Wednesday, February 14, 1923

Muskogee Times Democrat

Location: Muskogee, Oklahoma

Page: 2

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Text Content of Page 2 of Muskogee Times Democrat on Wednesday, February 14, 1923

Muskogee Times Democrat (Newspaper) - February 14, 1923, Muskogee, Oklahoma ROW OVER TOMB OF TUT Nations Scrap U. S. M.iy Share in Rich Treasure Found in Egypt 'T- . >_ (Tlmon-LVniocmt Table)  "t.Mxor. Ejcypt. rob. 14,-An intmin-(tlonal tut which probfibly will invblvo . : at Ip.iat thr �16.000,000 In � ancient trp,apure jiist ibroiight to Uffht through tho opmlnS lot tho tomb of King Tiitnnkhivmpn 'here. .'. .Before pjfccavatlon was startert sev-eral months iiRo, Lord Ciiroarvon. itn ' eminent Britfsli nr<:hool<iRl�t, �otnir(�rt a concession from tho ii omf riests and founded a new religion of his own. Tutankbamtn restored � tho old f�Ith. - m -(�But pressure may bo brought to bear (by the BritiBli government to cause 'lEpyptian officials to modify , their . jitajid. In that case, some of Tutank- :,'h�mea'8 treasures may find their way (into American museums. /  ' tentlon that the treafjures of ancient 'figypt belong to tho world and that 'America, as one of the leading nations of the present world, is entitled to .�hare In them. �V'.,^.,:.-,v:-, . � ,whi|ft.Thi��urer�-Ar� . ' =V Some of the treasurers over which itrlhii'aispute waged are; - : Three gilt life-size images of human ,1j|elngs. . i "Olliflea heade of animals with eyes of "Jewels.' "v �'Citfrcd coucbes Inlaid with ivory and vjiritef'^preelous stones. > � � " i f'QhejrtB ot ebony, and ivory with gilt .!inMripttontf,. containing Tutankh- .1 j (-Tntankhamert'p state throne, en-:;|cAwted;'with''jeweIs. ] A heavy chair ^Ickly set with tur-\ liiquotW^ corneltan lapis and other Two Itfe-sttEed statutes of the king iVftb gqW work. * "ti-S^ui?,chariots enc^^sted with seml- � '^nKlotiB stones. 4..,..'SSzqui8ite boxes and alabaster vases. BiclUy � embroidered clothing of the if^i.Jlahg'.and! .<iueeni The, find could be sold for morethah V dozen millions on the\^asia of its '/i-jja^ but its scientific � onA archeoloeflcal worth -makes it ab-iisolutely priceless. HOLD Elf^GINEER AS BURNER OF BRIDGES ' 1 (TImea-D�Diocrat Special) : JtcAIester, Okla., Feb, 14.-Charged ;.witb being implicated in the destruc-tion by fire of bridges of-the Mls-: Bouri and North. Arkansas railway in Harrison county, ArkaTis-as,- Albert : rtStovens, locomotive engineer, is ' in o.the county jail here fighting return -to that state for trial. Stevens has refused to sign a-waiver to return to �; Harrison for trial and Governor T. , , C. McRae of Arkansas has been asked - <;to Issue requisition papers for his re-5 imoval.: Stevens allege^ that it will �ii'v <jbe ImpossMe for him to obtain a fair s'�;p''.�trlai in Harrison where hundred^ of .llr^V'.citizens a short time ago drove out svsi'f.etrlkfng'employes of the,railway com-.Lpany after lynching one of their num- - -o : INVESTIGATE TALUE OF ASPHALT PAVINGS RemovinO $15,000,000 in treasure from Tutankhamen's tomb. Egyptians are seen above bcarino trays from the . . . tomb. conUmma-many_-of-the amalUr-objeots-lound. -Egypti�n-tpoope-wilb-r��k� ^re-�een on guard. Left-inset shows Howard_ Carter, one of the diBcovorcrs (right) and Dr. Morton Howell, American minister to' tgypt (left). In rioht ipaet is Carter's official sleod and his mukarl or "donkey-chauffeur," illinois town has a murder mystery Chicago, I'^b. 14-�Officials of Goi^ npA-a, 111., forty miloa north ot here, today wore confiouted with .-i rnyi^-lerious slaying with tlio finding of the nude-body of a man hidden in .a field five miles noiili ot lierc. When tho Ijody waa tnicovcrcd last night i< was found that every mark of ideii-tlllcallon on it bad been obllleraled. c\'en both bands Iicinff out off nt (he wrlat joints and the features of the face, burned bevond recognition. The Jlcsii on one .