Friday, May 26, 1905

Ada Evening News

Location: Ada, Oklahoma

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Text Content of Page 1 of Ada Evening News on Friday, May 26, 1905

Ada Evening News (Newspaper) - May 26, 1905, Ada, Oklahoma '• , KVK 'N * M I’ AY * Kl" K • Wa Writ,* mithuo. rlre and A .ridti * ranee .    ... HARDIN Sc JONES *    **    F”.*ct    ,v    l    )v r    y    l VOLUME 2 THE EVENING NEWS. DEVOTED I O MAKING ADA A LARGER AND MORE PROGRESSIVE CITY .DA. INDIAN TERRITORY. FRIDAY EVENING. MAY 20? 1&05. SKK OUR LINK OF 5c LAWNS —AT THE— « Surprise Store. NUMBER 08 I*    3 DAYS j Grand Shoe ^Special I 1HURSDAY. PRIDAY AND    I 0    SATURDAY    AT    IHI:    J Auction Sale MEN’vS :    :    S5.I10    AND    $6.00    M.ANSS    SHOES    i    i 3 Days Only Choice Pair. -    $3.r>5 Vour last opportunity to hint the Harris Shoe at this price. Samples now on exhibit COX-GREER Dry Goods Company. Auction sale 2 and H o'clock p. rn., Saturday. Auctioneer, J. >1. Trone Col, JHlO REPUBLICANS. • ourriitiiiii It v • i ii in lim t**H (iiit II * rn, J. *„,| Iii. I    im th** ** I * I r I Irk. I. interstate Commerce Commission Hears Arguments of Texans Against Railroads. RATES ARE UNJUST AND EXCESSIVE « Ulm in %|«o Vin.I,- ('It ut IV i iii I im I I lint* ill I ItlCMfo I Un* rl Iii I IIM t AgwillNt Moulter- Mini I lint KatfN lint # ll***-,, VI* Ma * nipuiary General I >**u Im I. —.......... j Ut ni> cuslv. Washing non. Max ^’*;. J 'h* int, ’.suit* dominating com nu*i ce < oniniissh'n rh irs lax hear.' I I l!! cl, " ho pi, argument ’ll the .-asf* ii J" the (‘attle ; f < Heni* Raisers a v >c cia I ion nj T e\us i ga,us I j * on WM, y *>;, I Bract lea I ly ^til of tho !<* ilr cads run- D ♦ How Kiv icing son11 Great \,, * from (’hi-(go rthc’in mid I t, except th* ! r lie n Pu*ufu\ J ’ Ui’"i th* lie ! -i*e I hat pi * Head cf the R ussian Admiralty Says Re .estvenskv is Steaming North fo Meet Togo. ii * -, C '    ''.It Will * will try !11 from ways tit bombes Ie* fur i * ► ff us* '• | lilt*    <'balur*    ii.*;iiu~i J includes f hi*    I    ti I IM I o*t f I etg hi tuff i Mi cis! f !»* Tri in    h.    (    ' I taming - cat, *    , p, , anU    u unju^ i and evcessm * hat to it ut ital charge .at Chicago is uti’MM ai discflinina**•>    against    •    p. Maut it' ship to i hnt point t. iii* ,-na*«. i' not made af of hor mar * i • Hun ih > rate it»r feeding .him#- »i t'Milt* is ex* ■» --: \,    ,, *- v    , • j per cent ut a p'naomihie u" !    Dud freight rates for th has beep rats* <i t i ' '‘ttt i**r hundred aid lint th** |M*t*st‘ good as ’lit' form• f in answering Hi, J*'tads tlti nor deny hut do dent that I unjust c I MIU'I iv I, x . <‘ \ It VV To i tut' 'A* rn I am I'afr was on hand Thursday *    ‘ Tl 't* lit. lf lo width tty* re-‘can Male ronveutitll, had ac ]_ •’tai ell lied 'lit- d* ligates lo 4 ' ! (unit lit lay i bt' ?» miK>rar\ • 1    ■ 1 !