Tuesday, February 19, 1946

Ada Evening News

Location: Ada, Oklahoma

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Text Content of Page 1 of Ada Evening News on Tuesday, February 19, 1946

Ada Evening News (Newspaper) - February 19, 1946, Ada, Oklahoma — * — 0fter W0< " * faf Wr °" 9 Wh *" hit tyP ' m9 ***** «" d h « warred to tho "sob office" of tho OPA, for •nonyo sod story bos boon poured out to employes WEATHER Clear to partly cloudy this afternoon, tonight and Wednesday. 42nd Year—No. 261 THE ADA EVENING in prict control offices. IVFWSI BUY MORE I I Nr!/ VV i3 WAR BONDS j Ford Invited U. S. Newspaper Becomes Jap Souvenir & mr: five cents the copy NFTW Head Confident Of ■NY WI DAV lljjjfSiAN Gene Ford Hot Office In Federal Building, Ready For * ‘ 3555b^i* ' JrS* SH . -SS. <: rfl ”> ill 1 1 i ii i ■ -V- SSS' I***?*’' *** sass. -jSSe jss?8« mb?. UK OK fe soM^hroughout Japan—a^silk*handlc^h- 11 * ° ■ Bu " n «» now bein * the front Page of toe ieimf A?. Tl^i e, , 0n ' v, . ,ic " is r *P™duced carrying the story of     es -J° u ™a |    of    Sept. 2, 1945. layout ShowingGenJSSX^OM ? ™‘ ln * ' he story is a map of Japan, prepared hv wf a c„ ° ld H} ovy wavin * over a Selma w^/sEtoi    Superimposed    on the Mam.cb. ( a ^Pan^newspaper. carrying photos VW.I'r-^A?,    manager of    the ;. ete ns , Administration Center di Muskogee, announces the if w n ? 2 f 3 C ’ ontact Unit * which Rn M?Jf d m A ^ 00rn 301 * Federal Building, in Ada. Aria whl G ^ ne) u Fo,d * a native of Ada who has been taking training for this work in Muskogee for Severnl mnntk^    ___.    . s One Year Ago Today Iwo Jima Beaches Stained by U. S. Blood Sfr,wi freth-Cut Flowers Oyer Grove, Of ll. S. Marines Who Died in Sitter 36-Day Struggle r^ RL ,t HARBOR - Feb - 19—(AP)-Dawn off Iwo Jima as thunHF>rnilcy tinfk +1  I st ...     u    o    lilies Bowles Coils Young Henry s Request for Price Increase 'Outrageous' WASHINGTON, Feb., 19, <.P»_ The house banking committee today invited Henrv Ford II to tmn e n r f D u erSOn 5 Ily J or a Piesenta- w?th OPA 15 Si of an argument 5     on ^he pricing of new automobiles. Chairman Spence (D-Ky ) an- a'fter C6 rp Ford would be called. /p if Representative Crawford In off u '' W rou*W objected to fmj Ck he said OPA had made ~J° rd * now directing Ken r ff Ford Motor company. thJopFV^! 11 (R ’ Ne h.) said that belt MV r ^tempted “to brow-mrfnfc J 0 !! ,, in nnblic state-“• and challenged its authorly to do so. neu K- St o er BoV r lcs ’ OPA chief and I it lr ^ P t D u n , ed cconor nic stabi- shot back that he knew SpA n fro In ! he law to prevent UPA from correcting false or misleading statements.” ‘•Outrageous.’* Says Bowles Bowles, witness before the committee at the time on legislation to prolong OPA's life had Dam- t f St i fled ,hat the Ford com- F    7o q r“    ‘ars P- of Ford creZe 1S r^ as , an ou ‘ rea geous in-] n , J 0 ? sk - much less to a1- dL‘ ,Jv, J ¥ s J" d , ' 1 have ioea what Ford would ask    if e ' vas ho Drice control ” Te»\° res , en i a, i ve Batman (D- ment on Bow ' es for a statement on young Ford's reported accusation that OPA was holding up production of automobiles, .L nncin " Policy. Patman said young Ford had stated his aSfk'i'™ Iosin? S300 on each automobile produced Youn- Ford Leaves Tradition riwt u? ! old the