Wednesday, August 2, 1911

Sandusky Star Journal

Location: Sandusky, Ohio

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The Sandusky Star Journal (Newspaper) - August 2, 1911, Sandusky, Ohio TODAY'S NEWS TODAY THE SANDUSKY W I THE HOME PAPEB STAR -JOURNAL." pORTY-FOURTh YEAR SANDUSKY, OHIO, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 2, 1911, LAST EDITION [Three Days and Nights of Frantic Digging Proves Successful. [TALKS THROUGH TUBE WITH FRIENDS ABOVE Message As From the Dead Saved Life of Prostrated Mother, JOPLIN, Mo., Aug. 2.-Joseph Clary, young miner who had been sjnce Sunday as the re- sult of a cave-in of a shaft, and who was reached late yesterday by an air-shaft drilled by frantic fellow-workers, was rescued at this morning. He all but col- lapsed as he was carried home to his mother. The digging'of the qhaft through 78 feet of earth and limestone took three days and nights. Clary had been entombed 72 hours The rescuers during the last few hours had to work at topmost speed as the ground through which the shaft was being sunk cracked open and threatened every instant to cave in, burying them as well as making the rescue of Clary practically im Clary was none the worse tor his experience. When the rescuers announced late yesterday that the drill hole five inches in diameter, had pene- trated the drifts, a shout went up Trom the two hundred who and gath- ered about the mouth of the mine But the noise was followed by the stillness of death when the workers signaled for quiet that the man if alive, might be heard. "Hello, there! Hello, a man shouted down the narrow shaft. Several seconds elapsed. Then came a feeble answering "hello." Food and drink in a small can were immediately passed down to Clary. After the lapse o'f a few minutes Clary cried up the tube: j "Water about three feet deep in I some places in drift. I am on high place, and. it may not reach me il you hurry.. 'The air was-getting bad I feel much better now." Maurice Graf ton. Clary's brother- in-law, his brother James and his father, Thomas Clary, exchanged INQUIRY INTO MORGAN'S GREAT MONEY TRUST EXPECTED TO STARTLE NATION Edison's Vacation NUMBER 253, NEW- YORK, Aug. his first vacation in 22 years, Thomas A. Edison sailed today on the Mauretania for Europe. He was accompanied by his son and will join his wife and daughter who are already in Europe. Edi- son was as happy as a boy and de- fared he would yet live to be 150 years old. i WFF m DIEGLE DENIED NEW TRIAL- SENTENCE NOT YET PASSED FOUND DEAD ON BOAT; E. E, KOCH A SUICIDE Well Known Lumber and Ves- j sel Man Evidently Shot Taft to Veto Both Wool and Free List Measure, It Discovery of Death Made By DENIED NEW TRIAL Is Said. CONGRESS TO QUIT SOON Captain on Arrival in Cleveland, Lyins House leaders predict that the investigation o fthe "money trust" determined upon by the house rules committee, as a result of the in- troduction of the Lindbergh resolution, will startle the entire coun- try. The alleged gigantic combination of headed by J P- Mar- gan, is said to be capable of calling of loans over night and ruining any adversary .reducing credits, manipulating bank reservss Cni' bv Mn f occupied by Morgan for so many ye ars. government -by refusal to buy its bonds, and dic- S the bank buildinS to New York n _. on the floor of the cabin Democrats Recognize Futility the Laurie, of Further Legislation at, ...._ _ This Time, WASHINGTON, Aug. 2.-Rej.unli- can standpat senators who today called on President Taft made it known that the president will veto both the wool tariff revision bill and the farmers' free list bill. In this event it is believed the present ses- he was manager and his wife the owner, Edward E. Koch. 46. well- known Sandusky lumber and vessel man. was found dead about H o'clock Wednesday morning as the vessel ar- rived at the Central Furnace Co. dock in Cleveland. The shocking discovery was made by Captain C. L. Goodsite, master of sion will end the instant the president after docking Mr Korli lav the boat- he opened the cabin now pending under the circumstances.! right hand It now looks like adjournment before ;was a revolver with which, it is sup- the end of next week. posed, he fired the shot The house refused to concur in the amendments made in the senate to nal eivP tw previously passed in! sa'e these detalls- it the wool bill the house. Bryan Cleveland advices to the Star-Jour- 4______ being as- A conference was" asked'sumed in Cleveland that the case was Suicide' this was not BRYAN DENOUNCED Positively known. No note or letter WASHINGTON, Aug. J. and Captain Goodsite was roughly denounced Sive no reason for the act from the floor of congress today Friends here believe he worried over the "peerless" leader was a falsi- demented. v Her because he had dubbed the speaker as a "protectionist." This was warmly applauded. Repre- sentative Kitchin also denounced in- few words with Clary. In response to the questions concerning the'qual- ity of the air, Clary said: "The air is all right and I am all right. I have not worried any, be- cause I knew you were looking