Tuesday, November 27, 1962

Ada Evening News

Location: Ada, Oklahoma

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Ada Evening News, The (Newspaper) - November 27, 1962, Ada, Oklahoma J6eZi.ch, who used to frequent Turner Falls before fhe garbage piles .ef in; said .11 .long he hoped someone would com, clean fheplac, up. But he continues he w Ada Prepares For Tilt With Miami See Sports Page Ex-German Leader Has Only Memories See Page Three ADA> OKLAHOMA, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 8 Pages 5.CENTS WEEKDAY, 10 CENTS SUNDAY FINE WEATHER FOR DUCKS Aside from farmers, the only people really happy Pontotoc County aren't people they're ducks waddling about in Wintersinith Pa l duck a in cs w Park. Among the many tame ones. News Staffer W. L. Knickmeyer spotted one wild duck, appar- .nTlv lamed, who stopped for a visit with th. local flock Mor-than two inches of ram fell and the wild and loved every drop of it. (NEWS Statt Photo) _ Firepower Aimed Toward Cuba Heartens Kennedy WASHINGTON Kennedy and the nation's mili- tary chiefs returned "heartened and encouraged" after seeing the fighting men .and awesome fire- power massed in the .Southeast facing Cuba. The White House said'this in a statement Monday night follow- ing Kennedy's 12-hour flying'tour of three key Army's Ft. Stewart, Ga., Homestead Air Force Base, Fla., and. the Navy's air and sea base at Key West, Fla. For the first time since the Cu- ban crjsis-developed five.weeks ago, reporters had a chance to see the extent to which U.S. armed might had been .mobilized inside these bases. Among other things, they saw: About 250 powerful rocket- armed jet fighters on alert at Bellmon Sits Down To Draw Up Budget OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) Inal months of this fiscal year. Homestead, advance command post for the Cuban operation. Another 200 jet interceptors, fighters and fighter-bombers in position at Key West, only 90 miles from Cuba. Elements of the 15.561-man 1st Armored the .Army's newest, which had moved' swiftly by air and rail from Ft. Hood, Tex., to Ft Stewart last month when the United States seemed headed' for possible use of force against Cuba. This was only part of the build up which extended to many other Gov.-elect Henry Bellmon says he will spend the next three weeks preparing a -balanced budget to present to the 1963 legislature when it convenes in January. The governor-elect, who return- ed from a week-long Florida va- cation Sunday, was to confer with Budget Director Burton Logan to- day. Bellmon told regents for higher education Monday that colleges will receive increased funds dur- ing his increased taxes, Bellmon, meeting with the re- gents for the first time since his election, reminded them that he is opposed to any tax boost. -But he said collections are pushing up- ward from present taxes. Bellmon said he has been as- sured by Logan that there will be cash on hand in January to give colleges the supplement- al appropriation and common schools and supplemental promised by the legislature in 1961 to help them through the fi- "I sincerely hope we can up- grade higher education during the next four he said. "As a matter of fact, I know we can it's just a matter of how much." His meeting with regents were cordial, even though he said budg- et requests by regents were far above the amount of revenue which can be appropriated and to be trimmed. Dr. E. T. Dunlap, chancellor, said later he believes-Bellmon sin- cerely wants to help colleges, as much as is possible with revenues available. Dunlap said at Bell- mon's request he will meet with the new governor soon to go over the budget request in detail. Bellmon asked {he regents to map ways to encourage high school graduates who are not col- lege-minded to seek technical training offered by the state. "I believe this is one'thing that Oklahoma needs to do in line with our hopes for he said. State Aims For Clash S> Supreme Court Rules Toddy On Reapportionment OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) The state Supreme Court decided Monday to rule on whether the 'constitution- al reapportionment' petition passed or failed Nov. 6, pos- sibly charting a collision course with a federal court. The state court, brushing aside I warnings that it was headed for a showdown with the federal court indicated'it would make; a speedy ruling in the case. The three-judge federal, court had a.hearing scheduled today on a motion to uphold Gov. J..How- ard Edmondsori's proclamation .hat the petition passed. This court ruled Aiig, 3 that the state legislature must reapportion on the basis of population by tfarch 8. Burkhart Makes Motion The motion before :the federal court was filed by State-Treas- urer William A. BurkhartJ who al: so a member of the apportionment commission created by the peti- if it passed. The commission already has filed an order