Tuesday, May 16, 1911

Sandusky Star Journal

Location: Sandusky, Ohio

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The Sandusky Star Journal (Newspaper) - May 16, 1911, Sandusky, Ohio THE HOME PAPER. TODArS NEWS TODAY THE SANDUSKY STAR-JOURNAL. FORTY-FOURTH YEAR SANDUSKY, OHIO, TUESDAY MAY 16, 1911, LAST EDITION PROSECU NUMBER 186 Following Decision of Supreme Court Dissolving Standard Oil f. Co., Criminal Actions May Be Commenced All Reports Indicate That No Shock To Business Resulted From Sweeping Victory Of The Govern- ment In Big Case, WASHINGTON, May 16. Criminal prosecution of the officials of the Standard Oil Co. may follow the decision of the supreme court holding the trust illegal. This announcement was today made by a high govern- ment official who says the matter will be taken up with the attorney general, jtf a few days. The trust question was scheduled for discussion at the meeting of the cabinet this afternoon. The president would not -eminent on the decision. Attorney General Wickersham said that the court unanimously affirms the doctrine rendered by the circuit court in favor of the government in every particular, save that it gives the defendants six months instead of thirty days in which to comply with .the decree. "Substantially, every proposition contended for by the government in this case is affirmed by the supreme said the attorney general in a statement issued by the depart- ment. Last fall, long before the final ar- guments in the case were made, Mr. Wickersham, with the approval, of a "federal in- corporation bill designed to permit the existence of legitimate combina- tions of capital, but so worded as to prohibit monopolies, and subjecting corporations to government supervi- sion. That measure was never pressed in congress, although it was introduced. Its reintreduction in this congress is a possibility. Many had 'expected that the tobacco ,case would be de-dded at the same time as the Standard Oil case. It is now believed that this decision will come on May 29. The Tihlef charged charged against the Standard Oil Co. which caused the dissolution decision of the supreme court follow: It caused rebates, .preferences and other discriminatory practices in fa- (Continued On Page 6.) JOHN D. ROCKEFELLER AND ARCHBOLD, HIS RIGHT HAND MAN IN STANDARD OIL CO., AND THE GOVE RNMENT'S TRUST BUSTERS THE WEATHER WALL STREET SEES VICTORY FOR TRUSTS; STOCKS STRONG AND MAKE GOOD GAIN NEW YORK, May 16. The Stand- ard Oil Co. will obey the decision of the supreme court and dissolve' with- in six months. This was the official announcement of M. E. Elliott, chief counsel for t-he company. Each sub- sidiaary, he said, would hereafter car- ry on its business under its own or- ganization and its own officers. Of- ficials declined to comment on the decision. Despite the decision the New York stock market opened strong today, Standard Oil showing' no weakness "whatever. The general opinion here dissolved earh one of the subsidiar} Concerns will have a separate man agement whereas they are now al under one management and this wil cause a big increase in operating ex penses which the public will be made to pay. Later in the day on the stock mar ket Standard Oil began to show i. great gain in strength and advanced 5 and 1-2 points over yesterday's close. American Tobacco stock also a_dvanced 15 points. The interpreta- tion by the supreme court of the Sherman act to refer only to "tin reasonable" restraint of trade caused is that the decision will result in an a Decided jubilation on the stock advance in the price of the trust's This is considered as a most important trust victory and had much to do with the strength of the market. London Sees No Effect. LONDON, May 16. The decision of the United States supreme court ordering the Standard Oil trust to dissolve hatl no effect on the -pening of the market, .here today. The con- census of opinion of the English press is that the decision will have little effect. The various papers point out that while the Standard Oil company may be forced to dissolve its various subsidiary companies, it cannot compel the latter to compete with each other unless they happen to want to, which they very probably won't want to do. WOULD STRENGTHEN LAW. _____ WASHINGTON; May a result of the action of the su- preme court in the Standard Oil case in construing the Sherman act to prqjhitoit only "unreason- able" restraint of trade, progres- sive senators are up in arms. At an informal meeting today it was decided to urge an amendment to the Sherman law which will read "no combination in restraint of trade .shall be regarded as reason- able within the terms of this act." products to the consumer. It is point- ed out that as soon as the trust is LENGTHY DECISION PRACTICALLY UNANIMOUS; TRUST GIVEN SIX MONTHS TO OBEY DECREE WASHINGTON, May of trade within the intendh cision oi the supreme court, handed f naent of the act. 