Tuesday, November 5, 1867

Morning Oregonian

Location: Portland, Oregon

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Text Content of Page 1 of Morning Oregonian on Tuesday, November 5, 1867

Morning Oregonian (Newspaper) - November 5, 1867, Portland, Oregon sn CO I C .AV OI3VOE ccmUlolac ]n a high to all rvfft of the Jtn of moat tiutavr M of aud tltgr.nl H hood to all rtl.Uj, Wt t r f.Tvr iUtt iMparti to ifc, .at can pnxJufxibj or r-awCliottary .oUow f-Jiy klid- for tonalM wbo nrv an-twU alaaflat Mtl...t to a4tx-fnp.av.ij tt.tkt I "evw.4 by I jt u Ml applk.U.0.. for -Ufcy Coui. IM IK vrereSekar.. and THUT COUGHING .Jm, l> but tbe ONE J all elm. JfiLL'S -y Sjrap t" r-" Syrup i Syrttji n 'I r ie> It U eUa aai dk. IHA -I allr i ill taw Hair Mft >w4 .vt arat- laik All wke> kare) aal Ike) k a Hair laatr r ALUOTHVBB t WABHINCTOM KDIMCTON'S '1 fcoaa .Trait. Frolt. Back ddalwlcea. moth anv EEBIWJTON4OO., I A. Ik. ParlaeOoeal Loo. will rare -t-f I'y -I'V'- "roc" fer aad otkar dfc- IV -la., and tor raiaala ewa- Cat- D ef Urine, feUD- afPfafc-aor iky a etal. aa tbiT jxll.nl who nave ft Catbolkon cannot r fcr relief aiurt-d ITOBI co I AND 41B FRONT BTKEET. BAM FRANOHCO. purwy wlfb AS A BLOOD MEDlClM Il no IT 18 NO BECRKT MEPI- CIVS, AS TOE FOItMOLA HUT- HAS IN TUE MEDICAL BOOK' BT PIIY8ICIAW JIBTEDICINE WE W WHITE 8WELLIVO, OF AN THOUSANDS' WILL TOB U 1 Fre.1 tt UBaTH-T I.. FIT-TOOK., Pr.prl.tor. "S1, by c-rrterVl. "VVel 1R WHS, ADTOinitHO atllberal Ml WEEKLY OREOONIAN Containing a ..lectio, .1 the belt article. In tbe IMIly will be nnblubed every y Mall any jftpptr Columbia an w e laturday unrnlnr and forwarded by for y part and far three month. In All at tbe end of tbe lime f jr wide tboy are paid Bnlncrlben onld renew at Iw week, before the date printed npoii the itddreu label t one door from Front IAH FIANC13CO L P FUlUEtt, Waab laftot, Street. 8anf FAST FREIGHT USE I I DM. R. B. WILSON, Omoo-No. BBtar Kernel Horttt Foxtrtk atraat, Between B. id 0 dawtl OR. H. M'KINNCLL PREFCRIKO THIS MILD. EFFICIENT HEDIOAL TRIATM11NT ran coninlt blip at bl. (rooting tbe Public Square Tea Practice InOkeaVn enable, bun to treat 10, 1M4 dtf Jan DR. EICHLER, PHYSICIAN BDEOEON A AOCOUOflLIIK. Plrat and Oak AL ATTENTIOK PAID TO CHRONIC BIS- Bklo Dhv aad D! al Ladle, and Coll ctrici; Bonn frem 10 U A H I to I P U Ilia Poor S lo t p H <l I to P M Afall itoclc of Groceries and rinvlilonH, Ilard- wara. and tlief Ir to and Steal, arway. on band and will be 10 d Low lor Caen. JOHN K. IWTKR 00 PARRI8H, 1TTORNKYS AKB COUNSELORS-AT-LAW, POKTLAKD, OREOON Ol Araer Blreat, In Cartar'a Maw Brick Bleal J. B. UPTON, ATTORNIY AKD COUNSELOll-AT OKEGOH CITY. jp. r. D1LTOH RUSSELL A DALTOH, 1TTORNKV8 AND COOK8BLORS AT-LAVT, f muf Rial Agenti, WIU. PKACnCK IS tilt COURTS Of TUB 8BC- ond, TblteX aoi Foatrtb Dietrlcta and In ffcort of OFtlCl la rarrlab'a Brick Albany, Oregoi. 