Thursday, August 3, 1893

Indian Methodist

Location: Muskogee, Oklahoma

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Text Content of Page 1 of Indian Methodist on Thursday, August 3, 1893

Indian Methodist (Newspaper) - August 3, 1893, Muskogee, Oklahoma i 'i .msm m mm 5? lint t,K,,tf..\ ---1--- - i , i � n Vr-:-:_,_ii i . _:_:_ � Formerly "OUR BROTHER IK ^EO." ' f" � v-� � -i-i jit! ii ,.- I .j.r.,,1___ -~T---'- Ret. F. M. Moohf., Editor. Christian Education 'the lHd}y� of the Jfidian. TtrT>MQ 1 PRn Yto*a�. 81;25 TERMS } T9iPjuuohm^81# VOUWM f I" 11 -------------r - r ,J '��-4* , '.�1 � . '-V----------.-�---_- * > 1 ^^S^PE' indian territory, thursday; atjgt|st 3, 1893.  number 31 --'-------.'  <'-.-' * ,'-i i-� ATORNEYS. LAWYER. . - Will prti'-tirfn i in' Omrt's 'of 1'ioTr diH'n TVr rilori- K!Kl t hi 1 :!<: ill neurit ni t Inadjoin;Hi.' Slates. �S. O. HINDS, Will praoticn in the United Statee�Court for the Indian Territory and in the United St�t it Smi'h, \rk. AH Loeal HusinesB promptly aa^ carefully attended to. Collodions made and remitted without UelaT. GEO. B: NELSON, - C'\ M ATTORNEY AT LAW", 1 f M MrsKooEE. I. T. PHYSICIANS. rfITE-#s BL/AKEMORE, f: 1T . r- : r. r *| ir � n f -�r- Office Hours, 8 to lu a^m... \\o2p*w. and I Jew� , to9p-m- &.rr c .a�.LaO r'�#a;J:'r:i .'onnection Resident Dentists, MUSKOGEE, I. T. Office:-Peeond door over Bank, Office hours Xroia &.io JL2 a. m., and 1 to o p. in. . v.. -v. . r ,..&*. - ��. Z. T. WALTtCXD.^^ ^ Late U. B. Attorney. ^ALROND & SANSON. Att'ys & Counselors at Law, Specialist on the Eye, Ear^ose.A� Tboat ... p.FfriCE^iiutitS:-U.a; m. ,to,4 I+11. r. " tbat^eet'f* contt111 pt-rvtrfl^e 1 f^�p'recfft-tiou are not humility. Self-lojffe Q3t-.' aggc-rates our faults as well as our virtues, and rinds, indeed, a Kultlc salisl'actiou iu to tloiug. It is only when freed from this disturber of the judgment that w? crui rightly cfetimato our own' nioiiis and quuli toe&'Uent! to louk or as otluM'ri should look at it, with ho evenly balanced a coufeideration that exai t, j-.vnu'O is done. He only " wL tia 1 yCt �ftj t lo of the number of adult members of the various religious bodies iu the United Stitc-s. Most of thtse Denqmicatj.oiis,.. are subdivided untp %evier.aj J^ra^icjies' 'Inhere are ] �.i Methodist Denominations, 14 Biptists, \2 Presbyterian, perhaps 15 Lutheran, and so on, even the smaller Denominations are divided iu similar way provided they Jp�vehexigfe ef�&gh. There are 12 Mennonite order, 2 Dunk-ards, 4 Friends and the like. It is tedious to give the whole list, and so the several Denominations are given in their whole number: \ Ii o m qitrffy t h o 1 ic ethfrtJIsts  - Baptist Presbyterians Lutherans Disciples fCampbelliIcp Protestant Epipcopal ^forfheCr^k.hOwcr, &c: ^50,045 4,^40,68 1 :;,6or5,52s 1,276,815 1,198,511 041,051 532,054 Unitarians Adventists Universalists Spiritualists M^iruoititeaS" ~\ ' Gorman Evang. Protest. Russian Orthodox Christian Ch. South Moravians Greek Catholic-(Christ ian^ciaptists. .......tiEfeiai S*edenborgians Plymouth Brethren River Brethren Shakers Catholic Apostolic Chnetadelphiacs Reformed Cathclic Social Brethren Christian Mission Association Theosopliists 106,125 130,400 107,208 90,718 (U>,197 07,749 59,344 49,194 45,030 t f) 41,541 ~" 30,156 4 ^ Scliwen^fjlJd iafts" r vf^her^ jije^ ah3o h^Ii i 'li'iore .coiiimunistio so diet 22,514 13,504 13,004 11,781 liV 50 8.720 '.0 7,0'.).