Tuesday, June 1, 1915

Van Wert Daily Bulletin

Location: Van Wert, Ohio

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Text Content of Page 1 of Van Wert Daily Bulletin on Tuesday, June 1, 1915

Van Wert Daily Bulletin, The (Newspaper) - June 1, 1915, Van Wert, Ohio ESTABLISHED A. D. 1873. VAN WBBT, OHIO, TUESDAY, ,IUM: 1, 1915. When you think of Glasses, think of Collier. COLLIER'S GLASSES SATISFY. Phone distant appointments at our expense, 1771 or 1527. 224, aat 226. Home Guard Building. Blood-TelIs! Good blood telh, they say, and bad blood certainly does. Poor or dis- ordered blood tells its own story in lowered vitality, loss of energy, in akin eruptions, in rheumatic paina and in pallid or sallow appearance complexion. Take San Tox Blood Purifier. It parities and enricees the blood. It cures boils, pimples and other skin troubles. It expels rheumatic poison fr course. If straight from there, would have been over Hamsgate. MaidstMnrt. Chatham and Shofrncss. and the llrr.l outlying district of the capital th--y would have striK-U would have in Greenwich, with it.-; sailors' home, iv.'t- r.ition factories and "iiKorvatory. Instead they have been report .-d from Hrentwood. which is so miles northeast of London. whi supported by this coun- try. A good teVuratus were re- ceived at the White House of f'ricru the f.resident to by the position he tool-: in Ills previous rote to Germany. The president's statement made in his .speech at Ar- -iiu-'ton cemetery yesterday, that it i.- the duty of the government "to presK (he hope ;iml puriifite" of 11: t Tniteil States js regarded as indVat- ing 'ill's appreciation of the rights of public o; Inlou and ns tu'it be will witlihfi'd a'fion until he gauged public sentituejit. FRANK P. WALSH Chairman cf Federal Commit- tee on Industrial Relations. Pboto by American Press Association, WALSH ISSUtS STATEMENT Claims Charges Against the Rockefel- lers Have Been Proved. Kansas City, June indict- ment brought against the anent the Colorado coal strike was proved at the recent Washington hear ing before tne industrial relations commission, according to Chairman Prank P. Walsh, in a statement issued txere. The statement said: "With the close of the Washington iiearing the commission has practit a! ly completed its investigation of tin- Colorado strike. Tiie American peo- ple, now have access to a public rec- ord which, for the first time In tho listory of our country, tells the whol.3 story of how great monopolistic prop- erty Interests go about it when they wish to crush a revolt against trial despotism and thus retain the r arbitrary power over the lives of men, women and children." Negotiates 500 Miles in Less Than 5 HOIKS 34 Minutes, WHERE GorreotGlasses ARE MADE. HIMES [EYESiCHT SPECIALIST 111 West Main Street, Van Wert. O. Twice -a- fl.W Indianapolis, June r.ort mile sweepstakes race was won here by Kalph I'alma In a Mercedes. Jl, liroko all records for the, distance. His time was and his average 80.84 miles. The record made by Thomas nplage In 1914 was B; averaging 82.47, IJcsta in n 1'eugeot was socond; An- derson, third; Cooper. Stutx. fourth; fifth: liurman, reugeot, sixth; Stntz, seventh: Alley. eighth; Carlson. Maxwell, ninth; Kaalta, Sunbeam, tenth. Twenfy-fhrce cars started and a high mark was ser for othor tracks to shoot at. There was a groat demor.Htratlon when Do I'alma stopped H( tiie pit after the r.vt: was won. He drove Into his garage and shut th" floor tt, avoid the crowd that chased him. lie I'alnkn drove a perfect race. en.. stopped twice, the Cr.st time on twenty-second lap and ir-'ain In the ono hnndrf-d and I went v-lirst lap. His f'ar. though tin nnm'- Of A fi'-rman niHker, was gene: all- be llevetl to hnve madi' In Kor the first time in th" fi: course there were no injuri.'s. U'lth a dry track nnd cool wnti.er. id'al con- ditions prevailed Kesta negotiated thf- first milos In 1 n7 I. Babe Weighs 17 Pounds. Crooksvilio. o., .luno seven- teen-pound boy baby was born to Mr. end Mrs. Floyd Thomas. Physicians say the boy is one of the largest de- liveries In history. LIVE STOCK AND GRAIN EAST BUFFALO. Junr 1. Ifi; 1 rkfTK. s JO 's liS TS; f' CHICAGO, Jitrif 1. O.'l.ftlo NaHre I., cf Hti-iT.s. 23. St.-ITS. (siiv.-s, jr-ijn (ft- M; ?T J7 io'-ij. 7 3S: Sh'-cj, 1 'ft'n' ?7 3d. Hf-c-lfts flht tLi> Jin'l l.