Thursday, September 7, 1911

Sandusky Star Journal

Location: Sandusky, Ohio

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The Sandusky Star Journal (Newspaper) - September 7, 1911, Sandusky, Ohio 1; -H, THE HOME PAPER TODAY'S NEWS TODAY THE SANDUSKY STAR-JOURNAL. mRTY-FOURTh YEAR .SANDUSKY, OHIO, THURSDAY, SEPT, 7, 1911, LAST EDITION NUiVIBER 234 Returned Against Each >of Two Millionaires Who Showered Her With Jewels. WOMAN PLAYED GAME {TO SECURE DIAMONDS 'Attorneys for Indicted Men Say Jhey .Will Appear and Answer Charges, i NEW YORK, Sept. the (return to this city of District At- torney Wise, the announcement was made of the indictment three weeks ago of Nathan Alien, of Kenosha, Wis., and John R. Col- Una, of Memphis, Term., million- aires who are accused of gling thousands of dollars' worth of diamonds and laces into the United States in connection with Ijhe disclosures of Mrs. Helen Dwelle Jenkins. Allen is founder of the leather trust and Collins is prganzier of the Southern Coal company, both reputed to be millionaires. Allen is alleged to have posed as J. "W. Jenkins at the Chicago home of the woman and to have showered worth of dia- clothes upon her during TEat time. The exposure came when Mrs. Jen- kins reported to the police of New York that she had been robbed of that amount of jewelry while living at the fashionable Hotel Lorraine, on Fifth avenue. Mrs Jenkins denied with emphasis that it was through any feeling of pique or ill will toward either Collins or Allen that she had given her tes- timony Both men, she said, had be- friended her for years. Allen had more than generous, she declar- ed, as evidenced by the more than FORMER SANDUSKIAN'S EX-WIFE A WITNESS Prosecuting Attorney Makes Strong Attack Upon Story as Told by Prisoner. HOPE TO FINISH THE SUMMING UP FRIDAY Prosecutor Wendenburg Rs- ceives a Letter from Man Telling of Murder, CHESTERFIELD COURT HOUSE, Sept. final scene in Henry Clay Seattle's trial for the murder of his wife was staged today when Judge Watson delivered his charge to the jury. The case is expected to go to the jury late tonight. Judge Watson's charge was regai ded as tav- oriug the prisoner. Attorney Gregory opening for the prosecution, scathing- ly denounced Beattie. Hill Carter, for j the defense, pictured Beattie as an ad- imirable, truthful young man incapabl'' of the crime charged against him. Car- ter bitterly attacked the detective for i the commonwealth saying they thought every little thing" against the and disregarded all evidence HE LOVES ME, HE LOVES ME NQTl Belief Entertained That Heads of International Unions Will Not Give Support. REFUSE ALL INFORMATION Shopmen Are Ready to Go Out if Leaders Decide Strike Is Advisable, CHICAGO, 111., Sept. The execu- tive committee of the system federa- tion of the Illinois Central railroad houses, automobiles, jjsw- were in conference today discussing els, magnificent gowns and sumptu- ous furniture, costly tapestries and rare" specimens of marbles and bronz- es he had purchased for her the year and a half she had known Mm. The government learned of her knowledge of the smuggling, she avers, only by the (merest accident, brought about by her pressing finan- cial necessities. Through the agent of B. monej loaning house in New York she obtained from Deputy Surveyor Parr a loan, on some of her jewelry The agent was a "boyhood friend o Parr's Inquiry by the deputy surveyor ai to how a woman without means othe than her rich collection of bauble: had acquired them led to the discov- ery, gradually, of her story. Then i was that Parr took up the case in his official capacity Last May h< obtained a search warrant and'weii to execute it on Allen's residence a Kenosha, Wis. The millionaire couM not be found and the warrant was no1 served. (Continued on Page Two.) strike_ ternational officers refused to con- firm or deny that had refused to sanction a strike. According to rail- road officials no further conferences have been planned with the men on the labor situation. that failed to support their theory of his guilt. WOMEN PROTEST NEW YORK, Sept Promi- nent women in various walks of life today raised loud protest against the appearanne of Beulah Binford. the 17-yeai-old sweet- heart of Henry Clav Beattie in vaude.ille in this city Her ap- pearance. thev declaied. would be an affront to womanhood. _ With firm step and head high Beat- tie entered the court room this mom- ing to heai the final arguments in his trial for life Judge Watson's instruc- tions to the juij weie distinctly fa- vorable to the pusoner. The