for me. The minute the drill began hit- ting hard ground I realized that ef- were being made to supply air to the drift. The thump. forts .fresh thump, thump of the drill seemedTo continue endlessly, although I could not tell what it was. I knew that the holes must have missed the mark. Sometimes the thumping would be distinct and again it. would be faint." Yesterday afternoon Clary feasted on fried chicken and joked with friends, who were waiting for his res- cue. his brother-in-law called down the hole. "Hello, boys! I'm came the clear but faint reply. Then Thom- as Clary, father of the entombed min- er, hastened to his home, where the young man's, mother was prostrated from grief, and told her the young man was still alive. news, the doctors say, saved her life. From his home the father, one of the oldest prospectors in this mining field, hurried back to the mine, car- rying milk and stimulents, which were 'lowered to his son. After drink- ing these. Clary seemed much strong- 'er and remained at the dri talking with those at the top. Trustees of State Institutions Raid of City Officials on Cleve- to Meet With New Board of Control. Special to the Star-Journal. COLUMBUS, 0., August land Plant Results in Disclosures. Bryan as "the most badly formed individual in tfie world." for and Speaker Clark named the fol- News of the sudden death spread rapidly here and it called forth manv exuressions of regret and svmpathv Mr. Koch was at one time in the lum- ber business here and in recent years had managed lumber-carrying boats Recently he had been interested with capt D. 0. Lockhart in lumber and tug deals at Cheboygan. Mich., and IT- rrrtt n rm S J TTT' .1.. H- it trol will be held at tie state house to- CLEVELAND, O., Aug. i raid on the plant of the East Ohio ast night, Director of Lea, City Chemist morrow afternoon when the board of j TaussiS and assistants took samples ,state insti-j of a gas that is being mixed with the water-gas that is supplied the city under its franchise with the com- pany at the rate of thousands of cu- bic feet an hour. towing conferees: Represent Underwood of Alabama, Randell of Texas and Harrison of New York i democrats, and Payne of New York I and Dalzell of Pennsylvania, reoubli-' cans. The. senate conferees', accord-' sons "-Mac" Ted Vd mg to present in-' was mprniW nf <V o elude Senators Penrose and Cullum, of Elks ?anduskJ' regular republicans; Bailey and Sim- Senate Sergeant-at-ArmsS Plans Appeal to Circuit Court. STAY OF EXECUTION ASKED BUT REFUSED May Be Sent to Penitentiary for Five Years and Fined COLUMBUS, O., Rodney J. Diegle, of Sandusky, senate sergeant-at-arms, and con- victed of aiding and abetting Sen. ator Andrews in the solicitation of a bribe was today dented a new trial by Judge E. B. Kinkead fn criminal court. The action was no surprise. Sentence has not yet been passed. Diegle was the first person to convicted in the bribery cases in con- nection with the general assembly as f the Burns' Jud Kmkead's decision was a engtny one requiring thirty minutes :o read. After overruling motion, the 'udge said that sentence would be de- NOT A SURPRISE. p'egfe expected hJs motion tor a new trial to be over- ruled by Judge Kinkead was indi- cated by his mends" here. He said he ed to be sentenced to about three years m prison and be fined He is relying, of course, upon an appeal to the higher courts. erred for "a couple of days." Before the reading of the decision on the motion, attorneys for Diegle interposed another motion that sen- tence be suspended in case, of an ad- verse decision, until the ease conld be taken to the circuit court TMs motion the judge overruled. Diegle, one of a number of legislat- ors and attaches indicted bv the they had in the recent forest iad worried over this, resided is survived by Kenneth. He o ience odee the O n i i n "implies indicted Dv Boys Caught By Sudden Saual srand upon T dfincp v_ -_____ Danger of Drowning. tutions which they will take over will meet with the board of control.' Within less than two weeks nine- teen different state institutions will pass from the control of a ooard of I managers to the management of the j new board of control, and there is un- i usual interest in just bow successful i the new method will be. While Governor Harmon was here this week he met with the board and iearcl encouraging reports of their work, their investigations and, their plans, and is certain that their work will prove a success, and the pet idea he has fought for since executive for the It is rumored that a number of changes will be made in the officers and Taussig, have been to determine what was wrong lieve this which is the great "super-heated mysterious compound, both as "dope" and to be natural They will lay the results of their but be appointed unless there is a change land Of View. nnrt It is expected that the conferees will get to work at once and senators; generally are hopeful of a favorable! outcome. The prevailing opinion is' that the two bodies will "split thej_________ making the rate on raw SiYiHan Trsos v., wools 27 1-2 per cent, ad