41 s i 1 W S 1 IQi 7 OJi......... l1. M. A. iiV. MANUFACTURER OF A. 1 y i w FIR O O 1 O irf AL ODR A U DEALER IN ALL KINDS OP S 30 -U S'tfi...... S York.....'....... 11 U ifl'___ 10 325.'........ _ M. I DJvlsioii. Borahs.- IV.JA. K. 7 50JJJW. r- K P. M.'A.M M.jor. 6O a OOj ELL SUPPLIES 1... Swains..' BRANCH STORES AT j lira and Ka iijj OFFiO.E AND AT 6Wi 93 P. Lf.JA. M.jlY. ___ ar.fP. Narrow Gauge Trains Icavo Bradford for Olean 7 25 a. 4 15 p. m. LoftVO Bnv.v ford for Elrlred 7 1 4 00 p. m. Loavo BratV furrt for KinaiA V 9 jft n. -1 20 p. m. 8uu day trainf- JPJIVC Bradford for O'ean 0 15 a. ro. tFing stop only on Tniijis nro run ou Etistcrn Sluopiug Oars Ktuvoiium ami wi leaving Buffalo at 2 40 m.. TlnQalo 1 p. m. GOM fcnd baggage oJiecteil to principal poJnte. MAIN OFFICE WARBEN AiroTHE LOWER OIL FIELD. Condensed Schedule of Tbronyb Trains. EASTWARD. Dec. 27th7 Br'd Ex. Liue Agents for the NNIS ENG mm mi NATION T 1 WO Tubing and Casing LINE PIPE DRIVE PIPE I GAS AND WATER PIPE I THE n new ntul power- ful starts upon ft career of use- falneea in the world of commerce t big morn- ing. It begins life with acknowledged and established influence thnt will at ouce make itself felt and appreciated by the countless patrons who live nnd transact business within reach of ita praclically no- limited jurisdiction. .In every respect the Erie Exnrcss is a that will enter fe into a lively business competition with older corporations. Its intimate relations with the old reliable nnd wonderful system of rail ways operated by the New Lake ErieOt gives-it n prominence unsurpassed by any similar organization in the country. As rapid responsible and courteous careful messengers are inseparably associated with a fully equipped modern tho Erie Ex- wo are pleased to pny to Iho is already an assured success. _______ _ As the Standard Oil Company has placed B O IL-ti'-tfc J- U XLtC.j the official stamp of ita approval on the oil field by sending its buyers and agents it will hcucetorlh be re- garded as an oil field entitled to all the righto and belonging to the oil world. These valuable franchises may not Mem to possess inestimable worth but BRANCH AT1 MA HTTSiPTT'Rrt O the day may come when vast sums of r AX U. money will reward the producer who baa BRANCH OFFICE AT PA try. The peculiar odor of the Ohio oil may BRANCH OFFICE AT PA. for the perfume. This is a mercenary world at beat and the oil pro- ducers are to be congratulated Uiafc they will henceforth be able to keep pace with the procession. Pa. Orders by Mail or Wire Promptly Attended to. TELEPHONE NO. 91-1. H-20-ly a.m. S -15 8 00.11 25 G 32 G 30 Ensteru Time. 9 35 05 t t rlvi ij v Linr' ir a. m .L.VI 9 UOj i O-o 9 4 'K G 32 3 05j 6 50 '2 1 36 12 -15 12 22 ............Foxtail 12 Ifi.W 14 Warren............ jll 50' C 49 ...Oil City............ 0 05 ..Fraukhn.......... 8 50J 4F 9 OOi 8 45JLV...........Pitteburg..........Ar 5 OG 4 5 4 8 7 40 p.m. a. m. GEO. S. Gen'l Supl. J. A. Geu'l Paws'r Ticket Agt. 41 Exchange N. Y. Kttslmrg R'y AEE NOW SELLING A n A 1 I 16 and 18 1.75 The new line Cincinnati Si. San Francisco and all points NorLb. S IiAHt aud West. For time'lnhlcs an I full Informailoi. Fiali J1 H. A or Rt Mnin Ktrcci ticket n Ridaell Hcuai Bradford. TIMK In effect May 1886. Man r. M. no BUTTS' Telephone 2174. 10 i BnlT.I Ex. i A. M.i s no S STATIONS. Buffalo Division. Brad A V 3fj 4 4ft S Hi..............LimcBloiie. fii'-i 8 4 4 30 8 r.Oj.............EllicoUville 9 00 5 58 G 10 P. H. A. K. .Afhford ............'Springvillo............. Ar............JluBalo...........Lv 11 13 n oi 10 B3 JO it y 8 to Brat 8 I ft 8 10 8 '5 7 1 7 6 6 to A H t ft V i Rochester 4 Mail The STATIONS. 