Tuesday, December 3, 1935

Evening Gazette

Location: Xenia, Ohio

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Text Content of Page 1 of Evening Gazette on Tuesday, December 3, 1935

Evening Gazette (Newspaper) - December 3, 1935, Xenia, Ohio V For Fifty Years A Daily Newspaper THE FTE FULL LEASED WIRE TELEGRAPH NEWS SERVICE Cloudy, light snow- eastand north, much colder in north Tues- day night. Wednes- day cloudy and_cold- er. jfc- VOL. LIV NO. 288 PRICE THREE CENTS XENIA, OHIO, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 3, 1935 EIGHT PAGES es To Firm Policy 'NO SOLOMON IN MOUNTAIN GEORGE URGES FULL SUPPORT FOR COVENANT Favors Strengthening Of Defenses In Speech To Parliament LONDON, Dec. pledged Great Britain forcefully and unequivocally today to the government's firm policy in the Italian- Ethiopian crisis. In a apeech from the throne of the house of lords at the state opening of parliament, read in his absence by the lord high the king com- mitted the country to: support of the League of Nations. in cooperation with other countries of the League covenant, with its Article XVI pro- vidlng for penalization of war- maker. j of its influence in j Police expected Tuesday to con- favor of an Italian-Ethiopian a survey tff Xenia business acceptable to Italy, Ethiopia and j establishments to compliance LEfWISBURG, W. Va., Dec. 3. 'earnest men from the Virginia hills strug- gled for two and a half hours with a strange problem of mor- ality involving the childish love of a girl of six that flowered into nuptial love six years la- ter, and reported themselves unable to agree. They had been asked to de- cide whether William Roman, 34, who took a child "from her parents when she was six, cared for her for six years and then married (her, was guilty of kidnaping. Their report was to Judge Sumner H. Sharp last night. As a result Roman re- turned to jail to -say until Jan- uary, when probably he will be tried again. Has child wife, now 14, carried her one, year old baby to the home of relatives where she is. Irving. A crude country courtroom yesterday become theatre for sucndrama as must have attended 'the -traditional judg- ment of Solomon, but it -had no S olomon and, there was no judgment. While her half sister held her'baby, Mrs Roman, pretty, dark-haired, and, despite maternity, a child with a child- ish appearing bbdy, assured the earnest-faced miners -and laborers in the jury box that she had Iqft home with Rom- an when she was six because she loved him and that still loved him. "I loved him and I wanted to go with she said in her thin child's voice. "He didn't coax me to stay with him and he didn't make any promisee he couldn't keep." She around the courtroom continued: "I still love' him and I want to be with him always.. Several times he asked me if I wanted King George's Sister, Princess Victoria, Dies (Continued On Page Two) ON SLOT the c e with an ultimatum that operation national obligations under the cov- enant and .to safeguard the empire. The state opening of parliament was to have beein one of pomp and pageantry with the king reading his speech in the house of lords where the two houses, lords.and commons, met in joint session for the thirty-seventh British parlia- which may go -down, in history as a war parliament. But because of the death .today of the firing's sister, Princess Victoria, hQ not Lord Hadlthaim, the lord high the speech from the speech from which there, is no retraction because while it Is written foy the cabinet for the king, it represents not the pronouncements of a government but. a powejr which is the symbol of the national unity. The speech opened with the cus- tomary: "My relations with foreign pow- ers continue to be friendly." It went directly into the Italian- Ethiopian chants last week of plans for fltrict enforcement of the.city's an- ti-gambling ordinance, involving a warning that operation of "chance" machines must .cease after .the deadline set. "v In the of establishments where such machines have been in- stalled, devices still found to be in operation in defiance' of v the police order, were to be confis- cated and the operators prosecuted. ASSEMBLY REJECTS DAVEY'S REFUNDER PROGRAM FOR DEBTS Appropriates Fund, To Meet Bonded Debt Already Due COLUMBUS, O., Dec. ing Governor Davey's plan to However, machines still on' tte, fund the state's bonded debt of premises but not in operation1 were i the legislature last night not scheduled to be molested! >n-wai- nf.f. Tuesday, pending