Thursday, January 26, 1950

Fort Gibson Independent

Location: Fort Gibson, Oklahoma

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Text Content of Page 1 of Fort Gibson Independent on Thursday, January 26, 1950

Fort Gibson Independent (Newspaper) - January 26, 1950, Fort Gibson, Oklahoma VOLUME XXV - NUMBER 38 FORT GIBSON, MUSKOGEE COUNTY, OKLAHOMA Thursday, JANUARY 20, 1950 Ed Whinncry Hopes for ;i K"inl luiski'tliall season at Nurilusistcrn Stale College will rest to a. substantial es-tent upon the accuracy of Ft. < lib-son's 18-year-old I'M Whinncry. Whlncry, one of 111 i<iii:h1-men above C feet in height, is anions' those remaining after Coach Tom Rousey i'educetl'-^lis suua.l to 15 members last week. Rousey does not look for a win-,ning season but is convinced his group will be faster an,| sciappier than in the two previous years. The 3 n since graduating from the University of Oklahoma where he played guard on Bruce Drake's national semi-finalist team of 1912. Standing six feet one and in pro-conference Karnes S'ho\yirigr uncanny accuracy Mm ino.s'krt, "Wlii.nnery is beintr ileiieriili't] upon heavily to help carry much of the Uedmen's load. SGT. EDWIN BRINDLEY REBURIAL SERVICES HELD IN MISSOURI Uelnirial services foe S-fciKt- Kti-win W. Rrindloy, Kort (libson, who was killed .March I. 19-1-4, with the crew of a'liombei' which was struck by lit;htniimF over TniKar Yugoslavia, were held roeently at .Peffer-son liari'acks, .Mo. Hurial will be in a national cemetery there. Sergeant lirindley was born Ue-cember 2!1, 11122, at Lawlon and moved tit Kort Gibson- with his parents January 22. IH2-S. lie was a. member, at the time of his death, of the -llfith Bomb s?i|u;ii1rnn, Ihlth Bomb Oroup. lie enlisted in the Army Air Force November "2:!. 11112, at Muskogee, and was Htatlo'nell suecossivelij' at Fort Sill, Okla., Sheppnril Field, Amarillo. Texas, Hall Lake l'it>. I'tah. anil Kearney Neli. lie was sent to Kuriipe in 1)0-remlicr LM.'l. He is survived by bis mother, Mrs. Kiib.v .\1. Brill.lley, 112", Kankakee. Muskouee; a sister, Mrs. (le-neva H. (ioolsby, 11mi2 Augusta. Muskogee, and bis widow, Mrs Josephine Urindley, 11105 West Aberdeen, Muskogee. MASONS TO BUILD LODGE HALL Alpha. Lodge No. 12, A.F X- AM of Fort (libson are making plans erect a. new lodge hall building on the corner of , Block 87. K. M. Mountcastlc is reported a.s donor of Hie site. New officers of the lodge, recently elected are; Karl , Bongo, worshipful master; njenn Sloan, senior warden. Glenn Shaw, junior warden; J. C. Firkle. treasurer; A. F. llawn, secretary, June Corbin, senior deacon; F. L. Downer, junior deaooifl^JJ&leorge Brown senior stewarff; Jtorold Kagsdale, junior steward; Jack Jewell, tiler, and Mack Uaysdale, ('.lu %ota in.,.  / CARD OF THANKS We wish to thank the minister. Brothel' Yokum, the singers, Die pallbearers, the men [hat dug the grave, the Walker- Neai'ga rten Funeral Homo and friends, for their kindness and -beautiful flowers during the death of our beloved 'brother, Homer lilythe. Sisters; Mrs. Dove Ford, Mrs Pearl Brooks, Mrs. Sisney Casey, brother, Freeman Blythe, and nephew, A. C. Ford and family. MARCH WEATHER IN JANUARY For three days of this week tin; wind has been from the southwest witli velocities up to till and tire two weeks ago,~and operateti by Volncy Howell and F.veiet Clinkenbeard. The boys will soon be giving as good a service as usual. - 0-- Ma;s.. W. M. Stratum, Mrs. Bruce Smith of Muskogee, Mr? and Mrs. F. W Hill, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Isi.m and 'ohildren and Mrs. Jiola Compton of Goose Neck Bend, were the dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Allen l.s'om and Sarah, Saturday. ......................