Thursday, February 22, 1934

Ada Weekly News

Location: Ada, Oklahoma

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Ada Weekly News, The (Newspaper) - February 22, 1934, Ada, Oklahoma THE ADAAVEEKLY_NIWS ADA, OKLAHOMA, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 1934 Direct Hit! Ruin, Death in Vienna GUY CD. WIFE OF KILLED 111 FULL CLIFF IN FIIIS House Expected to Pass Bonus Bill; Senate Considers Pensions HOUSE PftSSESJAX BILL Senate Works on Indepcnden Office Appropriation Bill s somi workers bv Insisting on a WASHINGTON. Feb. 21 The senate today voted to loose the. federal piinte-strln what for government while tin- linns' rate for ters. sought to keep that purse some obtained an- nually from present postage rat i-H. Kach brunch ban to what tin- other did. legislation can House Opposed to restoration or tin, entire K. cent of pay Ibat was cut, tht; president is tx peeled to sign today's provision for putting back one-tlilrd and another third in July. The attempt for rate wan on the lax bill, a In-fore Its passage. AdvncateH of larger treasur> to veterans, aglow over miccess of tin force a vnt HTOO. Feb. 21. veil-dressed hilt rough-appearing nen who kidnaped r., id. late last night from ron- of his father's abstract Ice were sought today. Tlie youth was tied to the steer- ng wheel of bis car when It was baridoned near Brookston. Tex., ;l miles south of Hugo. chewed tbe rope and reported the ibductlon to officers at Paris, Pex. He was not harmed. Blakely reported tbe two men got Into the rear seat of the car and at the point of a pistol forced him to drive southward. One of tbe men was drinking beavily, Blakely said, adding that the con- versation between the pair Indi- cated they had a rendezvous somewhere In Texas. rpon leaving the boy tied, the Burst of Leasing Reported Extending Into Coal County Now One Pipeline Started, Anotherj Reported Planned Into Field captors transferred to another car which drove up. The car keys were thrown away by the kidnap- ers but the youth hail a duplicate key and drove to 1'arlH. pass on before tho to the Wblti now Believes Ruling to Cut Off Money for Materials Will Be Modified Instead of a lessening of Inter- est In the Fltts area between high points of the development of the field, there has been a sudden hurst of attention for that part of Coal county which has been mark- d out as an extension of the Westhelmer-Daube already] centered some attention with u blv block of acreage and building of a rig Just across the line, In C-NE SE of 18-2-8. six miles due east of the Manahau well. Almost overnight the eastward extension of the area regarded as lably Rood for oil and gas be- came todav reports dlcate WASHINGTON. Tel) 21 __Orval Mosler of Oklahoma said today after I Dies Alone; Long Search Re- quired to Locate Body in Ravine WORLD MOHSJERO KING i Immortalized Name by Stand Against German Invasion In 1914 house maneuver t( March 12 on paymen of tbe bonus, captured tbe senate oi i in bigger ills- lev 1 works on believed reconsideration would lie given a decision which forum for the naval construction measure had to vleld Its senate place for the independent of- rices appropriation bill with Its veterans and federal pay contro- house. Hepresentatlve VlHb (R-NY) blocked Immediate consideration of the emergency airmail bill. A committee report on the Ilay- burii Investigation Into public utilities control and ownership "bowed 15 Individuals connected with TOO or more companies. A statement by Hepresentatlye Uayburn (D-Tex) said Interlock- ing directorates, "are common In he utility companies of "no sys- tem, dealing In power and gas. A senate committee the resolution asking NIIA officials' personal financial Interests, In a manner that pres- aged senate adoption. WASHINGTON, Feb. 21.-J.T age over In Coal county. Tuesday, at a sale of Indian oi for the Five Civilized Tribes, only 1'ontotoc and coal county offerings saved the sale [from complete failure. More than half of the leases of- fered failed to get a bid. Top price was paid by the Shasta Oil wouldicnlnimny of San Antonio Texas, of Mamie Thohm. transmission over Western 01 S3SKSK restated JHan IIUl UV.