Sunday, April 14, 1946

Ada Evening News

Location: Ada, Oklahoma

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Ada Evening News (Newspaper) - April 14, 1946, Ada, Oklahoma Try to make tilings clear to th* household youngster when ho yith, fl,., 9rewnu „ „ chj|d „ n obouf Partly cloudy to cloudy. warmer J**! Simday, thundershowers and cooler in panhandle late Sunday. ♦.ting right so they ... grw tig> (htn Mt    obou ,     Mng    ^ THE ADA EVENING NEWS Seminole High Wins Sweepstakes Award, Many Share Honors Mjrzts "Ole high school.     y    d    Saturda y    went    to    Semi- -J* - ■» soboob fledged competition since Ute    ”    “” 1 Dairy (alf Program Is Drawing Here This Year Some 20 Heifers Ta Be Bought for Dairymen As Well us Form Youths a* CwS*! ot ‘he 1945 Chamber of Commerce-sponsored dairy calf KTZL'n *"»<*? than ere expected when registered ADA, OKLAHOMA, SUNDAY, april 14, 1946 Some Grocery Prices Not Much Different Average Net March Paid Circolatiaa 8078 Member: Audit Bureau of Circulation FIVE CENTS THE COPY r tCo/ppar/son    of Food Prices 7    rn months offer Itfor/d War I and rl months offer M, r /j ^ g ancf 7 Picnic Mont Poost Ems! Wolff Spends Busy Time Here Climax of Activity Come With Direction of Mossed Chorus of Young Voices rn^ y tv! ime Ernst Wolff wants to 12 i S * ay aga * n * be will find fv™ ™ me ? waitin « him, for he Jon many friends and admirers hS^W* sev * ral da y s he was ne^e last week working with young musicians.     S .d A -r!f n j r and a pianist, he start- « t£j n y niRh ‘ with a concert at the college which delighted an aU 4‘S Ce Y ,th its excellence Wednesday night he directed a massed chorus of high school antf 6 Easter     high    “bools ana East Central college in a W.TT anCe whlch - aa always be- ar tem P or arily halted with p '’? gra JJ?i amazed its audience vrl .^i     1 and versatility de eped among the boys’ and first full- fairy heifers were first brought war reduced such activities    ~ u "> , In addition to college and A 1 IV K f*. Central back as many as 20 head of dab? I « tege. and A. W. Kennedy, Sera- heifers for adult dairymen 1 — J Ada merchants and I professional m sponsor calves for 4-H and ated 5 ^‘ rUCt ?. r - was gnSuI 1942. college here in and Professional men were eager .    .     to sponsor calves for “ —- To State Meet FFA members school roSntll"l!^..SL h }f h IIMS program two 00 da™ n ml a roMhemwZtoI 1 Wer - e -° Utstandi "«. colorful band costumes Wear,n * SHSfP "fe Readily toSmS    "iV toe* numerous I and ‘“mem^oMte'chLmw'S    Coffe* I Horn border I faro (got) Tomatoes 2 oz. Ski ll ua?° winn a iIlff S ~" Kr0 n P or individ - c . ,ubs during 6 the* past week and for the best hi»h COI J? m ? U P soon     EIm er Kenison, secretary of the I ii Dwvpr nnw. ii; * marjorie » mr aairy ton BetiSn^P    Thorn-    warded    for    his    work tenir and pffi 1 Ernst WoUf -1 “*SSL-° f m . e " frz t i°u ht AH V 1 ”* Months Atter W., II.Big Difference Is Peed. Not Advertise Then es New By MARJORIE KITCHEL around th e meat market and the grocery store ^ork    by axwort “ Jun *. **19, seven months after firing    S7 aor    dairy     to ««•- kwere probably very similar to the tKSy £ S? In SdlS?^ of    <*“* lr" IT? after WorW War II. Prices    on eleven W Superior—the best convenable I“d* wlsaml * ° 0ndltl0ns at the cash register    were about the Ratings Described follows; 1 DgS Sre described as among the boys Sing With Ease, Skill irUt    dozens    of    boys    and ST 2 TC arranged °n the col-auditonum stage. Coached performance for the event and gram ^Th^v     in    **    P«* the .class of participants, worth? | or a percentage I of dairy'canto to Po^to^ 6 '""'* coun- P^tln„ r e^ “ ™ I grade of 95 ‘to IOO. formance in many ^esp^ts P but I and w M ilki n£ Shorthorns not worthy of highest ?SSig due Sast    J*    Mm- to minor defects, compared to Siff ?     