charge throughout was strong for the defense especially on the uoint of doubt and 'Circumstantial evidence. .Attorney Gregory 'aiads the open- the state. His with quotations Judge Kinkead Serves Notice on Attorneys for Sergeant-at-Arms. pointed a shaking finger and cried: Created No Surprise in Wash- ington by the Announcement of His Retirement. WASHINGTON, D. c., Sept. Because ol the attitude Senator Bail- ey has held toward his democratic associates here for some time the an- nouncement of his retirement from the United States senate caused no surprise here in political circles His claims to leadership had been reject ed and he was practically standing alone. His term expires March 1913. Even before bis hastv resignation of last spring it became known here that Senator Bailey was dissatisfied with his work and did not care to re- main in the .public service. HP was irritated by the schisms ir< the dem- ocratic party and a marked division into regulars and progressives Al- though ifr. Bailev's great abilities were recognized by his assoei- Btes, they did not care to accept him as leader He received but five votes when a candidate for that honor would not serve another term as Fenator if the salary were made 000.100 a year." Mr. "Bailey remark- ed to one of bis closest friends last winter 'Phe utterance -was -made be- fore the Owen filibuster and the dem- ocratic split on the. initiative, refer- errltim and recall His mind was then apparently set on retiring, Mr. Bail- ley is credited with having acquired much property and is now placed in the millionaire class. He is having a 540.000 residence erected in this city. Some of those less friendly to Mr. Bailey declare he did not care to run risk of being defeated for re-elec- iion and announced his retirement for that reason. There was bitter oppo- sition to him in Texas four years ago ;crl he was compelled to make a des- perate fight for the retention of his It is fiinted that he might pre- .'er a voluntary relinquishment of-his place rather than have it wrested from him bis enemies. Representative Choice B. Randell Texas announced last spring that :e would be a candidate lor Senator Bsiley's seat aird has been actively for the position ever since. It is believed that the officers of the nine mterpational unions involved in the possible strike of the new svs- road have refused to suppoit a strike movement at this time The officers refused to give out any ing argument for statement bristled from the scriptures and at times was dramatic in the extreme. Once he at Beattie and he lad the oppoUunity and the for committing the hellish During Gregory's denuncia- tion Beattie sat calm and unmoved. The release of Paul Beattie and caused a sensation today It was expected that they would be held until ver- was in. Paul Beattie left the means crime.'1 HURON SHOW CLOSED, BUILDINGS CONDEMNED Upon complaint of W. R. Tyler and agreed to submit to the orders. C H Warnke. the fire insuiance un- This is the first picture theater that derwriters Assistant State Fire Mdr- has been closed in this section. Mar- shal L. H. Smith, Thursday, closed shal Smith said Thursday that con- up a moving picture show at Huron' ditions in all the Sandusky theaters which was being conducted in the' op-, were excellent, there ample ex- era house on the second floor ,of tbp its and evrv precaution against ex- town hall.-- The, the action plosion OF, fjw. was that the law prohibits such shows, Under tbe strengthened law apply- in a second floor room from which es- {Ing to 'delap'dated buildings. Marshal cape in case of fire or panic would be Smith with cilef Hegemer. of the fire more difficult. Belief Is Entertained That At- tempt Was Made to Blow Up Navy Yard. BOSTON, Sept. A rigid Investi- tion was started by secret service men department, has been making an in- itoday to discovei the identity of the The show was being put on by a spection of old wooden structu-ps with I Persons who placed thre sticks of man named Smith who had the result that two have already been 'dvnamite in a great floating crane in leased the hall from the trus- j condemned and ordered torn down the lower end of the United States tees His lease had two weeks similar orders will soon be is- to run and he wanted to com- sued against others Those con- r yard at Charlestown. The to blow the n i-t i uii-i. in, jraui jouaiiit; ACJ.L uilc information after an all day session 3ail as soon as leleased but beulah Wednesday and thev continued the Bmford remained until the arrnal of conference u ednesdav night. They'her mother