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Ada Weekly News

Location: Ada, Oklahoma

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Ada Weekly News, The (Newspaper) - July 14, 1932, Ada, Oklahoma NEW ADA. OKLAHOMA, THURSDAY, JULY 14, 1932 NUMBER 16 CURTIS MUST PHY Ft ID GO TO JtJfORYEnR Court Fixes Penalty For Lind- bergh Caie Hoaxer at and One Year RPPEflLlOE TAKEN Great Done by Ver- dict, Attorney Tells Court rLKMiNfrfosTV J-. John Hughi-n Curtis, con- victed nf hindering capture of the .kidnapers of the Lindbergh baby, wan sentenced today to otin in Jail anil a fl.....'' The muxlmum possible sen- li-nce which could have .h'-cn Im- pn.-o-il under til" Indictment on which Curtis wnii fouml gulltv wan three yi-ara liniirliionmenl unit a Hue. The sentencing frillowi-il a fcr- viit attempt I' l'iirl "r ili-fi'iiM- In halt nctlon against fiirtls In-fore Hi-nleiice was Im- llOM'll. defense moved lor Jim-Hi Judgment on the HUIII- urnund" Ihnl three separate at- tempts were made during trial In halt tin action before 11 reachi-il the Jury. After a heated argument, iliir- liig which pommel tthouled back Judge Adam (1. Moli- lhat these al- been passi'd on olid motion. Fisher, chief firgued that Curtis contact with OKI.AIIO.MA CITY. July state-wide oil iirorallon order has been extended for the liext two months by the corpor- ation commission. Slight changes, however, were miide I" tin.- .order. Issued yester- day from the bench. Uay .M. Collins, state; umpire, recninmen- ded reduction of tin: pool outlet from barrels to 2, barrels. The Oklahoma City field al- lowable for the next 17 days was set at barrels dully In a separate order. The iillow- lible In (be Infill Held shows a decline of barn-l.i dally Irom the last prorallon period. Mrs. Grover Melugin and Miss Lucille Kelsey Fatally Injured VICTIMSWSISTERS Children in Car Come Through Accident Without Serious Hurts FIGHT ON Stntc Election lioartl Saya Witli- Jurisdiction in Election Contest 12. and forth, bins ruled rrnily bad denleil the Lloyd C. for Ctirlln. OKLAHOMA CITV. July lingers, llii-rural homa itchool leaclit.-r who Mil-j ercn prised the stale Ibej II race for the- democratic nonilna- j sey. Ml.s" Lucille KelM-y Ibis afternniin at 'J: I." o'clock I r..... Injuries i-ereiietl uli'-n nil iinliiinnlille wlilrli sin- ilrUIng slrmk by a train nl a crnsslng al Stuiieunll Monday iilletnonn. Mrs. Grover Melugin. of Slnnewiill. died tit a local hos- pital Monday night as Hie result of injuries received when an aiitninnbile In which "In.- was ildlnu was struck Monday after- noon about I o'clock the O. A. A'- A iiinior train at a the the Him an rongri'Msman-al-large. won i Itlng wai bis fight Tor a place on run-off ballot today when supreme court refused to I jurisdiction In Hie null of congressman K. It. Howard strike Ilogers' name. <t A. motor train Ing at Slum-wall, r sister, Miss Lucille Kel- of Ilurant. who was vls- WHO SHOT HIM WOUNDED BALL PLAYER AND GIRL he Is. 11111 Jerges. of spectacular stops o bullets, but Like the good InMeld.-r that Chlcasn Cubs, made a coupl Huey Long Gives Old Time Method Of Testing Liquor WASHINGTON. July Huey Long cave the senate some legal advice today on how to de- tiirmlno what constitutes Intoxi- cating Iliiuor. Tin- Louisiana senator said ho had made an Investigation In con- nection with the senate's difficulty In determining what Is Intoxicat- ing liquor and had settled tlin iiuestliin. when a human being Is Intoxicated. He nuoted from Mordecal's law lectures from the North Carolina law journal the following: "Not drunk Is he who from Iht floor can rise again and drink once more. "lint dninh Is he who prostrat eain In stale prlsnn nod a flue 'of I In an Impassioned jden to cinirl before sentence was Im- posed. Fisher dwell al lellKlh upon his assertion that prejudice hud Curtis' conviction. lie said that Curtis was Hied "In a rnurl room steeped with prejudice In which the most fa- mous mini In Hi-- country. <'nl. Charles A. Llldbeigii. sat throughout the trial." Allornei Ph-inls for rilenl "It all 'worked mil beautiful- ly." In- Hhnuled. "they