(, n "•* v made permanent. ' lr: ten minutes aln r onvcnine * I'im i of the committee on resold-■ • v ' -a |»i't" • ii t ti i I * \ Sent: tor I link. a motion of Senator Hic 1< for the ■p-ion t>f i in rdf rh > p, was uh pt, ( \ I tee** Hi - were then Paul Howland, of Cleve- enici lh., lame Of My to iiiu state non vt* n-H*go, atm In nominated* *'•ma ii. a ii* I his. speech gat* s mot t thail anv- ‘    "• atees greeted the chair- t, n!;5 J* chm st ion Are there any mor* •lo: ! !,«ti« rt v c'nngr* ^mnn Burton's ^    ’ tilt ut rn ma t wui tic mat** *•>'    a ma’ton was    carried with 1    ' k Cov. Hen ic!    wa- then pre- “ Ha t on vent ion. Oi)n r ,u    nation* \>*r* Lieut. D<»>    \    |, ' '    ■“ 1    H'< la mat ion I; Judge of the 1 " **i* ti conn William A’. Davis: At* ( < ’•*-     : ,j    Wade    Kilts Mate treas. "    - v McKinnon    number of ihe ‘    '     1 ' I ihjj, works.    William Kir»- i >»Iisjitut* (Mowing I rualtlr. • ’ a N,a >    I lion Mn re ques , •    *| Ci»i mn.    Hear \dnnrai deapait heil    11i«* mosquito '* ' • ‘ -f t    Samar win re f    •o:*'- - I* < a using t rouble .. , THE CHICACC STRIKE. COULD NOT STAND ’HE STRAIN NEAS CF BATTLE MAY CCME AT ANY TIME **»!••• tr<i Uurtlrrtr . • v ,, + Iff t . ii i 11tW v    , * it* I Ll I * t*n.’ rf. i Int, j lit I i%t *■ t»fti.*r l>*«M«r*s th*. liiptutM' fcet'ol Aff ort I tt» Allow til*. Kunmmun to ! sn ** e»t ti A lad iv u* to k Pullout mu tiign^r be* wi#ut    th*    Ntor,    ,,f    I'uri    Arthur     <{ p ^Vtll Nut I** KriifH if,). I de Th ast ig    .’sr at no sh waiting bad .Us e St. * etcmsh ul . lay «». Admi:a1, bead q; Russian admiral-ty J« !wa.tinmif. ,« nf-ms the Assot ta’t il I : * *> o i spat* bes saying Vice A11 in i t a Hojeet vensky 's area ming north to g:i>e battle to Admiral Tt*go. De con riders it i *ss.h],. new*; that the two fleets ha\f un*t may in receiveci any day. lo an iii fetes ling interview Admin* Avellan re-aff,; ms Die orth ini denial of the reports iluti HoietnvetisUy l as broken mo" n and asked to pc *ciie'*e<!. Avellan say# Hojesiven*D\ s»m •    d»- taiied reports of the condition of in own hea lh and of th. beatib «.f the* crews of his ships. The *on'taut :»*n- ,, 14 ion anc’. bani work of iire psst f, w * 5 months have i“*en a great strain on the admiral's health.    began Kven before he left.’* said Avellan, nt 'aaid Rojotvensky was a suflnr r from ,‘ ?i kidney t rem kl Out bn* health is no    I     p 'worse. His leports breathe a spirit    !    .    [' <»f strength, resoluten» ss and * e>nt -deuce and other rept ifs show he luis in-    *     1    V spired hi^ .jews nth lh* confidence i    J* of their commandei. As a matter of    ' fait it is not Hojestvt-nsky but X'ice Aumirai Voelkersam who ha* suftered from the long stay ii: lim tropics The appointment of We Admiral Buileff ar successor to Vice A*1 rniraI Skrydloff at Vladivostok w ill m nti wise afret i Rojestvensky's status. The latter’* mission aa chief of ii,*' tic j* i<> take it u. Vladivostok There will he antagonism Winn