Thursday, June 23, 1927

Zanesville Times Recorder

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Times Recorder, The (Newspaper) - June 23, 1927, Zanesville, Ohio F I !S IV mrtments The Goal For Which We Strive serve the People. Kecnrd Hie Truth. L'plioliJ j the RiKht a p. a j I'olnt the tVay to j Progress. All the News All the Time The Activities of the World and Events In your Home Community At Your Door Each. Morning. VOL. XLIII NO. 149 ZANESV1LLE, OHIO, THURSDAY, JUNE 23, 1927 and cooler; Friday fair "Old Ironsides" In Drydock If 11 I f ST Hll jjSurprises Luj Report Three Expect Others to j t Surrender I PRISONERS SAWED j OUT OF BUNK HOUSE! Most of Men Were Serv-j ing Long Sentences, Bad Actors HUNTSVILLE, Tex., June Three of the 35 convicts who escapee j from the Ferguson camp near sonville were reported captured by officials at the state prison here to-; Blgnt i men, all sentenced to long] terms sawed their way from the camp iii mm The passage of the Willis bill, which rtsic of ,-ould establish the Bureau of Insular an independent existence.1, reasonable preparation toj E. economic competition or: i of stronger nations. j Most. Filipinos do not realize the-1 ponsibiiiti'es that, go with inde-j '.dt-nce Their leaders never discuss taking the insular possession. lout- of the hands of the War ant! the! -.N'avy departments, was strongly urg-j ed by Colonel Carmi A. Thompson.! !President Coolidge's personal the financial resources ise-rativs in the Philippines, in an [ne'cessary to maintain an independ- address before the members of the Unt government. LMuskicgum County Bankers' Duties "of "a nation let jtion after a banquet in the grill to support an army !of "ans Wednesday night. "diplomatic corps. H C Van Voorhls. of this I "The" bonded indebtedness o{ ines Isheld b 1. the the unroduced the speaker, who Isheld by the :K of comprehensive review of the sltua-jthe _.Umted Stat should inde-l endence be granted at this time. In- uld spell economic dls- I County Health Physician Orders Pasteur Treatment For Eight-Year-Old Boy-Another Dog Bitten By Afflicted Animal Is Watch Being Kept. On Other Animals In Neighborhood And Other Steps Taken To Prevent Outbreak Of Dreaded Rabies Coun'v Health Physician. Dr, J. M.irhal ran into the yard at the home of j Ed Gatewoori. inspector of the local ONeal has ordered tne Ilnes. and killed a brood '.treatment lor .Jesse Hacker, Bernard Gatewood. 14-year-old I year-old son of Mr. and Mrs, Edward son of Ed. Gatewood. clubbed the dog i Hacker of Webster street Norval it ran from the yard. Fearing the doc might cause dam- who w.-.s bitten on a tc? of his artlons chickens or bite othsr foot by n. mad dog. owned by thejchiidren of the neighborhood, Mr. Harlev' Cunnlnaham familv. also ofjGatawood secured a revolver and i started out on a hunt of the dog wun Webster street, at 8 o clock rcsidents the squad un- jtil a score were seeking out the mad- thejree trade of the Director of Insula would report direct to the Colonel Thompson aj. The old frigate-of-war Constitution Is in drydock ______ !a-t at Charleston Mas' navy yard, for reconditioning and exten- president Coolidge for the first since 1333. when the historic ship was saved from forward manner in whicn ..e v -j "nlrt Tvnn, PnlllinlnP .rieuscue uiii Guards from the prison camp were reinforced by "volunteers from all sec- -fcions of Madison county, called by farm authoritiea to assist in the man Imnt 'Most of the prisoners were serving long tenns. Many were described asj desaerate characters All efforts to communicate with tnej farm by telephone failed, indicating: the convicts cut all wires. So far asj 'could be learned no one was Injured; In the break. diver Wendell Holmes. "Old .on- as in keeping that jxvlth his own recommendation "complete independence for the Phillinlne people is impossible at this time and for "a long time to come. i-hu arrnrdlnc to Thompson is th S-iTbis according to Thomps j first that any president has defi- i'aiid the United States. j i Need Willis Bill i Colonel Thompson says that the en- iiactment of the" Willis bill into law- would remove many of. the obstacles which maJies it impossible to have co- operation between the executive and legislative branches of the govern- must not drop the tasks which we assumed 28 years ago until we have satisfied ourselves that the Fil- ioinos are prepared for complete self- government. We should not take from them their aspiration The Rev. Henry Lewis, rector of anj Ann Arbor. Mich. Episcopal church.; 'surprised an Episcopal church con-; ference in San Francisco by recom-l whether or not unmarried unions1, should be certified. The form "companlonate marriage." as cham- iaay morning. j rampant nvrr the ynriN of VieiglilK'i's. snarling anil j iiltiii" at 'everything within i reiirli, (lie amused tlie ivsl- of Xnrval rmrk to ncllon. 