1 H.Li P. M. 4 4 47j.......................Limestone.......................Il2 5 5 27j......................Salamanca................ n 5 Are still in the race and will hereafter furnish Torpedoes aa low aa any responsible firm in the field. WORK AT OWNERS' KISK. 7 24 7 43 8 89 9 37 P. Camomile I 954 Kochester..................Lv J'HlHburg BIDDBLL HOUSE BLOCK PAi O- next floor to i J. T a Pn- WBWTON THOMP- 3. McELWAINE'3 Pa. Mail i STATION'S. 8 '11 7 53 f___ i j TELEPHONE NO. 37. SEASONABLE. t STARTLING ANWOUNCBMBN P. M. P. K. ......Ar 3 E Brock way ville..-............... 5-1 ...Falls DuBoJa..........................10 n 9 00 A. K Punxmitttwney C. T T V U C K E f -WILL FUBKISK- CONNECTIONS for Kast and West are wade si Kochefiter. with New York Central Hndsna Siver E. and at Salamanca with the N. V O. R. for and the at with Philadelphia Erie R. E. for William Philadelphia and Baltimore. Thousand-mile tlckeu sold at two cents pt mile. I. 8. Gen. pass. JA3. Gen. N. Y TO Of the BEST QUALITY at the lowest prices and on the best individual or IN THE FIELD. Befo Peaasylyania Railroa--P. E. DiTiam. Before or 60 MAIN STREET And lesrn how well yon can do. My nitre-glycerine isnpisnrpasRed by any and the qoaiity ot the work is N. will PAT producers to order their torpedoes of responsible parties only or test the quality and quantity of aitrc-glycarine used On andaflcr Nov. will leave Emporium as For Washington and the New York and the a. m. and p. m. on week days. Pullman sleeping ear on the p. m. from Kmporium to Philadelphia and from to Wash- inerton. For Erie and intermediate 11 ao a. n. week days. For Kane and intermediate ft. in and p. m. on week days. OHAS. B. E. General Gen'l Agent Uuusvllle....... Alton............. Orr.wfonlJ'u.. BIK Shanty..... wis Run..... y .....-'I tl ttiMi'r City..... ji Bradfi.tnJ......Ar 10 1 n ir n m m n Kniilford.......Lv S lv en Jail......... Jo -j iJabcock......... f...... -1 i5i..... .....Ar 11 Oil 2-1 la niip train arrives fnmi 'J'niin lotiviiiH Alton p. m. foi-J p. m. Additional train arrive at Bradford p. m. a daily. dally oscepl Suudap Kor itinc-labU's ifift loformi cull at Union depot. s. Mrtwy Ktaa a Oaha B. T b l h j b b i. a.m. 5 'J 7 S8i J 40 1'2 10 H Kiuziirt Jiiuct'ii 'JO. ti iGjlI 00 7 3 00 7 4 SOI'JOli 8 10 Rowly 37 Rixfold 4 ODill '...Duko K43 3 41111 Kldryd 5 fiS BulliK 3 31 257 10 GciJesceJ 9 'I 2 2S 9 in.'a.m.' 1 501 3 SJtM JN. L.E.AW. 12 10i 7 50...........UonjcJlKvillo.. C 2 5 4S1 1 5 ........1 4 3 3311311 S 00........Lv. _ ___ Sunday tmin k-avos nl735 irar at 8 Cores nt 8 Slt Klilrcd Rl Si 9 -W. Hew City port 9 10. Aikcn 10 Bradford am. Additional train loaves WellOTilled at 6 p arrivlug nt All -ft and Bolivar at G 15 p m. Additional train loaves Bolivar nt 10 HO arriving at a IB and Bradford at U -i5 p m. dailv cxcopt C Bnwrini p. El. fy.t........Arr.........Hradforrt.........Lre 3 J l aa Falls Croek-v RcynoldsviHc...- Brookvillc 31 Bradford 8u IflLve Warren 8 5 5 3C.1 6 8 19 3 G 50 .........Tldlontc......... 2 SO 2 05'Arr..........Oil City.......... 2 l 3fi Lvo.........Franklin......... J2 58 12 20i .........Foxburg......... ........Red Bank.....- .......K Ittannlng...... Juncwn 12 -IS 12 22 12 1IH2 11 a.m.'p.m. II 29i 10 43.10 38j 10 1210 10' 9 CO 8 a. Connection In Ur.wn trains of the Pennsyivanla nia Compouy JL Vrt. f arrel Fararti WK NAEBOW GAOQE VANJ3KR03UJT Time SOUTHWARD Clarendon........ QarColcl.... GarScld Clarendon.. _______run on P. freight delivered at quarter miles of five mlJes west of Garfleio- Passengers for Dunhams m. train from Clarendon. Passengers caii leave wu for GarSeld by ono-Lalf hours ftt E. H. E. from

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