Thursday, May 26, 1977

Big Basin Herald

Location: Muldrow, Oklahoma

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Text Content of Page 1 of Big Basin Herald on Thursday, May 26, 1977

Big Basin Herald (Newspaper) - May 26, 1977, Muldrow, Oklahoma Vol. 12 No. 49 AAuldrow, Oklahoma Ten Cents Thursday, May 26, 1977 MiiIiIiiih uraduales along with parents and friends and more In graduation than imisl people sc<-----alter ceremonies' (�l.itiM-N listen to the guest speaker Jack Morse at Friday graduates must get their diploma, turn in gowns and get night s i iiniinencemetit exercises. (Above picture). There's release forms signed. (Picture below '. (Top picture) Winners of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies in the first through third grade ' division of the Muldrow Grade School Talent Show held recently. (Picture Below) The top three groups who placed in the fourth through sixth grade division in the recent Talent Show. Awards Assembly Honors Outstanding Students llic Muldrow Annual .Awards Assembly was held in the Muldrow High School <.-. mnasium on Monday. May '1'. Honor Society Awards alung with special recognition awards were given at this I inie \inong those .students t''reiving recognition lor I1' ikmg the Oklahoma Honor Si'eiel y ' High School  w ore Seniors Debra Shadell V.i shall Way lock. Keilh Powell, .lulie Morgan, Mary In.ike, Dana .McLaughlin Km en lingers. Ucrmce Hush a ml \ irkie Wilson liunnrs Candy .Allen S'even Henderson. Mehnd.i Ice. . Debra Mr.Murray U nncla W aters. I .any Arnier .1 one's I 'o\\ ell, i \ oiine \ i tin i Hrcnda .lenkins. Johnnie I i  Joyce London, t .aye Hall. Hick Cherry and Tammy Hi'ilnn sophomores Khonda Mi Murray. Stephen Haglov. 1 )ew .ma Shadell. Cindy Whilmor. Cathy iwvens. Joctta I'rewctl and Carol Harney Mr Hill Quails ol the Masonic Lodge presented Steven Henderson and Candy Allen (he Student ol Today Award given by the Lodge Valedictorian Marshall Playlock and Salutalonan Debra Shadell each received beautiful trophies lor being the top students Science Achievement Awards awards to show that each student had sue resslully completed nil science courses available to them were given lo |)ehra Shadell. Madison I );i11\ and ('onnie Hoswell by Mr I 'lulhp Davis Wayne Ford. Iniltisliral \rls teacher. presented Keith Quails an Outstanding \w.nd in Drafting. Knnnic Webb an Outstanding Awaid m Woodworking, and .Icihnie Lee. a junior, also received an Revival Set A revival lealuiing Jake Self ol Oklahoma 'nnneni|i and John i I,iik Most Improved (ii'iinno stevim Hen .lei son Mci it I lehin shadell. Is! bminenip and Mai'k I -c v .ml Mosl Impi ov ed nth I loin Spanish i audy Wlen Merit .1 lebbie Ti'von. I -a Kuiineiup a nil (' v nllna Keiicli ick. Most Improved *" Ibgli School Principal Hogei sharp presented National High School Awards lor Excellence to Marshall Hlaylock. Debra Shadell and Dai v I W hilmer Dehfa Shadell was also reeogin/ed w ith a letter of commendation h\ the National' Nlimm 1 Scholarship Program and lor her being named lo the Who's Who Among High School Students Mary Blake was recognized tin h.iv nig received a ('er ulicaie ol Merit Irom Ihe National .Merit Scholarship ,.nd the MeMahon Scholarship I.I Ihe c Ikl.lh Norni.u SI,mli : ei ogm mi ol Jnurnahsm at I niversilv in We- was hav mg leeinec! ., loiilllall scholar .hip Noi theaslei ii A \ M at Miami Mike sjjai'p i vceived a b'egcuts Scholarship to Norlheasieni slap, I iiiv ersily and Keith Howell. a c li-' sh.p. in i minors m v\ at ni'i Seniors receiving College Prep Diplomas were also recognized at the assembly. They were Mike Sharp, Mary Make. Debra Shadell. Marshall Hlaylock., Connie Hoswell and Little Mike Hog ITS. Keith Howell received the DeKalb Award for being Ihe outstanding senior in Vo-Ag. Dana Mclaughlin was recognized for being named the Most Valuable Player in the Ktamichi game Dana is also an All-State Player. Junior High Students receiving the Honor Society Awards included^ 9th Grade: Jell Mooney, Myra Ryan, Terry Sparkman. Keith Hedford. Melladene Frazier, and .lanello Mason. Klh tirade: Kim ('handler, Madelyn Daily, Ninya Hlaylock. Karla Holford, ( arlene I'endergrass and Marlene I'endergrass. "Ih tirade: Lee Bedford. (irayson Harvell, Karen Lee, Kendall Ross, Joe Ryan, Mark Smith. Joy Southerland, Gary Treat. Tammie Beller, Tammy Myers, Stuart Rowland. Dana Welch, TerryL Wilson. Heather Bagley, Tommy Ballard. David chambers. Jim Roberts, Deanne Shadell, Toney Westberry, Reiny Cash and Jane! Maxey. Receiving Ihe Oklahoma Historical Certificate of Excellence were Myra Ryan and Walts. outstanding Students for the first semester were 7th grade. 