committee “I dont think tne rcouest (for a price increase) is in line with the tradition of the Ford motor comfit ♦ u am sorry voung Ford tradifion    H deDal, . ed from the ■ aaition. He explained that ™nv°h° r d e J he Ford Motor com-panv had been a leader in high wages and low prices FRANCIUM. LE MAY WASHINGTON Fob.. 19 i.Pu_ give oP^ istrat r;? dri ^ e t0 a many lhankful R* 29 airmen later acknowledged that on lif^ k Unchallenged lease American possession of the isle niflHp infra * humped into potential lanriimr fioM t j    .     lnto an emergency t™ wjUe < ^ 3 drfhiite P formtda P f an !     8    superforts-had saved their lives. junking ceilings.    ** tr,ij S 4? s Pp kes nian for the agency tee that* ai? USe ba , nkin g commit-ee that all controls except rents prooably can eliminated next r f f; Re P-. Wolcott (Mich.), rank- mm C rc P u h , ican. said he favors a system that would mo- iiooidat r ion radUaI bU ‘ forccd OPA reporters. 0 bj P 'an e a- pHce^^r req V lrin g removal of price ceilings in each industry has e Vachl’°- d that P roduc tion mal outout PPr Cent of nor ' Wou Id I'se OPA Committee, hv”L W ° Uldba - the industry-bv OP vl°’ dwo 5 t, :o 1 on finding tee« with own ® dv 'isory commit-tfei' hV ti, V dls P u,es to be set-apoeals. emer gcncy court of thi^ and^t said , he might offer to tht h.ti i? , othe c amendments to exleni ,k C 0,C the committee on Jf. U toe prlce control law one \ear beyond its June 30 expiration date.     X    1 sa^- 01 ?^ ¥‘ d J‘ miRht be nerts-,    ,    -.......- have some adjust- col onel on Gen. D w i a h7 n I 9    T. 1    nawa11 ’    hospital ments in rent ;i._ — a.    .     .    .    ...    ®    *-*•, J- Washington did nothing in    ~    •    -    —    »•*    ivm.ii    suu*    > sSAfesaS*- Saira-'w AD*. OKLAHOMA. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY ll. rn. Contact Unit Of VA Is Opened in Ada Vote For Na ti on-Wide Strike Beirae Says Leaden From All Paris of Country Favoring ll —. —-> Bombay Riotars Tear Down, Burn U S - Flaq; Protest Due Lunquest. manager of the    ^    l/UC Federation Ha* 250,000 Workers; Settlement af AT&T Dispute in Philadelphia Still Hasn't Cleared Prospect MEMPHIS, Tent!., Feb. 19 —<AP)-J ost ph A. Beime president of the National Federation of Telephone Workers announced <bnrti v oft,, *  ..... F Reporters Told Demonstrations Not Anti-American But Americans Should Quit India; Sergeant Escapes Mob ‘deluding'a'nuin A S tC ' S ' h Wi,s , hlt on ,he shoulder ber wearing tho um?orm o? the    hands o?    ^'     C i ubs    "J     the royal Indian navy, today tore the    123? k *    ^    .    members    of    the ssarrw ts ass 1    u    s r ”■ oitk.    .    * wSri'i J:';",     !    v™™™-™"”«»"*' »■*,.«<,„« t*,*™ frmn C 8 0ffice wil1 ! be opcn daily 'int*** °J n° °l Uce ' he had trucks ^e^v^leT^me ann °in n ^! short,y after noon toda y that in his opinion there M^ S'- “*—“ - - Federal Building. Ada.    