Sunday, November 13, 1904


Location: Muskogee, Oklahoma

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Text Content of Page 1 of Unionist on Sunday, November 13, 1904

Unionist (Newspaper) - November 13, 1904, Muskogee, Oklahoma 8UCCE880R TO THE LABOR AMALGAMATOR. Official Journal of the Central Trades and Labor Councils of Muekogeo. Bntered as second-class matter January 18, 1904, at the postoffice at Muskogee, Ind. Te'r., under the Act of Congress of March 3, 1870. Vol, 2. "DO UNTO ALL MEN A8 YOU WOUL D HAVE ALL MEN DO UNTO YOU." MUSKOGEE, IND. TER., SUNDAY MORNING, NO^EMBEK ltf, 1904. .... No. 26 STRIKING KATY OPERATORS. Good Advice From the Muskogee v Manager., Dear Brothers: It seems very singular that wage - earners-, who have but one point of interest, will work against each other. Every telegrapher should work for one thing and that is to better the "condition of the profession. When the strike was .called on the Katy, oyer three months ago, the officials knew their, only hope '.to defeat the strikers was by getting men enougii . to work against their own interests- in other words, they'1 hipped' to find _ operators enough who, on account of their ignorance could be flim-flammed into wroking against their own interest. When they found a man of. this class and he accepted employment with them, it was the same as putting a knife into his hand and telling him,. "Now, go knife your'fellow-worker, cut your own head off, and WE will be greatly benefited."" And none of them, knew enough to ask, "Well, where do. I get on-at?"If those now working would stop and think for a moment it would be an easy matter "for them to see, that.regardless of how the strike terminates, THEY ARE PLAYING A LOSING GAME. If. the company ever had any intention Of treating fair with its' operators- and agents, unless they were forced to do so, they would have treated fair with the men they, nad before the strike, because they all will admit that it will be a long time be- { fore they could ever get-as good men as they had then.  It is. evident that they have began to realize that.they must get a different bunch from what they now Have and the officials have been offering extra inducements to competent men to work so .they could discharge the non-bonds," etc., There will certainly be some "weeping and wailing and .gnashing'of teeth" when these faithful,, slaves begin to get their heads chopped off. 1 It will surely come, too. It's a pretty fierce proposition for "an operator be unable to make bond, but when he is on the scab list,and unable to make bonds;..certainly up against a hard game. Those wlio arc now being employed are certainly * ? ? ? * ? ? ? ? ? * * * * * * * * ***** * ** * * *??* ? ? ? ? * ? * ? ? ** * * ? ? * ? ? * * * * * � �<- � ~.----:-�--.-:-��. �' did Jt,$J^4^-^[ 4--4^^L:'i 2 4 A.'-4 ITU tirttit! Charmingly Cozy, is this .beautiful -Davenport Bed for only .. �  � $2l.75� $5.00 down and $1.00 a week. Folding Beds, Etc. We have just received a car load of folding beds, dining and library tables, china closets, office and typewriter desks. ^ Brass and Iron Beds Another car load of solid brass ..beds, with eolonial designs and iron beds, both having a new wrinkle in fastening rails to post, the best on the market. We have the exclusive agency. Dining Room Suites Dining room -suites complete, the newest creations Elegant office and dining chairs as well.' Our riammoth St epo4i $1,000. each than 1 person. Slu.000 True, these mall deposits Rive us more ." ' 'bor i is ring for thorn5. s.'H, we prefer tlieiH. *No 6 e. the efoi >. sboul 1 fceJt.flt all 1 imid .. out bring n^iu au.aH deposits! till! NflTIUNflL --Till lU KOIitr, IND. TER. In Union I here is Strength JSo be ti.ere *TM5NGTH ?n every pair ot our Union Label Overalls, Shirts, Jackets, Hats, Gloves, etc. ..' Here is the store of STEIN BLOCH'S ..SMART SUITS.; i - ��� � \ For w^H dresSed men. . YourB for Trade. THE IOW a BUILDING One ri'-e Clothiers. Hatters and Haberdas ers.

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