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The Times Recorder (Newspaper) - February 14, 1958, Zanesville, Ohio Your Newspaper Fights For Your Rights To Know And See 74TH NO. S8 The Times Recorder Serving Zanesvtlto And Southeastern Ohio For Three Generations PAGES) ZANESVILLE, OHIO, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 1958 THE WEATHER: CLOUDY AND COLD SEVEN CENTS Taft Refuses To Withdraw Name From Primary Race L COLUMBUS, Ohio, Feb. U Charles P. Taft said today he hoped to see Republican Gov. C. William O'Neill reflected but he declined to withdraw as O'Neill's opponent in the May 6 primary. Taft, Cincinnati councilman and GOP nominee for governor in 1952, made known his position after a 40 minute talk at the mansion with O'Neill. Taft said he made the visit at the request of the governor who is recovering from a heart attack suffered last Jan. 22. "I am going to leave my name in the Taft told news- men. "I don't see why it would cause any damage to him at all. I said I would not oppose the governor in the primary and that still stands." Taft announced himself as a "standby" candidate for governor as insurance against the possibi- lity that O'Neill might have to CHARLES P. TAFT for the gubernatorial post steps out. "I do not think it ought to be left up to the state committee." Taft said. He added that there was "no hostility" between him and any member of that c o m- mittee. Physicians watching O'Neill's "satisfactory" recovery from his heart attack said he would be able to campaign for reelection but on a reduced scale from his 1956 activities. A statement by O'Neill after the meeting with Taft was issued by the governor's press secre- tary. Hal Conefry. The state- ment said: "I urged Mr. Taft to with- draw. 1 appreciate very deeply his generous offer to support me for nomination." withdraw as a candidate for re- election. Taft explained that he felt se- Rites Monday For Former Health Chief Services for Dr. Beatrice Todd Hagen, first woman health com- missioner in Zanesville and Mus- kingum county, will be held Mon- day at 2 p.m. in St. James Epis- copal church. Rev. Jack Bennett will officiate. Burial will be in Memorial park. Dr. Hagen, who also was a practicing physician here, died Thursday morning at the DeMent rest home, 791 Brighton boule- vard, where she had resided since April, 1951. She retired as county health commissioner in 1950, a post she had held since 1928. She held that position for 22 years despite pro- tests from the state health depart- ment over the appointment of a She served as city health com missioner from 1922 to 1926. Dr. Hagen was born in Grants- burg, Wis., and spent her child hood in Bradford, Pa. She at- tended the University of Buffalo College of Medicine from which she was graduated in 1900. She later studied at old Starling- Ohio in Columbus, which later be- came Ohio State University Col lege of Medicine. Dr. Hagen came to Zanesville in 1908 and for several years was anesthetist at Bethesda hospital before beginning the practice of medicine in 1920. In 1950 she was honored by the (Turn To Page 14-A) Teacher Didn't Drown, Just Changed Schools OAKLAND, Calif., Feb. 13 The Monterey high school so- cial science teacher who disap- peared last Dec. 14 did not drown in the ocean as feared. He just switched to another high school. Richard B. Cunningham, 29, told newsmen yesterday his disap- pearance was a "planned with drawl" and he had no present intention of returning to his wife and two children. The newsmen found him teaching in an Oakland high school after his wife, Alverta, 25, advised the Monterey county sheriff's office to remove him from the missing persons list. He had been on the list since his car was found parked at Carmel near the ocean where he had presumably gone swimming. The Weather FORECAST Partly cloudy and cold today. Saturday partly cloudy and not quite so cold. I'RLDICTKD TEMPERATURES: Todnv's High 25 Today's Low 8 THLRSDAY'S TEMPERATURES: 10 a m..... 10 8 pm..... 19 Noon 18 8 pm 18 2pm.......2Q 10 pm.....16 4 p.m ___ Midnight 14 Ycstciday's High 21 Yesterday's Low 3 TEMPERATURES ELSEWHERE: High Low Boston 27 20 Chicago 26 14 New York 25 15 Lou 63 54 Miami 57 49 Dululh 11 -4 Zonesville Skies Sunrise ...................7.2.1 am Sunset ...................602 p m. MiwnrKf Saturday ........Ill am New Moon ..............Feh IK JbPfTER ............1147 pm itvfinl rfenrtM from thr It now htjir.niniz WKtwurd movrment amcm; thf <tari Alt wfll ahnm four mnntht krlng R much nearer Spies. lection of a successor, in event O'Neill might withdraw, should not be left up to the State Republican Committee. Statute permits the committee to name a successor if the sole candidate Taft told ncws'men that he would make no primary election campaign on his own behalf. "I will be glad to help O'Neill if he wants me to in the (Turn To Page 14-A) AWAIT WORD Wayne