Thursday, April 20, 1950

Checotah News

Location: Checotah, Oklahoma

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Checotah News (Newspaper) - April 20, 1950, Checotah, Oklahoma The Checotah News VOLUME 8 CHECOTAll. MclNTOSH eWUNTY. OKLAHOMA APRIL 20, 1950 NUMBER 312 TOSTARTSUMMER City CouncU Requesu CAPITOL REPORT PROGRAM JUNE ^\^T^l!ir^,, J. 1 Mraer iS5x men.'s '^jkans. and loilr Ii^dies' liJl teams wilitplajr aji-e^t week schediule, with a t<v^o'Week.? playoff period between the; four highefit men teams at the clcse of the s'^hediuV'. The men's teams and manaf'^- '-i-e Christian Church. R. N. Towry. manager; Odd iPeUnws. Lftnnie McT-.' Peak, mianajrer; Chaml�xp of Com. merce I. G. Loopex mana four other peitwns, were not guilty of any law iniU'action. The cj-'itns ooouredt m a head - ' was the result of ion Ibiy the oon.- , J ^ - --^ victedi dri\cir. He was tiying to pasal scnedued to get -iTOder way May 1. ^ ,, n<.Mir.,- I qitieat that all residents of the thb E. E. Kly and Barney HiU the ^.^^^ a, effort to clean up Chamber of Commieree ciimimittee j tj.^ trash, tin cans and other 6n change of amangements for tha ready b ^en I conveniently picked up by a aiociormplished, \vith_only a- few. iwin-1 jj^ck to be auippKed by the city. oir detoils yet;j^ ^tfi decMeid. Bogner | I'lf^ council has taken tiiis octiion | _____________ Stubbs has 'Beejh.'4Bired- to Jfitipennse ! (cooperation w program and | ,s g^ontsoiing a general clean, anotner law vioilatoon wMl prepare i^fcttediule*^. an^-enforce I lyp^ pa&nt.�p campaign, wliKh cu vi�stp.rfi drii^.r Ho wo= Koy Hazlr-itt, chiajuimian �f the Lions Cl'jb Clelanjuip coromittee, hau appealled to all the civic organiiai. tions of tYo town for terir icoopetra.. tion, and (jaa expressed the hc^ji-c that none of ooia- people will neg.Vjcfc to observe the clean jup progrtun. Bot,h he and tie city counicil pointed out the dajnger of oontaigeoiUB dis.. easts whi:h thrive in trash and de.. brir-. iThey said that many memlbers of the mecfical and scientific -pro_ i-iams are the Re4 Caps, the Blue C5aps, Victor and Onana. The managers for the the ladle's) teams havf Tiot yrt been cho=cn. In view of the fnct that the pr" . jrmm costs ahont iliwe hundrel and twenty five dollars to carrv on a chairge of ten centra per person ovi-r li) years of a if about makiing any charge but tb-coyi of the proprra mis so BTeat tho'' rt bocame ne<-c�8airv to \e* those wbr) find nlci"ire in attending to bear a pnrl of thp exnonse Plivers will h rharge'fl a flee of one dolla"" the dii-.adcd polio breed and live in trash and other unsanitary) oondi.. tions. Certainly it ii? known mat tin cans and empty variouti kinds Li-rve mo qi:/.to.", whicii cairry the geirms of malaria. A clean eomntiunity meam z. fit .ly b.. ,\-n. Join tJie cieajn.'up, Paint .up crusade and heflp make a move attractive, healthiei- town. Prominent FaTmer Dies At Muskogee Hospital 'Funeral services vrre i.'jri '�vrted at tKa Free Will on enrollment and -iH t'^ require'! ; it ^"1! to pay ,ndTr'i?"'ion when their team ' ' Vc; not playfing. The romrri'ttoe F^.s ruled tVi"� no p'nycr under 18 will b etng found by Mrs. Woods