Monday, June 29, 1931

Zanesville Times Recorder

Location: Zanesville, Ohio

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Zanesville Times Recorder on Monday, June 29, 1931

Times Recorder, The (Newspaper) - June 29, 1931, Zanesville, Ohio Always First The Times Recorder Always Fair [VOL. XLVll, NO. 154 today 7ANESV1LLE. OHIO, MONDAY, JUNE 29, 1931 Report More Than 150 Dead As Torrid Heat Wave Grips Nation; No Relief in Sight Temperature b Considera- Suspected Smuggler Goes bly Above Normal Over Over Niagara Territory NIAGARA FALLS. N. T. 28 f__An unidentified believeo by Farmers Report authorities a of uquo (o-of aliens, perished on. er tne boree Damage to Crops and !sjloe iaUs 1 _f f -now boat was cauzht si LOSS Ot UveStOCK cataract. He es aroeared irran sias'. Just as liresnen ,3y the Associated wi'.h Udders and ropes to heat coetssaso to the a OJiioofcers saw the In boa-, -aave his arms and disappea cay c-ie-'-.'-e cataract, about 500 feet frorr- resisted record Jure hope for po'.ioe which tiea'.h to ..TSS of 150, seno-js beueved the man Canada, after Cr -l-.erjs uras re In cor.slcvrsbie loss of Ine-wJc mark f-tsv suffering lu sections the country end she weather bu- '.vl forecast remained -continued lirra- for raost the parched cen- :aV valley states, which were hard- hit by the tomd wave. retTcarse er Setback From Heavy the" northern Da-. and Light Rain Brings Temporary Relief From Torrid Hea Mercury Rises Rapidly Aft- ietback From Hei Storm of Friday Asbestos Flame Smothered r Yankee Fliers Ready for Hop To America Lost 14 Hours When PUne Bogged in Mud of Siberian Field Globe Girdlers Confiden of Successfully Complet- ing Their Flight KHABAROVSK. Siberia. Jesse r lilita tise sxxof their speedv '.ace still rearing defiance and mountain raises. and HaroW Gatty landed -.ere at 2 3" t> today 112 30 a m S S T a 350-rr.ile flight first intentions were to con- their 'round-the-world race as soon ms their plane, Dottier ship for was refurled. but Herbsttr is the TV" -anfcs filled, an oper- axia-or in years of thcv cec'ded to remain r.ere ow.- sent to the Franco-German Agreement Necessary to Acceptance of Hoover Moratorium Proposal Woman 84 Walks Into >ath of Train a. Mrs a! tie Ad Joeept S. Will Not Guarantee i Use Germany Makes of Funds Retained President in Touch With Hope- Ada crossing Her vision fjj SuCCCSS was obstructed by ar. ursbrella which __________ WASmXGTON. June ______....... Franco-German understanding to Appcinwd by Saw ?o be executive officer of the U. S. S -1 France Appears Secretary Mellon Busy ferring With Political, Financial Chiefs the differences separating 1 and the Ccited States on a wmr-deDt m. A moratorium plan was foreseen today Near Acceptance bT m mm AS negotiations between tee United Of Moratorium __________ 'an effective one-year's holiday on h ter-govemmental entered tteeir France on President Hoover's plan lot la complete moratorium sMU cdtezed. obstacles to a complete agreement. r.. PARIS. June Can Be Overcome Curtiis weeS-erid holiday for Andrew W.. said obstacles SWSon. who his conferer.ces br -ics Avonne have to Kha- hl.. "o ee-era! showers allevi- "S ffce WtetSlng heat. A rain Sunday throuchotit the counirl ternporery relief to r evening sxircease at beaches. rivers, others fr added to the mounting ntim-, v tfine in reslderits and Musklngum coan- from -ave ,Mcn M. Big Street Parade to Open Homecoming This