Thursday, February 23, 1911

Sandusky Star Journal

Location: Sandusky, Ohio

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Text Content of Page 1 of Sandusky Star Journal on Thursday, February 23, 1911

Sandusky Star Journal, The (Newspaper) - February 23, 1911, Sandusky, Ohio LAST fitfttW, f THE SANDUSKY FORTY-FOURTH YEAR SANDUSKY, OHIO, THURSDA Y, FEBRUARY 23, 1911, NUMBER 116 NQTYETINMT; WOULD PUT CURB TO LORDS' POWEE Eloquent Defense Offered By Blonde Boss Who Told Story of His Life 'HINKY DINK' HAD ONCE BEFRIENDED THE BOY Denial Made That Money Was Used to Buy Election From Legislators, WASHINGTON, Feb. ator Beveridge, attacking Senator William Lorimer unmercifully be- gan his speech at 1 o'clock this afternoon for the ousting of the Illinois senator. All efforts on the part of Senator Burrows and Lor- imer supporters to get consent for a vote today or any other day 'j'lls week were unsuc- cessful. If a vote is taken It will be close. During speech nearly all the senators dropped out, refusing to listen. When Senator Owen demanded a quorum, fifty-three senators walked In for roll call but immediately walked out again. Lorimer's defense was a general and emphatic denial, delivered with more than ordinary eloquence and fervor. speech was distinctly a "human tnelr Tne liberal members ISTi 17' If'c was t.he quickly emulated their example. This -Hi t v 'caoatatance with exhiwtion of enthusiasm was repeated Hinky Dink" Kenna, who when Lori- ,8tOT as the prime mer was a bootblack and newsboy, quietly ,eft the scene of his compelled at the age of ten to earn his mB initial action against the lords The debate maintained a good ora- torical level, but presented few new noints. The bill, if the government is able it as it stands, promises to ac streets, came to his res- cue and saved him from the loss of a bundle of newspapers. "It meant a loss of to the lion dollars woufd meanto some men to now. I don't know whether the senator a change in the par- from New York (Mr. Root) or the sen-! "amentary system of Oreat Britain, ator from South Dakota (Mr. Craw- knows what it means to come up through circumstances like Senator Crawford rose to his feet. The interest was intense. Every per- son in the galleries leaned forward. Many arose. "Mr. President, does the senator Im- agine himself the only senator who came up through hardship and pover- ty? Is he appealing for sympathy on that "I want no shouted Lori- mer. A great sigh passed over the! chamber. "This- is not a question of; sympathy, It Is a question of right and 1 wrong. I am only wondering If some senators understand how conditions like these can give rise to lifelong friendships." "Hinky pink" Kenna was the dem- ocratic leader in the district represent- ed by Assemblyman John Griffin. Mr. Lorlmer explained how this lifelong friendship had led Kenna to promise and deliver the vote of Griffin for Lori- mer. There were many other touches of human interest in the speech, which held the interest of the audience from beginning to end More than once there was a hint of tears in the tense Interest of gallery and floor. During the more than four hours Mr. Lorimer occupied the floor, he re- viewed practically made against himsei waa in the nature and pleading One or two allusions were made to! reported by the committee the prosecution of the case and his en- wlllch haa bF'-n sent- the senate emies were referred to as "assassins refllsea to Violent objection Says Measure Is Same As Re- cently Approved By Cali- fornia Governor. WASHINGTON, Feb. Taft's determination to have the new treaty with Japan ratified was strengthened today after a confer- ence with the leaders of the upper house called as the result of the flood of protestations received from the Pa- cific coast. He telegraphed Governor Johnson to explain to the California legislature that the treats was the same as .lohnson approved when it was explained to him recently by the secretary of state. Californians are aroused nnd word was sent to the president that the rat- ification of a Japanese treaty which the exclusion clause may "lead to a all thp <lat bp deplored by His statemfnt those ot preserving good will of both testimony' between the Unlted states HEd JaPan" m ootn testimony, the treat was of character." to it was made bv Senator Hale, proval is expected, however Ap- The Japanese government is very solici- tous that the new treat} be ratified before July 17 next. Situation Is Tense. SACRAMENTO, Feb situ- ation in the legislature today following the passage last night of a resolution I opposing the ratification of the pio- posed new treatj with Japan is ex-1 President Forced to Give Up Pet Scheme For This Ses- sion of Congress CONTINUE PRESENT