valorem 3" Lses Knlfc on The farmers' free list, as it passed COAL BARON BADLY CUT inspection of the East ._ 'making methods before I County Prosecutor Cline and ask for investigation at on-ce. signified his to go it be indeed natural gas, as'every- including an expert gas who was formerly in not to be touched, but other officers may find the senate, so nearly conforms to the, bill passed by the house that it is' generally expected the measure will! be promptly passed on to the presi-l dent. Like the wool bill, it is under the Taft ban. If Taft vetoes the bills, the demo- cratic managers of the house effort at tariff Millionaire Who Opposes Him in Mine Firm Suit, A SMALL-SIZED CYCLONE Lumber Hurled Against Big Four Train and Street Was Blocked, Pa., Aug. 2.- Zimmerman, millionaire coal op- owner, is in a seri- tcday re- vision this session, but will continue ocked UD under r the preparation of tariff bills for the X intent to kill inflated yesterday by Anton- a foreigner_ Sicilian is ,000 bail charged nf M, t i, hrd to hold on to their iobs, W'rather I hole than have any fire started j believe it is as to city may- losses a wide field of psssi- what course of action to been named, and it is said that within the next ten DJSCKIMIMTIOX CHARGED Grade Crossing Question Is Serious One for Pt. Clin- ton Now. days, the formal an- nouncement of their full .official force; will be made and that it will contain i WASHING-TON, New several surprises. The board will j Pittsburg Coal Co., of Columbus about twenty good positions to Ohio, has filed two complaints be- 1 fill besiiles as many minor places, and fore the interstate commerce com- with more than two hundred candi-: mission against the Hocking Valley dates will be in a position to pick i railroad charging it with discrimin- tne best of men. j atory and excessive rates. tariff program of the be opened up and congress main in session. will Coal Co., six miles from here." will re-1 The coal operator is believed have been saved from death bv i- old line high tariff men ns all of these and made through s-erious wounds When a small-sized cyclone struck a section of the city along the water front at Wednes- day afternoon, three boys in a sailboat narrowly escaped death by drowning, their boat being capsized. Considerabte damage was also done, especially in lum- ber yards and the Big Four rail- road .yards west 'of McDonough street. The cyclone was confined to a small area although the rain storm was general over the city. A Big Four Dayton excursion train was being backed on the north track in the yards when the cyclone Lumber was hurled against the side of the train, breaking most of the windows famished largely by operatives of the Burns Detective agency, -who used- the dictagraph, was found sail- ty on July 3 after the jury Had -been out many .hours. The sentence which may be imposed is a fine of not to exceed and imprisonment of not more than five years. The state had 'been hoping that Col. Diegle would turn state's evi- dence but this he has refused to do, at least up to the present time. Whether this is the reason for defer- ring the passing sentence is not known. MAN IS STRICKEN AT HIS WAPAKONETA, 0., Aug. Beerlme, 25. of Cridersville, this coun- y, while riding: in an automobile witi hree other young men, suffered a bird and fatal stroke of paralysis, dr- ng shortly after. He was in charge of'-the xtiaeaiae when his hand fell limp at his sides, is head dropped and he onscious. SEW CUBAJf HAVANA, .Cuba, Aug. or the resignation of President Gqnv Nelson of Minnesota and McCumber on T of North Dakota voting for it, Ali are cuts on the abdomen arms -inri i" the insurgents but Bourne voted for legs. aoao.nen. aims and boat Carrier, on the north side of thpjez within fifteen days, Gen" rbvWaS-S.Cattered -besnn a roofed. Unable to get all their sails down before the squall struck them Clyde) Hofacker, Fred Wilt and Fred Kihl! three boys employed at the Sandusky Lumber Box Co.'s a ride on the bay on had narrow is m plant, enjoying} the In-foot sail it on final passage and the democrats! Zimmerman and Sicilian have pn- voted as a unit on it, even Bailey! gaged in a number of lawsuits it on the reservation. Senator said, during the past year Sicilian of Ohio, voted against t he wanted to open a store on the coal _____ property at Ralphton, but j was permission ________ from drowning when their little craft! Burton bill. were Special to the Star-Journal. PORT CLINTON, Aug. special meeting of the Port Clinton Business Men's Association was held last ev- ening to consider having a Port Clin- ton Day, when all business houses would be closed, and special cars would be run over the T. P. C. L. railway to Toledoj All business men would not consent to this, so part of the stores will remain open. The spe- cial cars will be run however on next Tuesday. This has been attempted years but has never been a complete success. The council held a special meeting last night with officials from the Lake Shore Co. The company wished to be granted a permit to lay a side track on this side of the