e    dairy    program grade of 87-95. compare d to when LambertHailey land: the coe I no^^tstanT^ performfl nce but I Wil. 1 Holsteins^wfl? £ r n Ma 5 ison ’ already by their diwtors°in°the promise but lacking 1 ^ on^w mei?wHl C ff 0Unty, 4 . Wis ” while the arinvt      .    .    "     In    tne    j    inorp Manntint »•?. 11 une or I men will go south from Madison songs, tin y responded perfectly I ^H°*n ^ ss ® n f* a J Qualities; compar-I to Durcha«d» MtiwZ “‘oL** ‘ ,,<,U1301 as hi t^Tth n cm d through°a f rlnge como'^h?    Performance    se^h^fers^ilf    b/E?    ^Guem- cord in cr Im si.. ____ .UTI,    ac— to a ‘O Su-spirited Freeholder Board To    Visit,Imped Other Slate Cities ms11 S ,^ b ° a - rd ,„: 0f _ freeholders. sprightly performance of zaima by Foster and a remiitjon of Cain’s arrangement lcl Saw the Wheel ” Mrs. Dorothy Stubbs was accompanist. ^ T » h K C directors who had prepar-en w . youn « singers were Everett J cox of Wewoka, A W Kennedy of Seminole. Otis Stock- i *™ a „< r:ie HawSSS.n a £f s ^ en “ a [ gu *-    X Vis j°" ot ‘he Ad'a The comeback cif the massed May night sot ln , ? 12 - Fri - t C er 0r waJ° con^ P ° mt of skl11 af- '! ne of discussion of'gewSfout* u j j condl tions was accom- llnes -    K^nerai out- Sd* and Kenrfedy 6 returned’ Dom "^thVh^d ma ^ r -'«t. SSrSd-te ^ behoof yea/ be-    & —» d dents foiMhe full term. -^ U D SJ-ggS*. * Holds Auditions    works an™pS v „H t n Pub, i' .Il^a U ^1o a ; V s^H ff , hel . d aud * t ’°ns giver, commoner riec^a^ tii.r 0 , f L U n ents of volc e and ! invited to —    *    -    ’     are men wh » •» ha ye requested to buy tw^ Miilcing I two of 'thi^'sT three" d"b7toS “ the men Shorthorn bulls in addition several regutered bred heifer. I E.(. Debater! In! I Excellent Showing I IAI Baylor Heel I P; Kappa Delta tourna-Iment of the Province of the Low-1 vo^f" w ppi - 5. eId at Savior uni-versity, Waco, Texas. April 11-13. ddaK^f * e ^h 1,6 ® undefeated to5faJ2 m# i? rere fr ^ m East Cen-2*^0*** college and two of the I J? tra . I,tes were selected^ to the tournament Thelma Hokey and Barbara San An? d efeated Trinity college, t^ u^m^?°’J ex * in the finals of the women s division and Rudolph Shrove and Ben Enperson t'S the* me U n n 4 e d?v!s V ion r    P ‘ 8Ce ta r LJ ? art>ara Hansard and Ben Bp- wLTMasa » w« 0 "ttiLtod     w * d ® b ansi ^    «- members of her IndeDendfnre . p «te Richerson Hrs. Truman Takes Friends on Trip Few Notice First Lady, Gueeti from Home Town Among Tourists ► But judging from the newspaper ads then and now, there were many differences. On Fri-days now almost half of the paper advertises groceries. To get th! ft e,even items mentioned in for ac f om P a ?ymg list, the papers were ctosely m ° ,h ° f June> 1919 County Grand Jury Is To Noel Nonday No Speetofors Allowed In Courtroom While Investi-gotiofis Are Under Way haTl Vf 7‘! y ‘ four , county men who j selected to serve as grand jurors will meet at IO a rn whereMh ^‘"l} £ ourt room wnere 12 of them will be selected fr J S a Pont °toc county grand juor.    * T a ^r? e i iti d 0n ^ sking strict Judge Tai Crawford to call a grand jury was presented to the judge about ter^ 6 wh 0eks ago . b y Ada minis- h ?», Were . lnstru mental in hundred pers<>ns gnCd by gSTcfi? and < riieriff g<> ’drew setoctecTio f 24 men from thWm t0 „f e cou e rt aS JUr ° rS dU " n * State Assistant Coming was     th * e    Petition that SSL~« to the district Kerr a s k a f n a [f duest lo Governor a1 asl «ing that an assistant at-torney general from the attorney general's office be sent to Ad^i to assist in the grand jury. realest 8 £ Ve ,U 1 ° r ,/ orwa rded the request to the attorney general SS in AH ha r Ve T c of hifaS day morning! 0 ’ ^ 0P<?ning Mon - House Delays Final Action on Extension Of Draft to Monday Still Hot Soy on Bill Locking House Bill Restrictions five m A ^ ING J 0N ’ April 13 —(AP)-The house wrote a five-months induction holiday and an end to the drafting of riiei!' a i? '? t0 3 selective service extension bill today but 1 act,on on the measure as a whole until Monday. Y. A decisive vote that The assistant from the attorney general’s office will work in co^ T^n ra D°Me W K h CoUn l y A ‘‘«"n°y I leu! a r° 'cases. S * artS W ° rk on par ' No Spectators .«. V . h j n . ,he Brand jury gets a*f rt .ed to work, there will be no the m m^ nCe ‘° the room where Franco Plan Is Opposed Poland, Mexico to Bottle Suggestion 'Friendly' Powers Do Investigating were closely scanned and few sion will    L     K * AVer y m**- were the foods advertised    ^closed    except for the Most of these came from two at£nS.^°5 T a , ttorne y* distant a^nfarisra    - a »p«*ul l^id    ,5^r* The P P .n^ ! n C store Policies, cases may get storied Tu^J " gd^ss and USZSUST- * V '£- dncsday    7    * NEW YORK, April 13— (Jpy~ Poland and Mexico indicated to-?»f y i! 167 were P re P a red to fight “fSJSf 1 ? 0 sug «estion that friendly powers in the United Nations investigate charges that German scientists are working on the atomic bomb in Spain. it still was too early to tell whether they would win enough SSS# F Purity council to utl* Proposal, but some delegates expressed the belief Cjvatebr that it would bTre-ri Cause u° f Hl e limitations Franco ° W n y Generalissimo Three conditions were speci- - ---- .....    would have sent the legislation to the rv!l ?r^ s Nocked when Rep. demanded a read- 25k Jti formaIly engrossed bdl witn all amendments. Speaker Rayburn told the house such a Monday. 1 * n °‘ * Feady be,or * the S °voto umir.^rn and PU ‘ °“ There is nothing left to do now except pass on a motion to re-comrmt, which conceded prac- action Th . C n t nd takc I'"* 1 action. There will be no roll cad on the amendments. Senate Still Has Say in senate RHI has a say com-\ ,? W u Yf r ; m a com mittee-ap- lackin S the restrictions the house voted today The h°n S f !i ad b V en a11 set to Pass the thrl     had    decid ed by a three-vote margin to prohibit ann rv1 U Kl I0n t S c betwe «n May 15 Detour 15 of this year, a1- thf ™aft lair itself until February 15, 1947 OP nine months from its present ’ex-piration date. th J h "h e .rf .. no rocor <f vote on the holiday proposal, which fled in the Spanish communique I wen * in ‘° «>« measu^ by a telle? uauedm Madrid last nigh? I S“? nt of 156 to 153 after chariS I. The commission must be wa ^ aspired by “politics” The made up of representatives of na- 7** mber * turned down a request tions with which Spain maintain. ! r * . ro J* vote on which each hers. Karo syrup ^‘^d'mori'ad-1 low e ai U n^S >H,d ** ™ paneled as ce e r r v S i?o*J PaCe i t !? ,n 8,1 V>e    * s    Or- eery stores in Ada combineH I ina tn    ‘    accord- Although the housewife of' to- The numff * conrt house day has to pay a few rent* n * i™ number of days that th< she does have some fresh vege-1 ter "l2“ r .?.J* J?. *«sion wUl de friendljr relations. ^ ” ***-"• i would be recorded individually 2. It must limit its activities tn uV* ear lier tentative vote on the Visiting manufarturing establish?     