Friday, February 14, 1902

Stilwell Standard

Location: Stilwell, Oklahoma

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Stilwell Standard on Friday, February 14, 1902

Stilwell Standard (Newspaper) - February 14, 1902, Stilwell, Oklahoma v successor to m pMweii Witi$&^6iviiMo:d&^ ^> A, 'i; ii-i SSi VOL. II. * SfeLWELL; I, T., FHIBA*, FE^BTJABY, 14, lfos.* * * ' v ' Physician '& Surgeon* ST1'LWELL~----- IND*. TER. . ' . . , ' v in,. Givon Special Attention.' ROi Garrison Avonuc, K)Kr bJIITH, Attl^ N' News .Dealer " \ And, Con&etipner. Fine Fruits of all KjQds>;aucL T^i he" Cigars a'tf *My Placer -Nexf> IJoor ^SoiAlx bi Mason" &r�>tther, Stil^cU, Mr. Bixby in Washington. Washnitgton,FebVuary 9.-Mr-. | ^Tam^'Bixbv, acting of' the Dawes commission, is in Washington,m answer;to a summons of Mr. Hitchcock,secretary of the interior, fo� tne purpose of joining ih a conference concor , mg the proposed supplemetvtal treaty with the Crtj.eS...Xiidians. Ple'as'arit Porter, ohief of the Creeks, has been m Wasingtou for a week on business connected with the proposed ratification of iiLo,treaty, and an effort. |Wi-U be made to have it closed up at once. The department refused to agree to the ratification ot a supplemental treaty some weeks ago,s out in the light oi new information on the'subject desires the Jfieaty to be ratiTied. The proposed treaty provides ior a change in the system ol allotting lauds. Under tne existiug treaty the allotments are maue on an appraised valuation, location, mineral deposits and a number of lik^&ic.ments entering into the-the -value placed upon - the -laud by the appraisisei'S. The Indiauy' are now asking to have then-treaty amended so that-the ques tion'of locality and mineral will not be cousiuered in appraising the value, of the allotments. Other features ol the proposed supplemental treaty are,of minor importance. "These matters have all beeu discussed by the. Creeks aud the Dawes commission," said Mr. Bixby, "i ud I do not anticipate any trouble in having* the".: supT plementaltreaty promtly rathedv ii this is done there will be-no difficulty iu Having the- work of enrolling tiie Creeks and. allot-' ting.tueir lauds speedily closeu There'aj-e now about 1500 of the Creeks who have refused to enroll, on the list of the- �commis-sion, hut. Mi'- believes thai they will come in as soon as the supplemental treaty has ,been_ rauued; Something like 80U0 of the. Creeks hate already oeeu etl-r.,olled," and the deed' for their lands ate awaiting the approval: of the secretary of the interior-As su'oU as this TOaa^iter is dis--;posed'o'f^r Mr,--^ixby says,* ihe Cre^k rafiaits will be rapidly^ closed up," aud the comna'ission Will theu tui'n us attentionVv-< ta� Chiokasawej and Chocktaw6/ "Tuewurkof the oommiRSion,"; said Mi. Bixby, "hits"beeii beset u itli mauy difficulties,-liut we are, now able to see our way put?and; will be a-ble, I think, to close ujj: the work in- 'a qoupje' ot; years., There will be worlrj bfcourse, for ^.number of years, but it will' tie of AinmQCjehatd,cJ.e'r ajad- oatube attended tp^by a clerk" or- two ip tfcie Indian deparjlment; MVvuc. -�ffori^ are'.how befcngt mad�"t6 se4 - Pitiable Plight of Fullbloods. The immediate necessity of-re-lieving the sufferiag fullhloodsi� who are struggling against 'all the horrors ot starvation in the show clad; fastnefe|;v of the hills, has aroused' the' tribal authorities to take .action, and ,Chief .B'uffiin-gton w.illj^aye for Washington to-morrow, personally