lying facfe downward cn tha "�round apparently a short time after he fell. SuT-vivors include the wixlow, two | ,in a no parsing zone. -ills cuae suiaipiy points up tiie; nece^ity for a speciaj enforcemenj, cjtiiipaign,eoon to be undertaken by the sta.rj hignway patrol. Dunjng thus 'a.impaign patrol trooipers will stop thouBands of cars on Oklahomal nigiiways. They wilil be looking for two things: ^, -edical deficiencies in) carsi (v.'hich c'aiutfcd 14 percent of Okla.. homa highway accidents diuTing 1949). 2. Drivers who aire still drivihrir d'esipi.te the fact that tiieir iicenif.s oontainers of j i .. 'i been revoked, suspended, can., homes Ajr ; et-lod, or denied. Approximately 3,000 orc'iers have been isiued on rdvocataon, suapjn,-. .un; cancellation and dendial. ^nfiis ii n'Ot a largto nuiirber when oontpar ei to the 900,000 licened drivere. in Oklahoma. The dan:?er 'underlying thoir 3,000 crdem. ho-wever, is clearly shown in the single catse ok' the driver who kiiiled himself and four othi-'rs. In, renewinK and intensifying its forcement icamipaign it ^-Vil the purpo;*; of the higliway jtatrol to drive si ch wanton publit menaces from our hJgh'Afay!--. I Thanks to actiion taken by our ] laBb legblatiure. we now have some laws with tfceth in them, which can, bite deeply when sonve one who lias been fo--c'dQ?n to dri-ir is found operat'ng a rnotor vehicle. ; For the fir: t offense the ChecotaJi District SoU Conservation News^ X runa^ nave tjwiii com/pieited on the farms of W. B. Hughes, Paaii Affljoy, and Leo WilUamB. 1 o'iii .-x.iey tiaj also comipleted one mile Off terraces on his fbjm. Roy Kiijis has compjiiteid two miles of terraces. The terraces have al.. leauy peen approved tor FJlA payment. Poim ponds have been planned on the J. O. WUIia'ms 'and tlaymond 'ihitt bermnda grass spring pilanter will begin .piuniirq^- grass w>n Report (H Gtntributors To Red Cross Quotas Checotah Contributor* Mna. Alice a'artmr CharJos Tilliver $1., Ed Marlin ^l., Aitton Mitchell .'Vlvis lif.iand $1., K. o. GrifAth jl., Mts. Swadley $1., Lela trarey ^il.', c'. ij. Lawaon f 1., Virgil 'Patteroon $^^1., Ott KMiiehart #1., iRtaymond Stone �1., Dr. texittitjn $1., Walter Voung 10., Jesste Mae Ourry fl., OddfeHo^vB ?5., FaiJtvefr'S Grtti-y $6., Bogner Stubbs Helen Banks Blanche'Coughran ?2., W. A. Wallalce Billic WU-; �oa $Z., Mr. Bteynolda $2:, Eimerson (.�or Baptist l'iijrch �atI presc iXij a fine of not less JRO.ftO or more than *200�0-t�r a ' AtVBndl State Rally- jar) sentence of not more than 30 ' days. It is provided, however; that both the fine and jail sentence can be invoK'ed. For second and sutoecpjcnt of amo..t of plTe. Th^ P-^' Denny of St. - Lo-iis Mo., and a soster. Mrs. Anna of Tulsa. .-^t" ley two veai-K have iwlvantaeei-^ and' value of the sum mor rrrreation .P^I^^J" Z'!"