Thursday, June 20, 1850

Sandusky Daily Sanduskian

Location: Sandusky, Ohio

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Text Content of Page 1 of Sandusky Daily Sanduskian on Thursday, June 20, 1850

Daily Sanduskian, The (Newspaper) - June 20, 1850, Sandusky, Ohio EDITED, PRINTED AND PUBLISHED AT SANDUSKY CITV, COUNTY, OHIO, 15Y D. CAMPBELL SON. VOLUME 3.] THURSDAY, JUNE 20, 1850. [NUMBER 49. TERMS OF THE SANDUSKIAfr. Payment after three mouths............... C 00 Do. after six mouths................. C 50 Do. after the expiration of tho year..... 7 00 For six mouths.......................... 3 00 three months........................ 1 50 one mouth........................... 50 All subscriptions for less than one year, to be paid in advance. Dally Advertising. Per square, of sixteen lines, 50 cents for one in- sertion, and 10 for each subsequent insertion. Half and quarter squares, at the same rates. one year, with the privilege of changing at the pleasure of the advertiser, per Od Sir months........................... Q 00 Throe months........................ 5 00 Longer advertisements, by tho year, upon the most reasonable terms. 1 SALERATUS! [1850. THE subscribers are now prepared to furnish the trade with a superior article of Salciatus, in barrels, halves, kegs, and also 50 Ih. boxes, packed i i in neat style for shipping. Orders from tho conn- i try, accompanied with remittances to Messrs. Bar- ney Henderson, who are sole agents for the sale of the same, promptly attended to. KING CO.. Agents. near the Cincinnati Rail-Road Depot, San- dusky City, Ohio. Dec.'29. '49. S. POUTER. [1850! WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCER, And dealer in Wines, Liquors, Cigars, Confection- ery, Fish, SfC., Sfc. I'HF.Nix P.I.OCK, sAMJt's'Kv ciry, onio. HE subscriber liusinside I lie most' extensive lhe home and conn- try trade for He will keep constantly on hand every article ever found in establishments of the kind, which for quality and price will compare fa- cantbly with prices at the east or south. He it prepared to sell on the most reasonable terms, Coffees, Teas, Sugars. Nuts. Foreign Called itnd I'iclduL Sardines, driidicrjf. Cigars, Tobticriics, Snuffs, RLCC, Tubs, Pails, Stone llrtirc. Candles, Confectionary, ffC. at THRASHING MACIf LYES. THE subscriber has made arrangements with Mr N. G. Olds, from Syracuse, N. Y., for Iho pur- pose- of manufacturing THRASHING .MACHINES, To which he ivould respectfully call the attention of Farmers and Thrashers. _ That ho can offer you machines which for stylo of workmanship, strength and durability of material, he thinks cannot be surpassed in this or any other state. Tho horse power and thrasher, are of the Syracuse pattern, much improved in point of strength and durability. The cleaner is the Townsend pat- ent improved, iu favor of which man} flattering tes- timonials might be offered. lie has an entire new sot of patterns which pos- sess many advantages over tho old ones, some which he will enumerate., Tho bull uhccl rim isjj mado to take arms 21 inches in thickness, tho old i, coons: JUST arrived from the City of New-York, at tho 'i old stand of Ij Cincinnati C. HAOJjEY. A choice lot of 13LACK and GREEN TEAS, SUGARS, COFFEES. SALMON. i MACKEREL. CODFISH. HERRING, An3 nil the articles usually fomd in a GROCER. Y and PROVISION STORE, lor low fui BURNET'S ready pay. Juno 1, 1850. C. IlADLEY. ones being but two iuches, which enables him ii to use larger bolts