Wednesday, April 21, 1886

Bradford Daily Era

Location: Bradford, Pennsylvania

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Daily Era, The (Newspaper) - April 21, 1886, Bradford, Pennsylvania t'.i rCi K U' Tl T V 1 1. t v. I i- -ti- A I tl 14 BOTLSTIK ST. Pa. oak Hill cemetery. AND B1QHE. THE DAILY ERA. D. F. MORRIS. O. J. LANE NDEBTAKE Call and Examine onr Stock. 10.4 PA. Day and Night. IX. DIM GIVES AWAY DESTRUCTION M'KEAN WEDNESDAY APRIL 1886. NO.. 164. f Pond Four In a Through- a Village Mon s 20. little hamlet miles east of this thriviug morning by a cataa- jrill ever remain a dark fcjstory- A flood burst upon sunrise which wrecked oftbedireHingd and mills iu the Jivca of eleven or more did damage estimated at is situated on a which supplies with running fie stream for iu pond has an area of and waa very deep. tbe water hack was thirty twenty-two feet wide. It vears ago and of late lias but things were along one reasen being wu not near any houses and __ under special iple to-day are surprised to find how to Vnew oi it or its dangers. They in thoir peaceful erecting a on tbe banks of tho stream eventually to become a passage nod so tbe days passed. This a minutes after 5 o'clock a rotriog was heard by early Thevatonce surmised tbe lid tbe ringing of the church bells blowing of whistles aroused the immediately. It was supposed a Jarge hody of had in which event the town of fluid bnve been in danger. This m Lee nwoke the people in East bearing tbe crushing and roaring r nod although they were rushed from their homes others almost but eg for their and they wore fiw soon. Tlie great mass of water j pouring down the narrow everything before it. gullying tho the the and strcw- everything con- Bin itfl wild rush. The path of the Tariert from fifty to feet in anil where the walois became con- narrow limits the destruction was e. account of tho loss of prop- fur the scene oi' the dis- dcscription. Great olin trees noted and Ho rods from the places they grew. A mill-wheel twenty diameter lies out iu au opcu lot from the brook and two milcafrorn 0. Aluoy telegraph poles aro two. A liinjo eogi'Dc and boiler resting twenty feet is another ovideucc of the the raging torrent. From the waters ilaw into a itfllfteou from tho end of brook. At this point t is steep aud tarns like u snake in the ravine to the village three miles wt3 bere that the roaring corn- On entering the town tho first was n heavy iron and bridge. Spectators who saw the and struck the bridge fat it WM about twenty feet high and idt. It completely enveloped ud carried it away. Jnat below ik mill of John which was wrecked. Tho dam was washed with this udded weight the Ion. A rod further ou stood Simeon Dowd. Mr. a years and rather PU out a moment before to feed hia He had stepped hut ten feet liouse when tho Hood caught ttd whirled him to eternity. iNod paralyzed at tho but mia- HIU finger. Up to noon his body Jill tew it us undoubtedly in the debris which for miles covers of and searching ire looking for it. Mr. Dowd wife ami son. His house was ita bnt tho other inmates injury. incident of the day waa the N. aged his their daughter aged of four months. They recently purchased with ga and were a respected by all who Sfben the fearful avalanche strnck the house White nud his not risen. Their home was without a moment's not even the founda- remains. The naked body of found lodged in the crotch of 'les from Home. The body of forced by tho swift current windows of Garfield's paper below her and there so I in the machinery that four half hour's work to extricate it both arms broken tbe legs broken and cut and tbe eyes mutilated. It was 8tronS men wept at a pretty iiml the met her but was badly infant child has not yet Mrs. Theodore waa carried She leaves Mrs Charles along which the torrent was flowing Tbe torrent passed East Lee and went down the destroying treea but having lost it power' it waa unable to wreck larger As soon aa its force was spent the people went np the valley toward the and fonnd the ruin worse as they approached the starting point oi the torrent. The scene ia one of wild desolation and destruction. The bodies recovered and identified thus far A. JST. wife and two daugh- Theodore King and the wife of Mr. King's son Charles. Other persona living in the track of the flcrcd are missing. Mr. White is a and is a member of Rockwell G. A. K of who will attend to the burial of himself and family. Charles reported dead this is badly but physicians think he will lecover. The calamity