Saturday, January 12, 1918

Van Wert Daily Bulletin

Location: Van Wert, Ohio

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Text Content of Page 1 of Van Wert Daily Bulletin on Saturday, January 12, 1918

Van Wert Daily Bulletin, The (Newspaper) - January 12, 1918, Van Wert, Ohio ESTABLISHED A. D. 1873. Request to Patrons, SUFFRAGE PASSED BY THE HOUSE; VOTE, 274 TO 136 Kindly have >our ready whan the collect >r i-a Is, this siv s time. One minu'e every CQstomer oon an hour. A li'tle ess on your part will uvtrcume this m- a The Empire Laundry. 232 Jackaon Street 'Phone 1061, MONEY Constitutional Amendment Wins by Bare Majority. SENATE TO ACT NEXT MONTH Rep. Mann, Supposed to Be III in Bal- timore Hospital, Cheered by en When He Appears to AWY AMOUNT, ing Or ps, Pers sWuHt Vlon'v 'a firsl lias'-ed the night, to ana sccjud tu< r gages on ieal estate. LOWCaT RATES. Office ope.n ever.v day and evenings to 8.00. WERT GUJNTY LOAN CO, HAN S. Office phohn, U42. Hotne phone, Jan. The woman suffrage constitutional amendment bill The victors hnd not a single vote to spare. Two-thirds of 41O votes (the V1' IIJes illul makes 273 1-3. But the parliamentari- an ruled that the tally clerks could "nor s-plit a man" into a third or any fraction. Early passage by the senate is pre- I07H East Main street, over Leeson's Shoe Store. Upholstering! Carpet Cleaning, Furniture P cfc n dicted. South Nearly Defeats Bill. Some Democrats voiced bit- ter opposition to the president's action. j, s the day this antagonism ste.'id- I ily increased until it seemed for a time in the roll call that the amend- i inent had heen defeated. I Galleries crowded with women burst into :i salvo of applause such as the chamber has not heard in years. I The loudest applause in the day- long donate was piven Representative Decker of Missouri. After citing wom- en's work and sacrifice in the war, he Commander Ririoy McLean. VAX WEttT, OHIO. S.VIUBDAY. JAXtTAttV GERMANS HOSTILE TO WILSON SPEECH President's Peace Demands! Shock Officials at Berlin. LABOR'S STAND IS SURPRISE SECRETARY BAKER DEFENDS ACTION Makes Detailed Statement to Senate Committee. ARMY IS IN PBICB TWO CENTS. _ VOTE ON SUFFRAGE Washington, Jan. The vote oai suffrage amendment resolution fol.1 s DEMOCRATS. OWS S following so closely on ihe terms Representative K.iker, in charge ''.V Premier Llujd George Socialist Member of Reichstag Opposed to Program Outlined by Premier Terms Are Criticized. Washington. Jan. Wil- son's speech, setting forth the war aims of the United States, has receiv- ed a hostile reception in official circles at Berlin, according to information reaching diplomatic circles here. The principles enunciated by the American executive cnme as a shock SWEDEN TO ACT For Suffrage. Alexander. Ayers, Berkley, Barn. hart, Beshlln. Blanton Booher, Borland. Brodbeck, Brumbaugh, fcurno Caldwell. Campbell FRANCE Carter Connally "Amencan Democracy Has Neither Draiio, Eagan, Evans. Ferris. Fteldrel Fisher. Hyuii. Foster, Gallagher, Oftt- the resolution, declared ihe amend- ment '-ranks in importance with the Declaration of Independence." Representative Gordon of Ohio de- Saturday. Labor Furnishes Surprise. But this was not the only blow. Tho statement given out by Arthur Hender- saisa-ares s s ing parties. Furniture R -pairing and H. J. ROGGENKEMPLR, East Crawford Street ian nd a d y a) Morth Walnut street Van Wert, or Irop tnn a card. U r W. W. U Chiropractor. Offce 2nd Ploor. H islOCk. t ffi H. R. d. MOR3AM, M. O. PHYSICIAN AND --UIH.IION i- V North M I'M HUH 3OOO. it -i i 'ourt OfflCP i di'A C. S. MIAUK. ATTOItNr.Y Al' I.AW r n i II.Hitp 1'i.n'i n 111 e IM i ci iii "I'll tell you why women should be given n hand they have more courage. m6re grit, more sheer, determined bravery than men. The world knows it." Mann Leaves Hospital to Vote. James n. Mann of Chicago. Repub- lics! n loader, nnd Thorns W Sftns chairman of the interstate commerce committee, were cheered thev cns-t the deciding votes. Mr. Mann had been ill a hospitm in Baltimore and Mr. Sims. Democrat, fell on the ice fwi. fT.ijs a-ro injured Both left their beds to vote. Without thcui suit-raw would have been lost dauKhler, Mrs. Louise Brown- lovv. ls president of the local suffrage organization. Triumph for Miss Rankin. It was a day of triumph for Miss Jemu-tte Rankin of Montana. She was acting