Thursday, December 31, 1908

Lawton Constitution Democrat

Location: Lawton, Oklahoma

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Text Content of Page 1 of Lawton Constitution Democrat on Thursday, December 31, 1908

Lawton Constitution-Democrat (Newspaper) - December 31, 1908, Lawton, Oklahoma i i, 1.. s- Although threats are male of taking from Ltiwton all of her surroun ding: feirgerg in the formation of new military reservation, and tko no supporting tax can fee drawn from making of SHI is still some They cannot ruin Cotianehe's glory. Jtf Today's News Today all tl-.c News in the Newsiest of Local News First i FCBIISHED IN THE BEST CI1Y EV THE BEST STATE IX THE BEST GOYERYHESI OS EA.BTH. Local Advertising as Interesting -a tea ture as a Papers News It has News for All NUMBER THIETY-FO'JR. OKLAHOMA, DECEMBER-SI, LOOS. CATHOLICS PLAN ELABORATE Slashed into Dozen Wounds When He Asked Sister" From Lover Stole Horse and Sad- dle from Another -Indian; Admit Their Guilt KNIFE WIELDER MAKES ESCAPE t rx IT in KEPT SADDLE llollowny, a youthful farmer li'.i. slushed :n 11 dozen serious knife VriiK-v'inhi'cy, uhoul the same u fiiiritive from justice, and n .whole eonimuTiity .thrown into a stale of ir.iruse exeiteineut is the re- sult 01 a cutting affray which occurred Let Ilia about midniirht last to roeeived nt the oii- <u" Sheriff lltiie I'.eFors today. .Although Jlolloivay is not. considered fatally ivomidcd. many of the knife oil-is took painful effect. One ear is al- most severed from his head, his throat is slushed from ear to car Uit little the ilesh." one -ivrixt has a irash elear to the bone wl'ieji sev- ered of the tendons. Dr. JL. T. GoocH is with th? iiatient this after- noon. The trim Me. arose over Uie sister oi youns: llolloivuy. It SMSI'IS thii! lluui- __ iihrejs has lieen waitim; ou the Icdy frequently but rontr.iry to the wishes of tin- brother. Last nisht, nil had atemlt'ii a wedding in the 011 Those attending ten o'clock mass at t.he Catholic Church next Sunday will have an opportunity o( heaving some oi! tho finest nusic ever heard in' a church in this city. Leonard's maft in B flat, one the ok] classics, will be played by the Fort Sill military orchestra and band of twenty pieces, assisted by the church choir under the leadership of Mrs. L. A. DeWeese. Chiet Musician Brinley and his splendid bend played this mass at the fort Christmas eve and the rendition was much enjoyed and highly com- plimented by a large company of Lawtor. people attendee! the Ft. Sill services. Since Uien the military hand and orchestra, together with the local '.Catholic church choir, have'thoroughly practiced the service'in several rehearsals together and the music r.ext Sunday promises to be probably the best ever heard in an Oklahoma church of any denomination. .Father Lamb cordially 'invites all lovers of good music and impressive service, whether Catholic or ncn-Caatholic, to attend. FT. SILL Objection to Water Use Here by Medicine' Park People i J s Investigation from Department- Morris Ciuilio ami "U'litsou JOthoo, hvo ApiicJiL- wove tills Hl'ter- uoou lodged in flit1 comity jail liy Deputy Shcrh'i Tow Glenn churned with tJie tiietl of ji horse mttl siuidlc iroin Walter l.ouic. auutJior Apnclie, Saturday uiijM, Koili admit the' theft oi Hit saddlu lint sinte Uiui they (Ud not intend to keep flic stated lij the Indians, tliey loosed the horse shortly after ifdini; him to Linvton and ho was fouud nmcriiig on the military .reserve Simdiiy tticrnj'ir.r. They brought I lie saddle to town ami i tried uoth to sell it and to pawn it. Itoth attempts fnilcii, .however, since tin- men to whom they tried to dispose I of it realized Mint it lind IICEII stolen. I j They promised Hint they would return tiic siuldle liiit instead of dr.iujr so-kept it hidden anfl Snndiiy night in j !p. hay staelc and Monday iteiin tried to '.sell it. "Kiiiling1 uirjiiu. they liuried it In crceJi. jiisf, outside the city its. Here if found by -V farmer. ,T. I1.. and hrousrht. to 'Sheriff ivlni .yjiKiediiitely g'ot tnitk of i the thei't. people com ins and when i hero are F.eadir.s for- their friends. The Towers Laid and Loan, com- "Our splcr-clk! variety oE the r-thej. tao far north or south, crops, and a. local raarket at Lawton, j cast ol" WCSI' Jest-risht to please is attracting people heic who are not only buy'ine; land for investment lint! because they want 10 come live -ellhis to Alfred Enndi. oi' with us." saiu NT. inilsy i Livin-jton .co-jnty, Illinois, a r.icc farai i'.'discussing here. "Many j of Laxrion. .also Hrs. C. AV, people place mor.ey ir, land in Canada Cr.Ulv.