Wednesday, July 19, 1911

Sandusky Star Journal

Location: Sandusky, Ohio

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The Sandusky Star Journal (Newspaper) - July 19, 1911, Sandusky, Ohio TODAY'S NEWS TODAY THE HOME PAPER THE SANDUSKY STAR-JOURNAL. FORTY-FOURTH .YEAR SANDUSKY, OHIO, WEDNESDAY, JULY 19, 1911, LAST EDITION NUMBER 241 Denies that He Wrote Missing Letter Or Mentioned Broth- er Charles CALLED AS WITNESS, GOES TO WASHINGTON Assistant Forester Says Notice Missing in Proclamation Was In First Draft, WASHINGTON, July ard S. Ryan, author of the al- leged "Dick to Dick" letter, came here today to testify before the house committee that is irwesti- gating the Controller Bay situa- tion. Before .leaving New York he denied positively that he had written the letter, that he had ever used the name of Charles P. Taft in negotiations to secure control of Controller Bay for Guggenheim-Morgan syndicate, or that he knew tormer Secretary Sallinger-enough to address him in other than the most formal manner. Chairman Graham said that Mr. Ry- an would be held under the commit- tee's discretionary authority until his testimony is desired. Delegate Wick- ersham of Alaska will testily Thurs- ___-day___ James P. Adams, assistant government forester, testified regard- ing President Tat't's order of Oct. 28, 1910, restoring to public domain the Shore lands of Controller bay.( He said he knew the thirty or sixty-day notice before any claims could be filed, missing in the final order, was in the original draft. The elimination of the notice is claimed to have given ad- vantage to Ryan claimants on account of their presence upon the scene. Capt. Adams he did not knoTv why this notice was eliminated, and that it was not required by law, but was customary in order to prevent persons who might have advance in- formation from gaining undue tage.. Steel Probers May Have Wanted Proof WASHINGTON, July of contracts, and perhaps the originals, between the United States Steel Corporation and other steel companies to restrain trade, the existence of which was flatly denied before the Stanley steel investigating committee of the house by Judge E. H. Gary; James Gayly a.nd Percy Robinson on- ly a few weeks ago, may be placed In evidence before that committee Within a few days. This fact became known and it ex- plained the mysterious visits of Rep- resentative Augustus O. Stanley to (Pittslburg about ten days ago and to New York last Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It is no secret that the democratic members of the committee have be- iieved ever since examining Messrs. Gary, Gayly 'and Robinson, of the billion dollar corporation, that con- tracts fixing prices and dividing ter- ritory were not only entered into or- ally at the "Gary dinners" in New (Continued On Page 6.) OHIOAN FIGHTS HARMON. _'.. WASHINGTON, July W. Durbin, of Kenton, formerly Ohio state chairman, has been here sev- eral days cpenly fighting Govern- or Harmon and opposing his presidential aspirations. SQUADRON OF MAMMOTH SEA-FIGHTING ENGINES IN ATTACK UPON NEW YORK AS HEADUNER IN WAR GAMES OFF NEW ENGLAND COAS1 More Rigid Quarantine Against Ships Coming From Ital- ian Ports TESTS DISCLOSE DISEASE Mayor Gaynor Seeks Harmony Among .Officials as Dan- ger Is Great NEW YORK, July ar- rangement was today perfected to see to it that the '.two Italian steamers, San Giorgio and Prince de Piemonto, when they arrive today, are subjected to the most rigid quarantine regula- tions for cholera. Both boats will be detained- at quarantine and their .pas- sengers landed and held for ten days while bacteriological tests are made. The health department also arrang- ed today to extend the rigid quaran- tine regulations to Boston, Philadel- phia and Baltimore to which points ships from enroufe. The Tama Jim To Take Issue With Wickersham, thus Com- plicating Affair. WASHINGTON, July complications were added to the Wiley i controversy today when Secretary of Agriculture Wilson made it known that he does not propose to be made the goat of the affair. Instead of concur- ring in Attorney General Wicker- sham's recommendation that Wiley be dismissed, Wilson, it is stated today, wfTfl merely recommend that he be rep- rimanded. This, it is certain, will start a big row in the cabinet, the end of whifch no one is prepared today to fcree'a'Vt save that Wilson doesn't pro- pose 'Whave the responsibility dumped onto him. The