declared that the question of a strike had not been fullv passed upon ana Prosecutor Wendenburg is in pos- session of a letter written to him from this was taken as an indication that a westein Illinois city where the writ- everythmg possible was be'P? done to er is now said to be in custody which bring about a peaceable settlement change the entire trend of the! Late in the day I. F. McCreery Beattie case if it can be pioven that! president ot rbp federation of contents aie true I employes of the Illinois Central The water declares that he saw plete this time but Marshal Smith re- demned are two wooden buildings on J'eaM rrane to bits. and kil1 several fused to giant peimission In addition Water street to Tohn r hundied workmen in the vicinity, was to being located on the second floor, the film cage was not suitably protect- ed, it was claimed. The picture man ,JU11U VT. Dorn, adjommz his wine cellar and tound five feet of where woik- a wooden building on the north side me.n were swinging heavv sledges of Railroad street between Fulton and i u was concealed in the framework Decatur streets formerlv a part of the ,of the c'ane and its location cannot we accounted for except on the theory _________ aiiu tna-t it w-as plated there with rnali- Stang ha agreed to "tear down ClOUS lntent- buildings WANTS BROTHER TO FIGHT old Butler plant, and belonging to Frank Stang Both Messrs Dorn and ROYALISTS MASSING TROOPS ON FRONTIER LISBON. Spain, Sept Desnite of- v jun..., luie winer aeciares tnat ne saw n i i J--ianu AttOPney S3ld the final assurances itis known today Little Girl Addresses Sote to Stork in Zoo Asking Him to Help Her Out. ference of the mfemalimidl officers 1lo WB; pqH tc icave and called Presrient Kramer on the tele that his conscience hurt him and phone Mr Kramer is said to have compelled him to reveal- the facts in given him the consensus of opinion case of the international leaders, M wendcnburg took steps to verify the that opinion w as President McCreerj _______ would not reveal. (Continued on Page 6) NAVY'S NEW AEROPLANE CUN CAN BRING DOWN B1RDMFN AT HEIGHT OF THREE MILES Wanted to Be Married Sep- tember 6, but He Fails. NEWPORT, though it i Hur- park, FURTHER STATEMENT IS MOT FORTHCOMING Colonel at Home Here and Ex- pected to Go to Columbus Queries According to a statement of Judge E. B. Kinkead in Colum- bus, Tnursday, Rodney J. Diegle, convicted senate sergeant-at-arms, wilt be sentenced Saturday morn- irg. his last day of grace. Diegle is in Sandusky, having arrived here Wednesday afternoon, but has given out no further state ment. It is supposed that he wil! go to Columbus Friday. At noon, Thursday, Judge Kinkead form- ally notified Diegle's attorneys to have him appear in court Satur- day morning. The case of Diegle is becoming tha moie remarkable as the time ap- jtroaches for him to receive his sen- tence. The sensational charge that he was being kept in an intoxicated condition and supplied with funds by fi ieuds of members of the last general assembly, and lobbyists, was by attorneys for the state Wednesday. It is also charged that Diegle wonld have been in long ago and made a full confession of the crooked work of the last general assembly as far as he knew, but for these outside influ- ences being at work, and preventing: him doing what he would do were ha in his normal mind After a short conference between Attorney General Hogan and Prose- cuting Attorney Turner it was decided that under no would mercj be asked for Diegle, except tnat he put in writing what he is al- leged to have already told to friends, and explain certain mysterious trigs that were made by state senators and representatives when Diegle was close at hand. It has also developed that the story printed in a Cleveland paper was one told by Diesle when it it is alleged by his friends he was under the fluence of liquoi and not responsible for his statement. Xo written state- ment has been made, or at least has not been i eceived bv the state's at- torneys signed by Diegie. and the blanket denial held bj his attorneys, to anv and all statements whereby he connects the names of the legis- lators, is not as yet necessary to pro- dire Interesting, if not sensational de- velopments would not be surprising at any moment. Attorney General Hogan made the following statement: "Diegle will not be in prison garb a week until he will want to make a full confession. While he is at liber- u and with the associates that he has been with, during the past two weeks, we don't expect any statement Irom him." "What I would like to know