-cll is: a vecer-.t pnrciisser in Law n-id Did Mexico with hoycs for a raise Hcishts. md the Kress Company in valr.e by someone eU- v.Mn is-wiJl- from New York City have boujht two ing to give up their citiio.i- lots in block forcy-one.C Ave. ship lo become pioneers ir. developing i mKl Avil] construct a jsnlcnSirl clonhlu those countries to make other-i FT. SILL, Bee. the enlargement of Ft. Sill to probably the most im- military post m the souther west is now but a matter oftim? i.: the cv-c'.jace fjiven commanding officers here interest and efforts now being expended by the war department in plans already started for its development and by the announcement just received here that the army school of at the Presidio of Monterey. California, wili.probably be-trans- ferred-to some post in the Middle West. Brigadier General Frederick Funston, who was former- ly commanding officer of the. department of California, has recommended-that the school be more centrally located as it now is so far from the Eastern posts that its usefulness is-limited to those officers and men who are stationed in that section, and the department officials have ten- tatively decided that Fort Sill will be a good location .for the school because of its advantage- Jons natural facilities, location and climate. The change to Fort Sill they-agree would lessen'the drain upon the appropriation for mileage and transportation in addition to its other natural ad- vantages. The location the school of musk-. als of the Law ton Sapid Transit com- just and legal settlement has been I store, adding one mora to" their list-of ovor seventy-five stores. Yes Lawton and Comanclie county attract people to city r.Tid country because of real merit. UO.MK. Uec. knniiri-il dcnd; and Sicily mid anil a score oi other in Itiily overivlielined; llie.eutlrc Cnliihriuu revrion laid vraste: thi tlie record so lire-sent, knov.'ii from the that slowly into Komi of tlie almost ccnijitctc destriuvion. of lines or slrie'iei: >ilaees. ibt iis icssinr. ranges from to o ;idjctcent villRE'Os. tlJ.dOO inehul far us nt on ac- in to tlie s alnidst er wealth. Another class of land seek- ers are going to the Panhandle and Southwest Texas, to Montana and other places, and buyics land. This class also expect to use some one elsa ;is the 'cat paw' to develop the coun- try and miike their land valuable. Those places are not claimed as being st'.ect for the real home, but sales are urged ou the srouncl, "That the hind will increase in value. "In this vicinity we not only .claim big increase on the investment, but people to come here for homes to iive mid become r.ilizens, because of our ideal climatic conditions, our me- j (in- charge of bribery a member of t.he diuin latitlde. longitude and altitude, j Seining hoard siijirrTisors in .the aiViin! of au overhead trolly franchise to Jhe C'nited Kiulroads. 'J'he triiil, ivhicli ended ivitl-. a.eon- vietion on December 10, ivas otic of the most celebrated in the J'istory oi the c'ltr. it could grant to the rjoverneiDnt and advising the deparauent thai the id Transit company mnst be consider- ed in the deal. Inductions were forthwith i.he city's to the land from which it is securing water, whether or not SAX KKAXCJSCO. Uvv. hnlii jiolitieiil boss of San Francisco, v.'fls today sentenced to finirtei.'ii yi-nrs in (bo slate penitentiary at Siin Queiiliii jirisou. Sentence, by .Indirc AVillinni P. Iiinv- loi-. -.vim presided over Ihief's trial on our productive soil, onr wonderful youiiR city, our mountain parks and p.ensure resorts, gooii people and pleasant surround In our schools, churches, and social conditions, our central location as near once ocean as eiry.p.t Fort Sill, it is understood, has j pany announciD? that-the city of Law been under consideration for some time, it beinp; planned by the military authorities to establish Uie scho.ol -in the present Quarters of Ft. Sill, after the army post is removed, to the pro- poied new post. The announcement of tentative decision reached after comniendaticns Gen. Funston seems to give definite proniiS'j of such re- moval. Raise Dan) liitc Contest. Further interest oi the department in tho construction of the new post is given in the matter ol! the dam and reservoir site now used by the city of Lawton. Immediately after the. action of the Lawtcn city council granting to the de partnier.t tree use oC water from the main to Medicine creek, from a point