reapportioning the House and Senate on a popula- tion basis, and Burkhart 'asked the federal court to protect .the order from attacks of opponents. The Supreme Court handed down its ruling after hearing .a full day of arguments on a petition filed by a group of state senators who contend Edmondson did not have the authority to call a special elec- tion on the date of the-general election. Because of this, the sena- tors argue, the petition failed. Simple Majority If it was a special election only a: simple' majority was 'required for passage, .was. part of the general election a. major- ity of all votes cast at the election was needed. The petition received yes votes and no votes Brazilian Airliner Carrying 97 Vanishes Over Peruvian Desert; s Two High Officials Are tf BACK IN THE NEWS Four ago; rumors a 50-ywr lease on area to a flying about a proposal for the'City of Davis to's.ll'Turn.r two-man.d.v. oprnent team. Dwll th. Falls to interests: Th..rumors finally s.ttl.d down decision m.a city election Dec. 11. (NEWS Staff Photo) to a.firm-basis .Monday night when tht Divis city council If-.'Citizens. Approve... Drizzle Becomes Rain; Two Inches Soak Adans After a series ot little drizzles through the month of November, the skies finally opened Monday and sent down some two inches of rain over the Ada area. The two-day rain beginning ear- ly Monday morning totaled 2.18 inches, according to weather ob- server W. E. Pitt's rain gauge. November's total'stands at-2.73- inches. County commissioners were happy with the rain: no road-dam- age was reported. Commissioner Dave Gray noted that the heavy rain Monday came in a smashing downpour that had the effect of packing roads hard and smooth instead of washing them. The State Highway. Department likewise reported no damage and ___-ranchers were equally pleased, as their land got a good drink of water to start the winter, season. Conservationist Kenneth Yoak: urn of the Soil-Conservation Serv- Some wives are just like Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders: Every- where-they gb'they yell (Copr. Gen. Fea... Corp.) no roads closed. Farmers and bases in the Southeast. In brief talks at Ft. Stewart, Homestead and Key West, Ken- nedy stressed his. "great appre- ciation" and the. nation's indebt- edness for the contribution made by the combat-ready forces in the period of crisis. At the Boca Chica Naval. Air 'Station at Key West, the Presi dent said: "The reconnaissance flights which enabled us to determine with precision the offensive build up in Cuba contributed directlj to the security of the United States in the most important and significant-way." He said that "the days that we have recently passed -'through have been among the. rriost; dan- gerous since the-end of the Second World War." There is no assurance that in other times "we" may' not pass through other dangerous he added.. The President said it gives him, the joint chiefs of staff, the Con- gress and the people the greatest satisfaction to.see units of all the together in the greatest of causes, the de- fense of.the United These sentiments were, repeated in the White House's formal: state- ment after Kennedy's roundtrip tour of the Florida and Georgia bases! "The President extended a 'well done' to all personnel con- -the .White House said. uc wiu Bareheaded and without an.out-1the joined.-by er coat, the President was notice- ably chilled when he -stood before the battle-dressed -men of the- 1st Armored Division' in weather at Ft.' Stewart, He warmed up' quickly in' the balmy temperatures .-.at .Home- stead, south of Miami, and at Key West. Riding; in-a. top down converti- (Continued on Pip. Two) ice-characterized the rain, as "a good rain but not a flooding County Agent Cy Hailey said the rain would benefit fall-sown crops such as oats, and added that, while there might have been some eros- ion there was no major-damage. Most.of- the land in the county is protected by cover crops" like oats or vetch -and noted. The only probable damage would be on some peanut land'on which winter cover had-'not yet been, established. Some of' -the rainfall-amounts around the state "were 2.11: in- ches at Ardmore; 2.' at'. Mc- (Continued on Two) This is a simple majority 758 but is votes short ol a majority, of all votes cast in the general election. I The Supreme gave, Ed-j mondson. and other reapportion- ment backers :five''days to file briefs. Then it gave senators three days to file reply briefs and- re- apportionment forces another five days to respond. "Irreconcilable" Jack Republican mem- ber of the state .Election Board, argued that the state court could cause "an irreconcilable differ- ence between' this court and the federal court." But. Justice Floyd. Jackson of Lawton said in his opinion.a state question. was involved and the state court-should'be the'one to rule on it Leon Hirsh, attorney; for