Saturday, June 24, 1905

Ada Evening News

Location: Ada, Oklahoma

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Text Content of Page 1 of Ada Evening News on Saturday, June 24, 1905

Ada Evening News (Newspaper) - June 24, 1905, Ada, Oklahoma KKKP VO rn KYf ON 1'UK WKA'illKH We Write- Tornado, Fire and Accident Insurance........... HARDIN & JONES OftkV. Front Ro-aaeOvtfr \da N. < Hank VOLUME 2 THE EVENING NEWS. DEVOTED TO MAKING ADA A LARGER AND MORE PROGRESSIVE CITY === ADAi IND IAK TERRITORY, saturday evening. JUNE 24. 1905. HEADACHE lf yon are suffering with headache drink a Bromo Tonic, served at Barker «Sc Webb’s SODA For NT A IN. NUMBER 83 Oxford Comfort Illness of foreign Minister Lams-dorff Delays Peace Proceedings at Washington. NO FURTHER MOVE FOR AN ARMISTICE District Attorney of New York to Inquire Into Affairs of Equitable Assurance Society. Remnant xSale at I How your feet ache and burn these hot days for want of a pair of cool and comfortable Summer Oxfords. Summer Comfort and Oxfords £o hand in hand. See the Ladies Oxfords we offer at :    :    :    • 98c, $1.25. $1.65, $1.85 and $2.05 The best Oxfords in the world for the money. Men's Oxfords at $1.5(1. $2.25. $2.75, $3.15 $3.50 .Iit|m» I im llltnK A** »*ln« Any N*" •** " I utlll Appointment of •■U*iil»iol#utiar-lt*n himI clit* I IH**' of Their !>«•( ln*»t**lT    " >•*»«»..*>**» lug fur III** Ollirr to I #>*•*(. ATTORNEY GENERAL TO TAKE ACTION is.emnani joie ai » Washington. June, 24 lr ! ' :l5 through official sounds that owing tin* illness of roam l.amsdoifl Russian foreign minister, iliei d tE» I lit* has a Every new style, shape, color, kind, toe and last, says “come.” Can't duplicate our Oxfords and the price, at the same time. at any other store. jj COX-GREER I • Dry Goods Company.! ! I,,,.n a slight . heck lo Hic    jail.    ' » affecting Russia ami Japan It itnalh stated, however, that this d*-*s imply that t here has been any lo h bul Simply I OHI the negotiations l ave been unavoidably delated Nu th* i» iV on g i' en. St. Petersburg lulu ’4. I here is TUX liktly to he alo fnrthei mow in the dilu tion of an armistice until !<* I plenipotentiaries art* appointed and th* Uni* of their meeting definite!) fixed-Japan seems unwilling to discuss any nett is?’H* until these two questions I an settled. Phis do ^ not neeesrai Jy I mean that a I hope * f arranelnt a I suspension of host ii’ties before meeting has disappeared hut as ti indi< at ion if Japan n *o I it inci eases th* beild us to whether she ••euld Pe indm ed to relinquish I* mp«»iaril' he st rat*'git advantages "huh -hr *•' I th nth lie'.boes -h** * ti joy s. lid* <1. it might r.'i *■ the - o pirn ti ot spat t •-lf,.r * iuie until Field iarshal By a ma I tv d. \ .