Burns, 23, a shown consoling his mother, Eula Burns, of Colton, Calif., as they awaited word on rescue efforts to save her 14-year-old son, Donald, who fell onto an icy mountain ledge while trying to scale Water- fall Cliff at Fallsvale, Calif. The youth, however, was dead when a rescue team reached him. (AP Wirepheto) t Mountain Climbing Team Fails To Save Youth914 SAN BERNARDINO, Calif., Feb. 13 M Sheriff Frank Bland radioed his office that a 14-year-old boy died on an icy mountain ledge today while a crack mountain-climbing team made a des- Bottle Popping Mystery Still Haunts Home SEAFORD, N.Y., Feb. 13 Ut-A holy water bottle that popped its top once before did it again today at the mystery-beset Herrmann home here. The bottle had been refilled aft- er it had blown its top and spilled. Mrs. Lucille Herrmann found it with top off and on its side again, its contents spilled down a bureau in a bedroom. Her two children, Lucille, 13, and James Jr., 12, were eating breakfast in another room at the time. Since Feb. 3. all manner of bot- tles have been blowing their screw tops for some unexplained reason. They have contained, besides holy water, such liquids as perfume and washing bleach. No one thus far knows the cause. perate effort to reach him. Teams of sheriff's deputies and Air Force men tried in vain to save the boy, Donald Burns of nearby Colton. Bland said rescu- ers were working to bring the body to the top of the canyon wall. Young Burns slipped while hik- ing and fell from a footpath onto a ledge 300 to 400 feet down the wall. Sheriff Eugene W. Biscailuz of neighboring Los Angeles County sent the Sierra Madre mountain- climbing team, a group of experts to the scene. After attempts to reach the boy from the bottom of the canyon or the top had failed, a helicopter tried but air turbulence prevented it from getting close to the boy. Yesterday was a school holiday, Lincoln's Birthday, and Donald, of nearby Colton, was hiking with schoolmates when he slipped on an ice-crusted trail running to the head of a waterfall in Big Falls Cannon. He waved and shouted for five hours before darkness set in. Justice Department Orders Full Probe Of F C C Payoffs Witness Describes Shooting Eight men and four women ju- rors in the Eric, Pa.. Court of Quarter Sessions Criminal court yesterday heard an eyewitness account of how a Zanesvillc man, Isaac (Jackie) Johnson. 27, fatal- ly shot Frank Williams, 22. of Erie, last Oct. 7 in the bar of the Pope hotel in that city. The witness, Ernest Wright, Jr., a hotel bartender who was on duty at the time of the shoot- ing, was one of four witnesses called by the prosecution dun.ig the first day of Johnson's first degree murder trial. Earlier in the day, Prosecutor Herbert J. Johnson asked t h e death penalty for the defendant, whose parents live at 1211 Keen street. He had pleaded innocent when he was formally charged two weeks ago. Attorneys John McLaughlin and Will Schaaf were assigned by the court to defend the Zanesville man Williams, the man Johnson is said to have shot following an ar- gument over a bill presented by the bartender, died the day affcr being wounded in the chest by two of five slugs fired from an automatic pistol which the prose- cutor says was wielded by John- son. The state's first witness yester- day was Dr. John H. Fust, assist- ant pathologist at Hamot hospital in Erie. He testified that the bul- lets entered the right side of Wil- liams' chest, then passed through his liver and intestines. Sgt. Carl Malinowski, of the Erie police department's identifi- cation division, laid the scene of the alleged murder before the jury. He explained the interior of the Pope hotel, its bar and itj upstairs rooms. The third witness was Howard Slow, who recalled the activities of Johnson and Williams in an upstairs room before the shoot- ing. Slow said: "Johnson pulled a bottle of gin from his bag then drew an automatic pistol and or- dered Williams to drink." Slow added that Johnson fired a shot while the three were in Turn To Page 14 A Backover and his daughter, Paula Ann, huddle over a book at their home in Washington, together now but not possibly forever. Backover, free on bond, is charged with taking front a Hyattsville, Md., bowling alley where he worked. He returned from California voluntarily to face the charge after reading a newspaper account that his six- year-old daughter was incurably ill with leukemia. Backover has received offers to help repay the money so he might remain free and at his daughter's side. (AP Wirephoto) Hubby Pens Valentine CHICAGO, Feb. 13 A re pcntcnt factory foreman, who al legedly cracked his wife's jaw during an argument, gave her a home-made valentine in Superior Court today in a bid to win her back. The foreman. Walter Konwcnt, 37. said he stayed up last night penning the following message on a white heart pasted on a blue paper background1 "Since 