49-aPKCIAL ATttNTlON u Ibe OObttC- nOM Or 0( IMI at all point! In tbe aliore named Dbi- Irlcle W. W. UPTON, J.TTORNKT COUNSELOR-AT-LAW, rORILAND, OKIWON J u A.riUX KO S OARTIH'B BDILDINO, CORNKIt VV fraait and Alder up elalra S8 CA918 anlOdtl H. Civil. BIIOIIIBBR, OITT 13 OAKTtH'8 BDILDINO, OORKEIt FrettMd. Alder StreeU Xntrauot on Alder 81 ar-' -d, A .tal 1S8T Wlieeler BUTTON-HOLE MACHINE! AT THE GHJiAT PARIS EXPOSITJOS. 1867, Being the Mghert and all tb warded to any Bewlng Compel; noiltlon. W. M. BTODDARD, Corner Sacratnento and Uontgunier anndlptl Ban I r "O. E JPATII VBaB HIOHBBT PKICE FOB TOIDn. AID BO.bMMEHT IEMR1TIU BOrJUHT ABDJIOI.O. No. IO8 Front Street, fcHM PORTLAND, ORIOON I t 'Hi W. CO AMERICAN AND ENGLISH JFront Corner of Oalc. PORTLAND ORKOON a- -W. COURLEY, Eft TOMLANB, OHOTOX, WATCHMAKERS AND JEWELERS lite nr "m, Watahea tarlka AUCUIOAM WATCH OOMPANV, aUe Jar WUeoi A Olbbe' Letter 0' Jf. If. JONES CO. HATtNO REMOjVFD THEIR J1EAM COFFEE AND SPICE MILL SPICES ater raadly wee. OHOUVD CdFFEKIa alwayiiueet whan and tbe pnblta are Incited to try our at Bvreb- old and >lale InportatloM JalylTIb ISoT dlf J. M. KEELEIt, BRCGON COMMISSION AGENCY, NIW YORK CITY FOR BUYING MD SHIPPING DIRECT THE IBTIIUUB OK CAPE HORN ADO mlandrerletlciofMrrchandlie Inclndlnf 1ISTRUMENTS, FiflMINO IMPLEMENTS, OAttKLAOIS AHT ARTICIF OF SKI tf ID TTOIIR tor aftla or olberwlw wfa weir Itorad and of per atunthia will alw be (Iren U the 8ecurln[ Ud Dbpoalllon of PATENT? All t a and ImelaeM will heceive t attention Shipped In bnt etyle al the Loweal Ratal, Ineared to order OINfRAL BATE OF OOUUI8SION, i PER CENT >at aatall naltera of Purchase or Inquiry, tbe charge, ir UT, wfl be reaeonable BJtrtaMcis AUricb. Merrill Co Dan Frauelwe California. MeCraken Uerrlll i Co PotlUnd Oi'BOO 1 n Hoerea, balen Oref n Hentellh. Allianr. Oregon tw TORX CtTT L Brownen Bro 2fi Bread 8t B C B. Tllten 06 and 97 UWrty 8t A II BUrr lala of W Liberty 81 Mann1 Trau National Bank huteCo, 1 Reduction on TO 130 ATT' Ireight SUMMER ARRANGEMENT PROM ArfD AFTER JIAH 1ST fnrtber notice onr for FAB be a. follow. From Portland to Rolae City Idah i City Iluby CUT Portland, Jnne 1, 18G- J.ldtf 1 JOHN FOSTER i: CO. FIRWAROMB AND COMMISSION WRCHArJT, UMATILLA, OREOON _P4 OODB REOKIYXD AND POKWA tl fjrpart. of tbe MINES IN V9> YHEE and all oonnecteit w ng and Commlajlon bujtlneupromptlr a aet- of Ref. Jacob Underbill A Co Qeo