he Lets there The* two admirals are on ' XteUent terms wfch h began tong am when Royesivon-sky served under lh: lief). I loth are iron iii st iplinarians and Hojestvetiskv will give hi* supe! jot ihc sa nu* loyal obedience that he d^mamls of his subordinates. ’ Do you anticipate a sea tight soon?” the admiral was asked, lie replied* Certainly. lh* Japanese * annot af- •g memb ' • ■ I • r. •. mud!let: I* v. ii on ft als lifter r. ng t *• w ht%t Htldnts cf it I* Vt vt VI .’;. V rn. I, h» VCV     {    *    . s    Vt . J fc _ u    v Dan S. r - %    *    .    f: . • I t I .OI I ♦ i ‘    . ‘ •*' ‘ 4 jct .    r I'A'AV.« lig» *T * 1 bt .rat t v* .Hi ♦ '''iou enrod i * . * : Vol vc I    The    Ste.} ;.,.s I    , ' ! ‘ ’ air* »h«»:    btl*'    \    l    ,    ...    ii result <•! h 4 tent ll . Ii,., t . L It t» man i»* v on an » c, „ a ,, x !n ^-a ut we pap* man v. Ii! h : i * m« t ; « I. f he w * t f OI he vc feud Lose IT V suit .id > * I i r* s I * it!” Bulfoiti s *. man wilt, rosr posit I en <’ or* in chi'- sfcMon worb* *•    .    l.    . ■ v i.i away i«l <'I*i*-f go. | <( m s* rn liar «*r*j After . ‘ ti^ w ild ♦ w he’d do z^0/?rGOQi/s.sf/ofssciarM/vG- LADIES’ SHIRT WAISTS ‘ Ur * ;e ! *" d ••oniplcto line of La,I,es* Shin Waists nave just r<een received Trona New York. These waists are well made in the very latest -t.vles, and will be sold at about the price of the material from which they are made. 'I i,e.v ranee in price from 48c to,$5 OO Special. One Int of Ladies' Waists that are -worth mom $1.25 to $2.00. which we are offering this week at 98c iou <Hanoi ariorii to make then >)U^bt at those prices, a on w in ft the asnort ent is broken. • vhen they can • see them bef< N ours to Serve. E. V. KOTSCH & CO Cash on Delivery of (Jooils. CHITWOOD, • THE TAltOB FOB UP-TO-DATE CLOTHING, HEXT TOjPDSTOFFICE. II o It + + PAL L W. ALLEN, Livery, Feed and Sale Stable. _ Horses hoarded by I'av or Week Satisfaction Cruaranteed.    )* eSf    (> * Allen Livery Barn SouthJTownsend Aw., #    •>< rv ice. enib 11* life* of a !    *r    be v to I he* ! he n * all hi* '■t nu ti I dine ;«• A (ireless ronlfated in* n* \ fast and besides owning mu* I, »d the im»st val URI de r* a1 cFtntf nf Savannah he* rcial «i rte mss ii. in. MVC I was the ;? « V ;.f * ft ♦ it mint haul . * d 1 * * VV *• f h* * I* J light sy ti I 5 * C ♦ , for hi*- hiisj I He war :n , arui vc ic, .j h *- *■ 't re u . eft t lit •»*>x at , ; Hi n at i I A remar i Git., J. J; istane, . in ; nee!ion wit h ihe dc ai 1 < f Pttlford Perry la a * 4 1 4 i J I Lu * I ,: .!f» re rec, I his firsi .» ] J Manna! t sines*. i pi through Dr., 5 »i A, t *■ c , : nnuenrc' , i f Be* j i Railroad Mar,'* Fatal l ait Si. Paul. Minn ;VUv 2d Jct p a t nu : mc« lianic’ ford lo allow Molestvennky iii reach I t.e foruvmi .« VladivoBlok without an engagement i     Gr ,V*''"'”* ” ! J: 1 ” "*"'•<* IV'^nally expect it to tahe plate in | mads. ( ,iad „,‘n, ,,V‘'.    " uftures inc h.iiing    , ... l; ;* na: . . fuc-d and large v nun.he r ti , :,iims damages fur faille 1 in;iu«,i in sin*. • bey Invist ilia’ fhoy ’..-st mc>u«> * the lower rat* * \n ai lay cif . min.* was present <*n «•;’ ii, r > ,{>■ rn NO TROOPS CALLED OUT. LUU Authorities At ( Iii, »*,» c «*ntiiiiie t. C ontrol Mirlke MtUMtloi, street C ur men Mn* liven mr Involved. Chicago. May 2b. Ma vol    Dunn* Thursday announced Bull owing to p . ah.*cnre of serious riot im’ the civil a : thcTrities continue hi hold control . the situation. As bing as such col. lions prevail, troop* will not I»,• ,c ,, lur [his- ibilit\ of Ib* a<idiiion * »h'Usands of sue, t ar .Mnph.ves I*' th* ranks of the strikers tic biped Thins day as the resuit ,«f formal pr-venra »i*Mi (»l demands fen in. :t - ,1 wag. ^ and complaints that tie Hest rd lid. -I ll r i NI I i «*| • «»e Kau    Max'J*    TI *    attorney i ti * state boa re! of rn 1 - t ut» < • tm nils- • *'i,**rs i • nd*Tci or tpinien Dial th. -    * !..t* nills,ii, thin over • h*‘ I *ti 11 - r aj* company in Kansas, rite opinion whe followed by lh* itoard and the * <    n ; n    int*s    in th*    Daft    will it* -eg* 1 a**<;    Ii iv    exncMtcnl    that    the Bull mf;ii company will resist rj it , orders of ?*.♦ ! oard and th*'n Du law*« reating the    ’n ii road Hoard "ill    h*.    «sfe<| > t* courts    I'oinplaitrf has been fib. { ‘ #l ** ,k * Claret that the Pullman tate* *,n Kansas arc* unjust and dis r rn native Mall C IerI, Killed I.. \\ re. I,. t int chi nsoH. ICan \i. \ n ,, ^ uiss.engei train X<»    .    colin},    I '.itll .I hunch of freight cars Ii re late '.ut sci.iv a 11. i ii non cl account of u The Touch That Tells is the Touch That Sells 0 fit \ 1° J 'N ■ OU I 1 I \( t\ v \ \ Shoes lur Women. The ipsipner's touc h .md the >hoe-maker > touc h, touch youi\ feet and i»ocket^KH)k li^lit^r. They ire especially.strong in modern style-und travel in the !*e-t * society chapman! *    tit    ail    J the npar future though I admit the fail dow; the ** adnniralty knows nothing of Rojest-j den, <    f;.tt«, vensky'a strategy or plans, the em-1 Paul fron/yt I peror having accorded him complete I erintcn,]*lt , f freedom of ac tion. Possibly if is his j Missouri t; .ft, present purpose to seek Admiral Togo and force a fight but ii is more probable I hat Kojes tv ensky is bound for fcis has* at \ ladivoatok. How ever T ct* | v < f hi** resi-♦ it 1 L. i . nie id St. w f * t> > * was s11p-f rn ' ive g* we r «if t ft, ©ad. wifrh. (*. D Wolf!, or vans; y 11 c» t car ,jt\ be mail clerk rec, iv*.*! inuit .* ■om„«nv » ,,«„*       , h ,.. h       inX    *Tb '. coal. Committment a President Sh, ,     M of the fan,st.vs    ,    v    ,    ^“*    " ow for alleged eoni-mpt of court w- sM ,! .    T,"’ “ ln ' 1 ’"’ • u " ! <*'<''ive<l into,mall, asked lief  , .,.1."    vhuli arc pi* bl, fatal fir. formally asked h*.fme I * ** 1 ♦ • i :i I ii*,;. , | Kohlsaat Thursday The judge, how • \er. decided to hear arguments <■ ! both sides before .''ntenns nnv ,*rd< D.