in bolting it to the arms: ibo bevel j wheel arms are sufficiently strengthened to insure) thorn against breaking; all the shafts m the entire j machine run in composition boxes, uhich uill run much longer than ibo ordinary iion box; the nun ntity of Sheep SKins. aio mado of cold blast Hanging Rock iron by one of'j natural point for'tho a-dlo uf s SHEEP SHE El' Having taken tlio agency to' tony Sheep Skins for Job' Gorton cV Co.'s Black Roi-k; BUSINESS DIRECTORY. Ilry Goods. Groceries. Crocker5' Arc. W. T. A. K. WEST. ;iili! in Ht.ip'e .mil K.irKy Pry Ciorkcry nrnl (J! tii.iv.iri-. Hari'w.iri-. l.ook- anil Veiiering, Ate., New JjlotK, Coitim'.us Avo- WIJJJAA HURNET, Home Furnishing Siurt, Na 11 Jth i.lrct.1, ('iminnjti. Ie or Country merchants would do well to cvamino his stock and for by purchasing of him a saving of much time, trouble and transportation can be ef- fected, as goods will be sold at and southern city prices. Particular attention called to his cxtonsivp stock of Liquors, of even' quality and grade which will be bold bv the pipe or jntllon at the lovve.--t prices. Oct'. y, dtf. S. PORTER, he furnaoemen in tho country: the limber is of 'I iho best quality. Mr. Olds having bad several years txporionce in building nitwhines at Syracuse, be! confidently rerom mentis his bines to the public.! IIEI'AIRINC! done at the notice. j Vv. WLTHEKIOLL. Satiduskv Citv. May 25, dnctf prepared at all times to pay j the highest [tricesin cash for Saudusky is the most nil such articles, uiul) WHOLESALE AND KBTAU. House Furnishing Establishment, IN HRFV7ABS, CTJTLEEY, TEA TEAYS, BRITANNIA, JAPANNED, BRONZED AND TIN WARE, BRUSKUd, WOODF.N AND WILLOW WARE, Wo. Hast I'owi-tli Street, fKOXTH UKTWESS SUILUTO ib CO.'S ACT THE POSr OFKCE, The ftttoiitiou of Country Merchants and Is i there is now a good cash market established. .to our ABTIO.ES. assortment of KOUSE K oust. Sandusky City, April G, 1850. C. C. KEECM. A OK 'INK .rM..iv .M.v MK i vr, Co., is t.'n., jr.nuarv Company, __. JL from the Legislaiuio ol tho uf Ohio, !FE IXSIIRAIVCK, by .Mutual Life- Insurance Company New York. 1C very leather and Husband, j) iu theso cholera limes should insured. 11 F. CONVERSE, Aift I Sandusky, JulyU, 1819. J. C. Aikon. DENTAL SURGEON, has i.-- IIIM OlHce to JJI.OCK, MARTIN MILLER. Confectioner, ami ol and Fruiu, ice., wlioleaale ami retail, D. CAMPHELL SONS. Duokiellort, liook SUitiotUTi, .iml Jol; I'fliiUjrn. in the PortUiiil lluuko, klivvi. Physicians and DR.'D. TILDKN Reii-lcnct. ji J'ins 1'HT, on .Sl-irkrt J few door, c.iM ol" llitf Tonii-eml one of whitii placo he be luund and FOR iho sale of i RON, NAILS. GLASS, DONNEL CO.. would inform the people uf Sandusky City, and all others in that they have opened a storv in Caswcll's new stone block, street, for the purpose of transacting business in Ibo above line at icliolnsalc tuul rrlJiil. They have now on hand a good assortment uf Iron, A'rtiis, and Gliiyg, and are daily receiving ad- ditional supplies all of which will be sold on terms that cannot fail to give satisfaction. Merchants wishing; lo purchase their Spring enp- plv, smith's builders, and all otbeis, wanting any tbintj in our line, are rt'spcolfullv requested to call and articles and prices as wo havn no doubt' but we can make it to their interest to trade with us. Citv, Mav 15th, IS-IU. dlf. jliave been some timo in aclivo operation, and si pared to upon his patients. jaro now cnjrajri'i! in Iho niaiuilarture uf ;j Saiidusky Cily, Juno l.'Hh, 1 Goods; and .