J*    at    New    Delhi,    and    that    he    army public relations office    t ^ eadcrs the large groups*    -_______ It is Fords duty to furnish ^ awaiting instructions con- The crowd carried conelet 3k worKers fr °m all sections of . . Sd e ^!v\ nlformati 9? as to benefits    / d,ng    an    « f «cial protest ty flags and shouted slogans    country. ’ the youthful New ATjtT \UaAa9* ll and services provided by the laws , Indian and British gov- Seamen Making Demands j M ' Irishman said, “made A IU I n OfKCf^ Af Arim.Jf r^ by the Veterans 2h.33ri S *t j ,    The cause of the demonstra stron « '^Presentations in favor of . in for rn atinn « a ?i d SU , ch spec,f,c den! mst -ito3     ab ° Ut    300    U ° n Was not cleai - hut some ob- f n ?hT P .^^on-wide walkout*! th! J i W,R m ? k e possible, ; n „ Vi     were mar <*h- servers expressed belief it inicbt     morn,n «    Session.”    i far U”T IOP ^ enl ° f the Particu-!^ ai ./" th .?n S . trC f» l s f M d d ^ n I y I have .started as a manifest fen     ti ^ Were « reet?d ^thusias-    ... lar issue or issues mvolved. Also.    nV’rfi? u p V? th . c V* s - I S. of sympathy with a sitriov33     ,J J al Iv by the assembly,” he add-    Diane Iav    ClmlL. th e o Wll ?i? ss,st former members of    / e e United States strike staged yesterday bv loon    *»s mv °P‘ n ‘on a strike move    IOT    jfflKB the milimry ° r naval ^ g    flag flew from a pole just over royal Indian bavy seamen in !     wdl be ,ak cn this afternoon" 1 the preparation of the forms and    3 0 d °? r of the agency’s library, - demand for better rations and a    i Beirn£ dld not identify the orshoaMers o" SSHS* “!?    ^yision of pay ai.^^” “    ™    the    unions    they r^ 'JU I End ii    ^     v ai service in the preparation of the forms and >./CV w *    »    Horary.       uc 4tc ,    rauon*;    a documents necessary to make or     mai J     c,i mbed    onto    the    revision    of    pay allowances j support claims for benefits or \boulders of another man and (A Reuters dispatch f r^m compensation.     ef ' U    ‘ore    down    the    flog.”    he    said.    Bombay    sa!d    Maffias    Gandhi Service In Benefit Claims .     Pap ^ r    As    Torch    |, b ?iL t<dd    followers    at    a    prayer a matter of course, these bene- if’ s .h ack Ieton wroo Au., j    oil IWO Jima I flts are provided 1/ federal law. • c sa,d an unidentified Amer- \vas thunderous With the pulsating shock of Amoral u- and are extended to veterans inn (Icar ? rergeant, who had a jeep guns on this date in 194S-and tho J^l W. ,    "  blg ; their “indents who m“t thel parked near ,he U S 1 S. hiad P tho k,„k    m imo ana the bottomless black sand of * requirements of said laws blood    ^     W8S    touched with the color of American oil? -* dd J bon . ‘° the contact Today the thunder came from the powerful engines of a SEXE S e ’ Sent from Pearl Harbor to strew the nne graves    ° W    thC thousands «* U. S. ma- mon!" P f arl Harbor ’ “"cines gathered simultaneously for a and Rf lh H i a!Sarrang ! d by veterans of ‘he Third, Fourth da? fliSf f? ~' C , h l0St 4)189 dead in the bi «er 36-Tokvo     ny V0lcanic 1 s la n d on the air route to Many thankful B-29 airmen later acknowledged that -rican Dossessmn nf tba ioi n .     6 Another Witness I Takes Short's Side Op P. H. Warnings U. 5. Aller 22 Americans Over Wartime Treason Ie ^HtNGTON.^b! 8 ^, (AV. peeled ^Ai^eSr S -    _«B Clark told a reporter he plans to send a special emissary to speed the collection of evidence against these suspects and six others already indicted for treason. Timothy A. Mclnerny, the departments director of public information, will fly to Europe and utake a survey of the investigations under way i n Germany and other former nazi - dominated countries , • - j- . 