Monday, December 4, 1905

Ada Evening News

Location: Ada, Oklahoma

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Text Content of Page 1 of Ada Evening News on Monday, December 4, 1905

Ada Evening News (Newspaper) - December 4, 1905, Ada, Oklahoma WEATHER FORECAST: Tomorrow Pair md warmer VOLUME 2 THE EVENING NEWS. DEVOTED TO MAKING ADA A LARGER AND MORE PROGRESSIVE CITY ADA, INDIAN TERRITORY. MONDAY EVENING. DECEMBER 4, 1905 TEMPERATURE TODAY: At 3 p. ii .51 degrees. NUMBER 221 on .SJI HEAVY missile hurled $1.00 INTO PRESIDENT'S TRAIN Big line of $1.50 Clueti dress shirts, winter styles, will close out in the next few days at your choice only Washington, Ihx* Some] the feet of Major Webb Hayes, i unknown person hurled a heavy , » *>n of the late President Ruth- ,    ,    iii i    Orford B. Hayes* who j iron plumb liob through awin 1 dow of one of the ears on Presi erforu j guest « I to th* was a the President on the trip irmv and navy football dent's Roosevelts special train I    *    ! 'Saturday night on tile ran from Fragments of broken gla^s fell I Princeton to Washington    on Major Hayes, who was sitting j I The missile, which was thrown with )iis back to the window I with terrific force, crashed reading, Amt did not injure him , through the gothic-stained glass in nnj v ay. "I he act is supposed transom of a window of the com to be the wanton one of some ir-1 bination ear Salvias and fell at responsible person. NOW IS THE TIME TO Get That Overcoat You’ve been thinking of Buying Arrow Brand collars, any style, each WILL CONTINUE TO PRY OPEN BALLOT BOXES We have them for boy and man and at prices that will permit of your wearing a better coat than you had thought of buying New York, December    4,—*    curacies >iiown by thoopeniogot Preparations to isk the co «rts ‘our ballot boxes last week. “Nothing can now prevent he j opening, sooner or later, ol every I ballot box in the city,* was the I conli lent assertion of Clarence cox-greer|I Dry Goods Company. I I for tin* opening of Ludo ballot I boxes, tor the service of b,o0o I writ* of mandamus aud the service of H,0^*0 ord rs on counsel I J. Shearn, chief conned for Walland election in>i»ectors have been j Ham R. Hears!. lf McClellan made bv legal counsel for Wit- I wants it sooner he can have it I Ham R Hearst in his contest for | without much delay, M Mr. j the Non York -Mayoralty ©lee j Shearn added, “and it will be taction    ter if obstructive tactics are re These plans were made at a‘sorted to by the other side, but ; meeting of his counsel, called to opened the boxes certainly will consider Hie disclosure of inae I In*. Boys' Range in Price From Men s Range in Price From $2.00 to $8.00 $5 to $17.50 Scott-Hoard Co THANKSGIVING BURGLAR HAS BEEN APPREHENDED SILENCE OF TUE WIRES ip IS OMINOUS Of IU James Davis, alias James Wiley, alias John Dickson, alias John Kirk,—these are the names'•port cd by the negro burglar vs CCU rage men I on tin part c marshal, Davi- became com rn unnicative    He ac edged that he and another St. Petr-but. via Berlin, alarm prevails the right aowl-legro I burglarized both chambles-and I cation with th* onerated in the business dis I T ->    ,    ,    ,,    • _    ,     v „_.    i "    "    ! Reed and Harrison s sto.i s. ,ia telegraph ceased trict of Ada last NY edncsday j ter w hich his confederate wentd w hen the Finnish Dight, and who now languishes in j yast w jjp e he walked to Francis J 0( j their Russian the jail.    and caught a freight to Madill, *p|, e embassy He was arrested in Sherman j thence lo Texas It will bp re* j hanks art last Saturday as a suspicious | meni he red that the blood bounds character while trying to dis* I p. in.. Intense nrnnuni* , orld by morning I stat** panic, fearing that the I railroad* will stop running hi.ii t lint flu inhabitants therefore will have no mo le of dight in the event of lilt' cataclysm which thin mtii] to fear is imminent I 4* 4* 4- I <*— PAUL VV. ALLEN. Livery* Feed and Sale Stable. Horses Boarded by Day or Week Satisfaction (Guaranteed.    