the'sen- ators, asked if'the state court was going .to surrender its sovereignty by letting an-inferior federal court bluff out the Supreme Court of Oklahoma.' .Wrong Day Hirsh argued that under the con- stitution Edmondson had to call a special election before the gen- eral election date. He was joined in by acting Atty. Gen. Fred Hansen, who said he Turner Falls May Be Leased stamp of approval to a proposal to lease Turner Falls to a private de- velopment enterprise for a 50-year period. t The move came as a climax .to four-month period. of rumors and denials of such an impending transaction. Actually, the city had had sev- eral possible routes to take in connection with the Falls and sur- rounding 725-acre. park area, in- DAVIS Davis city eluding the possibility of making I paper .for' a two-week period -prior council Monday '.night gave its it a of -Plait National to_the election. Park. Council members, however, evi- dently1 felt the long-term 'lease offered the most benefit to the town. Decision on the lease will not be final until Davis citizens -have a chance to .vote on -the proposal in-a..city election-Dec. 11. Details of. the terms of the proposed-lease will be published in the local news- Prospective lessees are Max. Sulcer, West Memphis, Ark., and Art Howell, Ardmore. The lease calls for rental' to be paid the .city on an increasing schedule, beginning with first' year and increasing by 500 per year for 18 years, until the annual rate reaches Rental would-remain at for the remainder of the 50-year period. -Total- amount to be received bj the'city over the 50 years "wouL be. Sulcer and -Howell. propose t build a'-luxury lodge on.a site'eas of the'falls. Also included in plans are a nine-hole.golf ing ranges, "archery ranges; a ric ing' academy, a lighted tenni court, improvement of swimmin holes, construction of a lake abov falls, new roads and a genera Page Two) let Sends Message RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) A Boeing 707 of'the Va- g Air Line was missing ver Peru today.with 97 per- on aboard, the airline re- orted. The plane was bound from Bra- il to Los Angeles. Varig said 9 the 80 passengers aboard, were cketed for Los rs for Latin-American pouits. The' carried i rew of 17., It is said the plane was last re- lorted over the Peruvian city ot 20 minutes' .flying tima rom Lima, the Peruvian capital where if was scheduled to stop.; Leaves Rio The plane had-left Rio de.Jan- iro at a.m. EST Monday) and was due at Lima at :30 a.m.' local .time.' Varig said the plane reported to Pisco station that it was 20 min- tes' flying time out of Lima, and len a few minutes-later came on le air with an emergency call The 707 was over a desert area at the time.' A spokesman for the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization said laul Cepero Bonilla, president ot the Cuban National Bank, was aboard. He had headed a 10-man Cuban delegation to a regional conference of the FAO. The Perjii- "vian "agriculture, Jesus' Melgar, also'' was: reported on .the Diane. Other Slops It .was scheduled, to stop also at 3ogota, Colombia; Panama and Mexico City. The announcement came only 24 lours after, another Brazilian air- iner was in collision with a small irivate plane. That crash in Sao ?aulo State killed-27 persons. Varig is one of South America's most progressive airlines, with a fleet of Boeing-707s. It operates, flights' between New York and Brazil, as well as in. 3razil.. In.the past year or so.it ook international opera- tions of the Brazilian Real Line and started flights to Los Angeles. Atoka Voters Decide Today On Bond Issue ATOKA County to the' polls; today to decide on a bond issue to'build a new county' courthouse. If the voters approve, the'money will. be.-matched by in federal funds. The project is a part of the over-all- plan- prepared by the uen nansm, county under the Area Develop- supports reapportionment Under-the thinks Edmondson-had no author-: plan; the county, will not only get ity to call a special'election Nov. ,a modern'courthouse-but w.ill re- 6 ceive an economic boost as well. Norman Reynolds, attorney for Contract..Tor .'the'.work he did have but'the More Fighting Looms On India-China Border will specity Hewett and G; -per. cent1 of 'the representing the' must'' be local.; <ree the City Council of Democratic Neighborhood Clubs. 