Tuesday, November 10, 1846

Zanesville Tri Weekly Courier

Location: Zanesville, Ohio

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Text Content of Page 1 of Zanesville Tri Weekly Courier on Tuesday, November 10, 1846

Tri-Weekly Courier, The (Newspaper) - November 10, 1846, Zanesville, Ohio VOLUME I ZAXESVILLE, 0.. TUESDAY EVENINll, EMBER in. HAT MANUFACTURERS. W. J. GALIGHER .uppl llallrrs Fisrs and Tri pun i isidror of ihe I ntinrtcrs in ihe K isl Woolson's HoLAir Cooking rpl 1C subscriber has. iiisireeenedfrum N T 1 H do do i totality 300 do in I No 1 II R u u, ijUd.i side Russia arr mi d -till 100 1J ITIV 0111) U I'llll V 1 50 do do do iirroiud 'JO a t neck Con, v v MO do Muskral ai.l lovvu ilo p lie sel il. d p .'e M. v n ol descrip I 1001) >ilk'I ip, illpil'irn, e cliar 'ed at tlie 10 10 v ir Is Po'ii n u ill ol irs used lOUvirUsjilkPli-.il Mul. km anil Com non p ecisl u k 1! in all 10JO do d'.b no do do 1C r oss 'iUi and blaik Curds and 1 insets for h i's 6 i ises Or (T i n -'itl i, all q niitiis T i rt ih. r vv ih f li H i of Oner Ueiver'-ial R issfi Rid ml op n.; ''.rushes R usiii C .r fi le til iojis v -ir nj-s >lt n Hr u limn I ord folio i terras J i i nn d -Ik bevvino; -ilk, I run ro! ill col irs I j) I is Is fr il- Cons -tritjs nil ind olall t in issortnien I oi co'.Hiixu vvhu more lenie and economv ihan anv low in usi ,and w 'nth lit will iv irranl o ike w uh perfccl umrormilv on alludes bollonl al d top ot lue) bv this slove ovi rllielmounl amajufil} of sloves now m ust isful! miri- olTVrforsale afew nil C'onl All ot whichnre maii.iiaelur.d ol the ntJtt rial, mil in a sup. n rminiiir uidwdl he sold al rcdui. d pru es iiui1- lower lhai. anv now ofi. n ihe marUt C W PO1 WIN, Hove, il.i i_9 13 I j J opposite Court House ci- OF rue u KSP< OOMNG STOVE I valu.ble n ver} cxlellsivl usi u Cmimn in aniL Yiricii s parts of ihis n eoinmeiided lo ihe public as irin. iplisin ils construciion insurmire, onornv cuii i en i in ind p. rli i t oper .lion I ofl.rlheni upon ihe inosiia v orabl. low for c1- li 18U 37 F J I. Till: Iv COOKING I i w ill r this super or in ide of Ihe ven be-l nidlernl upon the moslfavorablelt rins and war r intil lo imel ihe mosl wi In s ind evpect i lions of rv, rv ho is. conv.n n n IT.- 1 will pav a good price for IMOUisl.l- Dn.d Dried I, u ins ild.lv veredsuonat in} Jbtu-e, Mam Si near SO TOT'S" ROGKRS his jusl i nnd splendid stock of BOO and -MIOEW wh rl. hi will a1: cheap is vou can lu i-r ,-on, -trips i-msiii, uu uu, ,f Bilumore or Pillsbursh Ub'iois voicomem lo bin vour Drv Good, and Grocene' I1VI rn.OClvSforil.cf.ir.sl.on 1, H will be I vv.lll ,ke pl, asure s r N VI t C H-smit street, s srni to i iv COUN irrlin kr' II when ordered ,'ivenu a i il r smii is ind 1 xull nke pl 