Thursday, July 7, 1949

Zanesville Times Recorder

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Times Recorder, The (Newspaper) - July 7, 1949, Zanesville, Ohio For RFD Readers Who Insist On Today's News Today The Times Recorder World and Local News Every Night at 11 (WHIZ -1240) 465TH 161 Charter Mrmbtr o! Associated Press ZANESVILLE, OHIO, THURSDAY, JULY 7, 1949 WCATHEK: CLOUDY, COOLER FIVE CENTS t I 'BIG STEEL' REFUSES TO WAGES If1 i 1 1: I- t DJXFll. Ck( fTruman's Housing Bill pLpproved In Conference Administration Leaders Hoping Both Houses To Pass Today And Send To President WASHINGTON, July 6 The compromise, -jfrimmed-down version of President Truman's multi-billion- jflollar housing bill was approved by a senate-house con- ference committee tonight. It calls for publicly- owned dwellings in six years. Administration leaders voiced I hope that the senate and house Uvill approve the legislation finally tomorrow and toss it on the pres- lidcnt's It would Rive Mr. Truman his first major victory for Ithe domestic program called the Besides the controversial public housing section, the bill sets up a huge slum clearing program in cities and provides farm housing aids. The conferees agreed to accept higher senate figures of 000 for aids to farm housing, in- stead of the lower in the house-approved bill. Mr. Truman pcterl congress for nr> t nn Britain _ rm i m TB 1 ._? t f T_ JL i .nnnnpnv Kpiprfe I Inion JB JB JK fBt JB ft BV 4fe A A A K V B JT JIT -m-. JL U JL t _ in n I nil iDemands ror ray Hikes, E f fl lldir 68 Insurance And Pensions House Blocks Enactment Of poor Relief Adjourn Before Receiving Bill From Senate COLUMBUS, O., July senate voted today to allot money for poor re- lief and state operations but 'the house blocked enactment authority to build 1.050.000 public- ly-owned buildings in seven years, to be occupied by low-income fam- ilies with federal rent subsidies running up to a year for 40 years. The senate trimmed these fig- Winter By The Truckload ihis week lures to dwellings and max- The senate rules committee de. ;imum rent subsidies of tided to quit work July 15-2Sth It then passed the b.ll 5. to 13. weok of the session-and adjourn But m tho house the measure sine die July 27. House concur- ran into rough .weather, drawing rence is needed. Representatives shouts and cries previously tried for final adjourn-1 the hugh cost would imperil inent June 20 but the senate ithe stability of the federal treas- wouldn't go along. house Democratic Government Takes Stern Measures Co Face Crisis Only Urgently Needed Goods To Be Bought LONDON, July 6 Britain, the banker for Senators passed the money bills without dissent. One carries to run the state in July- August while the S650.000.000 bi- ennial budget is under study. The other provides for the in a move to pick up needed votes, decided to shave the bill down to senate size. Even so, the contro- versial public housing section of the bill was saved in the house only by a narrow 168 to 165 vote. At Worcester Mass.. John M. Bellino, 8. starts to ski down the slide nt Lincoln Square Boys' club Win- ter Carnival, defying New England's July heat. He uses the approved equipment, including skis poles, boots and ear muffs. The genuine, frosty snow was produced for the occasion in a Worcester ice plant. (AP Wirephoto) state to match increased poor ie-j SubsequenllVi tne house got into lief payments for the first half-'., snarl and with year when U fell behind. I many members thinking they were Both emergency measures wcntjvoljnK for the trimmed-down pub- 1o the house carrying hopes of jjc housing figures, passed by 228 Immediate attention. Approv-lto 135 a bill embodying the larg- al and the governor's signature i er program requested by the pres-1 have released the money 'idem. this week for the, state to pay its Committees representing the Vandenberg Joins Heavy Shoivers Bring Welcome In Battle For Atlantic Treaty Relief From Scorching Heat i I Southeastern Ohio, scorched by an IS-dsy heat wave, got a littl yesterday and last night as heavy showers fell over most o 1 this section. Sending WeV ralT which had risen to, .n official 92.6 oeJliUUi .111111; iu O1 T! lus the insurance and pension ob- _ectives. But contract sessions with other steel companies have mark- ed time, waiting for U. S. Steel to "ead the way. After nearly three hours in a sweltering hotel conference room, U. S. Steel negotiators stalked out leaving reporters a statement which covered the three union de- mands this way: 1 Wages: "We are convinced that no sound reasons justify an in- crease this time. A period of slack- ening business activity throughout the country Is 'certainly no of produc- time to tion through the imposition (Turn to Page 5, Please) of ATHENS. O.. July to the pattern i rapes of yesterday." 