Monday, June 24, 1929

Zanesville Times Recorder

Location: Zanesville, Ohio

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Zanesville Times Recorder on Monday, June 24, 1929

Times Recorder, The (Newspaper) - June 24, 1929, Zanesville, Ohio lepoTt of Safe Arrival of Spanish Aviators at Azores on Flight Across Atlantic Unconfirmed; Feared Lost jAlways First Always Fair JTOL. XLY, NO: 150 Z-AXESVILLE. OHIO. MONDAY. JUKE 24, 1929 showers and cooler Tuesday AFFIC ACCIDEN F AT CROSSING c-ter- in Curre Polygamy i "T nt i RIVES FOSSST. El.. June on a traza." asserted. Jchn S. O. Fntz. of Concor-j'-s-hile an educated oae steal the dia. semiriary. St. 3-Cuis. today declar-jtsrhole tystem. Clarence Dar-; ed otsen anc ieializer; pclysainy to bs'roTr says that, cnlr habits nreferable to he termed "the'keep people ircrn crime, bui be says current; mcral trend, particularly as riisre must be something to inspire >.T comriamcnaro to taach. hac.ts. Tou .5 isela mar- 'T triennial" of the be KES to celical synod of Tvlissoun. said indicates the diratrt-on "-n "In s. cay perverted minds' thal j-cm the Amen are heading" Dean Fntz ssid.js'e enceavorm- to dethrone the al-. not be rth mcmsrr of the gsng trcm en larmer cbtainir.; relief Four train. K. ai. Trapiag sericusly injured, but Amoid escaped VTHEKEABOL1S MYSTERY His pcllcs record also alTeston. up -art sttcmey. said. The rederal officers startec the in- Testiagtiort after Dr. SaooS report- ed to hare told police that His frecuentif him for narcotics. -.Yliilam Ford, federal narcotic agent. said ihat. narcotics are >ept in a desS EZ tie university and no record is kept, of their actual use. All are Body to N. 'i Dr and Mrs. Hi- -ill tal-ie the body to Binsharntcn. X T. tcmorrc-. fcr buna' Tt. has been held -n a morgue here for nine city and county ofiicials have bssn sclring th The murdsred rirl found on tr.e en irjs nortn of tne city a Friday, b? scys. They reported to police and -sithin "i 7-as identified as a co-ed State un.--ers.ty medical day and -as held after "Clice discovered stains 02 clothing ar.d nis autornosile that ap- Ecarea to be causes by bloM Cnem- Icai that -t hu- n blco- Dr. S-.ooi contetsec; murder, confronted the s rsrpcrt and tr.e eviccnce that hernad ta'ien.a l--ev to a nest" tie maintained near tie uni- versity, gave the Key to F. land- to the future." "The onlv remedy is r gospel. There is no-i, the" Bible, frcm :ions. incom utual consent amsnts as cause or ncr one find even remctsiy ate loea." Delegates to the conference met in Fiela tcasr In v.-hat as Cs-', scribed as the largest most repre- sentative I_utberar: ireeting ever, held. Dr. W. A. ilaier c-f Concord.a semi- nary, the principal spenj-ier- decr.ed he termea tne present trend j p totrard atheism and safd tne remedvl >al evil rested irj religion rather than cducaticrj. uneducated th-ef SB ITIICs 53. street rail-vsy .city, started ;n the ne'srlj t_, of the-OJiHO auctcr, d.ed suddenlv fro-n a cornpau neart sracr. at his ncrr.c. lc-5 at 6 morriin3 Mr. J.nishcr a.3 Satur- day and ret.rcd shs accu.rcd in the purchase o: Coc'i farm Czpacitr O a d'-y arid Iro'rr: 35 re ste-dllv emnloven Hi nr fiioniRNF- 5iii fan Han ur SmrUHtiN CIXCISJfATi. O. oiire snhioition or parachute jurr.pln; at of the plant al- Lancet; airport. Harrison, near here cest the l.vts of three ot. tne ana 3 on-Stop Flier Again. DUBOJS. Fa. June ;elcs yestercay for Ner. Ycr-i landed iituatc-d on the r. hcra plan.; er and burner. JCsep-i Hile. f.-.e parachute- lumper. _ o' hsd conirjlc-tcc! a ;ump rrcm 2 630 fr'.rn -r.s c. the "Eur ce 'Wyrfielc. f sld. c; -Jacvscr. shct in C-ccrr? J tie are_rr.--ie ot cf SCOT was t-hys.cisr; vailed ar.c; M.iS IielS r-25 remve-o tc Goc-ci ttan hospital -ahsre ser- tr.5 late horre Sunday after- uneral ?cr- :-ts 33 _ f- ristorTi, HOROraiy PreSICleHCV As f-.e sh.p. pilotea cv Corner alsc- to be s rcs'dcnt c-f cf lack of planslaughter Charge jlt's Beconiiiig More Acccrd.r.; to Scllcltcr vcrv ra.r-.f--.; Sun- fisx: S2.G tc ceer. ccrKpsnior.s or: tr.e clc. road c-utslde "he Trnen the scrident occurred afisrr.c-cr.. Sr.s TO the S o'clocl-i ir; tr.e I SEE BY THE CLASSI- FIED ADS KILI.F.P 0V ;n a Huniingtors 2? ;cday tire on his racing car cut. nr him the cf fiie-eig.-.ths d.rt -raci crushed aoout In iielc! cf abCTit ten drjvers. v'-er. the occurred, of the other injured. __ That a. psrty to rent 2 I it 3 mc-aern 6-rocm hcuse en Terrsce i .._ 1 That if your piano necc> tur-ir.r I of tr.e congress. 1 cr sn e-psriencEc; "PersKts" interested ir> hy- i at yctrr service Resd the j mclxidin; educators I '.on" j prrchistr.sts. social an; I Tho: a cnild's auto. S.cdy snc; otlicr are for ssls That men are wanted fcr roid iri Ir.aiana. r.eec? for sale. cr.e-5p too. WHITE SPACE verv effectr.e larjc '-cry FLA'MES iVTSEAI. Qus- June nuns through srnois to sifoty to- cf tv.e Sacred is verv -.cry arc ctf.Er afr.scts cf celerates crs here -3 6- V' --a-'.'eft......... to t.-.e _cf tjts Sacre i_I_l_T_-------U------------------ F. m. 6.15 a a. -your r-d to 17. _a KWSPAPLRl