brought III Hie verdict wanted." Fisher also said that one nf the Jurnrs. ii'ier the verdict was handed down, said be did not believe Curtis guilty, but that a new Irhil would have cost tin (.tale Jill.OHO. This wild, tin liirnr whn ibrniiKh several hal lulu held nut fnr aciiulttal, who finally agreed In Join the other nf the Jury In a nf conviction nil Hie stip- ulation thai a r.....immendallon tor clemency be Included. As soon as arguments wen- completed today Curtis cul- led In the bar. where he faced Judge Adam O IJnbblns without apparent nervousness. "You have been convicted by a Jury nf committing a misde- meanor." said Judue ISohblns. "II now becomes my unpleasant duty to Impost- sentence. In my in 'years nf experience I have never given u sentence so much ronslderutlnn and thought. "Tin- Jury recommended mer- cy. There Is evidence that are a respectable citizen, these matters cannot sway cnurt. I sentence you to serve nne year and pay a Hue ot it.vvK mmum: srsi'iu-rs OKLAHOMA CITY. July of the five persons arrested here In ronni-cllon with the robbery June HO of a Hat- field. Ark., tiank will he return- ed tti Arkansas today. They are Mn rv In Itrcw.T. Jewel llrewer. alias Hurl Walker, and Alley Self. U. K. Clem and Pauline Self still are being held for questioning here. The five were arrested In u police raid Saturday night. Huey 1-ong snys he Is sorry he uvi-r went to the United semilo. Which makes It just about iiuanlmous. whether It will Issue a pei-emp- 1 writ of mandamus directing the state election board to linir lestlmony on the claim of I.. II. externally and Internal proved fatal. Tttlns titihiiit Kula and Iteiilah Melugin, two year old twins, cnme. through the accident safely, one suffer ini; n slight concussion and tin oilier nn apparent injury. David Melugin was reported today at the llreco hospital to be not seriously hurt. Mr Melurin" and a daughter RELIEF BILL IIDOPTEQ, TO Measure Intended to Meet Approval of President Hoover NBIVJOVBION Provides Monthly Report of Loans Must Be Made to Congress Ten Acres nt North End of City Lake Accepted by Fnir Board. Produces -100 Barrels in Firs 24 Hours; Is In Conser- vation Howard, former congressman, that tho winning candidate Is a fictitious person. Justice Kornegay called atten- tion to the resolution as he Honed attorneys concerning tin- effect of the teacher's victory In the first primary, from which li were e time of Tin- acrid lnu whl' the car at not the accident, cut occurred at the car approach- from the Owl Creek direct- ion going Into Stonewall on u detour routing. The northbound passenger train almost completely demol- ished the automobile, dragging lit some distance along the track. emerged as a run-off candidate with Mrs. Mabel llassctt, slate's charities rnnimlsslniier. "How do you know that Wil- lie C. Ilogers Is cntlll'-d to the election Korm-uay liskeil Assistant Attorney General Kalidall C. Cobh. who was aruu- IIIK that the hoard was without jurisdiction to hear the protest of Howard, who placed third. Howard contends lingers Is Wll Ham C. !tog'-rs, a Itepubllcan and filed as Will lingers Intent to deceive the voters. Cnbb did not reply directly. W. P. Morrison, slain senator were anil rush- The Injured peopli ill to hospitals hen treatment fin their hurtrt, Mrs. Melugin succumbed to her! injuries earlv In the night while Miss Kelsey clung to life through WASHINGTON. July The house today passed tin relief bill, ilraft- ed along Hues approved by 1'rcs Itlt-nt Hoover. Just a few minutes before pas- sage. Speaker Gamer cast the deciding vote and broke a tie Ion the llalney amendment to jforce Hit! reconstruction finance "icorporallon to file monthly re- ports nn all loans nmdo under the new relief bill. He voted for the amendment. The roll call vote on the Italney amendment beforti the speaker cnst his ballot was IfiJ 'to Ifitl. Representative Snell of itui Into today. York, minority leader, demanded ,a recapitulation of the vote. It found to he Hie sniiie. In passlnu Its own relief meas- jure tin1 house thrust aside the relief bill, passed last .r-.