'down by White, holding! '.'To hold to the contrary would re- the Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey )ill, whicii was made a special order] 'or Wednesday afternoon. Senator Todd turned the trick. Todd explained that it was the de- sire of "those back of the bill, not only telephone interest, but tele- )hone users throughout the to lave this hill ready for by th? louse in the event the M s lost. The Yount measure 'd practically to conform to the tele- ihone merger sections in the utilities nil, which, according to Floor Lead- ir Langdon, render the bill the equal f the ill famed Elson bill of last'ses- ion. That friends of the interests was unanimous. the interpretation whatever, as S of the Sherman anti-trust law so as, braced in interstate trade or com- puted measure is not us "unl i or if this conchlsion were It had been expected that those due restraint of trade and not; reached, then the contention would! back of le-i'Htion Dpin <eLefr W to te lleld the S xSd that cases alreadyj statute dad not define the things to, to force passage of the-bill under a :ourt had determined which it related and excluded, resort suspension of rules. The report has the word undue or; to the only means by which the acts I been signed since Friday, but this or otner .similar! to which it relates could be ascer- j fact had been carefully kept secret. -mthe- 1 tamed-the light of reason-the en- according to rumors about the sen- clared that the reasoning of the_court forcement of the statute was impos- ate chamber. Todd at once secured fn i SiWe HS UnCertainty' the amendments and its nittfiteen subsidiary corpora- tions to be' a conspiracy in restraint of trade, and ordering the dissolution of the combination within six months, was unanimous. In the interpretation The weather: Probably show- ers tonight or Wednesday. Temperature at 7 a. m., 69 degrees. Temperature one year ago, 47 degrees. Sun rises Wednesday at a. m. and sets at p. m. (standard Maximum wind velocity for 24 hours ending at noon today, nine miles west at two o'clock Mon- dav afternoon. Prosecution Evidently Expects To Take Up Nye Boodle Case Wednesday. GRAND JURY STILL WORKS Lake Shore Has Not Yet Reply To Request On Five Crossings ATTEMPT TO PROBE PROVES A FAILURE Indications Now Are that State Has Not Yet Struck Pay Streak, A SE1V SENSATION. COLUMBUS, 0., May sen- Solicitor Holds Council Can Do Nothing Unless Mayor Acts And It's Dropped The meeting of council Mon- day evening failed to result in any progress toward an agreement with tjha Lake Shore railroad for the elimination of grade cross- ings. Also, it was found, nothing could be done in the matter of alleged irregularities in the wat- er works department The grade crossing matter, it is hoped, will be taken up at the next meeting. At that time the Lake Shore will probably be ready with- its final answer to council which was not forthcoming- Monday even- ing. It is said the company will- probably decline to assume 75 per .testified before tlie grand jury. The nature his evidence is not known. Detective Burns also ar- rived today to assist at tlie trials Senate Can Hardly Hope To Act On Some Sic; ures FIGHT FOR-PHONE-MERGER Yount Bill Made Special Or- der At Behest of Lobby, Fearing Utilities Defeat years. This, however, is not officiaL That Mayor Lehrer and Attorney Hart were the only legal power to take any in j. itiatory action relative. to. COLUjiiBUS, O., May l6.-Witnesses j in the payment of subpoenaed for the trial of Repre-! waterworks department, was- sentative indicted for soliciting a ithe rtecisioli reached by the council- Joseph Smith and F. E.! _ S Acting upon the advice of Solicitor Steinemann, Member Parr his resolution, pro- ui. I.UC uuuou WJ. CtDtm.titl to, ;j- f t Joseph Greeves, representative from I S_ of Cuyahoga county; E. A. Crawford, j committee and state printer and E. S. Nichols, his. -..go you }t bg bribe, are: Oaughcrty of AVaverly; David Lor- baeh of Cincinnati; Charles _ -t, clerk of the house of representatives; first assistant; Stanley Harrison, as- sistant sergeant-at-arms of the sen- ,vl n ate; P. C. Coyle of Spencerville, a lob- sol'dtor ibyist, and Perry Kennedy. They are) was the answer. "As" policy for me to press this said Member Parsons to the WASHINGTON, May sween- ing investigation of the steel trust ordered to be at the court house to- morrow. As the time draws near for the, grano jury to complete'its work, it is becoming more and "more apparent, as indicated in these dispatches last week, that Prosecutor Turner and At- torney General Hogan have not reach- ed the pay streak in the legislative in- TODAY'S HOUSE CALENDAR." COLUMBUS, 0., May house had four important bills before it for action today, the Green bill to limit employment of women to nine hours; the Ful- ton congressional redistricting bill; the Green bill for the elec- tion of deleg-ates to the constitu- tional convention, and the Con- j naughton bill raised the popula- tion limit for cities- from to A NEWS ACHIEVEMENT. The Star-Journal was A I i ill U1B ICgJSlelUVe III- y Jhen the hoilse that it was .believed they The grand Jmy WiU compellea to Attempt. probe Callmg for the Hiake a report either Wednesday or City Solicitor Steinemann. "Within ten davs or twn and it will bo indeed sur-jed the secret session of the city ;i uiinm ten or two weeks, at [prising if more than one more addi-1 ers and known their plans, it council by law sits as a trial body, it might be improper for it to make a preliminary investigation of the: charges." After floundering about for half an hour on the subject, vainly endeavor- ing to find some method of attacking the mayor for his attitude in ence to alleged irregularities in the: 1 waterworks department, council I .