is1 who is- supplying Diesle with money and why this is being remarked at the close of the conference. bring me forSet- stork l that the government is srriously M. iu IttU'K, I .iVTrL 1 wi_ ried over the activities In- found this letter attached to the Diegle came to Mr. Turner creased rontiibntions to the fund for stork's cage- myself, meeting us the recoven of the throne by Manuel dear stoik has brought out manv supporters of a minister who will perfoim the mar J L J M riage ceremony which will make Miss an mvaslon Force his wife, the Methodist ana Baptist ministers of this city delined to perform the ceremony Col William P Sheffield, Newport attorney for Col. Astor, offered 11.000 to the Rev Dr Edward A Johnson, 115 thollsands o! for THE TABLES TURNED nn he. he hadn't was without money, but somebody is supplving him with it. Diegle said that he had not ensaged any counsel. but be has plenty of attorneys. Who 104th street room fi Iis {t that is UP the money for limn btreet, room b, [thls and ,g the ,easonr Helen who is wen pMilainprt it ail Ge'ieral Hosan raid that when Die- Heien. wn0_is exnlamed it all Prosmltor Tnrner him. "Xo 115 ifiist floor During the campaign two years aqo. the relief argument of many of the so-called organization dem- was that all democrats the kids on thc much should support the ticket since it was regularly nominated. l someone to protect me "You should have supported pastor of the First Baptist chinch of Xevvport to perform the Dr Johnson is ill and in sore finan- cial straits. Bad eyes are forcing his retirement, at least temporarily, from the ministrv and he is m need ofi v because he was reciularlv Turn BflnDC money. but despite this ftct he woulu the pa ty MORE mil one prominent organization "Col Sheffield said that Col been wi-ned to ue man.ed between Sept regularly of these sidewalk nair her horac. small sisteis and Clara, five and four, i lj Helen them "They can't fight." said she Beside self that he admitted he knew of the itell about them he said that he would 'do this later bark, and (Continued on Page 6) THE WEATHER. KILLED IN GERMANY 4 and sept 6. but would het no defm f me same organization men are open- Lieutenant Xuemann, an army avi- ly deciarng that they will bolt and Aviator Leconte. who was thlf ,f ,t t- hlm- W'i3t was a terrible offense being cairied as a passenger, were wo'nld have to Sne" said Rev is to as tociaj when aeroplane woma nave to ciecune, said nev Mr. the Or0ner course. fell ficyn a ereat height They were Thtc ,c tho first t- at n n, t Who !s who in- thing from Mulr-ausen to St--assburg luib it, in inumducn tnat surgent now? brings the total Rvi Col Astor and Miss Force contev.- I }es 10 plated man.vjng so soon Under the rsccntlv law it is v i for a nonresident to file of In JQTAHI API C OfiDT PI IIMTAM I tent'on to wed five for the daj entered a bitter protest to George A True of Port opening of tte September term of the United States being a party M who had declined it. and court peace treaties involving national and WSJ; Says United States Should Noi Be a Party to Peace Treaties Involving Honor. ng a snapping the sight of Astor himself as he Clinton, NEW YORK. Sept Former in the near future. It is the gun 1s- tion, by which rjiuade a 15 miaate call at his it had then been offered to Mr.! Governor Harmon, it is known, ten- or as do the pending patts t it v [Stahl. The Star-Journal believed it i dered'the appointoent 'to "George C Great Britain and France sentiment of EriejBeis but the latter thS :a tnat. si (matter now stands there is sure to be- the best circumstances can only acceptable i a lively campaign at the nt-xt election promises. Thi's country wcmld nof nM acceptifor Erie count? will insist upon hav- keep an agreement t> arbitrate til the naval of _OI> should ing a resident judge. 'questions of vital honor n.t udvti. piovi..0 grou .as ai __ ,nc iuO it is ramwrea oe uroppea in oraer that an Erie coun- .ma LUC stuiiiut'iii, 01 at'is out me lauer aecnnen AS TRA "rJoncrai twnf nance. n ten eel at the naval nroviTur o-rniiTifiq of' refOIl ot i'_ __ t planning to have more of them at ouce at "Washington navy ya id. lair. Prom fifteea shots can be perform the ceremonv and that wedding partv will leave tonignt the jacht Norna, da. night for Steubenvillo nnd then onward the i i tion was too late, however, for the! will go to Boston where he is to ad- who have -stood for i tender had already been made to Mr. i dress the democratic clubs Saturday' national life such Stahl and he it late in the j evening-. Washington." 5 Uaeoti NEWSPAPER!