Friday, January 21, 1938

Adair County Democrat

Location: Stilwell, Oklahoma

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Text Content of Page 1 of Adair County Democrat on Friday, January 21, 1938

Adair County Democrat (Newspaper) - January 21, 1938, Stilwell, Oklahoma StilwellY Most Pro. ductire Advertising Medium. PopaLtioi I860 . Elevation 1200 feat. CHOSE SLOGAN The publicity committee of the chamber of commerce this week met and selected a slogan for the city of Stilwell that will appear on the C. of C. letterhead. Jt is: "The Progressive City in the Beautiful Hills." Cleve Bullette is chairman of the committee. suit in a "different" taste to the water. This taste may be slightly disagreeable to some indivi* duals..until, at. such time as they become accus�om$� to4he water. You may.-rece.iye. some inquiries relative to the danger of using the. water for domestic purposes! . ' haz? ards In your :comlnuJ^^: iottaely. an "unsafe" water supply. The eity of-StilwelMs tobV#>$grato> lated in taking this seep forward. Very truly yors,, Harold L.Malone Sanitarian UNEMPLOYMENT IS HEAVY IN COUNTY 'eauh* chairmanship. We ran this sin* that tfc�&o�& sponsor, the, th what we thought were rtMabUk TnefreeommencaH Figures released in Washington this week show that there are 1290 totally unemployed per-, sons in Adair county who would like to have work and 526 persons working on WPAy CCC and-| other government projects. - Of Oklahoma's 2,548,000 population,, ,45,per.cent are unem ployed. """" *�' � " DUST STRICKEN POINTS cratic chairmanship but instead would be a candidate for the league of Young Democrat? presidency: That this proved false is one on us and we offer a sincere apology. Mr. Simmons, for the few years (he is a young man) he has been prominent in Adair bounty politics, has proved him self a loyal and hard-working democrat.  This editor has always >liked him personally am1 we believe that he will miake e good, man for the: position he toas elected, to last.Saturday. 1 Mrs.. B. .R. Jones, the postmaster's wife, has never been questioned as to her democratic party fervor. During the few years that she has lived in Adair count, she has proven herself...a,' thorough democrat. Party lead, ers will look to Mrs. Jones and Mr. Simmon's for harmonious leadership. Only 17 precincts of the 25 in Adair county were represented at the Saturday meeting. Proxies of several precinct delegates were held but were not used by the holders and no effort was made to force the credentials committee to recognize (hem. To have done so* might havt created friction and it was apparent that a peaceful session was wanted.     i The man who so many democrats -though should have been elected chairman steadfastly refused to run. He was Herben Williams, Stilwell attorney, whC acted as campaign manager for the courthouse nominees during the last campaign and who was EXHIBITS ART Tahlequah, -January 20-An largely'responsible for the demo exhibition of outstanding work crats' success. Efforts by demc done by student artists:a\ leadersto draft hihi'this? year :Northeastern Teachers Cbllegfe however, proved unsuccessful' was put; on display at the college "111. do anything I can for the last week in which vm^'iff^^fi^'^OMB^ 4 ~ " ^ *�f Dorris Church fr ; development committee,' with ReVil^C. Summers assj^kesman.. recommended m Pi TV A. TO MEET MONDAY |*~ The regular montibjy,meeting, d.the P. T. A. will meet at the higK school at 7:30, January 24. llie subject for.the evening program will be National Music Week supervised by Miss Kelso. Miss Scofield and Mr. Emerson. wa� approved; <%eve' Bullette, chairma* of ( the publicity: cottimittee, movjed| that the G. of C. sponsor a pea-gram for the Kansas City Southern railroad to show its appreciation of keeping a day agent here and to invite further cooperation from the railroad. The motion carried unanimously. It was disclosed by Bruce Cox city council head, that the city had furnished 25 sackfe of cement for the WPA ditch now under construction and .that the money to pay. for it must be raised by popular subscription. ADAIR COUNTY TEAMS INVITED TO TOURNAMENT Tahlequah, January 20-Basketball teams representing all the high schools-of Adair county have been invited to attend Northeastern Teachers college's 18th annual basketball tournament to be held, at Tahlequah on January ^27-28-29. This includes