�houlder also w.ts torn away. The inveatigation by officials disclosed an automobile drovo into the tUiclOy wooded glon where the bodv was fouiwj last,Monday night. Footprints m the" snow-led officers to believe that two men who came in the automobile hid the body, beath was. caused by bullet wounds. ! - , i' Tnvestlgarton* of' different kinds of *1l�vtnir material will be made by the fei!�ft'f�ity council following discussion of "<'1,'"'bids made,yesterday for'.pavlng work -vf nobody can There's an easy and delight-afford to pay is the tax which ful way to avoid fe&vtax, is assessed against health, through Postura instead of , . . tjoffee or tea. Postum is fully When nerves are ^jangle satisfying to taste, with all the and the night's rest is disturb- ^ 1;---. ed, health is paying a tax which cannot safely be continued. People who drink coffee and tea often find there's a tax to pay for the nerve-stimulation they've had from the drug, caffeine, which coffee and tea contain, . Nightrtime. restiess.r n^ss, daytinle drowsiness, nervous irritation and headaches are comfnon forms of the first payments. comfort and pleasing flavor which a hot, mealtime beverage can give-and without any possibility of harm to nerves'or digestion. As many cups as you like with any meal. It would be wise for you to stop tax-payments to the coffee and tea drug, and enjoy the kindness and comfort of Postum. V Begin today, with an order to ypur grocer. Pottum comes in two forms: Instant Postnm (in tins) prepared instantly in the cup by the addition of bdiling waten Postum Cereal (in packages), for those who prefer to make the drink while the meal is being prepared; jnade by boiling fully 20 mlnijtes. The two forms are equally delicious; and the cost is only about'>tfc. per cup,  Postum FOR HEALTH There's a Reason'' Made by Postum Cereal Co., Inc. Battle Creek, Mich. * Go Patriot". Dublin, ireb. 14.-(AiiBoclnted Press) -^Mlsa Mary MncSwiney has been Vc-leaseilVhy free state authorities. She w^B back today in rcpu'blidan heud-tjunrtors in Suffolk street, jiehero she received newspapermen. Wh'ite the newspapermen were present, a V>ostJ man delivered sorrio letters � from America nddrossed to Eamon do V.ilern. MIhs Mae.SwIhcy said she had at first been detained "In the offices of Rovern-ment officials and that she did not refiieo food, ns she preferred post-IMmlng a hunfrer strike until she waa in Jail. At night flhp was taken to Klf-mninhnni Jdll Kind Indgec,! in a cell nt 11 o'clock bilt was vclc.-tsed with her compunlons iin hour later. 4Ml�s MacSwlnoy declared there was no i>os8lbility of negotiating peace between the irregulars and the free state unless what Kevin O'lllgglns, mlnlBter of home affnirs called the essontlal provisions of the treaty, were removed. She expressed confidence in the .ability of the republicans t^ maintain their resistance for years. Ijondon. Feb; 14.-^(Associated Press) -^Nearly 1.000 froo state troops, with aeroplanes, dozens of armored cars and howitzers are taking" part in tho encircling. .-.mav.6m�Jt-4�-th�t"-Arig H' mountnin.s. County Cavan, against the irregular' leader Bofln. .Virlioso headquarters is In the hills, )�ay� a rtla-natch to tho'^'vcning News from Belfast today. , Snipccs are concealed at points oommanfllng thic passcp, which are said to bo mined. ' Work has bopn suspended by the jwpulation over a wWo area, tho farm workers watching the extent of operations and listening to the bark of the big guns. COAL SLIDE KILLS MINER Benton, ill., Feb. 14.-Mlko Miller WfiR killed and five other miners wero. Injured when coal fell on them in the colliery of the Frnnklln county coal cornpany here today. DorTt wait, to buy Tires!, Do It now, n.nd do .it right. Ask "Dollar' bill how to buy bi-tter tires at less cost. (;21 W.. Broadway, Muskogee, also Cliecotah and Wagoner.-Ad%'. 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