?; | JTaonic ser^ces were hcM at the ^e anxious for it to get �nder ^-^^ I j^^j^ ,nder for anotehr year. j jj^^^i^^ of Powere Funearl Homie. I Presbyterian Youne People RaUy To Be HeU Here Young people Jrom the Presby. tcry (District) of Mluskogtr will meet at the Fi'nst Presbyteriiin Ohxirch of ChecotaK Beisfinning at 2:30 Sunday, April 23iyl TY.t3 Rally will feature ^ tailk to the Yoiung People in the afternoon "Ekiiucaition ftor Tomorrow" by the Rev. R. Grady Snugga, head'of the Tcpartment of Rieligion of the UnL versfcty of Tulsa, a Preabyta-ian School. The evening session at 6 -.SO P. M. will h� highlighted Iby a atirmion by I>r. l/awrence W. Jiohnson of the First Preebyterian CHulrch of Mfc. Alester. !I>r. Johnson has spoken in Checotah aelrerai t&mee a'nd has many ftriends here. Becaase of its central location Checotah was chosen as the meeting place. Presbyterian Young Peop'r; from Muskogee, TaWeqnah, Otonul gee; McAfcoter, Pwteau, SfcUiaaw; and Henryetta 9x10 expentad to a|t. tend. George Kitchen Died At Hitdiita Home Gqorge Kitchen age 84 years, passed a\raiy April 16th at 1:00 P. in hio home at Hltchiba. IFo\.. lovnng four yeum of lUmoss. He is survived by his wife Wm. lAlice KHtchen, four daughten and one eon ScniHy Kitchen of Checotahi JSaB. Emma Bairison of! tha home, Mra. Joe Jackson of Boynton,' Mars. Lester CostI?lberry of Hitchita, Mim. Wade Smuth of K^tteahan Citty. Ca'ifomia, He has 38 great grand chndren. He lived lA Httchita since 1910. Funeral services will be held at the Assembly of God chuineh with. Eov, W, L.. IVurmet officiating. Mr. and Ifin, H. C. TteynolidB of Coii�eta and tir. and Mwi ^61za Bynum and son left the past weeH end for New Orleans, Louisiana for a WTscek's visiti,' during which they plan to do some deep sea fishing in the Gulf of Mbdoo. Mr. and Mrs. R. I. West and Mrs. W. B. Johnson were visitors at Ft. Smith. Arkansas last 'Wlrslncsdav, nnd visited at the homo of Rev. C. B. Hoole at Salliaw on the way home,. Mr�, C. E. Hoole Dies In SalKsaw Hospital Xho many friends of Mra. C. E. HooVj were grieved last week to learn of her death which occuTed at the Osteopathic Horpital at Salllsaw test Thursday afternoon' after a three weeks illness. Punorai se.-vices were held SatMttUay mom., ing at the Methodist churdi ot Sallisaw, with Fcv. Ira William, of Muskogee officiaiting. Duniajl was made at the side of her mother near T��umsa, Oklahoma. St^ is s-'rviv.. od by the hu^bomi Rev. C. E. Hoole, a daughter Mra. Bill Hulse ofl Tah.. Iiequiah, anidl a aon Chazles Rlichard of the honr.e. fenVca t~he"l.a'.v proviTe? 7o7a" fine' ^'^f' ^'"i?,*^^ attent'cd the state Raky at Oklahoma City, Apnl 14 15 Ifi. Ronnie Shastid wa^ elected vice presilient of the iNortheaislr rn 3 from Toiisa. Briatow, iPawhWska Oknuilir>e, and Waurika; on the east to Stigler on the south and all the clubs to Kansas and Ar. ansos inside. The theme of the rally was fam iliea together, and *he pr>gram waa cr ntered around families worfcing Reed Siiott. employee of Stann.. Un Oil Compunv, lonntod .at Spur Texas loined his familv h��re .flor two weeks vomUm, He will ntowtf b's fpmfly to dpor the tint of tb� School Caijnival To Be Held At Onapa School The Onapa school will hold a car., nival Friday ndght, April ai, at 7:S0 P. M. at the school. It is for the purpose of raiaine ftinds for the junior and senior clasn There w411 be plenty oif entertain n-fcnt for young and old. Everyone la urged ix> attend and support this oanise. brownie