entire department of agricul- ture is torn by dissension and a hoiisscieaning seems certain. Wilson is 'blamed for the and, it is eaid. was told at the cabinet meeting yesterday to make a definite Mendation in the Wiley case. It can be stated on positive inform- j etion that Dr. Wiley will have some things to say concerning the manage merit of the department, whatever may b'e the final decision of President Taft respect to the opinion of Attor- ney Genenl Wickersham that Dr. first of these boats will arrive at Phil- adelphia July 29, and. all passengers will be held for ten days thereafter. The test tubes of the physicians at quarantine have saved New York from a possible invasion of Asiatic cholera by five carriers of the dread disease, in themselves well, but bearers of mil- lions of. bacteria. Their presrnee was made manifest as the result of indi- vidual bacteriological examinations in- stituted at Hoffman island. Their discovery, together with the failure of additional cases of cholera to develop at quarantine, caused Health Officer Doty to regard the out- look as brighter than at any time within the last week. The five case revealed were at once isolated and lodged in the Swinburn island hospital. i Dr. Leland E. Gofer, assistant sur- geon general of the United- States, pub- lic health and marine hospital servic at Washington, held a conference to- day with Dr. Doty. Mayor Gayno will accompany Dr. Gofer to quaran tine to formulate a program of har WfcKg eectoccI- WEATHER _____ Forecast: Showers tonight or Thursday morning, probably fol- lowed by fair. Temperature at 7 a. m., 69 de- grees. Temperature one year ago 68 degrees. Sun rises Thursday at a. m and sets at p. m. (stand- ard time.) Maximum wind velocity for 24 hours ending at noon today, 12 miles southwest, at Wednes- day morning. ,Shively's Elizabeth Ann Led In Her Class But Elsie Pass- ed Her RACES ARE EXCITING AND FAST TIME MADE among health mony and concerted action municipal, state and federal officers. Plague in India. LONDON, July 19. That people nave died in India of the plague within the past six months is the startling announcement made to day by the British foreign office. figures are for the period ending June 30. IOLA, Kan., July passing two years in the county jail, follow- ing his refusal to pay his divorcee wife alimony, after she had been mar- ried again, Peter W. Ball has been re- leaae'd. He settled the case by pay- ine; ot which his former wife will get as alimony. POLITICIANS FIGHT Greatest Maneuvers Ever At- tempted by U. S. Navy Are Under Way NEW July glimpse of scurrying, half-naked figures down in the bowels of the second of sickening a blinding flash and a terrific ear-splitting roar! The deck rocks under you. In a pan- ic, you grab for a .chair, a rope, the rail, anything to hold onto. BRYAN'S COMPROMISE PLAN IS NOT FA YOKED Edward Brengartner Enters Race For Democratic Nom- ination For Mayor. FC" AUDITORSHIP Donahue and Parsons Would Tn I O- nn nC.'l and .Ebner "Active, the advent of the democracv into STAR-JOURNAL BUREAU, Munsey Building. WASHINGTON, D. C., July 19. William "J. Bryan's advice is about to be rejected by congress in the third notable instance this year. The conferees on ihe legislation for the direct election of United States senators have decided that they will- reject Mr. Bryan's compromise plan upon which the Commoner has laid considerable stress. Apparently Mr. Bryan does not have a great deal of influence with Down below you- the decks are' a congress ttha is democratic in one shrouded in. smoke. Through a rift I branch and more than two-fifths in the dense, black cloud those scur- democratic in the other branch. With rying figures are seen again, a broad- shouldered, full-chested lot of fight- ing men perspiring at their gun, their white bodies streaked with the grime of the gunpowder. Then again the suspense! You, shrink back and try desperately to shut out the sound by fingers into your ears. That's big gun firing. T'-at's what landsman experiences aboard one of the U. S. battleships engaged in .hat headlines of the war ganne now going on off the Atlantic coast, the lea attack on New York. The Atlantic squadron was divided 'or the attack. Rear Admiral Oster- iaus ia in command of the "blue'' fleet, the invaders, while Commodore iberle 'Commands the defending flo- illa of the navy's fastest torpedo oats and most modern submarines. "he attacking fleet is