~ -0- Harris was called to Mul-oklahoma, Friday, due to the and funeral of his cousin, I Joe drow, death Nila Jacobs. ,. -0- Mrs. Ktbel Nafus has returned to her home after an extended visit in California with relatives. -0-- Community Singing is held every Friday Church Pastor, coin e. POLITICAL CALENDAR January II" IJepublican v:ui n\ ention. February I'', - Slate Hepubliean Lincoln Bay dinner. March 1-1 F-Filing period for city offices. March in [legist ration books-close. April 2-I-2S - Filing- period for cbiiiity"'uhd si a u- oft ices, July 1 - First primary. July 2a Runoff primary. November 7-(fetleral election. Those who fei'l thai local "itizens" pay little attention to the weekly humrlown newspaper are mistaken. James llobinson. ilio im- oi" public relations at Nor! beastern Slate College. I'n lileq ita h. is convinced. A recent survey among 212 of the Him freshmen enrolled reveals that stories i-n hometown ' newspapers about Northeastern an-| sludetits'at Northeastern �n� one of factors playing a part in Heir eboiee of this school. The survi\\ ii^Im'I the freshmen to check all Hie h-ded items which placed a prominent fKirt m eansing-them to choose \, a t heastern over Some ol her s- -liool. A^ was expelled, recon 1 n 11 � nda -tlons of parents, i',,rnier students, student friends, mil teachers were highest on the list A recent personal survey among these latter groups revealed, also' that their interest in Noil ern was kept alive to a large eMon! by Iho.-e stories in ihe hometown papers," Itobfnson said. Twenty fi\e � IiI'l'.-r.-nt items of contact weri.' listed. Stories in hometown newspapers rated seventh in the list. k '* HUE Guy Goorge Gabrielson i'.u\ ib-oige 1',abrielson, cliairutan �:' the Kepiibbcan National Coui-nottee. 1,1- aieeptcd an invitation lo attend (lie Hepubliean State t - at vent leu. < 11; (a [ i 10 rua I'lly, l-'ebru-ary it',. NEXT U. S. SENATOR? Mike Monroney I'oliticl observers expect the announcement saon of the candidacy of Mike Monroney, congress man from the 5th di'strict, for United States Scnutor.. If made, .Monroney is rated chief opponent o!' present Senator Thomas. night at the Old Mission llev. Julia Weatherford, Fveryone invited and wel- -0- Mrs. S. B. Swabli and children of Illinois are the house guests of Mrs. Swabb's mother, Mrs. Betty Welch. -0- Mr. and Mrs. Kdwin (Justus have moved back to Fort (libson, and are visiting Mrs. dtistus' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Odd! and other relatives. , -0- Mrs. Laura Stewart of Hush Springs, formerly of Fort (libson, is here for several days on business. _()- The American Legion Auxiliary entertained with a party and dinner Friday night, January 2(1, at ti.g American Legion Auxiliary I lull. Admission was the size of your waist line. ^ -0- Mr. and Mrs. Marvin (lilliland have moved to Mrs. Lucille Ross's, home. -0- Floyd S[iencer, who died last Saturday from 'gninshot wounds in Boynton, was formerly Town .Marshal here, and besides his family has a host of friends here. , -0- The Methodist Study Club met, with Mrs. .1. C. l'ii-kle Tuesday.. 