-insured, from the success which has attended their cffuiLs, tako pleasure in! stairs, whcru bo isnow prss- Irfl'.t. dlf CAITNOT BE SURPASSED. OUR DU. .TAYiVES' Tci Of ail to whic CONVERSE .V SLOANE, Atlorncyj nt ami Solnilorx in Nulury ami for thi; i OlTuc No, 1, corner of Avenuu Jiul .M.uKet ilrcct. t'. R. MERCHANTS <t TRADERS OF THE WEST Thai they are able to mipply ilicin uiihuuv inquired quantity of Domestic Brown of tin- heavi- est and most durable styles, and sit prices that shall nuikc it for their interest to pun-huso our fabric. Our facilities for carrying on tho business, enable us confidently lo assort our ability to compete suc- with eastern capitalists. Our works are located a low miles from Sandusky City, upon beautiful and nover-failing springs, thai atlbrd us a water-power without a superior iu the western country. The raw material is landed at nur doors, at no inoio expense than at the cities of Lowell or I'rovi- Idence. Our machinery is of the newest and tnoss I approved kinds, and tlio whole is under llu; supeirn- which children are exposed, ,i tendenco of Mr. J. N. ICinir. a wvll ;iie- 'j known to the mauufaciuri'ig imcre.xls: of New EMJJ-, from whence bis services have been procured, Lowr.u SVMIUS.KV CITY PI.XMC ROM; July IX .SIocklJoMors in Coni- i puny arc ic'juircd to pay Ibo 2d of Five Dollais tlioir subscripliuns of stot-k, or before tht) of July, and an additional in- stalmcnt of five per shuro every HI) day.-- thereafter, until the stock is paid up. By of tin) jyl-ldtf JXO. G. CAMP, Jit., Treasurer. none are so fata! to them us worms. Unfortun ly, they are seldom free from them, and as worms J. G. A. CAMP. Attorneys ami Counsellors a: Solicitors in Ch.mce-. ry. UlTire, in the oM Custom Homo. W. HENURY, i Attonwy end at I..IM, City, Ohio. Of-i fice in Wes'.'s llluLk, j FULTON FOUNDRY PLANING MACHINE. Corner of Fulton ami Water COLUMBUS INSURANCE CO. F. D. PARUII continues lo m-urc liy fire, for tins he his 13 ieArs no tavo 810. .M.ijlftllyr imitate the symptoms s of almost evprf other com- plaint, they often produce alarming effects, without being suspected. Worms are not only a cause of disease themselves, but by their irritation, all oilier diseases, wandering from one part of the body to another, winding themselves up into bails, and obstructing the bowels, and frequently the throat, causing convulsions, and too often Jealh But worms are not confined exclusively to chil- dren, for adults suffer as much and perhaps more from tho irritaCon of ascarides or small white thread worms, iban children, and very frequently, too, without the least suspicion of tho true cause of their affliction. For sale at GRAHAM'S Drug Store. April 5, 1649. dtf and under instructions a companv of woil- drilled operatives have been already formed. Ijclieviug that tha west can support its own manu- factories, and will maintain oicn intcrcsls, we re- spectfully present our claim-! upon the all mi lion of its citizens and request their patronage. trusiinrr that our interests ran bo mutually advanced, j Wo are prepared to nil ail orders wilh All orders or communications addressed lo the un- dersigned at Sandusky City, Ohio, will receive prompt attention. jaalSdtf D.C.HENDERSON. Treasurer. Ofjit Tho PAINT ho subscriber lias nunovi'd bis 1'aint Shop to the stone building of Mr. llnbbanl on Jackson St.. between Water and Market streets, where ho is in readiness to do nil kinds of liouso-puintinjr, and