Thursday, January 26, 1888

Van Wert Republican

Location: Van Wert, Ohio

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Van Wert Republican, The (Newspaper) - January 26, 1888, Van Wert, Ohio VAN WERT REPUBLICAN. PUBLISHED EVPBY THURSDAY. K. T. 1 Our Ka-.ilitii'H for FINFJOB PRINTING Arc t.r-t-rlii.V-, and -...JUT of ytnir -.1 Mili.-r ..'nek, N -rti. -V .sinnK >uMlr HIP! THE VAN WERT REPUBLICAN. VOL. V VAX WETtT, OTTIO, THURSDAY, JANUARY 26. 1888. NO. 42, I XT Aft! A BLT IX copr, one year, f 1 months....... 7ft One oop T 50 for a period than womb s. _ BATES OF ADVERTISING. One flnrt insertion >1.00 Each subsequent inMrtlon CO Nine const itnte a square. AdmlKittraton. Auigncci and each in advance 2 XX) column one year 100.00 One column six month KJ.OO OBC column three months 80 00 Local per line, each week 10 An HOIK s! Piano an Honest Price.1 THE EVERETT PIANO JJY THE KVEKETT PIANO COMPANY, XOH. 388 to JJO.-J Fc-dura! Struct. IJoston, Mass. GOOD AGENTS ddress, PORTER DAVIS .General Agents, Southwest corner PuMie Square, LIMA, OHIO. THE EVERETT PIANO Surpasses in every feature all of like price. IN TONS Combines volumo with tDurity swaetness. IN TCUCH Combines lightness, elasticity a d delicacy, IN FINISH, Beau.iful designs and'best workmanship. Remember this Piano is WARRANTED for seven years. THE CELEB8HTEO EX.1MIIIHG PHYSIGUI UNO SOlGtON, K TIIK- OhiQ Deform Sanit <rium and Medical Institute, Ai O., will in.ikr m-xi ro V.m NVrn, Ohio, nn Sunday and Monday, January 22d and 23d, 1888. t Office at.Avt'iiuo House. Oonsultutiou free. not Tllf. <H im iHMiV.u n .M< county even tlonul. Inn iii iitiii a IIL- n isiicd Kiin-pe m HIII- s ,viii4- hi- pink-ill- tin- tr-iulilt- urn. three tunes .1 ticate-l over IvJ IXK) cases in Ohio in the twn year-'. w.ii -h hau bren Kivcn up as iSCl'llAlii.K, .some to be hliinl. othei'K Meat, and H nuniln-r to bo limrids Hut I'uhold see and hoar, Hiid main are on Hie road u> ne ,ltii and improving everv day. Tin Moctor is surrounded wilh the lai-_'e-t collection of line i islrmnents L-V-T t thlx foninry ti-eating .iM disease ..f .be II ud. Kar. Throat, llchrl. -I. nnn-b I.JVLT Kidneys 1'lnddi-r. "-kin. iJrain uid Nerv >un in i an- eers, Tmnor'. 1'il. M. Swe-lliiK-. I'll nil nn. Neuralgia, Hheuiu HSIM. (.ont.'sl.-k llr.iil M-III-. D bl.ity 01 Sitint.s. Diseases of rhi dren, llrudiiM'.v Pis etc.. etc.. and. in f-icr, all Inn .r-siiniil nir and CMironic All niux.e.d opcr lion- Delay is Dangerous. Mil iv di-fii-es ai-e so deceptive ilvH Imndred- of pers -u- have them hufore they even sn.speet it. Tlu-y know tliey are well, hut are per- fectly ignorant ol 'the deadly fanv> hi--" ut'e fast -nliiK upon them, and mnsl. -oi'iier or I ter. pri-tainly destroy th-ni. tin e.-s a nkillful "h n d. ynn .iniieu-rt? Y'-nr case n.ay i-..w be perfci-tly cnridne. init rein every inoinent-.f neglect hrnis-'H r Us Incur. ihle slaye. when "he niosl skil ml physn-iai. can rentier In ncst'iil is nnrr.. t.-.e Inmre nuiy he IOO I. I I1.. Examining and Ooi.sulth....; Physician, CUEE3 WB1..E ALL OTHISS FAIL. EXAMINATIONS FUSE TO AIL. Whenever it i it IVI'IINKI. is utoppinu itl a plni-f. rrtiwd- tciihwr f; him, nnd it is n-.l t" In- wo d at when it i- K-nM-inlM-reil Ihut I- d Hgn S.I-K a d -.cas.- h.- i.exer ,.tks a ue-i io hut de erihe> tl.e .IHler- rnt disc. .si-K Lett, r than Hie xii-k ean ve-. it a'wondenul -ifl f -r to p .SM.--S. H..I) K1- di.t -iiostK- p -wi-is have civ- Htpd wond, r theeo-inn-y Me f..M.i.-l..K plnii W Ich pe- culiar lo the l..r-C hei-n the pr C -ii'-try -r- lie rar.