Week weeis causing muc 1 at over the change fn all iormer Jime records is predicted. teraceratures were exceec-j the terrific Chicago where a lake breeze, weev-end. only az.f prostration was cooled the city, but not Geis 72. of South "aburbs an sveraee daily who vas Sai- appeared to be i-Jj mean of 2.7 degrees above riarrna! .or. Sundav but Is physician. county fair evening and is to .ui'ihe Tceefe. according that the quali- _ ft; ,_t_; the Winnie Moe any effect on their martial .o field. it him. says Thomas. > keenly Snterested vrerican fliers and their race The followed Seesly the tlie a-.lators left nr.d Gativ reclamed at the fieid un-.ii the Mae had been rei ar.d then wen: to a ressau-. vart -shere thcv ate a substantial decorated auto-! mea: Soth retired early. r. -ia--c> Many-sort tra; they be called before be'b-eafc They were reported night to be sleeping; HSe Eajraond Roach, of 'Gecrse Seisam post Ko IODO. undertaken by man.! set for the big J; has issued an, of 2 1OO over tne Scr pens a-, the MUS- crdcr ;or post members TO be at J-f- -jooie. Alaska. J----------- and Linden f.f To: France. I In the absence of President Hoover. Uno was at his Virginia camp. Acting Secretary Castle remam- __ _, w t .ed at the capital over the -week-tno. Be Known July be U Boal. "chief of the western Ea- Farm Board To lar records fell in Chattanooga wiia, The hot weather is second nienest the problem of ft> rr-arS In 6O years Rock's "being 98 WES the year's JiSgh. Ala., had 1O3. Atlanta's niaxlmuni degrees hotter than any p this yesr. Over 70 Initial Period at Camp First of Four One-Week Gets Under Way JraglC Sunday Afternoon 0 a.e ajso n __ ss. eral teams of horses and half called and with volunteer Still Hope Among Traders Will Hold Its Wheat for Year June 28- Lasalle. 111., was, fcegan a farm board expects to announce byi definite policy for selling jthera for the president. "Ma'MKeimedy Wife of Preacher Aimee's Mother to Continue board! its; Evangelistic Work _ _ Wa-fti.. Jun4 Minnie Kennedy, evangelist more days !n .fuliy niature. The wheat assemblT. whlc-h win araw up ir.c ociocs iney oe r.eaic constitution for its future throughout the srour.eis jrovemrr.ent. indicated tie Repuoii- special .it'racticn will Julv the government's saturdav. for a peaceful elect-.or.. At least a_a a larze three persons were killed :n at in" o'clock Thcv -tl'.l be furnished fcy the Candy Co A number "s 1" w? Tocav more than three-fifths of flight lay behind srsti Gatf.. They hid mere than 9 OOO miles and leis thar. 6 OOO of ;oumey rerr.alned w'H ne a spe-iai Miss Bankhead Takes Her Fifth Husband _, n f _ Blame Police for At SAN DIEGO. Calif- June EWr-ald B Ishans. Eugenia Bankhead. sister of Tallulah be-j-, tomorrow. Scores of per en 70 75 Zar-e Trace Area ff-.r-oer rener States Tr" :r Reno sr.-3 sh'-rt'.v .-.ft Miss Ear.kheso tie 3-rr. _ rc-eLlrn. 55. Cinc-.-n't -i...... I mother of Aimee Semple _ __ i fixed period, probably a year. became Mrs. G. E. Hudson shortly The board is now committed to- jpjdciefat today when she was .cdle the stabilization supplies "in j In "an outdoor ceremony on <-h a wav as to l-ripose- the rnlr.l- .be Of Lake Sacsjawea Sn the of burden on world and do-; oj Lonaview. The Rev. J. G. i Gav Derformed tbe ceteraony. in the' f-- onainally was set lor n. today but was hastened when Kennedv learned newspapermen e i had" learned of her plans. A Temple double ring ceremony 1C_... In It Mrs. Kennedy 5iad been toJd the surplus wheat ued to "love, honor and serve. whose home is in New marriage service was perfonn- oresence of the minister's ir" voune son. Balpn Gay. best man. and Mrs. Beatrice T former editor of the Angelas Crusader, who stood with tae ceremony the party left V autorcobile. which her htis- Their destination was the irar.Ss. Visitors are welcome at Camp Ford f-.