Thursday, April 12, 1934

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Ada Weekly News, The (Newspaper) - April 12, 1934, Ada, Oklahoma THE ADA Names "Braintrusters" Who Told of Conspiracy to Overthrow Government TUG1NEOGURES Assistant Secretary of Agricul- ture Quoted As Holding Radical Ideas ADA, OKLAHOMA, THURSDAY, APRIL 12, 1934.____________- DISABLED VETERANS MAKING POPPIES NUMBER 2 HII.OAM SPRINGS. Ark.. April tract of 117 acres of 117 acres of land four miles east of Slloam Springs has been purchased for development of a religious retreat to be known as the Ozark service retreat. Construction work Is to be. In charge of Lee Shaffer of Okla- homa City, executive secretary of he organization undertaking the evelopment. The first building o be started will he a central ,otel. Several small cottages, a tore, a service station and a fish latchery are planned. The Ilev. C. II. -Myrlc, pastor of lie Trinity church In .Memphis, renn.. and a former minister of lentoti county, is one of the chief iromoturs of the enterprise. It H to servo as a home fir mlnls- ers and for large meetings of re- Iglons or educational character. II P Denies Housing Project Has Tendency Toward Encour- aging Communism WIRTlftUEntfE Told by Committee Not Need Further; Hearing to Be Resumed OlITlut PLOT Siiys Thorough Houscclcaning Only Thing to Save Nation From Chaos liy CLARENCE M- WR.IGHT (AlKKllltd I'ICM SUB WtllCI) WASHINGTON. April Naming "brain trusters and their satellites" as his informants. Dr. William A. Wlrt Indicated today Unit he traces back to Dr. Rex- ford Guy sec retary of convic- tion "that a ploi exists to "over- throw the social order." For two sensation-studded hours he recounted his fears to tho house Investigating commit- tee, while a massed crowd fol lowed his words. Tho story started V.-lth an ac- count of a dinner, attended by him, two men and three women associated with the administra- tion, and the representative lien of the Soviet news agency, Tass The last named. Lawrence Todd bo quoted as saying President Roosevelt was "In mid stream and could not turn back fron the "revolution." It ended with the Indiana edil cator, unable to complete hi testimony today, su; the committee summon Douglas, budget director, and W. 1. Westervelt, Chicago business man formerly with the farm ad- ministration. They, Win Ortiie women's national ed. could throw more light on the i for enforcement, ntrlftlllfT t hrillK t. WASHINGTON. April of a "political" plot de- signed to bring "chaos" In the Pulled States, but with the accus- ed parties unnamed, today came from the leader of a newly re- organized feminine prohibition group. Mrs. I. Johnson of Ohio and New York made the assertion In a statement. She Issued It Just be- fore accepting the presidency ot the "New Woman's National Com- mittee for Political Action." Taking from Mrs. Henry W. for 12 WASHINGTON. April 11 (.T) Mrs. Franklin O. Itoosevelt to- day contradicted the contentions of Dr. William A. Wlrt that the subsistence homestead project at Reedsvllle, W. Va.. Is "a com miiiilstlc effort. The wife of the president gave her views In response to questions at a White House conference with newspaperwomen. A while before. Dr. Wlrt on a visit to the capltol had been told the house Investigating committee desired no further testlfony from him and he was free to return to his Gary, Ind., home. The inquiry will resume next Tuesday with the appearance of UK; six persons named by Wlrt as having attended a September din- ner In Virginia at which he testi- fied he heard talk of revolution- ary plotting. Some of those named by him have denied that conversations re- lated by him took place. .Mrs. UoosevoltN Sliitemeiit Mrs. Roosevelt said today: "Never In this country to my knowledge has It been considered communistic for an opportunity to he si veil to people to earn their own living and own their houses." She added that while It Is a fact that the government will provide the initial capital on this partic- Durlng nine months of each year, war veterans In the government hospital at Muskogeo keep busj making popples for the annual sale day, scheduled for May this Condition Of Polly Wallace Feared Critical (From WrdnrsOnr'i Ilnllj) Reports from Oklahoma City, where 1'. A. "Polly" Wallace. East Central football coach -and athletic director, has been taken for treatment, are that plans 'for an operation have been postponed for a day or two. Wallace Is suffering from an Involvement ot the lower portion of the spinal cord, the exact