-l.iliy n. tin- p "I i he- ptilieni n dasertdn- he e'-n-li t ion 01 the all w m-h he ea-efnl'V r in Ids rt-LTiHier f r .i.turi- reierei.fe. aneertrtuis iht- true unini-f of I ills -ase .nd its cause. Kiouini; the he ohanxe ''t produces in theiis-nt-s .-.nd knowing i lie he ehec.k- them witn -pceilic. reine- iej-Hnd the p .ti.-n1 on the road recovery sic- jn-ople c-m.-nit him he reiidiiv'iells them he ran rure or help them, 'or win-Hi- r iln-y re heyond hope. His Imroved of Treatment mild and ens.-mi: ;.Rrec perfectly wilh tin- (ieli -ate or eh -d; do nt reduce Im- h n: can he used h h- :.i w -ik; cst possib e "on. lit in me sh-'i-tusi time. I'liln ni> '-H-I him or emi.iiiiinlca te wrh linn a- often as i he during t >e w imn- r.'iiuirrd the <nre. -liihiml Io w ere they ...iv he. .nd wimoui cxtm ihnsre deriiiK Hie irea nn-nt us successful s ti-fa'-tO'V a- ihoHKh they were UviiiK do -r to other. -Thirty-ciKht Leo iK.n't fail toexun n- and Dr. liu-ncr'- u'rcm .n.ilv H ;-rty-cKt eo. W month. Add ess ail e. )nmanle..l'o vt The few day Ml o Keform V Mjil- i-f ihe j HARSJ3BSMBDY LAND OFFICE Court Hiise, Tan Wert, 0 JONES i in one year and in two with per ct-nt on de- ferred ncres in uec. 5 .p.. wirh 82 HPP-S under cnJtivrttion, one mile from U.. four miles from Conv-.y. eleven from Van wvr and twelve from hecatur. Call at our Land Ofllee nnd get price and tcrmn. 80 acreh of nn Improver! land in nee. 18, Tnlly tp..S from Convoy. K.inily cleared, tim- enough for nue road on north end. I'rlcc only cmh and balance to still p lire h user. A houwe and lot on the corner of Middle and .IcffcrHon streets. 100 ttcreg 4 milea from Convoy, situated on two and within three churches; mm 70 n -Tea improved, 16 ucresof good timber nnd 15 acroB pasture land, Two good ana goo of drain. plank house, plank ai.Mry. IOK stable, spring house Mid well, orchard of IN) trees and pirxet fence around KHrdck. All fenced. For bale at a bar- gain. Price M.OOO. acres rolling land. 80 acres cleared, well, ,.lank HI.-, stable, 700 of tile, H 11 un- der fence. 3 miles nonth-wrst of Van ert. rods from brick school house. Must be sr.en be- fore it can be fully appreciated. Trice per acre. Two ifood properties in good condition near the east school building In Van Wert. ,so uttrt's In York towimliip with 60 acres under uultiviinon, lOiieresol'good timber, all under fence, hotim-, fruine icrnnnry, plank sta- ble, 000 rods of tile, oiv.haml of an ex- trii good well, mlli- hrick hou-t- mid lu mllei. irom 1'rice 1M acren. An improved farm on the C. A A it. K. in York township, miU-s from lown and mileM from YorkviUe. Church -ind school IIOUHO on adjoining land. A 16 acre tract in the southwest part of town. All under cultivation. a tiuiet home in u desirable neighborhood near churcii ad four mller, fr-.m an Wort, the cou ty seal, on old and well im nn.v..-d larm li.qmrc for Hie farm in town.ship. Cull nt the laud olliee for pnr- ji y .u turn of miud ami am a 4-aere true.t that will nmke a dozeu no- suable lots, any ol which nitike you rich when we come and nee UK. 80 acres In Ridge township 8 mileu from Ven- d.n-lu, niileb from mile., fron, an Wert. nt-rua clear, 17 .ores fun- timber. ot i.ix ruoniM. frame and log atuuieH, Kraiiitry, thrue welU. ilie ____uii.t iojrodsol timber ditch, yoniig orchard oJ ireoe. coin.iMiiiM "1 enur and iK-ars. plent> ol all kinU8 of Kiumi fruit. I'rice. In o..e year HUH in two yuuri. at t) per cent iuiercbt. rtU uereri in M-utiiMi Union township, with 3- cK-ared. i w.. JOK huUntib, one iu two -lorie.s high with a otiicr is lilgu and a nuw Imuw barn with u nuw roof; ihreugood well8, two at tmrn ami ui.e ul IIUUHU; horseMlHUie, w agoii ahea ano grHinirv, a.l new uiui out finch o'ti e.-iblai d with guod outlet.-. 