is clearly the resnltof care- lessness on the part of the owners of the water who had been notified of the dam's weakness. It throws a great many hands out of employment and paralyzes East Lee's industry. Besides the property loss of it will cost the town at least to repair tbo roads and pay costs'. _ SCHOOL CHILDREN'ON STRXKK. Sixty Pupils of the South Boston Schools Demand a Single .SCHHJOM. April 20 pupils of the South Boston public schools struck yoater- day for a single session. They marched in procession to the city proper where tried -to pernunde the scholars of the Qaincy and Brimmar schools to join them. Failing therein they returned to South Boston where they had several banners painted. Tbia morning they again assem- bled and forming a lino across Beach and Knceland streets prevented other boys from entering the scboolhouse. They were dis- persed by tbe bnt met an hour later and with and banners Hying marched by the seminary and Brimmer schools singiog and yelling. Before dispersing they opened tho windows of Brimmer school and stoned Mr. the assistant mas- to Hit him with the miyailes. CUKA.M soda water at 80 Main street. 4-20-1 w MARKS Buos.' light oflico coats. A KEKJNKUY JN FLA.MKS. The Immense Standard Concern at man Heavy 1 Special dispatoh to April iauuetuje Standard Oil Company's Bear Creek re- located at Coleman on the Allegheny Valley seven ruilca from this caught lire at o'clock this evening and at 10 o'clock is still burn- nnd will probably prove n total The telegraph a large section of the Yiilloy railroad tracks and other ndjnccnfc property aro completely destroyed. A uuraber of stills and oil tanks situated ou Ibu hillside are still their seething contents rushing iu torreuts into the river. The loss is ostimaled at to 000. The company insure their own property. G. A. .It. color guaranteed WOLFK HKNLKIN'S. t. BRADFORD COAL COMPANY are imw selling maple 16 and 18 at delivered. 4-20-tf J'roelitiimlioii by tho Hoard oi' Uealth. Notice is hereby officially given to all iu tbe city of Bradford that they must abate all nuisances of filth. dead garbage or any unsonurl or offensive matter whatever on or about thpir premises at once. The Mayor nod Board of Health will make n general survey through the accom- panied by tbo floalth Officer and Sanitary this week Friday. Citizens will wave coats by attending to a general cleaning np of their premises. Section of ordinance No. 2 reads aa SEC. .13. It slmll not ho lawful Tor any person to throw or or cause to bo thrown or depos- at any place in said city any niiimiil stablo drippings or ofliil ot tiny liiml which will produce or whereby the health of uny portion of the community may become or and each person violating tho provisions of this section shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor nnd shall be lined in any sum not exceeding twenty dollars Tor each and every oflensc. The above as well as the whole of ordinadco No. bo strictly en- forced. The dumping ground is located near the Krie and auy filth taken ihcre must be and any person caught dumping any garbage or filth of any kind will be dealt with as tbe ordinances of the city require. P. M. President JAMICS A. Secretary. A. C. L. F. E. W. E. T. It Members Board ot Health. BEFORE buying your straw hats examine those shown by WOLFK U5 Main street. Carrietl Covered from a an in- of the bouse they left the door aud tbe rteut McLanghliu's NEW artotypes at BKKNNAN DAVIS'. Coininntotl. FOBT April death sentences of five of the eight Indian Territory murderers to buve been hnuged here on Friday next have btieu commuted to imprisonment for life ia the Detroit bouse of correction. Those commuted Meredith who killed a desperado named Cubb .Robinson charged with killing Henry post- master at Fort and He-Wah- Lues Hammond and one three half-civilized CberoUees who mur- dered a peddler named Owens far a plug of tobacco. Tate aud Deep Rock mineral by bottle or at oOMain street. MARKS BBOS. J Jight-weigbt nndorwcnr. The Muulretil Flood. MO.NTHEAL. April minutes before midday the Held of ice which for the past six days has remained steadfast in front of the city onved out. The water receded rapidly and to-night many streets are dry. A fair estimate places the dam- age to the city at THE Three Heroes are coming. n taken in of the KNOWN for its Union House. 