GROUP GIVES puppet SHOW The Brownie group of which Miss Helen Bangs is leswleoi, enterUined the groups '.cd hy Mrew W. H. Eg., gteeston and Mrs. J. S. YVnung with a pupnet show at Fellowship Hall last Woaneaday afteirnoon. The theme of the show was the Hftnz *nd Gi^tchel, with Jill Bitoekbum, Patty Dryden, Lynn Buford, Mild. red Harman and HaaeO Oagle playing the roles. Cookies were served at the close ofl the meeting. REV. BROWERS RETURNS TO PUUPIT, SUNDAY Rev. Walter Browaw, who has been spending^ the pas* two weeks two weeks MoHne. Illinois attending a school off evangelism sponsored by the General Confer., enco of the Methodist Church, will return to hisipulpit here next Sun.. Choptmr 25 order of Eastern fitflr will hold inUitttion, ceremonies at tliB Tflimlpr me^tina: "Monivy of not less than $100iOO or more than $600.00 and a jail s^ntencr' of not lees than 30 days or more than 12 monthB. For second and subee quent ofillnises a ja'il cntence is mandatory. There have been some convictions ^ir b'Gith first and. second offenses. In Feverai' case^ courts have fixed jail sentences for first offenses in addition to carrying out the maad.. atory duty ofl sentencing second of . fenders to jail. It as regrettab'c that we have any citizens, who are so oareiless ot* their own lives and the liven o unty Farmers To Sponsor Soil Testing Program Fanrjons off MKJlntosh county are spoBHonng the pta<chiase oif a soil testing laboratory foir Mclntiosh county, which will olffer ftumere a service hent'totCore aivailable only at icollegit or pravste laibonaltory. Complete tiasta will be made on five differont plant foods an'd, ac. looiiding to plans, a feie will to charg ed to coTor cost oif chemicals and repay instaiUataon costs. Equipment Uas been omiieitKl at ai cost of ISSO.OO. The laboraftory wiU be ojieairfiod Al CSiristy, Ooamty Agent and Dale 01dlu|jin, Assistant Cbnnty Ajg^nt. Results ofl testr can pe obtained (packer and a complete onalyBk will aasia); farmers in umng the right kind of iintilizer to get th� most econ.. omioal yicQds. Money is being raised by contributions, to finance) the laboratory. The jMlicy of running tkc fab., ers, nolected from each oif the nine oratory will be set up by nine farm.. P. M. A, communilaies in the coun.. ty. Ftamem will be notified as to when tte laboratoiy will be opened. jtinior: class play cast of characters selected The junior c'ass sponsors who are Mrs. G'ne Wi'son and Mr. Ar'en Todd have chosen the production crw for tha play 'Seventeen Is Terrific." They are as foVows: Publicity Manager Edith Mc'firide, Property Co-Chairman Annette Powell, and Alice Ehysrton, VStiifiie Manager; Norman Framef MokeUp, Wanda WlUinms; House Manager, Wanda Ireland; fTshors. Shir'flV Parmer, Barbara fam of J.''B.Ki;;Sr^;"~no"t;^ 'iv'^'iw^m ^Z.^�^%f^X.^'''^^y^ l^iuiu-ie View school. Mr. Wrw;||-' rl^^'^T^f'^-m*^" lirJr!"!^ t^..."