1 Securing rifles, pistols, clulis unil Unlvi-s. a JIOSSH litintert drum tlin ilo.c mill corner- ing Iiliu under n pim-li. Mint Him. It was said that, practically rvi-ryltotly In the posse who t-nr- rliNl" n sun shot at the (log at one time or .-mother during Uie hunt. Dr. O'Neal and Deputy Sheriff Cur-j Watrli Other Dogs While it could not be learned if other dog? had been bitten by the Cunningham dog. a close watch 13 being kept over dogs in Norval park lest an epidemic becomes prevalent la the vicinity. The police department was notified of the rand-dog being at large: In Norval park but referred the call to 'Sheriff McFarland. ploned bv "former Judge Ben Lind-'tis. who were- called to the scene, >i viewed the carcass of the dog andi sey of Denver, Colo., was cited by the Rev. Lewis as the sort, of unwed un- ion the church might, well weigh. nitely told the Filipinos that they not ready for independence. Thompson spoke about the poll- __ ____ 'tics and politicians in the themselves whenever they are I.NEV4 Swlt2erland. June Japan in a position of inferiority. The tripartite naval conference -ibelieved to have gone far enough The men sawed through their bum; on theu 'Japsnase interpretation of nines. He referred to such leaders as Quezon Osmena. Rosas. Recto, Sum- the leaders of the National- H-I japan in a JJUBII.IUU ui the leaders 01 tne J.NKI is Japan is expected to accept cruiser the Demakrata partii to tonnage, however, which would place rv House and Senate and _T UUL.- "chasing the men into the tr. the river bank. The section J which the chase led is. a vir- a; swamo with mud several., inches forcing her It is impassable in many places _____thing except, men on foot. -ox'Farm officials denied reports that -the orisoners had commandeered automobiles and horses. The officers declared the men were driven Into -the woods before they had an oppor- turiity to raid nearby ranches. Piison officials said they 1 ed 1'ttle difficulty in capturing cVu i They declared the dogs wouid te aole to trail the prisoners and that the large force of guards and volunteers available it was only a question of starving the fugitives into surrender. .A messenger from the farm -nollce here that the fugitives were Tjncrmed. He said they sawed through the side of their bunk house without attracting attention. Communication' with the farm <s span. Japanese sensitiveness on the luestion of national superiority is delegation to fight the against putting ratio figures In I projected treaty that would place the effects ol the operation of a pro- able to stand alone as an independent neople. "While we are preparing the Fill-, .pinos for self-government, we should j uw.....___ nd com- not, rcduce the Internal autonomy pared "them with our ward leaders. U-hich they have been granted, unlers "A good deal has been said about tt the so-called politics in the their own conduct, should make this necessary. Touching upon this controversy be- tween Governor General Wood aud like myself.jiiis Philippine legislature. Thompson Colonel Thompson. Don't Want Separation has the sympathy ol the Filipinos at said: heart but" does riot believe that the time has yet come when they should be senaratcd. "Trie United States, has a duty to ject which-Salto submitted to the the Fhilliplne peo- pie'which is not yet completed. They conference. In the meantime there Is shaping a noszible solution of the second crave problem of the Great Britain's desire to reopen and transform, at Geneva the funda- mental provisions of the Washington naval treaty, including the size of battleships, cruisers and air craft car- riers. As a measure of conciliation it is not impossible that the American delegation will prooose the adoption by that any must not abandon the islands to the. should be taken at, once t.0 re-establisli co-operation be- tween the li'sislature and Gov- ernor General Wood. The gov- ernor sencrnl' should be provided with Hie necessary civil nrivls- (Continued on Page. both were of the opinion ho had ibcen suffering from rabies. Dr. O'Neal gave first aid to the injured Hacker boy and then ordered him to take the Pasteur treatment. The toe waa badly lacerated by the dog's teeth. It. was reported. Another Shot 1SANE MI i HI Another clog, a big collie, owned! by H McBrtdo, of Webster street, CLEVELAND, O.. June which was bitten by the Cunning- Ernest Frederick. Warren steel work- ham dog, was shot at the request on trial for first degree murder the owner to prevent, .1 spread of thelm federal court, was insane when drend disease over the neighborhood.I he shot Walter Hoicomb in the War-' All dogs in the vlclnl ,y of Websterlren postoifice, Feb. 28. Dr. S. S. Me- street have been ordered penned up lor tied up for a reasonable length of Lindbergh! time until It is certain none of them .