re*, .quest.tiie. secretary of' the in* ter.ior to allow the'payment ol ^10,000 from the fmlus received from royalties, for .relief jpur-posi s. ... There is approximately $30, -00U in the sub treasury at bt. Louis to the credit of the nation, and with the consent of the de-partment this money will be immediately av'iilable.. Chief Buffiuglon was in consultation at Muskogee,Suturday, with Agent J. Blair Shoenielt, in regard to diverting <pai;t of tin-royalty fund for the purp6se of purchasing supplies for'the suf-lerers, and. received an assurance from" the agent tnat he would urge upon the department me necessity of prompt action. The s uiffen ug among - those whose crops were destroyed by the great drought o� last sum-u�er, has. become s'o acute that several communites have instituted relief measured, peucling the necessary delay through pay' meuts from the tribal funds. They will,investigate the caged: ol destitatiam,;-ih'^toe,;''''te-rj?itQV,y, contiguous tivthem, and giv-e all temporary r-elief w'itliihtKeir owrf districts. No uieasuras havens yet: been undertaken an Vinita/ to raise i, rel lef i uh dj bub unless the tt-Tior He par tmeut gra u ts imm e -. diately the request for funds, it will be incumbent .upon this; community to answer .the eall There is a wide divergence of opinion as to the best rne^sns M. channels -^-Vimta1 0b!i9fi tairiv';,' By action of the Cherokee council ��"there  afe to ' be.feleyeh! new- schools ^established in the Gherokeo nation." Marshal Bennett spates that during the last four^years there were4^080 p^ispnors in tiie- Mus-Ikogee jail. / ..^ w ' �The senate has^assed-a-bill vn creasing the fees of tlia Un.ted estates Marshals' in the Indian 're^ritory. r � ' 1 �', Indian-Territory /counties' will have to be many and s>mall to meet the ambition -fit. all the towns aspiring to become cpuu'ty SeatS. v ' - The Frisco railroadJias started a .corps of surveyors on its projected'''hue. .from Minco,.i. T., south-via Wear. The terminus' is not known; The towusite map of Ardmoie has beeu approved by Secretary riitehcock aud the Chickasaw townsite. commission will begin appraisraent. South MbAtaste'r is ieeling good over the prospeot of-�getting an'$80,000 cotton factory. ^-^Pvcfy, a,l negro, wass con-; vfctea Monday in Muskogee ot <m assault upon a white 'woinavi at Ft. Gibson. '' The Muldrow Piess'boadtVthiK its town was the first town ill L!m Cherokee Nation to establish a: public iree school. This is some; thing, to boast of. ^ v' The Muskogee and western railroad Gom'pany^is^::'bui^mg..'.,at^, piers forsvts 'bridge ; aqross^tlte^ Arkansas, at�? Telephone' ferry^' near Muskogee. " ' ' , -'\ .'. ';_ ' o"ofo^''3b^^ old pedagogue; Cpl.i G< iateg:: by :'cailing:;;6q|,^^g letelifigy tracts1^f aud /. ^etltW^ read^ti^Vddwn seye)iiy pound steel an exce,leutphr^|^wanian*auU Will fie^Sjbi^ely^ missed Uo'ii thJ liqune and.'soeial' oirtlt of" bouii| MeAlost'er* ,\' 41 'i , f ' \ ! .� f r * " i^Tnfe l^lSj3Q is Jn ikiue consid^ | U^^1^|g& uilQ Of tW , The gaddo nqra|a^ta^tttffl| Children yrtib^M^ p advised |�;' lt^ep\J6hen^ streets when tiie ei%sl|�ij ce-s^Col, Adai^w#-M| women. , CoJs^VtWik giving the rebAW iemah^wiiroUn^i^tref^l Booth .will vopife^a^tte hatZ/Cols.^B^^fe vrtli take We fa, GoK Mason^ni'i^tW ish'foV ^ Sta^fci^a Kittfredge \vill-0uke udj^;jH .eled 8 horse ptWver, ^oeme.' Kaniiq'^iew", of -*the*bai$jf mp8jfc' blood-enpoling stagl^ mmmmmm pmy, wbtoh is.; hniEm

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