their removal MUSSOLINI AND HIS CABINET CONSIDER INTERNAL AFFAIRS Warlike Defiances T r League Absent At Latest Session ROME, Dec. Benito Museolini and his cabinet, fighting grimly to defeat the strangling penalties of the League of Nations, devoted themselves completely to Internal affairs today at their sec- "My government's foreign policy j ond meeting in aeventy-two hours. will as heretofore be based on Activities of the ministries of foreign affairs, war, navy and in- firm support of the League of Na- tions. They will remain prepared to fulfill in cooperation with other t- ,1 j ri ember? of the League the obli- the communique which followed rations of the covenant. In particu- two nour t midnight, and it i was immediately sent to the execu- itive offices. The governor, how- ever, had- not waited for the legis- lature consideration of the'bill, so it will be laid him today., The administration's 'measure fo .-refund the outstanding" obligations. Was Spinster Member Of Royal Family; Lived Modestly LONDON, Dec. Princess Vic- toria, eldest of the two surviving sisters of King George V, died to- day after a severe stomach hemor- rhage at her home in Ivor, Buck- inghamshire. "Her royal highness died a peace- ful death at a. said a bulletin issued at Princess Victoria's modest home, eighteen miles west of London. She was sixty-seven years old, three years younger than the mon- arch. Because PRISONER AND GUARD WOUNDED AS DARING ESCAPE PLOT FAILS All But Two Or Three Of Fugitives Recaptured; Police Join Guards From Massachusetts Prison In Searcji of her death, King OHIO REPUBLICANS TURN THUMBS DOWN ON HERBERT HOOVER George abandoned his plan to par- ticipate in today's ceremonial open- ing of parliament. Reading of the "king's speech" was delegated to Viscount Hailsham, lord chancel- lor. At her bedside was her younger sister, Queen Maud of Norway, is in England on a private visit. Princess Victoria Alexander plga Mary of Windsor was born July 6, 1868, in Marlborough House, where she spent most of her life with her mother, the' late Queen 1 Alexandra. as she was called by her family, was less in the public eye than any member of the royal fam- ily. She never married. So com- pletely was her life devoted to her father, the late King Edward VII and to her mother after Alexandra j was widowed in 1910, that she was 159 years old before she had a home 1 of her own. Then she bought the Buckinghamshire cottage. (BULLETIN) BOSTON, Dec. desperate daylight break by six long-term convicts from Massachusetts' century-old state prison ended swiftly today with one prisoner and a truck driver reported slain and another fugitive and three guards wounded. Within two hours, all the prison-breakers were captured, dead or alive. Wildest confusion prevailed at the old penitentiary which is in the Charlestown district. The break" was the most serious in recent years. Reports said the convicts secret-1 Somerville, using freight cars- as ed themselves in one of the build-' ings against a high stone wall fronting the Boston and Maine Railroad tracks. Apparently at a prearranged sig- nal, the men scaled the wall. Guards in coops on the opposite wall espied them and opened fire with long-range rifles. The prisoners not brought down raced into the railroad yards and dashed along the tracks toward shields from bullets. Within half an hour after break, approximately 100. police- men raced from Boston headquar- ters in cruiser cars had reinforced the score or of guards. Pur- suers kept taking potshots at the fugitives as they ran along the tracks. All the escaped -men still wore prison ga'rb, of gray and trousers. GANG MEMBERS ed the emergency clause fif- ty-sir to sixty-one and then votfed down the -bill itself fifty-five to six- ty-two. Five Democrats and fifty- seven Republicans. opposed the bill. After the house rejected the ad- ministration bill, the appropriation bill, carrying to pay off the notes 'and for interest since the maturity date, was in- troduced in the senate by Sen- ator William H. Herner (D) Huron County, and was rushed through as an emergency measure. Wlhen it reached the house, it was brought up for immediate con- sideration there, sponsored by Rep. Julian H. Schweller (-D) Put- nam County, who designated it "a not a candidate" but agreed almost very shorfi and sweet bill." unanimously that the resolution Acting on word from the gover- was sound in principle and that the nor administration leaders in the ex-President should eliminate