50U; ea? n Hiiii baianct lu 4 nti at 6 pur cent. .urisb in KuiMHHi I' WilUhire township. ,IT c.eiired, bulance .nil' nmber. i all miller iei.iv, oiu- miie irom Un- Aoml Price, in section 17. Willslilre toivnsliip, ncie.- cu-jired. frame house with four ro.mis, io. stable, g.-od wuil. good or.'lianl of irun. pears, grapes, etc., ucn-s wheat. under lunce, title perfect. 1 rice, 000. Add ti de.-irable lots in in price from to .iere> In Pleasant township. 1A 'llilj' lr< Van Wei-l witn ft- 01 fair timlMjr, frame- houtu. frame barn. all out board, wire and rail or-ViMrd. garien and well. Iho clear land all iinderdniiuc-d. only mile from Uie house to the end of a t, unu a ,daiiK walk from town cxrend.- beyond better in Van eounty ..r any other. Thin IH at rare opportunity io secure a desirable home. Write toi larlher jmrticitlars. s nf HO or section 9, Washington tc.wnHhlp 20 cx elimivd on east end and 10 more t iH-.irly cleared, house und kiichoii, H, tei-ced into two, 4 mlle> lr..m and 1 milu from UuUe nmd. I rice. and balance In one and two years wilh 6 per eenl inte.reM secured by murtg- Improved farm of wirli aerrs u -r cultivation. 48 a ere of of oak, liicknrv. elm. beech and smrar8itu :ited in Adams '-out.r.y, hid., 1 mile north- west of neetxinr. Has u Nrg'i Brick with cedar, rrnme burn, two corn cribs. wagon fluid wood house and orchard. For a comfortable homo at H irgain convenietii t-t ciiurches. s.-hoolH ii nd market inquire tor N inborn fiinu at the land oiHcc. MI in section 28, York township. 6s ear. liuercMof limber and pasture in rst-cliihs condition. IK underdralned with vei-LSOO mdsiof Mle -roin 3 Ciwod outlet. house of 5 milk house. Hiablw. mow, granary, corn :t welU. Lies 1% miies fnnn JOIICH- tciwn. mile, from srhool and jnilo from Ainu (Welsh) church. Price 7-r, acres In Hcrtiori township, win 72 -icres under cultivatUn. All undent raintMl. buiiitings and within 5 utileH of Ottoville Fmnie House with two rooms and two .ihove. n Knst Main St. feet front HIK! 8 long with alU-y on Kide mid rear. Price t with H rooms on North Jef- frrioii siree't. Very desirable property and cheap at A <l sirable residence property in an exrclleni iMf-ation. with all Hie modern op- p tilt.- park, mljoinli-g Union in ptjos. Write for purticnlars, Van county has M miles ot railroad, We bare the very best quality of all laimini .Cotint'-y level with ent fall for th-.rongli and no land in the OtMxl crops, good water, climate. furililies, good chiirones. tfiwxl school-, Horiely and cheap Van Wert, the seat. U booming, what inon- or better can be expected anywhere. If yon want to buy, sell or exchange M farm own property, loan Iwrrnw in- title to your land, or It you have HOV buslines itertaltiiiif to Kstate It will to your ti.uruHt te call at the LAND OFFICE, Opposite court house, over Me- Conahay's jewelry store. VAN WERT, O. li'it rrvolut.oniz.K- tlic world dMrh p th- hnlf Hrst-rluHs Nursery Stock, on oj ooniinifMioji, aluniM write at tPTMiM o EDW O. GRAHAM, URSi-.i, V.MAN, HuCHEbTKK. N Y. No. i ni e fur CV-TV mdnstrioii-. muny m do ;irr n -w in kinK -M-V him- u month. Il is e for ;iny mnkf nnd iipwumls I'Ord.iy lio is wiilii'gi" work. I'M (her sex, yuutipr or old: ouiiul needed, >ve sturt you Kverytliinn new No iiil nhility rcquintl: yon, rejider.i-.ii' d-i- it JIB we 1 us !iny N riit-1 ii> ut oneu tnli imrtiruhirs. wlih'li we iiinil f''ee.. si tn- 'on Co., Portland, Maine. att lyr Thit oldies nu-i Ihstnuti- oht. n liiifiine-H du< alioji. ve prepared tlioiisands young on the ar.tlvr duties i f life. For circular.- nddreNs. P BUFF "-ONS, Pittsburgh. Pa. W. W. L-IvSH, (twenty yenra Auditin- Clerk in theDepji :.i- U. S. CLAIM AGENT Ninth ftn.'et. N'. will carefully prepare and pru-enl e.l.iim.