na- ture of which has not been as- certained. His condition Is regarded as extremely serious and his ninny friends here are concerned about the outcome of the Illness which struck him down recently. C. S. Aldrich, 72-Ycnr Old Citizen, Dies This P. M., Funeral Thursday C. <Frnin WrilnmlnjS S; Aldrich, one of the real alleged plotting to bring wnlcl, tm. organization munlsui. [was formed, Mrs. Johnson said: Speaker Ralney's name flgur- "Nothing short of a thorough followed by an act- ed. too, Wirt quotin as having said "he had (isked organization to preserve active Halney what congress was going representative government will to do, and Kalney replied that; satisfy Hie people." congress would assemble, pass! In her statement, Mrs. Johnson certain laws, stay In session tin- j said: til May or June and within u "Many students of world affairs ular project, any private enter- prise that wishes to do so may es- tablish the same sort of communi- ties. pioneers of Ada, passed away this afternoon at 2 o'clock after a lingering Illness of several years. Funeral services will be conducted Thursday afternoon (it o'clock from the Crlswell Fun- eral Homo and burial will follow In Rosedale cemetery. Dr. C. U. Morris will conduct the services. In this section Mrs. Aldrich Is the only close surviving relative It Is hoped that many Private wish to do It, Huddleston. Mr. Aldrich S. C.. on May 22. 1802, dnr- and the purpose of gaining the ery of the United States, eventually of the world. "Our problem Is the more diffi- cult because It comprehends not only the Intrigue of certain groups In tin- United States, but also deep-laid plans of an aggressive group In Europe. The two are working together." The feminine prohibitionists instead dustrtes 'and then 1 don't know] what will happen'." i Itnliicy Statement Speaker Kalney denied to newspapermen that he ever bad told Westervelt this. Those cited as present at the dinner last September: Robert llruere. chairman of the textile code advisory commit- tee; David C. Coyle. of the pub- lic works administration; Hlldi- garde Kneeland and Mary Taylor, .planned to fast and pray, department of agriculture econo-lof having lunchJoday. mists; Alice Barrows of the edu- cation bureau at the Interior de- partment; iind Lawrence Todd, representative of the Soviet news agency. I Tho dinner was In the Barrows homo In nearby Virginia. Wlrt said Miss Kneelund had quoted Tugwell as having said ho "would have closed the grain and stock exchange If he had the power" and that ho termed last summer's business improvement "a speculative spree." Tug" el I Quoted "Miss Kneeland said." he went on. "that Tugwell said: 'If we enterprises will she declared. "The government Is just point- r VwSXZ, to further UJV-bXriost'T1" luo wifiln" to go 'southern aristocracy of Chester ........____ arMhVtn Iteedsvllle !aml fatller was "f tllu XcW of skillful political strategists of governmental i England Aldrlches. who have purpose of gaining the Illilst; for making postofflce; made history in financial circles last hundred years. The president of the New the postal department to buy such j York Equitable Trust Co. is u equipment from any factory out- side the District of Columbia. Kejilles to Wlrt RELIEF Tffl FERA Halts Taking of Appli- cations Until Further Announcement No more applications for work or direct relief will be taken for the time being at headquarters of the FERA iu Pontotoc county, Mrs. Dora Cox, social service supervisor, stated today. Already more than home Investigations have been made by ease workers following filing of applications with the county of- fice. Mrs. Cox will make announce- ment later when tlio office Is ready to take more applications B. E. Hennlgan, county super- visor of relief work, this morn- ing stated that he had receive! no further Instructions from state was born at dies-; headquarters after being notlflei; He has a sister living In South Carolina, who could not make the trip here for the funeral. e Mn) ls n of H. j. WASHINOTON. April D. Baker, wartime sec- retary of war, today accepted ap- pointment as chairman of army's air corps Investigating committee upon which Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh declined to serve. Secretary Dern. announcing the acceptance" of five other civilians to aid army generals In making factory for making postofflce j made hi equipment was nipped In the bud. for the bv congressional action forbidding, present L-red! cousin and many other relatives are In positions of leadership. Mr. Aldrich