-. nl'-'ht, because of President I loo- will lie a double funi.Tiil to ,xome phases at at o'clock Wednesday Stonewall. and attorney for Howard, obtain- ed u waiver of service from the el'Tllou bii.ird to expedite a hear-. Ing before the court on his man-j damns petition, liefonl Ilond.j board chairman. In announcing, Iho hoard's decision yesterday nol In hear testimony on th protest. Intimated that the mil" was given In order to make an app'-al possible. Cobb contended before tlie court, where he appeared as counsel for the board, that the aniemlmiMits In II.....lection lav.-s In provided that til" board Is a court of last resort In con- tests nver the primary elerthm. lie argued that Howard lost Ills opportunity to protest when he failed to challenge tin- teacher s filing under Hi- name of the Mayor Orders Milk Not Sold Thai Fails to Mccl tjuircmcnts Ada's milk Ins This course wiis taken to ex- action. The senate Is ex- p.-cted to Immediately consider the house measure. If It does not agree, the bill will lie sent to conference where the diffi- culties are to be Ironed out. Final action I" nxpected by late today or tonight. The record vote on house pas- sage of the hill was to -IB. The chief difference between It anil the one vetoed Monday I by President Hoover I" that It llacks the provision poi.nlitlng llhe reconstruction corpori.-tloi on ordinance dangers an milk. Hie aiitlinriti make public Its loans In other essential: the sections prnvld' (ion for rell'-f to and was needy stales the two ineosiiri-s are w. Julv tin 11111'comedian wllblii five days. Morrison maintained that court lias a constitutional author- ity over the election hnaril which would aulhorl7.e U tn direct the board to hear the contest. hei-e imain from unrli a series of milk tests as provided jhtilldln: by Hie nrdl-iance and as a six dairymen have been ordered .nut to sell milk here until It brought IIP In meet the require- ments as provided by Ibe law. jThe sena i Mayor T. J. Chainbless miirniii" said that the tests will! which It but will be reg- unemployment !ular. "n that the condition of milk'lief bill. 'sold here will have to kept upj The action dime a short line to the standard required. after Senator Glass sai'l Inspection at Ibis time of the ;thal Secretary Mills unit l.over- lyear Is regarded as especially Im- nor Meyer of the federal reserve jiinrlant. as warm weallier Is hail Informed him they fa- .11 t nf __..I t I__ ..K..i-luliitt Itl f It Ik til t'llH- I'ontotoc county will snon havj a permanent site for the. annual couutywlde free fair. Arrange- ments have been inailo to locate the fair at the north send of Hit! city lake In Wlnterstnlth park and Hiu resources of the fair board, working In conjunction with other agencies, will he put to work at once to equip Hi-' site with suitable buildings. Tlin proposal accepted Friday nlslit by the fair board In th-i course, of a lively meeting w.ui Hindu by city commissioners. 01 Ada. who offered to deed acris at the place chosen for that purpose. The site Is at the north end of the lake where there In j batindant splice, where ground can lit! quickly cleared for the buildings and all In- stalled. City water ami lights can In provided easily and a permanent group of buildings and sheds will arise as soon as funds becomo available. Plan KiTiphiyiiient In order that work can begin as s-oon as possible on the proj- a commuter, composed of A. A. Lucas of Ada. A. A. Cahl- well of Allen and John Hudson of Uoff, was appointed. This committee will go to work at once on plans for de- veloping the. site, working with tin.- county commissioners In the construction activities and being directed Friday night to call In any other persons needed. Work must begin soon If the nt.