made up of a "ozen armored cruisers. Politicians were decidedly surprised Wednesday, when it became known that Edward Brengartner, Water street second-hand dealer and resid- on Central avenue, had entered the race democratic nomina- tion for mayor. He has made no formal announcement as yet, nor has he outlined a platform on which lie will run, but he has taken out peti- tion blanks and his friends say they believe he can defeat W. L. Fiesinger and William Leitz, also candidates for the democratic nomination. This makes the race for the nom- ination a three-cornered affair at the present time with the prospect that other candidates may yet get in. The three "flow 'en- tered are busy and they anticipate j no trouble in securing sufficient sig- 1 natures to their nominating petitions. Another entry for a democratic nomination is John Murphy, formerly a clerk in the office of City Auditor Loth, and who wishes "to succeed ______Loth as auditor. H taken out Senator Martin for the senate minor- i necessary petition blanks and jwill ity leadership, knowing that the Vir- contest with J. J. Hennessy for "the place. City Auditor Loth announced Wed- proceeded afternoon his decision not to to elect Martin. i again he a candidate for the office. Then Mr. Bryan, knowing that free! if te S? lnto-the race wool is a cardina.1 !for mayor, he replied, I am not Ggle Increased to 35 Miles At Hnisn, Otsiketa, seed, Nancy and Juanita Winning, Special to the Star-Journal. :v ON BOARD THE JUDGE'S BOAT, GRANDON, OFF PUT-IN BAY. O., Juiy the skies overcast and a southwest wind blowing 20 miles an hour at the start, the yacnts that took part in today's Inter-Lake regatta racing got away over the course at a merry clip. At the finish the wind was blowing at a 35-mile clip and there was a big sea ov- er the last leg. The run to" the first stake was with started sheets. The second leg was a beat and the run home was with the wind almost ateanr. In the 21-foot class, Otsiketa, of Detroit, wen with Camilla, Detroit, J second. Toledo was third. This is exactly the order of the finish in this event on Tuesday, w-hieh gives the Otsiketa a cinch 03- first place.. In all of the .races that Toledo had boats entered this i-s- -the only-one- she- did-------- not win. Carl Mathias' Elsie won in the class- A event for modern cruisers. She WISD DELAYS REPORTS power the solons of that faith ap- pear to have no -disposition to carry out the Bryan ideas and policies. Mr. Bryan first undertook to defeat stood for reactionary policies and was a protege of Senator Bailey. The carrier pigeon service br which tlie race reports arc trans- mitted was greatly hampered to- day by the roueh weather on the lake. The first pigeon, released at 9 a. m., did not reach Toledo until Ordinarily it would make the distance in less than an hour. minutes-a-head of ier near- est was secona Toledo, third. Hayseed won the" with Fudge second 18-foot event, and Fannette wool is a cardinal democratic tenet, ?ayorf' opened his guns on the advocates a wool tariff in his party and lstpo he lost by an overwhelming majority, jter enter The house democratic caucus, with only Finly Gray of Indiana defending Mr. Bryan's idea as to free wool, de- !t is that Mr' Loth la" cided upon a tariff of twenty per cent. on that raw commoditv. man-at-large. as a candidate for council- third. All were Cleveland entries. Another surprise was-sprang in-'the 16-foot. class Johnny Miller's Toledo '.boat, winnlngi with. Lea across, the finiidi line and. Zella II third. Zella is "the' present interlake champion, having held the title for two years. At the present time it is anybody's 'race, .but the first position is assured to Toledo. In class D, Jiuanita, Sam Trudeau. skipper, won, and in the catboat class Fred Pritohard in Walter Brown's new boat, "Bones" came across fitst George King, who won the" Taft cup at Toledo with the Old Sam last week fin- m u f ii vrib'U. ocelli mot i Two members of the present city! finished fifth. Ethel, of Detroit council will seek renomination and fished second. Old Sam won the'heat petition blanks are being circulated yesterday. The deciding heat will rrtl" tnam T i, _ _ "_ the front with still another iticket for tion. It was that the controversy over to dispose of talk for C -_, l <l J. iACCtt, Yl IU for them. They are Councilman J. be raced on Friday and a pretty fight r I Frank Donahue, and J. C. Parsons and f0r the trophy is