lived In his native Mrs. Roosevelt also answered }.jo2 when he came Wlrt's statement yesterday before. ,0 lias that time the Dulwlnkle committee that .001 hame nero- He was a families now paying rent In Ada for <i number of Morgantown would be taken from1 tli wlilcl of a limited allocation ot funds to the county. The allocatloi was HO limited that plans fo putting more men to work had to be Immediately halted. CWA-FERA Allotment For April So Small Work Plans Being Dropped quite a long she said. "Most of these families were on relief or they would not have op- begin to plan nationally we mmtary Inquiry said change once and formal! first meeting would be held sUitus and constitution'." this week'or early next. planned by Itnelf, step- He also testified Miss Knee- land had quoted the assistant secretary or agriculture to the effort that "It was Impossible to have a planned economy and have big business operating Industry." Representative Bulwinkle (IJ- NC) wanted to know who had talked of President Roosevelt as u "Kerensky." later to bo re- placed by a "Stalin." "Lawrence Todd." Wlrt replied As to Westervelt. the school- master testified the had said "Dr. Frederic C. Howe (head of the AAA consumers council) had told him that if there was a way t" stop people on federal relief quicker progress could be _ toward what we are after." Westervelt also was quoted as having said Tugwell asserted he could get Jl.UOU.OUO for a spe- cial school for "recent college ho' "easy to Innoculate them with and that It would Ideas about the new planned economy." Wlrt also assailed the "subsls- feeding that made I the first here Tli" Investigation, the war department lied Into national focus following a list of tragedies suffered by army airmen In flying the mall. Tiie secretary of war said the following civilians In addition to llaker had accepted- places on the committee of eleven: Dr Karl Taylor Compton. pres- ident'of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dr. Oorge Y. Lewis, director 'of aeronautical research for the national advisory committee on aeronautics. Clarence D. Chamberlln, noted trans-Atlantic flyer. Major James H. portunlty to She added families came o out ther that most of the from mining camps cheerful disposition and always greeted his friends with a smile, j (0 j, Only a few months ago he went saying Giles, state administrator, W, UN Will Be Placed Aboard Steam- er at Smyrna by Turkish Authorities ISTANBUL. April (.T) Samuel Insult will bo placed aboard the S. S. Exllona Friday it Smyrna and started on his re- turn voyage to the United States ;n custody ot American author! ties. Burton V. Berry, 32-year old third secretary of the American embassy, will accompany Insult on his trip to face charges embezzlement and fraud In Illi- nois. United States Ambassador Rob- ert P. Skinner, who designated Berry to make the trip, previous- ly hud Indicated Insull might be placed aboard tho American Ex- port Line ship, the S. S. Execu tlve, leaving Istanbul today. American authorities said they expected no further difficulty In dually bringing to an end the 74-year old Chlcagoau's long (light from justice. They minimized the significance of last-minute moves by Insult's legal staff to delay his extradi- tion. 1st mi mil Thursday Tho Associated Press learned that Insull will be removed from the house of detention in which he Is held here Thursday night. Ho be taken on a Turkish coastwise boat and Is scheduled to arrive at Smyrna Friday af- ternoon. The formalities of actually handing him over to the United States will take place aboard tho Exllona. Tho export ship, which was In port at Makrl today loading ore, was ordered to return to Smyrna especially to pick up the famous Fliers Succeed in Taking Part Of Wreck Victims to Land MOSCOW, April daring soviet aviators wrote new Illustrious page In the hlstorj of Arctic endeavor today by res cuing, within 2-1 hours, mem- bers of a party of 90 Russlami marooned for two months on a drifting Ice floe In the remote Bering sea. Aumng those brought to shore was Prof. Otto leader o! the scientific expedition to Wran gel Island which came near dlsas ter when Its vessel, the Chellus kin. was crushed by Ice and sanl February 13 on the return trip. Despite his protests, Schmld was ordered Into an airplane. Hi Is 111 with a bronchial ailment. While a brief spell of favorabli weather lasted, the fliers Hainan In, Molokov and latter In an American brought 29 more castaways till afternoon. In addition lo the rescued last night