BOARD Sundry Civil Appropriation Bill Now Before Centennial Has Little Chance WASHINGTON'. Feb civil sundry appropriation bill, biggest of all measures, carrying a total of or more than last year's bill, was presented to the house today. Conceding that his pet scheme of a permanent tariff commls. sion cannot be enacted at this ses- sion, President Taft had included an item of for the continuation of the present tariff commission. Three million dollars was also appro- priated for beginning work on forti- fications for the Panama canal. The other larger appropriations recommended are: Panama canal, Public buildings, Inter-state commerce commission Harbor improvement, Included in the big ciul sundry bill is a small item which would indicate the Impoverished condition of the jus- tices of the United States supreme court. It appropriates for oil- paintings of fifteen past and present jurists as It was testified that the justices all said they were too poor to pay this out of their own pockets The pictures will be hung in the capi- tal building. The house is rapidly cleaning <ts calendar. Three big appropriation bills, carrying in all were passed late yesterdav, so that now only three big supply bills reriain, the sundrj civil, the general deficiency and the military academy. So the chances are that the house will be marking time while the senate strug- gles on. The chances are very slim for the bill appropriating for the OHIO FABMEE WINS BARONESS ABROAD AND BRINGS HER HOME FOR WEDDING FOR THREE-YEAR LIGHIING GRANTS John Hutt. a farmer, of Lebanon, 0. airived in New York this week with his bride-to-be, Baioness E. de Rottenburg. of London. They will be married this spring. In 1870 Hutt came to America from Haddenham, England, and went into stock farming In Warren county, Ohio He prospered and married. His wife died sixteen years summer Hutt went back to his olii home looking for a wife. He did not find one in Haddenham, but in a Lon- don boarding house lie met the baron- ess, who she is an Englishwom- an. All the boaiders showed an interest in Farmer Hutt's stories of America, but none manifested a keener inter- est than the baroness. Her good looks and intelligence won the Ohio farmer who proposed. Hutt returned home in September. They correspond- ed. The baroness liked his letters and gave her consent to become Mrs. No. 2. BILL; STOCKWELL LONDON-, Feb. Asquith, tremelv critical, many" was the recipient of a tremendous! fear that violent scenes will result in, ovation from his supportc-s in the I the state if it gr-iws more acute house of commons when the parlta Gov. Johnson is exerting all his ef- ment bill, otherwise known as the! forts today to relieve the situation veto bill, a measure desisrned to cur- but it 1S admitted by his supporters tall the power of the lords, was passed that the indignation over the pro- on its first reading by the goiem- posed treaty is verj strong. He hail appealed to the state to go extremely rerry centennial celebration at Put-in Bay going through. The bill has u., teo 23 definite concerning a new bill to until some action Is taken on the Stockwell said Senator yet passed the housse and with the jam up in the senate, little can be done. Senator Burton has given the Hose county option law so as to exempt cities, has yet speaking for the Cuyahoga delegation, after the opponents of hill had caused an adjournment of the report sajs the if to prevent a vote on Senator The senate and house certain of securing enough motion to relieve the committee agreed upon the rivers and harbor bill and now formal ratifies tion alone remains. The report introduce such a measure and that It will again hear Senator of the bill. "It will not down until the senate has been given a chance to express itself on the bill." the deathknell of the national Wayne Wheeler says such Lieutenant Governor Pomerene ways commission, of which would receive less votes than been in the chair yesterdav the Burton is chairman, on Nov. 4 of this year. The senate amendment extend ing the life of the commission to March 4, 1913, was modified measure just killed. According' to another version, if a new bill is introduced, neither of the Stockwell bill would piobably have won The vote on Stocks ell's motion to suspend further proceedings under the call was lost by read Nov. 4 of this year, by which time the commission is ordered to make its final report The authorization given the comrnission by the Dean nor Representative Alexander, who had charge of the bill in the house, will have anything to tie vote of 16 to 16 Pomerene is known to be in sympathy with the hill and would cast his deciding vote in its favor ate amendment authority to investl gate and report upon plans for