nim- house supported the appropriation self from presidential talk. measure, with the result that only The committee approved the eight Democrats and one Republi- "favorite son" program advanced [by State Chairman Edward B. Be Candidate Again Is Concensus Gazette Columbus Bureau By ALLEN SMITH COLUMBUS, O., Dec 3- Ohio Republican leaders today had ex- pressqd themselves "informally" that Herbert Hoover should not be a candidate for the presidential nomination. The G. O. P. state central com- mittee yesterday decided not to vote on a resolution that "Herbert can opposed it. Those voting against it were: Schorr, and the state's delegation week end. When today was set for the meeting, after the cabinet's ses- sion Saturday, it was hinted there would be a statement of world im- portance. Not only the present diplomatic situation, which may give last mo- ment hope of averting the proposed oil embargo against Italy, but the throttling effect already noted of ence at London this month with a al resistance to the League. view to conclusion of a new in- ternational treaty for limitation of naval armaments. I have learned with satisfaction that all the in- vitations to this conference have been, accepted and I trust that its (Continued On Page Two) PRISONER ESCAPES boycott, apparently affected the plan, A seven page communique listed a number of minor decrees intend- ed further to strengthen the nation- n rvo 0 DecJJ al prisoner escaped from his floor cell in Central Police Station j here early today. The prisoner, Wil- j liam Lyons, 27, Columbus, was to have gone on trial today in a fed- eral court on a charg-e of btirglariz- j ing a postal sub-station, Feb. 22. There were new measures to prevent profiteering and hoarding by business and individuals. Penal- ties were provided for both of- fenses. One decree created an institute for research into an exploitation of Italian Another pro- vided for regulation of the extrac- tion of light oils from coal. Diplomatic quarters at once ex- pressed mild, in view of last minute there jwas no reference to foreign policy i or the international situation. The Christmas play of the Thom- as Softool at Norwalk, Conn., will bring the stage debut of another Barrymore Diana Barrymore daughter of John Barry- more and his divorced 'novejlist- wife, Michael Strange. The 14-year- old student says she hopes to be- come a professional actress when her schooling is completed. Holding Act War Big Help To Lawyers Courts Flooded With Suits; payers, Pay OBTAINS LOAN BUT KEEPS TEETH NEW YORK, Dec. Lew- j is, Oklahoma cowboy who Gazette Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON, Dec. a ifine thing for lawyers and their bankrolls, but the current fight of the "power trust" companies against the holding company act is costing security holders, consum- ers, and taxpayers millions of dol- lars. i Through the spring and. summer of the year the administration's battle for the act stood out as its engagement with combina- it felt should be curbed. FOR TWO CENTS O., Dec. McNamee reported to police he was hejid up and robbed of two nennies. Seven hours later detec- summers on a Carmel, N. v e A Sves arrested George R. Hunter, j ranch, asked a pawnbroker wheth- j That was a battle of legislators and 27, and charged him with ier hei'd lend money on eight dia-; ________------------- !mond teeth. I which 'nas The Democrats Cuyahoga; Bombeck, Cuyahoga; Dunn, Tus- to the convention will go unpledged ready to throw its strength to the most likely candidate. (Continued pn Page Five) "Wlith the announcement at the committee's meeting that Clarence Brown, of Blanchester and Jamee T. JBegg of Cleveland, definitely would not seek the Republican nomination for governor, the left clear for Attorney Gen- eral John W.. Brickeiv Although no formal resolution of support was tendered Mr. Bricker, his candi- dacy was viewed with favor and enthusiasm by the party chiefs. Informal approval also was giv- en the candidacy of T. J. Herbert, Cleveland, for attorney general, Joseph Tracy, for his present post of .state auditor, and Harry S. Day, for his present position, of state EAST AND WEST ROMANCE ENDS Clerk Sues Chinese Presi- dent's Son COLTTMBUiS, -O., Dec, a divorce suit on fflq here taday, Mrs. Viola Brown Lin, former five and ten cent store clerk, charged K. M. James Lin, foster son of the Chinese president wijh gross ne- glect. Lin. an Ohio State University student, and Miss Brown, 24-year- old brunette, married secret- ly in