C A Co Ban Francisco at ark Oooda eara 01 [Alien t I j. R. r. U67, VKKH1I1T wl :entf per ponod .HID TO ALI IDAHO ANI !b tbe Vorward lendud lo 1, Oregc-0 AWARDED TO WHEELER WILSON'S SEWING FIRST PREMIUM GOLD MMINE. MEDAL TO Til VROM OCTOBER TO MAY OVA KVfCHIlfG AFFORD TOUXO AND HIDDLI-AOCD ML wbreSf front to lime a rare chance tft JuipruTC Ihvnuelyrs Any ri b> oar tur ftUamHiiK will without a dvuDt, bu .talAtjr ttarrJInt tu Clerk t, and wli to SCIIOLAttflrilPS or Couni nnllnlled) it On Ex-1 iberlat, 19-37. acbobir- for the fall eoune will ilw.ul.liw tlM privllece to lew the at CrvLiroii'u Univn- TT, Praaebco Studenlttcan aojr time M. K LANDEN, Frw l IJ, II DcTaUVCX, Sec 7 tuiTldtf YOTJE BUTTER I PRKHKRVK TOUR HJBATI .OSS' NEW PATENT PRESERVER, Medal. iv at tbU Ex ;ent, Oil f rnla. CI'JL'V R. PI i lOCKJ WORTH PROMT Lower Steanuhrp Lai id Vint amel Morrli WbolH-'e aHd Retail mannlaoti rer of 33 fU A Beaten and Badft PII.OT B1H.KAD, PIK8, CAKttB. ate. all kind, of STEAMBOAT AND SHIP STORES, cf FKUTTS. YlORTADLtiS, Bread and Store, delivered to any t art of the dlj trem earerolli oUaf aad promptlj heraafler wffl bed 9HTHE OASH PKIHOIPLE j RENNICK'S SITKA LINIMENT I TUK KOBT DISOOV- BUY KVKK UAOX I Will Cnre All Fnins m Minutes! Read tbe l BPRATHJfij) WRIST CtTRED POKTaUMD, I WM at Mr on Ancuat IMi, id ewalaf maclc of J 0 KENMCK'tf K.TKA [NIMENT In hti cor.clndoJ to trj wblcli hu bMn MbUofFlVK MINUTES from appllc Moo, aOd U vw My wri.it HO IM! I could not lut 017 I bolleve It will cm pe.u In a sort llutt, I will gUe aoj further part count VINCFNTMcCUJ Corner ut Fiftb auJ Co Removed! PuHTLAXU AUJfUAt I8C7 BENMlkS yiTKA LIMJIENT for tin and of the KUm at d check I 11 a 1 a umor the earn wlilch froin my toutti a pain whlLb from fur I applltnl w LtlDimeat, aad to my aurprUe. It the letup d tbe palu so tlmt It tiuw M wt-U I lit, oilier frarfully Mwdkn lliii waa n predMitce of two wlturwwfi I MITCHKLL POILTI.AHD 12tb For I have mtli a ptvln i lay tack which it WM drrinful I I n nlU not siwh tortnftit But I got a but _ ofKKNNRK'S B1TKA wllli ub It 1-er.Vclljr curod I can it auy <ly nuIfFrliiK ir iu In anj way, ft r t ar i cunvjnml em DORItCOlIN, CoroflT of Fonrtb and itreeti Any who docs uot call, and I will cuiiTinco Rheumatism Cured! C. nntj of Ml, JEREMIAII IIHOCK, DULY L tlmt I uni firtv tlirte cf ntuliill Cuuiity irf I d to tliln ii itlxud Ink. LB8 VEWlIIfKIMMLB KEwt. loraal. ay U.BKTL PITTOCK I Portlaad. on holMlacV. fi "ben I left boi le I conl 1 srnrctly ilk rj MMtJ on n y Kl euinallKin wlilcb lm n of ram. H Portland. Sept l.tb leoT JUST RECEIVED BookPipar. aale low f and IP by HENRY L PITTOOK 6 PORTLAND, ORKGOJN: TUESDA and EXPRESS AND PASSENGER LIN TOOW PORTLAND TO HiiUboro, Centcrville 4 Foreit Orovo COHNtXTII 1 WITH WKLU, CO THROUGH IM OCIE DA VI Tf EAlfS THE AMERICAN I T.CHANGK. ON VTI unit SATLUUAl 0 A M Vjri.l Oroie on Monday an. Tl nr.d.r at 6 A M order, for good, accompanied wltb tbe oaab pronij 11} attendpil to Belnr. pmvlurd with a FIRST CIASS TIlOUOfllD liKALK STAGE ll.e comfort of paurnKere U Ininred Freight Order, received al W II IIKNNKTT IXJ R V V I HAItB bid WELLS, FAROO GO'S EXPRESS C.AVKfl IIHATILI.A kVIHY UORMNO AT t e deck tor Bobe City and all Inlermedlile polnll JOIIV IIAILXY, Proliri oetldlptr JOS PINKHAM, Afent IMPORTANT TO IU8INESB AND PROFESSION AL HEN AKD EVENING (SESSIONS, AT tBK NATIONAL BUSINESS COLLEGE, FOR Bv i MTO. WILL KEERBtmUiR ALL TUB YBAK round r It prerenu It becoming fllronj and Bandd It kaepe It Film, Sweet .ml Par. In all k'-' at eather Will Preienre Heat In any Beaten Yon may kill your Mutton, Veal or Baef at any FRisn HEAT IN TRSSH MEAT IN DOG DAIS. rKtSll MEAT ATj ANY TIM1. Eamal to any Bngar-Cured llama or Beef We GhuuantM Preaerrar todo.41 farth Ta. ROBS 1 ADAMS. COUNTY RIGHTS FOR SALE. E P HKHPatRBOR, Cllr, OrO H WALLACE, .egW. wlf Acenla for California and Orefon EXCELSIOR SODA WORKS! THE OHLT Pr.KllAMENT BETABLISBUKNT Of tb. kind In uluAtaUtly on hand a 1 ENGLISH ALE PORTER, .INGKR. .POP AlfD BODA rrnpi all Ac e wbkli I woald atUutloa Impo.n01.blo! liih Porter and Cider t> bulk Alt nilrxi wllli Refnembrr tbe No 4 North Addition L WUFRRAS MUMKKOim all around afflict Ml, wbn miftit by a at IntUtatioh, and WHBHRA8, no rf thli of actlec. and are to judfo of lu itll ihfiy it rigidly and tMt.nl thv following to P.V.IUIW of charactrr who known in thli and gloa Territory TUF FIKSTTU EI VE wbn apply wllhln Ibree men Ilia thl. date will be CUUEQ If alfeettil with an Acute w.. or. irth. ca.e Chrbnk the patl.ut will be JBrfUf CIlAKOt! and r, (inly vlll he week fir Iloard and Loilf Kdurlntlr'altnirnt DK.H. OODDARD efeafcBIl., RtTTFlILLEHiREIAN tIOH7rf ixSndlf Marlon Co Oreron, Ot %4 UW7 n WRIUHT UZAFOYAGE WRIGHT, THE JJA.IVK: BRITISH ty I Paid Dp Capital WITH POWER TO Charter. OIIKA6K TO ,OOO I EKAD 4 EAST IN HALL gTKKtn IM VANCOUVER. I COLUMBIA, 8AM POKTl. AOEIV< ItVlfFWFOBK CANADA DRAFTS luur en all the B nriirwl bllln tiatoj or coll KDWIN Portland April 10. PORTLAND, PROMPT A Ww tlon. aud all otber Banking 8IOI1TAVD TKlKdR I San Pmnrhco and tlie A Oov.rntn.nt Becurlllr. b f IR. NATIONAL BANK BEL. Exchange on AT r. TENDI-f! ECAL Hlgbnt Market P COMPOUND IKTK jyudlptl IRE AND MARIKE tjisrn iRUj.fi nee OP CAM FRJ 410 and 418 O BTOCEIIOLDERa 1SDIV DBPOSIT 1H ORB Pramptlr and B and Paid In e ms COMPANY having 1. Oi .On by making a are, prepared to enVct II AMAQE BY PIIIK. and al. NLAND NAVIOATION RISK ODSTAYB T t Blreet, Pbrtlend, dtf COST! A PAGE. Aldor Bin., lo the PoetoOee, 0...