artin clal waterways, including canals from Plttsburg to Lake Erie and from Lake Erie, by way of the Maumee river and Ft. Wayne, Ind., to Lake Michigan, it Both of them denied all knowledge of another measure. Senator Dean is ready to let the work fall into other hands. He has spent most of his time for two sessions in trying to get through a bill adjournment with the motion of Senator Stockwell pending has probably had the effect of sending motion to the table. That will make little difference, however. He can make another at nnv mains in the bill. The item desired by Senator Bailey of Texas, a large share of which is to be expended in amendment in the county option law and all has come to failure. The more radical "wet" members are less inclined to talk about the was absent and the opponents of the bill weie u it go to a vote and take chances. gating projects which government of the Dean bill. The prompt gineers have advised against as utterly worthless from a commercial standpoint, also remains. The credentials of Senator-elect Pomerene were presented by Senator Dick, whom he is to succeed, without comment: of participation by the governor and himself that was made by State Chairman Nichols had a tendency to cause them to restrain themselves Senator Dean entered a strenuous denial that he was responsible for THE WEATHER Forecast: Pair tonight and Friday, not much change in temperature. Temnerature at 7 a. 20 de- WOMEN CLAIM the stories carried 1'jy the Wednes-day morning newspapers to the effect that the governor was held grees. one year ago 7 degiees ALBANY, Feb. The for the defeat of the rises Friday at 6 13 a. m. are claiming a victory today as thing is certain; if the sets at 5.16 p. m. (Standard result of their demonstration use his influence against the daj because of the was done in such a cautious wiirl velocity for 24 'hat the bills providing for a not a person has been found ending at noon 26 dum on woman's suffrage will can ghe anj competent v. at one o'clock Wed- ably be reported favorable next that afternoon motion will be made again HAVE YOU VOTED? far the municipal owner- ship people have all the best of it in the Star-Journal's referen- dum vote, there being a big major- ity against the Gas Electric. company's proposition. While some leading citizens have thus far voted, it is hoped that hundreds of additional bal. lots will be received. Those favor accepting the com- pany's proposition are now show- Ing activity and this will stir the municipal plant advocates to some hard work. All ballots must be in by noon, Saturday. The coupon whioh may be filled out is print- ed on page 3 today. Here Is the result of the ballot up to Thursday afternoon: Shall a contract be made with the Sandusky Gas t Electric Co. for commercial and street lighting for a tnree year term? Yes 3 No 17 Shall the city proceed at once 10 buna lighting and power plant? Yes 20 No 2 President Mahler At Special Council Meeting Seeks To Overcome Objection? MAYOR INTIMATED IT WAS PLAY FOR Councilmen and Others On Hand In Effort to Reach Some Agreement, President B. Mahler, of the dusky Gas Electric Co., submit- ted a formal proposition to the city at the special meeting of council Thursday afternoon, to ac- cept 3 three-year franchise for commercial lighting and power current, and a three-year contract for street lightinj at the same rate offered for ten-year namely, 8 and 5 cents for com- mecrinl current and per street arc lamp per year, President Mahler came here for meeiing and was accompanied bj Vice President Wilcox. The proposition was in accoidance with the sugges- tion made last Monday night and it was put in definite form to compl7 with the demands of the The idea m offering to accept three- ear grants, it was explained, was to A f- I I 11. IU Angry Wife FOUnd Henry cnercome two objections that had been Jones" And Another Wom- an In Room SOUGHT ARREST OF BOTH Fair Affinity Escaped, However While Officer Was Tele- Con- siders Case, Behind the simple announcement on the police blotter at central station of the arrest of "Henry aged 28, at o'clock Wednesday night, 'is the story of an exciting episode which had its first scene at the Lav.