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Publication: Ada Evening News October 7, 1946

Ada Evening News (Newspaper) - October 7, 1946, Ada, Oklahoma Aerate Net sept ,, patd < irruption Member Audit Bureau of t irrulatton 43rd Year—No. 117 British Minister Wonts Reply to His Protest Of Polestine Messoge Speciol Recognition Given Wor Veterans Beginning Federal Court Practice Outlines Principles for Free Zone, Insists on Democratic BasisWide Variety For Nation's Weather Rainy in Southwest, Snowy In Northwest and Worm In lost Santo Fe Sending Them To Notional Convention For Fine Work LIBERAL. Ka«!. Ort 7 op) — After workers he: e cleaned up t ie 'a en st of the flood damage Sunday. 3,80 inches of rain fell sin e m p m. lest night and rising Mater threatens to repeat the Saturday conditions. Miss Hilda W. Bliss, Red Cross general field representative from St Louis, working with the local nap ter has set up emergency s ne; ter for families which may need to leave their homes again, md has^ called for clothing for the people, especially children. One n a lifetime reports came * rn city workers whose rowboat was caught in a current and crashed into a stalled car. No damage. Citizens Committee Meeting Changed Service Finance Officers May Receive Ronds This Week TH' PESSIMIST are the earth’s only I**mg the only ob nidst that originated here on our own America—whee’ we elect a bunch a political nitwits* t* send t VVashin ton an’ then start takm headache an’ sleepin’ powders ’til we elect another bunch o’ th’ same calibre t replace ’em. —OO— Go ahead an’ blow your top. it ought git some o’ th’ air out o’ your head. Oklahoma—Generally fair to gr* and Tuesday, cooler north est and north central tonight armer pan handle Tuesday. ;

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Publication: Ada Evening News

Location: Ada, Oklahoma

Issue Date: October 7, 1946