-jn 2 to 9 o'clocS Thursdays and -1 to a or. Sur.davs. To reacr. state route No. 71 r.orth to Creamery road 'rouie vo 15Si turning left to Nashport gpneral store Johr. Mpr.zie. Greensburc. CTher were: Mayer. 27. Ver- iefr at gpnerai Mayer. ver--- _- rVl there acr-s? the rai'.rcrid 3-d old 35. sf.Icd when ar. ir.ter- to carr.p. la riro- t was rr.Pde nv A F M'wn cha-.rrr-in the Ohx. Cwinll. at. tiie aan'-ia. here The wss by er-.or Gev-e of h- It provifie? for the rr-amage of di- ?r_, to a ytrr vorccd persor-s '.r: church" fr of t'r.e church -U'lr.g: :.-.e _ servtoe bu- :o ar.v the nrht v> to officiate ]s Acquitted _______ icnc '-sreer -y.-.r. J j of raa.'cr crirr.e. Guilty of Murder or. 'V rtea'Jis 'r. f! jr 55. fsrn-er i. rr.ob list On Assault iraabi" tc ?ftcr the D Federal Arrested C. Tn-.ite-h'-ad. ex- sled Sat-irdiy cn S S. or. S'-.i-d fo -s-.'h " of LOVCJ BEACH. N" Tas arr'-sv-! tor.'.tr.t or Ti-f s.x O'n tS-.e AI- arli'.rc fr' H K--T. r.ear Deputy Who Shot Mexicans FCC y Modem Customs NEiT TOHK RasScfc of Derno- cra-c national coramSttee. returaed liner Bremen tonight frcm a. tc'jr of Europe witb. fcsr tSe Hoover s-oratorrsini nroiwsBl asd the state of temperance abrcsi i He he fo-ord condifioss the 1 tlsitetS nsaci sKy, thas they were a jear !r. A here in "oeri- :v bv ar.-l This a _.her lAari t'.-.e proposal A'riril 27 COtrp.T HOUsE jur.i- 28__' F i G AREMOKE. ofcta.. The Weather ci'crcv to divorced Or.utv certain cor.d.t-.cns but forrou-.e li-e r.'. tb" book scrv.ce o ar.rt -.ise of churches of the oeremcir.y. Members of the c -er.missior. the chaste was rr.irie to f. cf of 'T." tiiey added, of a over t'r.e amended er.-. Ort.7. 0'it 22 12 n- sr-: r.'t I'miHIIIIIiniHIIIMIIIHIHIIIIIIinilllllll rtr-.---.rr clou-lv Monday ___ -.ocai ti-.ur.dershow- jyfen Killed When frs art! warmer ,r. extreme ncrt.. _ ar.rt '.r. r.orth r.ort.i- Airplane rails A nuri st-jred :r.ash'.r velvet s..- vr ?rirt thrf Sardlv as dressed m-xJerr." a houv r.ct .r wl'h prefer t cf arrh.'ec- -A'-f, cf !5! S 6th, -o rent hw 6-rooni oj-irtmer.t. he didr't of a tcwr.-cner. tnt of litest, tr-.cthtxi- of rentinc rr 5 -R -crner a tecar.t r. -Jiers depression is question t world be Of he Hoover proposal be said: "IS U a very ronsiructlve sugges- or I riope it Trtil be accepted. a great deal to stabilize It Find Bodies of Youth and Girl on Texas Road Kii.i.rn IN' RICHMOND Va .Tur.f 2R Peter F'TV .Jr 32 almoau Rr.-l vas Then a l.eht monoplane pi'oted sv Frv r.ear the air- todnv. Fry was holder of ;a private pilot's license. DALLAS Tex.. Jane reiber. 18. Gslveston. Kid Pttil- 17. were loond SCOTTSBIZTFF Three rr.eri ire for KOr.T-erert sr.ow- v -ir.rt Tuesflay the LaSce? The weather wi'.l d-.nn? the r.exr two RF.S tr.p r.-.d sfsrtTt was ftJimd slumped s harbed wire fence fully a ftwa tilth emotion, beside the road wltfe in side and arm. Police sala they were the crime on the theory com- by ja. ti of the I -he flar.t> ss h" motor the plane fall sir.r of .v- TOP x call 1. and for