1 wronged you, 1 repent "And realize how lost and lone- ly my hours are spent, "Please forgive my foolish act "And enter into a new love pact. "Come back my dear, and say you'll be mine "Because 1 vow forever after, you will be "My valentine." hubby." Konwent's attorney, Louis Z. Grant, handed the valentine to Judge Elmer N. Holmgren, who read it and handed it to Mrs. Kon- wcnt. "Does this valentine move the judge asked. Mrs. Konwcnt fingered the brace on her jaw, which she coir tends her husband fractured Dec. 28, the day they separated. "No, not she replied. j Schwartz Says Member Of Board Accepted Cash From TV Station WASHINGTON. Feb. 13 UP Ally. Gen. Rogers today directed the FBI to investigate charges that FCC Commissioner Richard A. Mack received money from a lawyer interested in a case Half-Million Dollar Fire Sweeps Carpentry And Print Shop At BIS Income Tax Guide Available There's still plenty of time to file your income tax return, but why not get the chore over with now? And if you need help in filing your return why n o t purchase The Employee's In- come Tax Guide? The 36-page booklet is avail- able by sending only 25 cents to The Zanesville Publishing com- pany, Zanesville, 0. Or it can be purchased at the company's information desk for 20 cents. Your income tax filing prob- lems will then be solved! LANCASTER, Ohio, Feb. 13 Fire tonight destroyed a two-story brick carpentry and print shop at the Boys Industrial School, six miles south of here. No one was injured. Col. T. Lyston Fultz. superintendent of the correctional and training school, said equip- ment in the 80-by-100-foot building was all new. He estimated loss at about The blaze was discovered at about p.m. within 20 minutes the entire building was en- gulfed, it was reported. Firemen from Lancaster and several neigh- boring towns were hampered in getting to the fire by heavy traffic. Law officers from six counties also came to the scene as a precaution against any incident by the 950 youths at the institution. Cause of the fire was not determined im- mediately. V. S. Scientists Missed Boat On Atomic Invention By FRANK CAREY Associated Press Science Reporter WASHINGTON, Feb. 13 (flV-The story of how American scientists missed the boat on an important atomic invention because they failed to read a letter they thought came from a "crazy Greek" was told today to a congressional committee. It's the story of an invention which now stands to save the United States at least 70 million dollars in the construction of a powerful atom-smashing machine Scientists in this country actual ly did perfect the invention, but they found out later that the same thing had been developed a year before by a Greek electrical en- gineer named Nicholas Christofil- os, living near Athens. Christofilos wrote a letter to some American scientists at the- time but they "tossed it into the files" without reading it because they thought it was just "another letter from that crazy Greek The story was related to the Senate-House Atomic .subcommit- tee on research and development Turn To Page 14-A 150 PHOTOS SIX SECTIONS 80 PAGES In The Sunday Times Signal ZANESVILLE IS the livestock marketing hub of southeastern Dhio. It's a big and colorful business. A Times Signal photog- rapher visited the weekly auc- tions to capture the excitement in pictures. It's a special feature every reader will enjoy. M MANY AREA baseball fans who motor to Columbus to watch the Jets play baseball, now that Zanesville is without professional representation in the sport, will be interested and enlightened by a special feature on the Jet's new manager, Clyde King, a guy who calls his own shots and takes no interference. And, say hey, it's basketball tournament time. For the latest on the cage whirl the sports section is a must. SUN AND ICE that's the theme of a striking pictorial fea lure readers will find in this week's edition of the Times Sig-1 nal. The continuing cold wave has. created a veritable fantasy in ice at several spots in and near Zanesville. It's a remarkable pho tographic essay you won't want to miss. THE TIMES SIGNAL'S series devoted to Zanesville clergymen has come in for high praise fro-m ministers and laymen alike. This informative and entertaining pro- files are written by a veteran reporter, Regine Kimberly. Watch for this week's story on Rev. Wayne L. Snider, pastor of Co- burn Methodist church. V, WOMEN READERS who collect antiques will want to see the pic- tures of a home of one of Zanss- ville BPW members that is used on the feature for the antique show here next weekend. Besides this feature, there's another one on a group of 400 women wh" enjoy the sport of bowling and the big tournamrnt that's just a week away. On the fashion front there's a new pattern for a glam- version of the chemise dress that's making a rapid come back. In the line of culinary arts, there's a recipe for