and early day. All were landed safely on the mainland at Capo Van Kaiiem. INTEREST Ci Senate Committee Continues to Modify Various Provisions Of Measure TAX BlUJTORRIES Senate Grinds Away on Reve- nue Measure; Coal Contro- versy Bobs Up back to South Carolina for a visit jty jlalj with his relatives, realizing prob- last nbly that would he his last. and she doubted very much If the days ago ho was taken mining companies would feel that a iocai hospital In an effort they had been getting any rent out of their places. Mrs Roosevelt has set June 13 for her next Visit to the Ilceds- vlllu project. Not tO; 10 county super- that Pontotoc coun- been allocated to April 30. notice came at a time when Siberia, after hazardous flights over hitherto unexplored territory. In the last cargo ot thu saved castaways was Commander Sch- midt. He Is expected to be flown later to Alaska for treatment. fin official announcement, fol- lowing radio dispatches to Mos- WASHINGTON. April Further substantial modification of the stock market control bill and the housu approval for In- terior department control of DUO.UUU acres of public domain wero high of congressional action today. In committee, drastic marginal requirements were snipped from thu stock exchange mcastiru to give authority over that problem to the federal reserve hoard and the proposed commission to reg- ulate the marts. What the Semite Itself will do later Is uncertain. Just now It was staying on the tax bill, tho Immediate, focus being a Norrls amendment to glvo.buck la tho 1'hlllpplno government all taxes collected on Philippine coconut oil under the present cents pur pound levy In tho bill. The public domain legislation empowers Secretary Ickes to col- lect fees for grazing. A purl of tho money collected Is to bo re- turned to the states. Pollllrs Plnys rait Ever-present politics had Its place, democrats contending: yes- terday's Illinois primary results showed popular determination against wreckage oE the recovery program. Members of both par- ties got u bow In the housu from Speaker Halney when they ap- j plauded his renomliiatlon. Amid the echoes from Dr. Wil- liam A. Wlrt's startling suspic- ions recorded yesterday In tho houso Investigation, Mrs. Frank- lin D. Roosevelt quietly challeng- ed his of tho Rocds- vllle. W.Va., subsistence honie- rojcct as "communistic." ore a house committee, ob- BteaiL pr 'Before Hennlgan was preparing more men to work, the to put fugitive. She will follow the reg- ular route to the United States, stopping at Sicily, Algiers. Casa- blanca, Boston and New York. The Exllona. a G, 000-ton ship accommodations for 35 pas- Doollttle. widely-known filer and aeronautical engineer. Edgar S. C.orrell. president. Stntz Motor Car company. tcnci- homestead" plan of the ad- ministration. "Do you consider It part of a plan to overthrow the establish- ed ho was asked, and replied he "certainly did." Asked by Hep. O'Connor NY) If he discriminated between overthrowing the social order and changing the government, said that he spoke of revolution such as the "Roost-veil revolu- tion" referred to In a book by Ernest K. Llndley. He Paid some people thought of revolution as throwing out the president and "blowing off tho top of tho cap- Itol." Division liter- ary meet was held ut Latta Fri- The president not to blame. (Continued pu 1'ago 1, No. day, April C, with keen competi- tion In all contests, Allen winning first place. Ada junior high sec- ond and Roff third. The high school literary (D-1will be held Friday, April 13, .it Francis. The totils for the scho-i's which took part In last Friday's competition were as follows: Allen 7S points, Ada Junior high Roff Francis 14, Washington grade of Ada 10 Ixitta n. Stonewall fi. Byng 4 Vanoss 2, Fltzhugh 1. Alfredo Xayas, former president o Cuba and widely known historian dltd today. He was 73 yearn old D. J. Turley, county supervisor of construction of sanitary facil- ities, reminds residents of the county who have not yet taken advantage of the offer of the gov- ernment health program author- ities that through it they can se- cure construction ot sanitary toilets cheaply. These can be constructed at a cost of the owner being re- ulred only to purchase material nd the government lurnlslilns he labor." They are being constructed for sidents of both town and rural ommunltles and are being urged ly health authorities as u means if combating the spread of sev- ral diseases usually prevalent In unimer. Anyone Interested In Hecurln nformatlon about the arrange nent