__________ at- noon today. been inoculated with the germs in his flight to Washing- j causing rabies. ton, his plane should pass over this1. According to a. well kiiown resident (city about 1 o'clock. WASHINGTON, June American proposal to Great Britain of naval auxiliary craft was described 'legation wiu pronose vae auupuionu LANSING, Kas., June the conference" of a hunger and darkness after 06 mat any agreement reached atj hours In the depths of the Kansas Geneva will not prejudice the agenda I penitentiary coal mine, 328 mutinous of second Washington confer-1 convicts late today communicated ence. to be held in 1931. This by the I with officials on Che surface for the verv terms of the Washington treaty first time to request that the wives of guards held prisoner underground must convene determine today at the state department as rep- llmited to messengers on horsebaci: 5enjjns tne minimum naval needs of due to the mud is very slow Recently rains have flooded bottom lands and added to transportation difficulties. Guard Uses Gun senting the United States and not susceptible to radical change. Worked out in detail long in ad- j vance, with careftil consideration giv-' whether the developments of science Justify any modification of the deci- sion relative to the size of battle- ships, cruisers and air craft car- riers. Russell asked. "No answered the speaker, and asked that the warden or deputy warden be called to the telephone. Hudspeth was called and asked: "What do you "Some of the officers want to talk of the neighborhood, members of the Cunningham family were awakemci O, June j early Wednesday morning by noise nei'.Charles A. Lindbergh. trans-At-jmade by the dog but paid little at- lantic flying hero, tonight was thejt.entlon to it at the time. truest of the city recognized as the; Aroused Infidel ty with cradle of aviation, and the homo ofj L lpr ln 'the mornlng. the dog ap- Frederick was extiemclj nervous and Kenzie, Warren physician, testified Inte today. Dr. McKenzie. who testified for the defense, said that he was called to tho Frederick home two day? before tho killing and when he arrived: there Frederick came to the window and told him to unlock the door .1 key hidden in the mair box. Or. McKenzie testified Frederick o guars be Emitted to talk to their hus- to their wives came .he answer. "How are the was dismissed with "HI "All right; They are very anxious over bv Deputy Warden E. to talk to their woves. and later It was an- "I'll think it the depu Lr H. Hudspet.-, rounced by Lacey Simpson, member of the prison board, that the request would not be granted because "It would cause confusion at the mine fop." The officials showed a firm determ- ty war- den said, and hung up the receiver. Hudspeth then conferred with Simpson and it was decided to make no concession. Eleven of the fourteen guards and bosess held In the mine are married the man who invented the nil-plane. Colonel Lindbergh arrived in Day- ton tonight from Scott Field, Belle- ville, Ills.. 25 miles from St. Louis and found awaiting him a welcome that for shere enthusiasm and adulation lacked nothing of the tumultuous re- ceptions that" were accorded to him in three capitals of the old world and. In Washington, New York and in St. Louis, although' the comparatively brief notice of his coming gave to the city little time to1 prepare the homage that Is in Its heart- Colonel Lindbergh landed at the new Wright, field near Dayton at p. m.. in a single seat army pursuit; plane, in which he took off from Scott i Field at 4 p. m. An escort of two; similar planes accompanies the New York to Paris flier, one carrying Ma- jor Thomas F. Lenphicr. commandant of the first pursuit group, Sclfrldge Field. Mich., and the other Lieutenant St. Clair Street. He also was accom- ination to concede nothing to the and have their homes near the pns- mutinee-s who yesterday morning I on. Only two of the wives, however, 1 seized the'mine as a oart of a demon- have called at