16-2w FINK assortment of wines and ales at 7 Main street. Wanted. Immediately two good assist art millin- ers at 22 Main street. ALWAYS confirmation en G-OOD- WOLFK HKNLBIN. i PATTISON'S BOOMERANG m HIS EXCELLENCES ACTION FAILS TO EXCITE SENSATION. The Orphans' Schools' Syiidiiuiie Not Frightened Democracy for Wagner Accepts. i Correspondence oi THE April celleucy Jid not create very much of a sen- sation in the eastern part of Pennsylvania when he removed Rev. Sayers and Mrs. Hotter from thts they held as inspectors of soldiers' schools anrt requested the resignation of Super- intendent of Public Instruction. The in- spectors will step down and as their authority is purc-ly within the prerogative of the Executive. He can remove them for cause. ButHigbae he cannot harm beyond a resprclful call for his resignation. Hig- bee i.s a in politics and was re- appoioted in by Gov. Pattiaon in the face of a powerful opposition from some of the hungry IX-nvjcratic knowledge dis- who hiiK'urely despite superior that Jacksonian principles should be enforced by a Demo- cratic Goveiv..-ir. Oov. Pdtliso'i as a re- fbrai politician with H very delicate of mining through his veins heeded not party ciamor. He boldly uufl defiantly ivc.igaixed the foliowerj of would-bs G ivcrnor Joha Stewarfc by ap- poioling liighee Tbe local Democracy were fnriou.s. They orgaaized a scheme to defeat confirmiilion by the Senate with the aid of a few But it fell through for want of proper en- couragement and Hiybeo secured his place. He is a smiles ab everything but a request to resign and had a good reputation previous to the pres- ent disclosurea. He will not resign. He will tight. He is already preparing a reply to Gov. Patiison. Thosj who know him say he will read his Excellency a public lecture that will make his ears ring He ia fortifying himself with figures aud docu- ments. His though will be viewed in part ay the line of defends that will be pursued by the managers of the whose lips up to the present timvhavf' .sealed. Attorney General Cas-udiiy may begin operations at once against the syndicate. HisJostnictiona are positive. Bub lie may not follow the orders of his tbe Governor. In fact I hear ib hiuterl that there will he nothing further done in the case until after tho when it will be contested for all it is worth to the State aud the news- paper which inaugurated the sensation. of Pattison's enemies say hia letter is merely a make-shift to let him down hs will not prosecute tbe syndicate at all. This I give for what it way be wortb. But it does uot lake n very close observer to dotecfc a Inkewarinness in the Governor's official n Iterances when compared with the liighly flavored and colored reports that were made to the country ueuding tbo pre- liminary examination. lustead of Inspectors atitf the Governor has appointed Gen. Louis of to serve in his place. Gen. Wagner is a consnientiocs Re- with a good clear in whom the Governor has more than once expressed unlimited confidence. At first the General was iaeliue.d to decline the on business but the influence of personal friends induced him to accept. Strange aa it may he dcE-irefi'to serve without compensation This portion of his determination is vari- ously construed by the politicians. Ia any it places him in an embarrassing position. Bat who claim to know him best say Wagner is of the same opinion on the syndicate as Gov. aud that he declines compensation in order to throw off any suspicions that his forthcoming conduct or opinion may possibly be in- fluenced by Democratic money. Again are the Democrats mad at his they is aping President Grovcr in so-called reform movements to injure the party. Although reported to be tbe Democracy of Pennsylvania are very liable to come np smiling with their customary norvo and determination when tho partisan call is made for the Gubernatorial swacp- stakes. There are a few factional dissen- sions us bnt there will be no open breaks unless TIIK EBA correspond- ent has completely his reckoning. Some are dissatisfied with President Cleve- they has created a one rrrnn power by giving Randall almost exclusive control of the patronage. Others quarrel because Pattison has fallen lamentably short of their expectations. But nothing has b said so far against the leaders that I have not in sub- at for twenty years by the same with the few changes wrought by time. Democracy is always hopelessly and insanely divided upon holding a con- aud united and solid as a rock at the polls. In convention they always kiss and make up like quarrelsome lovers. How often liavo the people heard of Wallace em- bracing Randall and K.indall Wal- of hatchet being bDr'iecl and factional strife There are