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Publication: Ada Evening News October 14, 1962

Ada Evening News, The (Newspaper) - October 14, 1962, Ada, Oklahoma Among the famous last words are those of Ernest "Swami" Thompson to Joe Zilch, football fan. Quoth Thompson, whil. eyeing the East Centr.l-Central match in his crystal ball: "I don't see how either team can Salvation Army Plans Dedication; See Page Three THE ADA EVENING NEWS EC, OU Tumble, Pokes Victorious; See Sports Page 59TH YEAR NO. 184 ADA, OKLAHOMA, SUNDAY, OCTOBER 14, 1962 34 Pages 5 CENTS WEEKDAY, 10 CENTS SUNDAY v .1. -PRIZE Central State College will official- It i, namid in honor of the first president at East Central ly show off it. new girls dormitory on November 4 at a big State Staff open house. The new itructure will be known u Briles Hall. It's Briles Hall EC Sets Dedication For Dorm The date has been set and a welcome will be awaiting those who want to see what the new dormitory and dining facilities at East Central State College look like. The date is Sunday afternoon, Nov. 4, from to 5. Those visiting during that time will see what has been accomplished with part of the largest construction pro- gram the college has ever en- gaged in. Selected as the name of the new five-story dormitory is that of the first president of East Central, the late Charles W. Briles. Those attending the Open House will see modern, attrac- tive rooms such as already house the house mother, Mrs. Florence Ambrose, and 53 girls; when the two lower floors are completed Briles Hall will have living quarters for 103 girls. The guided tour will take the ..visitors to the sundecfc-atop-the. dorm, then over to the west, down to the new small dining room, through the kitchen with their worth of equip- ment; into the serving area which moves food lines through efficiently and rapidly, and full view of the spacious which has space for 800 persons. Memories of the first seven years of East Central, launched as a small normal school with its first meeting Sept. 20, 1909, in the local First Methodist Church, will be freshened for many here, .They -remember the stormy years that followed the political turmoil which threatened the new normal schools and which Pres. Briles survived longer than any other normal school president; and the growth into stability of the young school here. Within a few months, the college will have ready to dis- play to the public a new class- room administration building, enlarged stage and modernized auditorium. and buildings. However, just now East-Cen-- 'tral'-is inviting all friends to .come' visiting Nov. 4 and join pridefully in completion of two fine new facilities. Reds Demand West Act On Berlin Wall UNITED NATIONS, N.Y. (AP) Foreign Minister Andrei A. Gromyko said Saturday that measures should be taken "from the Western side" to set up guard against "dangerous and provocative acts" on the wallec border between West and East Berlin. Gromyko said the Soviet gov ernment had so stated in negotia- tions with Britain, France and the United States, believing that such a step would ease tensions

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Publication: Ada Evening News

Location: Ada, Oklahoma

Issue Date: October 14, 1962