the prison today in- about their husbands. "i stratum to enforce their demands for I cigarets. The pre-arranged mi of bloodhounds were as- icjent of the three power conference i to the chase. Authorities indl- ls authorized to revise it. has not been SAN DIEGO, Cal.. no more volunteers would o? Disclosed. j Lieutenant Coi i said that this was the Lacking official reports from Gib- Hactor and Char. Io was number of prisoners ever farm. son as to his own view and those of his naval advisors regarding the Brit- ish and Japanese counter proposals, spokesmen for the administration would express only general opinions the progress of the conference. _.jey remained hopeful that the Gib- Ison plan would be written into any I final agreement. June __der William S. K. Robbins, naval aviation machinist mate, tonight were believed to have been drowned follow- ing the crash of a naval torpedo plane in the ocean four miles off Laguna Beach last night. The body of a man tentatively iden- tified as that of Robbins was washed ashore today at Newport Beach and all hone of finding Hactor alive had been "abandoned by naval officers directing the search. demonstration Hudspeth's firm stand with the mutineers was commended today by peared in a snarling mood and start- ed to nan around the house P-IK! then over the neighborhood. Running Into the yard of the Hacker home, is snap- ped "at the Hacker boy wlio became scared and kicked at whereupon it bit him. The pain of the dog's bite was tn- l.ense and the boy screamed, arous- ing the neighborhood. Leaving the Hacker home, the an.- panied by Harold M. Bixby, Harry Ball Knight and Major William B. Robertson, three of his St. Loxils backers. In an army transport plane. Colonel Lindbergh came clown on Wilbur Wright field to tho frenzied j outbreak STEBBSNVILLE. O.. June 22 of the Pittsburgh Co Company are expected to cite today s the. streets of Adena cheering of several thousand Daytoni-jwhen R. W. McCasland. superlnten- .ulmlnated last night in a riot of W. H. Mackay in a telegram] ans. He heard again the cry prisoners in cell house B. during which the burning of the prison Avine house factory had been planned. The uprising was quickly quelled. However, when the deputy warden opened fire an the rioting convicts after one guard had been stabbed. Today Che twine factory was idle and the 120 "hardboiled" convicts employed there were locked in their cells. A machine gun brought to the pris-j on by Sheriff R. E. Galvin of Leven- worth county, was set up "for display. police and Wright field offl- Iclals quickly surrounded the plane and escorted Lindbergh to an auto- mobile and within a few minutes he was in the city and at the head of a parade quickly formed for the occa- sion. He entered the kclty to the chec-rinf of suburbanites'and sped on to the home of Orvllle Wright, whose guest he is tonight. No public cere- dent or the company was braised wil.ii a." rock thrown from a crowd of striking miners In an attempt to 66-If cure a permanent Injunction at a' hearing in Columbus tomor..... paced up and down the room Donald McCury. city editor of the Warren Tribune-Chronicle testified that on his way to jail Frederick told wlio became him. "I just shot off the third end th e canine, of an eternal triangle and sent a soul to hell that was long past due." Dr. C. W. Thomas, another War- ren physician testified that when Fre-derlck was under the influence of liquor he was a pronounced para- noiac, but when sober he was "high- ly intelligent." The defense, when court adjourned. Tor the day late this afternoon stat- ed that it will introduce further ex- pert testimony tomorrow to show Frederick was not of sound mind at the time of the killing. Robert, Frederick, son of the ac- cused man, a lad of 16 years was on, the stand most of the morning1 and told of the queer actions of Ills rather prior to the shooting. 3 OiRL'S ASSWUHt: is- LIES IN COURT BY Today's disturbance, was the. first DUNCAN. Okla., June Arch Gilbreath, father of a complain- -___ing witness in a criminal assault -achines carrying i shot and killed. B. F. Cos, in the dis- 18 CHICAGO. purposes. mi OF TUT nnftstifrT here F THE PIPIT <rs Lieutenant Thomas Fisher, pilot ofj (the plane, saved his life by swimming' nine" hours to shore. He arrived today with the details of the Call From Mine A squadron of seaplanes and the destroyers MacDonough and Corry to- day searched the area where the tor- Georgia., June d disappeared nnfiStS. ___c. _ or Mohamroaden priests. paiteriioon. _ (t-lir The rain was Accompanied "don't approve of the radio which has _L i. ciiii ___ 4-1-. f. nip Tft.