'Eugene Ledbetter, an Oklahoma City attorney arid former presi: dent of the Oklahoma Bar for the has already been' ap ject to the provision 'c by today's- election: stepped in as a friend work on .tear court to add weight to .begin about Mar If. .the issue '1 courthouse' NEW DELHI, India pectation of-a renewal of.fighting- on the Chinese-Indian border in' the coming weeks-mounted today as the cease-fire went- into its. sixth day.' leaders gave these indi-. cations of impending.military ac- tion: President Sarvepalli. Radha- krishnan .would show the world-that Chinese "ag- gression does not- .The 'course may be 'full of hazards, suffering, and sacrifice, but "however high the'price, we are prepared'to.pay it" he. said at a 'banquet 'Monday -night 'for the visiting West "German'-Presi- dent Heinrich' Luebke; Home Minister 'Lai Bahadur of; Prime Minister Nehru's: closest''aides, told 'a 'rat; have 'decided -forget: the aggression--vacated and if .China forces, shall: have-., it Hindis stan Times, also said that if ne- cessary India would use its air force 'against the Chinese. India so far has used only transport planes, fearing retaliation against the jam-packed Indian cities. The Foreign-.Ministry issued a statement- rejecting, the key point in- Communist -self-pro- claimed cease-fire1 and' withdraw- al- plan.1 The' ministry said.'the plan would le'ave them in; control of square miles''of :land: in Ladakh which'they'had occupied by force this fall'and con- trol of keyrHimalayan passes in the northeast which''they seized in the recent invasion.- The Indian statement again called on the Chinese to pull back to their positions, before .Sept. 8 as a condition': for.-border talks. This would Chinese far side: of'Thagla-.Ridge in the Towang...sector the... northeast JFK7 MacMillan Set Meeting In Nassau Dec. 19 WASHINGTON (AP) Th White House 'announced .toda that President'Kennedy and Bri tish Prime Minister Harold Ma< millan will meet-in the Bahama Dec. 19 and 20 for a review.o world problems. Confirming earlier reports from London, the White House sai Kennedy: and-.-Macmillan "hav felt' that "it would', be useful to have a further meeting to con tinue' the'.informal series of re views-of the world situation-whic they have. held from time b the sixth between- Kennedy ar Macmillan, is expected to be he' in .Nassau. -The White House di not say but man noted' that presidential pres secretary Pierre _S_alinger .i Nassau today." The press secretary, and othe White House aides'ordinarily" vis the site.of confe cnce .neces sary arrangements.' tomic WASHINGTON Atomic science; a super detective capable of sniffing out invisible, centuries- old clues, has been enlisted-in the war against crime. The American Nuclear Society heard :a.half-dozen} reports'today about .nuclear. .Sherlock' which: can.' spot -the cul- prit in a shooting, trace narcotics and test the age of whisky. JTbe...technique _ has, even ...been. .to investigate what killed One proof of. its worth: by. measuring the 'concentration of tritium, a radioactive form of hy- the Internal Revenue Service, can 'determine a whisky's "V JIn 'the pastthree years, accord- ing to a report offered by M. J. Pro, tax checked per cent of .the imports were la- beled-improperly. ;In, another. Vincent P. Guinn1. of v General .Dynamics Corp. told of. 'other.' techniques -to 'expose the smallest traces powder on the 'hands'of ,'vA'samjjle' sm'ea'r'is'taken'jof a sample .of ated atomic 'reactorV-The bv their fingerprints of radiation.'! crime detection applications' of a'c- HioWan sniit- tivation analvsis .are under; study. ".Scientists claim they' can spot 'traces' -of 'gunpowder residues as' 'small; as-lp; bpontbs'' of a amount, of v'i.TheEBl'and-.'a jiumber'of police. following' 'the results? elaborating tivation analysis .are upder; study. been1 made, which indicate" 'Spot on a hiWuh'vic'tim's'clothm'g may be .grease from a -suspect's, fleck sliver; :may be Sw.edishiscientists.ilG.eneralJDy-, sis on exhumed, remains of-'.Kin Eric ..XTV, 400. year was mur dered'to 'make way for'his'brothe on The 'tests, indicate! that- Eric "probably was- po'ison'a by arsenic. Jn-Scotlandrscientists- examine! a relic rofrNappleonV hair: an found'evidence-'stroriglyindicatin arseriicV Three Youths Face Charges Of Burglary Three Ada boys were charged in Juvenile Court Monday with sec- ond-degree burglary. Charged were: Curtis Gilliam, 13, 616 Charles Dobson, is, 712 West Seventeenth, and Tommy Williamson, 14, 520 West Nineteenth, all of Ada. They'are accused of burglariz- ing' Washington. Grade School in Ada on the night, of Nov. 11. The; complaint specifies a knife, some pencils and milk were taken from the school Entrance was gamed by cutting a screen--and raising a window on the south side of the building. Wilson Slates Pie Supper The 'Wilson Community has scheduled its Christmas fund- raising, benefit Friday. The auc- tion of pies will begin at p. m.- Proceeds will go to purchase treats for the 'cpmmunitywida program. "The -public is-'invited to attend the-pie supper.' OKLAHOMA Partly cloudy west to cloudy east through Wednesday; occasional showers extreme, east early .tonight; low tonight 35 northwest to south- east; high Wednesday 62-72. High-temperature in Ada MOD- Monday night, m.- Tuesday; :50.- during the period Tuesday-was 2.0J Added to Sunday brings .the two-dayjotal to 2.18 Inches.

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