-w location Is to be ready for the county fair early this fall. The proposal to locate the fair near the lake was made after Uoff had offered a free site, con- venient for water and llKht, and had made a strong hid to get the fair. However, once the final pro- posal was made, the lloff dele- gates to the iii'-ellns placed themselves behind tin program and voted to go ahead with Iho ilevelnpment of the idt< near Ada. It was specified In the pro posal that tin- fair buildings when not In use for fair dis- plays, are In be available for Excise Board Requests 20 Per Cent Reduction on Real Estate UP TO STSTlTHOiilTIES Move, If Successful, Expected To Reduce Taxes In Ponlo- toe County A reduction of 20 per cenl on real estate valuation In I'ontotoc county was asked today by tin county excise board and assessor In a petition to the slate tax com- mission. K. W. Simpson, chairman of the county hoard, and Charley Floyd, ax assessor. In the letter asked for a hearing for themselves and representative citizens If the peti- tion Is not approved. Tlie proposed slash In valuat- ions on a basis of a flat per cent would make a decided change In the total for the county. Included In the proposed slash are farm lands, town lots wllh their Improvements and public utility properties. C. W. Floyd said tills Induction In public utility valuations alone voilltl total almost The reduction would not In personal properly, the of- Icials said, being limited to real and utilities. Personal iroperty assessments 'tills year uive already been made on a low- basis. Action on the proposal must come finally from the stal.....nnil- (Contliined no Page il. .No. 1) OF DEBT UEBBT TO KfflUfl Secret Under- standing General Storm Center Tor public ntber' meetings and gatherings lit JUBEE CLIK WILL the mod Ifle.t r- KILLED BK TRffl ithiclve to rapid multiplica harmful bacteria In milk. In the tests given thus far. tested Crade A. three gradi-d on of II. two C and one O. Milk with a bacteria count less than 200.000 1- regarded as good milk safe for son of Mr. and Mrs. Clmrb-s A n this Hams, restaurant here, i Some were iwas Instantly killed late last far all stand- night when he fell beneath I wheels of a freight train on< -votl mile west of P.elva. Williams. In rompany with tin- other Martin train fr but the ards regarded as safe. It Is not the Intention of the orities. Hie mayor said, to mis. In company wllh clng urged to ciualify for Clse of the franchise. OKLAHOMA CITY. July Judge T. I'. Cluy Mangum today was assigned to hear the suit of Han.....i county cessor. to enjoin the slate highway commission from build- ing 1'. S. highway fit nlong tin mirth Instead of the south side of Hie railroad tracks at Hollls. Meanwhile. W. C. as- sistant attorney general and C. II. Madden. Harmon county nl- oriiey. agreed tn niodinnillon of i rnitnly court order Issued yes- erilay 'restraining the i-ommln- slon from receiving bids on tin- project July UK Lewis also pre- pared a motion to set aside t Ill- order, alleging County Judge S. A. Fowler exceeded Ills authority. ( Attention of oil Interests her Is directed Just now to th Flc-ethorn's Norrls No. 1 III III northeast corner of 2S-.ri-fi, whlcl came In Saturday afternoon am flowed 400 barrels of oil In th first 31 hours, although the tnpj of the lime had been only crack- ed. Oil was found at a horizon which has proved erratic In the past, so that the production of the newest addition to the Con- nervation pool Ada can not he known for several days. Tim well, which Is beside High- way 18 about six miles north ot attracted hundreds of In- terested visitor" during Sunday. Decision to drill to tho lime In which tho present flow was found followed failure to find more than a show of nil at the 1.Ton-foot level from which tho No. 1 llrown nearby Is producing. The fracture was seen to lit Irregular so (he well was driven down to see what could be fouml untl at feet the oil catin with a rush as the drill hit thu lime. The Norrls No. 1 I" about a half milt! east and out! location south of the Slick wildcat which In September of 1327 blew tn with a fury that aroused fever- ish excitement and nil Intensity of trading that has not slnco been equaled. The well, familiarly known the "Old Slick Well." gushed oil with a flow variously estimated from Il.tlOO to 21.000 barrels a day for a few days, then died away as suddenly as It had mailti Its meteoric appearance. The Slick well has. however, been producing steadily ulncu. small