-lop* ! h I’d- lido' and is I animally in pro* ss **i o. lnering I i low "hen honan no ' i • - ' p • Resignation was^ Mailed to Roosevelt at Washington en Wednesday Last. Mr. THE FRANCO-GERMAN DISPUTE I rmi,    \    .;«•    *    n    Moro#,    mc* ( (infcrrn * flu. Kirn Un «a» ii in Hr rf I n lr*,** *jnr*iu t In su»*u The F * i ♦ I ai , *11.1* J;-, I WILL SEE PRESIDENT PERSONALLY IV Hi 'ii* Slot The t, vt I mg I ' s i n a' U ava ti st ut ’> ii.;. . To bt t t rh s vt q h. Ile ’« f UC ll I i g '*    ■ ‘ ' S * not* n de ta'. a ens -rn lioT « »rtrr * belton U th# t uluUimtPm ut • Look s ‘*r»r» of I *«nt»—»$rkir*r« Hr CSU *>r r, r I rrritory Itrltrr Out* Ult* t.ul>rrn*t«,ri*l * l**(r **pr* uI*I«nft *'»• I robablr ivMur. Honolulu Jut - h Gov Cnit.-i mailed his •••- mi a oil to Prest dent Rc < «s- , *■ 11 on Wednesday. Ii'* ' • I*a'.• rn him    > U *>1 ington ** cl in;, uss the matter ui hi- retire®"!! from ’ Y * un*: I. - ' r-Lip I* has i *•* i; iii rat) I* < l*i i*‘-po■: * : ■ * * with The piesi del" I *    nu    ’ and ll aa r* ei\* ! \ * rn V.o    '    ‘ th* ap: IU I foi a I* rs -nal ut el \ i* " (>, •». ('arle! -ays lo hu«l urg**d Prt si lent    H- ,! •-*    - * t    to    a* * ept i - resignation ami    ■ pp*    M    a sn* cesser. TI is u< ti n t is .- iared. a a- r-*r due to the elec' <>n < f F M Brown a- Ii i - ii tariff, Ie' dad *e* n mdei onside r-at ion hoi    sorrn*    »in    ’•    i was fir-' w; tor. m Jo* '*iit A'a- wiihliehl on Th** adv: -• ut francs who a-bed birn not to send it • 1 Washington The resignation was iii **.■": mink’ion of .( long series ,4 » v<ms \ oh ti 1***1 Gov. Parte- to th** <<>iulusion that he cauld    I* »f    more s*    r\i** to th* 1 1 arri tory of Ii.t".i i out’-ide ’hr gubernatorial < hail than in that position. T< irdoi iaI servrtary Atkinson arri.* d Friday from China. .Ie had bor I* luo bd us I i I * • S y to u* * eed s ' :iat ‘ ’I ’ r Id•    *    t YlllO.V .lid moved It IO! - " ll I* r* h i * ; -i *ei it alo s \ I* !     :    A    s    lit "Iii r t*> rn* . I!* , * lis; .1*^1 * ’ t ! 'n rn « ha\ i a ti not* **n l.i ut .1    ‘ ** ( .    :    I    I J 111 g *    'V - t ,    i    ,    *« t a i i o    I'*' i.    ‘* ..d * !    by , Him ' hi Ie y illt* i f th i ,t ii \ * - 11 ’ I » ’ I r Ii* N fwe* ti tier I.ot ! « ♦ ll ie ► I I*, . Til.* de.a' ui r *'f ’ ii*' plernpo’* n-<■ a I t h* mot e de • ring t** av old I ut -Poi b * o.m' rirv . n lo a.lire :ci<iiators si rev The ut ii* i that J was too yet (ling the matt juries is here! dor* d ’ \ I bos* ba r hl*Midshe*i perfeetH willing but    « \i b‘t\tl' to -how it< hand flr-t On min' of the Foreign Ministet Pam d,r ff - i..ness -Xmbassiador Mever xx as 'im hie to ha\ e a pet -«‘t>af no . >f % h -j, ‘.iii. either fhurxda' <u F i* Pa> but it IX* ie' ■ 1 1 that olm,in iii , • - 11 a in Wa ! U'-' on a I pass Procaine- VK**ln«t the OfTuer** of iii* J I ti*, urn lur Swirtf to Ii* l.rnucUt .Inst os Soon as it Is rhfsliHllY l»o«*»l»l® i our is Mini mer V newt Ion sunpnmt**! **t \ttoriir>‘s Kruitat. .\= w York, J Tine 24. Tilt reg-liar summer \a*ation *f the court til general sessions will be suspended this year -** that iii* court may be avail I able if District Aiiorney J* rom* begins i Los* * n t i* ■ ii 111 t*onfleet ion with tin affairs of th** Equitable Life A-I surame society. M t a* tion was en upon the request of Bisti ut A* p i no J* rome. Mr. J*-rom* ’n making hi- in* tion t* si: sp* ml th* court s va* a tion said he ha*, a    (cit* i    tom t!o\.    