__, PIANOS I t CO., rmof KT AOB.AFI7E FOItTEBI ISO. W orwardmg Commmion Metchanti. attendrd to at reasonable rate. OPFICE AT TIIK PIOVFtR ETOHE n RF PIU EK 01 D A1I1L .i-dUni' niMfivo durable and w mannir at I fit rv fotatit frtffi fontiittnt wMt gm lioork 1IIR illOHLST Pl.it yfe I'AIU KOK OLD Pf AKT SIOOSS Frtl Klo eoiimctloi with ativ ntlirr partin Ur tltOI lib. ItUBStLL VorlUnd (Vt 11 1SW dtf Tt RTIIBRR1S A FLORKSCE 8EWIKG CO Atimcltlne wilhln mile.) J Bain Chat U not fifing lAtlaraetlon, If I in farmed or It, will be ta promptly, withont eharare or of mny kind o owner. j BAftlt KI, Agent. i 111 Mont.yoin4rj-Btr.ict, (ian J. SliTtf, romt Blraat, doatr Am. r it in Eubanr. Hotel, PORTLAND, OEtUOV IN1III UNDEKSIOHED WOO Ij to bl. old patroni thM he will keep c netantly v i the above cLMliAno. wl d retail at roil 81 KIN WAV A I lOri'HTKa A k TH ELL and VOICE TRBUKLO C 11 PIAN01 and OlIdANa EACHEtt OF PI LNOFORTE, _ AMP BBPAIRItlp, onSJort: NoUop. A1KKD H, HI Front Si PROFESSOR CANS, id th. publi. gener. jand a goud auorl. I be offer, If CELEBRATED U'SVN S PATENT iHALOItflAN refi lly TUNED and Ae apj ly at 8 it xtreet PACIFIC MARKET I HPIUK MAUKKT TllK PACIFIC M all the I iirne of the rated I will all tbe lrj.tr F-Ordiir. pretnilty attended leet notice nd. Uay l.t W JNotic P n cur AS, wu HAM pruprr t l Iblinl 1 Mft un wrllliiK olllgii ry link In lalnion dr money given W T I d li t the A U JOBNSOS dawtr !V ITU HAS SPEN aifnt a i I ftnur iiay bit lntere.t In the r warn all I i aid In full lne. II K 6TETESS I'otice AIM B MIIIARD been admitted ae hJir Intereet to data u 'will hereafter be CraUlt A Co II W CORBETT anSfld.wlf PROPCSALS tVICr CUIKl 1867. NO. 234, ,1 MA8TKK in J. 1867 j Portland Ornijon Atljtb, PROPOSAL WILL BE BECEIIKD I tbl. olflre up to noou on IbT" fort WINTPRINO AVIHAIJ mere ir BlddiT. M III .tate the prlre per rannl i (n coin at wbl tbey w 111 lake one bundled) and (tea II lajn two bnndred two hundred, and leu. than three bun filed! three hn ilmt, and lea. than four lnlndtedi t tat liUdred, and nve bnndred, and (ivr hnn Ired and tLpward. Tfc lt> tellltlr. for V Inlerlng BttK-kJ tnn.1 In fol Tbe Stock tnnet rnwd wllli .now, and mu.t lie proteci ugaln.t .lornia An 1 returned la c MII! rx hillllon when d mandeil Hie nu.t be rei ponilble for th except Incaie. if death liy dUiMr. Or unavoldab acclilenui Tbe Btock will be mibject 11 ah time, to In by a dnly antborixtd office! taj aurnt