production, to he sure, but nevertheless wllh a regularity and volume that place" II about on par with the shallower wells In thi! Bant" region. The Slick well produced midden outburst of oil at 2.G50 feet. Three offsets proved to no "dusters." The Norrls No. 1 camo In at 2 450 and there Is much curiosity as to whether It Is from th" same lime as Its noted prede- Statement of Neville Chamber- Iain in Parliament Makes Trouble A difference of Interpretation nf u new 'agreement between France anil Great llrltaln ap- peared to have developed today after the agreement vat. announced "Imullaneoutily In London and Paris. The official llrltlsh Inlerpre- tatliin was that liiilh govern- ments, under the ticcnrd. will consult carh other on all mailers which concern them Until. Parlia- ment was InfnrmiMl .that It had nothing whatever In do wlllt ill-Ills owed to tin- United Slates. While Sir John Simon making nnnnuncemenltl In Luiidiiii Premier Herrlot was tel- ling tho finance committee In tin' rhamlier nf deputies that the first of IheMiew agreement IH that In the future (Treat llrltaln rannnt inako dehl payments to America without 'Irst consulting France. The per capita cost of govern- ment In the f. S. last year was the the We can account-for 20 cents hut not for Times. If thlnni'M becomes tollable for men as It women the country may Alouzo Taylor. WASHINGTON. July Iteprct-eiitatlve Sncll. permanent chairman of the republican na- tional convention, expects form- ally to notify President Hoover nf his rcnomlnatlnn sometime be- tween August 5 and 10.. Tho New York representative 1 11V W f is fash- said present plans call for notl- has for ficatloti cereaionles at the White bo the grounds If during the day, or inside If al uisht. lleved' there would be no veto of a measure containing that sec- tion. The motion to reconsider the vote by which the modified bill was. passed, was rejected 60 to 10.__________________ WASHINGTON. July Congressional leaders today re- newed their drive for adjourn- ment by tomorrow night. Speaker Garner told newspaper- men efforts would be mado to reach final legislative action to- day on tho relief bill and thf war de- partment supply bill. "After passage of those bills we will be ready to bo said. virr PAYMENT HILL I.NTIIODIXT-'.O WASHINGTON. July While several thousand Teteranft clustered about the eapltol, a new bill waa brought forward calling for Immediate payment of the bonus to those- In need. Tho was prepared by Jtcpresfntatlvo Patman (D., Tcx.l And patterned alone tho lines of petition presented yesterday by group bonus marchers from California. Patman estimated It would riv quire about a billion dollars. Tho Most Township Races in County Go Into Run-off llesulls of voting In several townships over the county In last Tuesday's first primary settled few races for Justice of the peace and constable, so that run-off contests art! assured for several. Official tabulation showed the 'ollowlng results: Allen Justice of the W. H. Phillips. Allen Hayes. Stonewall Justice of the peace __r.eorge Young Joe S. Iteck tor., C. O. Flshel Stonewall Mlnra Lee Jumper 267, J. D. An- derson 2-tfi. Midland township Reeves 21C, J. G. Gaar S D. Chambers 151. Midland township S. F. Ilerger 225. O. J. Emer- son IS7. J. W. Cooper 2J1. Fltzhugh township J M. Dnnman 439. Tom Ivor -25 Fltzhugh constable L. C Prlvetts 2.r.7. J. M. Etchlesoi 398. Ed Thomas Mother's figure may not getting slender. but fathers figures Lumber nmn. RECORD IIOTElLLED IN REGENT PBIK OKLAHOMA CITY, July !.V> Oklahoma voters sel a rec nrd In Tuesday'n first pri- mary election. official tabula- tion's of the mate election board reveal. More ballots were than In unv similar election In tin being polled it the race for democratic nomina- tion for Hulled Slates MMiator The previous record wits In the first primary In The official tabulation mail' no changes In standing" of can- didates an reported by the Asso- ciated Press. Kh-ctlon board officials pre- dict an unusually large vote will i- cast In the run-off primary lection. July 2fi: dti" to In- rmsed Interest lu both stale ml county races. I'nltcil suites Senator Elmer Thomas, set-king renomlnatlon. ecelved the largest vote. Mfi.