-irn1'-. CLEVELAND, .run" I f.it butohi-r i." hflf'-rs, 25; Ctilves, Is: striL's SJi. t-i, arul CINCINNATI, 1 h- ?r, fi y 7.5: ti HUERTA'S ASSERTION Ten Million Mexicans Would Resist I n tervc nt ion. VorK, .lunc 1.- "At. the fst hint of any intervention, no matter when it Cen- tral Iluerta, "ten million freeinc'i would spring to arms. would be no longer a question of par ties or factions- all would bo Mexi- cans, first and last. I do not think that In realize the intensity ot the love tvery Mexican feels for )jis country. They may fpiarrel, just as do brothc.rH un dor ono roof, DIP outsider comes in to interfere, then it is nr other matter altouoth'T. Hnt I do not know why we should talk about thi: 'U'hat makes you think there IK any question of interv-ntion? The m.ittcr of Koil T'rof-'s sent, to starving petiple of Mexico City? ?iavo I to trj tliat? In my time there was no Htarvat ion.'' NO FAMINE IN MEXICO DECLARES CARRANZA American Note Will Receive Scant Consideration From Leaders. Kl Tex.. June 1. C. f'arrothers, at-ent the state jefi in-re Vil- la's at, Carrotbers has been in Kl Paso for about a week for the of mal-Mng a tren. rejiort to }Je did not take the text of the that 1 'resident Is to sei.d to the Mexi lenders. Simil lar nie.- Two Boats Torpedoed. London, .Mine l.'-The Manuh slenni- shiii Sobf-rg was torpedo' d nnd sunk by a German submarine forty <-ff tho Tyne. The er TTI rn- >ri I i I. r.'l It. l.tH, ji .-i-.-.j Irm.i.w 11 r.o HIi.1 in.. T T'.f; r-.-tf H. r K....-M Ilp-.vi.-s. n.-.; C Sh.-.-I. Inrnhn, t'i 7." oomblny, K Y..rk..rv. f--., J7; drink ing poiyon ot oM'--t' iijorchants of to'An. Houard Ha.'l is bf-iru- d.-l.'ntied M SpriniMirld. O, with ing lo fite r.ie of Hatr.e r coaupo sh, r< keep with him. A young chauffeur narnod Carru r. operating a cnr in Wise county, Va., wag shot to death at Appalnrhla Charlfs Iloblnott. a merchant. It l< charged, who srtruck by car. Fjigoa will he floliviT'-il to ami Zapata, i< e.- siiv. General Villa is saiil to hi- preparin-- a. statement upon Mexican In It he will declare that if the Tniied States will aid him lo the extent of to get arnmuntion un- molc-stod, while refusing to to Carranxa, he will soon ro.store iit-jicf in Mexico. issued a statement at Vora Cmz denying that famine exists Mexico and asserting that as fast a. his regain control of Mexico they are spreading benevolence and prosperity. Ho says (hero in no for American help, al'hougb admiitiii.- that thorp Is a shortage of food In cer- tain Roftions. It Is known from expressions gained from lieutenants of Villa and Can that the Aiaeri'fin note wHl Bcant consideration from either lead- er. The sentiment of General Villn towards American diplomacy was r" contly oxprei-uefl when, whllo fie wa talking with an American correspond ont, a moHRenger announced the pres- ence of Duva.1 connnis- filonor for President Wilson, and Villa "Kxf use mo. ploa.se; Washing- ton hns Hf-nt mo another down. I mn.-f hurnor him." this remark ended the conversation with the cor- respondent to po into tho next room to moot tho Arnenc-an diplomatic agent. ITALIAN TROOPS SUFFER REVERSE Engage Austrians on Plateau That Dominates Trent, SHELLING OF CITY IMMINENT Another Force of Victor Emmanuel's Men Threatens a Railway Line, tha Main Source of Austrian Supplies For Check Austro- German Onslaught and Assume the Offensive. Paris, June troops "iavo pressed forward to the pla- teau, which dominates the city of Trent, only ten away, ac< to an admission of the Austrian war ollice. The account says that the en- counter on this elevated stretch of land, where there are Austrian forti- fications, was a tierce one, which re- sulted in a reverse to the Italians. The fact that the Italians are so near Trent, however, Is regarded here ao an indication that the bombardment of Trent itself may be expected very shortly. Farther to the north. Italian troops jiave penetrated to the town of Pane- vt-ggio, according to Vienna reports. where they appeared in considerable strength. is but a few miles east of the railroad which runs from Innsbruck through to Trent. This railroad is the rna.n source of Austrian supplies for Trent, and its capture at a point in the neigh- borhood of I'aneveggio would conse- quently mean the isolation of TrerK. It is therefore apparent