-* ^ ill: SrSaC^lug-lt Lo-f B. Logan $2., Katn.een Dobson $2., Uottie Ctonintgham ^2., Esther BlackW'ell l$<b., Anna NeWberry ?2., Yvonne Wright $l2., Lu^-enia Dixon fi2^, iRuth MdFarland Lucilj^ Biley $2., Norman Kauble $2., Carl Ryan $2., Bill Miner $2., Mr. Todd 2., Neil LeFore $2., H. 0. Emerson BesBJa Emerson $1., G. D. Mc:. Ojllough ?2., Ruth Phillips W. H. Rainwater $2:, Mrs. Dunlap 51., Thomas iKitchie ^5., Ruth Houston $5., Butler Houston 5., Pugh Hous.. ton �3., I, G. Loopt-r $2.50, M: Cath.. ey SI:, L. H. Summers -SI., and Re. bekahs $5. Elmo Wiley Gilke.v, repre;enta-. tive for the Bed Cross, at Carron, ijchool JDistrict 57 has it-ached and tumed amounts exceeding his qjuota. The oontriljutors are as Hollows: E. W. Gilkey SI., Grorg!? Brown $1., Ht-ster Gilkey Flora E. Brown SI.-, Rev. Joe Dotso-n $1.; W. M. Bro-.v-r. .5!., .^nnr.' M. (Derrfck $!:, Rev. C. H- ttu?h-ejr .50, L: h: ''.alter :50, Rosie Bell Ballard J. L. Poiie 50c, Harry Carfeo 1:; .Mary Ir.sley .50, William Hennard .50, and Ben Perry .50c. � M^ng a total oif $12.00. W. W. Sparks, the Hitchita Red Cross Repreitentati\i'., had tumeiJ-in $74j50. The foUo-nfing list were continbubcrs. ' H. H. Parson $5., Ehigerio Greenlee So.. H-. C; Foshee %5., Robert Session Jr. $5.. Rov Hnckeodom S5.. W. W: Siparfcs $�., Tom AatCher $3., Bill Miller S3.. Homecircle Dem. Club $20:00, Wajme Parlor 51:, Curtis Ray Gilstimp $1., Melven Ke.. lough $1., Cake Walk 43-50, Albert Cook ?5., Edd Cook $5., Lilliian C. Gooch $1.. andiMr."^. Burl Br?svell $1. WiUV; Mae DeB:i:3J. Represen.. lativi? of the Warrior Ol District, has turned in 21.CO. planting to benniuioa. Mr. wailuffi xii uniaaiui haa daai^ of the operat.. ion 01 tit mechaiuc^l grass planiter. fit yoiu want bemiwidia grais roois, or tiic oott^a 'Oi' dJpervisoi's 01 ti t Cjic-cotan .suii Conseivaition iji^.. trict to plant ypur bermuda grass for you, you wiH need to call at thu uiu.te tiu tne SoU Conservatiioa Ser.. vice Or contact Mr. Wilkiamis, oti xjne Board of Supervisors. Roy Heckendom, is planting Kud . zu roots in a gatly in hiis pasture to control erosion. 1. A. D. Allen, member of th.s Board of Sutfcrvisoi's of the Chdco tab Soil Coutervation Diistrict, haj a very fine pastui'e oX KentulcKy 31" Fescue. The seed crop will be ttse'd tor more planting tn^ I'ai!. The Soil Con^ervitwn tr. 1 vice has iuppiifd tit nveaisurem'enu to sever a4-larmeri during the past weeks on tne K'Creai^t.- in thdir i-tei-ds where tnev inttrr'a 10 pianx. cv,[,t.)n. .1 d"iVi?;aion has i.=<i.'n ran on tl^' �iatms 01 George Brindon, and the W. K. Br:ce and W. A. Vouns'. farm. Iriraoe lines have been run on the R. I. West fa^wi at Pierce. A diversion terratc hafi h^een vJtr on the W.. A. Y'orjng farm east of Cneootah on Highway 266. tit?! Checotah F. H. A. Girls Twenty one cHecotiah^ F. H. A Giitls, and their sponsoora, Mrs. (HJdna Looper; and Miis. Jessie Rey . nolds and one chib mother Mrs. Mcintosh County Singing Convention Convenes AprU 2Zndl and 23tcL The North Mcintosh County Sing.. _______ ___________ ________^ ing Convention will convene Satlur . phiying and sharing together. The I day night and Sunday, April 22nd. fact was brought cut in skit Corm I anl 23rd. at Council HilL A mum,. __,___ that everj'one as an inividual is a | ber of outstanding qUBitetts '"jjl I entered were allowed each CHECOTAH IN ARK. VALLEY BALL LEAGUE Bogner Stuibbs has keen cheewK. to manage the