floor leader for Jhe Re- publicans favoring (he I'mcndnient, and as .such decided debate and Mgn onl" a" "IC Th ed up, Smith stated, in a" few it.i; weather conditions are favorable. Indianapolis, Ind.. Jan. esti- mate that at least more tons of coal than were produced in 1917 could have been taken out by the miners in the country is contained in a statement by John L. Lewis, vice president of the United Mini: Workers of America, made public. Sir. Lewis formerly was stutlstlcinu of ilie organization, lie icnt io all locals in the union a qin -.tioniu'iv ing the number of idle dajs due to cnr .shortages. Many of the locals did not have the required information. For reason exact figures tor all coal fields are not available. Concerning the central competitive field, the state- ment soys: of a mcmbrrs-hlp of em'irnced in loc.-il unions, 53 repoi ted, loss of time due to <-MI- the CfHiiv.'ilent of trxi.s. of a uicmherMiip of etntiruced [n Sufi locjil iinuitu, ;te locals, with nu-mbers, rcportc'l government tbaf fli- iki regime conwt'nt of at I'etrograd would he influenced the friendly nttitnd" nrlopted by dent Wilson toward Russia. INDUSTRY TO CUT DOWN COAL First Ruling of Administration on Sub- ject Hits Manufacturer of Pa per boards. Washington. .7. -in. The. fn-( Hc- The Rund says Bulgaria has appoint- ed a minister to I'otrograd nnd a con- sul general to be sintioned at Odessa and has ordered the resumption of navigation to Odessa. Petrograd. Jan. 11.- Seneral Knle- tual mil the dines and Cenernl I Hit off. the Cossack lenders-. official news agency an- defeated. General Dutoff is in rtight. pursued 'ho red guard. aKo is reiieating. '.in. 11.-The 'P'tatmn in ha- nn- r, tlm pea.-e n l. Mull be Ja< tires from seven oV lock th every soldier who can to France In the year 1918. A Mihslantlnl army is already in both men and offi- cers have been additionally and spe- trained are ready for ac- tive service. Independent lines of communica- tion and supply and vast storage and other facilities are in process of con- struct ion in France. (freat program for tho monu- fiictui-o of ndditionul equipment and for the production of new instruments of war have been formulated." Welcomes All Suggestions. "f tntik'- this- continued sfci-ft.-n-y, -fully thnt ve pioducrd before llii.s coin- mil tee expressions of doubt, differ- <jf ripiniou and disapproval. "My military associates und T unpre- REPuttLICANS. For Anderrion, Anthony, Austin. :uaeh, th WILUIA.M FOSTNAUGHT. ATTORN I1Y AT r.AW. Northwe t come Main aiu] gton DR. L. P. JACKSON. PHYSICIAN AND SITKUKON OfflC 1I3I-2SOMH.W -fTppt Phoiien. ni-o 2415. Some People See Too W II. local unions-. 44 will, a mem- iv f.ard.ner, i.crship of time Yomi. IIIMI Miss oar .shortage the ccniivalent of Si I Oils, '-.itiered through ihe crowded gal- leries were suffragists of both fat- tin wr< Iielles lor nation 'I lei ins Tur- and in tiu- on Saturday ,.t to seven o'clo< k in Hie morning ol follow Ing .Monday. This inetlind of coiiM-rviiii.' i ue} shuttiiiK off si.'.ted to'np'ln lier i, period ,.f. IIrjnv f fe-tixe of wjii. aMininistiiiiiion ami the m.-innta, tur- si-n result of a n.emhership of "'N "I'lusiry tor the HEALTH OF ARMY IMPROVES lion-, from all parts of the fiithinod in L'O'J local country locals, with a membership of time mentioned will in A snvinsr of to. s ciaie. the .work iliis committee lias1 lone, nnd value suggestions from the its individual members, and other patriotic citizen which us to carry on work more and more rapidly, "Tlieie me two exceedingly slgtiifl- figures llf the department consisted of and the qunrlcrinnxtrr deftartiiK'ut of 34T now comprise .1.004 o Dicers. There was no ,.3 tcn Brow-no, Burrougha, Butler, Campbell (Kan.) Connon, Carter (Mrtw.. handier (N. Chandler nark (O Copper C'opley, Co-stMlo, Dale DaV- if-v. I n. billon, Dovrcll. iott,, Ktoton, li, R. L. Fairchild, country pnn.v were in force. Sunday Opens Session. Jinan's j age the r-quivab-nt of tons.' The fif ton- was by Mr. Lewis by nguritig the nv- a i Klmilar aflrerifnt- (.tliMi- trios probably n-r rh in all, will! ho later. Tt -xpeciod to' save i Surgeon General Says Conditions Camps Show Improvement for Week Ending January 4. In tnni. could suddenly a.-sunu- the highly of these tv. divisions. ISy (lie ru-opcratiou .