that the Hal ian general staff, by an enveloping movement, is attempting to deprive Trent of Its source of supplies in the north, while preparing to attack it In strength from the .south. A Home dispatch says: "While Ital- ian forces are dosing in on Trent, re- ports reaching here say that Anstrians are doing their best to terrorize the population in that region, even threat- ening to place the inhabitants in Una Of the Italian guns if a bombardment of the city is begun. Five hundred including women, aro said to have been put to death on one pretext or another. The inhabitants are. being into concentration camps. The war ollice announced a successful bombardment of the arsenal at Pola, the Austrian naval base on the Adri- atic, by an Italian dirigible. Bombs were dropped on the railroad statiou and on oil reservoirs." Heavy fighting on OalHpoll penin- sula, result in the rout of the at- tacking Turkish forces, in announced in ;ir Judge Roan, who presided at Frank's trial, in which the judge urged that Prank be rot. executed, as there was grava doubt of his guilt. BASEBALL NATIONAL LEAGUE. T. "PS W T, i.. j'itisVirh. i- n .553 R. H. E- o -r, 11 2 Tyler n H. E. RUSSIANS ON OFFENSIVE Assert Gerrran and Austro-Gerrnan Movements Have Been Checked. P. June olii-ial re- port of the Kussian general Ht.an as- serts tli.-it the entiie German and Aus- Iro-Gcri.'iin movements In the eastern field of war are not only checked, but. that In many sections where ;i week imo the Russians were falling' bad: they have now assumed the of- fensive. They are continuing the pressure In the Shavll region, up near the shores of tne Baltic; they are tak- ing prisoners in the river re- gion, southwest of Warsaw. The Lu- river, northeast of Jaroslau. and southeast of Slennawa. has been crossed and the town of Monastc.r7.h captured, while in the southern field the checks administered have result- ed in the capture of many Austro-Ger- man prisoners and machine Phila AT BOSTON in 0 0 fi ft f. 2 ........0 0 0 0 M 0 ,i ri. s M.-iyer rim! Kill; an.) MIL] Tms.-s.-cr. AT PITTSBURGH Phi. .......II f. fi r, fi ft 0 0 1 f. 'i 1 0 0 AT NEW R H E. T'r'i'iklyn ......01 ri A 0 2 0 12 3 New Verk 'i o 0 0 n l l 0- J 9 3 AT ST. H. ft EL -him H 1 lj II 0 I.1 J 0 f 1 4 1 n 1 ft. 1 ft 'I 1 <l 1 1 I.', 3 .1 .-v K-uferl's an-3 Cl.trh; an'l Sny.li.tr. AMERICAN LEAGUE. PT.TTS. t.. n.t'us. w i, po. 11 ir n .'472 I -.T. iu U ir. l'i 441 x i1' ir. <t i...'iis i" ..1C. 17 ir. AT R Is. V' rk l n u r- n t 1 R. 7 0 u o i s 4 THE WEATHER Observations of the TTniter] States weather bureau taken at 7 p. m. Monday: Temp. Woat'.ior. Now York ar Hosfon liuftalo r.i; Cli.ar cioidy 'loudy Hear Xain ('loudi' St. ixiuis Mini.e.-ij.oMs Now Orb ;ms Tamjia Seattle..... Forecaat. Washington, June 1. tlons for tomorrow: warmer. British Superdreadnaught Sunk? Nf-w York. June (but tho British <Ju< Klix.abetb, tho largest battleshli afloat, had boon sunk in tho nellos, was in throo we'fkH and generally believed. a< cording to Peter Duncan Milloy. a broker livini? in Brooklyn, who "11 JiiFt returner! from R. H. E. 0 T 1 V.' :..t t.-rj. fry. AT I' 0 f< .'i Biitt.-ri. s M.-iys Shiw- k'-y, linviK AT H. H. E. .......u ii I. l r 0 n ri n i r, 0 0 ii 0 u 1 1' 7 2 I'.ittt.-rl.-s r.ak. r: nnd S. AT ft. H ft .....i fi l n n n o 3 Cli-vi-l.-iti.i i.. l o 'i 1 3 f Tirjjvs. I'. n. I w ri.-v.T'.i.l; Mor- to.-i :in.i o'N.-ill. BRITISH SHIP SUNK Loaded With Cotton and Steel Billets It Is Torpedoed Off French Coast. Savannah, dti., June Co. were advised that the owned by tiio Itixinna Stcam- Fhip Company and Hying the Hritls'i flag, had boon toriiecJoed n.-ar Cshand. .iff the French coast, by tho Germans. and S'ink. The crew escaped. Thfr vessel was loaded with cotton and Ftei-1 billets, and sailed from liruns- wi< k and Savannah. Tne MiIw'Kev jl lx Muuii'.... u ;2 K. Cltv .513 .400 Columbus, 3; Louisville, 1. St. Paul, 6; Minneapolis. 3. Indianapolis, Cleve.and, 3. Kansas City, 0; Milwaukee, 4. MORNING GAMES. National League. I'hllnrtc hi.i. 1 I. llr.-'klyn. j. t j. St. 1. I'] 11 1. Arrrerican League. I. N..W 11 i. 1 2. I Federal League. St l.ou'-s. i'lttsiiiirirh. t L1. K iris.-iM f'ity. Itiiffiilrt, ntimore, 0. Newark, R; Hrooklj 11. 3 American City. ft. 2. 1. 10; 4. Minneapolis, t; SV

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