paper hanging, in a. good, workman-like ni.ui- ner. and by strict attention to business, ho hopes to becuro a of tlio patronage of the public. WM. MARSHALL. Sanduskv Citv, Dec. 7th, dtf MANUKACTIIUKU IN OUR OWN KSTABLI5T1MEXT, cannot N) cxi-rlli'il in qunlity, ilnrnliilitv, or any iu thu Wosturn Country. tog n TIN SHOP Dlt. .T. C. AIRE-V, Dcutiil Sur- geon, has returned, and id now ready to attend to professional duties. _ CRAYNE'S TJATENT SPINO-ABDOMINAL SUPPORT- JL very superior sale at GRAHAM'S Drug Store. April dtf TUST received by the tf a lot of Havana, llezalia, Principe and half- Spanish, CIGARS, "all of which will be sold low. Also, a lot of Star and Tallow CANDLES, by box. S. S. H03.MER. Jan. 20, 1849. dtf CHOJLERA: CHOJLEIIA: in-. CANNON'S celebrated New Orleans Cholera medicine. Dr. Bird's Sulphur and Charcoal reme- dy, in tho form of Pills, constantly on hand. It i- well for tho citizens to be prepared to meet this terri- ble disease, and have some preparation on hand at this critical time, in case of an attack. Jt has not vet made its appearance among us. but is liable to, any moment So be prepared. For sale at July 2- GRAHAM'S Drug Store. BOOTS: AND BEUNHARD F.SCH. TT ATE Escb, at his oid stand on Way citizens of tin's city that he is now prepared, with j workmen and stock, to manufacture to order, any description of L.UUKS GESTI.EMES'SBOOTS AND SHOES, In a manner which for strength, durability, style and tk. will compare with the best in northern Ohio. Ho secured the services of on experienced ma- ker of -CORK SOLED which are ex- ccllonlly adapted to winter wear, and which will bo warranted to be water proof Ho lias also an excellent stock of Philadelphia and French calf-skins, which will make excellent work, j Try him, and his boots. Keep tbo foot dry and bid defiance to disease. BERN HARD ESCII. Sandusky City, Oct. 17, FASSt. IIKAB BEAVCtt HATS, For Summer, 1850! CAI5IXET SHOP THE subscriber has removed his Cabinet Shop to fiubbard'snow stone building on Jackson street, where can bo found at jjall times a good assortment of articles in his line of business. Repairingand custom .vork done on short notice and at reasonable prices. Ready made Cof- BENJAMIN BRAINARD. Sandusky City. April 1850. d3mc2w BEWARE OF COUNTERFEIT test dates, by April S, 1S50. Note Reporters Counterfeit Detectors always Kept on hand and for sale, of tbo la- D. CAMPBELL SON. CAKES, FRUITS, NUTS, CIGARS AND TOYS, N.T. ItUYESK Iius just rclizriKMl from tho east with a lanjo anil well selected i lot of goods in bis lino which for quality and price j will recommend themselves to iho citizens of this, I city and surrounding country. j I In the puichase of NUTS and FRUITS he been extremely carePal to purchase iho I of this year's growth. His raisins aro the only lot of I this year's growth in the city, and his almonds, fil- i berts, pea nuts, Brazil nuts, arts of tbu latest crop. j ClGARS. Ifo keeps on hand a very largo ns- sortment of the most approved and excellent quali- 1 ties of cigars of tho most delightful ihivor and will fn our uiUlInj-, nv arc constantly nwnuf.iPturini; every articli- in at Uu Keep cimst.tnlly on liiinil. Iiujinriiuc: our For- eign Onoth ilirect, and our donustic nrticlc'f from tin- fin-Cvsiii ivu Jiro uirabloit to sell nt lowest Xcw York or prlcos. liTH for any nrticlo in our line will moot with promDt a nOpacGm J A ill 3 V LTiO L, 1 TT K S1 REMOVAL! S. Porter's extensive WhoienJe Grocery Store has been removed to Caswell's Phenix Block, where he is ready and. wil- furnish his customers with every thing in the wocery lino, either to cat or drink, at wonderfully Jow prices, considering lhe quality of the The best way to find out is to call, and sec. Re- member the middle store of tho Phonix Block, Wa- ter Street, only three doors oast of the foot of Colum- bus Avenue. Sanduaky City, July 17th, 1849 dtf GROCERV AMD PROVIS- ION STORE. (Twodoors East of Graham's Drug Store.