1 The impact, ho said, .should sufficient to "givo oven Conn., July nated Hitler pause." Republican-controlled house1 Defy Governor of tho Zanesville had been skipped scv- locale of the Harry Dodds, Jr.. mur- eral times earlier in the day trial moved to Columbus brief- h storms formed west of here, today. a reincar- hy-passed this district Crooksville, Immediatc, <lfter ,hc stale rest. had a hard ram at a. m..lw, ,he 20-year-old tho .sonato'.s Governor Chester i ,cndcr in foreiKn affairs. on ,hc Dresden areas had rains, R'antctl a rotcss unt" lnurs House, it provides 101 a. __- IVUUL-I m -i.....- ---.ana me uresut-n aicus 'Municipal judge in Dayton to thc sccond day nonc fc" hore unlil cvcnlnR- Then handleP increased court general s b which is expoctod to reach and R illc also The bill, because of its nature. quired 22 votes for passage The count was 22-3. and accused the chief executive of act- the voting stage before tho end of the ing as a "dictator." In a two-hour meeting Senators approved three house- ;cotted by thc passed bills. One brings countylt d and all Democratic city and school employes under the, resenlatives but one who chawd Vountry. a Republican cau-j Senate ]Pader.s of both parties Dodds and defense and counsels loft for Grant I 'hospital in Columbus where a depo- 1 was to be taken from Roy hospital Jaw granting sick leave to state !it workers. Fifteen day: cutive of act- f trontv v u 1 'hospital in Columbus where a depo- 'mocmic ret- to" become 'llat hour head' Arnold injured recently. His lading uSpoSn this country. night's rain, wind has wtth cu the have forecast little more than year is allowed and a maximum Ad ted a resohltlon oppoi.Jonwhen the show- cumulative leave of 90 davs. ,hat ,ast TflUrsdays proclama- IOKC The others increase interstate co- tion by Bowles was "an illegal ex- last night's rain, wind about 20 miles an hour (Turn to Page 5, Please) is accused of first degree I murder in the slaying of Miss Elea- "buyer's market" conditions devel- oping In the last few months that he said kept Britain from selling her exports in dollar areas. The "buyer's market" is one in which the customer has a chance to shop around to get the most goods for his money. Cripps warned the house solemn- ly that the challenge must be met, that Britain must produce more at lower cost. He said production must go up without any increases in wages for workmen. Union Publishes More Potters ATLANTIC CITY. N. J.. July 6 Farmer Injured Fatally By Runaway Team Walter H. Headley, 58. of Rose- vllle Rt. 2. died Wednesday eve- ning at o'clock In Bethesda hospital, following injuries sustain- ed when a team of horses ran away while he was haying Tuesday eve- ning. Says Chambers Played Politics Attorney Pleads For Acquittal On Perjury Count NEW YORK, July Hiss' perjury trial neared its end today with a defense charge that his chief accuser was playing politics when he branded Hiss a Communist in the midst of the 1948 presi- dential campaign. For three and one-half hours, the defense attorney shouted and pleaded for the acquittal of Hiss, onetime high In the state depart- ment. Then, with the crowded court- room still hanging on every word of the tense plea, court was ad- journed overnight with the defense still one hour away from.the end of its summary. The case is scheduled to reach the Jury of 10 men and two women tomorrow, on the 26th day of trial. Defense Attorney Lloyd Paul Stryker. after a dramatically timed courtroom entrance, launched a scathing attaeK on ex-Communlst Whittaker Chambers, who first questioned Hiss' honor. When Chambers first called a Communist before the House Un- American Activities