- ,112. Comer Smith, Oklahoma :ily attorney polled 76.217. provisions by which the need of the veterans would be ascertained would be laid down by the Vet- erans' Bureau. Pence Is something like pros perlty; there are mighty few na tlons that can stand LONDON. July real llrltaln and Franco havn agreed that In the future they will exchange views with com- plete candor nn mailers similar In (hose settled at the conference. Sir John Simon, the foreign minister annniliiceil; to- ilay In the house of commons. First of all, he said, they will cooperate lu hiyltiK ,oiil the ground for a world economic, conference. Then and therenfler Ihey will Iceitp each other mutually In- formed on any iiueslloim coming to their notice which may affect Kurnpe as a whole. It Is to be hoped." said Sir John, 'other governments will join us In adopting I bin pro- "The Frencti and lirlllsh gov- ernments Intend (o work logeth- er with the other delegations nt C.eneva to find a solution to the disarmament which will be beneficial and Jusl to all powers concerned. "They will cooperate with each other ami wllh Interested gov- ernments In careful, practical preparallon for u world economic conference." The two governments also agreed, he mild, that I.....ding negotiation ot a commercial treaty between them, both .will avoid any action which would discriminate against Hit) Inlerests T Hie oilier. II was officially announced hat the new accord has, nothing whatever to do. either Implicitly' ir explicitly, with the debts. >wed to the United Slates. Aside from the provision for i commeiclal treaty.'tho accord H In no sense special or exclus- ve. sir John said lie already had given copies of thn agreement representatives of Cermnny. Italy and Ilelglum and Invited those uoveritmentM to associate themselves with Ills "I wiint to lie particularly; on he have itln-ady announced our Intention of cooperating with the United States at Ceneva and 'I am going buck there now In help work out thn principles of Prenl- ilenl Hoover's prnpnsals." The suggestion to other gov- ernments, lit- mild, was that they adhere to the rule that "we shall endeavor to promote polit- ical concorn In Europe open, friendly discussion on all' point" of difference; by seeking u solu- tion at tin; disarmament confer- jice which Khali be beneficial ml eiiulliible to all. and by en-. perilling In preparations fur llio. ll-lmportant world economic (inference to Inke plucn utiimn In connection with which we hope to have the advantage f American assistance." The official count gave Will logers. virtually unknown Moore pedagng, 5C..2KH for ead In the race for democratic inmlnatlon for congress-al-largf Mabel llassett, stale com- nlxslnncr of charities cor- rections received f.Z.'JHS and E il. Howard, of Tulsa, 4S.450. In the corporation commis- sioner democratic race, Jack Walton's vole totaled A. S. J. iShaw. and C. C Clillilern. Incumbent. Ilrpubllcan balloting was Ugh only fi 1.680 ballots being cnun for United States senator Of that number Wlrt Franklin of Arilm'ore, head of the Ind pendent Oil producers assocla tlon received 30.60f, and Jame A. "Ills Jlui" Harris of. Wag oner, 17.2S3. HUPItKMK CXJIIHT TO IIKAll WKNTZ CASH HKIT. OKLAHOMA CITV. July ittato HUprotno court bear oral arguments on tint appeal of Lew WenU for or- riiltiBtatlns him as minority member of thn stato lilsliway commission September C. An Informal order ovorrullni: tho motion of Miss Maudn Thomas, appointed by Gorcrnor Murray to replace Wontr. to din-" mlsH Wenta'B appeal waa iMUuU by Iho court. Another motion by Wontr. to- advanco thn case. Is pending bc- foro Iho court. "Pretty Iloy" Vloyd In In tlie limelight again. If ho keeps .going at the present rate, he'll soon becomo Important enough to try .for Inconnj lux evasion. At thn Soviet Rovi-rnment Is beginning to show of real efficiency. A recent order; Issued byrallro ad beads rcqulrim all locomotive engineers to carry" watches.

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