-..J- Thn Dolltuns- Fascist expel them. The wero turned h-ive limited expenditures for no acres terlals In that state to ITH.OOO west of the new Manahan end of the CWA In 1S-2-7, tho an acre. Sales Included tracts tract bringing In 15-2-f. until the gram. Sdntt Pontotoc county. tr-Ulon9 recent grant of Jfotir and five mill's been Interpreted by its offlcl-iMunaban well, als to be the sole ampu eral expenditure for west of the include modified data on ade. Mosler said, however, be hac IIKOII to believe the adminlstra on would permit a re-lnterpreta on that would allow payment for, and better public at lower eaily before Thursday to turn Into the tanks for an ac- curate The gauge. Oklahoma Plpellne comp- on a With aid. this lie can along fine, com projects and P, carrier from I Coalgate. At the Aldridge hotel, hotbed of productions of liquor for the prices. He bad a select committee a work on whether congress shouli be asked now to have the treasur aid a long program for prUat home building. Us advocate claim Increase of volume throng means of credits to build, make possible email, comfortabl homes at half tbe present cost Other aides tackled how t crush the bootlegger. That sur of prohibition Is still actlv, Judging from what was said at th presidential press conference morning, and liquor Imports ai far below what was looked for to provide an ample supply. V-ny prices are so high Is being investl- Kaotlier situations held congress. Tbe bouse put In a last day of Talk the tax tightening bill, with passage u certainty. Senatorial business re- mained "tbe treaty-limit navy mea- sure, with debate skipping all over the lot. Hugh S. Johnson's appeal for a critical appraisal of NIIA came In for Its share of private discussion. Fffects of this novel move will lie watched when the hearings get going week. SIVOIH- Offers Heroiiiiiicndallon It' was fierard Swop to the prog... standing" If It obtained. Thev took the erroneous "Mosler said, "that w the senate getting away with It. Sow we're going to put the sen- ate on tlie spot with the bonus That's one aspect of the peti- tion forcing a vote March 12 on cash bonus payment, giving tm representatives a chance to recori themselves In a way they calciilati should help in November elections. Onlv one-third of the senate faces "tbe polling then. Slum d both branches pass the bonus bill, the certain subsequent veto Is not now expected to be overridden. Answering report f r s who (Continued on Pagu 4, rio. statistics is off. Clark, actln Th....... bad at thi' and see whose guessing Dr. Charles C. rhli-r of the I'nlted States Wt-athe bureau, was asked while .before the house appropriations commit- tee about the percentage of ac- curacy "of your forecast a long Dr. Clark replied. iV-'ccurate a check or verification ,s we en get on them, they are from 85 to <IO percent That is for UK o hours In advatict that accuracy ncludes both rain and temper iturc forecasts. Third place went to James I Peters, of Central Teachers col- lege, Edmond. Hughes was an outstanding de- bater and orator while attending blub school, and is continu- ing his forensic activities since becoming a student In East Cen- tral. His home Is In Ada. mini her forecasts from HILL5 SUSPECT HELD SALLISAW. Feb. Only one of tbe 17 captured In last mighty manhunt in Hills "today remained "small fry" week-end's ;bu Cookson In custody. t FOejEIJEF HIRDS OKLAHOMA CITY. Feb. 17 relief machinery awaited today only the touch of an administrator, to be designated by federal authorities In Wash- ington, to swing Into operation Will Kogers. concress- man-at-lar-e, telegraphed Mate Treasurer Hay O. Weems that the national relief administration is planning to designate an state agency" to administer funds under the new setup, the opinion prevailed'that this authority will be taken from tbe state capltol. Rogers asked If Wcems won Id accept. The treasurer said he will agree to act as custodian for tlie funds, hut not as administrator. Carl Giles, state civil works dl- I rector, and Frank Iluttram, chair- man of tbe state rcocvery commlt- for an Injunction to prevent State Frank Carter from Issu- ng "excessive warrants" to state iff leers provided by the consti- tution, i Justices declined to say wheth- er the ruling opened the way for Carter to Issue full payments to tbe elected officers, but It was Indicated fbe opinion would be a guide If the auditor asked the at- torney general how he should proceed. In sustaining the lower court s decision, the supreme court cited Its recent ruling that tbe con- stitution made an automatic ap- propriation for two criminal court judges. Murray sought the district court Injunction after a special supreme court. appointed by Lleut.