- a fairly Heavy wind and was con- to the South almost entirely area. streets of the village and penetrated the almost inacessible re- gion of Sventia a district on the south slopes of the Caucasian raoun- The Mullahs thereabouts are aLiccLo u-4- ------V i were filled with water buv ?2reports that much damage had been SFcaused to growing crops and property fences were greatly exaggerated "Wo left, Crescent City, Cal.. at 1 :15 p. in., Tuesday for San Diego in the torpedo Lieutenant Fisher said. "at about p. m., while four miles off Laguna Beach the plane suddenly struck the surface of the sea. It The c had ma ternoon when they four times saved by last minute re- n the m'nelprteves Russell T. Scott, sentenced to silence until this af- "death for murder, gained a new trial Colonel Lindbergh will leave i, i at noon tomorrow for "irn is returning to tho business. stones were ds b t one of the miners f" X DREW VERY WEAK Thomas Rook, legal representative and T. C, Townscnd, Charleston. caHed Superin- tendent Peter F.ussell on the mine telephone. Russell had manned the telephone to the mine. "What conditions do you esidents indulging in fiery diatribes against "ln less thatl Jive minutes." the "devilish" invention of the ene- mies of the prophet and recently a. western receiving outfit was publicly damned before a huge crowd of on- i lookers and then thrown down a Hand to statements o. n the Munat wer drVDelJod when the rain Iliad its results and the radio is OSES KfcAl oAtr today when the state supreme remanded his case with severe crlt- j remained "very weak" today. SAN FRANCISCO. June 22-W i va.. counsel for the United Mine -John Drew, veteran American actor, j Workers, will miner. similar charges-at Lawton and Ard- more, Okla. Questioning of prospective jurors was about to begin and Judge E. L. Richardson had announced that as the testimony would be shocking in At-i tomorrow's hearing. They were In after about one-half hour dur-jm Sventia. iation. Only a slight rain fall was re- Igprtert at White Cottage during hs has the] II1IIIIIII1I1IHII1IIIII Lieu tenant Fisher had staggered ashore during the night, weak and suffering from cuts on his hand andi CLEVELAND, O., over an eye. He told how the three U massed chorus of men, all wearing life belts, hau start- women sang tonight at the opening ed to swim to shore from the place! 00ncert of the 36th national Saenger une 1000 men ai where the seaplane sank. iaite.-noon and there was no rain what-j TUfTTO IT r THE WEATHER Iclsm of Judge Marcus Kavanaugh and the office of Robert E. Crowe. Cook county state's attorney. "We wish it distinctly understood that we have not even considered the question of whether the shown by legitimate evidence this casa to be sane or insane with-j in the meaning of the- said If the court. MThe last pha-se of Scott's case -went: before the high court upon an appeal! from a derision that he had recover- ed sanity and was subject to hang- ing after his life once had been saved) minute finding that he! insane and after he had served) vuiy noh- phvsiclans have virtually j conference ncre today. Colonel Rob aandoned5 hope of hi, recovery. crt Haubrecht. governors investl- Drew was stricken with arthritis wv-igntor ftturned to Columbus today eral weeks ago. after completing his inspection. f character, some persons might wish to leave the room, when Gilbreath rose and fired. Cox dropped to the courtroom floor dead. Gilbreath surrendered .his revolver to a court attache and was arrested. Rivals Babe Ruth As Attraction; One Ntght was fest in the public auditorium here. Hundred of German-American singers from ail parts of the nation poured into Cleveland all day today! for the three-day festival. Twenty-1 seven special trains were chartered to bring the singers from more than] 125 cities for the Saengerfest. many months in the state prison forl the criminal insane. EsfpTOOSTER. O.. June brae Butt rick. New York, delivered iormw at tor.iclu's sessions of 'he'; synod ot Ohio In session: "WKDNKSPAY'S TEMPERATURE Reatiin.C" By Balrd Sliurtz 3 a. m.......................74 7 a. m.......................7? in o. m......................85 12 i noon'! ...................91 2 p. m.......................p" 4 p iTl......................o. 6 P. BUDAPEST, Hungary, June D. Chamberlln and 5SSS iisSS, Sylrig Friday, slightly vlslt from to Budapest In their monoplane .the Columbia, in which they made their flight from New York to Germany. I The roads from the flying field at Matasfoeld to the city were lined a great crowd of people anxious to see fliers, while other thousands gathered outside of the hotel of which j they stepped in Budapest. Chamberlin was presented with a stiver lovins cup and Levine with RIETTA p. m. in p. m 12 i midnight i 8129.000. nex Foreign year i-n3 win nc.