'Terry I Brett Click. (ireen Kendall Ross and Wilson. Kth grade, Wickett and Karen llth grade. Stephen ind Janclle Mason, outstanding Students for the second semester were 7th grade Mark Smith and Tammy Myers, Hth grade. Hilly Roberts and Karla Hollord. and 9th grade. Marc Nelson and Misha Lookebill Outstanding Student of the Day by the Masonic Lodge were given to Myra Ryan and Keith Bedford. Oklahoma History Merit Awards went to Rita England, Calvin Crosslin,, Marc Nelson, Myra Ryan. Bill Sims, Jeff Mooney, Terry Sparhman, Jeffrey Tomlin. Billy Russell. Debbie Phelps, Denise Walts, Misha Lookebill, Cindy (iarris, Janelle Mason, Ricky Hush. Michael Luper, Marty (ireen, Melladene Frazier and Keith Bedford Woodworking Merit Awards went lo (iregg Wilson and Brett Wickett The Special Olympic Team was also recognized at. the assembly Members of the team include Shane Price, Jimmy Sutton, Steven Hill, Harvey Dilbeck, Rodney Dilbeck. Frankie Dilbeck, (iail Garner and Valorie Robinson. Mr. Norris Duncan's 7th grade English awards went lo these students: Certificates of Merit: Tony Westberry and Anthony Bowers. Certificate of Award David Chambers and Tammie Beller Mast Improved English Student: Claude Gibbons and Tammy Rhodes. The Girls' Junior High Basketball Team and Coach Jim Henson were presented Certificates of Ac- complishments from Representative Bob Parns for r>7 consecutive wins Players receiving this award were Val Moore, Myra Ryan, Mehnda Real. Debra Byrd, Maria Merrill, Madelyn Daily, Jenna Blake, Angelia Stumbaugh, Debbie Smith, Debbie Dyer, Elizabeth Rogers, Myra Mosely, Leona Limore. Cinday (iarris. Kalhy Needham, Brenda Howard. Kim Chandler, Suzan Morion and Alecia Name It - Claim It Muldrow Grade School Uell. mil jackpot this week is up In $in no since we didn't have a winner last week. We had several good guesses, such as the "O" on the Muldrow Motel, the combination on a safe and more s|K'cilically. the knob on the bank vault However, the correct answer was the lop of a penlight battery Rules lor the contest � Each week we will run a mystery picture to lx> iden-bhed lor the jackpot --- this week. $li)()ii II the correct answer is not given before the deadline of .1 .10 p.m. on the billowing Monday, an additional $5.t)() will be added to the prize money. No guesses will be taken lielore :s p m Thursday, or the day Ihe rural subscribers receive their papers. All guesses must be made to the Muldrow office by calling us at -127 477(1 during regular business hours - 9 a.m. to 5 p in What? Announces Talent Sfiow Winners Minstrels jQ On Wednesday, May 11, the Muldrow Grade School held a Talent show at the School. Divided into two divisions -First Grade - Third Grade and Fourth through Sixth - there were two firstT two second and two third place trophies given. Judging the small children were 5th grade teachers, Tena Walters and Doris Coker and intern teacher, Mildred Sharp. Vicki Riggs, reading teacher, Dariene Cassidy, 3rd grade teacher and Shirley Laney, Kindergarten teacher, were judges for the upper division talent portion. Winners in the first three grades were: 1st, Dawn Davis, who sang a gospel song, "City ol Gold . 2nd. Kari Weaver, Lisa Treat, Lori Wilson, Shelly Falleur and Christi Bray, who sang "Put Your Hand In The Hand" and 3rd, Kathileen Coker, who did a twirling routine. Leading the fourth through sixth grades were: 1st place to David and Sondra Lee, who sang and played "Halleluiah Square"; 2nd, Kelii Mason, who sang-"Mandy" and 3rd, a group of boys consisting of Brian Wickett,' Steve Gibson,/ Chris Colenian, Jeff Ranson, Phillip Rogers, Gary Fugett, John Weinberg, Shawn Whitley, David Ford and Randy Purcell who sang a medley of "Open the Window, Noah" and "Didn't It Rain." Sing At Liberty The Caanan Minstrels will l>e singing at the Liberty Assembly of God Church next Sunday night, May 29. Pastor Don Pulliam announced the service will start at 7 p.m., the usual church time. Everyone is invited to attend and a blessing awaits you. If you didn't attend the Revival last week with Brother Bill Epps and the The Glory Echoes, you missed some wonderful services. Plan now to attend church and hear some good gospel singing at the Liberty Assembly of Gtfa Church. New Classified Policy Beginning this week the classified deadline has been moved up to Monday noon. All ads received after that time will not appear until the next week. Dqe to the time factor, there will be no exceptions to this new deadline. So if you have anything you want to sell, the ad cut off is" Monday at noon. Also beginning on June 1, all classified advertising must be paid in advance. This is due to the trouble we are presently having in collecting some over due classified ads. On the classified page you will find a clip-out coupon for you to write your ad on and will tell you how much you ad will be. Just bring, this in along with, your payment or mail it to us so we will recieve it in the Monday mail. The cooperation of the area classified users will be gjeatly appreciated.

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