Tuesday, January 24, 1905

Ada Evening News

Location: Ada, Oklahoma

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Text Content of Page 1 of Ada Evening News on Tuesday, January 24, 1905

Ada Evening News (Newspaper) - January 24, 1905, Ada, Oklahoma HIK NKW.s HIN KS TMK NEWS WH ILK ll NKW s VOLUME I DEVOTED TO MAKINO ADA A LARGER "and MORE PROGRESSIVE OTY ADA, INDIAN TERRITORY, TUESDAY EVENING, JAN. 84, WOS, THE NEWS DELIVERED AT l"< PER WEEK Our Lace and Embroidery sale to-day of 1905 Pattern*# If not, be sure and come tomorrow and next, daw Many of these come in 12 yd. lengths and quite a few patterns are already sold out. These are certainly rare bargains. \ Tiesday and Wednesday only, we will soil Hoys' Knee Pant Suits at 50c,. Sl op. #125. Si 50 and S2 OO. Ihese prices are from 75 to IOO per cent less than regular price. o/vfPff/cf spor&syy- \St VI/ SI/ st/ MI/ St/ St/ si/ w St/ St/ St/ St/ St/ St/ St/ St/ St/ st/ vt/ St/ st/ St/ St/ SI/ sy RUSSIA'S SITUATION IS BELIEVED TO BE CRAVE NUMBER 270 CHITWOOD, mLIiP.L/?? _up-to-date St. Petersburg:, Jan. ‘JI —The revolution has begun in earnest. As I write the capita! is literally a city of a dreadful night Alt I gilts have been extinguished and the streets are in complete | darkness, {‘be tramp and clatter of .soldiers armed to the teeth sn bo pat r<d tie 1 streets mingle with the sound of occasional shot Monkeys to Pick Prunes. s »n Jose, Cal., Jan. 24. -The | proposition to train monkeys to pick the prune crop has been ad-v.Ineed bv Marion V. Seeley, an orchardist who resides in this <’ity Ile conceived tin* idea of training the animals to do such work while a resident of Central PAUL W. ALLHN, Livery Stable. N EW I ll ULSES    NEW    BUGH I ES T ™ Ve ‘ we,L    I-«>l< well. Sarj>faet or y ,s orviC( . Guaranteed. _ Livery Barn * + HH o and the detonation of deeper and I America. more sinister explosion, for revo Sealer sty. that he has made Imion challenged with nmssat re arrange me. its xx itll A ii J ano „ has replied with dynamite. [ut Acapulco, Panama, for 500 Everywhere in the suburbs aul> v e tuned monkeys, and that "here there tire soldier* or public this strpinent i* nowon its wav building* boinbs..irebeinjf thrown M» Calif,.ruin. Obtaining help to A state of sie k .. prey iii* in,I pick (lie prunes off the-mound order* have been issued dial the ha* ! e ■» a perplexing problem of people who Ie ive their b ms vs do orch l Hists. Seeley deciares 'hit • • • • Kvcn thing good    always    on    hi Model linkerv 1 at the ADA COMMERCIAL CLUB HANDLING VITAL QUESTIONS f The Commercial Club met in    to    meet    with    them    on    Feb- cali meeting at 8 o'clock Monday J ruary 6, when the indu-triaJ evening, T J Ohamuless pre-id- agent of the Fiasco Ky. w uld t>.* mg. The chair stated to thei present and address them. The Club the object of the meeting, chair blanked Mr. Tucker and which was to decide whether the a so at their risk of being shot. Many frightened inhabitants are living from th** city or barricading themselves in their homes. Others are marooned in hotels, hut tile strikers, or levo luti mists may be calk'd, <»r g.rh ering in the streets and the wi.d est rumors are circulated Armed men arc reported to be marching to th**ir aid from various quarter*. Twelve thousand strikers from the Cap doff oik-, sixteen miles % u » should ac cept or reject the K ie is City Journal's propose tion. Without motion a general discussion followed. VV. L. Recd addressed the chair J tain in regard to the report of the j committee on railroad shops. Mr. Reed was req e*ted to .-peak for the committee, as he wa- one! away, are stated to have beaten back a detachment of troops smit   C) tf deal w ;h them and advanc- ured him of Hie club’- intere-t I in^ on to St. Rebersburg A b mi o has bet*n t h row n among .. —...... , regiment of Cossacks near the meet the Kansas City Journal’s W inter Palace and the revolution statehood special party and enterj| i“ts are hourly growing bolder, them while in the cite. J I here seems every pro.-p^t of a lh* will h ive no difficulty in train l(1 g the animals ti pick up (he fruit, anti will place muzzles on I them to prevent them from eating 1 it. Orchardists in general doubt th*' pi*icticnhilitv of Sa* ley's plan. It if* not known whether the monkey-cm Ii* excluded under ti,** law lo hi iding th* importation of o intr i t labor. OIL *5- i 8*++4    -s ^ TO ^ BURH. * 9 * here is none bet* to give you the And why not burn Eupion? EUPION blL'r"^ ~™S|SSj.Ki T. Martini    \A/atarc*    Dinrnn    IHI    P*    —_____ Back to Last End M till way - I >i»ugla-s A motion was made and carried that a committee be appointed to !jl Com mirte* Henley, J Weaver. I he chi !