-rvtl,in KU ,Hi,l to,\it rtl\vavK >iaiui rtt th , M,nIH H,,k,.ry. Ilrt‘!i7l I'^^^Cnnl j, |, * t< ‘- him '.iMxwito the ,a».fofSco the rs we re slightly hill I. IKiA't Want Rorhrfblifr a Money. Toror,o. Kan.. May 2f. The men* :..L..L.l. S ..L^NUHR,Pro E ^*1. Con:* I* or *1 iiv C „i,.t„ r Nom#. New York May 2d Arf bur K. Mc--. I I »ntyre. ((innerly the ticaci if a grain can say nothing definite on this point.” brokerage firm in st Lo,,,- who fled In response to a suggestion that | frt >m th* western city while under sen- The strike of teamster* employed t v ' J ' ., an ' V1Hv I It tuber Icier more 'si,   I w/w, JL h"    '     h ' ,n    ' than had been expected    *•    .    *     n    aM «i»i»v*n1k to John I I.In wit* I, Heports Another A Ie tory. St. Petersburg. May 2fJ Cen L‘u*-| vitch in a deapatch to Kmperor Nicb fence of ,k np.nths iznpiisoninent for'    .    ______ fraud, wav brought ».* ie < n Jh* steam- I <>las ,,H,e(l from ,he front    -4 t* cr Teutonic which ai rived Thursday I por,s ,,ial ,he ,lu 88*»ns May 22. at-from Liverpool. Mid n tyre was arrested f    '    i    11 a s<«* of Xantcheiidxy an,I in IX) ll don en April g I og r w might intentionally allow Roje<y vensky to get t«> Vladivostok contenting himself with torpedo attacks while the Russians are on their way there aiiCj then fry to bottle Rojestvensky ixrndon t n April k    lh,* Japanese on the* heights on th* up in Vladivostok Admiral Avellan    *~    - ————    ^°ft bank of th** Kao river southwai, snailed and said:    "The story of Port j     of Chandaohe. The Japanese aban- Arthur will not be repealed. Hojest-    (' Ii Brvckenridi.c ,,t Ana,    „    i     do,ied N ’ antt 'hendx.y after the loss cf vctiM,, is not ti.,- kind of rmfn to a1-    resigned Ji,.- mem bri-'ii-i in ti/    T-    »•'*     !<ev, ' r;l1 s "’ n ' in l ' ill,,|i «*r wounded add tow himself to b< locked „„ in a rommiJ'i. n \ I    ’    '    'wore dUtodmd Chm, a villa*,, in ton, port, ll he bock to Vladivostok lf 1 been ac, eptci k-. tD snh'Lu’'' 1 ? H'" P ° Si "° n SHI " hw< "*' 1 ot <•«*»*>- caone. Kockefcllei to help in the erection , f their chn r eh. which was de.I roved t, th* tornado. Their action was ti * fHiblic- sentiment of th, eoimtv and 1 fields. HI ii in |i i n May « „ r »,. Phi, age. Alay ”6. Att,., t oll , pj nt . <lNi ti new hifih rec* rd mark for last vim • rop. con for May delivery broke Sc a ish* I note I hut'sday. l h*’ slump ue lo selfnr bysmall* r lours who w. anxious ((. secure tempting profits , < ;rriti', rn»m efforts ch several pron. bint traders to ‘Vomer" tit,- nuirkc The Ada National Bank. intuit*r’     JN ° L BARR,WGER ’ v » c * President FRAM J ° NES    ORVILLE    SSE    AP    Asst Capital Stock, - - -    *. k Undivided Protits. - . .    *,,200.00 BlanksiFurnished and Remittances Made to the Govern-rr.ent on Town Lots. ■M>A, CHICKASAW NATION, IND. TKR.

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