Thursday, May 19, 1887

Van Wert Republican

Location: Van Wert, Ohio

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Text Content of Page 1 of Van Wert Republican on Thursday, May 19, 1887

Van Wert Republican, The (Newspaper) - May 19, 1887, Van Wert, Ohio VAXJVERT REPUBLICAN. PUBLISHED BVEET THURSDAY. t, Jk T. C. Wilkiuvau, Prop'ru. ----Our FdcJlHics for---- FINE JOB PRINTING Are first-class, and solicit a share of your patronage. IMoek, North Washington Street, between public square and railroad. NEWSPAPER LAW. THE YAN WEST REPUBLICAN. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. JNVAKIARl.y IN' ADVAKCt. Oni! copy, one I One copy, six mouths..........._................. 75 One copy three 50 i No subscription tuVeu for u lem period thxr or VOL. V. OHIO. VAN WE11T, OHIO, TflUKSDAY, MAY 19, 1887. One square first imcrtlou Hucli subsequent insertion.............. 60 i Nine lines constitute a square. Administrators, Executors, Assignees arid -----j Notices, each In advauee.......... 2.00 OIK: column one year ......................100.00 One column six mont'a ............ou.OO One column three monlbK................3000 1 Local notices per Hue, each week..........30 If subscribers wish papers discoutinueu, publishers may continue to send them until all arrearages are paid. Any person who receives a newspaper and makes use ol it, whether he has ordered it or not, will oe held In the law to be it subscriber. If subscribers refuse or neglect to take their from the office or place to where they are sent they are held responsible until they settle bills and give notice to discontinue. If subscribers move to other places without informing the publisher and the paper is sent to the former direction they are held responsi- ble. Notice should always be given of removal. What our Neighbors are OPINIONS ffljficial ;orumon Judge James H. Day. Probate Judge 1 Dailej Prosecuting Attorney ....A. L. bnect. cfCourt' s r Treasurer W. II. Corbctt. V' llecoruer, >f Infirmary Directors A. Lybolt, Alspach. T. C. Kensler. Infirmary Superintendent ...lolin C. itobiuEon. Coroner Dr. G. W. HcGavren. COKPPUATIOX OFFICER. ilivor J. 0. Browder George W.Clippingcr. Clerk Henry liobinsou Fox. City Solicitor oco.E. Nells (Dennis Welsh. Delplios claims 5000 population: The Bryim oil well No. 2, is 800 feet deep. The Lima oil Held contains 320 pro- ducing oil wells. Gas from the Axe well will be piped to a distance of 23 miles. A two year old child of S. A. Bow- man, of Celina, was scalded last week, by falling into a bucket of hot water, dying in about 12 Lours. L'p to April 1st there was a total of 372 weils put down in the entire Ohio oil field, with an estimated production of barrels at that time. Wm. Schfndewolfc, indicted for out- raging Leu Harper, at Kenton, 0., in consequence of which, she suicided bas been honorably acquitted as inno cut. The Miami and Erie Canal Associa- ation offers a bonus of for every new boat built during the season and As to the Proposed Memorial Hull. Ami Where ic Should be Located WASHINGTON LETTISH. Hcforiuv. Civil Ser- vice IMuyliiff into the SpoiUuien. >o Republican After ftaiilliw. statuu. Kit Carton Pout ii. 1C. SO MM KC.tTTKKISii ItKMAltKS jAlex Mullen. J. H. Froncfield. <A_. Jacobs. PHYSICIANS. G. McGAVREff, AND SURGEON. Office over No. t o Xorth Washington street1. Diseases 01 women and diseases ol nose ;md Ihrout tlas. Special office days, Wednesdays :iud bat- nrdiiys, froai 9 a. m., to 5 p. m. Win. SMITH, M. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Special at ten tioti given to the treatment of all chronic iliscaaes. Office days for the treatmentof eliron ic diseases, Wednesdays and Suturdays. Office over Hill 4 Co.'sdrug store, Malu street, Vnn Wert, Oliio. CHRISTOPHER ic PHYSICIANS AND SUUGKONS. Oflicc ove Kahn's new building, opposite four House; Prompt attention to enlls. Tuesday and Saturdays are special onice days lor treat ment of ear and eye diseases. Residences Christopher. Si South Waslfmston street: Kbln X. Washington street near school building. E. L. WILKISSOfl, M.B., PHYSICIAN AND SDHGEON. OOict over Wilkinson's Shoe Store, Main Street, lics- idence on South Washington street. )ut