- for ;irrears ol pay, bounty. IIOIISHMKS, p.-.leiua all kinds ol s ,s.f.rf-- w O B nrrn exists in tlinusand.s of Uttl but iirc surp issed by the marvels of invention. Those who ;rre in nccil profit- able work tlmt <-an done Jiving at Immo. Htioulrl Kt once si-nd their to Co.. Portlnml, Msiine, :n-d n-reivc fn-c. full in- formation liow e'tlHT SOX of all ng a. eurn from to ?-25 r day nnd upwards wherever they live. You are sturte. l fn-e. Oipmii required. have inude over in a K'MKIC day ut this work. All .-'u.-.-.tM-d. c. 29 lyr K N t" men canvassers for nd cell on Urrni. Addrew nranm, Nov. S it F N agoncv. of Patent Chui-H and Chi-ckcrhoard advertising the colebratc-d Synvlta Heine- dies ami a Rowurd of If yon fail to (In I it on 'hiflomall c-all on >ouriirug- for hoard KKKK; or send tt nun is for postatfo to Thu rsynvita Co., IX'lphoa. Ohio From Mttion the on verted (.ninuler. FORT Isn., Aiirll 18X4. I have cn the Synvlm rouK'i a UnTOiiRh Irnil. I hey cured my little girl oh of croup My witv mid motliei'-in-law were troubled with eontfim ot 1-niK One package of the lllockH bun cured them CHII Uilk -as vom'-n do.' M "WO-Fl-MC BLOOICS. LIMA, O., The Synvtta Worm Blocks ac.h-d like H ch..rm hi expelling worm? from mv lltHe child.. I he child IB now well uca'rtv, Instead of puny andniokiy as before RODBINSON. HLOI KS. TheKr.'at and heck, r Jnlv 7. child had a ncvere .-.ttack of mimmer-Coiiiplnini. I'hvclCHiK couMl do nothii-K- dlnpnlr we tried Synvlta lilae.kberrv erommendt'd by n ami ft few do-en effected it eorapu-u- cure. Accept our heartfelt Indorsement i rfiijr'li i.H'l wltolesonu'iu'.-s co- the ord Minis. ;nid can not IM- sold in rnmpi-tit .mi tlie multitude of low Irs1, short uvitzlit ulin.. or phosplmu. pow- dei s. Sold only in YAJ. BAMM; rownKK Co.. Wall St., N. Y. BIIIITOS LAWRENCE Hi I! li Cross-cut Saws, Axes, Files, Mill Supplies, BELTING, LACE LEATHER, LOG CHAINS, PACKING, CANT HOOKS, ETC Lubricating Oils, Wheels, Gummer Cutters, Log Rules, Sunges. sell only first class goods and aim to DPPOSITE COURT HOUSE K. G AIITKK.M D. K I WM.KI V-oN, M. OR5. IRTEH WiiKIISOR. TI.'KAT.MKNT CANCHR! AM) FFICE (JK'i'WniS A SIMCCIAI.TV. I-ST A IN VAN OHIO A It T I, VISIT VAN TIIK KIH-T THI1JD KACII Mi'NTII. rATIKNT.S TliKATKD HY .MAIL. DDRK S, DR. V. L. WILKINSON, VAN KKT, Onro MERCHANT TAILOR. GODFREY FLICKINGER, .Io for past h d in Imsin- ss ci-licci :l nViT SS TOBACCO STORE, nil irS '1 t" d t, fil. :ind n Mil kiixN ct' CO and SEE HIM A. P.McCONAHAY Praot WATCHMAKER AND JEWELER In l-'liie Jewelry. Walrlicw, 13. Jflaln Si reel Opponlle Court Coal and Wood on St. aod C. V. W. A M. Ry. Pull Stock of S >ft and Hard Coal now ou Hand. Lowest Prices Up Town Office al Ten Cent Slorc. I also the exclusive right of GREENVILLE SAND. J. O. L.E.TTCK. From our CorreFpoiident.l WASHINGTON, D C Jan. 21, '88. EDITDI.S Well, the villiiiuy has been consum- mated. The Mississippi shot gun has at lust taken a scat on the Supreme bench. The friend of the murderer of the holm family has at last reached a tion where he can laugh at the sighs nnd te.