-, 0,65 1 2,005 1,728 1,394 1,277 1,000 913 754 095 005 300 Cj" \i -�;-doaeii or ies^iumber-are a churcliVs in the large citiea-^-lTke-'Dr. Deems' for instance; these number at least, communicants 1 1,120. If we add all these and subtract the Jews and the various Paean bodies, such os tha Communists, at h-clf^iu othlr look "'at it, Ch'fWtiarf ScienmtpHe^'aro-lef t ay the members of Christian Churches' the United States 20,358,100. in This is to me a surprisingly large tae c^4fird_y">palat;qn.^al- pt^etween fcu'r ttn*f rtve* time's "the' i*fS^ k&ti'uj i Ql T hlsSf i 11-not^orftrr/the - r, . i mind to look into thip.- J. II. lib*- valuation of one's wortli. -Tlie fem-|^ w JA a-. ^ >-' *- ~~ per of mind and h'eart naturally connected' with such a valuation, springing frcm it and leading to it, is the exact opposite Herald. Something Said for Fathers. One judicious woman has opened her eyes wide enough to see and, l&fy, in l$arppf*fe BafBgJJttftit "there ient, bard-working., JongsofFering and uncomplaiiiiQ^ chs3--who nev:' er strike for tiisir i Lghtf,. concerning whom little is said, and yet who demand our sympathy and concern. We refer to the 'father?. Mothers are adorac.i in art,-exploited iu literature, heralded in eong and embalmed in memory. If a boy goeai safely through mum^B, mcaslts and malaria his mother is commended for her cara of his physical life. If he does well a-t vvom%n^, .l^ouunienti ar^, erected to the mothewiof great men, but whoever .in liis. JR^jfd^st dreams imagined bailing, a ^mouflment to the father, of - a 'genexal^ poet ot musician? The father ii, as a rule; in the background'' wl|efn the bio.-gtapby ii written; aad this is iu. keeping w;t\theory modest share he has in his home, whioiu he pay* for, arid pjr^ytaes.^itJ^cqMiortB and' luxuries.i Ha may^ be permitted tp carve tUe,i;<5&$VKt J^^fifer tablfe As a consequence her character- became mildly and gloriously radiant through that wjiofe community. Kvxn iufidele-and there were nam hereof them in the place*-confessed that there was Christian obaractei4 in its genuinees and perfection, of beauty. Iujthejreyjivaji .;,of religion which followed none had such power with the people as she. The sis"-'ter.l' 6f %tiM&VMti&* fo|?th*: and did up her-Fall and Winter iciohbu. vv e receivea eignt mem per s fcewtog, that *h*.�migbt rfroih* "into' ith fr<MivoV, tw6*6r^nM':wCre bouse to house. AU the oavils of rnemlJ'ifff 'oufof the 'Campfe'effite intidelsv ^Uwvefsalists^nd-.-Worlc^' ' i: : ' " MJr"",v lings were silencfed n-tider the divine' radianco of her character.-Dr. Mahau. i �..-<-. but whafedo�aibe kiiftwof the merry informalit^r^ '$gLj l�ncheonr|^5^�W ^--Llb^ The bills are bisto p�sr;bttt of the rfffeently been orgfaifizeid, wtth'aW charming excir^metfqf: ^l^ping, tha. manifold delights ,41- loftklng ovej: the rich Ttuff^'rp !^r".(J'bjpps., and the gleamingsilvej-aHd translucent" china, wh^t'dbes he' kribw." We (piite agree with .the writer i'.bovo (j^iu te'ef'that the "modern husband is ofteu looked upon as a nec-esi-irv nuisinro, who, bys^mo mis-( h u..ce, hold? th^ pocke't Look. Poor fellow!