already signs of a reunion. T.t will be brought about by very the same loyal influence that usually crops out just before convention. In my the Democrats should have called the State Committee together and lead the Republi- cans iu naming a day for their State conven- tion. Why they persist in doing everything second-handed is incomprehensible to me. Randall and a few others have been HO industriously dividing the fourth class poatoflices parcelling out tbe spoils that it is hardly reasonable to expect they are ready or that they even desired to take the initiative. They may be as ag- gressive as Sorrel Top Cooper who says he is nut a soldier's orphan nor even an or- phan of the but they do not show it. Some Democratic wag says they are aggressive in their minds. Coopers convention will be held as THE ERA has already announced. Eensel s convention is yet an but ib is reasonable to assume that he will have one some time after. York county Democrats endorsed Lieutenant Governor Chauucey Black for Governor. In where they elected Lattimer a Republican Jndge last despite tbe usual three rhousand Democratic Democ are divided on local but severely united they say on State nnd National i aaues. As the readers of THE EBA doubtlessly know is also a grand p'oachable family record. Black has inherited the traits and charac- teristics of his sire. He is a brilliant and indefatigable writer. As correspondent at large for the New York Sun for many years he has added greatly to the reportorial corps of that pre-eminently successful jour- nal. Black weighs two hundred pounds or more. He ia as kind and open hearted as he is bulky Aa lawyer and politician he is decidedly the severest candidate yet named by the democracy. lu politics he is liberal and socially he is a prince of good fellflws. Daring his term of office he has made himself deservedly popu- lar with a large class of political op- ponents wlio would not quit him at the polls.- I have heard many Republicans say they would sooner vote for Black than Beaver for Governor. They mean as they are not the kind of men who would boast ol their political in- tentions. Ia several social circles of the Democracy Simpson the present Secretary of nnl is mentioned PA a possible for Governor. Africa is from. Huntingdon county. He is fully in every particular for the position he holds. He has followed civil engineering for more than a quarter of a century. He is bnt his or some of his closest do not think he ahould be advanced over Chaancey Black in the party councils. Every partisan in Pennsylvania would cheerfully concede him a renomination to the office be holds. He been the ablest uiun in the place for fifteen years. Lucius of the Republican who was entitled to the office years would have made as capa- ble a secretary as Africa. I recall no other man that would compare favorably with him. Senator has hosts of who want him to accept the Democratic bub the statesman from Clearfleld firm says he does uot want the office. He says to THE ERA correspondent that he hfis nofc given tbe subject a thought aside from the refereuce.s made to personal friends who have urged him to he a candidate. It is understood Wallace would lead the party providing he could bs chosen 'without going through n bitter fight to secure the place. it is already hinted that Randall and Hensel and others understanding the situa- tion have passed the word all along the Administration Hnefl that Wallace must not ba opposed. Oa the other hand- they claim they will support him. Such unan- imity quite naturally makes the Wallace- ites suspicious. They think it premature and insincere. They base their opinion on the uncivil and con- temptible treatment their favorite has received from the Administration. Be this as it Wallace will remain a quiet candidate in the estimation of many stalwart Democrats who claim they want revenge now that Randall has all the spoilfi. But they and I think change from this position and remain true to the principles of which they claim Randall has since abandoned. One of the most prominent Democrats in Penn- sylvania says Randall is a Democrat. He is still a Whig and has voted with the Re- publicans on all important protective tariff legislation for twenty-live lie says he can produce the record to substantiate hu asserts. nc.