7 i. ORAI14M A FEW MORE LEFT. rooms and ollues Call u Ware Room Mam IO1IN Mircl.JP ICIi; _ _ CJVJL bbU No 1, Muskingum Companv -s ,h( "j isi r, ciiv, i ail f for silc atlhe Compinv j, ,o Pn, e d si omit made to M. rch i ils pur if il, oi La.t t House, Alam-St III KI will will be found al all hours T i Cofltee, A Linifli Dav al li o'clock. -fpl in" in iiniiiiiiips of 20 bliUnnH upwards Partners-hip T sirangfr in lown as all die world knows, 11 (U tn n Irol m l i as Ilie f ishion goes ,nnd vou M nsort I promise jou well, A I, II s .lisfa' tion vv iih whal 1 o u II hud i III ll-' dud O} stirs dress d m the A lu iili e it f. or pavj ne flavor I'll memion, as- or TUC rihcrs havt lonncd a ronne. "on in hu- -i, 110, ol aucmion rtht nun. and sule of PCKKV i >ntten 'fa-It and P.M, irelion 7, i in due -i a nn will i nlden >our r II re our eves formerlv occur nd hj i if to on 2n 1 j. iKo v, u II find made from fixings quile rare, street above the dim where t'l- V are prepirea lo do n e al i i.1 u mv sland, sie mv till of lare, a nerd 4. and S orw aiding Jin- ll pl isfd v. u II ol I i d. n I ..mmblel Tliiv ,re ilso pro] riciors of me ZaiifnUr on re li ome to en w itliout au_, pay nl Coital Baits rnnnmi to Ckvel mil and rl I 11511 t-) I8lt> Sro Pl n lor C I 'll iup'ioir.1 .U'ldind Knoli r m; rrenchtwdied b'aik and Overco.t lorn Black, striped md fmrj pl I Rl Cailel, Win-, mixed and pl ml SaUni H ind J M- Salin Slk, Ve'v.t and V diueia 1 m'pvn'uOO'rS iH .SHOfiR llnfrjo'sU'ldi-r and Coluui mi, I.p h er Nai's Sdi rink, rv OiU P mils an I JO ro 1 i I m I t ''I IHnd pinn.l indolherHitns, 'intmiie W PN'JI U Mil. 1010 TO lOT'd.z 1'iiLMt T3 s Morn., r irmk i In si c ,p pi .U uu' dea 3 fi !i i '0 I nx "P" s( il I ir'.i- mil Rn.l- i.rx x ir.u IK. ROGERS' i Hi HAb list r <Liv.ll the an I n.Osl splendid s, .k of Boots and Shots ol UK ,n< nun hive vou heard the news! j I mi 111 tin place 10 bin -iocs, Or P.iois orbl ps of. kind nss 'orllic Cnll %ou II Imcl I uve In aid ol Rogers Bool rtnovvu, I In l and cli apist ,n die low. n An I lid -hj son U and ch ip lliev'd imkea Chinese h'h vviep Km I firmiis now a word 11 v on 1 s. Id Mill colds' before n< Irile l Of thos. -tout liiols and n d Hnijiiis, e vo jot lots ol them on h inds 1 II find ol everv grid. '1.1 .tut the I i rm< r or the tr ide Hi H' nnsh sole in" countrv Ian, i II si II liwor ihin m% inin ihlitks mil I'miirs ind nvvls mil Ames knive- 11 rs and r mil punches loo fhni ll r, ids n d "lil< nidmrs Inn M while ill I im rili nils know. I h il I v llii is. I sill solgw 1, ,vv 1 11 hive lllls fall i i1! dear In. nd-- onit one come ill I n l rueivida I ind plendid slock of Boots .ind Mines wlmlilwills.il surpns npH low lor r m slak< I m lie a '.....I II sell v u P s fro June 14-, lolo RLLb.