to be tapped on the military re- serve, providing the department -ar- range so that the city's own supply he not decreased, report of the action made as to the right of way, and also ton.iiad no rights and privileges at thel to 'investigate the title of the Rapid proposed reservoir .and damsite which Transit people, Capt. Stone last evening went to Lawton and 'made preliminary investi- gation in the matter and has BOW tele- graphed'the department for a. special attorney from the department of just- attorney is to be sent immediately ac- fContinued To Page Three.) sent in TO the department by Cant. State t. 3. Ciiinoron is leading in the fislit Cor president D. L. Stone, con'stniction quarter mast- j ofjhe Oklahoma Teacher's Assoclatioji at the Shawnee convention acconiiti-i' er, logother with his report concern- Ing surveys and recouiniendaLions as to dispatches received here, today, t'.is candidacy foi1 which ivas exclusively to the new post. But a'oont tr.e same I (lle ConstitiiHon-Densocrat of last KondBv. Prof. I. J. Abbott, time, a communication from the olnci- Formerly of Lsnrtoa, iias ivithdrawr. tlie nice and It is noiv practically tln entire uopiilntion. At Fnlini. reported (lead: Casun IjOOOjat "iDO. am! half the population of Biiu-nara. about Tlie Jlontu Le- one rcirioii been devastated ft nil IJIposto, Seininnva, San Oiiivinini. Setlia. Liizxuru and and nil othc-r and Tjilnses bordcrinir on tl'.c straits, are in ruins. :gS on Canvas at HONOLULU. HAWAII, .Dec. ihelii here that evsn an act of Con- postoflice department grcss annulling the Organic Act oi has ruled that Hawaii cannot benefit I would not he sustained by the An immense crowd of pcoplt1 character of the productions, and al- wit'.icbsi-d the lirst regular production I though President Roosevelt had given iho western scenes of taken ths iirojeot and the pictures his un- I'rom iho Wichiias last summer by the qualified endorsement, many of those Abofi.-a.iiy-Jennings company-so large who saw last night wbre surprissd at in fact. Dial all could not find room in the completeness in .every detail of the house. Fully ono thousand 1'ifcoplc are believed to have attended ciHeriaiTiment. Every sent in the house was taken early in tho evening nr.d IxTore Ihe performance began ev- ery foot of standing room in the rear of tlie building was taken, And tbe culcrtnlnmcnt was well the uttendaucu. With n poor ma- shine and much of tho time with poor light, the wolf hunt, the Mt, Signal massacre, and the Cache robbery were to a delighted appreci- ative! audience. Although "many of the local people knew of the woll planned arrangement ot tho t-nklng of the pic- tures, although all knew much, of the the scenes...portrayed. Before the beginning of the program, Attorney All. Jennings, ono oC the chief participants In the motion pictures ar.d a. member o[ the Oklahoma Natural Mu tescene company which Is- forwarding tlie project, made a brief tall; explain- ing the motives behind tho enterprise and tolling something of tho story of their talcing. His also explained'the scenes as-they presented thus adding greatly to the interest of the production.' The -with which the pictures were last night will ho replaced by a good ono tonight- and Uie same pictures will be given all -we.ek. by the recently, inaugurated 2-cent let- ter rate on -postage between the United States and Great Britain. In passing on-'the subject tho Second Assistant Postmaster General has written to the local postmaster that the agreement not embrace Hawaii, Porto Ri- co, ;uid other possessions of the Unit- ed States." As a result of this rulins the in- dignatlou of Hawaii in genc.-al known 110 hotintls.aiid some warm cablegrams have sone to the Territory's repre- sentatives In.'Washington, and to Gov- ernor "W. F. Pi-ear, who is there also at present. Not tjint Hawaiians care about the paltry pennies involved, but to he classed by a department official I as a "possession" and thereby discri- minated against! Weighty and wra-1 thy editorials have burdened the' papres of the local 'papers. When will nmlnlaad Americans, and especially -that portion of the population living east of the Alleshanles, and above all Federal officials, learn the true sva- tns of.Hawaii? How much haiiiiner- ins is it going .to require to make them realize that Hawaii Is not a "posses- That Hawaii Is much more a territory than Alaska, In'so far as local .powers, of government arc en- joyed, and In come, respects has1 even broader powers .than iiave Arizona and Msxico1? That