-jimteuria there is an absolute bargain between Ran- find Col. McClure for the spoils of Pennsylvania. The friends of this trio can get anything they want. McKean Democrats already know post- ofiico was recently supplied with a candi- date named by President Cleveland at the solicitation of M. F. a warm friond of Randall's. Elliott had little outside bub he had a advantage pushing a dark horse after all other a dozen or more had abandoned the field. This is merely a small evidence oi' tbe countless illustrations that could be recited. In fact all that has been done came about in Hie same with few variations as to locality and But tho cer- tificates of endorsement have been practi- cally the Ifc is also hinted Randall will be urged as a candidate. He also .is opposed to running for the bnt sev- eral of his iutiraiUe say he will consent to do HO if he cftu save the party to the Democracy. There are iiuuiy administration Democrats wlio are sincere ia their opinion that is the only candidate who can secure Pennsylvania t.o the Democracy. say President Cleve- land will give him the full support of the Administration and its friends. Randall would certainly make strong candidate if the .1 of the Keystone State would care as much about getting him out of Cabgresa MS of who thinks Randall is the only man in America thatremaius an obstacle to tariff reform. I hear it on tho that Hon. W. W. Brown will practically have a walk-over far a nomination for a third term iu Cougres3 if he desires it. Have not aeon the gentle- man or anyone who could speak for but I do know he has bscn a faithful and obliging representative. NKW Easter ofl'erins at BRKJTNA DAVIS'. all at 30 Main street. LIGHT weight coata nnd vests at GOOD- WOLFE HENLKTX'S. 21-tf To tlio Ladles ami Gentlemen. Our citizens aro to be congratulated from tho fact that Mr. V. L an ex- perienced French bleacher and has decided to remain in Bradford with headquarters at No. U Kennedy street. The ladies of tte city who have heretofore sent away their straw hatn to be dyed or pressed iu the latest by a visit- Catinand convince themselves that be cau do the finest work and is thoroughly a practical hatter. Nor is this all. Clothing pressed and repaired as as The- of N. or any other lead- ing dyer. Ladies can practice chanty at home by patronizing a home industry equal to any in the United States. Gen- tlemen who wear a ar a derby can have them neatly changed into latest THE ERA cheerfully recommends Mr. Catinand to public having seen testimonials of his character and merit as a workman._______ MABKS BKOS.J Norfolk coats. By the bottle or on at i OA af.rppr 4-JU-IW S oU j TUP greatest fire extinguisher of the the Hafward Hand simple and effective Anyone who can throw a ball Vtime is lost. Its stantaneons. They will extinguish n or benzine fin. The fireTextiWsber of the to the rich and poor ft furnishes protection from the fire Esmember there are worthless you get the genaina Hayward. W. E. PAEK ALWAYS give valao GOOD- WOLFE GOOD AND POOR WELLS. DUSTERS BOTH AT WASHINGTON AND SETOITSETOWK. ig Tankaj-o at an .Expected Waiting for Fourteen Wells at The Sad Oil History of Allcgany Vil- lage. Dispatch 10 THE ERA.1 April J. Vander- grirVsNo. 2 the Barre farm has been drilling all day. There was a rnmor that id was through the fifty-foot sand and dry. Tbe well is dry as far as drilled. It may he in or through the Gantz but it not deep enough to be through the fifty- loot. They are building tankage and have casing connections to'a tank. If through the fifty-foot and this is quite a From appearances there is liable to be a change any day. Willetts No. 2 was turned into the tank thia morning. It does not appear to be sprnviug as much oil as it did last evening. The owners are making ready for a large well. Munhall Co. iiave been shut down putting up tankage. The well commenced spraying last night after dark about the same amounf- Willetts No. 2. Ifc was a surprise to the owners this as they did not expect to reach the sand until to-morrow. These two wells are so much like the old Dyer Xo. 1 that they look favorable for good paying wells. Deeper drilling is all that can determine what they are good for. Pew on the have got the last bit and drilling again. The gas seems to be increasing and iu consequence thereof it will take time to get to the in- teresting point. Tbayer No. 2 expects to get the Gordon sand to-morrow. The owners are here to see it come in. It ia located near the Gor- don No. 1 on the Clark and does not open up any new territory. The on the Shirls was drilled to-day without any improvement. KANE. Jo wired last night that there was nothing new of importance there yester- day. Nos. 385 and 345 are not in yet. on was torpedoed