v    ««»    1«    to    127. ^i?^ nd .^ Xp< ' rirnt ' nt Cations to L r _ r r. was no r4 *c«>rd vote, eith-thl’ nf t truth or fealty Of nrU«»r»4 amendment raising the the atomic bomb charges. I    roimmum    draft    age    from Duhliritv U t S ?£ ree 10 give am Ple bv a n J Went 1 ? to the measure publicity to the results.    SJ ® n on-recoraed vote of 195 to 961    “    the    earlier    tentol Z~“- Y \° L r students of voice and I beir *g invited to     01 P er independence • 1 eie wcfterwm placed second >^.ano m the college music deDa rt J "day night mooting ♦ ^ Mon- Mo., bridge club mingled little I ,n mens oral interpretation mH -em and was ge'nerouswUh^h s ‘he bofrd thl^rk frSStT SfteSJSfS. ^    ^ asalso • finalist Kalo™ and b's suggestions P a rtment of     de ’    &S3& JS® tra . m P«l through iS?S U speak >g. Rudolph He also u-nrir I Tuesday the board     ca Pital    sightseemx.    |    Hargrove    was    a    finalis    ;» the'store d bTVj to .. sc ' Prt from in I needed. me store. But don’t feel too sor- ® housewife—she no doubt, had a big garden at home and lots of canned foods money Aim of Infantry Dhrisiom Heaviest Sufferers in War ll time. inspiring in for improvement. He alij work" Con cert* singers’* 16 EaSt Central JaS'c ZusVcVJ.?Jofcrscho- Fridgy SS lSd Ce iefttilh S,rUmen V •na left with many of the voune PinUpQueenls Mother of Pair SEATTLE, April 13. (JP)_ Sea bees on Guam select ed “Miss Dye” of Seattle as their P-n-up queen from a collection of glamor pictures entered in a ?ai m??5h St they initi atcd c*ai months ago. Here s what they may know about ‘ Miss Dye:” She s Mrs. Duane Faye Dve seven year's" PPiIy married for old Sh W^n e H r ? 0t f her of a aix-year “if!, ^? L a fou r-year old girl me kneTutn C i l0WS who th ^ •j w ^nen I was marri<vi •» 5*"!: Dye today, “But I’m not ss^afrtar    I srSJ» %    “a    yr    a now ha f r rom oYher^cTtte,* „*? ^ d . y I comoi^^n ^ 0 ^"'^ Pluck h?? I ^‘h'v Higgte^ham' class and will be     s    I    r,«" P ®_i°" L by . the entirely I I Nabors is coat firlt     r f ached    over    the    J?fS 1 /L nd ^r    ? eba    Smith Jean and sev- not view to nlin'J stu , died with v l k * any ideas or pro- need? W ° U,d fit “to Ada's ™ e freeholders each week. unaware that her neightSJ*'™!,* the president's wife.    “ evid?n^ ret 8 * rViCe men wer * to meet twice I Eater in the afternoon the Mis- at U ik n?"? e u Were F uesta et tea at the Blair house which the gov- ernmcnt maintains for distin- dign?torie? eStS ’ mosUy diplomatic Yesterday the visitors, who came here early in the week for a “meeting” pf toe bridT cto£ WWSS?” debateC<a " d ape ~ k Death of Tulsa Woman b Suicide JE*.i SS' WSSffifiiiS I    ; r,hK Whose body was found haniinJ b.iii th ^ ca . rd J'_ a " d even that was SO sure they knew about the chil aeSli- Sent . them the picture ages ago more for a lark than any! thing else.” sK ^, ke , d how her husband felt the contest T ;r , He didn t say much Bm?!t nk he was Pleased” ■M .u year ‘ old Gai *y Dve ran Sg he nci Shborhood shou " My mom s a pin-up girl!” —A    , S ,-‘ A P nl 13.—</f>> able to locate the own?? listed t?-n^ U ’th? 1 h er ?. nt addresses.' he .urned the bonds over to police from a TrJe ‘^“th^y^d^h?? tol'p , They al j° *«*____„„ wg <18 SSfsataaa? >—*• an°no n 1nc 1 ed VeS ‘ igat0r Tony Benson | ho™ m0m>W tte todies leave for S5T*wh? was n the d hftoeVom 1 ! tote Roy Mead) oillopenitor* the Mis Mead^ad’been des^ndent arnee the deat^flO^^nt DE TR nfr F P°^ Te »t ter P S IT’ Apnl 13—CP)__Wal- ward'a ten",tonight to- ident of his CIO    I? T 5 ' Workers unfon    "' ted Au, ° UAwVol h 2V m rV b ? rs of th e excriif itrn k _’ man International Iv nWf ^ board ’ the union’s new the boLrrf’f r S, ld f ent pre P are d for ,2 . post-convention ses-... which may have vital si*? mficance to the UAW’s future.