7 vviiidLT ser- vicei rendered by a personal call at the office, those who desire as-i-ii k 0 * * m , ay V whcn Practicable, inquiries to^hc^office. 1 " 3 * 1 ^ Educators Leave For SI. Louis Meet Sup!. Morrison on One Fonel Discussion of Notional Administrators Convention Dog Had Rabies; HeaNh Director Tells What lo Do I Registration Fort (fly Primary Has Begun—Boswell I threatened a widespread tie^jp z .-    ---- 4 Ka ct i*i Lr ••*. — » to in\estimate the promotion (Continued on Page 3 Column 3) I-iV'inu" “ w,sv. ta|Jicau tie-up of facilities unless the strike were settled “within 24 hours,” remain-ed m the policy meeting of the flail trinal I f^rlorntirvM    A    __    IL. ~    supt*! visor f employe relations for tn * con pany, said A.T.&T. has promise Registration began today for vt . , y ,„ P r "»ary election March 19, and through a period Bosweli, county ^?. ry ’ w bich the dogs head uas sent, said that rabies was present. riiJ?f^3 ers    East Central F^esidcnts of the neichbnrhortri hlfrni ct _2 rRa "- ,zali ° n of thp Okla- here where the dog's mad career Tuesday    for    <?t n     I Assoc,a ‘ lon    >of‘     e ‘ ld «l have received cards    say- ue.cla>    for    St.    Louis, Mo.,    and     In R that a dog believed to bp th«» fn5%3 yen    J 1    2^ National    As-     sainc one had ranged as far    dis tors n    Sch ° o1 Administra-    tent as Stonewall and into    the rpiL _ _ .    I    Hecan Grove community, attack- They are O. D. Johns, Seminole in £ some other dogs, superintendent and president of     Dr - ^ H. Mayes, director rUm? aa     : Rex ° Mor * ?i[ ♦ counly health unit, advises nson Ada superintendent, vice fbat every dog that might have Cern'. a C i nt Qt a ? d W ‘i. P ’ Hopper * East j en . bitten by the rabies-infeet. teniral State college, secretary. *     4    *L ni j ia    penned    up The dog that was killed in northeast Ada several nights ago after it held attacked several other dogs and otherwise acted mrough a peri*) d ‘ d have the ^dreaded S* r ‘° J ' E ry. re to which ‘th e . St H^ i a te c ^“«r r e r « ^oHmvi 1 *' 5 WARD ONE South° RennJe* L< ’ t " C Bra,y * ) « 23 P . re 3o.?~~ Mrs - Eela Wlurst, 523 three employes who the un a ...v i#viivv in ex i mg or tne sai , u p re given better jobs will national federation of telephone ou !.regard to semoritv righto. workers when the settlement an-    J; ri « v «nre Statement Coming nouncement was made    *i e said the union by Thursda Moran expressed satisfaction U ., t give the rorT tpany a writte with what he described as “a ten- / Tu     lls    kt ievan. es an tative settlement,” adding that L he « roups will meet agal the issue would not now be 3 ere next Monda y Jo discuss th brought before the NFTW    grievances. Colon Back To wwir    min frtl tinie ’ r(vport ‘‘ d nins- To Work    */     th «*    company    has    foun that Mrs. Helen Sullivan (non thre to b Ran today for l nion Back To Work I man. if the companJtui P y win eC c!mtinul I 'T3 e . union is to return to [ ba J Mrs * Helen Sullivan <r of 20 days ac- J 1 be said. "The person who     rnp ™hr» among th? ti Sos well, county I **. app 9*? lted to the manage- ^3° received p romotions) is u - ment position will not assume ^    /f 1    ber    new    position, Adas 16 pre- \ ha 3 po * ition until a complete in- Gn j on will accept the finding. Vineland. 