to-day and made a but has uot improved much. All quiet here waiting on fourteen wells. S HO U SET OWN. t H. Jennings received a message from Clark Hayes last evening to the effect that the Wallace well was doing over a foot of oil in a250-barrel tank. The Galey Bros.' well passed through the sand and is dry. The Eachel and Hopper wells are due to get the sand to-day. STORY OF ALLEGANY. Not long ago in tba history of oil oper- ations the little of Allogany had quite a fascination for mystery artists who thought they had a little oil field all to themselves and were desirous of painting the towu u crimson color. Tbe prospects were not at all favorable ior n large but the.n it is presumed thafc they worked on the strength of surface indications. Here they worked with a persistence that no market could discourage and no oppo- sition intimidate. The first symptom of resistance that was was last Monday when thelvnox Stone well came iu which gives Allegany a mighty bad black and the Anchor Oil Company's which is almost worthless knocked the rosy color out of her. When a press slave dropped oft1 the train he noticed C. C. Charles William'Corse and J. A. Schraeder standing on the platform waitiug for tlie west bound train. Mr. Conroy extended a cordial invitation to the reporter to visit his No. which waa accepted. The re- mainder of the party were feeling sore or something transpired to prevent them from from joiniug in. Upon arriving nfc the well Charles paid off the informing Hint faithful servant that his services were no longer opened the tank house and made winch were mysterious and iiAbalistic features for the two public property. That which at- tracted the attention of Couroy Johnson wns the old Wood well ono location west of their No. 1 which wag oozing over one day while Couroy waa present. Fancying there waR something rich iu the immediate neighborhood these gentlemen leased all the surrounding land and sunk a test well. The sand was tapped at the deptli of feet and the drill finished up at passing through seventeen feet of oil bearing sand which looks very much like the regular Bradford third sand. They shot about .seventeen feet of sand and in the first Uveni.y-four hours the well mnde four inches in the bottom of a barrel tank. The well produced just thirty-four and three-fourths inches in the first thirty days and made sixty inches in sixty daya ending or a total of 270 bar- rels. No. '3 is still drilling and due to get the sand next week. The Anchor Oil Co on the Kane is through the third sand and if Gallagher were allowed to treat it toaJSO quart shot she might produce U barrels for a few days. Knox on the Zester loca- ted about a mile Houthwcst on a line from the Conroy Xo. was finished up at finding some eight feet of infe- rior sand with no trace of oil. The Wood referred to was sunk about ten years ago. The tubirjgand casing are on but no casing-head. A board that is over the hole holds the casing up. Oil oozes over every other day. They will build a rig over the hole and it. The Smart Aleck Oil Company and Ste- vens Company cased yesterday. Jqjio Knox intends building a rig on the Mrs. Chamberlin farm. Five Mile Oil Company are drilling on the Hall farm. The Little German Oil Company died on the 18th day of with convul- sions. Three days ago this who had an option on considerable land surrounding the could nob be persuaded to set a price on their property. Now they will sell tor an acre. The following appeared on the hotel reg- ister Monday with no given names or place of in large black MONDAY. MONDAY. MONDAY. MONDAY. MONDAY. The producers have all left this field and land in offered at very low figures. Little Datcby expressed his-willingness to sell at any figure. We were informed this morning that the contractors of the St. Marys well intend building a high fence around the derrick in order to the inquisitive visitor at a distance. They have an en- trance guarded by a who collect tea cents from all who desire to see the mysterious work conducted within. A person will be employed to re- main in the derrick alt the time and answer all qnestions pnt to him. By this means they hope to prevent the drillers being an- noyed. The plan is a good but whether it will ever be carried out or not we are unable to say. It will be noticed from tbe above clipping from the Times that the producers oat iu Ohio have contrived a scheme in which they will endeavor to realize enough money to help pay for sinking a well by charging the innocent ten cents to