-Repuolic--- , r The ajapiisui ol The Holy Uliost- We must recur here to a case which came under our observation years 3go "among the annals of the poor." A woman in poor health, poor in this world's goods pressed down with the care of a large family, with the merest "uame to live" in the church, and, when moving about amid her domestic cares, had theie specific reflections one day pass with wonderful impressive noss through, her mind: "I sh,aU die soon and stand in the presence of God. I do not desire to mcpt my God there on a short-or-slight acquaintance. I desire to know him fully by that time. From this moment it shall be my sepreme pbjepb to know God, understand his way, and find "race in his sight." Without relaxation of fidelity to family duty, she set her whole heart upon knowing and walking with God. When about her daily cares she would hare*her Bible open upo a shelf so that as sh-3 passed aroun shy could stop a moment and read passage, and then make it the ku ject of meditation and.prayer. Wit Highest of all in Leavening Power.-Latest U. S: Gov't Report A JPII^IonrPO^I<A.gjt;Ml�ABy. HrEaftjr Head* of Ev�rv Home. t StaJ^ovenV^t the h�$d Qi this *terrf: Bill Bljfi&k every "oogKatflr.8t .sigbtt,.as in-credible', br amazing:-' When the^ sMplie &p&nl4Hofi sh6wVfc"d#;0Bijr�it Is-loiniike' % . it trne, %ha that .bm'tin br*ethre'n^ Voir^need Hibfffialf ^tby not.doBB Anna aeo.. - .... . ... Li�nnn^^Qni,' -i ' i*.sia:lj^^'i�: ew to securing to iverjr booli reader" in America better facilities. tkran,-i�re^ now enjoyed ^Jl^ftPit^be JCeach qfjless .thaquien of the -libr^rlei ^ll^Jprj^clDafci^es, \ ~TPobipay'iilto'a 4�cat' Cobperatirtf ;B;)oB' Club, which may.-,cowet -of tj^p orfwo: hundred (uembers, au initaitiopi feeof aay sum you please, from JJl'JDO to ^li}.0U. Vou are then entftled to'receive' immediately l'rooi tho-Ltibrary unyhaoka wuuted trpm tue entire realm of ,:the wprid'fl current literature,.suitable for ^enerjiV'clrcu-laiiou, to an auioiiut; not txceedfhi^' lu cash value the a'mdurtCo'f the iuiti-.l payment. These books, aDy or all of ibeui; you can retain as lopg. as you please, or able reprfi,seritaliye'pf'tihe dbotJfij)es qf bur. church, and it ia a natural constqiience that we feel y^er^p^ad of ihc man. OnV brother,;a'Meth-odist prea'clier, _ remirKed' *he considered him one of the afefpat men we have west of tho Mississippi River. \ l- To impresi' you With the weight it hadj upon the people, X J^eed cinlv '|Cate the "'f^lJlts "at" thf tltrie)Ve Closed. We received e"ight me1 chnrch", : Bsplfzed: tVri "cnil^en, "with ttore\to'-follbV, Wa'liiVt/Tbut noftleait, one liappy conV^wiot), Ind a reg'ulaf old Methodist cairip-m6et- i?g:!�due' M' :tWb'believer'great* 'grfrfdilfe I{ien ^ccom^li^ y'sfrsta1tfea SWrJ^rjfeM. oiuokpt susiainea every jyropoBrcion he^fftftneri and ^8x^vMi6itf>he dangeff'Vrf^feobnTing fetftfflce^tb*Qe-fend the doctrines of the M. E. Churob, Sottttt.-' �*'t."'H'."STucKBY. Dixie, I. T., July 22. Kffitfi 1 �flATHMTit 4H t- .Tbe.c\a>rk'fl record ^sEdwsmsrnage| H-cende fo have befefi IsBueatdfne following parties*^ ffond Mflrpb/libd M�ry' frailer; John Lucas and Margie Winkle;' &U.D. Wa!Iter; Isaac H. M'SBOnand Mtb:'Vlhia EKat^neirl'7 Joftn-H.'Smith SlidtMm Mat-\\.a h. Virgin; fiewy M*;;>WjlliIord.,and Eflle Detric^ .., ,.. . , ,. .. , , return as soon as you please, in-exchange]- The jailor's reQ9rds,shqws the following for other hooka from the Library of wjbal w- � -? -^^< +*.. value by payiugan additional charge of one cent a day for .the use of each dollar's worth of books. As thousands of the best books of tha world are now to be had at a cost of 25 cents to 50 cents each, the .reading of good books thus coBta next to nothing; a 25 cent book cost one cent for four dayB, a 50-cent book cost one cent for twodays. . . . . ......... ...... If you want'high-prictd books, or many^. saiijt;.xby"Deputy Bud Jfell-John Dean, books, yoaget them and pay: in pyppor f lsrcny; by Deputy^. LtridBev-deb. ^il- entneB: By Deputy Brown-Ben fienja-mia. larceny; Iiosco Sagely^^Wea^bn; committed. By Deputy CahtreU-John Woodruff, gaming; John DiBmukesV as-sault and battery; committed;" By^Diipu _ ^ Duputy Severing-C. 