Fastnachts in the column. Keyboard Chatter, that requires a repeat perfor- mance once you've tried it for the family. PICTURE STORIES galore! That's exactly what readers will find in the "Family Weekly." There's one on torch bearing skiers, another on Washington's Mt. Vernon, a third about sled dogs at Lake Placid, N. Y. and a fourth on life in a lighthouse Of course this popular Times Sig- nal magazine supplement will also include more than a dozen top- flight articles of interest to every member of the family. DAGWOOD FINALLY finds the formula for a after- noon nap turns out that Steve Canyon knows the giri the Air Force picked out of the drink Sluggo has the perfect meth- od for cleaning up junk from the yard A little thing like a blizzard can't stop Lowoezy Smith and Miz Barlow from having neighborly chat Pansy Yoc- Bellhop Released In Slaying CINCINNATI, Feb. 13 W Po- lice today released a bellhop whc had been given lie detector tests in connection with the fatal hole room stabbing of Mrs, Margaret McAllister of Covington, Ky 33- year-old mother of four. Mrs. McAllister's nearly nude body was found in the room of j downtown hotel 'lucsday. Coroner Herbert P. Lyle, wlv. gave the he detector test to the bellhop, told Detective Chief Hen- ry Sandman the man "did not attempt to deceive or tell an un- .ruth He said the bellhop was asked whether he had any knowledge of the crime or whether he had committed it. Detectives also questioned an- other man today but he also was released. He was identified as a cafe acquaintance of Mrs. Mc- Allister but said he did not sec ler either Monday or Tuesday. Mining Area Residents Have Sinking Feeling NEWTON-LE-WILLOWS, Eng- land, Feb. 13 wi That sinking feeling, an old affliction in this Lancashire coal mining district, was reported by householders along Valentine Road today. Roy Robinson looked out of the window into his garden and saw a flower bed vanish. It sank 15 feet and filled rapidly with water. The house began to tremble and he and Mrs. Robinson got out fast. There are many coal mines in the region. The surface frequently sinks, filling in old shafts and tunnels. fore the Federal Communications Commission. An aide said Rogers "acted on his own motion" after House in- vestigators heard testimony that Mack admittedly accepted al thousands of dollars from a lawyer active in getting a Miami television license. A brief announcement by the Justice Department said Rogers ordered a complete investigation of the allegations. Mack was not available to news- men. He was absent from a full scale session of the FCC assem- bled to hear final oral arguments in a Toledo TV channel case. Aides told reporters there was no statement from Mack at this time. Bernard Schwartz, ousted counsel to the House Legislative Oversight subcommittee told the group Mack has described the money as loans but has said some were "forgiven" by the lawyer and has "no specific recollection" of repaying any of them. Schwartz appeared as a sub- poenaed witness before the com- mittee which fired him last Mon- day night. He produced from the committee files canceled checks totaling which he said were given to Mack by Thurman A. Whiteside after Mack became a member of the license-granting commission. Schwartz said Whiteside has reputation in Florida as a "fixer" and that he represented Public Service Television Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of National Air- lines. At Miami, Whiteside comment- ed: "Schwartz is a g- d- liar. He is lying in his teeth. He is testifying contrary to the infor- mation in his possession." Whiteside said he had never been a fixer and that he was never employed as an attorney in he television case. In the case, Public Service Television, Inc.. was granted Vliami's Channel 10 franchise by a 4-2 vote of the FCC. Mack was one of the four commissioners who gave public service the nod over three other applicants despite an FCC examiner's report that Public Service was the least qualified. Mack could not be reached for comment. Rep. Harris new chairman of the House sub- committee, said he will be given a chance to tell his version and f he withholds any information 'there will be way to get it." In other developments stem- Turn To Page 14-A) Tunis Set For War Over Base TUNIS. Feb. 13 ID President fiabib Bourguiba declared today, "We are ready to make war for Bizerte." But he held open the door to mediation by the United States of Tunisia's quarrel with France. The President also suggested in a broadcast to his tense nation that, while he is determined 000 French troops stationed in Tunisia must go, the big French naval base at Bizerte might still be used by the North Atlantic Treaty powers. That base and French -army garrisons are blockaded. Jittery Tunisian civilians and al guardsmen, patroHng with light arms, manned roadblocks to pre- vent the movement of French troops. They