__.._ pi lonjs lt mute mau uiit! inure auul- the outside, we will be ready for the tional legislator is indicted, and there one of very few afternoon newspapers m the state to of the United COLUMBUS, 0., May a. great effort to secure some telephone merger legislation, no matter what lappens to the Utilities bill, the lob- by has succeeded in having reported )iit in the senate the Yount merger.' the decision States supreme against tfie Standard Oil Co. in its regular last edition Monday. Through its fine news service, the regular United Press report and its special Washington bureau, bulletins came to the Star-Journ- al in time for the reaular edition, causing but slight delay. Thus Star-Journal readers received the news almost before the reading of the decision had been ed at Washington. The supr'eriie court decisions of Monday' were among the most ever announced by that augui.; body. democratic caucus with a bill to re- vise the wool said Chair- man Underwood of the ways and lumbus Saturday evening it developed is a serious question even of this. When William H. Phipps leit Co- have saved valuable time at meeting. A communication from City Audit-S or Loth to the council brought u unit VAMJ v- iL UCVClUyGU Ul .LrtJli' LU LUtS CVUHC11 Dl means committee. "After the caucus j that he was not to be called again, matter before that body After re-'" passes upon the measure we will even his deposition was not taken; viewing the exchange.of letters be-" trodiice it in the house, and after to use in the trials of any who would j tween himself and the mayor, on tht carc-rul consideration, pass it. The be indicted. This is very significant! subject of a proposed .probe, Loth iiGiiiocrats will stand together unnn 'n v'otv n? fhn. f-mt- That is as much as we can say this time." This statement was made by oe .proe o fr view of the fact that the'state paid clared that the ordinance, fixing :tae: more than for him to cross the j scale of wages in .the department, i-iiu-L cj iti llic Upl continent and testify. It was shown, j should be enforced strictly. Mr. it is said, that the offer to assist the "It was the duty of the uiauc nir. 11. 10 oaiu, inau me oner to assist the, it was tne duty or underwood soon after the democrats j subway bill in its safe passage through intendent of the. water ot the ways and means committee ad-i the house for did nor. c.nmc. rii-i he found the wages- insuf- council ..__w----wii Wiii J.IA QQiTZ of the ways and means committee ad-i the house for did not" come j be found jcurned their first formal meeting on I rectly from a memher of the house, i flcient to try to have wool. In ,a general way was carried to him by a third out going into details, the and this third person cannot now nis communication. 'Now it is surely wool and woolen duties were located, although Mr. Phipps was i the duty of some- one to take some de for two hours. There are free detained here for three days with a action in the matter." wool advocates, but the members re-1 hope that this party could be located.! After Member Parsons had turned te their luouis feeling tnatjSuuie ui the most important witnesses i a. begun--by the finaacft. I they would get together on some con- that are wanted by the grand jury committee and the city solicitor, tha MARIETTA, 0.. J.Tsy man'servative Dasis- The sliding scale, have been making themselves mighty Ilatter declared, that according, to the' is dying another and a eirl wprp of some time seems to scarce since the investigation began 'law' the mayor was. the only persorf 5 been abandoned. land for that reason when the report'wno oould start such an The practical agreement is for made it will not be the final oue methofl was hv his 50 per cent reduction. More than! tut the jury will be kept handy so certifying that they can >be fatally ceived KC; of i.Lu oi Lerc. and three others re- .j injuries when a party i.sts were caught under l fifty democrats in machine three miles east clarefl they bill. will not support a fre kind or nature, whether it operated a restraint on trade or not, was within the statute, and thus the statute would be destructive or all right to 1U11. iILaL Ul contract or agree or combine in any in the senate will have little trouble every instance t ocongress, and not to the courts. The decision contained more than words. Justice White reviewed the case and dismissed the objection to jurisdiction as not well founded. He told of the contentions of the govern- ment and of the defense and reviewed the sections of the Sherman law. The chief justice next considered the contention of the parties as to the meaning of, the statute. He said in substance the propositions of the government were reducible to the claim that the language of the statute embraced "every contract, combina- tion, etc., in restraint of and (Continued on Page 9) (Continued On Page 6.) TAF1 'S SMOOTH GAME TO BEAT LAFOLLETTE but simply imposed the plain its its Star-Journal Bureau, Munsey Building. WASHINGTON, May 16. It has gradually dawned upon the radical Taft presi- ing papers and read that Henry L. Stimson of .New York had "been adopted into the president's official family of cabinet ministers. Those senate insurgents who are.determined POPE PIUS ILL. HIS DEVOTED SISTERS ATTEND HIM; THEY LIVE A SIMPLE LIFE. hat and dry vention and who decline to be forted regard that as the worst blow that