Hawaii. Is not a part ot the Unite'd States ac 'a spoil of: or through servile peti- tion of tho Island .to be taken, In, but by agreement, under a .binding .contract, which took, expression Ju1 form of an Con- gress, 'OH' comprehensive scope? It is; courts owing to the conditions under, which she entered the Since the postal rate matter broke lose. It has been retnemlmrcd that oth- er Departments slighting Hawaii also. The Trs.isury Depart- ment, this year omits to '.Include in tlin' ciiiitoms report ot the United States the District ol Hawaii, which, should stand 12th In the list, with- its collec- tions ot And. fur- ihonrore, after Hawaii had been pro- perly recognized in the report in'pre- vious years. The general ignorance They are made of the very; .bes; ma- terial. They are fine. Home made can-, dies, wholesale and retail. Palace Bakery 416 D Avenue CS'ii conceded that CS'iicron will be selected, probably this afternoon i soiitliiccslcru o Tli.e oi teachers, is is understood, headed by ii shown by a long list of editorial refrences in Eastern newspapers in waich Is classed as a "depen- dency" or or shunted into tlie snme class with the Philip- pines, Porto Eico and Guam, As a matter oC fact. Hawaii's pride j is hurt. Peeling that In reality she stands, if anything, In ;L higher place in the.Union than even the main- land territories, Arizona and New Mexico, it is Irritntins to be classed as a "dependency.' Hawaii >is self governing in an equal degree with the Territories of Ari- zona and New Mexico. ..'-The executive power is rested in-a.Governor who is appointed by the President, as is also the Territorial Secretary, but both of these officials :r.iust -be citizens oC the. Territory. _Tlie other Territorial offi- cials ore apopinted by the Governor, with the approval of the upper house of the leglslatui-.-e. A law making body consisting ot a enate .of fifteen members, find a House of thirty members, elected by the peoule, meets .biennially and has power to formulate any law not In conflict 'with the Federal Constitution. The Governor has power to veto, but a two-thirds vote of .both houses pass- es any measure over his veto. He has even greater-.powers than the gov- ernors' of the in a number of- Instances. He example, suspund the, writ of.habeas corpus and call-out .the _regular forces without waiting for the permission of tho President.- h In common other Terri- tories, Haw.ali -is represented In Con- gress by one Delegate who has Door privileges In the House, 15ut no vote. To Page Three.' Ryljolt, iiolilinu- :l in the politics of the meet- ini; and :his seetiOT) oi the .state is expected to land several important posi- tions in the new For next eouveniicn honors, .ind OiLhilioni.i City arc the only There are oflflO tcuchers In atlcr.iance, the largest nicrliiiE.1 of touchers in the stiite's history. lling Hand to Fight 'Great White Plague Five hti'idrc'J Red Cross stamps, the entire number in -the consignment sent to Lawton for sale Immediately pre- ceding the New .Year, sold within a period oi' three hours! Sold for the good of the race, for the extermination of. the white plague, turberculosls! This is the record made by Jlrs. R, J. Ray, president pC thie' southwest dis- trict organization ot'the OiLlanoma Fed eratlon of Women's Clubs to whom1, the stamps were sent and through which, organization the movement .Is being urged'forward.In'Oklahoina. It is a 'record not equalled by any per- son to whom .stamps have been., sent, the city of thus ;ng. hand in-JiSjSlstlng the move. Prob- ably as.many mo'ra could have been sold. Al had to'.ae sold-In time for 're- port to-be made to headquarters hefore the Xew Year and Mrs. Ray "closed out her stock" yesterday afternoon.- But the. movement is to be carded on after the-, opening of new. year. The- matter will be brought up for con- sideration and action before the con- veullc.n of the Oklahoma League of Municipalities which convenes in Okla- homa City January G-next, the organi- zations of women's clubs which have already pushed forward the fight again at the dreaded disease by securing.ap- proximately from .the sale of Red Cross stamps, and-other organza- tlons, all fill Join in the general move 'ment whictt if Is hoped will.go far 'to- ward the'extermination. In new state ..of the great while A more ..permanent and thorough, 'system of raising funds will be :adopted, 'for more; "systematic plan of expendlturejor these 'funds will be adopted.. '._

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