- rence hotel, corner of Water and Lawrence streets, and its closing one at the police station. Involved "in the affair his wife, another woman and a policeman. "Henry Jones" la a name assumed by the man after his arrest. He was formerly a local saloonlst and has been employed at different places as a bartender. He was found Wednes- day night, so it is alleged, in a room at the Lawrence hotel in the company of a woman His arrest followed the vigilance of his suspicious and very angry wile had shadowed the couple from their meeting place to u Jones" was sure that the entered the she the hotel When "Mn couple had hurried to a telephone and called the police. Patrolman John Taylor was sent out to the hotel. He made an investigation and discovered "Jones" and the other woman in a room "Mrs. Jones" wanted both parties arrested but while was telephoning the woman got away and "Jones" was liken to the police station alone Later he bond in the sum of and was released "Jones" appeared before Mayor Lehrer Thursday morning and entered a plea of guilty. The mayor took the .case under advisement. The t'cs SHJ- that under the circumstances the most serious charge that could be preferred against "Jones" was that of "disordeiH A divorce suit Is possible. i made in previous negotiations. Some, had objected to a long-term contract while others thought the matter ot rates should he left to the state publla utilities commission which, it is be- lieved, will soon be created. By tl.3 proposition submitted by President Mahler, both the commer- cial and street lighting grants will ex- pire Dec. 31. 1913. Councilmen want- ed such a definite proposition before deciding whether or not to proceed with plans for a municipal lighting plant. The company believes tin short term contracts will enable city ultimately to leave the declsioa as to rates to a utilities eommiMloo, or erect a municipal plaat. L. K. Zorn, Cleveland engineer whw would like to prepare the plans specifications for the proposed mo- mcipal plant, was on hand. It said before the meeting that to was) present at the request of the outfit pal plant adherants who wanted him to ask some pointed questions of the Gas Electric Co. officials. Mayor Lehrer. Director Ring, and Solicitor Steinemann were also present E. B. King was seated wKh tftd Gas Electric Co. officiate. Tbertj was a big lobby present. Councilman Ohlemacher opened tM proceedings by explaining the for calling a meeting and moved that the Gas Electric Co. officials submit their definite proposition and this mo- tion was carried. President Mahler then took the floor on behalf of the company. He went over the ation 'n the same manner as the pany presented it In the written conn munieation received by council Mon- day night, and said he was confident a utilities commission conld do company no harm and that they coal eL en the, attorneys in the common But why did you take out the 11- pleas court caii-s had not the slightest if >'ou are not sure whether idea that the differences of the parlies' >ou will be married'" persisted tb.9 would bs so soon settled One of the reporter. lawyers, recmed a lei-phone message PaW for it. didn't was Mis Hard> Tuesday, in which angry response "Is it any of youl she said "Our troubles have been business, or anybody else's buslnesf satibfartonlj adjusted, and the suits whether I use it or can be withdrawn" But he did not' Mrs Minnie Hardy when seeii droam tHi Cupid had taken a hand In Thursday morning at the Van Dusctl the ma'Vr I honse was ven co> about the whoW Fi lends of Van Dusen saw him on matter She admitted that she hatt the streets Tuesday moinmg. dressed ef? ln lolej? bnt c aimal in the of sMe and looking abou' ave to see Mr Van DuseU lumbug, he said that the man who (Continued on Page Fire.) This photograph was taken In the harbor of Havana on the 16th of February, which was the anniversary tie sinking of the Maine. Each year this anniversary Is observed by the Americans in Havana, who hold at wreck and bang wreaths on the old mast vnich still sticks the water. This may be hut occasion for holding thlr ceremony because the work now under way tor the raising of the Maine may hart kctlL .completed before .tke next umirersarr comes around and looking mysterious When asked where he was TOlnE he declined to give an answer, hut winked, and i crecy, is a mystery. Van an Dusen spent a few minutes In ttmt Mrs is a a down town cafe here Thursday Toledo although she" has lived morning, with a flower in his button [Or niany years hole and still wearing hu best duds over the 'phonp Van Dnsen toW He told none of his friends that he Thursday morning that he had engaged himself to his former married in Toledo bat did BOt housekeeper. want tne news to "i have promlsod to marry Mrs. In the license Mnt. age WM Hardy In two was a state- given as 40, and her occnpattot that ment made by him about a week ago, of a nurse. She obtained a according to one of his friends, but In the common court tor the latter thought he was joking as husband about sis months the differences between the two were' had been married twice befWB she widely known. "Your license was published in to wed Mrs. Hard; a; Toledo paper a Star-Journal

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