llit'i'irs    offering o    J let *    th* ct i i* n    < *)i*tai!'«al by (he anjx*rint#mlent «>f insuiunee lieu . ii, i.* el Mr Jerome's *iis|fsal. Mr. U I, un ; Id* d It is n ' * ! * v »?* it* I la** ii at , \ id* r * * arui it ' - my inter* lion to go thi«• iieh it > * i y thoro!!! illy. I ai. riot :n a position to know ot II - ne " h* th* I th* r* ha' b* ♦ n a nu Aition *f ’h* law hut it is iii' duty to ti Col oui. lf    'Hills ’.ii t* i tile g*• > ' I lu r to I r, >v .i P;.*r s uh as I ha>« if-. **iv* .I    i»> ti    - »'ist iii I .    t* i ii* \    and it | h■< is* v put*    i» att* s.t a n ll* on    nu*. I have ; ae* arrangements with Juste • !    , v ,t tie , rimirai 'inn h *>f the - pi i'ii;, I. airt ml I •    "    !    • ‘Ult mil* ! ! J in, * i rn it’ hat «* ir» through th* v    ll mer    I'll* pow*    is < i b»-Th    *< ii s , a n I n*’e*    ssii r\, h,    i * > od    11 vv i ll ta ae i.!• s< 'iii* i im*’ to I* a i ii wilethfI I .     a j] . ,,, ,iss strip, ,• * I the *    out \ * to i n*> Jem ra I    I a ii is M    May* i wa* at I is o'fi*» F. day * ny ag*«! iii .    \*! Ti* {HIH** (. SICS « f th* Fquifatde so, ;*!\    \\    h*    I    .t    *    L.    •    d    Ii    *    ’    w Remnants and short lengths of dress goods, faces, embroideries and ribbons at prices that will make them go :    :    :    : lf von need an inexpensive dress Now is the Time to Get For in order to clean up every rem* nant in the store we will sell you one much cheaper than you can buy it regularly    :    :    :    : it Come in and look them over and get a bargain :    :    :    : HHin In 'be F.qiut ll* m ’ I.- woe Id begin ; I V , tt'u * ; * * | ort M r. u, I ion a: ani't 1 *■ ->i * *; n ’I * May* i r* pli* *1 N ours to Serve. E.V. KOTSCH & CO. Cash on Delivery of Goods. In w rii p ic I .ani* d< i ff thai <’»* nit j \ * A I * * ' * * Ti. • t« I' «.!.$"* I * ►-h’ i neptit la - t-e- t t; n um.-tnm l l ' II ! I* « I . TI F i , - 1 ♦ | OI! 11 ,11*! Kl ll-' HU * <1 TP i >: t ;,*: I While * ary 11 n afford os :    d* VV ill! ill a, Ult I rout* I ad* pi* -ii' i' *t> th, -I '(MI* has , • • | hp.I he ! i dr. lb Im im - an him ha J h it - I A gall I I. I * Slime ■ * I are •, u i > war i >♦ " * I J* r n in i Ty Mu : :. . HPI • h* I (. * ’ triples "iii Fren* I- ; * * , - re a * ! ii g H < * ua'p n. n t I < H * i, n* .( 1 ill I g 'ie , id *-( Ti a th • ad .: thonu r< I. s I I -I Mi*- * in rig *’!!.!' I in ;,»* -I gh- » I K ii) th* ami I nj,in, tlioi    I    MlHir    I    nliinw. j Sa n    I T H I    * : * *    <    .    J TU I State#    Kin    ,it j grant d th*    s* . j !>**'.* A ('• . I • • Sa t e n 11 ■ <»re *' >    • • im i Ca Ufo i    a si    ai* 1    tee el a .-“a h id a    :ou« Ii    of    h ph' *    -    an    iga in    ■    * fk-j X f,    h    *    f* M 'IU    \    i ,]    •    . ,    i    v VV ! Ii,’ 111 , Hist** ’    to    ’ 1 bai    <    o*’v Si 1    t d.H' I    I    .a iii    bu ft *    p* vs    na! th a    \ ;»i, I p 11 h Ti    os ~; p lo th*    « ff * *     ! ; - alio at to t • *t i: *    a 11*1 M M urfiv    - - i - n anil a - > ‘ i»I o i m Koiu* ai'. 