-.- ol- p t todsv l5 silver laurel" wreath by the Hungarian Aero club, while laudatory speeches Rises today a. m. U-ere. made by the American minister. todav p. rn.jj. Butler Wrkht. the burgomaster of R tods'y !-23 a. ar.d the Hungarian minis-- :56 .p. m.Uer of commerce. PIERRE, S. D-. -7'ine BY concurrent resolution ndopt- ptl n? Its first IcRlslatlre act. the South Dakota legislature con- vened In cjiccial session iicre to- day named the mountain which towers over the state same lodge, President Calvin Conllrise's sum- mer White house, "Mount Cool- itls-.'' The mountain, second lilslieft In (lie liillf. has been knmvn lu-rclnforc "flipep and "Lyokout mounlaln." __ Urgent pleas for the Improvement of the Marietta road from High Mill to the Morgan county line, z, rtis- Itance of about seven miles were made I by a delegation of property owners 1 before the county commissioners Wad- jnesday from Meigs township and vi- jclnlty. I According to statements made by i members of the delegation this stretch of road Is in worse condition than ony road In coun- ty. The road which the county com- missioners are asked to improve Is known as No. 43. The residents of the district served by the road were especially anxious that the commissioners provide cqulp- ment for the grading of ths road at 'an early XTEW YORK. 1 ial) "Peaches" Heenan Browning is not. so poor, after all Six affidavits were filed at Carmel, N. Y.. last night toy Kevie Frankcl and Milton C. Gallon, at- torneys of No. 113 West, Forty- second street, on behalf of Ed- ward West Browning, alleging that "Peaches" earned more than since April. In Browning's affidavit there Is an allegation that his wife, has in several banks, of which was located by John P. Gorman. Browning's confidential assistant. In 'the Ninety-sixth rtmefc branch of the National City Bank, Browning say-. Opposes Appeal These documents were entered last night in opposition to "Peaches" demand for ?-n addi- tional with which to pros- ecute her appeal from Supreme Court Justice Albert P. Seger's decision granting "Daddy" Brown- ing a legal separation from his wife and denying her any fur- ther alimony. "Peaches" told the court that she was not, in a position to her appeal." r.or "can i alfcTd the necessary "Daddy" counters with "this plication for additional allow- ances on appeal are not made in good faith and without any ex- pectation of success, ihe mere fact that, I am a man of wealth should not be a good reason for I me to pay any Allowances to an adverse party without sufficient I legal reasons." Got. a Nirilit Arthur Horowitz and Arnold Stoltz, theatrical producers and promoters, who swear they se- cured bookings for Peaches, state that she has been receiving be- tween and 52.000 weekly. They list the theaters and caba- rets'where she performed and in four instances aver that she re- ceived for one evening's en- tertainment. Max Hart, theatrical manaser of No. 1560 Broadway, submits a copy of his contract with for a subscribed to by her moth- er, Carolyn H. Hecnan. as "legal guarrjian'of the 'Artist.' Theatrical experts testify that WEATHER NOT RI8HT m ATLANTIC FLIGHT i________ ROOSEVELT FIELD. N. T., June today nor yet tomorrow, 'the remorseless refrain that has Issuing from the weather bureau ever since Commander Richard E. Byrd was first ready to fly to France, was repeated by the weather man today. Winds, fog, rain, low pressure areas, almost every sort of unfavorable at- mospheric phenomenon that can be registered on the diverse Instruments atop the Whitehall building in New York, were cited as continuing rea- sons why no take off should be made tonight, cr tomorrow morning or ernobn. Ill j GREENVILLE. O.. June IJoe Eten. 41. of Elkhart. Ind., and Mrs. Marian Burnett. 27, of New Bre- Imen, o.. arrested two weeks ago in j connection with the Ansonla bank 'robbery, were released from the I Darke "county jail today. Officials aa- MrY to her inounced they had.been unable --to i discover any evidence liniunK the i couple with the robbery. The man land woman were arrested at St.g S Marys and brought here a week agr K present pace, should have en- gagements within the next, year that would earn .'or her between and lEWSPA.PE.8r lEWSPA.PE.8r