7-0 - Lucille Koss has . moved nor beauty shop across the street from the old place. Sdie and her family will make their home in the back of the building. -0- BOR SALE Kitchen Cabinet. Call -SI, Jack Berry. . -n- The Presbyterian Missionary Society will meet with' Mrs. Ewell Boatright, Tuesday, January 31, at 2 P. M. Mrs. Ewell Boatright and children spent the weekend in Tahlequah as the guests of relatives. -n- Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Ford and son Jimmie of Kansas City, Kansas, and Mrs. Dove Ford and son Joe, Mr. and Mrs. James Brown of Muskogee and Mrs. Pearl Brooks and a. friend Mrs: Marshall Cook, East of Fort Gibson, all met at the home of the As C. Fords for the funeral of. Homer. Blythe" last Thursday. ^-0 - � ' Mr, and Mrs. Charles .Copper of Muskogee were the guests of 'Mrs; Cooper's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Ford over the weekend.. - ' - -0- -PLAY TO BE PRESENTED The Senior class play, "W-e Shook the Family Tree," will be presented in the high school auditorium, Thursday, February. 2nd ,at 7:30 p.m. Admission charges are reasonable and. an enjoyable evening 'is promised; LOCAL BOYS TAKING PART' IN GOLDEN GLOVES TOURNAMENT Six of our local bo\s are taking pari in the (loblen cloves Tournament being held at the ( 'ity I lall, Muskogee, the 2ii. 21 2r. and 2a f January. The boys,taking- pur! anas follons; Allen Kennedy la."), lbs.. James Johnson, IIS lbs. Henry Dye. 12i; lbs. Carl Igert. I 17 lbs.. Mitchell l-'.llis 17."i lbs., and Shlmw Carroll, as heavyweight These bo\s are being managed by Carland 1 Buddy > MeLemore an experien, e,I trainer, and are being- sponsored bv tlie following men.-hunts of I'ori (libson; Bert and Joe's I'laco. l-'irsl National Baidi, Uoilrights store. Sievenson Store, W- s Store. 1 '.iris ( -redit j Jnu-ll'V, '-IcClond Barbel- Shop, I l-'rauk N.  m t ialage and frank I Mo,,re's Bail Shop. CONDENSED STATEMENT OF THE FINANCIAL CONDITION OF - THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK IN FORT GIBSON, OKLAHOMA As ot Close of Business- December 31, 1949 RES 0 U R C E S Loans and Discounts . _ - ----------$210,061.78 Overdrafts . - -------- 1 115.90 Bankinq House 100 Stock Federal Reserve Bank .- 1�,800.00 Bank Furniture & Fixtures - 2,600.00 Quick Assets: United States- Bonds $143,400.00 Municipal Bonds 7,000.00 Cash & Exchange 99,272.51 Warrants 2,255.54 Other Assets 18.75 251,946.80 Total . _____________$466,525.48 LIABILITIES Capital . . ........... $ 25,000.00 Surplus -- 36,500.00 Undivided Profits ...... .......________ 5,049.51 Deposits "......- - 399,975.97 Total...............$466,525.48 The above statement is correct. F. W. GARRETT, Cashier Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Pradical Design Keeps Home Cost Low Snug-lookfcng and low, this house was carefully designed to permit economical construction without neglecting any of the requirements for comfortable, enjoyable living. The dwelling has been selected by American Builder magazine, 30'Church St., New York 7, N. Y., as its Plan No. 36. American Builder says that Walter T. 'Anicka, the architect, has adopted practical design, sound plannhig.and.simple framing as arcnitectural principles and thus "comes up with a house that can be reproduced in permanent materials at an absolute minimum cost.". . The large, divided front window is a feature of Plan No. 36. With the adjoiniiig plywood panels, a striking central motif Is created. Even mora interest can be added by the use of dark, contrasting colors near the entrance way.. - Contrasting materials also are l used on the gable ends and the garage door. For the roof, the architect suggests. shingles of a color which will harmonize pleasingly with other exterior hues, of the house, and, with the colors of neighboring dwellings. The dwelling has three bed rooms, each of ample size. The. dining alcove is an extension of the living room, in the modern, informal manner. The kitchen is situated for convenience to .the I dining alcove.  (Detailed a complete homea of bnildtaftnfermatton i able from American Church St, New Xbi Befer to Plan No. W Mi 414

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