committee in Washington last August, the 1948 presidential campaign was under- way. Stryker pointed out that all po- litical polls at the time were fore- casting a Republican victory. (Chambers) chose what thought was the strongest thundered Stryker, pounding jury rail and raging back and forth He was knocked down by the. before the jury box. horses and run over by the wagon at his residence, one and a half miles south of Cannelville. Mr. Headley was an employe of the Nelson-McCoy pottery, Rostville and was a member of the Church of Christ in Chaunccv. Surviving are his widow. Myrtle Swingle Headley; five sons. Bern- ard of Blue Rock, Forest, Samuel, Charles and Donald of the home: five daughters, Mrs. Edith Chat- field of Athens, Mrs. Mary Pear- son of Roseville Rt. 2. Misses Ruth Mildred and Helen of the home; two brothers, Charles of Newport, Ky., and Alva of New Kensington, Pa.; one sister, Mrs. Anna West of Frost. O.: two grandchildren. At this moment of'political ten- sion, Stryker said, Chambers chose to try "a sort of fsst sideswipe on Alger Hiss" by calling the former state department official "part of a Communist apparatus." The gray-haired. 64-year-old at- torney mentioned Dumbarton Oaks Yalta and the San Francisco con- ference at which the United Na- tions was born. Hiss attended all of these as a state department of- ficer. Later, in 1947, he left tht department. i ioperatlon commission members jorcije of executive power which sa i 'from five to seven and allow hoards at very foundation I- rC trade to have a minimum of our i1Derties and our constitution- i' down comes. Without mentioning Soviet sia by name as a plotter IVew Lexington nor Gifford. 52. an National Brotherhood; The body is at the Cannon church worker, last Jan. 3. I of Operative Potters (AFL) meted] Cannon funeral home. Roseville. Tho state's action in resting its a fme and Phone Workers Fight Injunction MARION. O., July 6 The five directors. Appeals To Hih Court WASHINGTON. July G from one to two per cent week. 3. Passed a hill cutting the sales John I-owis carried his ficht tottax rate back lo one per cent recover in contempt finos'again, an action that was only a to the U. S. supremo court today, gesture since the senate wasn't The fines were assessor! by Jus- around to consider the measure. lire T Alan Golclsboroiigh in fed-. The house then recessed indefin- eral distriot court hero in 194S aft- itely. subject to the call of Speak- rr the Unltod Mine Workers strike er John R. Thim i denounced ,ai government. j Communism." and ho told his col 2. Passed a second resolution ac- icusing the governor of illegally' .....____- .___ !using taxpayers' money to distri- !other independent peoples are in her of the Now law ibute "political literature" about ncarer icopnrdy. firm of Tague and Tague. died last [the state sales tax which increased "AppoasomonV is .surrender on night at 10 o'clock in Good Samnr- Tho state's action ,n resting its Qul fme and ..probation-. today i ,vhere funeral rites will be held' TKChone case after only a day and a half of to two mcmhcrs found guilty afternoon at todav to block I came as a surprise. violating its constitution. Rcv Cecil Hayes of Roseville, will Workers rnoxed today to and burial bc in Vanrfenberg sternly g 1 1 T-l. A.XUU1, f, HJlHi-V. t he states closing testimony They, Ohio manaKing cditor of the un-jHiii cemetery. Vincent J. Tague. 64. senior mem- are Athens Police i-nief J. B. newspaper and press san. Athens County Sheriff George; man for Jhe dospd sessions, said! Bateman and State Highway Pa- tnc delegates fined Ray trol Cpl. Paul Kinsey. of Steubenville. Ohio. i itan hospital. Ho had been :n ill They all rerounted the story j Thcy piacert George Crossen of' health for some time and spent Dodds told them in February. Ear- Liverpool "on probation for PYjP ,part of last winter in Florida bo- Her. Grover Rawlins, 18, Gill added. jx Alafitts cause of his health. serving a life sentence for the slay-i He said both men had been! Ur MeailS M; Tague WM a Jlfe rMidcnt Dodds struck the 7-1 7 7 Perry county, member of the r OOlCd MCtiJftW''' 'Perry County Bar association and of St. P.ose "Catholic churcn. Annon this th installment plan." T11 111 a temporary court