*' Swimming (muse Offered This Week J. T. Reed Dies In Phoenix, Arizona There Not Long Ago; Won Pioneer Merchant in Adn starts the East A swimming course Monday at 7 p.m. at me Central swimming pool for ner-fnI* S W ?° a . re ^^btied to takean life saving. C ° Ur ” “ Hed Cross The course will be open to anv Person who has the recmired qualifications. The princiM? r» quirement is that a peSmTmSSt Abo a ut Se Sj° r n Iife sa ^Tca m rd St „ °oui 20 persons have tr»M . ai } tb °rities that they h^f r S ^ c °urse and will be ready to take the required i«! hours of training. requ,red 15 weather! Wade Kilcrease, 101-Year Old Indian, Dies at Cabin Home ea?iv T rf.7°?lI Rc *d. one of toe | a ^J y day grocers of Ada, died Phr!l r n1t y r i ? rnin * «t his home in ed    y here    he    had    bv- 1 last . few y« a rs. and bur * a I win to    u ’ M ® nday » a message Mr, SS here Saturday stated. J?”’ Keed and their two daugh-ters, all living in Phoenix, sur- F ‘ Johnston’s nno     nston    grocery    was days when e AH t ° reS here in ihe aays when Ada was young. Lat- f n Mr Reed operated a variety store for several years. rte was critically ill here a few y ®f, r * , a 8° but recovered suffici- en £y 1° move to Phoenix. South jl°' S } 0ry Reed h °me on foml m^K S n avenue was sold some months ago *■ Three infantry divisions which f. pe arhea d ed the 1944 drive f!22r g Southern France after J*2225 •? V he Mediterranean IrJS the beav * es t American army. losses of the war. Official but preliminary figur- th/^ 1S T?*i oda Y bv the army put tho tot’ / «u n . 3 ®th divisions at luft^ °h uu ^ of ca *ualties saw battle^^action ° nS Which 3rd 11 «*?i? e 1 33547    ‘he killoH regular army unit, were killed, wounded or were missing Afron t i m f i Rhtin K »n North Anlia Italy, France and Germany. Included were 6,571 kill- Nail Leader Has To Admit Charge Prosecutors Brook Down Koltoiibruniior'e Cloim Of Ignorance ,Dy NOLAND NORGAARn NUERNBERG, April 13.— The American prosecution suc- Ernst Kah’V hreakl "K down cia?m ,h a ! t f nb r u " ner * obstinate Ii ?!. . p had no knowledge lf th? e M.. CO "' l u ,' ctl . on wi, h many ti? ftoris blackest crimes. sciurltv ??T r bead of ,hp Nnzi security police on trial for war crimes admitted he received regular reports during 1942 of the progress of the program to ex ;™ te the Jewish population “asterTI?re^ UP,ed of j®£S2J he wBf r & s,nt *° - . - — results. Iiirhfnt ? d ^egates were re-thn ?• commit themselves on the Question pending receipt of the official invitation from Spain hut informed quarters^ Vxnri^^i I the'    ' 'J    T rTnai P^ft. Ute belief that Soviet Russia I!??    toe**! tive ballot. BUI Sharply Changed As it neared formal likely to object these conditions. ■* Russia was strenuously to Two Killed, Seven Hurt When Plane Crashes in Chicago Id tmteJ’rotoer-m-law were k.ll-L d sevcn P‘«-son.s were eranhte ?T n an arm v F 6 Pboto- nlodeH k t ,n '’ cras bcd and ex- , —«»wn were proonsalu atfrtln^ a two-story ! *° ra, f ‘be pay of all serv,?