Checotah Indle . veiy nicely. The Di."3t giame will be with 't�e-Muikogee Vtterans Aidministratf^ nine 3i Checotah. iGrcnmds foar a, new diamond havie toeen contialWfaet by JH. C. Stonit in the somtlMest; part of town and work is lum, nt' progress bringing tbt lot up in , dition for a fiist class playing fiiM. Several membezs of the icnun -aoe. spendnng much time at the -woric and they hope to have the groiniA in top condition �or the opej^fmg-game on May 7. Other ganms �f the league which aio schedided fee that day are Wiafinwright at Vietar-and Council Hill at Eufaiula. T*f^ -six teams compose the ArkaaoaE. Valley League which had it's fieat season lai t year. Sewral other bamn and organisation teams in this aieA-sought to j-oin the leagmn this yew, but the dfferent team managers �8&-cided that to adimit them would nccan addad tranispoTtation and otKAr expenses which they, were unwiffiqf to -afBume. Tlr; league is organ&EliS un'der the National Federation of Baseball r-jles undrj whach most antj ateur gro-ips play. /Playerr and fans feel greatly Hk.. dribted to Mr. iStout for his genemna of#3r of land for the new diajneod and have publicly expiress:r�d Omt appreciation for the loan of the site^ wai tr.i3<fe -wfith the understanding that it would be ^aeste4 in case th� owner sboiuld decide te dtfpocr! O'f it. \ - � � � QheQottsh Musicians Maltfei Good Showing at Festival <rhe Checotah High School B�ad received a rating of "Excellent" at the D5i=tii(ct Band Contest whirfk was held at .Tahleqwah itest Thnm. day. A'pril 13, which makes the er. ganizaUon eligible (or comi Mtitioa tm the state contests at Norman <m May 3. Nun^ers pSayed by the er*V included the march "His Bonarf "Jeud, Jo-r of Man's Desiring," bs Bach; arerf "Easa's Procesjion to thm Catoniral" from the Onapa Lafaeik_ grin. �Baton twirler Doris Jones rft-ceived a rating of "Baoellent" �sd Wanda Iraland wae rated ''Good.** The oU-Or two twiiitera Miag<gie ion Wynn and Bobbie Martin, wer* ' member of son^c kind of a family and the kind of family meamber each one is determines the kind of a com., munity and nation that we live in or can build to live in. Tlr- F.H..A Na-�ional President, Missi Betty Etheridge of Crossett Aarikaasas pp-�^e on "Wo are the Builders of Homes." Another highlight in speeches was given by the sta'c president of tha New Homioimakers of Oklahoma" the Negro cnnls, club aiimiliar to ours. Their ideols and purposes ane high andthecr goals are the same, as alur%, Oklahoma has 10,000 F. H. A. mombers, and was started with one club at Ok^homa C5ty spoinsored by Miss Mary Brussell in 19Q2. Somie intere^i^ thltngis tihat happened to the Ohecotah girls. None of the �?irf� Bke toeat. but whero did all the cracker crumbs olixD seeds and cheese glasses come il-oiri? Wanda Graitinilich oouWs't decide which picUune of. a (certain boiy to take along so she took enough to cover, .the dreSEKr top. Ila Nor.. wo�id'wias met at churdi by a handsome black headed boy, but what happened, HaT Radean Lofois in her hoels dmcrged after the firat hour walking, Rozefla Cobb invieated in' modceana and canted her shoes, Wbo sleeps late ot honrn'T At