'Crosby' ''an'ctCrosby, rnalicioijs 'mischifif; gave pdtfd. 'By Deputy pobson-Alfred'dlbviisr; ag.^aB- t , y Deputy, . , liama, disturbing'peace; by Depiity Fer. rgll-(Jeo. 9cott, false pretenses;''by Deputv Ward-Will' Collier., and 'Lee Baker, larceny; all committed/ * There are now sixty rthree ppsppers coatiaedin the U, Jail, ., -.,  : |( Court newB ialimited,' There jare;<few caseff being filed? and everything ,'a]fctout ihe court house Has'-a vacation aiTi ; ft . ---- �- . :, lM. Judge btuart will' convene eourt o^.-the 22dinst. to clear the.eyui�y:dockjBt-- :,( The case of J. 13. Hamner againat-John Scott has been made up for the Court of brary.aiovemejau the stime diligence she read, the mos|4|jS8ft|0ifgKfil(j^ol� tiia*JaopcratfevaL L't 's'pivitual'worka that she could - ob-taiu, ttp.pberi'in .Evangelist'especially; In- prayer her  importunity would admit of ho denial: In a short time the baptism oamo, and visions of C-fod filled her whole being. She beheld "with open face thaxflory of the Lord," and truly her ."fellowship, was with the Patli- tion. When hooka received by the local Hook Club froni the rriain Library are no. longer wanted .they are returned to the headquarters in New York and exchanged for other bookB of equal value (and are sent out to someother local Club), leea a charge of one cent a day for each two dollar's worth of hooka-half the price paid-by members to, their local Book Club; the difference will pay .cost of transportation, a local librarian, if one is wanted, or may b6 divided afi proliis among'the members of the lacal Crab.-, You see how simple and easy coo^pera-tion on a large scale makes the whole" mancf? "'VVhu: that cares for goott booka, is too poor to pay one cent a day for un-Hmited access to the world's current liter-. . ature? Yet millions of ihte-lik'snt readers 'Appeals. __^ are today practically.-wUb-out library] Tbo,vpaWuee Townsite Co. is adding facilities because such a.plan, has' not rap^ly to its memberskip. ' fhc3e;wlah-beea adopted before. A catalogue Una to j ^in should do s'oJb'e?bre'ih'e;l;5th choice books, 100 pages, may be had by j inal~" . which time the fe0 wiU be ra]aed- ]\lrs.""Dtivi(I 'AiTama left on the Flyer LuBt Thursday-a barbecue picnic was given at �Capti Jackson'fl Bptt-ingB,: eight miles east of .Wagoner, quSpriag l^.ij|er. W. T: Whittakor Of Pryjor Cireek�.wa8 in the city this weeftl . ''' Why should cot Muskogee Uaye; an ice factory?" '' f - - 1 . �. e The McAlester Conference wJibGoavene Oaftrp^fift^SoT KAciicne, TexaV, tati^ftug/Ki^.--r%!b^*nacie," Jo^r Miles-'eaBt of closed Wedfl�4day evening, a-24[Colbe4^:tft^f|ftq|4iapQfi^^igs, tnst., kstiirg nine daja^ sW�:b��d-^}^go6H<V/ �^.(^W^�j^^^ large, ^e^apoe Jxois^giiX'i^sm^'^P br-wilhNi�t ithe- pastors eiid, arid^a'.greM Wi\ (4 iR^iU ie� ffikHWiixmt^m^ W&tmnce CU*%iki$�- WoVttfe ii^lri^Mblxie, I. T. :'Th:0dTBT)hte between ReV. W. A. Stuckcy, of the North Tcxas-t'on--feren^i? arid- AMHj2 *m ";<L. ttibbs, a UTa crfVSfcoflmSkone pat J^iiii-.'.^hM^. T^M^riW& W^^^l^J^iS^ ^:S^^^^^^^^T' "til*

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