of Ib United All bid. mtut be In duplicate, wllb aldiBy of tbU ad ntuched to eaih 1 lllddrr. inil.t Mtl.fwUirv rldenCe thnl tbe are c ncerned In no otlipr trld than Ibeh own Payment to be made In glild or Ita e'.ulrulent In iiiler in the day of pay A depo.lt offi perc.nt on Ineanlooatdf Ui. wl a. .ecurlty thaf a contract be entered 1 uto If the Coalraolora to ealer Into b t4r with g toi'arttj All cgatmcte H> pro tbe icnl and The right to and all bltb b A. H. EDOT, Col And Chief ortlie Oolumbli oc3Mtd GOVERNMENT PHOrCSAiS. CniKK IT or tut Oo TJI rmt, p EALTO PROP04IALS WtU. RE AT tf oa or 6f r OAT8 lor the dellTery al amp Hljrnt efure the SKI day of Div ubar, IfCT, our haudred and ninety II inlaoki, HAY Ineljr ihoiuatid ponntlU of mwoa tltt time Udel iUtrd of (be hereby Il.jt will bo recelrwl far tiay or Qi not Iwi and f totx, io duplicate (with a cop; pJr i ctiln Pajmant to 11 tt t> 4q.itTa.4cit la on day of lUcb tHddtr to ftirnl.0. aalUtVtorr (it in any otber bid than bltltlrr to enter Into iretln for faltbful perffH f <ft and l eitended, pro. M o pot culfer butli or for Bfty thon adrertlee a that Uonds eacb bi M 111 bo required tbvanoutitktfhbbtd All coutracU rnado eubject to tbo MTlmfot and DivUlon Con-pander. Hie (o rcjwt any or all A. R. aaCDl ifllelrcwtraot Into a bide ire Cblef Quartet nuuter Deparlmeil of ho Columbia. apartment of J.W WTTHB, PRESIDKNT WILLAMETTE UNIVERSITY. AMMOUWOKSIjitWT. Ion. tor 1 I. EDICAI, PAODt.1 OARI-EIITEB. M D. Profeaaor of Patbologj Hvd Adldna. of Obatatrlcaand Cbll. drru J H WYTIIE A M M llrglnieand Ub. Mcopj PrYTON U D_ ProCeaur of Materla K.4lga and To, rape IT 1 Pro' -w of Cbenbtrj and Toiko! ff A-eilARTLLb, A n H D or 3, nan i u HITCIIEI.L, ProlVnor of Medical Jurlajjiwd bnndredaid ToandfromtlunoiiM FEES Of 8AJJOKL D Stu feCdtf ence tbat Ve iwa Tbe an3- UnJ will, two at Lecture, of thtf 4th of So month. Tbe of Illustration. In i, and eeune of iMIroclbin t Material for practical I HC D, Dean of Ibe Medical Jacnltr, rMtm, Oregon WILLAMETTE IRON W If artKi MMl I I Blocr. JtortiW Oooch'. Wkaff. PORTLAND. OREOOH, STEA-IVC AMV AND CRIST or ALL as tings for Agricultural WROUGHT IKON BHUiiaJI WOttE: For nre-Proof a AN FRARCI8CO CO Blwctmitriinjj and ATTERN8 MADE TO 'I COST AXD 'HEIGHT I Hep; ill inf. PKTKtt 01 TATLOB All fer Work will be Executed Pi oaftlrr A-Tibrr, JOHN UK! dtf DR BAHLOn J SMITH 8 WATKR CdBI AKD 'hrenologlcal Initltute 1127 rjacraraenli S ranciwo Till. I. the oaiy llegnlar Cure I runcWo where .11 cnr.ble aije treated Ithouturujr. Dr Btullh a water cnre on thl. upon II elbeoryand nactice ol ILe New YorK llvdroraithlc' !ul eg< We bare a trnlr hrallhful