-Gov. Robert Burns, had or- dered full payment of salaries to war noted with satisfaction the military leaders of Germany, headed by President Von Hlnden- burg himself, were among those who sent messages lulling their grler. By AL.1JEHT WILSON (AiiocUtrd I'rctt Fortlin SUIT) BUUSSELS, Feb. Belgium mourned today' her hero- king and prepared for the cor- onation of bis sorrowing son. Albert I. King ot the Belgians and the commandef-ln-chlef of their army when, ragged, Ill-feu organization, before start- ing on a membership campaign. The local drive will take place. Friday and Saturday, with 400 regarded as a likely figure for tho total here. Later, units will be organized In Allen, stonewall Francis, Uott and Bebce. As members ot the league, the Young Democrats will not take any part In the primary races other than to become Informed oil the respective qualifications of candidates and to vote, bu expect to take an active part 1011 the Democratic ticket In the gen- eral election next fall. Pontotoc county is sending a large delegation to the state con- vention of Young Democrats Chickashn tomorrow. Those go from Ada will return propar Cl HCTIVITIES at who iiuut ed to place their full strength In the regular supreme court Jus- tices. The governor asked that Cart- er not only be restrained from Issuing warrants In full to the justices but to all other officials and employes. Foster held he was without jurisdiction, in so far as the justices were concerned, anil held adversely for Murray as to lected state officials. District court judges have ask- ed the supreme court for a. spe- and suffering, it stood off the forces ot Kaiser during this World war, was Hilled lute Saturday in a fall while moun-, tain climbing. It was his favorite sport, and lie was an expert; but a "It of Irost-hltten rock broke in ms hand and he plunged :ifi feet to death. They found him where lie had fallen. ten hours later. Death must have been Instantaneous. At nil events the 58-year old king did not suffer. His skull was tractured. With all the pomp of royal ceremony the state funeral of Al- bert 1 will bo held Thursday. Within 24 hours of the obsequies. Crown Prince Leopold will be- come, at the age ot 32 the fourth king of the III Prince On Vacation Prince Leopold and the prin- cess were vacationing at Adel boden. Switzerland, when word of the king's death reached them Limitations on Buying Material, Reduction of Forces Slow Program County CWA activities havo been slowed down for several days while tho county adminis- trator. B. E. Hennlgan. sought for more definite Interpretation of the regulations that arc at present serving to restrict work working force on various projects has been sharply curtutl- ied because of later restrictions montbly meetings organization, ami will be an- nounced later, open only to mem- bers and specially Invited guests. HOTEL NERD HOT HOT SPIUNCS. Ark.. Feb. 10. __ Tho Mountain Valley prlngs Hotel. In the resort sect on 12 miles north ot here, wan destroyed by fire this iiornlng. Kate Smith aud other radio notables were reported guests or the hotel. Details were very meager as the hotel Is lo- cated In an Isolated spot with cial ruling as to their salaries. -K- by a day o asleep whui pounding at summonlng to thi. In Switzerland that tlie young prince learned li The prince, tired skiing, was sound there came a door, urgently telephone. It was thus. TEXAS BANK. ROBBED Poor With GEORGETOWN. Tex.. irst National Banl- 20 miles northeast Georgetown, was robbed of Voters entered through the front door, throUBh n three Inch steel door of the vault with an acetylene torch and made a hole in the strong box about SI. 070 In cash of llin Dyster Hiigglns, accused of OP- rating an automobile license, was held without lit Mus- Flve others held there bad coordinate re- stlll are sug- admlnlstrator's five Inches square'. They fished out and jn.OOO In Liberty bonds, trea- surer's warrants ami valuable papers through the opening and P. It. Teggo, cashier, reported the 'burglary to officers when be went to work. liroper kosee. been freed. At Salllsaw, officers today an- nounced the remaining four sus- pects of tho eleven rounded up in the vicinity had been released, because ot lack of charges or evidence against them. CASH FOFfDEPOSlTORS Socurltv Hank of A tin to Pay Dividend of Five OKLAHOMA CITY, Feb. dividends were Issued by tbe banking department today One. a fifth dividend of five per cent totaling S8.9SO, went to de- tee, appointed to covery activities, gested for the post. A likely appointment, however, at least to get tho relief machine Into action under the new setup. Is C. J. Blrt. federal fleldman. Blrt declined to discuss this prospect, however. Security State third dividend amounting to sin.785 'was Issued to Farmers State Bank depositors at Teml'le positors of the Bank of Ada. A ot ten per cent. OATIIOLir PltlKST AT LKAVF.XWOHTH LEAVENWOUTH. Kan.. Feb. oj Monslgnor Bernard Stephen Kelly. 