'Vol'll-. \ min ist*'i af a 'M * ai*- named    as h i    un bal    • <! ' bu* as \ * I    11 *u •*    ift no • '    id* rn    >‘ ,    runa« 's    !iav * 1    me * foiitulat <ui (    of vin a'    el arad*u*    whh .p    • h»'»n ,    is    -I i oi.g I *-;»'-<*11    tot    i' I I I 1 ,;,'    ' 1 1,* Kus- ai pVnipof ui i*.11 i* -    '    J in ’ ui*'    a    nu! -1 ar' man *d high i an i Ion uh    iv    et ’ hoi .* u no > due to iii' 5 Idemi’ v ,    , ]*t t (■    "    ill    i    ot    h“    «b n Ku;.q* ii 't nm d >'•' nfJiM • I VdrM'M’ ft and th** sui press! *n <d fh** ! ■" p conin mu-** ’u-d* t iai!\ incu i in    -hood that M Win*- \v lit a *<* clit    HU *:a ii * ■ ho - an m*v* ' • en*un\ t t    in**    "ar * ■.InI    " I • h t.i ,i-    rtr.ii-    v io have-    fad* n imperial - >-f • *n WHI l>e I; v j i ’ -D ai!' p >v! ii . nu ! t**r ot w» * iv v h* fen ♦ V » xvi i ha* * ! tot log* I * pi u t t ut 5 ’.    ' ‘ s , ken as t", n a- it . and d will not I * hut * t day s < nix ! , 11 ' Not Oil' ne Hem! rn * -! ; I • ll V XV filch | * .aal < ii xx hi* h t lo ■ * naiab IOT Ha Ii. tc. c* d* ! thai i ♦ pi a I* pot! s has* J." ii- "is al . >' minion turf his wi -uh; I * I:    f ll. 1 ne r * t ii ut I’ rn * *f t i - "i »i a lid Iv • ' i . od ait t tie t *v -i I f -    1*1 arm* ut pi * * « * * tigs j*gainst «>ff eels of tIn soviet' In -« ii'in* ut ii g * n th* phase of ti j it UU J ion Mi Ma' * :    sa    id This I - i mo*! .I-’ 'ii ami it is 'I Iii vt in* I* 11 •• hi-t* >' 'I ’ be w, -it N* " Toi x, t t i« del ii nu ut pi * * * * 1 CHITWOOD, THE TAILOR. POR UP-TO-DATE CLOTHING. NEXT TO POSTOFFICE. r° th; ; ll i Tin \ lex F ' • lh.-I • pr* • ! a' - TIOXX PUlh IU 'n I * al » I 7    .    I ' I I, ill! I as i E. (lox. Cartel Thi- uhs be im po v m I*-, a> is* i-<>1 ag* xx i«11 r- 'n* I: a i * f’Tnor to 1 * ai I* a-1 Aim ult th* -* in* th ioi *’d as appointem to t!i-> id!-** at* Cooper. VV. it u j, Ed " ai ii Ii. K Baldwin pud • gat* r IJowsett. the ha job’) I-* en found t*»| sj-ic' only 34 y * ars wa-\!'ire.-' tIn* g*>' - r, y- ai s *i!d ORSI bl* Ii. F onney, un a t ll' proj g'a 1 ’ -,iiu r rnigas, I Peen la v ,ut.i ■ uut ti* :    u ■ * . J ii* ..    :    I uanI* i. *•■■ ii* us lad (‘Tis | • * d •ii* i * ! v ♦    a cr’y and ruin til ■obe li on : i» j P. r a mai I d IT L.I « I I a bo i a ml , un* ii which - < a I to in > I f. - ! ll r* <1 . v • rd* ut* I i t * • md that -Mo I dx lo * TM * - I< s I f my I Ii** ■liars lf til* INDICTED FOR FRAUD. $ r ,|rr«i < • I* * I* < I lur, Mi \nli«**rc. I I turn-* I mo Hill-* 'in *>'« - r«*i«-in^-ut <nu, < ti* K#* Wad ng I Ti I i’* i od,I-,, bv be* * hi \ rd na ire    an la " m ” grand Miry in s-*ssi*»i *-v eta I I iii I**' Si a I o»lu ials nm! til hoi I. Dis > Iii*, che '< ihad ’ he I he r him v official; mr a1 leg ,( pa n h* a •k thou’. F* dernl ii db i* 'I Indian I frauds ii us at ainst    <Vu    ta <    ,-f * * -11 f va n y ' id    Pax    *    been h* ! s un rn ♦    I" 111* . vv ii j. h "pas    Hex *    x * ’ I ae. 111*    -t'H    I-'.    - od*’g.> * dbl* • s par. > xx I o it. \ - I tInn .int\ aid I V I -! * -    ! IP - I posh ion?    :    *    fh« ! ' u* rn 11 oin ;*■ ’    ’UL ' ii th* i oui pain ! Pc* u -** 1 'batvt *i ; - a .im••* onip.itl' Jin ? ii** «on tin :Olney genera! n . - i ion. ' August Bl I I! a UTI Ills r*'.*    • Ti a ion    a Fqui al    h KH    ^ Un "'ar*!* *1 'o ' !r*»x • bt. I    flax *■ not    P any a* I    em Ii •    '    ’ • n I ' sit n*uion or * ’ ; * 1 tax e not t - el v ♦ cl a ii * if th I* iter ti in \ an uistii .rn * fab < n I mb i nil* at ion ol •t pi 4* rn PAUL VV. ALLEN, Livery, Feed and Sale Stable. Horses Boarded k\ l^ay or Week. Satistiieti"n Guaranteed.    Hest    of    Servi Allen Livery Barn Sou til T"'vii‘'T-; Ave..    i    *    <»ce h ji ii ’ he re-1 sue of fund xx i rants - - hot' ,f Ila Hunk < m*tiler S,,rr«*n*l*r*. Buffalo, June 24. Fred It. Green, outlier of th* 1'redonia National hank oC Fredonia N. Y.. for the arrest of whom a warrant had been issued. Friday surrendered himselt and gaxe bail for a hearing. The hank was closed by the comptroller <>1 the currency on Monday. The warrant charge** Or**T. with b ing -exeral th m-und dollars short in his accounts. Wood in rn In,lorn# N**w Vnrk W##tln». Milwaukee, lune 24. The head camp id th*- 'lod* rn \V<K)dnten ot America bas indorsed th* plan bu a fraternal conure;s to I e ii* 1*1 scam in New York for the purpose of bringing to the at-t*-ntion of the public the advantages of ; fraternal insurant es over old line in-; tm ranee. (.«> r in xii s i,, |. xx u « I’m sen t. Man id Jun* IM -\n * ti ’* r of a I'Tit * is h cg mer rn 1 vims' th* A lv <» ink d press from ibm;. Koiq > mn ti*-flTn.-iar. . uxilliar’/ truism Dnieper ,aptured iii*’ Rritinh .-t* annu < btl hamia. th* i -hit! f -si . t< K was pi*'-int. n: in if] i in with th- yes sulk of Xii mlral Koiestv*!* y 1 tP*t, later necon.pani* *1 Un p and its ,-cu t in the direction < I Vladixostok. Th* np hamia, laden with a • argo of hero. jp-oniunt t a -en 'or YoUkalshi \ as <a| tni*d by th" Dneip* » on May K*. it *m May !’7, was t'*« a I tux ,1 bv la pa Tit ae warship?' and tab * nto S;o* bo n c >nn*‘<' a n ' ..lid rn ll* ra I (Ti ie Pa i" s Among ( hose in*ii"'e*l art* Ben jam !1 (krill* rt. the * niteu Mates inai'shsil. Tho Johnson of th*’ (’hit knsaw nation. Kirby I' irdoin. pres. Pue of the ‘'iii' ‘aw bunk In T ishomingo, anti the in Pix i ,1 na I members «u the finn of Mansfield Mi Murrey ,x (’ornisli. Th** Kit -lei is lh* law '-Tm wit tell recently received a lee of *7~.(HM"Hnr ils s.-rxi*'*' it) the (’hoi law end (!h ink usa xx nations • t was ass* Tied ti the Interior de-iuveafigation showetl tbat vagrants had been duplicated to the extent of from $ll»0,Oftu to f.'OOja'O. Sonic **f these Warrants are h**lt! In St. Ennis ami others. In Fames ( i'x. ot i a*' stat*’ anil r h* :i on* f o - nforee sn Pl Fi ida \ , a dir* ior of - uran- e socielx xx i (’bx eland on I UT'-n notified that ti*’ » n on nix Ii * said. am know bd gem* n* !»-\ ‘‘land ii glade «»» I'pc *r young* I. Xxv* > via: - pr flu rat ary lr sc. faci’! j y* ot ex re* me need •na I ist s, hmoiI ’library*, <’.**-int society ha!is. arg'> -ryni-\i in anti atli: otic park, t iPass boar*! vv itll baths, trie lights. Refining I st inn in ti ne net s. Next on ojHMis Sept *», IVO.