-irs of widows and orphans, made so bv the Mississippi shot-gun. The Su preme Court of the United States has never before been degraded to such a level. -Can it be I hat a jiv-t God can look upon such a profanation of a high and sacred office and hold the Nation guilt- less? ere Mr. Lamnr mentally and physically qualified to fill the high office he is already past the age of usefulness and in a few years he can retire on larger pay and live luxuriously, when better men have been hanged for a less crime than he is charged with. And Ihis outrage has been perpetrated bv Grover Cleveland, assisted by every Democratic Senator nnd throe Republi- cans, Riddleberger, Stewart and Stan ford, which act renders them' fit associ- ates of Judas Iscariot and. Benedict Ar nold. The strange gentlemen seen by scores on our thoroughfares, wearing fine beaver hats and walking by twos, are the National Board of Trade. are holding their meetings in illard's Hall, and discussing commercial matters. The question of whether the govern- ment should take possession of the tele- graph lines wa- unfair to the vounger States. The amount refundud to Kansas under the bill would be about while it- share of the tax appropriated would be over half u million of dollars. And for what? Not under the guise of promoting education, not, under any assumed phil- anthropic idea, but because some cler: iu the Treasury imd got "is'tiu k" in the matter of book keeping The vote stood 48 yeas to 10 mus. The Blair (.'dm.atioual bill WHS next t.iken up by the Senate and ably dis- cussed by its author until the hmir of Yesterday the Senate was engaged in receiving petitions and memorials and wilh bills on the caK.n dar, also the deficiency bill, and limber land que-tion, and after transacting ex ecutive business, adjourned uniil next Monday. The House don't, seem (o havf accomplished anything and as all appropriation bills must originate in thv House, the Senate is kind lying around loose, waiting on the House to tiring in some business. The Dem of the House are slill a little son- over the way some of them have bet.n treated in the formation of the commit tees. Among these is Mr. Cox, of New York, whose friends are very indignant at Mr. Carlisle. The Republican National League was crowded last Wednesday evening to hear telling speeches from Senator.-. Chandler and Teller and Representa- tives, Findley and Perkins. JUNIATA. H. C. Daguc. who was once a citizen of thai prosperous little village of that name" in 111 is county, was arrested by Sheriff Swain Monday night, charged with hav ing forced a note on some BKie Creek township parties. The crime is claimed to have been committed two or three but the whereabouts of Mr. Dague were unknown until he cairn- here of his own accord. Mr. Dague was at, one time a well respected and his arrest will no doubt surprise a grc.-t many. The matter was kept very quiet until aftev his arrest F. B. Zay. of Findlay, has the following unofficial vote of the sev- eral lodges of Odd Fellows in the Sute for Gr-incl Master of the Grand Lodge indicating his election to that office: Zay, 2.188; Bowcn, Winchell, Marshall. 3U8; Fowler, 308. Zay's plurality, 17.5. _______ CREAM TUB MISTER EDITER: We arc havin quite a time out in this naburhood on the taruf. Since I hav bin ritin my letters for the REPL-IU.ICAX I am catchin it from all sides. I blaim Mr. Edson for gettin me into this trub- blc, for if he hadn't wrote his letter to the Times. I would never have thot of cxpressin my vues ou this subject. But I thot I node mor about taruf than Mr. Edsou, so I took up my pen and went to wurk, but I kinder wish now it was lade doun. A man by the name of Bigy pel moved into our naburhood last fall from Connecticut. He's a real gen nine Yanky and I juge frum the way he talks he's a beleevcr in pertective taruf. He cum over tu my house one uite last week and the way he went for me about mv last letter in the REPUBLICAN was a cuusiien, He must hav bin rend in Cleveland's clycopedia frum the way he rattled off int'ormashuu. He says "Free- nology, when you go to talkin about the tarut" your talkin about sumthing you know nuthin