into the trade, provided the new )oat has a tonnage of at least CO tons. A man named Stahlcamp was seriously f not fatally injured at Delplios, Tues- day, lie was a member of the fire com )any, and in going to a fire stumbled and fell, a hand engine passing over lim. C HAULER B. in. D ilHYSICIAN AND a Mid'llcbury.Ohio. All calls promptly at- tended. ATTORNEYS. JAMES O. BROWOEH, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Van Wert, A Oflicc in City Hall, up stairs, tions a specialty. The Oliio regiments that participated n the battle of Gettysburg1, will hold their annual reunion nt Gettysburg, Pa., on Sept. 17, a change of time and place naving been decided upon a few days ago by the Committee of Arrangements. There is a young man in Findlay who was appointed clerk in the Treasury at Washington. He was removed and another appointed in his place. He re turned to Ohio, went to Findlay, and to-day he is worth which he made by dealing in gas lands. This is more than he could have made by fifty years' .service in the treasury of the United States at the salary which he was working for. "During a storm which passed over Delta on Sunday, hail fell as large in circumference as a silver dollar and about twice the thickness of that coin. After the storm passed, going eastward a tremendous roaring was heard in the clouds, like the rumbling of :i railroad train going over a bridge or a tornado through a forest. It was evidently currents of wind meeting, a few hun- dreds of feet above the earth. Hud the currents been on the surface of the earth no doubt many buildings of Delta would have been An ordinance has been passed by the village Council, giving the Paulding Gas Oil Company The privilege of laying pipes in the streets and alleys of our town for the purpose of con- veying natural gas (if gas is struck) along the and in consideration for the same the Company agrees lo furnish gas (if a sufficient quantity is obtained) to light lamps for the sum of eight dollars a year each, the village Thinking that perhaps the opinions of several of our leading business men, upon the proposed Memorial Ilnll, its style of construction, location etc., would be interesting reading to our pat rons we subjoin the following expres- sions upon the subject: T. S. McKim: lil haven't thought much about the subject. The project- ors however, ought to so construct the building that people will notice it and realize why it was built." A. Conant: "I think it a grand mis- take to place business rooms in that hall. If they have a legal right to build it in one of the parks, there is where it should go without a dobnt. The peo- ple are willing to contribute liberally to a building of that kind, out they want it to look like a memorial hall when it is completed, and not like a mercantile block." J. S. Brumback: "1 consider the idea of business rooms in the proposed memorial hall, highly erroneous. "We don't want anything of the kind. If the people intend to expend money for a memorial hall they want something which they can get into without climb- ing into the.third and fourth stories. One of the parks is the place for the hall, and if the money that will be paid out for the lots spoken of, is invested properly, with a little more added to it, the income will be entirely sufficient to meet the expenses. I say to you that if :ox, D. C, May Hi, S7. Mu. EDITOR Iti casting about for a suitable header, to introduce the ad- ministration reform movements of the week, your correspondent was about to transcribe a selection from Pollock's description of the hypocrite, but upon reflection, il seems too severe on the hypocrite, to associate him with these reformers. Pollock's man was a saint compared with those, though "The rottenness of his heart was easily There arc still a few old clerks left, who are known to have liecn Repub- licans in former years, but who were not "perniciously active in politics" of late years, and against whom no charges can be formulated, that would convince even Mr. Higgins that they were "offensive partisans." There appeared to be no way to get rid of these clerks and give their places to innofcnsivc Democrats and rebels, until the Civil Service