Ashland, Ky., last July 14. When their marriage became gen- erally known, Lin's father ed. His objection was reported to have resulted in their separation on Sept. 9, with a financial settle- mejit on the bride. Lin returned to. China "to live according to the di- vorce petition, which also asked re- storation cf her maiden name. treasurer. iNo selection of a favorite son was made at the gathering, but it MUSKOGEE, Okia., Dec. T. Heady and Dewey Gilmore, mem- bers of the 'Irish O'Malley gang whcf were convicted of participating in double national bank robbery at Okemah, Okla., critically wound- ed Ben Bolton, Muskogee detective chief, and escaped from jail here today. RIVER, N. J., Dec. Although Ella Hoover Thatchar 85. think that a liking for doing the horn- pipe and riding at miles an hour is proof incane. contesting suit by her children before a lunacy com- mission for a guardian of her annual income.. Capt. Burt Reed of 'her private yacht testified yesterday about her dancing ability and yen for speed. He said she also enter- tained him with grand opera sung over a snack in her- kitch- en. Mrs, Thatcher says she js a sixth cousin of former President Hoover. She formerly was prssir- dent of the Women's Christian Temperance Union. CLIPPER BATTERED BY STORM ARRIVES SAFELY AT ISLAND Rockets A1 d Landing; Was Worst Weather Yet Encountered FARMERS ATTENDING CHICAGO'S STOCK SHOW FAVOR AAA PROGRAM Survey At Exposition Shows Wallace To Visit Friendly Ground; Canadians Win Prizes; Ohio State Has Duroc Jersey Champ INTERNATIONAL AMPHITHE- ascus, J. C. Robinson, Towauda, ATRE, UNION STOCK YARDS, 'Chicago, Dec. of Agri- culture 'Henry A. Wallace will be on friendly ground when he visits the International Livestock Expo- sition today. The average farmer who has enough money to "the wife and kids" to Chicago for this great farm and stock spectacle favors the administration's farm program. An independent survey by the United Press indicated that among the thousands who have attended the exposition thus far, the AAA was favored almost six to one. Kan., William B. Murray, Welling- ton, O. second. Percheron stallions between 4 and 5, G. A. Dix and Sons, Dela- ware. O. Second, Leland Caron and Lester Rulon, Arcadia, ind. Duroc Jersey Barrow: champion. Ohio State University. Reserve, University of Minnesota- Breeding Aberdeen Angus cattle: bulls calved between Jan. 1, 1934, and April 30, 1934: winner, James B. Hollinger. Chapman, Kan. Sec- ond, Marshall Farms, Lafayette, Ind. Senior champion bull: J. Garrett As cheerful and friendly as a Tolan, Pleasant Plains 111. Saturday night carnival crowd, the spectators today were a throng constantly on the move. Showman and spectator alike stopped to com- ment on the AAA and the federal government's attitude toward agri- culture. Wallace was to arrive some time today for a visit "purely as a spec- officials said. He was not scheduled to speak. Honors won by Canadians were increased today with the announce- ment that a Soughdown lamb shown by J. D. Larkin, Inc., of WASHINGTON, Dec. j Queenstown, Ontario, was awarded Mathews, one of the five commis- i grand championship in the sioners of the s.ecurities and ex- j wethers class. A grade and cross Chester Bolton of Cleveland was the probable cliaice. change commission, plans to resign shortly and return to private busi- ness, it was learned today. Junior champion bull: Oklahoma A. and M. WAKE ISLAND, Dec. American Airways' China Clipper landed here at p. m; a. m. EST) after a mile flight from Gaum along a transocean course flailed by a driving rain- storm and buffeting headwinds. The big ship, commanded by Capt. Edwin G. Musick, completed the trip in thirteen hours, forty- seven minutes. The Clipper was seventeen minutes behind schedule because of the storm which caused the fliers to travel nearly the en- tire distance at altitudes of 880 feet or less. The Clipper sighted Wake at a. m. EST and radioed its position to the landing crew. Rockets were sent up from the base, and, the landing was effected without incident with the aid ol harbor and landing lights, part of Pan America's equipment at its five mid-ocean landing stations. Headwinds reached velocities as high as thirty-eight miles an hour. Temperatures along the course varied from 67 to 84 degrees. It was not until the Clipper was 290 miles from Wake- that Capt. Musick reported the bearing a cargo of mail from Manila and Gaum, had cleared the storm area. The storm krought the worst weather the Clipper had