^, !? partm* nt building and a framaa *®nnel; to giv»»    „    ai5 house on the northwest side '     d    m,    n    ,h * The £HeV7?y- h ^ woman reprS^Uti^^ h?N w“htV ,ld toe house 'the KUI* have been cut out of this co^m'iM £','*? unrhangp d its ^ximum^.r'lfaS & a„ mo oSS?J? I 11 -Sn-SSS • j outright ban against the ndurtinn 0 f fathers; for author- f »rm°L K i? draft h 0 ®”** to defer farm workers, and for these ceil mgs on the July I, 1947 strath W70 OOO a „ r ,r d ‘Drees: ’army I?! 5in’nnn     rs    and    men; navy Turn' ."torine corps 108.000. Turned down were per- h!« h S- S (Ebte-GuardTam”,^ ii official in Austria. IT. S Prosecutor John Amen asked: “Is that not just one of a series of ar my sixth service same terminal to officers; to Pay now granted Ar a tour”v d toibi^l./’j?' lf"*' I fSa^l bdhe^nTw Chir-iirra t,, i w,l * s y n * **. Jr.. 22. of • Iv c f * and to count service V n tea go, had registered Ins pas- "J !t! c Merchant marine «to Hat 27,247 Casualties Kaltenbrunner replied. deny that these r< w* r * National Guard outfits Iaw r * bu !£ d *° Ponce offi-In the number of men who md    ii a OV . pr th c reich." death in action, three other di- ter Jhl'h'*!? 1 also s 'K n 'ng a let visions took heavy losses .1.1 I w . hlch . discussed Hitler de-They were the 29th, with 4 612 and , s b<w>tmg Allied captives failed 4th division.’ ^ ^te.^Won of Jew?.' ?? »th division. 4.474 kilted. The casualties and which he had cl0°ad? ahOma; Partly cI °udy to £?“>• . “armer east Sunday Lj -n^ersho wers and cooler afternoon, Kb?thundershowers Sunday mgnt and Monday, cooler Monday — northwest Sunday night reported grease Creek Indian 1S4? !f d h . ave been born in liuie rete„ ea hn y th ‘ s m °"to at to? of Franrii ° me flVe mi,es east ve” e s m d a b ?? d h t-„tor many WSSi^^ J*.?" region However, Francis and in the hilly he was often in from time to time came to Ada for short visits h a ^ CqUa u lntances descr ibe him as having become 4 very old* Thev \Z°? n “HI* he always stayed with !" dl j" ‘deas and that he was KS^Z^todians of ” e * 3 reported to have been born March 15. 1845. and to have died April 2. 1946. at the age of IQI years and 23 days. Barnesville Lads On Treasure Hun! 3 B ^57 L 5 SVI £ LE - Okla . April are~?f?TT''?° Batesville youths u??” h °" * deep-water “treas-* j j hunt but there will be no K^ n m ?if S i°, gu ‘de them. Jvenneth Eilerts and Roger mSston f th 18 ’V? da y sought per-w k 4 m offlclals to salvage and like ’ ^° tors ’ fishin « tackle u % e Q. ul Pment from the u Spavmaw Lake. ma hfi ? e made our own div- gas maaks j»nYi n 1k erted from army dtLmt d h *7 e an air c °m-explained. They said they had tested th* were H ,    ,    , f «sed i^ore“e. PreV, ° USly pr °- „    —r”— were disclosed    —-___ b ‘JI /L*?™ repopt ot activities HOT SPRINGS CAfFmaiv the ^var? 31 grou forces during I SLAIN OUTSIDE HIS PLACE Total casualties of all army di- HOT SPRINGS. Ark Amil iv visions from Pearl Harbor to V-J — A 43-year-old Hot Springs da y    were    731,814.    Of these 144 -     ca f? operator    was shot wer«2 ere    in    ac tion. 552,299    u Gnigbt when    he stepped outside lTstPH ^. ounded and 35,355 were bls est a b hshment in response to listed as missing.     a message “someone vfants to Infantry Hit Heaviest    ^ m you outsi de.” j. 01    the 3rd more    fired from an    automohilo Jts ongmal strength    sped aw; ’    automobile counted for    *' fe " C8    ac * ‘ sh ^ tin «- senger as an army cantain mr! in? 1 ar T V off,cials had no other minion 0,1 concernin K the com- The coroner’s office identified 26° ahT'nfrt 3S A,brrt Shultz. Virgil; Chicago, whose wife ' irginia. is Robitschek’s sister J r ; ( ® Persons, injured seriously buTldin r “ tS p° f the apartment Puiiding, set afire by flaming gasoline from the fallen - n * or injuria worn five others, men. Tho plane hit. burying itself in u e house next d °er was Rim y burned and a two-car burned 3ge W3S dcmo 'tohed and t . Edward Puerkel who lives near bin/?? ! h SC *T S t id '* I°° kp d to *»s though the pilot might have been trying to nearby vacant tai ‘bul d ‘ n * building instead. of the 18 months as part ouir WI n, y nrns maximum re-quired of inducted mc*n. Two Aviators Lost In Lake Alius Fall w A F l ' S ' Okla., April 13.