anticipated This Mr. Bryan was not deterred by i... these signal rebuffs from comiii" to! w nm on This, t Capt. legislation for the direct "election'of 'Parsons as a possible mayoralty can- senators should be settled by a corn- Senate Hears Strong Argument For Reciprocity As Vote Is Near WASHINGTON, July the Canadian reciprocity .treaty as Three thousand members of the "the corner stone of a new tariff sys- aval militia, hailing from nine east-it t v rn states and the District of Colum- tem which Wll! contam honest protec- ia, are aboard the vessels, partici- tive duties which will put an ,end for- ating in the maneuvers. promise vvkkh he suggested and which was to the effect that it should be left to each state to decide whether it should choose its senators by a direct, vote or should continue the system of electing senators by the state leg- islature. Mr. Bryan's plan, as set forth in full, provided that the constitution of the United States should be amend- ed so as to read as follows: "The senate of the United States shall be composed of two senators from each stale chosen for six years j and each senator shall have one vote. The senators shall be chosen by the legislatures of the several states, un- less the people of any state, either through their legislature or by the constitution of the shall pro- didate. Whether other members of the council will beek leauiuiaation not yet announced. For other city offices with, the ex- ception of treasurer, there been no applicants as yet while no one has come out for the republican nom- ination for mayor. Phil Dietrich has taken out blanks for renomination for justice of peace and Joseph Ebner seeks a renomination for constable. Hon. Warren G. Harding, defeated were to look at. The winning boat in the 21-foot class went nine miles in one hour and 22 minutes, and the Bones went the 4 1-2 miles over the cat-. boai course in 54 minutes. The Start Camilla led the- 21-fpoters orer-the line, a half minute ahead of Toledo and Otsiketa. All carried reaching jibs. The 20-mile blow was just to Toledo's liking .and she pulled away gradually from Otsiketa and gained on Camilla. Psammiad led candidate for governor at the the get away. the class R boats Tattoo was second election, was in Sandusky for a but went over on the wrong side and short time Tuesday afternoon and met several local remiblican poli- ticians but it is asserted there was no conference and no political talk. ever to unnecessary and excessive vide for the election of United States May Upset Plans. 0.. July The announcement of Secretary of State IVTino hnttloohinc (-Via ,-j n.c Ui iiincu outies <i innnun-f meui 01 oecietary ot duties." Senator Brown of Nebraska; senators by direct vote of the people: j Graves that the present constitution f Admiral Osterhaus' attacking col- mn, were early today sighted by the today delivered a strong address in -then' in such case, during the impossible the election of I istence of such statute or constitution-i delegates to the constitutional con- ubmarines and destroyers off Block the senate for the measure. He Son on bS, has sland. It will not oe known, clarecl one great argument in its fa-i shall be elected in such state at large ntil the umpire gives the report, whether the squadron was theoretical- ly sunk or ran the blockade. is tnp that Edward Hines, G. A. R. POST PLACES TAFT IN TIGHT HOLE Chica.go lumber trust magnate by direct vote of the people. A phi- caused a stir here and throughout the state. The constitution requires that ______ ____ elect and the electors: delegates shall be chosen in the same i Wi! and alleged elector of Senator have the. qualifications required i manner as are representatives in the! mer, is lobbying at Washington ifor of the most numerous general assembly, against the measure. j branch of the state legislature.' Candidates for representative are With Senator Penrose back on the i Mr. Bryan wrote a letter a short nominated by political parties and job-today the senate entered upon I time ago to Senator Rorah of Idaho, are elected on the. tickets of these NEW YORK, July of the home stretch of its consideration of the bill which will now come to final vote in three days. Senator (Continued On Page 6.) nil ji lliam MlillOWney W3S Ufl- conscious and Seriously In- jured, Result of Fail President Taft fear foe has been placed Works, of California led the speak- in a most embarrassing position by ers jn