} WE have recieved from Buflalo nn entirely now and well assorted stock of Groceries, arnoni; which you will find Teag, (Green and Cofl'ooof tho best qual- ity; Rood Hamburgh Cheese, and all other articles generally found in a store of-tliis kind. UN a call and yon will nnt bo disappointed. THOMPSON 12. d3n) S Summer is coming, and we are well satisfied that iho Gent's of Sandit-sley City want just as good an article of Hat as the citizens of tho eastern cities, wo have now the pleasure of informing them that they can find this article of Bccbe's hiicst, at tho old stand, sign of the Big Hal. ALSO: Another lot of those Hungarian Hate, a noat ar- ticle, both bladi and draft. i ap27dtf E. STAPLETON CO. WE luive on hand n large of BOOTS and SHOES, which will be sold ow. [fob2] W. T. A. K. WEST. FOHSAl'E. TliclfomcsiiMl Lot on the south side of Washington street, botwcon the residence of Charles Rice and W. A. Simppon. JOHNSON. BURKE Co., 15y P. COOKE, Agent. Sandusky Cily, Feb. GREAT ECONOMY. FANCY SILK WOOLLEN DYKIl, has re- moved to the corner of Columbus Avonuo and Market street, whoro ho is prepared lo execute nil or- ders in his lino of business, iu a mylo unsurpassed iu Iho oiuitcrn cities. Ladies and gentlemen are invited io call and soo samples of hiw work, and judge for themselves. R. COMSTOCK, Sandusky Cily, May fi, CAS LAMPS! A NEW ARRIVAL OF NEW STYLES, WE li.ive jiast received ami add- ed to our .stock of lamps a large lot of KANU LVMPS, so that our assortment is <juiio Among them can bo found Brass 2 light hanging lamps with globos; Japanned 2 do do do do do I do do do do and without; Glass I do do do do do Brass 1 do Sido and Bracket Lamps with and without globes; Brass Parlor Lamps with globos, Glass Lamps with Oritaniu stands; Cut glass do. with glass bottoms; Cut and pressed glass with Marble Stands; Cut Pint Founts do do Alabaster and Acorn striped do do Gen. Taylor, with glass and do do PIIOSCSEiYE GAS at all.times kept on hand, and for sale cash only D. CAMPBELL SON. Sandusky City. Feb. 1st, iSSO. T T. DllYEIt, has removed his office a few doors below tho Exchange Hotel, over Kadcliffo'estoro. Saudnsky, March 20. 1850. C ma-klac A Oil r.liean. WHKLDON WBiilc sh. I'rout, Pickorol, Bnss uml Cut for sale low by UUIJIJAIID Ai DUAKF Muy I si, SUGARS and ME 75 Piiient JAU. snioko easy; and in fact thcv will jmff TUKBISEI.VES. His CONFECTIONERY. fs tho most extensive in the city, and bo lias secured tho services of an experienced workman, who in each branch of tho business defies competion. He keeps constantly on hand a very largo stock all kinds of sliek, seeded, fruit and nut candies which ho will sell at wholesale or retail, at low prices. CAKES. He, has mado ample preparations to supply par- tics, weddings, balls and suppers, with evory de- scription of pound cake, sponge cake, wcddinjj, loaf, cup, ribin. jolly, or ginger cakes, and in fact every article in the cako line, on short notico and .it very reasonablo rates. TOYS! In tho toy line, he has the most