about." "Say to says lie, "that Ohio farmers dout want taruf. Why, the res Virginy. which is older than and yet 51 per cent of Vir- giny's popilashun is farmin, while only per ceut of Pensylvan.t's is t'urmin. Virginy laud is worth an acker while Fen'sylvana land is worth an acker. There is Kiutucky which jiues your state on the south. Oi per cent of her popilashun does farmin while iu Ohio only 40 per cent of her peeple ingage n agricultural persutes. Kiutucky land is woVth an acker, while the hill tops as well as the tlats in Ohio is worth au acker. Now why is savs he. 'Til tell you. It's because Pensylvuna and Ohio hav sum thing else tu do besides raisin pertaters and niakin moonshine whisky and ap- ple jack. The people in these states mauit'actur and biki towns and cities to eat up what the fanners raise. Wliy a stale or says he, "wilh littet liroducliv iudustrcs cept the cultiva- shun of the soil has little welth, few markets and no indoosments to produce more than they want for says he. "Ohio is "a kind of England to Ken- Kentucky docs the farmin and Ohio does the bizness. The only differ- ence is, they don't hav to pay duty on the truck they sell in this state. Why. Freonology." says he, "didn't you ever iravalr" "Not says I. says he, "You go to Mishigan necr the lumber reguus autl see what the farmers thare get for tharc prodoosc. Prices in don't bother them eny I tell Everything they raze they sell to Ihe lumbermen nl lhare own prices. See now it was in Kansas before Uio rail- rodes was. bilt. The farmers sold ih.ire stuf to the Mexicans who cum to thare dores and bot thare corn and shelled it and pade them one doiler in for it, hat spoilt if.' The rale rodes when thay coiumcuced to carry it to the MexicMti's dore. Then noise ,t_d Mowuri prodooae was brot into com- with Kansas crops and ihe had, to be governed datilurii prices. So you see Mr. Twede, MIC advautiges of a Home market. You ,.ui Cincinnati and Cleveland and Co- utnbus and Dayton and Springfield and .oledo and almost a hundred more Ohio .nies with all lhare mauyfacturing in- tluslrevs Kentucky and the percent t armors would be less, the price of ih. ire prodoosc hier and tharc land would be worth more an acker. Ithaini the grate amount the farmer razes that makes him tnrifty, but the prices he gets i or what he does raze. You say New has the advantage of the west ,11 manifacturin? ell, that may be so just uow, but she wont hav when the .vest, gets to manifacturin all her own goods as she ot tu. hen that time "urns the west will be on top. She will men luv ihe fadries and the farms tu, New England will hav nulhin but .lu; fabrics. But, Freenology, if Mr. Cleveland's free trade are adopted, ,ie west will never be anything but a liuld and paster lot, what Eng- antl wants it to be. Even then Eug- ji.ui would'nt by our corn and wheat. ;ause she raises everything she wants j now over in India, one of her pozes- .oils." Az I culden get a word in egc- j ways. Bigy thot 1 had nutiiin tu say, so he look his hat and left. Bigy is a tur I think this is the last letter I'll rite on the tariff, so good by. FREEXOI.OGY TWEDF.. OHIO Defiance county collected Dow tax. The total cnrollmcnc of the pub- lic schools is England exsiteabel man wnen he gets tu ar- on the luruf, so to .ifyfv with him ihjil I concluded not nite. The truth ert and get old Itfl unpcrior excellence proven in mi.linnM of 'or more than M quarfc-rof a.-entnry. It is by he.-ifiHoi'thc <irt'Ht Unlvewith-f-Hh the Mud lle.