boarding p aci for nen, women and children and our are Tho I brenologlcal organ, pl.lnlj Indicate, tbe dla ?iurs to wl ch anr perao i, male or femi le, I I 1 ut card In your Hal, and when come to ?an cfcll on Dr fimllh He jon cinnnllatlon xud a phrenological extmli at on In re gard I braltli It will coat Ton notbi ig and mar jrou njontlu and jreari of III tealu "bad nek fir Smllli ;lvai free leclurai lo fen' Prl lar evening, on anljecl. pertalaEng bl. Phrenological Hall, HIT Parramaalo ER BY erery naftlth, at JVevr PORTLAND OREOOH nnRE.VEW COLCXBIAX bnvtogjutbaeat M. DnlalMd, and bolng now ready for the ret Ouata. tbe Proprietor would ear to d 13 and IB mm Slreel, Saa Ft- aad ITS J Street, f Main Slnet, Aa.Ua. Knaaa. WILSON (k M3 CLAI Sr SAK fajtxoaoo, and. I or IIF1EI, IMOT BDIt AID (OR MATOtALI ALSO, IMPORTERS Or EMOLISH, renrb and A tnerlcait riablng Tack- whlcb offer both wVI and .11 at M PER CENT BELOW AMY ITI1EB HOUSE On the Pacltt. Coa.t Mxon Shot Poneheeand Powder Flaaka. v n.fKOSTKNI10LM'dPOCKIET CUTLEKYIn ait.. t j are alao tbe appointed for HENRT'a d RIVLEtTand COlT'8 and sSlTU A EBHON S PISTOLS, all pf which we oner at Lmreal Ibl. price Order, eiecoled wltb In all tbe branchea at mii antoeUpBai N. W. 8PAULDINC. [1TAILISMMENT, 113 between Front' and Battery, SAM FRANCISCO. K W SPADLDIKO'S PATEKT FALSE ETED IN CIRCULAR SAWS 1 REPAIRING! In all II. branchea, encb a. Btralxbt.nln.; Ac CIRCUI AhSAWSuf an.l.e.i alao, col Mill, ulnv Oaiie Bock Butcher and Hand Saw.ofall kind. ether with a goud ae.ortni.nt of Saw Atboura at lew market rate. Cut Steel heed PLAVFR KNIVJB and MODLDOra itEKBalwaraonliand N. KIIAPP, umbulon Uerchant., Portland, Oregon, ar. mj .borlted for Oregon VTublngtoa and Idaho Order, eent through then bjr telegraph orotaanlb. 1 be filled at aatne a. If aent lone direct luljlet ISM N W SPACLDIKO a w -I BAKEE ft LICHTEHTHALBH, k- o r- n. e y a. av Xji i IlORANDE OREOON TKTILL OIVE RPXOIAI ATTE-STIOf TO MO la Bankrnplcr Cellw'toM a4e and remitted THE r-OSMOPOUTAN HOTEL IS NOW OPEN FOB THE O3P TOBBS aVPATTBK, San Trrrlvo, n, IMT Mr Mr PartOB'i (rio la AW4 JttntUf oa Put U rarjr Inter tat cot alwaya la nnaibor U to laM K-- pablloaa aaBteatloa. Ht (Mr. LlMcU.) aoatlirvt-t, to be) nsi-tl- tiibrtWItM Jerir. H. Aidnw Jakuoi. for d FiiitzaJ r i M, and tbk italra wa. Th.rlow WVed forfwU la-It aUll pmr, New C Monday. u i iv dpi.i.i jUliajur.it. af .bat., tba Jfr. IB LI Balllaun, ftr.wlltaattiM of tatl wu U Sawud. VMM km Mr. Llimli, u n taJ.v 1. M Mi a ni t_lil, IkXltr. f BMtt I -takjk oTIk, took IV fir Mr. fcrt wi "V I er fnU, MppxU4 -kta, Jfr. 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