threatened to fire on any French ships attempting to enter or leave Bizerte. Bourguiba's blue eyes flashed as he spoke on this sixth day of a crisis brought on by a French air raid on the frontier village of Sakiet Sidi Youssef. Tunisia put the toll at men, women and children killed, 84 wounded and 10 not accounted for. The French said the raid was to Algerian rebels who had 'ired on French planes from their border hideouts m Tunisia. But several diplomats, including U.S. Ambassador G. Lewis Jones, art reported have confirmed that there were heavy civilian casual- ties. World um maps a counterattack against Nightmare Alice down Doppatch way. These are but a few of the humorous highlights from the Times Signal's color comic sec- tion a sure way to brighten a dull winter day. YOU WILL find news from all corners of the world when you open the pages of your Times Signal. You will enjoy the crisp but complete accounts of all the major happenings from the local, state, national and international scenes. If you are not now a sub- scriber you can have the Times Signal delivered right to your door simply by telephoning GL 2-43KI, giving your narrrc and addrcs--, Order your copy today. Theft Brokrn Al ClcvrJaml CLEVELAND, f-cb. 13 ifl Officials of the Ohio Provision Co at 6101 Walworth Ave. said today a meat stealing ring which robbed the plant of products val- ued at as high as has been broken. When insurance invcsligators complete an audit, a company spokesman said, warrants will hr issued for arrest of several em- ployes. Seven drivers and some of their employes have been dis- charged. A supervisor uncovered the ring when he found 30 pounds of sausage not chargofl to (he driver loaded on a truck (he sup- ervisor was checking for a sec ond time. BONN, Germany Informed sources sny a realignment of the world balance of military power is likely to grow out of the newly organized program of joint arms development by West Ger- many, France and Italy. This new program could advance the day when France becomes the fourth member of the atomic club, along with the United States, the Soviet Union and Britain. DAMASCUS, Syria A Syrian armv spokesman said Thurs- day a Western backed plot to prevent the merger of Egypt and Syria into the new United Arab Republic has been uncovered and arrests have been made. Syrian newspapers quickly expanded the brief statement into charges that the United States is financing the alleged plot and that Turkish and Israeli troops were ready to invade to help. CZESTOCHOWA, Poland Bishop Szczepan Sobalkowski died .vhile celebrating Mass Thursday, less than 24 hours after his consccrctation as bishop suffragan of Kiclce, central Poland. He was 56. MOSCOW Russia's antiaircraft defense chief Thursday called for nationwide vigilance and preparedness against "bloody plans" to destroy Communist countries, particularly the Soviet Union. Marshal S. Biryuzov, in an article in the army newspaper Red Star, charged that Western strategy aims at a "sudden attack on our country from the air." i HONG KONG Roman Catholic Bishop Domenico Tang of Canton was arrested Feb. 5 and charged with crimes against the Red government, the Communist paper Ta Kung Pao reported Thursday. Bishop Tang was leader of the movement against the Com- munist sponsored Chinese Catholic Patriotic Assn. which is trying to split Chinese Catholics and the Vatican. The Hong Kong newspaper said two priests, assistants of the bishop, were also arrested. The three are accused of circulating Vatican documents cor- demning commmnsm and the Catholic Patriotic Assn.; forbidding members of the Legion of Mary organization to confess that the legion is engaging in espionage for the United States, and trying to help American Catholic missionaries imprisoned in China. Unemployment In Ohio Near Mark COLUMBUS, Ohio, Feb. 13 (XI Unemployment in Ohio creeping toward a new post depression record has passed the mark according to the Federal Bureau of Labor sta- tistics. That number is far below the depression figure, when it is esti- mated that from 15 to 25 per cent of the Ohio labor force was out of work during 1932 1933, But it is still large enough to form a job wanted line stretching almost 70 miles. Among workers covered by un- employment compensation the un- employment rate is currently at 7 per cent as compared with 7.3 per cent during the peak of the 1949 1950 recession. But the rate is still climbing and is expected to top the 1949 1950 mark before the end of the month. CLOSE NIGHT CLUB CLEVELAND, Feb. 13 W The Bureau of Internal Revenue today padlocked the Gay Nineties night club at 1024 Walnut St. for failure to pay in Federal excise taxes. Three agents con- fiscated an undetermined amount of cash in the night club's regis- ter before nailing seizure orders on the entrance doors. Behind One Classified Crossword Puzzle 1C Comics Editorial Sports Theater 22 4 If