—(JPU~ P ja we% Ia, X^|oV k ?wHi[f^ fnr* toe’bodies ive other, including two fire- wh^toe.^^te^rt’?^ the lake last night. . The victim! plunged into Were E E. Hutch- wer£ Di?ot    7 hom Pson^Both re pilots and it was not known who was at the controls. Hutch- SVt7n raUroad agent b ^X instructed flying students at Vernon, hit the by a burst of five bullets than doubled its originarrireneih I sn?? a?, orn an ‘■‘‘"’mobile which ‘mmediately after th? Placemens V 3 *‘ ream ot re ~ h £°Z?Z T ost " r J^rell said ho j « to' “‘•mo/ed divisions. hptfiHW - whp ‘ hp ‘ ‘be the IVil 9 ^ 8 casualties and ‘bine the 3rd 9 620. The 1st Cavalry di- p hlcb fought dismounted in the Pacific counted 8.883 kill-ed, wounded and missing. Heaviest sufferer of the air- 7677 e to\ VI i S1 ° ns W ? s the 82nd with 7,611 total casualties. The 101st recorded 7,588.     e    iUISt were fired from a ma-gun or an automatic pistol. Him $500,000 Damages IJJ- April 13—CP) Mrs. Ma raj en Steven ick Horton J presiTnl Rn i IU" S hose mother is preshaent of the News Gazette Inc, wa^ accused today in a fed * era court suit of alienating h?; ">r *MO*nnn S r,lons and ,vas suod jot 5500^)00 damages by her sten tother. R >y V. MacNicol. in .? Chickasha. Ofeli? g an S d ‘ Udents a * Tex, during the war Fishermen who witnessed the said the plane flew leet after hitting the water Rrvth     e strikin g the B ? ih men attempted to they s ^ n d ^* avaUa We ,or°rwile     read,ly ♦- accident about 700 power Im* Greater returns Jot amount in. * **     1    ews    Classified Ada vested Tenth Time Is “Charm” Ex-G I Anxiously Checking On Where French Bride Now Is Thurman Wright, MARVQvit rvv    I    ^,^ a ni with an airborne MARYSVILLE, Ka s., April 13. * ntelb 8ence outfit overseas has John Ha bel of Marvc. I b®en anxiously awaiting the ar ma?!ild1n a p 0f his Wife ’ whom h e il2!..r d ^ a France and who was —(APl—jonn Habe , f M _ Ville was rejected by the armv and navy nine times because of an eye ailment, but he had the trouble corrected the navy corrected and accepted him on his tenth ai) plication for enlistment toeTmwV. 78 dai, y in nited States, but you can car “healthy” with service. 4-14-lt keep your Slime tt-Meaders’ eX Th‘c t<! ?x Gl r h?' e ?L Ada Friday ' me ex-til has been meeting h? e ?L?i??d a , rr ‘ V ' ng in Ada since nnrt jff U rT l essa «e from the York Tho     ation    at    New xorK. The message stated that a? ^ a r bride was to arrive , n Ada Friday morning. Saturdav jr ciV€d j n f°rmation saturday afternoon that his wife did not pass through the port of Ne embarkation He has in few that are unanswered York. even more questions now since uid'iv C |h ed to",'nformat.on Sa°t-“ r f: i -Y h to, r, ‘ ug b ‘be Red Cross. He said that he had no idea of what could have happened.    * His last letter from the younc b?iT a 5 wa .u tl S‘ sh e missed to? boat Now the FBI and Red Cross th? t™t th-V h See i‘ f sh<? missed me Doat that her clothes whirh ?ng V c C a d m? n a Ada Saturday mg, came across on. TH’ PESSIMIST OZ B.»b Blank*. Jfc Cheer up. whut if ever* thing cost as much as a scription. pre- Before they’re married if* a peck o’ love-after they’re married ifs a peck of trouble