817 Arm- East 13th. Prec. 3—Mrs. A East 15th. Prec. 4—Mrs. Bettie strong. 325 East loth. East re uthT H A SteVe,lson - 821 WARD TWO Proc. I-J. D. Maloan. ment position will Ilwl ttS5ume pre- bat position until a complete in- P I vcstigation by the union and com* panv is made. Both parties will report back their findings to the (Continued on Page 2 Column 8) Ada Grade Schools Praised by (My I School Coordinator! not assume ,cwailltu ,n ner new position, omplrte m!!, U h n J°" W “ acc, 'P [ ,hc fndmc the meantime, he asserted, “si will not function pending this l vestigation ”    * Silent On Negotiations I ne union contended M s Su iv an should not be promote over union Workers with zen lo tty rights. Union leaders narie r immediate comment on the oezt nations.    * Wa—•    * vv,,lc §c. svcreiary. i . - —-pi.mcu up ana “ P f n f°r i?.? n ._ t t , ? Dr0Rram as W . a r‘ cbed „ f S r .. a „P c ;l? d of IO days. | p rec ;' , Miss Neva Hermon told Lions A _„ .    ...    m*ugiam as ..    -—    — fv*iuu ux xu uavs. one of the men taking part in a ' a dog was bitten after the —-.....  ...    na wan oeiore me I -Batt..,' d,scass ‘? n . Thursday of “her animal had developed ra- war believed Washington "would Ebmentarv Grade' 0 ” FUnCSS    transmit,,Ki„ ..... ”?.t, b f..* 0 ..; oo " sh a* to withhold! The co^venfffiwas not held '» J«nd^die“befo7oTho‘IO^day pe-*: ...... of    wartime    i r, “? i* “P IM* J" ^    830 • . I    Broadway.    .    «■ .and | Eas[”th 2_MrS - G C ' Harris ' 939 '“*>. members at the regular 525 Tast 2 mh lrS Ed " a Laster. I da e v^ll!, 0 Va h 5‘° r -? aniza ‘‘''n .Toes- WARD THREE Father, Son Have Reunion in Tokyo TOKYO. Feb. ther-son reunion with a 3qaS?d5«|s£a^ commander i n Hawaii. In a ^f tei «f 4 nt .to the senate-house 7 TS5 j® lnves t|gating the Dec. “WT j d J sas be observed. dld not have the hindsight iou-is?* n . ow open to everyone.” Phillips backed up Short's contentions: I. That other animal had developed la- "    «h.    amnni    S . gr . e    are    J ncr : SGn reunion with a n hies to the transmittable stage I p WARD THREE    airt     in    0kla '    twist highl.ghted the visit h, Dr. Mayes points out, it will sick- ' p rec. I—Miss Lucite Scott 307 thTfo^h 1 offered hi * h p i aise for °. f Benjamin McKelway; as en and die before the lOday pe- t? rA J o »»    „    ’    schol7chfl^n° rkmg    W,th    « rade    Star* Cdlt0r ° f the Wa5 bmgt nod is up.    *     p    l    «, Prec * 2—Mrs. C. C. Ray 720 p V? «. en - A«J ;a -----.    .    loth    *’     uu Rex O. Mnrricon  .....  I    One of three newspaper ex* lVPl fin lr in cr tL a    «•*    .. __________________ con .    . Washington did not Mclnerny a former li*..ton a r*i i    a1 * ^ ny    formation wh^ m2; t00 '     t0    have    &om <- adjust-     c °lonel on Gen ™w i « h t    D    2 ^.!S a S? Ck 5? Hawaii fJTx "\ rent ceil,n «    encour-    Eisenhower's staff Iii Vc    rk LLT age development of rental nm-; with army intellieenee w 0 r k ▼  - Mn. C H. Russell Dies Early Tuesday YY«*.xxi Kl un Ola not of^r S ‘w Vi S la A ,? n Russell, wife send any information which in-    P usso11 -    Ada    geologist. dilated an attack on Hawaii hosnitlf^ m ° rnin , g at a ^ a    ■*    -    Hospital. She was stricken sud- And if a person has been bitten by a dog suspected of rabies wateh^S t should . t be . Penned and ^'1 to see if the disease develops and so make necessary the extended treatment required to save the person’s life. Several dogs in northeast Ada vK nm l n i°, have been attacked by I tod     are    beinfi    d cstroyed    I » ..V-S »v FV v Rav ”20 I    children.    .    — - * *     R f x -^.*    Morrison,    sup#Tinton- * ° np ^bree newspaper ext'i dent of city schools, was'schS- j tlVes during the Pacific McK I rn* 0 f gi y e 3 ta ^ k - but was called vvay i n j d< * innuiries about cc- 4-—Mrs. Gene Baxley '    v} OWn t- unexpectediv and    2nd Et,    Benjamin McK West 7th.    «**iey,    asked Miss Kennon. coordinator    "IX* Jr • 24 WARD FOUR    I    °S f c,ty    schools, to make the talk    lieutenant    stationed ec. I—-Mrs. Blanche Smyth I     Een . non to!d how Ada ! ,*u° dat f- Hokk a»do. with t ‘    *    ‘    ‘    division,    not    or m JTa    . ceilings to encour-1 Eisenhower's staff will w o r age cieveJopment of rental pro- with army intelligence r jV .    ...     Not    Sloopy Sentimentalists h o wp 1S n sup Porters, Clark said the justice depart-for Das'aJ3 C f1 l u rmincd to push i ment “is determined to bring v uh out ^    extension bill «very single American who plav- without change.    ed the axis game swiftly to trial it Bo 'jies Invited Back     No effort will be spared because Commark riur 0C3 ^ tl LvJ eader Mc “i mUst show the world that we t at ?f (Mass *> tbld reporters arG not sloppy sentimentalists ntn n^ ress got around to where the crime of high treason arnendmg the measure opposition 15 nrtnr ' nr ' r '^'* forces nughj be abk . to run m damaging restrictions. . banklG K committee meanwhile invited Chester Bowles to return to Caoitol Hill for ques- hl i statcm cnt yester-? a i that under President Tru- <Continued on Page ^Column 57 jWEATH ER clcmdv^AHOMA—dear to partly ami w. }    ^    afternoon,    tonight er tfmfoi n 3 S 1 ay: sornew hat cold-°5     51    tenip cratures -3 Pan.iandle. 35 southeast; warmer Wednesday afternoon. FORECAST FOR FEB. 19-22     w*«.x..j     5    vasxs will be to -nd v2h n * i Kansas ’ Oklahoma J negiotiate with Russian occupa-t? ^ ebl aska—somewhat colder U lon au tborities in Germany for Thurcf1' V mght : becoming warmer Ka Itenbach’s release to the U S J nursQdv, colder again Friday army -    * I^2? A jnericans, including the a Poun d. were indicted in iy43 in connection with alleged propaganda broadcasts Four Held In Europe Claik said four of these are held by the army in Europe—Edward Delaney of Olney, 111.; Douglas Chandler of Baltimore; of Pbiladelohia and Robert H. Best of New York City. Best was nabbed bv army intelligence in Austria last week. Frederick Kaltenbach of Dubuque, Iowa, is reported unofficially in the custody of the Russians, ST S , He added that one of Mclnerny s tasks will be to negiotiafvs sirifK    _____ --------- auuduun wnen onort cond it inn thafhfhad n gonn November - 1941 *! thereafter. mal ne nad gone on an alert only ~ against sabotage. Phillips’ statement said* fr nmi e ?