07. for 2r, years rector ot the Cathedral of the Im- maculate. Conception here, died at his home today. He had been 111 several months. Monslgnor Kelly took a keen Interest In municipal affairs.. He devoted a great amount of bis time to educational matters am the Improvement In the parochial schools. His advice and co-opera- tion were nought by many outside his church. Tax Commission Opens War On "Spiked" Beer OKLAHOMA CITY. Feb. a drive against spiked" beer, the Oklahoma tax commission today cited six Tulsa beer dealers to appear for hear- ings to defend their licenses. With the commission exercis- ing authority to revoke licenses for violation of the 3.2 percent alcoholic content provision of tne beer law, Melven Cornish, com- mission chairman, said the hear- ings will be next week. Dealers cited already hove been convicted In Tulsa municipal court of boosting the alcoholic content of their brew, said. must He prepare to bo went at once to the uuar ters ot bis consort, and broke t The office ot tho county CWA. leadnuartcrs Is to move this week to quarters In the new rou- eral building as soon as desks and other equipment can bo ob- tained. At present. It was said at nlgan's office today, the Instruct- ions for reducing the CWA work- Ing forco call for elimination rirst ot those who have several relatives at work. Next will come farmers, who are to be. released to start their late winter spring farm activities. After that a steady weekly re- duction In number or workmen has been planned, with more in- formation expected hero soon on numbers and manner .of tnoir no Immediate losslblc. Last reports said fraiuo structure ot communications thi) over rooms, famous because of cation on the site of tho tain Valley mineral springs, nad selection. tan a almost burned to the groun. anil that tho summer homo of AuisuBt Schaffley of St. Louis. In tho tear of e Hotel. was destroyed. schaftley Is president or the imy Its io- Motin- Mr Ml. Valley springs Co. Smith, songbird ot radio her the news. They started for Brussels Immediately, urrivlnp here early today. The crown prince iflid princess this former Princess Astrld Sweden, 28 years old. hurried to the royal castle at suburban In guarded Katu and stage, only Sunday weeks' rest. had for arrived 1 at least a two Like Queen Elizabeth prostrat- ed by grief, the prince and prin- cess remained hidden today the castle behind the rllled mjlled Cornish fence, while about outside. a throng PROMT H SHOOTING SCHE TULSA. Feb. 19. MltsT withdrawing a letter of resigna- tion sent In last Thursday. H. L. assistant manager ot the Oklahoma Home Owners oan corporation, returned to Ills esk bore today. Slamteven'H action followed re- elpt of n telegram from McNenl of Washington, dlrec- or of tbe national organization, iggcstlng that be reconsider. Standevcn bad offered his gnatlon to attend to his personal ffalrs. explaining lie had accept- tlie post only as a temporary d OKLAHOMA CITY, Feb. Prulett. veteran at- was free under CHICKASHA, Herman Hlckam. came WASHINGTON, Feb. 21 Representative McKoown (D- OUIa.) Introduced yesterday a bill to authorize an additional Judge for the eastern Oklahoma federal court district. here from Portales, N.M.. to vlult his sister and brother-in-law, was without bond to face held today a murder shooting trial for February 14 tbe fatal or H. G niiuuiiuh A- j i Warren, his brother-in-law s land- LUI bond today under a charge of as- sault with a dangerous weapon ollowlng a shooting In the office of C D Peck, another attorne) Vere yesterday In which Peck was voundcd slightly. Vrulett contended Peck firs struck him with an Iron rod, bu tho latter said this happened aftc I'rulett had shot him In the arm The shooting. Peck bis refusal to pay Prulett ISO th latter contended was due him as love. He was president of ow bankrupt Exchange Trust ompany. Ben O. Klrkpatrick of lord, at tho Warren farm soth east of here; The shooting climaxed a quar rel over some plowing and Hick am contended It was accidental. fee. Americans, Itru predicted, wl drink 440.000.000 gallons ot bee this year. That's encouraging to the pretzel business. the Tulaa. IJU11 lated to succeed Standeven. naa ot left the ofrlces ot tbo Guar- nty Abstract company, which no icads. TOPEKA. a .llttlo natter of fifty cents stopped tho wedding bells as they wore about o ring out. On applying for a marrlago. icensc, a couple was Informed tTy a clerk In tho office ot the probate Judge that tho charge would bo "Nothing hoplled tho prospective groom, as he and his fiancee started out. "I know whcru I can get ono for