-il'hiul. IT. B.iMnK I'owdtT doen not e-.nt-im l-imc or Alum. ouly tn poWDtU CO i NKW YORK 04UCAOO was T ihot I'd go to Van hum pinters belore I tickled the Yankee. I remarked io the old woman when he left, "Just wait til! I go to Van I'll see a Dinnnccralic lawyer and u-et -sum pinters ihsit will nock hi.s wood- i-n nuiini'g argynient into a cocked hut.' Oh yes. Mrs. Twede. will do no such a thing. I tell Higy noes more in a mi nit ttiau the'whole Dimmecratic party tun I node it was no use to argv with her, so I wailed till mornin, when I went to town for pinters and it warent long till I had a pint. I dropped into McKim's store to wait till my law- got back from his dinner, when a tb'otliiruck me. I to a grey hcdcd ulerk: "Chat's this calico Mr. Twede, I'll sell you calico .ml of that lot for 4 cents a yard. Over ,iere is a lot that is worth o cents." is a lax on them goods haint I. "Oh yes." says he, "Tware is a dooty on prints that ure im- from other countries, but these are made in the U. S. and we pay no lux on them." "What is the tax on cal- ico, I axed. "Seven mid one- half cents a yard, with 35 per cent ad- verlorumadded." BOX I. sex he, "is the ncr cent of tne valuashun." Ah! 'tiz is it. I didn't kno it. flow do you sell them drillins, "They are worth ten cents." "What's the dooty on "The dooty on those would average about nine "cents." "Wildrais and mugwumps! I ot to get them fur a cent a yard theu and the calico fur nuthin with three and a half cenis tlirude in fur a cromo, accordio to Cleveland's message." "How is asked the astonished clerk. I tuk out the message and red: "These laws, as their primary and plain effect, raise the price to consumers of all articles im- ported and subject to duty, by precisely the sum paid for such duties." "Yes, but Mr. Twttde, these goods are not im- ported." "What's the sez I. " we bin tot by our Dlmme cratic orders sense the daze of General Jaxson that what tax the goverment charged was added to the caust of the goods used t y the but YOU wee 1'or yourself Mr. Twede, that 'the goverment charges cents a yard duty on prints nnd we will sell Tcm to you for 4 cents." Wonder if my explain that pint away? Isli loquizvd as I left the store thro the back dore in disgust. .Not seein any Dimme- cr.ttic on the strete I cum ttrate home, iJft haven't seen Bigy yet. andWm't want to him neither. The L. E. Jt W. Railway will be built from Minster to Piqua this spring. The delinquent tax sale in county this year numbered but. 45 Bowling Green is to have water works, and a proposition from Halliday has been ratified by the people. The entire family of Frank Smith, liv- ing a few miles east of Lima, consisting of seven persons, were burned to death last week. The Sciota Natural Gas Company has purchased the plant of the Ivculon Company at a basis of Natural gas will be furnished instead of artificial after the lirst of next month. While drilling for gas near Marion n strong vein of water was struck and spouting up and freezing made the der- rick one mass of ice. The adjoining fields are turned into a frozen lake. Probate Judges' Association in con- vention at Columbus: elected J. H. well. of Marion, President; II. C. While. of Cleveland, lirst Vice President, and II. L. Kcnnan, of Norwalk. Secretary and Treasurer. The Prosecuting Attorney and Audi- tor of Logan county, Ohio, have inaug- urated a search for false tax returns, and there is much agitation among those who own large amounts of valua bles that have not been listed. It is reported that. Philip Smith, late treasurer of Ottawa county, is spending the winter close to the Mexican line in Southern California. Ilis finances were not in the best shape when he gave up office, as his bondsmen will remember. State Board of Health is in session at. Columbus listening to