Commissioners appeared upon the scene, with a new rule. These functionaries have es- tablished a rule that in order lo make promotions of clerks in the depart- ments from any grade, all the clerks of that grade must appear for exami- nation, and those who fail to make the necessary seventy-five per cent, will be placed on a separate "prohibi- This business boom which has spread so rapidly over Northwestern Ohio is no doubl partly speculative, as values have increased too rapidly for the growth, to be purely normal. That then; will be H reaction sooner or later is the conclu- sion readied by men who have been observers of such business activity. Yet where everything is taken into con- sideration, there is a solid Foundation for much of the push ami energy dis played in the gas and oil districts. This part of Ohio has a soil as productive us can be found in any part of the country, and until lately il was supposed this section would IK; purely agricultur- al. Tin.1 discovery of gas has demolished this theory ami every thing now points to it as becoming n great manufacturing center. The level surface of the coun- trv insures the building of railroads at a LUIU eosl. to transport surplus pro duce and manufactured articles, while our farmers will llnd a good home mar- ket for grain and vegetables, and will no longer have to pay heavy freight rules for their transportation to sea board cit- ies. Northwestern Ohio has the mater- ial resources'; whicli, when fully devel- oped, will make il tin- richest part of our country. Van county has made such, rap id improvement in line slock within i few years, that it seems almost incredi ble. We have now some of the linest horses, cattle and hogs to be found ii the State. Our farmers realize that there is little more expense and much grcate profits in line animals than in inferio Aro rciulv with the Ix-st selected stock of WALL PAPER tory'Mist, and, after _six months, be I say nolhiuLr of lht, CEILING DECORATIONS T- T i L _ VJlll LJlyC i. 11 LLM tlLCLL llllUAVy. I 1 1 TP T 1 MO SLTtllP IS Oil Farmers join them. I safe to predict tbat it will last until man c om_ Our new huckster had very bad luck has discovered something belter to sup gWc opposite Maryland bstvcek. By going through a bridge, j plant it. This generation need not Avenue. he crippled one horse, broke his wagon i trouble itself about the life of natural "Kit Carson" Post Xo. G. A. K.. and very nearly his neck. }jen iiave been figuring for a hun-{ numbers many influential and noted j military men among its members. i drcd years on t ie eng i o i Your correspondent had lh-.-j pleasure, st TlshcVai would lake lo burn up all the coal and nQf ]ong witnessing the muster in to this Post of Gen. J. C. Fremont, and to shake the hand of Miss Ola Allen is tc-a of Mi'Mlelr.n-v. is UK: At onr milr iil llic ers are numerous. Elmer Moscr, having the same fellows Renews Her j Phu-bn Cboslcy, IVior.-ou. C.ily j Ci-.. Iowa, tells the- follmviing rtmnrk-j nble -lory, the. truth of which is vouched for by i hi1. rcairVuts of llm town "I j am Iwcn troubled with ki'lnpy complaint nud lamf.ncss for many yoars; could not dress my >nlf wiiliou'tbolp. Now I am free from sill puin iiinl sorenPsH, and am :iblc to Rice, Beans, Hominy, Prunes, Raisins. Dried Beef, Cracknells, Salid Dressing, Queen Olives, California Canned Fruits. FARMERS where he and his cousin Will, THE PLACE. Opposite court house. owiirMuralnirWrgiffaTiiic intellect in the tbe grand old veteran at the close of do own bon.o work. I owe my f the ceremonies. evening ex -Sen- Ui-inks io Llcctru- Bitters, lor having) task of giving us in minutes and frac- Commodorft Jcn. This is the best place in town to get your dinner Hot Coffee at all hours. their work, is our wishes. They arc. both enorgetic young men. and deserve "rnl gas. tions thereof the exact longevity of nat- The gas wells will outlive the mathematicians and croakers. Ks. kins, were mustered in, the muster in the new hall, opposite' Wil- .bottle only cts., V. lards, just complofod. JTSMATA. hoimcv's drug slorp. enewod my and removed com-1 >lotpiy ;iH disease and Try nnlv -it lj. V. T MP

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