can do PO by writing D. J. Turley. Ada, Okla., or by secin: ilm at tho city harrs between West Seventh and Eighth streets _ ____ ___ ___ county save his life, hut his age and having been set at 300 nature of the disease was too (including administrative staff, much, and lie quietly passed: Honnlgati this morning stated away this afternoon. j that ho hoped to have enough His family and the family "f {funds above what has already T. B. McKeown were friends In spont tills month, to coin- South Carolina, and Mr. Aldrich ;l projects already un- aml Mr. McKeown carried ,vay, of them essential friendship along In the new state, i county roads. Pall bearers for the funeral: will he E. H. McKon- reo. T. J. Chambless, B. K. Me-, Clnley, J. D. RInard. T. U. Mc- Ceown. and J. O. Abney. _ Honorary bearers will lie W. C., Juncan, J. W.. Lewis, T. H. I ________ Hake, D. W. Swaffar. L. A. Elll-j OKLAHOMA CITY. April on and W. D. Little. addition of Roger Mllln scene of the recent iastrous Washlta Mood, to the list Dinner 'for 'Nashville. Tenn. It has long 1'ollco Lieutenant W. A. Gib- ions' theory that a man should lave company at dinner. When Gibbons' dinner was ready yester- lay. he found that his brother ifficors had already eaten. The lieutenant walked to tilt cell block picked out a prisoner who had been sobering up since Friday, gave him a razor and toU him to dress for dinner. Soon the prisoner prcsente himself, spick and span. "Sit said Gibbons, "nn help yourself. A man should hav .somebody eat with him, yo Overnight State Briefs sengers, will require perhaps a month to reach the United States depending upon the loadings. A doctor will bo aboard and Insull will bo assured of medical attention should he need It. He underwent a minor operation for an abscess on his left thumb yes- terday, but otherwise was describ- ed as in good physical condition. Insult's lawyers rushed to the Jail to advise him of the arrange- ments. He waa aald to have taken the news philosophically, feeling all along that there was little hope. Annual School Levy Vote Will Come April 27 to come before the voters !r" v rXf work has In this year ot frequent ballotlng roved by the federal em- will bo the annual city school urgency relief administration. [levy vote, set by proclamation of tern i_miumi highwii HUH I .been approv I 10111 ersency rel cow. said only 28 members ot tho partv remain on the floating Ice, which apparently accounts for 12 women and children and five men previously taken off. The filers havo been trying tor weeks to roach the party, while ships were also heading to the rescue. Kamlnlii and Molokov flew to the Icy camp from Capo Van Ka- rem, while Slepney was already there with a plane which was slightly damaged in landing sev- eral days ago. ROOSlCTSElT OUTJISH STORIES MIAMI. April dent Roosevelt remained over to- day near Gun Cay. an Island In the Bahamas, sending out new fish stories. Vincent Astor gave tho follow- ing report to White House news- papermen here through Marvin H. Mclntyre, presidential secretary: "After you all started on your adventurous return voyage, the president. Herman firay. Ous Gen- nerlck and I went fishing and took about CO mackerel and snap- pers." Gray Is a fishing guide from Florida and Gounerlck Is a body- guard of the president. General Hugh S. Johnson. In- dustrial administrator, with Don- ald Rlchberg, general counsel of the NRA, was .nearlug tho base here to Join the president upon his return to land Thursday morn- j'ohnson and Rlchberg will ride back to Washington with Mr. Roosevelt and map out any new steps necessary' for tho national recovery campaign. The president expects to lie In Washington by Friday for the regular cabinet session. Jectln'g to "further crushing IOR- a statement by Peter U. Carey, president ot tho Chi- cago board of trade, asked delay until next seaslou of decision fn the bill for federal regulation ot grain exchanges. Conl Dlfciwsod Miss Josephine Roche of Colo- rado, only woman coal operator In tho country, at the NRA coal wage hearing unqualifiedly en- dorsed tho 7-hour day and higher wages for soft coal miners. Time-marked differences be- tween norther iiand southern soft coal operators broke out wllli West Virginia "smokeless" fields producers saying northern com- petitors had became dlstatorlal. Major oil companies, before tho petroleum admlulstratlx-o board, proposed a new revision ot the refining article of tho oil code. It was a surprise. Rail labor spokesmen told a somite committee "serious unrest and strife" will