encoun- tered on its round-trip inaugural airmail flight from California tc the Philippines. JONES (S OFFERED PEEK'S POSITION Votes Money To Attack Tree Beetle COLUMBUS, Dec. The state today declared war on the Japane.se beetle, pestiferous bred iamb shown by the University of trees and shrubbery. WASHINGTON, Dec. H. Jones, veteran chairman of the Re- construction Finance Corporation, is expected to .decide today wheth- er he will accept an offer to suc- ceed George N. Peek as presi- dent of the banks. Peek, a prominent member of the original group of New Deal "brain resigned yester- day rafter splitting with the ad- ministration over trade policies. The post was then offered tp Jones. i Peek also quit his duties as spe- cial trade adviser to President of Kentucky won the reserve grand Armed with a appropria- Roosevelt. SHOULD OHIO SCHOOL CHILDREN SALUTE FLAG? OPINION championship. 'tion from the emergency board, j Percheron stalions, 5 years and lEarl Hanefeld, director of agricul- over, grand champion stalion, Dam- jture, marshalled his forces to di- -__ a spray of arsenated lead at the insects. WILL DMU CHRISTMAS SEALS ,hag ,ost none of lts TEMPERATURES YESTERDAY (Up to 6 p. m.) Low Boston ----------------28 Chicago ---------------16 Cleveland-------------24 Denver ----------------22 Des Xos Angeles----------56 Miami, Fla. ----------62 New 42 New York ------------32 Seattle __________42 Xenia i Two i S. bureau of plant quarantine will j j come, to the state this week to con- i {duct a survey of Japanese beetle i infestations and then assist Hane- ifeld in formulating a detailed cam- paign. i Actual warfare probably will not COLUMBUS, O- Dec. attorney general's office. Accord- j question' of whether Ohio school [ing to Bowsher, Ohl said informally j COLUMBUS, 0. children may be required to salute i that he didn't believe that, a child civilian "Conservation Corps in the i start until spring with W1PA work- the flag and sing patriotic songs! could be expelled solely on thejfjfth C0rps army area will be re-! ers doing the spraying, Hanefeld was almost lost today in a maze of jgrounds of such refusal. duced by. 11.-100 men between now 'said. 36 28 28 58 34 74 70 56 42 58 30 j Lewis opened-his mouth, j broker poked an appraising finger High inside. j I "Two hundred he of- j Ifered. "Le.t's go to a dentist and i get them out." Lewis said. "I've had j on Page Four) CENTENARIAN DIES statements of officials of whom the question had been aaked. F. R. Hftrrls, head of the Green- Ohl, on the other hand, said March 31, 1936. had not given such an opinion. He j nounced here today. said "someone from the education it was an- The agriculture director asked sthe emergency board for funds to gradual discharge of men !purchase materials after a confer-' MANCHESTER, O., Dec. twenty years and need them i Nancy Grooms, 104, Adams Coun-1 parents are members of a department" called by telephone enlisted in fifty-seven companies in jence with officials of the Wsashing- department of education what he land asked him what was the law j the area, which comprises Ohio.! ton who declared that Ohio j could do about three Negro chil- i on the subject. Ohl said he told Indiana. Kentucky and West Vir- jmust be placed under a plant idren in Greenfield schools whoso inquirer to bring whatever corre- ginia, will start immediately. j quarantine unless steps were tak- rc- to- eat ty's oldest resident, died here yes- j ligious sect called "the Witnesses They fixed things with a prom- i terday. She is survived by ninety j of Jehovah." The children refused iissory note, signed by two of Lew-1 great grandchildren and twelve {to salutv flag or sing patriotic is' friends, authorizing the broker great great grandchildren. Five of to send the cowboy to a dentist Mater if the loan isn't repaid. Mrs. Grooms' eleven children are 'still living. songs. B. L. Bowsher said 1 the question to Charles Ohl, of the spondence he had on the subject; A ban has been placed on the i en to destroy the beetles, and they would go over the mat-1 enlistment of junior enrollees un- i ter. til next March 31. No one, according to Ohl, has The adjustments are to be made amen him and he did not give an to conform with .a national qxiota. informal opinion, verbally or in of for the quarter beginning writing, on the subject. 1. 1936. PHYSICIAN DIES ATHENS. O., Dec. Wil- liam N. Alderman, S2, prominent i Athens physician, died here yes ter-1 Shopping Days

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