Stilwell, Westville and Watts. In therscramble for the championship''"last'year Tahlequah Bagley high school came out with first place honors in the 'A' division; Wann took No. 1 place in the 'B' boys division. In the girls section Hoffman coped the title for class 'A' and the Tulsa East Central Consolidated girls placed first in the 'B' bracket. R. K. Jaggard, director of th-Northeastern tournament am' the Redmen basketball coach announces this year that there will be an open championship for girls with only one divisions However, for the boys there will be the usuall divisins of class 'A' including high schools with an enrollment of 125 students; or more and a 'B' class for schools smaller than that. CHARLES BARSH KILLED TS FILED IN DISTRICT COURT innie Brown vs. Nelson C. Divorce, aybelle Langley vs. Hug D. ley. Divorce. MrIAGE LICENSES alter Locust, 36, and Katie pit, 24, both of Stilwell. bert Chadwell, 28, West-vilfe; .and Pauline Smith, 17, of Lhicoin ,Arkansas. 'John Crosley, 22, and Pearl Longshore, 19 both of Bunch. SWendell Mays, 21, and Callie ion, 18, both of Stilwell. elix Sanders, 42, and Nar-cisia Cbehran, 86, both Stilwell Jam Bricker, 22, and Jewell Brown, 18 both of Stilwell. V: JUSTICE COURT  Tie following were convicted of drunkenness in Justice Court last week. �Bill Sherlock, Tim Sanders Sc#tt Bird, Chicaleelee Leach Wiftt Soap, Harry Duncan, Arthur Hunter. WATTS Mrs. John Dodgen spent Wednesday with her son who is in theLYeterans* hospital at Fay-ettftville. He will leave for Chi-cagc\ in a day or so to ettter the^ines hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Milo Osborne id,Mr.-*Bd Mrs. Roy Moss' arv? !ir A sjatives m Kansas City No. 44 BAND STUDENTS NAME LUCILLE GORDON AS QUEEN FOR THE YEAR Lucille Gordon, a junior in the high 'school, has been selected band queen and will be crowned sometime soon, A. J. Emerson; Stilwell band leader, said this Week. Other officers are Mary Jo Brown, president, Georgia Jones, reporter; and Raymon McGee. drum major. YOUNG DEMOCRATS TO ELECT LEADERS At SATURDAY MEET The Adair county chapter of the League of Young Democrats will meet) at the court house Saturday afternoon to hold an election of officers and plan a' constructive policy for the coming campaign it was announced this week. A large attendance is expected. Bill Langley, treasurer and Ora Gordon, county commissioner, have been active in recogni-zing^the^yQung democrats. With the aid of' a few Oth^persons,. they^Iiave. .enlisted; at: member- cost $1 each; There-has been no talk as yet of a candidate for the presidency of the organization. To create interest, theJeague may sponsor a dance in the near future. VOTES BOND Watt*. � \ The Crififfrdr drug store thai -was damaged by fire last week has:, reopened for business in a. new location. Mrs. Carrie Swake wa*fifi Westville Thursday. Rev. J. B. Andrews preacheu at the Methodist church Sunday morning and will hold services there again next Sunday. Mrs. J. T. Owen is visiting in DeQueen this week. Gladys Adams underwent u major operation at Prairie Grov-Friday. She is reported to be improving. Mrs.. Olive Maples and daughter Jeanie spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Baz Wilson. - Mrs. Fred Camion and son, Bobby visited her parents Mi. and Mrs. J. E. Smith Friday. Mrs. Helen Rogers of Eldorado, Kansas is visiting her mother Mrs. J. W;' Ayers this week. Mr. and Mrs. Titus Chinn announce the birth of a daughter Mary Jane, January 6. - . , ZION NEWS There was no school Tuesday morning while principal J. W. Lewis was in Stilwell transacting school business. ,;�.<��� Cliff Moore, a former resident [of Stilwell, who is now living in Oklahoma City spent last Friday in this community visiting frienda^nd relatives^ i 01aieiKe'Bgby,^who"'has for the past, year, tended the Towns' place in the Starr community, 'movett tp this community thid past week. Labo'n Ford, who last week sold a fine span of mules, purchased a six year old bay horse from Charley CantrelL s. � Fletcher Eaton and;wife anid sister Ruby spent Sunday, with his parents Mr! and Mrs. Fejix Eaton of Cherry Tree. . The <A'' and *B', baskelP teams? of Zion School capture Gi Ed Culver was called to Tulsa Tuesday to attend the funeral! d his nfephew, Charley BarslV a ai *. y***8 �f age. * ; : V:next game to he pla^d. is n dresses Pblllips-for-Governor Clab .,-,.fc,;;v.'; WELEETKA, January 21.