**. Addr PRESIDENT AUSTIN COLLEGE. I'.'xa: Another s|H,i(;lit,'r :it I.,»,!/. I»<lz, Flessian Poland. June 24 bloody coll mien P‘ 5 twe*n • crowd cf people «*;*'• ar red Many people were i.illed. A merl, Hii« Kobl»r«l ii* St- l'rterf)t»i.r« St. 1 ‘* t< i>burp, Jun* 24 'Hiedore S. i ! 'arilne. of New Y* • 1< ami -* vt ral other pile* is at th* Ii* t« I do I Europe ha* I cen lob'-ul of all t ba ir va Ina blea. Mr. UarRng loft a diamtnd iH-eklncc and quite a sum «' money. Subsequently tin- mill; < van diFeovind ir a pawnsbc-p. With the bx.-idance **f the An.eiJean < lr.hasay * ff< ids are now ildiers arid a j making to recover the stobn property, here Friday. ' Comdderablo mystery surrounds the robbery. S|»>* I ii' a Ne* €'**1*11***!. Madrid, June 24 King \lfonso Friday approved lh** new cal*iud. as follows:    Premier    general, Montero Bios. ministei of the interior Senor Garcia Petro:    ministei    *<f    for*    ign affairs. Senor Sam lie, Roman; minister of finance. Senor I rani/.; minis!* r of war. Gen Weyler; minister of marine, Senor Villanueva; minister of agriculture. Senor Uomunoncs. minister of justice. Senor (lonzalez Pena; minister of public instruction. Senor Mellnrdo. New York. J un* I \ t*nti*>n xxii dire* ted I*' ii’*' Pi* t ilia bun k 1 K*|uitabb* 'ff'a'U'.- iii* ntioued in ! ! -    • ji-I I ot State Sup* (i ut* pdent »* I ln>ur Mice ll* mil id,** is dr.i" :ng saint i' -lur the last five years no long* r aetiv*'l> conn. 1 * ted "lib the eon | .u > i:. \v. Lampl it appears in th* repot I ax medical director wiili a -alatx ot “^r*."*'** a x *ai ll* .lied thirtein months a;;**, and yet. a* «'ording to ti" table, hi^ salary "as paid ibis year and Into. Edward (’into "he figures as a medical dii(«doi at IlY.nno a y»*ar. resigned that position « ii hte* ii months ago (.corge ii So lir* xx ho is now a director «>t the company is » 1 * *" ti on (he :ic t as financial manager at $12.-cO(* a y* ar ulthoiii.h ll. ll. Winthrop succeeded 'lr Squii*’ as tinam jai manager many months ago- J* I* lairing i< r* conk *1 as i registrar with a salaty *-t $’.,;.(»( a ye- r. Mr. lining ceased to p* * foi in I hi Riff ive •tii , i"s of the r« gis-I rat ship in April, Lriiff Dot. Folk im Knitii, kl. Covington. i<^/, Jum *24 Jo.-eph Wk Folk, gox* tm ir of Mil ump pxri-e before all in Wy* us of th K* utn ky Bat as?o< iaticn and a * rot *! ol *2,0<(0 olia f persons in the i/Piary a lit*’: .urn. on The Reign of I a" . ’ Thursday night. Mr. Folk xxas gT€***tell rn*'-t heartily. f Modei Bakery • • • • h nm* rv Hi ill if *. r p(i(l to eat alyvdvs ini tta>i*t fit tti0 Mod*‘l Btikery. Bread. I’akes. I( xrokies, i’andies, Kto. See him om»osite the po-toftice. The Ada National Bank. INO L. HARKIMCER: Vice President ORVILLE SNEAD. Asst Cashier TOW HOPE. President. FRANK JONES. Cashier. Capital Stivk, -    •    •    * Undivided Profit-. -    -    *    - Blanks'Furnished and Remittances Made merit on I own Uots. - $5(VH)D.0O - 20,200Utf > to the Govem- Ai)A, CHICKASAW NATION, IND. TEK.

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