look at a driller. We have not yet been informed whether this specimen of hnmauity draws the houses that Barn urn's Jumbo did. If the results are why not do like- wise at Kane or Of course these places would uot attract the crowd's attention that Lima bat if worked probably the producers could make the scouts pony up a halt to catch on. BURNING On.. An Excltliiff Time lu u Blazing Tank Onr. Some weeks ago an iron tank on the bill at Carroll ton caught lire and the oil was drawn off into a pool near the Erie Railroad track. A spark from a passing freight train fell into the pool about noon yesterday creating a lively blaze. The burning oil overflowed the track and set on fire a tank car full of crude standing near the loading rack. The telegraph wires were very quickly destroyed so that it was impossible to wire Salamanca for assist- ance. Au engine dashed up how- and the firemen being appealed to turned out very quickly. They together with a steamer and other apparatus were hauled to the scene and by hitching to the dome of the burning tank car succeeded ia overturning it. In this shape there was no eacapa for the heated oil and gas. Sud- denly with n noise like the report of a heavy cannon tbe. tank blowing out one end.. Fortunately the forty or were working at tho opposite end or there would have baeu a fearful casualty. Burning oil was thrown over 150 feet iu the air and to a great distance. The car aud 300 feet of loading rack were destrayed involving a loss to tbe pipe line of The railroad company's loss was and a dam'aged track. The car held 103 bar- rels of not a large amount but enough to make it very interesting for the firemen who worked very putting on two streams from their steamer which was stationed on a flat ear and drew water from the tank of a locomotive. There was no great delay to passenger owing to tbe time the accident occurred. THE STRIKE AT CHICAGO EXBRTgA TKU-STATK COM5TERCK. ON 1N- Tho Governor ol' Jlliiioln AdtlrOMKCH lli.i and in Orontorl With Engineers Induced Not lo Out. CHIC April Gov. Oglesby arrived at the Grand Pacific Hot-el turn from and shortly afterward had a private conference with Sheriff Hanchctt and the Lake Shore Rail- road officials on the subject of ihe Lake Shore switchmen's strike. buve no anttcipatiou of serious trouble with tho said the after the conference. course the railroad people waut the interference of the strikers with the new men stopped and to cuil are uUkluy. JJui I uuu't wy what action will bo takcu uutiJ the neces- sity arises. It may be necessary to call out militia. If it does become neces- sary 1 will do it. Tho sheriff has the Fire Department Election. The annual election of tbe Bradford Fire Department last evening attracted but a mild degree of interest. President who has so alily officiated over the counsels of our declined a re- greatly to the regret of his ad- mirers. The only contest wag for First Assistant the candidates being Johu J. Lane and W. T. McCarthy. The election resulted as Frank. L. Edgett. C. Greeuewald. Cobn. Judge of McMahon. Inspectors of D. John Hutchinsou. Chief Graiuger. First J. Laue. Second C. Hurley. i i i m......_.. ._ NEVER misrepresent onr goods or WOLPK HKNLKTN. The FJre Police. At the annual election of fcho liradford Fire Police Brigade last evening the fol- lowing officers were B. Whitehend. C. Fox. J. Lane. A. Lindcey. H. Weaver. First E. J. Chambers. Second R. Porkins. of C. K. J. A. P. 0. Roberta. at PAVIH'. MARKS BROS.' fine spring neckwear. 1'ERSONAL. Isaac of N. is here. 0. of is at the RiddoIL K. J. of the Buffalo is in town. H. G. Andrews came up from Lime- Stone yesterday. W. of is visiting in town. B. of ia registered at the Henderson. D. E. of is visit- ing her parents here. E. of is reg- istered at tbe Biddell. Guy H. of the Jamestown in town yesterday. H. Duwaon and of are visiting friends in the city. H. Mallick and of are visiting relatives in the city. foreman of the Warren Mirror is visiting ia town. of State was regis- tered yesterday at the Henderson. C. N. the well-known was up from Titusville yesterday. J. C. of the National Transit at is in the city. W. T. of the National Transit Oil was in the city yesterday. of X. is the guest of Mrs. F. P. Cory don street. of was in town for a short time yesterday and stopped at the F. M. Kelleher is visiting her pa- rents at Wellsville. Misa Josie Soilivan accompanied her. E. of the Hay ward Hand Grenade Fire Extinguishing New is in the city. s n peri n ten dent of the Na- tional Transit Co. for