has yet been deait to The error of the government on this fons outsid'e within the point, Chief Justice White said, was mutual admiration society, which is in awnnunj. that Ihe decisions of the j constantly growing smaller as the hftd HeMrltsrt ITI _ I oiJjaiici itft Llic m accordance with; president picks off the insnreent its contentions. leaders one by one and brings them "This is saidf the chief jus-! into his fold. tice, 'because as the acts which may it js agreed now. in the clear light come under the classes stated in the of recent developments and of events first section and the restraint of i that are foreshadowed, that the trade to which mite House has entered upon a are nc, specifically enumerated or de- well-thought-out, systematic campaign to put a quietus on the anti- party. Analyzing that appointment in con- nection with the cumulative evidence of a long list of patronage announce- ments the radical insurgent leaf.ers now fear the president lias entered upon a well-defined plan So draw a line of democration between the progressives and the radicals, identi- fying himself and his administration with the progressives ing'.the ranks of the and decimat- radicals until fined, it is, obvious that judgment must in every case he called into i Taft activities in the republican .ut "1C play in order to determine whether a I party. what abunSant measure o make nex-t particular act embraced within j the movement betokens success was The I i. V..AI wiiiiij.1 j tut? JUIU Vdumil UtJLUKcI J the statutory classes, and whether, if! shown by the gloomy countenances j lafhe act is within such classes, its na-iof jthe irreconcflabla senate insurg-j Ttare or effect causes it "to be a re-fentt when they picked up their mom- s board -hess boar" on Page 9) recalled at a mo- ment's notice in case these missing witnesses are located later on. Agents of the Burns detectives are hunting them it is said, but have so far met with little success. Further than this lack of the 'big sensation j that was promised, it is developing that the testimony against one or two of those already indicted is slipping away, and It will not be such as to dismiss doubt in the minds of the jur- ors when the cases are called. It has specific charges: council. "If this is done, conn- cil then sits as a trial he clared. Replying to a question ol Member Parsons, the city solicitor. said the prosecuting attorney could place the whole subject before.a. grand jury. "The mayor says that there are enough facts to warrant an gation. I think he is wrong-, but have gene as far as I can." Steinemann. Auditor Loth's muaication was then placed on file. Auditor Loth then sprang to his feet been hinted rather freelv ateltv Hdltor tten Sprang to bis feet at least one of those indicted was i SJenat of goods from a: o be another S; t! :ertain Person' and a few da-TS further that individual sent him a hot water of the grand ju_.. Witnesses interestoa in and Fulton "wet" bills, outside of thes jury room M P the Dean bomb' exploded News from Rome that Pope Pius is ill tells how devotedly his sisters watch over him. In the photograph oiie of these good women is shown preparing her meals in their simDle-life ?vartments. This caused considerable declared among the councilmen, who did that one seem to take the charge very serious-'- ly. "Why didn't you report this ;i.c council at the was the- said this was mused because the question fired at Loth by Councilman- wets had financed his campaign and Holzaepfel. "Council knew aoout believed it had cost enough money for; and I did tell the mayor, but he did- one member. The representative la-1 was the response that end- ter voted "dry" on both bills. ed the discussion member of the house had umu L ,uu reyu 10 vote for the Dean bill. They the council at the NO, ALL ISN'T GOLD IN GLITTER OF CARNIVAL While thousands viewed the sold and glitter and myriad colored lights at the carnival Monday evening, few For needed attention. An Eagle nearby proffered the information that he had a photograph of Miss Mills and would secure it. A few moments lat- had a peep behind the scenes. __. most people there was nothing but. er he returned' with the picturTwhiTji fun anti pleasure with no thought of j he showed to Brno. The deformed the hard work of preparation, or of "boy" kissel the picture and then possible heart-aches and physical suf- burst into tears, weeping for several fering on the part of those providing the entertainment. Over in the booth of Brno, "turtle one of the the strange freaks oi nature, there was a pathet- ic incident. Emo is intelligent de- spite his awful physical deformity. During a lull hp inquired of a San- minutes When told that he might keep the picture he was "I am certainly glad I came to San- dusky, even if I don't make _ he said. t One of the leading women in London "ghost show" was taken snd- denly ill Monday evening and duskian about Fanny Mills, one-time ert? It was necessary ta museum show-girl whose home was physicians and the show was in Sandusky. When informed- that v..... she had died he seemed much affect- ed and told how he had traveled was soon restored and was going on for the remainder o( wi nw m.. iniu vut lv' tuc i uurr OX with her in a show and how she evening just as.if nothing had cared for him when he was weak and' pcned. {NEWSPAPER! v NEWSPAPER R R C