order. Thomas C. Fetter, a union of- 'ficial. petitioned the court to rt- ;quire the Ohio As.5ociated Tele- phone company make a previous j petition specific on acts the union, 'and its officers are charged witlj 'having committed. Fetter told the court that no-' OMAHA. July 6 An only "survivors is a brother. Carl. TokvO RoSC .Trial ly Omahan who had boon living of Xcw Lexington. Gets L'nclerwav travelin- throueh I COLUMBUS. O.. July 6 tfl .where in the 14-page petition. anH must increase tne number of which a temporary injunction wai aim r-tnus.Mvai haspital beds for the mentally .based, does the company accuse- ore than one-third if it is specific individuals of wrong-t the national average, Wei- 'doing. tion. i SAN FRANCISCO. July union men went hark to work after Lewis announced the pension vie- tory April 12. The fine.- wore lev- m }Y (itCr iMttltl At in a from found bands black purse suspended nock hy a cord. mirvrv- a i "You" ooulda tr.e." said an against Lewis IU11 elrieriv woman neichbor. "All h- 51.-100.000 Rgainst the over 'Mf. wn- beans and were double the amounts al- DAYTON. O.. July A 21- hrend. How woisld a c.rl know loued hy tho suprerjio court inch water mam burst in down- he Is a similar set-to uith tho covornmont town Dayton today. It flooded Said another, an elderly rr-.nn: in 10-iR. They have boon upheld in three blocks unrt ycn't water to the ho had a sorr.e. name of "Tokyo P.ose." writ-, on the back of a Japanese, note, was introduced today as small Chute funeral homo in Now Lex- the first exhibit in the Treason ran Deep Pool trial of Mr.s. Iva Toguri d'Aquino. The first witness against the Lns AnKoles-horn woman was J. Richard Eisenti8rt of 117 Farninc- tfn road. Rochev-er, N. Y. Ho wn.s a rorporal a; Yokohama prison in v.-hen Tokjo Rose was fir.-t tho court of nppca.? Seven Crushed To Death By Falling Crane line having whore" "r- !vjt n per square A nurse, preparing Wochle.- for not jn the deep p. n. a bath, spotted tho purse, openei Run :alN. city water (t and found in bonds ar.d Tnis HAMBURG, Germany. July 6 4C-ton crane suddenly rol- A column of 15 foot high FI'XD GOKS OVER ,ed on the dorks hero today, shot into tho air after the break. WOOSTKR. July 6 '.51 killing seven men anil s-neroiy in- Hording nearby stores and ma-.Woo.ster CoHoco For'y four two boys ;n a machinery Aluinn: fun'! dr.xe. A twelfth mr.n in n fpair rrrr.pnnv offiro. They climbed to June it on I he nane n-.ivsing. of th f bolievrd drowned. sai'l. were" reSCue-l by firemen. COLUMBUS. July 6 woman is iumbu- St.II don't know thc ".iv.pairing the oa- uhco.ibouts of Charles C. States to !vjt they know now that h" :s war its enemies" hy p pool beneath Hay- demor- alizing propisar.ria to U. S. troops oon a diver, Douglas in tho Pacific. searched the bottom of Eisenharl the jury ho was.' fo 1 ;-frot-cleep pool fot 45 ;nin- manv othor a souve-' utos. Ho four.d nothing but fancier. When he learned that The Weaver's car was found aban- Tokyo was in the pr.son] fjonef' r.enr the pool Sundiy. Hny- where ho wa- .stationed, he sought ri ou convince Ji'.rn tMs is an ideal community in whioh to live? We may not have that answer, but wo do know that by advertising your household goods, automobiles, farm equipment and numer- ous other articles in the Times Recorder and Signal Classified Ads, you have no selling problems. PHONE ASK FOR CLASSIFIED Those figures would indicate. Di- i OHIO Considerable aid.'''tha'rbhioiw''h cloudiness not so InVestlmat'edThat'ohio .scattered showers. [438 more beds for the mentally ill 1 Wednesday's Temperatures (to come up to average. 10 a. m......88 6p.m. Director Lamneck and Commis-, :2 Noon .....93 _8 p. m. jsioner Baker agreed there is an urgent need for of the counties to be served by the exist- ing state hospital. 2 P. m. 4 p. m. 95 10 p. m. S7 12 Slldnlght 73 77 75 ZAHESVIUE SKIES TODAY I Sunset 'Sunrise P. m. a. m. p. m. I.. a. m. ......July 10 'ASK INTERVENTION I NEWARK. 9.. July U. S. Conciliation service was ask- ,'FUH' .Voon'V.V.V.V.V.'.V....'.', ed today by the Newark Conirac- j PROMINENT STAR RcjtuUii. tors association to intervene in a: P. m. dispjte with the AFL Laborers Un- VISIBLE Ion that has tied up Licking county] construction, rues! a.'m.