> a I jour nod appointe I was CL M. L. Hills and Chi*. Ii. ,-re.t revolution, and this ..n-l btti.tm\neXird,„;^avC 114 * IV I V mfl* w # I . «    .    I    *1    «    I    ll    I    . I He Finally Woke Up. ^ Muskogee, I. [\, dan.24 —Nick Fuerstenbcrg, ar Weeh irt.v, I. T , lei i one of hi- ears chewed nearly of the citiz n- present ut the riveting with the officials. He stated to the club (hat he considered that the committee’s interview with tin* railroad officials very satisfa tory and that he believed, if the club would follow the suggestions of the superin tendent of the Frisco*ysteiu, that Ada would secure lh** shops. |    H**    was    rid    of    the    animal Mr. Reed made a motion that the chair appoint a committee to take haop.x city is threatened with a reign of terror that max equal that <»t tin French revolution. I he Dowager Empress, that relentless oppnnr nr of reform, who niiybt parallel Louis XVI, i'Hs tied, and the dwia-ty\s one Ion by a do* »hfch he had *everul I I’tl'I,'" ''T ' l “', ' 1 7’ 0pS are ' t ‘ 11 I tunes put out of a boiler room of ki |V "itll satan trying to extinguish a cotton gin where he was sleep in- with several other men. ll the tir«* with his hoof s. I he .ai nil way - Douglass- I p who-a e groc**ry, which lately con-olidated with lh* Kelner R.*»% m . jieoplr. and who have quarter-- in tai* Reed & Hat ii son t uild g<n \\ **^t Main -tri«*t have taken a h a-** on the Walsh building recently occupied by Duncan A I rewelt on Last .Main -treet, and will move    into if about Ft b- uarv I.    An    extension will b<‘' ^    —    ...p, to     ! th** al ! le\    and    the building otli    | j ♦*rxvi< e will b<* ananged for a : wholesale bu-ine.-s. Died. An elJcrlx gentlenian n*micd !! 1 ' i ison died this ii orning at the a*- ti 'nee of a soninlaw by the name (»t Dar k-, residing on West M en street. The family recently moved here from Clarendon, Arkansas.    The    burial xviii luke i*l ice Wednesday at Id: JO a iii. cusp* TOLI YOU TAKE 8 $1,003,000 LOR YOUR EYES? Don’t neglect them ■    .* l(l C. J. WARREN, the Optician, Will Fit Yon Right. EYES ^ TESTED    FREF Hill charnu of the busino*s of getting the propos tion before tie p.--per officials and suggested that two of Hie committee b** VV (\ Duncan and Gco. M. Henley The chair appointed the gentlemen suggested and in addition. I. M. King. The discussion of the Kansas tni j n City Journal’s advertising proposition was resumed. A motion was made by VV'. VV. Higgins that the proposition be rejected, which prevailed. A motion was made by Otis Weaver that the chair appoint a, committee which should bo authorized to have printed a nm! had fallen asleep when he was awakened to find that tin* animal was gnawing savagely at his ear. BEVERIDGE FAILED TO 25c. FREE all I .-at lier' *u'TX^''\r ay ° n OVPr * <'" r Tenets ladies and children at from hOc. 'hi $3 ST,** paiV.* Governor Makes Arrest. Birmingham, Ala , Jan. 24 —A special from Jackson, Miss., says that while Gov. Vardaman was returning home la-t night on a Yazoo and Mississippi Valley he arrested Jim Hannah. colored, charged v itll killing two men in Holmes county. J he governor learned that Hannah GET AN AGREEMENT; Washington, Jan. *21 Mr. Beveridge made another melba* tual effort in the senate Mond *y to have a tim** fixed for vofing on the statehood hid I lie opposing senators expressed an unwilling ne-s to vote on the od I Sorosis. was on tin* train, and I »uiendim*D shall have been dis-borrowing a pi*tol from th.*con    <»f, and .Mr. Beveridge dlictor, went to tho forward would not con*t'iit to a vote on coach and compelled the ne^ro thp "'without an agreement ox-to surrender. Ile then turned ten<)i "K to the bill itself folder descriptive    of this 'town ll''. 1 ," T.l     the    - ,,er i* r at Yazoo    -Yr. Heveridjrc made an eff-rf sand country, it.*    resources md Yod',    was .denuded ,    -*‘«;«re an aurcemcntto vt .. great, opportunity afforded for the I    ~1TTaT~^    AT------I    i U - ''i >ut # °W M,s,n K wnators investment of capital, find tint ,,,    *    °     m8 *    |<> »rcte* , -a.xmg that no da.x fora the committee be    authorized to I .    °!* fl    reached    the cit\ today Xo4 ' on t, "‘ hill it-elf could h** expend $50 in its    preparation I mJ    ‘of J. VV. C »i- until the amendment had    Store    Robbed, t- *•    ,    ,.    .    * oar anon, lins, a veil known aud re-fleeted been voted on Mr ii....    i prmtmir and distribution and that citizen of Sb.now ah, formerh ct *uu K est,Hl tint.. vote I . [    m f 8, ° re ° f -l K - Keller at M W. 11 lily m- be chairman of! Vda, was much worse and sinai \fs i>    ,    *>"    'j    ' was ‘*" t, ' r ‘ ,d Monday niuht rni - - -    I In    ....A------:    -JC    ..    *    tepson’s    amendnn'nt     r °hhed of a number of pairs • a    I    i    \    I    W    I l( HIU O ll i I 4 I i. . ..    * * s »ro-is met with Mr- I. M King January JO. Mrs. C (). I• 1 don having f>«***n **hct»*d to -t'lYi* Mrs. Nance’s unexpired t«*rm, assumed the duties of her until the J otlice with ease. I he club voted to take up the work of supplying lh** schools "iih drinking fountain- A c un (nittee consisting of Mes lames Hills, King and Johnson wa-appointed to investigate 'In* matter. I he club will cont inn** th*' study of Henry XIII throughout the .lear. The social feature of the meeting was all that could be wished rn • 0 0 GOOD ROADS CONVENTION MUSKOGEE, I. T.: -JANUARY 26=27, 1905 A Good Roads College on Wheels is tiring OjierntrO I. the M Iv a I*, ni of \\ hk*h J- to enlighten and in-truet iii.,*.    t.- hnity and fea-i -i ity t»f tlu-Cnod Roads in ,v, Stops arc to be tna.ir, short ta I,, ,r J • , tams bv era!n ut K OH , is x.ivoeatc* u I ii J I Ins S HOIBcthing * f the    in,    nor men anil eonimunitio in sr. neral xn u . cr all lo attend those Owl Ii .ads «5onve„ nm us -tops, tl,e <d '••sh*,! in the tit* it At points u letieai demon." 0 0 • t . fa-n at on i- Ts, t‘\t ti to 0000 ROADS MEAN INCREASED BUSINESS 1 lit .. 1/ ... V ft A . . K A T. One I- ire Pinf , r , lle \i KUul l n vju NJ 1*.\ • fit-in statu»ns within SO miles ASK “KATY'S” AGENT. committee. The motion pre-1 l " ,pe '* wer ' vniled and VV. VV. Uigifina, VV. L. I ^M^Collin stna <‘iit<*riained for his Reed and Otis \\ eax T **r xxas up* pointed to the committee. While some time bal lapsed since any fees had been collected i      —    t**-**n for^ dub membership, a motion "hZlTl 1 t0 l,is b " dsi(,t, > “sin* was made and carried that every present din^Ho "any'^gn'i member of the club should pay! lentith of time. an initiation fee of one dollar in I n„;,. 7—~ tee of 50 tents.     n00 n and evening rt r the hospi- An invitation was extended the : tabIe hnmp of I. Harris last Sunder, secretary fi ,v * ^Hi-ic and light refresh- eliminating Arizona, on Friday    and    ethel the 27tii instant, and on the bill ’ u‘ or the past ten    ani/,    ann on Tfit day* [ms bren quite ill and has itself,-armday, February 4. gr.idna.Ix giown weaker until ^ ‘'it : u three days a K o lie became’uncoil- ti* I,     rary '"''’cedent to *cioua. his relatives have Liecn . ... ..     vo,e    '""tehood pard wearing ap e (Tee ted club !>y N. T. Tucker, secretary Of the Truck Growers Atocia- bill*,’ sucnr.stcd Mr. Carmack, referring to the oppo*it on to tl,e omnibus statehood tx 11 of last session, which wa- led by Mr. Beveridge. The thrust create I a An entrance was through I lit* rear door. Officer* Brents and Chapman fit at once with a pair of blood hound* and it i* hoped that lite robbers may be traced to their hiding place meats served to pass the pleasant houri* awuy Dr Young Pepper and Vernon ll.it i is. iii I- ran kl iii, Kentucky general smile at Mr. Beveridge's 12°    n.,    *' i,    v11 prospecting expense, in which he joined. ‘ |Ka At D o clock tile senate ad- ! ^ a Cauking institution. hilt* in the city they called on their !n“nds, Dr. Martin uud family- jour ued. FRIS ’() SYSTEM Chicago St Eastern Illinois R. R. Double Daily Trains B ET xx e E N------ St. Louis & Chicago MORNING AND EVENING From USallr Street Station. Chicago, . 9-50 a rn From Union Sta. ( Mer’ts. Bridge, St Louis 9:30 a rn.' Mo.-.,lo, or evenloj connection a, both tern, ni with [ne Eqni    en nr,. ,V new «„ d    through    ,    „ t . A Double I rack Kai'way. Kq.,ipped With prnetieul and approved safety app iances. vi t in, a ii I it* iy const rue! ct! 9:10 p. m. 9:46 p. rn. mg.

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