extensive lot toys of almost an endless variety ever offered in tin's market. Evorv child can bo suited whether male or female, for he has dolls, drums, birds, beasts, flow- ers, reptiles, trumpets, harmonicons, etc., etc., N. J. IJ. would call the attention of all ihoso who wish for any thing in hiti line, as ho is satisfied he can suit his customers either in the quality, quantity or prices of his goods. Remember that his stare is directly opposite the Euterpean Uall, the fourth door east of Columbus Avenue. N. J. BUYER. Sandusky City, Nov. 20th, dtf UM M K R AKHAffVEAIXNr, 1 CIUNOK OK Mfiuiis. Two through" trains to Sandusky City, and ono to Columbus daily on and after Tuesday. April Oth, 1SJO. until further notice, Passenger Trains will run as follows: Leave Depot! East Front street, at 5J o'clock A. M., and 2.40 P! M., for Millbrd, Foster's Crossings, Doerfield, Mor- row. Waynesville, Spring Valluv, Xenia, Yellow Springs and Springfield. Kctia-nmsr, leave field at 4. 10 o'clock. A. iM., and 3 P. M. Passengers for Columbus, Zanesvillo, Wheeling and intermediate toxvns, should lake tlio A. M with the train of tlio Columbus uud and Xenia Railroad nt Xonin. Tho iho Mad River niul Lake Erie Rail- road leave Sprinirfield for Sandusicy at 11.40 A. M ami i) tM. Passengers for Samlusky, Clevolanil, Bnfiiilo, Ni- agara, Albany, Saratoga Springs, ini.ston and New Vork, lalung tiiooi A. M. train will sloop in San- dusky City. Those- taking Iho 2.40 P. M. irain will proceed directly through. On Sunday but ono irniii will bo ran, leavint'' Cincinnati at 2.40 P. M., mid Springfield at 4. 10 A? Faro fi-om Cincinnati to Xenia ____ on SpringOeld Sandusky City.... G 50 Buffalo......... .JOOO Columbus .3 go new frame dwelling house just erected on tho cor- ner of Coliunhiis Avonuo and Jefferson street. The huus-o is commodious and con- venient and will bo leased for ono year wilh tho priv- tiTegca two. HUSH II. SLOANE. J J'HENJX SANDUfSKY CITV. CS. IIIGGINS CO. have just complelcd their new Brew- cry, No. 1, Wntor slroot; and having secured the services of .111 excellent. Brewer from 1'iU.slnfrph, fool confident that they can at all limes furnish city ntici countrv customers with as good mi article of lleer, Alo and Porler a.s is maiuilactured west of Philadel- phia, families supplied wjlh n choieo article of Tu- bio Alo in jjuurlor barrels. drains and Yeast always on hand ami for sale clump. C. S. HICJGLNS CO. Sundiusky, April 18, dif S. HOSMfcK. of it) u r V it r For ialo by C. S. HIGGINS A- CO For othor information, and through tickets" nn- ply at the Ticket Office, oil Broadway, near Front street, Cincinnati. GLKMENT.Superintendent. IU t ho Company will not be responsible for bajr- gago exceeding 50 dollars in valno, unless the same is returned to iho, and froiVht paid at the rate of a pussago for every 500 dollars in value, above that amount April 12, 185U. WHOLESALE Grocers. Produce and CoiiiKiisi- _ siou Merchants, No. 50 Walnut street, Cin- _ nati, Ohio. McCullough, Morris A: Co., Cincinnati, Unse grazer, do.; Wilshiro Co.. do.; Geo. Hutch, Cashier of iho New Knglund Hank. TOOLS. Cooper's mid a Tiiuls, our own E own manufaniiire, Lay, Praw Uaiio' ami Foot (land, Ship, Hrcaduml t'liopjmis vtc., Ac., now in Kioto and fdr.s.ilo LYOiV A Toiil Stoio, N'o. "-M8 mar-I botwuen 5lh SAWS. tt Jacks ill'aai. JVew iiiil, tlijr M.-uid. lunnwl. Kip, To Mrtlll i itii (Jth -sttootj. NEWSPAPER!

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