the Coleville was in tbe city yesterday. greatest power at his and it is his province to maintain the peace in his county without aid from the if pos- sible. He can call on every able-bodied man to assist in maintaining and could easily muster a force hero superior to the entire command of State Shortly before noon an engine was lukea up to Thirty-ninth street to clear the stock yards of tbe cars which were block- aded there yesterday. A number of strikers and palled the pins and refused to allow the engineer to take the cars out. The attempt was abandoned and the engine driven back to the round house. Yardiuaster Jones this afternoon was uot. disposed to discuss the situation. He per- sisted iu saying that the company would offer no proposition looking lo a compro- mise with the striking switchmen. It ap- pears to be tbo determination of tho com- pany to fill all the places of strikers with new hands. The strikers' aafcty committee say all decent men who have come ont to go to work on misrepresentations will taken care of by the Switchmen's Union. Much complaint ia made by tbo more con- servative of the strikers against the conduct of who were chiefly responsible for frustrating the company's design to-day to clear the blockade on the stock yanls At 3 o'clock this afternoon a appoint trniii having on board the Shcrifl' Hancbett and the railroad officials pro- ceeded to Forty-third the Governor desiring to witness ua attempt to make up a train aufl start it. The Governor made a speech to tho cautioning them to keep within bounds of the law. JIo said they hod tho privilege of persuading engineers not to take out but auy attempt to pull pins or any act of violonou would be met with by interference ou the part of the county authorities and if need by the State. His epecch was received with derisive yells nnd when the uugiuo came out of the rouud IIOIIHG it had nob proceeded more than sovou- ty-five Tecfc when half a. doxcu strikers mounted Ibe uuginc nnd inrincml tbe engineer to re turn to tho At South Chicago the striking Hwitchimtn Induced the engineer of the local freight to switch the whole train at that point. Tina nfteruooii President Pot- of the South Chicago rolling at- tempted 1o move twenty cars of coke loaded on Lake Shore but was prevented by the Htrikera. lie claimed that ho had only cuke enough ou hand to run his mill until 10 o'clock to-morrow morning aml'unlcsH he would he allowed to move tbo coku from the Lake Shore tracks to the wills ho would have to ghut thereby throwing men out of employ- ment. Tho Sonth Chicago strikers pub themselves in communication with the strikers iu tlie but Mr. Potter vim not allowed to move his coke. A committee from the strikers afterward investigated Potter's and learned thafc he had four or five days' supply on 1m The in an interview .said lie thought the had n lnui aud that he them fio thin after- noon. Ho said they had no right to de- mand tbe discharge of men who had worked nud corned their simply they did not. belong to an Being asked if he would call out the he said .such n thing had uot consid- ered COLOHKD fine dress shirts at WOLKK HKNI.KIN'H. street. Koon at 7 Main JESSE the well-known carpet layer and has returned and is Main street. reedy to lay and clean carpets in flrat-claas style on short notice. It BIIOH.' spring Alfl Union. Sawyer City Union was hint Saturday evening by W. of Deputy Snpceme Prcni- dent E. A. with 111 applicants for charter. Mr. Brown was aviated by Dr. F. W. of Good Enough Rew who acted as Supreme Con- ductor. The names of the officers aro found Harvey Gibson. Harvey. H. Steover. Jamcfl F. P. Lawton. W. Satterlee. Nugent. Clark. J. Lockard. B. Corwin. K. H. Steover. B. Clawaon. Taft. Assistant E.Clark. 0. Buchanan. Examining W. M. D. RepresenUtive to Grand F. P. Law ton. Time of every Saturday even- place of Buchanan Hall. MABKS spring childa1 auita. CALL for export for family one at Union House. 16-2w Bennett Brook Ice Company Offer to supply guaranteed free from all upon the moflt terms. Office with C. P. Cody In- surance 59 Mala atreet. Telephone No. 213. 4-5-tf J. J. BHKKHY. M _ ARTISTS' material at 30 -T ALL sizes child's pants at WOLFE HBNLEINV Soda With pure. fruit and cream syrapi. Oar coffee syrap taken the cake. 30 Main LAWN tennis at BBENKAN A DAVIS'. I JU8T ABEIVXD 9BOX KENTUCKY and now hare on hand forty .head of good and driving bortea for sale. 8. Q. Coirmr. MABBM BXML diw r v. f f .r fc 4 j T- J. ..-I- t

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