- (SpeoialX-^-Representiative Leon C. (Red) Phillips of Okfuskee Coupty announced a's a Democratic candidate! for Governor Wednesday night,: delivering a stirring address oh.state affairs before the Phillips-for-Governor Club here, pledging to clean up the state government, prevent tax increased, and put every state department' on a strict budget basis. The militant former speaker of the House of Representatives assailed the statehouse clique and "the abominable patronage racket," promised to take the alleged graft out' of aid-age pension and direct relief administration and pledged complete co-> operation with'the Roosevelt administration '"to bring a full measure of-relief-to-the people of the state. "The people of Oklaohma are not proud of their state government", Phillips declared. The taxpayers know fhae their money has been squandered to satisfy personal greed df the last two administrations. "Our people want roads, and they haye seen, the Highway Commission, first under Murray and then under Marland, spend millions of dollars to play pcHt'icJr instead of to build roads, The poitids of-.the Old Age Pension -set up in this state is a national scandal..Many of our PeoPle ^ m want. The homeowjiets - ate afn^Thetaxpay^^j^ 2^^*** beinr Kive,. Anoth^ similar test on reading: will be given sometime later.. With the aid the, state and federal governments are giving our school attendance is good. Clothes-for needy school children are being; delivered to teachers at the county court house this week Boots for children have not yet received by the county welfare office. We understand the boots will be delivered to the school houses so proper fit can be made. The county grade basketball tournament is scheduled by the committee for February 3-4-5 at Stilwell, according to Oliver Shirley, chairman, The high school tournament will be about a week later at Westville. Any teacher who desire's a copy of rules may call at this office. The annual school enumeration should be made, between January 15 and February 5 and returned without fail to this office by February 5. It is Important that every one in'the several districts between 6 and 21 years of age be listed* This work will fall to clerks or some one. appointed by the school board. State apportionment is based on this enumeration therefore it is important' that all be listed. Indian tuition for the county for the first half year amounted to about $10,000 as compared to some $17,000 for the same period last year* This was on ac count of a change in the law allowing tuition only on Indians of 1-4 Indian blood Qr more. It is said that only one, school child has been killed in Oklahoma so far this year in the trans, portation system. This; is said to be quite an improvement over past records. Let us all try to see how good we can make thik Record by taking every precau tion. LOSES MULE ; Walfe WrTgHtlrtost^l^ork mule this-week. IthacUositne i be improved:^ wjej^nu^startnow: andface back toward honesty." injured in FALL Mrs. Tom Jones who is BS years old fell at her home WedA nesday and suffered broken rib and badly bruised knee; Mrs. Jones has been a resident of Watte 25 years. ^ ; : ,r Stony Point We have good evidence that spring is here for there were 14 persons,gathred at the croquet ground: Sunday afternoon. Some lively- games were played. Stony Pointplayers expect to challenge the county, at large to matched games before the summer is over. The weather man may give us snow next week thougli. -Joe Keen and family of BaroT1 visited in the Tom Keen and Rill Bolin homes over the weekend. Mrs. John Carlyle is ill with the flu this week/ $ Meeting was well attended . both -Saturday- and Sunday nights.; Rev. Dunaway chose a� his text "If We Die, Shall We Live Again?" Mrs. Decent,< who resides with her daughter, Mrs. Jim Pruitt^fs seriously ill. She has been in poor health several years and suffered a 'stroke of paralysis last week.   r L6y Beaty is nearing complet-ion of a porch, on his home. Tfiri., Henderson, of,. Bunch visited Mrs; Eva Henderson and son- Pete here -Sunday... ^,1.; , , - Mr. and Mrs. liee Baird entertained a group of friends wittr a party Friday evening. Table games were enjoyed;? Refresh-' �menfs,were served,." �, . A young lady #iAc. this- community was very mUeW^^xrprls-ed, on openingrher carefully pre-

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