Thursday, March 23, 1916

Council Hill Times

Location: Council Hill, Oklahoma

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Text Content of Page 1 of Council Hill Times on Thursday, March 23, 1916

Council Hill Times (Newspaper) - March 23, 1916, Council Hill, Oklahoma Prepare for taannDmMWtf That New Easter Suit or Dress Will Look so Much' Better With a Pair of IT* ^ a ,yv:, Our new Spring and Surr-mer styles have just a, :\vzdt and they J. P. �b'tgpV died ^hayada-f morning. 61 tlst week at his home in Council Hill after an illness of several weeks duration. " He had been in''p: or health -for a number of mow tin, but it was only n -few voaks before his | death Wiki- he became bedfast. Mr. Pmpp-s gas -about -sixty years of' ag?i$d cam * to Oklahoma about fifteen years ago He has residedjln Council Hill and viemjty f0V- the past nine years. Funeral services were held from the local Methodist Church Thursday morning and were conducted by Rev. S. Anderson, after which,the body was laid to re--tin the. Middleton Chapel cer.-.-l'iy^ Ijj M .-. i'-*inpp� leaves a wife and !{|L'.iu: mvhi!! c.ihii'on I) mourn i 1 \',: ' . >!: a' hu> ' j b-.: n and fa'. N-r. Tlv: Tium.. .';oi': * t'.a.-aiany fiiom's of III'; ! .� 'iv in ex Ifc.n:' . s. h �  . rt m o. & IP are b^autle3. Com! out for Easter, r- 'iy in ..  mm.1, CHANGE OF.TIME SUNDAY, .MARCH -Jo To joplin  &.2" a. m. , To Muskogee 6.27 a.m. 4.06 p.m. To Henryetta - Dustin 10.(26 a. m. 10.28 p. m. To Denison 10.2G a. m. s -2 oivap .]. V'. (4ood.v--o last we:-:-: ner- 1 HP: r ... 9 '? mgr. lOURCHURCHE;;, 4' s:.-\ (--..t' , it"-' �'� �� v. i: i: i May r'avL'.-.l. h"r 'i '.. :''. lJO.':i',l' of U I � ; ') fcv.t in 5:;'e, \\ ilii ai: en H. L. TRABER' G. P. A. Hog Cholera Noies by dm. VI.{H. MCNAU.Y In ori'.1!' t(. keep hop; eliolora i'-.oriL:-�i'.od in Muwkog^e Couniy it tuLuns that"fanners and hoj? raisers inust pay more attention to ' condition3 on the farm. Anything1 that* lowers t.ii- v'.t1t \ of a hoj.c predispose^ AGENT as 15/0 'TBI J ff ������� ^ repeated as often as? ULecessafey' will help remedy the trouble.^^' the mother appears"fe.yei'Nh^^fc^f should be given.a pirySic oT*'t^cr^1 or three ounces of castor oil. It's a Duster The Heciren'remper - WilcoX�: test in ou 13 15, on the Joe Li-  nn \'.' ME YHQ VIST \\y. �''!v:ic'..ia^ r v .oclit.: I Sun i\; -.>.�! euoh in.-.iii!-. : v .'.:>,' ,S , \ ..... U a. a.. !'..>. ;ti r, -I  .. .. .1.. \'.) p. .i ;. : '4' .-i". > :v\- ... 7. ..a p. in. Mi! Si--:'.'l Sci:.>". t'VL'fy Suuit. . .' aay 10 <)'::' . ^:;'^;'>; 11.11�1 ' ill � a it a.;. .1 . �� tl.^.t. be . .1 a 'i . a... /!j. ie ai i i r i: o';l!, S...- l-: c-hoiei-a; lor instance 1'?0waki 1'arm> c!osed dowu tnes' % filthy ho" lots, poor > da^ yveuint; at a depth of 2003^ i \' l\ aiv. Bible school a;id commuiiinn at 10 o'clock everv f-oi-d's Day. All seivk-'.a.' held ia the Stone Didg1 ''Come diou wktii us and wc will do thee g-ood." hov. mullawav, pastor Ihe pulihc .� a:a;u euj'uestly invited to attena �nv these sorvicts 11C-a w e' j \Y. \j. Ml ;�( an..i ! \xcr,'"y: ' 1 ,a'.:o;.;. .� . la a ' bu.s"n ; s. - . , .  . , { 'is; .r- > ,-i.t ct ood of Kusa spent Sundjy hi Council Lhll with his parents, .Mr. and Mrs. F.- S. Good. . T'.. b. Lao:id returned last Fn- 1 have sever:.: ijood mules for " sale at prices that you can't resist. If you ore in the market for a good team it will pay you to see mo. / J. B. BjBLL Icinitiiv-n, Mr. and Mrs. C-. ri.! .hiv jrotn Muskogee where he C,:Si', Mr. an . li.-o fa-.:i ami' p '.or water. Greater �-�-tre -.aoa! i be ex >rcised in hor i-a'VM'^ the neighbors' boar, or pu j clraMi)^; new stock, as tl.ey may Have b -ea exposed to cliol  'i -i. !> ti'a ia'.-p the new stock iwr-y .froia, yoni hoj;s at least two weeics. A111.a   ri's-e'i t t i m e t-i-a y_o a re a iiuLivof i':uams where the yamplys have diarrhea or scours. Tins trouble frequent ly o; curs- a few ilays after- birth by the feverish condition of the mother affecting the character of the mill;. Fermentive foods, slops, mouldy corn, foul water, etc., may cause her to give poisonous or toxic milk. Young pigs, when kept in damp, dirty pens are more apt to have scours than when kept in clean pens and allowed plenty of exercise and sunshine. As scours m pigs is a disease largely due to a faulty diet aa4 unsanitary quarters, the correction of these are of more, imp&r -tanoe and givjekj. better; resuii^ thonany medicine, however ,-a few drops of tiilteture of' opiamj placed on the pig's tongue ~%a<lt faefc. No showing of oil or gas k was eacou lite red at any time in jT the test. R. P. Pinson and Otto;E.Sump-^ motored to Muskogee Friday 6V *\ eiiiui.; on business-. C, H. N;-.oli, inspector for the-y Doming Investment Co., of -Oswego, Kansas, was in Council' liiil Friday of last week on business. -�-,-- t Neilson Brown commenced �" work thjs week erecting a cozy . 5-room cottage on his farm north east of Councii Hill. The S "M. Gloyd Lumber Company of this ; place is furnishing tlie material. � � * $ Pinson & Wiley shipped", out? another carload of hags to* Kun-| sas City Saturday. Fojrltorsj are bringing; between eight &pm nine cents on the -lgcaK raatrk^ a'nd the farmers who have, beetv .putting their corn into JaogsiliH^ stead of putting it on the rixar/l^ Are realizing a good biss^ prpff as a result of ,tbei*f ^esjtra,^

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