- BOOK SIOKF '_, JWK. BlTf.EK'S CSKilw ijs on Innd lln.arliclo his jriien lal s insiTlion in this pl u is well aes a i i iss rn. K, rv "t" I'U i vv i i, _iu i n- a i m i Pinilsanlllv, -nilK HI" U, s t t'O Mm s Irr b >J cenls o s Si-lllB.roffalcosl.ria.lderv ind Cirpi 111. r s 1 ools I'nri I l .d I us, i I Also a I. le r'ul. Ill We lo puihlse inlwillpiv lh, hl-hl ml u i "il to I e I _. Wd> SS ,o u. i...i. t. ui k. s w irr ml' o Inn it i in is i vc A the t on it il.m vi i ,o 1 lase Indigo 1 ci-k bahptlre d [fll II Ch s "fil Driws 20 1'isb I Liqiiorne ,v" ,1, f'ui" 11 lu I rls gro, fine ind coirse Vlum ilnwn bill, Is Ped "I I'rooms Mould Choco- lOUflO 10000 1000 it) lOnf jOr tVc iUm IK 1 wi ol ynnii; Currant, -oil -h mis U in.'ovv l.iass Ilarard Pow- r mwloli 1 dl and iru r f.lue I.eid, Sole l.nl.r Musi ir.l Hi-m and 10000 Jl'0 2000 1) u, 1 I m -p uisli and dolimollivsnd 10 000 In shels HA o l.illscy, Featlli-rs lliswiv I illow Rnjs low Hulter P irk Lird ria-cseid, iml 100 000 Jo is Stone IVuic Bcin; ilclirminril lo do 1 ii-mess on is a. uimmo dltm-nnin am lioiisi m lh. connirv in I .w pn ces (rood, end tmj; primim i. toni rs ml pivmj iv Ingrli jinn s es c m b. ilTirthd I ir ill k n Is fll Counlrj I'rolllle we conll 1. nllv iiliulu. n a hrije mm aseofllii palron so lib, r il j vi nil loour hnusc during die plst s, Pmmin O (Jrluber b I >lb _ ITZS'vJir il fron he I i-l i fr, si. ol hell liililirjtiriis a noil j whiih in Kritiznir WiilliuY, IIIMII IlliltOII P. ROBINSON. ir- TO COUNTRY TANNERS. HI, 01 I 1 H No 111 M nn -iri.i) wi-lus lo I iv I ,.ir I ither Cdl md K p skins I r 1 rxo (00 joo dr iwn b 'i I- 10010 Hlcii I II I I is s j, a c( rtihcin o1 -t wh, le In ki Is WVM tunned vi Mann 21 I !1G 11 Ribcl.........'' i 'iVl.I.Dn UOOK il OKI __ _ _ SCHOOL BOOKS. VOI. I Mi's, PI ST VMl'N I S MN I riHim i -i ndMi IDOI Wuln i irnlj ol it In r It, In; us in, Hill ritlv works pist rec, u, d ,tth, Mrt Yoi.i. Nnv la loll v rit i ui PO-I l Mm. Munsl uu sv ill .1 -i A I SO II If i ir'irsr r s II nN s 111 I nlrnm i for s d M Ihe or sm_'l ,pv it III I I) S HOOK SI ORI June I Sir, i.) NKW The M by II VSTINI.S nun KV sale PO-1 lOlU Nnv I, lll'i Ij M un sin it svdl, NKW Insi ncpivid n I irpi i.ilki lion of new iv >rks which are M II mi. i II Iltsloriei) Hume nn I Smnlli u i Ilisiorv of Cnghnd, I Uriv's d heinistrv SciMie- vim s Pr n urn I Im I .m, s I I I in ird s 1 conomv f it I ir h I r, n inn I riiillin sums pliin irmmenii I! ,H, in I %ltl ol ill I sir I "s 1 I Ir ills ,_, II H V in ill Us in N il" nl rs r t ml l( in I li lri ,11 1 n -oilli ol impn v I I .r "T'l, K (.1 ".'de.nl ol, v ,v ihhi. inlnlKl. i I r, c, tve 1 ,orlm Soli l.r nil. -'d, s just ri BOOKS! BOOKS! TISl 'n. knf KOOKO.xr J I I H r.m In lo h s in irk I II I', ,Uv I i -w ix I i uhi r-., over md I'l ix 1 ri s, i (tmllv snl ii i emit i n m. e of lib. ral r lisinwi I i n im ai 1 upon c ur former firm, i Ti< ill i r, m 1 i id t in li 1 nlion lo Ihe or- i rs K L uiesvilli N jv J I I 01 1 I_ Mil 1 HliKjO 10 1 10 _0'n 1 'II fl I 01) 1 "00 I U 10 uh i I. (00 1000 00 iOO 1 J ol JKJ ol 1 )0 I it, CIO i p el ,0 o -I wn le I k, Is I v lirldl U w II osl -.1 D I i, r. M, nd 'v md I hnr-dn of id U I. tt.rv ink. is 1 1, II ir i ink hi it. o win U lick, is will to l I id II ir- mi i nr i il ir wi niv, isln! uli I v f, -1 Inn 7 I 7 I II H i 17 L I" i uh 10" I il w r, ,1 KJ V in i I in ot I' i il Oh o i "I Ind in i I ss MJI r ori'i r I i 1.01 I M- I l.ONI- S O Out I I I IJ I i -7 rib "i i d ,1 Iml. r nil -dim form rpnc s I h, issm -t i.f ir I K, III s I rn, s r i jinn s I vi s l 1 r ,i, ih r v I'r.s.i II s s nl, r 'k, r U in Uh P. Mi l.rp.s.l.v.rs r, sp. llullv I s I shir, ,1 lh, r ml I inv.l ..I" sink, I wiwh.... '1111111 rfa ON P. ,lm. runim on hand ind for die ip for. nsh it ihe Ware Room "I .IOIIN VMM R A. Mireh 28, IBKi 2Jif No lii M mi il ol llr C h d ilh- nip'i le fi-s i nl njs Iv, the Meditcrr in n 1 rd, n s (ircik Rev, I i I i hi mm.. II, nk- I lolMvs ll (.urns I r, u "erv ACCVC i n it. 1 in i ill i i I i vaimi Ihc 10. K i HOOK -iour R I D pe 6 sd, bv f.ook at This! M k ill' si 1.1 r ii CB O w r i lli c isi dieri will he i mi I i r. me v n t'tk il .si. l.ril. d nnnifnt vk I ,i I r i s i i it li iv. belli rii lived bv 111 I I I i l r I pr vi ll i T ItOMIlliO! 'I III It s i r T i Irr f comphmls c f n i'' I sinew T shoulder, I T l n, i, 1 I n j( ,i> i oiks chide; ,tt 1, l.r I, Ih.i's sciitchrs andvirious th r mill 11 I. ,sf of llns noble amnal I nr 1 i irt nil I I directions use, see wr i r n I ilu I lli Pnu Cint-, Per Bnttif, r il >-b I s M C.I. VII u It r Ih -I ill ii I r. i i 1 bv MAf.INM'-A e I hi wu ire ilu prncipal unb, r I 1116 im2 I 1 I I I I 1 "i "n-e lo U" r ci si -mers X mdil, I i. ..r.lilnil.v nu. jn-i r I ill C v.r II r, I in si iv.r. Mm .j MI'S jrnin.n.r New (.ooNwrs rcilmed osiiu.1 llulw ire ill, r dmosl nn re n, w s ,t vcrv ri Inc, d pr (s tt mv I. ill L s r. is lo or. h e ll up s lo nil md Ocl Ii -ll. IM 10 Pin fi XII One- v I I' i rrl ftntt'T 'nd nlnirknd of] oduci drwln h Ihe I iRhesl pn'C wil 1VU ds il r, (lured price (.1 I MM! A- B p n "i up, i______________________.____. H V large supply of UKKMs -pan-1, s, lo i 1 t, I. v.....warranter- jril nnaUV, ,M I I .e.ntsn. .rn' I r s i, t I b si Ind, i- k -s hit, 1 ei I v< rv A_ t o 'lOIIU I u-IO lo I nn-r, O o nn n I Jl.lv il I. Ifi '0 opfosili l'ir f oml innisp II I 1" r s M I Us I'.OOK STORE C( ir iOO bushrls Mnsinrd -eed IOIIN R PK si .'1 IB In I I e f ourl y I SPAPFRf

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