® my intelli «cnce came from Washington. We knew they had more than they gave us. but ue assumed, quite reasonably, that thev would not be so foolish from J ylthhold Vltal intelligence ° n , Sabotage Only Texas and Mrs alerted to prevent Washington, D C « son thov. c2, a 2 .l°.I! ported to . them - , Russ **l of Ft. Smith, Ai k ; . MS . T.v • ,k* Ve L ena . Ha " "“Has. I M r- n ee brother *. E c, and 4 M. Collingsworth »f T;xas and E. B. Collingsworth of Oklahoma* four grandchildren.     f Henry Wallace lure ™ a**. ~l Irum8|| Win ftuR J West 10th. 5th reC ' 3 ~ H A EbrUe - 501 w «‘ Prec 704 p ,     FO|JR ziswestTa”"- B,anche Smyth ' sudham - Slowest Trnr' Quinton Blake -We P s, eC i4tiT MrS - W ' A DaVis ' 605 CLE'V’ELAND, Feb., lf). <.!*>_ Week's Rain total Up lo 2.15 Indies It s a real soaking mn O IC :«%_i    a-    s. is concerned. S JTtotortSTto 1 fa°ce h I ?h^V nd .l° reportad United States.tribunal.”    j    meshes “ We^eTab^utely Annf     «    * Funeral services will be held Wednesday at 4 p.m. from the Criswell Funeral Chapel, burial CLE ________ ,, rn Memonal Park.    Secretary    of Commerce Henry A Mts. Russell was horn in Wallace today said he exDoeted fajppj° d x in Ada^lol- ml^y run” f^pjfe i^l^d ii°    ov^a    ^    ---------- d^S^ 1 ^* 11 ' two I v '!ce! P residenTiai d SLsss ^{'“S^'^^r^hijr.^c Oklahoma Livestock Washington. D. C . % - l. of th ....." anet lur part but the rain continued untd Ti-" VdlllC Incfcasillfl grade schools are bein-: nodern* . U,h airb ° r np division, no •zed in keeping with the “mrs t'Y locatPd bu ‘ turned up and pointed out that better re- £“S y ? - w . ,th considerable ar, suits could be obtained ii mor#»    leav*e. It was the fi room were available in every '     16 e R,tber a nd son had s»> grade school.    *    another    in    a    year.    So    th L* be t sa * d Ihat some grade docide d to extend their visit a schoolers have not had a desk -ill oun ^ Ben will accompany t year because there are no desks n ° WS ': x «u“v« to Korea tom » b h.2 nd - , S P-C .to put toe I fo^Ja^r WardS he « ll :    . •* v *    aidin'    IO ( desks if they could be had The principal talk of *ne program was closed when Miss Kennon invited the public to atlend I J*fly grade school in Ada and sci-ram any : the functioning of the schools » f er a IS-    —-—........a__ -    *    *    SR*       Wilt a son, C. H.! of the country.         mtmr    m wmm-wm ____ —-—-rn-——- Asked at a press conference    noon    and    added    .35 of an    Mitchell    .said    the current i whether he might be a candidate *” ch more before “c clouds let OKLAHOMA r™ ^    stamp,    No.    39    is    the    last    rf if Mr Truman was not Wallace    t     u| vhAHOMA    CITY. Feb.. 19 sugar stamps in the No 4 h replied:    Temperatures    here    remained     f i„„ V es ock *n Oklahoma is i because No. 40 was used t**r i f*  ---    “^fate^with    59    degrees    for    a    ’     ,n «     ,n    numbers but in- ning sugar rn 1944 it is probable.” et . —    ***-    aosoiuieiy ^ th fu V meant sab °tage and not some other unmentioned form of ‘‘hostile action.” rv Th*L CGm mi11ee also heard from Col. Robert E. Schukraft, who KEEP NO. 4 RATION BOOK. IS WARNING OKLAHOMA CITY. Fob L l/pj—Joe Mitchell, state OPA si ar rationing officer, Warr housewives today to keep th No. 4 war ration books brat thf‘> probably will need them a new sugar ration stamp va May I.     