interesting re- ports of physicians. The national quar- antine system was pronounced a failure. and it was suggested that some of the- surplus should be applied to improving it. J. C. Ueavliu, formerly in the tile business at Montesuma. Ohio, is wanted in that locality to make good several different notes, amounting to about which he left his securities to pay, hav- ing "skipped" the country about two weeks since, leaving behind no available New Jirtmcn Sun. Hon. J. L. Geyer introduced and so cured the passage of a bill, authorizing the city of Defiance to bond herself for securing funds with which to prospect for natural gas, very quickly one day week before last. He received the bill from the people or Defiance one day and by a suspension of the rules had it passed in the House the next. The farmers in some sections claim to have found a new and profitable wlu-t.i market. In Union county fanners who ground t.heir wheat, then we', it :.s feed for hogs, claim that every bushel mnkcv wortli of pork, while others Iwvt. stated that with pork at live cents n potind, a bushel of wheat thus fed will bring This is better than hauling wheat to market at current The Hoosiers have a get-up ami-get st3le that is at least to viola- tors of the law. At Ft. Wayne, Arthur Twichem, a. Pennsylvania switchman was arrested for stealing lie pleaded guilty before the mayor, was immediate- ly taken into the circuit court room, and thus within a few hours of the commis- sion of the offense was under sentence t.o eighteen months in the northern prison. Joseph M. Kagy. of Findlay, hu.s brought suit against the Northwestern Gas Company, of that place, to have the lease held by the latter company on the former's land declared null and void, in that the company has not lulfilled agreement in the lease. The issue is very important, us the great Kagv well, with a daily yield of Jifteea million cubic feet, is on the land. The well is worth Saturday evening last gas from well No. 4 was" turned into the pipe line, and the standpipe on Main street shot forth HII immense fiarne. The noise of the es- caping gas could be heard all over the city, arid the light was so bright that many thought the city was burning up. The "directors of the eompany were in good humor, and the secretary rspccially was in a happy frame of mind over result. It demonstrated that there is nn abundance of natural gas in Ilardin county, and that Kcnton will be fully suppl.ed with it before -Ktnton Democrat. Mr. C. X. HaskC'll and others have circulated a paper around town this week getting our citizens to agree to burn natural gas in their stoves for two years at the game price that Lima and Toledo have to pay. They have in the vicinity of 250 stoves, and by next fall our people will be using natural gas. The gas will be piped from the Findlay field, and will cost per month for each cooking stove from November to May, and ber month from May to November; beating stoves for houses will cost about month, and for stores about per zettc. The Town Council has authorized the j Mayor to call an election on February I 24 to vote on a proposition to iMur. bonds to the amount of to build a public building. If this can be done at anv time would it not be better to wail until the legulaturc grants the right to boom the town to pipe natural gas? The may be in the way J of a tuccesuful application of the latter, j while no special harm will be done in j waiting for the building. A feeling of .j opposition to these special to create I local indebtedness is growing and It J may not be as easy as tome people imaf ine to get one

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