Best    *» f    Sen Allen Livery Barn South Townsend Ave.,    Phone C*ss=| I c 4* ‘ 4r + courier service ti the morning after the burglaries and Germai pose of some new shoes and cut followed the f ra- to the railroad \ lory, property which bas subse- ut Francis. silently been identified as com*- Davis also says that ?»oth he; ing from Reed and Harrison s j an( j companion an wanted atore. ft appears, the shoes j f or U iisdeeds at Oklahoma City. pinched a bit. They were made j (jg| cers are to day hot after the * orators join >irailes.    Stories    of    the    spread    of    di^af    \ legations and | footier* in the guard regiments lustily organizing are in everybody’s mouth and the I revolutionist* continue to boast j that in*' troops will no longer tire: tooth tin* Fin untie rs. Hie population is almost in aion the people COTTON PIONGED OPWAOD C. J. WARREN co., Jewelers V 1 Opticians fre*' n test anality i > f r;i nit C. J. WARREN <Sl CO. on the B last whereas the ne gro’s foot is built on a Z last basis Sherman officers communicated with Ada authorities with the re* .©ult that City Marshal Mitehel eft at once for Texas and brought his man hack home Monday. Enroute, after tactful en second negro. Notice The tax roll for J 905 is now-ready and parties desiring to pay their taxes eau do so by calling at my office.    -bt 201 J I. Warren, Recorder. Subscribe for the News SIXTY POINTS TODAY OKLAHOMA CENTRAL MAGNATES VISIT ADA New Orleans, P. Brown, forint last night issued this year * cotton t )eC* I*' * ^ • r mil leader* his estimate of trop at 10.175,- The gentlemen controlling the principal part of the Oklahoma Central Railway interests arrived in Ada Sandny. They are: Dor nett Carter -if Purcell, president; A. Middle!* rg of Holland; Geo. W. Ristine of Chica*-', ex president Erie railroad; and W. G. Walling of Chica-?- have made such ii roap* roo- commercial point.' in a remarkably short time is attributable, they assert, the alacrity with which they accepted President I barter’s proposition. Captain Ii. L McWillie, the capable.chief engineer and veteran railroad man, was also with PCO bales (commercial), This includes this year’s growth, linters, city crop and what old cotton may have been carried over from last year He declares cotton will go to 15c, md olds “I contend that prices are only relative, and that the world today is better able to buy goods made of 15c cotton than it was a few CHITWOOD, THE TAILOR. FOR UP-TO-DATE CLOTHING, 125 West Main St. years ago goods made of 7c and He cotton. Tho planters of the South can market the balance of this crop on an average of loc if they stand together. “My investigation shows that] jj we have practically a crop disaster in Mississippi, Louisiana. Arkansas, three-fourths of Texas and Indian Territory. Oklahoma Tennessee and Alabama have fared somewhat better, though the yield in those states is very light. Georgia, the Carolinas and Florida have good crop** only. 44444 M-I-»»+4*4 •■Fancy jZ? Lumc On Monday a critical inspec-jthe party, all of which left on the tion of Ada was made bv ^he i noon train for Lehigh. COTTON ESTIMATES THAT FURTHER ENCOURAGES party. Calling at the News otic©, they freely gave expression tother pleasure at having this enterpri-ing city on its line from Lehigh to Chickasha.. To the fact that towns like Ada His reported that the principal portion of the grading has been completed between Lehigh ana Tupelo. 'Fhe road probably will not be long in building an exten sion down mto Texas. Government report sent cotton skyward today Spot cotton tonight is worth I Ii rents. Several good citizens of Ada are thousands of dollars ahead, and hur rah for that. And it is good for the farmers, which is still better. The town has received from wagons to date 7,000 hales, and prospects are 4,000 more bales will be marketed. COAL! Now is the season to place your order* f< r coal. We handle the South McAlester, Henryetta and Coalgate, Fancy Lump Coal and can till your or dors on shortest notice. Orders to be delivered same day must lie received by 4 oYlock p. rn. 4- t o if ** CRYSTAL ICE and COAL CO. ii Phono Nos 122 ♦♦♦4H444444444* The Ada National Bank. TOM HOPE, President? FRANK JONES Cashier INO. I. BARRINGER,' Vice Presider} ORVILLE SNEAD. Assi Cashier Capital Stock, - - - ’.......$50,000.00 Undivided Profits,..........90,900.00 Blanks Furnished and Remittances Made to the Government on Town T x>ts. ADA, CHICKASAW NATION,*IND. TEK,

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