river, once, so as to begin their work straightening the tracks, accomplished. The plans for ele- calling an extra GERRYMANDER FIGHT NO W BEFORE SENA TE at of STAR-JOURNAL BUREAU, to be thankful for in Hogan's decision. Munsey Building, i They are Representatives Francis and WASHINGTON, D C August Denver and Sharp. Francis and Den- The entire Ohio tion in Washington is all wrought up rymander had been made, and Sharp over the decision of Attorney General would have been dovetailed into a re- Hogan, declaring it lawful to elect a congress-at-larse in Ohio Thev rea-i lize that it means that the gerrymander bill district, where he would have run against Representative he higher than a kite and that they will have to run again in the districts i vating the tracks were also presented. The company wishes to elevate the tracks twelve -feet through town at their own expense, but want to elim- inate several crossings, and bund roadways along the tracks to connect the differenrcrossings. A mass meet- ing is to be held at the assembly room next Monday night to consider this proposition. XENIA, O., August mandamus suit was filed in the Green county somroon pleas court by Harry E. Rice publisher of the Herald, against the city of Xenia, to compel the publica- tion at appropriation ordinances. ______ in which some of them barely skinned through last fall. Of course, they realize that Gov. them relief by session despite the j will be the principal sufferers by the i failure of a .Gerrymander, cwine n ;the fact that the changing of a few wards in their respective districts would have given them large demo- jcratic majorities, whereas they are THE WEATHER Forecast: Overcast weather with probably local showers to- night or Thursday. Temperature at 7 a. m.. 72 de- grees. Temperature one rear ago, 70 degrees. Sun rises Thursday at a. m. and sets at p. m. (stan- dard Maximum wind velocity for 24 hours ending at, noon today, 15 miles southwest, at 1 o'clock Tuesday afternoon. COLUMBUS WOMEN TO ORGANIZE A STORE capsized. Ail three youth thrown into the water and picked UD by the tug the harbor service here. The three boys had taken the Car- rier out for a sail during the noon hour. They were some feet off the Gilcher Schuck dock when the threatened. Than Dozerr County Offi- cials on Hand for Affair. sail before the full had trouble with the lib and1 iv- nt or" Lj of the county officials COLUMBUS. 0.. August women in Newcomerstown have an extra share of business enterprise was shown today in their incorporation of the Neighbor Co., a concern which Will deal in gmeral merchan- j Z- sre-U Nobwjy Seemed to exPlain tha I b'" boUi Md b'Jt All of the incorporators are women i and men probably will not bp allow- ed to havo the least thing to say about the business. lads, were for a time caught un-j tier the capsized boat. In (Continued on Page 5) INTRODUCING CHAIRMAN STANLEY AND CONGRESSIONAL PROBE COMMITTEE; THEY'RE INVESTIGATING SECRETS OF STEEL TRUST tricts. fact that one is unnecessary have no hope that he will do so. Practically every Ohio democrat in Washington admtited today that Har- mon will not get himself into trouble by having an unmanageable tegisla- Ansberry. Goeke, with the present plan of things. None of them was anxious for a ger- rymander as it would f P au uuuiauaseiiuie Ifcfgisia- mnrp than it ure on his hands when he can avoid S d. it The delegation Gov. Harmon to but no one to make the first move is if o to be found. There are plenty of con- i lf a gressmen m the delegation who would i second such a movement, but no one j will stand out and start it. There are about three democrats in! the delegation who found something benefited nav- democratic gerrymander had [433, reapportionment bill increasing; house membership from 391 to. taken up in the senate and (Continued On Page 2.) Here are tlie men composing Reading from left to right they arc: forth. Lower J. the Jack Beal, A. 0. Stanley, and Martin Littleton., trust A. Daa- .1. W. Edwards, auditor of Montgom- ery county, aud B. M. aii- i ciitor of state, spoke tha business session on the one per cent tax law. The election of officers will not take place until the October meeting j in Columbus. According to information that comes I from the meeting of the Ohio associa- j i.ion of county auditors now holding its annual meeting at the Point movement is on foot to devise means of increasing the personal, property duplicate? in the different eommnrfc ties represented by the members. as was- given out Tuesday by one authority, the thing that will" have be done first will be to force bankers of the state to lend a hand. As matters stand at the time it is said the banks fused to give out information, an4 the auditors are quite at sea. TfaA auditors believe that the. qupstiOB of taxation would be solved by an bout est personal tax duplicate. Another thing that is eaustn? auditors some concern is one per cent tax bill. Some of leaders say thsit the law la no com- plicated thai they cannot see sense in it at all, and an early peal may be made to Attorney oral Hogon for a full of the measure