-ill interests riii-1 all the nation is now or- and sr-t to Its task with MILmi iiitv of spirit nnd confidence in ,t- More been done than to The .session was opened with pruvor id'lo time ivport-d and mmlviii dining the r-oiu- in ainn and by I'.illy Sunday, who invoked Dlv'ine I to the tola! n b M, u... i v------ There are two -s who sew well Th tur-' pets Hi, 'wh-i lno fur, the the president, the "cabinet, near person who an read fhe -iioin VIHS-- 01 IIHOOI-, --and tne only quei- mm-m n Rents nave io In which It ITfll lAM CTCAMCD onuv make providing fo-- er- with n concerti-d movemont to ls tiiat tin- morals of the MUIMIM a I tAMtH IS SUNK tor, no matter to what extent it may be present. HIMES wh.u we are going Ueprcsontative Troadw sachu.-eits nnd Powers of Kentucky also favored the amendment. Miss Rankin Speaks. Miss nankin said: "We are facing a question of solution, a question forced to'nn is- now by international circum- PtflllCCI. greit woman who to do about it nnbotngo nnd nntl- mon of tho American expeditionary of Aias- wrlr in this country. The force aro excflleiit. 'Steamship Hi movement was broken up, nnd enemy now are bflleved to be con- i fined to sporadic cases cnrried on large- BRITISH WOMEN WIN VICTORY ly by pro-Oerman SMnnatliixers .____ out guidance from a central hendquar- Bill to Exclude Sex From Suffraae t_ _ i COiRECT Are IM.. Virginia Senate Dry. Ttichmond, Va., nn- in history has asked the government prohibition amendment was ratl to permit women to serve more effec- fcy Virginia senate by a vote flveJy national welfare Today as of 30 to 8. A resolution to submit to WM aattoa its KX Beaten in the House of Lords, 134-69. London. .Tnn. 11.- Lord amendment to the the bJH, by of It was sought to exclude women frcm tbe la the of by lazzo Destroyed by Ger- man Submarine in Mediterranean Lives Reported Lost. New- Y-.IK. 11- Tin- steamship 11 17? gross register, sunU in by a iJ.Tiiii'n Milniiiu-ini- in riiiiiiin to won! "The Ani'Tb-an nre knovv of the splendid ofTectlveness :h which they have been able to the man power and the tna- i-la! power of the nation In a great "Our army in under Gen- f-r-.I IVrsiiiuc and our allies, are enti- tled to hnve thf benefit renulllng from the depression of the monile of their enemies uhich must come when the realize that the American has neither blundered nor r-tf The vr--i.i to CO. '.iiiti-hed in I 'JIG and entirely for freight traffic. The Mil.izro was 402 feet long "-1th a beam o? 35 feet. hesitated. Claims Speed Record. "No army of similar in the bis- of the world has been raised. or trained ao quickly. No such provision has ever been made for the comfort, health, and general well- Ix-insr of an army. "Uiirlnir the war with Spain tlm nnny of the United States at Its maxi- mum aggregated 272.000 men nnd officers. The army now la the field in training therefore, r.'in'hlv tlnifs as great as the max- imum number under nrms iu the Span- ish-American war. Tbe total aottbor already la military service u and a half aa large as r tblg MUOO Farr. Francis Frear rt-eeman, French. Fuller Ojynh GooduU. Graham Orient, Hadley, Hamilton Hamilton (X. Haugheii, Ilavvley, Hwyes. Hi, ks, Ilollingsvvorth, I lusted, Uutdh- -Tiiines, .Tolmsou .Tyul K.-ihn, Kelley Kennedy Kennedy (U. Kiess, King, K .nil son, Kraus, La Folh-tte I.'ingley, Li-hlbach. Lenrott, Mttlo, Luudeen Mr-Arthur, Mr-Oor- )ni-k, MH'ulhwh, McFadden, McKefa- McKinley, McLaughlin M.KJdeu. Mnnn, Mapcs, Musoo. Aferritt. Miller Mondell Af.wre MorwBn, Molt, Nelson. Nichols Nolan. Norton. QB- I'nrkcr (N. J'etera, Olapp', I'orter, Powers, Pnmell, Ham- sejer. Miss Kankiu, Reavls, Ilohertu, Kodeuberg, Rogers, Kowe, Rowland. Sanders ford. Scott SeIN, SJIcgel, Sinnott. Slonn, Smith Smith Su.vder, Steencrfion. Stlness. Strong. Temple, Templeton. Ttmberlaltft, ner, Treadway, --tend. Waldow. Ward, 1 White Wllion Wood Woftdyard, Tonhz (N. Zihlman. Total, Against Suffrage. Cooper (W. Crngo. Pallfnyer. Focht. (iarland, Oillett, Gould, Gray (N. Greene Greene Henton, Hull Kearns, Krleder. Ix.ngworth. Lufkln. Mclaughlin Meeker. Moore Mortn. Mtuld, I'aigc, IlnniRoy, Sandorx (N. Staf- ford, Switser, Tllson. Tinkham. VUglit, Walsh. WtnMoW Total, 38. Ot those not belonging to either of tbe main the vote (N. nonpartlxnn: ".i Randall Aye." Iowa Solditr In France. Washington. Jan, rayortMl M KMtaa f. Won. Dm.

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