Thursday, October 16, 1958

Zanesville Times Recorder

Location: Zanesville, Ohio

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The Times Recorder (Newspaper) - October 16, 1958, Zanesville, Ohio Serving Zanesvffle And Southeastern Ohio For Three Generations The Times Recorder Tour Newipmper Fights For Your Rights To Know Art See 74TH 244 (40 PAGES) ZANESVILLE, OHIO, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 16, 1958 THE WEATHER: FAIR AND MJJJ> SEVEN CENTS Guernsey Co. Crash Kills Five Persons ROCKET SHIP This is the first actual photo of the rocket ship X-15 and the three men who will probably pilot it during the test period. Left to right are: Joseph Walker, National Aeronau- tics and Space Administration: Capt. Robert -Walker. U. S. Air Force; and Scott Crossfield. North American Aviation. (UPI Telephoto) Rocket Ship X-15 Unveiled; Test Flight Set For February Prankster Is Shot i A 20-y e a r-old pre-Halloween "prankster was shot and seriously wounded late Wednesday night on .Wheeling avenue. Dan Hennessy of 1044 Green- T" JtlJlff JL 1TC o NEW ORLEANS (UPI) An cil adopt this ordinance. How- election, the general congregation top section exploded, setting ever, it was found that some- of cardinals, meeting in its fire several hundred session to transact church No one was injured, set up a third committee for the, The decapitated administration of the papal state lower half, of the 3 the selection of the 262nd never left the ground. Its solid] to guide the world's nearly fuel continued burning and a half-billion Roman Catholics. foot column of flame belched from' The first election commission the gaping hole in its top at half- charged with responsibility second intervals. 1 protocol ques- one had made a mistake in preparing the ordinance and had left out an important part of it If the Council had adopted the ordinance, it would not have had any meaning, so the Coun- cil did not act on ft but sug- gested that the firemen bring in another petition with the or- nhvsical dhiance corrected. This was not a'' a dav season are 120.000 cases of teuffel. who commanded a tank decanters. iarmy in the Ardennes sector. President added "We tial election vear of 1956 when'ucation and the Commission on caught fire and collapsed Wednes- in ninths' from's 137.821 persons registered. (Evangelism of the Ohio-Miami I dav in we Gutf Mcxico. At landed" tonded- __ t ur Secretary of State Ted W. Conference of the Belmont Mutes Lose MJCttln, The President concluded good that 135 registration precincts 'eaves a wife and naturedly by commenting mat he have been added since 195fi. which thought "I have been criticized accounts for some of the differ-, by everybody who can write a ence. 1 'book." He said he expected to re- ceive more criticism in the future, church. H e daugh- P2S! next month for the people to vote on. Wilbert Noyes group was charged with screening all persons who will be locked up I f Turn To Page 33-D Inside The Times Recorder Radio Activity Shows No Increase In Foods............Page 11 Democratic Leader Hits Back At GOP Charge........ Page 33 House Probers Resume Inquiries After Election....... Page 4t Big Ten Commissioner Takes Hayes To Task..........Page 35 Casey Stengel Signs Two-Year Contract............... Page 38 Classified 3S-S9 Sports 3547 Comics 54 Theater Crosswords 2 Weather Map Editorial.................. Women's 13-15 from the burning sec- started a raging fire' and a half from the stand in the densei undergrowth covering most of the cape. Fanned by 35 mile an hour1 jwinds, die flames quiddy spread! ;to a mile-square area, and traffic', 'was held up on the main through! road for nearly an hour and a half. But three and a half hours later the Air Force said the fire was "completely under control." The Air Force said the runa- way section of the rocket was de-' stroyed in flight as it headed in-. iis apparently was the ex- thai occurred seven sec- onds after the abortive flight be- gan, but the chunk of the. rocket ssnwheeled on and cut a bniliant. fiery arc over the cape before it hit and exploded again. COLUMBUS (UPI) The Ofeo Supreme Court Wednesday refused to disturb two lower court decisions finding Joseph. 21, and Bert Buzza. 17. of Belmont county, guilty of first degree murder. The court Nov. 14 as the execution date for the two mutes. The brothers were found guilty Nov. 15. 1957 for the fatal beating and stabbing of Mrs. Margaret Denham. 76. a Barton gas station owner. The high court heard oral arguments in the case last week but decided there "is no debatable constitutional question in- volved" and set the execution date. Defense counsel Wilbur Armstrong and Joseph McGraw, of Bellaire. argued before the court there was a mistnal. Armstrong said one juror discussed the case with a store- keeper during a weekend recess. The juror reportedly said the brothers' guilt had been clearly established. McGraw protested the admission of confessions which each brotfier had signed alleging their mutual guilt. McGraw also said that during the trial Dr. Edward R. Abernathy director of the state School for the Deaf where the two had studied, testified the brothers were below average in IQ. Belmont County Prosecutor William H. Irwin said the Buzza brothers were made aware of their rights before they signed the confession. He also said they were judged legally sane for their crimes by a psychiatrist. !RTW Back Salary World News (83- United Press International) CARACAS. Venezuela A missing Venezuelan Super-Con- stellation