ravor Of the i the action of Lafayette Post. G. A. R.. Senator Smoot of the senate rom-j of Brooklyn, in adopting resolutions on finance will introduce his' asking that the president at the reun- wool tariff revision bill. Tt will bp j ion of the confederates and federals at presented as a substitute for the Bull Run officiate at the ceremony in house measure and will receive the which a grave be dug and the confed- support of the regular erate flag be buried. The post has al- and of the administration. The billj NEW YORK, July 19 Tarn many protested the blending of provides for a general reduction on i e I politicians are threatening to inter-! confederate and union flags at the wool and woolens, but does not go so nipt his fighi to keep the "dread chol-' lfar on eithfir as thp hi" RUINS OF ONTARIO VILLAGE WHERE FIVE PERISHED IN FIRE; DOC ONE OF SURVIVORS Dr. A. the shape of dismissal in disgrace i from the post, he has held twenty-nine! a Dr. hot hold holding hi chemistry T M, r, J department is expected to recommend Dr. Dotv's In truth, Dr. at present is bit- f dismissal. The health officer insists Ing his tongue to keep from politicians are prosecuting him" things until after final disposition of! hoping to get his job for a Tammany the present effort to get his official herfehman. scalp. With his friends, it is known] There are fifteen cases of cholera positively the head of the chemistry j in the detention hospital on Swin- bureau is convinced that he would burne island. Six steerage passeng- have been dismissed and disgraced al- ers have died since the boat docked, ready were it not for the extraordi- Dr. Doty, admitting that the situa- nary protest, country-wide In its di- toin is serious, maintains that there raensiors. that has poured in upon the is no fear that the disease will spread White House. ashore. GOOD AT FOOTBALL OR ROW ING? IT WILL COUNT FOR WISCONSIN UNIVERSITY DEGREE! Wis, July Much I All work done on the athletic field, comment has been heard in in intercollegiate competition tional circles today on the action class games, will be credited by the regents of .the' University of Wis-1 the university toward completion of consin in adding to the curriculum a full athletic course, combined with lit' erary work, which will lead to the de- gree of bachelor of arts. The new course permits students to elect forty of the total required for ath- letic work as a major study and ten credits in the teaching of physical education as a minor requirement for the new fangled degree. the university course. Ten hours a week for four years devoted to prac- tice of athletic work, including foot- ball, baseball, crew work, gymnastics and acquatics, and practice work in teaching two hours a week for three years are part of the requirements of the new course. This is regarded as the most ad- vanced stand for athletics ever taken by an American university. Five bodies dug out of the ruins seen in the background of the Still unconscious at Providence hos- pital. William Muiiowney, night fore- man in charge of the Hanna docks, is unable to explain how the accident happened Monday night in which he was seriously injured. His left hip bone was fractured aad hi? head badr ly bruised and it is possible he suffered other injuries, although nothing has" yet developed. Dr. Charles Graefe ia attending him. It developed Wednesday that Mul- lowney had a narrow escape from death by being buried under tons ol coal, his unconscious body being dis- covered' shortly before the dumping coal into the hold of the steam'-i Shores, in which he lay, was com- menced. Muiiowney had gone to Shores to notify the captain to get un- der the machine to be loaded. A! aboard the vessel were aslrep and tfrt hatches were open. It is siniwwft that, in the darkness, Mullown- y stop- ped into an open hatchway, or slipped and fell. No one saw the rtr nt. tt was probably a half hour or raorf after the accident that scions man was foand. Others 4% tbr dock, waiting for the Sh'ofw. had shouted for captain and. thf rttw aroused, the vessel hnri shifted under the machine and was for the first car of coat when one of picture. South Porcupine was a town of 800 inhabitants. The dog, the men Moan! grof.ns probably deserted by his master when the fire left the scene of! the hold. This'led'to (Jir desolation and trotted up to just ia time to get into'of tlw-unconscious man. Ht the picture. taken to the hoeplUL J