K Mitchell said the current -u stamp. No, 39 is the la^t >f ZTZhl' *• fcnuxran, who ,, Tho u , S. Army Air Corps liad vv as in charge of intercepts of £ airplanes —*— **    -- a P anese s ® cr ®J messages for the States entered The bearded night and warmer Sunday; tem-Deratures will average above normal except near normal in rain Vs? 1 Kansas a nd Oklahoma; ram or snow near middle of *ixai    middle ot j * U , ICU    wee! Fcf * ! ( w a    u il    thunderstorms in ! tally    unsound” southern Missouri, southeastern stanrf #rio1 Kansas    and    eastern    Oklahoma amount    will    average    heavy Tx-’ cent light to moderate in west and nartn portions Nebraska and northwest and extreme w e s t Kansas. „,2 I J ‘j" -60 others indicted. one is dead, another is missing and Pound is in a Washington. 2,iv, ho » pi » a| . A federal court ruled last week that he is “men- s?an y d U .rLT nd " a " d Unab,e to rhriTL body °u, tbe aulostoma chinese resembles the skelton of a man. This fish is found in the southern seas. 41- Head the Ada New* Want Ads. I today! —    v»x iiiiercepis OI Japanese secret messages for the chief signal officer in the war department. Schukraft testified that he never saw a genuine message wJi-nTS °« Ut % Jap «nese plan to r^ g ntS 4x° f ' yar by mea ns of a false weather broadcast. This 15 KT I J 0W famous “winds code ” h»^ va . < - c 3 p ,(? in L F. Safford has testified that such a message did come in on December 4 1941 giving Washington a three-day tip-off on the war. Milk Cows Fewer Birt Production Up OKLAHOMA CITY. Feb. 19— a reduction »n the farm^ {6s 0f ia« ws on Oklahoma lQ44^r«nl ^ compared with 1? non SM Prod uction increased fii Pounds, K. D. Blood, federal crop sUtistician, reported ,1- : r—__ sections    or land. Read the Ada News Want Ads I Read the Ada'*Ne^ Want Ads. NowTHe/re Talking Aboul Jet-Propelled Liners That post-postwar world sure will be ere»f if * n i„ u 1# ., dreamed up now come true. Lltest is the iet nrnnTnin    wonderful things that are being It was designed by J. Tomadelli of New York City who    rn*     Shown in model form above. the ocean in 30 hours at approximately $50 per round trip He csTim 6000 °“ s * en * ers across 100-miles-per-hour ve^i af $35,00ot<)0of    *     e “‘     tbe    “«>-<oat. and mules, en! in a an avcr-ear ago to ,    ----• w—» snore both a decline in numbers and prices, i Hie number of mules and mule clots on Oklahoma farms dipped from 109.000 head on Jan la y ear ago to 98.000 this year v«P!fn n . umber of cattle and cal-farms declined but their ti age value per head increas- J?™ i to $55 * 20 3 h ^ ad -Tile number of milk cows also de- c limd 5 per cent, but their value went up from $70 to $74 a head hoth IT Uas a *barp increase in >«»th the number and value of ions. a gain of 7 per cent in the pig crop and n„ average increase VI SI a head in their value. A flourescent lamprequires more than 1000 distinct manufac-tunng operations, and is assembled from 36 separate parts The Sacramento valley line running 12 miles from the capital m™? 0 ? 1 ’    1856,    was Califor nia s first railroad. TH* PESSIMIST Mf Ha* HI aa Iir. Ja A bath tub is whut you fi up with water an’ git in je: before all your friends dt cide t telephone you. Some fellers ’re as busy i a motn in a lighthouse—ai accomplish about a* much.