airliner carrying 24 persons, including 12 Cuban show girls, crashed into a mountain near Maracaibo Tuesday night, apparently killing all aboard, the Aeropostal Venezolana Air- line announced Wednesday. The plane disappeared while on a flight from Panama to Maracaibo with 17 passengers and seven crewrnembers aboard. j COLUMBUS (UPD John E Wright, a attorney. jhas sued the Franklin County 'chapter of Ohioans for the to Work Committee for which he said they owe him in back salary. ALGIERS. Algcna Algeria's of Public Safety" I Wright, who filed suit against has called for protest demonstrations and a general strike Thursday tnat recenuv the committee in Common Pleas against Premier Charles de Gaulle's Dian for wide open Algerian elections. French Commander in Chief Gen. Raoul baian warned the strike would no? be tolerated. Salan's stern warning appeared to presage an early showdown the m-.hUry and the ngh; wing settlers wjth whom during las? May's rnu' T the Paris government. least two men were burned criti- Rev. Bench had been pastor of ing. fTurn To Page 33-D A spokesman for the Continen- tal Co.. owners of the rig. said the 25 men leaped into I water to escape the heat-crum- pled derrick. AH but five wera 4 reported picked up by boats and helicopters. I A spokesman for the Ochsner Foundation Hospital in New Or- leans said the two unidentified in- jured men were flown by heli- copter from the scene of the fire. He added the hospital was pre- pared to treat "at least 15 other The company spokesman said pretty well established" ng. Five Held For Temple Bombing Blast Probe Uncovers Swastika Signs Court here Tuesday, said agreed to pay him as ex- ecutive director, but dismissed him after paying only SI .200 Wnght wants the rest of the money. He said he was promised m direct circulation of the peti- tions to place the issue on the Nov. 4 ballot He said he was guaranteed an additional jf he obtained enough Signatures. The Wemther MANILA A search party Wednesday found the wreckage of a U. S. jet reconnaissance plane and the body of its pilot in a dense jungle area near Laoag. about miles north of Manila. The plane, an Fill Voodoo jet based at Clark Field, crashed Sunday after colliding hi the air with another FIM. The pilot of the second jet was aWe to land his plane safely. FORECAST Fair and mild to- day. Friday, partly ckwdy and miid. PREDICTED TEMFEKATVHES: WEDNESDAY'S TEMPERATljUES: p-m Spa !0p.3l ATLANTA (UPH :n-i Police Chief Herbert Jenkins er L. Loomis Jr., once enrolled Department, and an unidentified In Florida, Gov. Leroy Collins, vestigating die dvnamiiing of a j said questioning of the suspects in the New York social register woman in Detroit. alarmed by bombings in Atlanta, Merger <rt-naeoeue found swastika produced men-ion of a num-'and at Princeton. President Eisenhower spoke out Peoria. 111., and elsewhere, called; synagogue _. __ rf the bombing terTsts at on every citizen to report any DAYTON, O.JUPI) The Unit-; of restoring SV iw f Wednesday in one suspect's home and evidence that a sinister hate group of a decade ago might be involved. Five persons, one a woman, were being held for questioning. Other arrests were expected quickly. Ten two-man detective teams were making the rounds in three counties in the Atlanta mct- tropolitan area. omce associated with the "Colum-jwhereabouts of Loomis and Em- bians. whose leaders worejory C. Burke, one time president ton Wednesday BEIRUT, Lebanon Lebanese Premier Rashid Karami and his new four-man "national salvation" cabinet pleaded for a return to peace in Lebanon Wednesday and plunged quickly into the task ch New bv his cabinet at its Wedacsday's Low 39 TEMPERATURES ELSEWHERE: 51 Boston Storm Trooper uniforms complete t Of the Columbians. in Washing- of explosives "no matter how in- ed Lutheran Church in America broadcast an appeal drawn up Dy ms camnei SnSfy T called Synagogues and Ne- Wednesday ended its 21st Wednesdav mommg, promrsmg that a new era be- hoodlums like Al Capone a n d churches in Miami and Jack- with lightning shoulder patches. Those held were Wallace H. Al-iBaby Face Nelson and a disgrace j sonviile were bombed in a pre- The Columbians were an agres- len, 32, a crippled salesman who! to the name of the confederacy vious wave .of convention here with the hope all.gins today." Lutherans in America would unite. sive anti-Negro, anti-Jewish group which was believed to have been smashed with the conviction of their leaders on riot charges in 1946 and 1947. They included Horn- kept drawings of the Nazi Swas- tika and anti-Semitic literature; George Bright, Luther King Corley, Chester Griffin, a tax ex- arninar in tiie Georgia Revenue which thpv claimed tr. wnicn uiey ciaimea 10 Anonymous callers have labeled in the Sunday blasting of the Jew- themselves the "confederate un- ish here- derground" in bragging about the Atlanta aetec'wes also found a bombing. Turn To Page 33-D The delegates to the convention! Allen denied he was implicated Tuesday voted approval of a mer- ger of its 2.400.000 member church' with the Augustana, Finnish snd American Evangelical Lutheran 'Churches. LONDON Art collectors paid more than at an auction Wednesday night for seven masterpieces by four of the greatest painters of the French Impressionist school. The highest price paid for Cezanne's an Gflet Rouge." rji "Garcon Zanetville Sunset today i.ff Sunrise tomorrow am. The Moon <eu sonighl and low. FirM SATURN, seen below it m the constellation. Oy it has been jince late year H will be m