bo seen unless tho railway labor act Is revised to eliminate "unfair practices." The radio commission endorsed the bill for a federal commission lo regulate Interstate communi- cation. Ing. CUBA DEGLARES TWO YEAR MAT! OKLAHOMA CITY. April 11 Morray-antl-Murray Is- In tho gubernatorial ampalgn was stirred up today f. Berry King, attorney general, eft for Muskogee mbllc appearance Irlve to succeed King said lov. Murray tax reci-.... supporting Tom Anglln In this year's race. Is pointing to tax re- luctlons of his own regime. The state deficit of when lie took office has been In- i Mayor T. J. Chambless for April Antlers A meeting of taw Indians here approved the pending Wheeler-Howard Indian Mil. tonight In Alfalfa Bill. i throughout the sanitation state has work been aid he would answer of VKllA. by Dr. G. N. ray's slogan: "Look at health commissioner, ecelpt." The governor, forecaat favorable action. creased more than 200 per said King. "What's the gain If j t-ou save a little bit on taxes paid i but run up others bills here and 1 Oklahoma City Tuesday's scorching sun set a record for April 10 In Oklahoma City with 81 degrees. Temperatures of about 90 were general over most ot the state. Muskogec Is King's home town, of mathc- j passengers 'the conductor and engineer ot a A woman teaqher matlcs has become mayor Beaver Dam. WIs. Now she can try to figure out why two demo- crats and two republicans only two officeholders. Greater returns for the amount Invested News Clarified Ads. of make motor Injury car late coach train escaped yesterday when Hie At that time tho voters of School District 10 will ballot on the special school levy ot 10 mills. This has been voted an- nually In Ada. All of the voting will he done at tho city hall, the polls to be open from G a.m. to 7 p.m. and all voters of School District la. which Includes Ada and some outlying territory, eligible to take part In the election. This Halmy Spring Air PHILADELPHIA Catherine McLaughlln. of Teadon, Is ac- cused by a taxlcab driver of tel- ling him; "I havo and I want to ride around In this balmy spring air." George Updylce, the chauffeur train was derailed two miles cast j drove her around worth and, when the money was not forth- coming. stopped at a police sta tion. He hadn't been chauffeur- of Fort Sill. _________ Couyoumdjoglou has been helping Insull In fight against extradition, grate- ful probably because ho nro-i. nounced her name correctly. McLaughlln for the air. he told a mag- X so the young lady will have lier sprlus day. In court. Work Speeded On Ft. Sill's Building Jobs LAWTON. April nearly ot Fort Sill's building program actually under- way, employment of workmen Is exceeding the 2.000 mark. Seven hundred and eighty ad- ditional men went to work on post construction projects durliie Vne' army ponffl contemplated construction program Is per cent complete, Major L S. Doten, post constructing quartermaster, has estimated. Statistics Indicate that approx- imately 35 Per cent ot all ex- penditures go toward payment of labor directly employed on post projects. _________ Richard Joshua Reynolds, to- bacco heir, takes over a 000 trust estate on his 28th birthday. What wo can't under- stand Is now he kept from starv- ing until now. _____ HAVANA. April has declared a 2-year moratorium on about In loans from American and British houses and leaders said today It may be extended even longer. It was a case, government of- ficials explained, ot letting nat- ional obligations. Including salar- ies ot public employes, B" unpaid, or ot suspending payment on cer- tain International obligations. Cuba chose the latter course. Under the moratorium, approv- ed by tho cabinet ot President Carlos Momllota last night, noth- ing will lie paid on the principal of bonds floated through Spoyor and Morman from 1301 to 1027. Officials emphasized that tlio Interest will be paid. Although the moratorium was announced tor two years. Treas- ury Secretary Joaquln Slartlimz said "It really will bo effective un- til when Cuba can sustain the bur- den without danger to Us econo- mic structure." ________ NEW ALTITUDE RECORD, ROME, April new- world's airplane altitude record was claimed toduy by Pilot Ketiato Donatl who announced that he went up 15.000 metuw (49 "12.5 feet) this morning over Montecollo airfield. He Hew a Capronl airplane. The present recognized Inter- national altitude record for air- planes was set by G. Lemolne ot Franco at 13.BG1 meters (44.- 819.418 feet) on Sept. 28, 1333 at VillacouUlay, Trance,