eight lolcloek eight girla were late for (breakfast, Wbo won the canasta f�wne1 Norma Sands and| CoUcftn Wilson. I wonder why Eflvera Cobb and Ronnie Shastid kepd: vubibiiig their knees. ^.There �wiaa a nisair ac. piHient, Mary J Rountree got wied.. ged aon-jpwheirB asd the fatoa had to atop. Poor Petc PhilMps, how did ho ever get home with so many bosses?. "Jimmie Lice Thompson* Vdrgie ' Hamlbrick, Nan Kennedy and Vanda Gramlich neaijy got left but they %vere found at Monkey Island at Lincoln Park; The spon.. sors- and mother were not so spry looking by 6:00 P. M. Sundl?iy. REV. AND MRS, WILLIAMSON THANKS'FRIENPS Fdll ACTS Rev. and Mra. O. 0. �VSTiUtemSciD haye requested the News to. express their thanka '.to the ,friett�s and i\%iBhbor� for the fipwew tboy tevft ...... , , sflnt and the acts of Wndneft. they Sma"wood. Rotty Sl��mor ood time Ss expected by all. W. A. Smith. President; Emnest Terry, Vice President; and MiJSB Patsy Stenth, Secietaiy. ^ril 30 Is Deacfluie For S|Hing Seed RequekCs April 30 has been set w a Tmbl date for Mcintosh County farmeia fo request lusistance on all fipiing seed carried as a consenrvation practice under the 1950 Agrioal'fiurBl Conservatfion Program, E. L. Sneed, Chairman, Hidntoah County PMA Oonmnttee announced this week. All farmecs who wifii aesistaaoe in purchasing these seed ^oniki Apply at the PMA office (befooae that date. , BAND WILL GIVE FIRST ANNUAL SPRING CONCERT OBob Key, director of the Checotah High School Band, has annoionQed that the group will present if a Mxet annual spring- -conceit at the hngh �ehool fMditoriam oa the .erenine of ilacr W, at eigfet o^flodlt..- The progitam, to foe lumoanced later, wai incbide both ogrcfaeE^tnal- transcriptions and music wiftten ex.. preasly for band. Axhighlighk of the concert wiB be_ji. Jwirling demon., startion by the band's four major., ettes, the Misses Dotria Jones, Wanda InoIand.MlBegid LKm Jones and Bobtde Martin., Much interest; in the coaceort has has alreaidy beek Bh(>wn by jhtroos of the sdroctT,^ and Hr,v�^ has been led to believe that a Mpi^iei^reti^wd win attendi^ , , ' r , I Mr. and Mrs, Bill Blogan and family of Rollins, Miasu are viaitfinsr his parents^ lUr. and Mrs. Ho.. c>ian, this week. tests. Two voice students, Mi9 Nancy Roberteon and Mfes Sue JPal. ey, w�re rated firsts, and five^Mw SPtKMfcnta took second.^ They ^tmm Nancv and Johnny Johnson, Ihr,. tha MlcCJ'tock. Bettiv S^emtwe iMi Dirothv "Riumham. Mis fSVley wati Miss Btomhami aie Btudents- of Niles froT^ Enfaula. Tiie iwice 1 dents wSll enter t}>e state On at Staiwater on April 27, aud tii� Diaao contestants wSV oomioetft aft INorman on May 2, 4, 6. Al] ' and piano students (Compete in A, which makes them-�ppiw contestants flrtun TJolaa. Okfafcwaa l�t has Ibeenfleeted to the tM***byi�t. preasive majority oft two oeeantoori and, no dorubt, CQnjAdt^*e r^f4et^ fmym �m-mw-^m^'mtM- imOi he chooBe. to, ran. �-v'^^vvi -y^ In mnbuneinjr nto ^sawyl si^ �a�d?I�^ liivit^f^kloft "a* hii. record aji- an offte*^, in Ofiodotah andt prontised thatahoa^drf�t)ft ek(M��,, K�j)d imbartinl s^^vlea whfctelwft

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